The Kardashian-Jenner women don’t have written custody agreements with their men

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A few years ago, I covered an interview with the famous divorce lawyer-to-the-stars, Laura Wasser. In between spilling some tea about celebrity divorces, Wasser talked about her own life as a mother to two children, kids who were fathered by two different men. Wasser didn’t marry either of her baby-daddies, and she only has “verbal” custody agreements with both men. Wasser is such a powerful lawyer, I would assume that her baby-daddies know that she would bury them in paperwork and legal filings if they ever tried to fight her in court for custody. I bring this up because the Kardashian sisters are obviously the children of Robert Kardashian, who was one of the most respected lawyers in LA in his lifetime. The Kardashians still enjoy a cozy relationship with many of the law firms and prominent lawyers in LA. Which is why they don’t have written custody agreements with their baby daddies too! Tristan Thompson, Scott Disick and Travis Scott don’t have any written agreements with their Kardashjenner ladies.

Three Kardashian baby daddies are all taking a leap of faith … that their baby mamas will give them proper custody and/or visitation without the benefit of a custody agreement. Sources connected to all three men tell TMZ, they never papered their financial and custodial arrangements. We’re told Travis Scott and Kylie don’t have anything in writing regarding custody or support of their newborn daughter. Same goes for Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian, although that may be a bit premature since she hasn’t given birth.

More interesting, perhaps, is that we’re told Scott Disick doesn’t have a written custody agreement with Kourtney Kardashian. They have 3 kids and from what we hear, the only conflict involves Scott’s sobriety. They have the option at any time of trying to ink a custody arrangement or going to court for one if they can’t do it on their own.

As for Kanye and Kim … no need for any agreement since they’re hitched.

[From TMZ]

I think this is probably a combination of things – the Kardash-Jenner women choose mates poorly, and even if the guy is somewhat decent, the sisters seem to suck the soul out of them anyway (see also: Lamar Odom). Scott Disick is in no place to fight for custody of his kids and Kourtney would destroy him if he ever tried. Travis Scott isn’t going to fight for custody because he just seems like he’s along for the ride, and Kylie possibly just used him to get what she wanted (a baby). As for Tristan… well, who knows? The story here isn’t that the Kardashian-Jenners are irresponsible or that they don’t take co-parenting seriously. The story is that the family has deep ties to the LA legal community and they have the means to destroy any man who tries ANYTHING.

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  1. Saras says:

    Who cares. The dudes will come and go as they please like usual. Babies for more fame and groom them for some celebrity slot.

    • Pandy says:

      Doubtful the daddies WANT to be involved that much, so that makes things easier! And you know, it IS a potential story line so why mess that up?

  2. Veronica says:

    You’d be amazed at how many people don’t. Truly amicable breakups can usually get away with it, but that’s as common as most of us would wish. It usually winds up going to court either as a result of a divorce settlement or ongoing issues with visitation or finances.

    • Swack says:

      Even if you have a written agreement things can go wrong. My daughter’s fiance had an agreement with his ex (never married) on visitation. All was fine until my daughter and him had a baby together. Once my grandson came, all he!! broke loose with his other son. She constantly kept the father from seeing his son (he was paying child support as it was taken automatically out of his paycheck) or even communicating with his son via phone. One night his son hid in a closet so he could talk to his dad. She constantly threatened to take him back to court (which he couldn’t afford). He would go over to pick him up for visitation and she wouldn’t answer the door. He would drop off gifts and never knew if he ever received them. Finally he gave up because it was horrendous.

      • Veronica says:

        Yeah, my parents’ divorce definitely got ugly where custody was concerned, but nothing to that extent. Too many people treat their children like bargaining chips when things don’t go their way.

  3. Dee says:

    Well, Tristan abandoned his first baby and baby momma so don’t worry Khloe, your fate will most likely be the same.

