The Spice Girls are going to tour the UK and US starting this summer

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When I saw this news yesterday, I literally screamed at my computer and scared my co-workers. Finally, after a number of failed starts, rumors and denials, the original Spice Girls, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell-Horner, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown are reuniting for a tour of the US and UK.

Spice Girls fans got their hopes up last week when all five ladies got together at Geri’s house with their former manager, Simon Fuller, and shared photos on social media. Emma, who told Hello! that there are “exciting things to come” from the girls, posted the pic on Instagram.

This reunion, 20 years after the release of the Spice World movie, has been a long time coming. Mel B., Emma and Geri recorded a song and planned to tour as GEM earlier last year. Mel C. had gone on the record to say that she had hung up her Sporty Spice trainers once and for all and Victoria was said to also have been a holdout. TMZ reports that the Posh One changed her tune to “step out of the shadow” of her soccer star hubby and “do her own thing.” Of course, the spicy paycheck is also a factor, as a source told TMZ that “They are worth more as a group than they are individually, so this is a great venture for all of them.” Mel B. may also find the money appealing, as she may not be returning as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

This venture was initially reported as consisting of a TV special and compilation album, but those reports were later disproven. The gals are touring, not recording, and not following in the footsteps of Cher, Britney and Gaga and doing a Vegas residency. I don’t care, because I will finally get to see all five Spices on one stage. Of course, I am not the only one excited about this news…

Initial reports have the tour starting late this summer in the UK and then moving to the US. And to think that I got rid of my platform sneakers. I can go get another pair, and some film for my SPICE Cam (yes, I really do have one). I really hope this tour happens, I will be there, so say you’ll be there too, ladies.

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  1. V4Real says:

    The top pic before Victoria became Hollywood thin .

  2. trollontheloose says:

    my cynical cold heart has a flat line because this does nothing to me.

    • Milla says:

      They were always overrated. But now also outdated. Not cos they are 40 something. But cos they didn’t do a thing for that girl power.

  3. Rose says:

    Does this mean Posh has had her bunions fixed?

  4. Lozface says:

    I am soooooo bloody excited!!!! I just hope they decide to swing past Aus. Although I’ll be tempted to book a trip to th US, just to see them!!

    My 14 year old self cant contain the excitement, neither can my 35 year old self!

    Also, love the photo of all five of them. They look amazing!!!

    • Kitten says:

      Aw. Your comment is like a ray of sunshine on this thread lol.

      • Layla Beans says:

        I am with you, Lozface! I saw them on the last tour, and I will again. It was so much fun! Let’s be happy together!

      • Lozface says:

        Thanks Kitten!!! There has been a lot of 80s/90s nostalgia groups touring lately and it’s been such a fun way to reminisce! I went and saw 5ive a couple of years ago and it was fantastic. I’ve never see a such a large group of 30 something’s act like teenagers again!

        Spice girls though are just my all time fave. The world needs girl power more than ever right now. As do I!

  5. Naptime says:

    Wow. I wonder who cares. This is about ten years too late.

    • whatever says:

      They did their previous reunion tour 10 years ago. 2007-08 to be exact.

    • naomipaige says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Who gives a f*ck!!!! I think it’s just pathetic when people don’t know when enough is enough, and you cannot relive your past. Just stop!

      • Mala says:

        Their world tour in 2007-08 was sold out in a few minutes and it was the most lucrative show of the year. I think a lot of people cares 🙂

  6. greenmonster says:

    I would have to travel to the UK to see them, but I’m considering doing that.

    I remember sitting on a plane to the US for an exchange program in the fall of 1996 and the woman next to me asked if I know the Spice Girls (I think ‘Wannabe’ was on one of the channels you could choose). She was working in a record store in the US and she said that people came in asking for the record, but she wasn’t really aware of the Spice Girls, so she asked if they were a big thing in Germany. Who knew we would be still talking about them over 20 years later!

  7. Nikita says:

    Idgaf what anyone thinks, I’m SO excited! My 11 year old self is squealing with delight! I have such fond memories of blasting their cds on repeat in my poster-covered room. I’m not too cool to admit I’m absolutely here for it!

  8. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Okie dokie.

  9. whatever says:

    This is going to last about 5 minutes. Their last reunion tour 10 years ago ended early because they couldn’t stand the sight of each other.

    • Mala says:

      10 years ago it was supposed to be something like 10 dates, and finally it was a world tour of several months …

  10. Margo S. says:

    YAS!!!!!! I AM SO THERE!

  11. Louise177 says:

    Why is this such a big deal? It’s the Spice Girls. They had a few hits decades ago. Also isn’t this their 2nd tour? I think they did some dates for 2012 Olympics. I just don’t get the hysteria.

  12. Beth says:

    I think I’ll pass.
    They’ve been around for over 20 years? Wow, time goes quickly

  13. SM says:

    I don’t inderstand what’s for Victoria in it? She built a successful carrer for herself in fashion and well…she can’t sing. Also who wrote that nonsence about being in David’s shadow? David’s publicist? Sexist much? Because that is a pile of bullshit. She seems to be much more busy with the fashion brand, does he even play any footbal anymore? From where I stand, it seems to me David is the one now following the path that Victoria is leading on.

    • whatever says:

      Her fashion business is haemorrhaging money apparently. David has bailed her out a few times already but I think he has stopped doing that because he is investing millions into his Miami soccer club now.

  14. Als Em says:

    Yes yes!! Can’t wait! I’m so excited!!

  15. Amy Tennant says:

    OLD SPICE!!!

    I couldn’t resist. Yes, I’m excited, too. 🙂

  16. Anastasia says:

    I was too old when they hit it big to ever get into them, so I guess this is a hard pass for me, too.

  17. deets says:

    I really want to go, but I asked my friends, yay spice girls, who wants to goooo!!!!
    resounding silence.
    So. Don’t think I’ll be making it, unfortunately. Would love to do the silly stop right there, thank you very much dance with live music, but I guess I’ll just have leave off embarrassing myself and dance it up at home.

  18. m says:

    The MOST OF US REALLY NEED MONEY tour begins.

  19. MissMarierose says:

    I’m too old to have ever been into the Spice Girls, so please pardon my ignorance. Watching the posted video, it seems that the Melanies are the strongest singers and Victoria, well, she apparently needs background singers and louder music on her parts. Fair or no?

  20. Laura Dawe says:

    I was 17 when the Spice Girls became popular and I LOVED THEM!!! Went clubbing dressed up as Baby Spice and did the dance moves to “Stop” 😁

    I live in Canada but would be willing to travel to see them in the USA!


  21. Luci Lu says:

    They’re like the Kardashians…..Pretty, with absolutely no talent, and famous for being infamous. But, if the public will stand in line and pay big money for a “concert” to listen to them sing dumb-as-shit lyrics like “ziga ziga za” whatever… wtf, I say get that money girls! Yaaasss Honey!

  22. gatorbait says:

    I don’t get the confusion over the excitement people are having. I hated the spice girls craze in high school but I enjoyed their songs as they were catchy. But even I cannot deny they were wildly famous. Obviously they still have nostalgia fans.

    • toDaze says:

      Can i be the only one to admit it’s practically toddler music on par w Barney theme songs? As adults would we pay big money for a Sesame Street reunion and dance along to diaper songs? I think they should make a re-union film and let their grown up fans enjoy from the comfort of a laptop- please don’t subject the rest of us to this embarrassment.

  23. Cynicalceleste says:

    This is what I want, I really really want ❤️

  24. Ozogirl says:

    I never understood the big deal with this group… They had maybe 3 or