    • Nancy says:

      He did. I’m not buying her love story with Lamar Odom either. There were just too many of these guys she was hopelessly in love with, for the camera. She is by far the worse of any of the sisters, with that baby voice and vulgar words. What comes around goes around and she knew Tristan’s gf was pregnant. Who does that? I have no respect for either of them. I solidly believe in the Kardashian curse and the Cavs are living proof of it.

      • Miss Kittles says:

        Oh please Nancy get it together!!! Losing Kyrie & gaining a 35 year old DWade is the Cavs problem… not Khloé!

      • Nancy says:

        Of course I know losing Kyrie and a whole lot of mess took us down. I hate the players we got from Boston. But, if you do your homework, the exes of these Kardashian women don’t do well. It started as a joke, but has much truth in it. It won’t stop with Tristan. Whoever follows him will get the same thing, the KURSE! Lol

      • Nancy says:

        Miss Kittles: I forgot to add how embarrassing it was to have her and her family sitting at the Q. We are a blue collar, hard working city and to have these phony balonies sitting amongst us was not popularly received. On the other hand, when Jay Z and Beyoncé or Rihanna or almost anyone else comes to visit, they are welcome with open arms.

    • Tanya says:

      That may be what she’s banking on. They do seem to pick baby daddies they can control.

  4. Hum says:

    I think the fathers figures are just ok with their decisions because the are not too involved, or too deep with their own sobriety problems or have ok relationship with the other part.
    I think the mess situation is their brother.
    Laura Wasser is just part of problematic tmz male defense squad, so putting her as example about an article with kardashians fits right.

  5. Jayna says:

    I’m confused. Two of them are still with the fathers, it appears. Kourtney is very much with Tristen as a couple. From the video, it appears Kylie is with her guy also. So like any couples, they work out financial things privately as a couple. Why would they have custody agreements unless they split up?

    It’s only Scott. And Scott is a horrible alcoholic, a total drunk, binge-drinker, making Ben Affleck look like a Boy Scout. I doubt he wants to go to court and fight for anything. He and Kourtney work that out. It’s not like he’s some amazing father always with his kids or anything. Scott is seen
    partying more than anything. She probably ships the kids and nanny over there when he sees them, so they aren’t alone with him.

    • Nancy says:

      No! Kourtney is with a younger guy. Tristan is with my unfavorite…lol….Khloe who got herself pregnant finally, I guess he helped!!!

  6. CynicalAnn says:

    The women have the money and want to raise the kids. The guys seem like they have their own issues, and are happy not to be tied down on a regular basis for care or support.

  7. Miss Kittles says:

    Why would they need it? Kylie & Khloé are still with their partners aka baby daddies. Kourtney is clearly the primary caregiver for her kids. Why pay attorney fees for something that’s already happening??!
    Do you normally get a custody agreement while still in a relationship???
    I thought that was when there’s disagreement or conflicts.
    Sometimes this site is truly as bitchy as it’s name…. eek! LOL

  8. sammia says:

    Lamar was suspended early in his NBA career for drug use. I think around 2002. The rumoured drug was cocaine. He had problems and family tragedy when Khloe was still in high school, years before they met.

    • Anon33 says:

      Seriously thank you. I get so tired of hearing how Khloe “ruined” Lamar. Facts such as the one you’ve cited above literally show the fallacy of those statements, however you may feel about this family. It’s simply not true or accurate.

    • Merritt says:

      Exactly. He had problems long before Khloe met him. I don’t like the Kardashians but they aren’t to blame for his problems.

    • Jordan says:

      Yeah, however there were several tales of how Khloe encouraged further drug use once they were together. As in taking part in it. He had his own issues prior to meeting her but the family hung him out to dry. Crying sobriety when Khloe encouraged and used with him. I don’t know how I’m the only one rememberin this.

  9. Olive says:

    why include Khloe in this? can’t have child custody arrangements until there’s an actual child.

  10. appleminis says:

    And what about Kim and Kanye ? If they ever get a divorce, things could get very messy as I don’t think Kanye would let his children go …

  11. Clare says:

    Are we really pretending Lamar Odom is a somewhat decent guy? Not only was he messing around with illegal substances, he was cheating on his wife with multiple prostites. Awful as she may be, none of that was Khloe’s fault.

    He was a multi millionaire professional athlete who chucked it all in with his own bad behaviour – the man was suspended for drug use near a decade before he met khloe. No need to blame his ex wife for his downfall, and no need to pretend that he was somehow a nice guy who fell in with the wrong people when he married her.

    • Umyeah says:

      Lamar has had an incredibly hard life, i suspect the drug use is a means of dealing with those issues. Its not a healthy way obviously but it is what many people do.

    • Anon33 says:

      As I said above to the other poster, thank you. Tired of that narrative! It’s not accurate.

    • Berry says:

      Lamar never married the mother of his three kids.

    • Veronica says:

      I think it’s clear that Lamar has some pretty serious unresolved issues from his childhood that have affected him as an adult. The toxicity of the relationship with Khloe after things fell apart likely did not help, but at the end of the day, he is an adult responsible for his own life.

      • Nancy says:

        It was the pretense of it all. Khloe played up to the cameras how she loved her Lam Lam. As his addictions escalated, she was acting as though she was his savior and on the show always took the calls from him, making sure the audience heard his name with her eye rolls apparent. After his od at the brothel, she again made sure it was televised that she was keeping some sort of bedside vigil. Then she met French Montana and James Harwood and all of sudden it was Lamar who. Wasn’t needed anymore for their bs show. I liked Tristan, but he left a pregnant woman he supposedly loved for this famewhore. Do I sound bitter…..sad when these people get so much adoration when they’re professional nobodies.

  12. Rinny says:

    I’m not a Kardashian/Jenner fan as a rule – but I don’t hate them like many seem to, either. I think saying they “suck the souls” out of men is a little much. Lamar was said to have drug issues before Khloe. He’s had a difficult life. Kourtney destroying Scott if he tried?! Pffft. He does it to himself. Give me a break.

    I’m not saying there isn’t something damaging in their lifestyle — clearly. But I don’t think they are blood sucking, evil – black widow spider types.

  13. Berry says:

    Let’s be honest… Kris Jenner raised her kids with a very warped value system. None of them are capable of being in adult relationships with emotionally healthy partners. Damaged women and men having children together does not bode well for their futures.

    It teaches the male children that they don’t need to show up for their kids over the long term. It teaches the girls not to expect much from their male partners.

  14. mela says:

    All these women have children out of wedlock and outside of even stable relationships (Kylie had a baby with a guy after a few weeks!)

  15. Shannon says:

    I’m sure it’s probably different in California, but I know in Georgia, where I lived when I split with my son’s dad, custody is default mom’s unless the couple is married. Obviously, that can be challenged. But my ex tried to keep me from taking my son as I moved out of an abusive relationship – told me I could move, but I wasn’t taking the baby – and we both called the police. They told us both that I was to take the baby and if he wanted to, he could challenge that in court. Of course, he never did, but that’s how I learned that little piece of info. Either way, I doubt these ladies have much to worry about here.

  16. me says:

    How could any man win against these women? They will eat any man alive. They have the money and a mother who will make sure of that.

  17. Tiffany :) says:

    Does a custody agreement really matter at this point? If they are on birth certificates as parents, doesn’t that give both people very important rights? If anything, I’d think a custody agreement would limit their options and their rights because so much is unknown at this point. They can wait to see who is the higher earning parent a little bit down the road, lol.

    • Patty says:

      Custody agreements absolutely matter! In most cases, especially when the child is born out of wedlock, the father really doesn’t have any rights. He may be forced to pay child support, but beyond that, nothing. A legal custody agreement protects the child and both parents. Without, you are basically at the mercy of the other parent to do right. It’s never a good idea to rely on the kindness of an ex, when it comes to your legal right to see your child (unless you don’t care). But I see that all of the time with some people I work with, without a legal custody agreement, they get scraps. They basically see their children when the other person wants them to see their children – and that parent could up and decide to move away and there’d be nothing they could do about it.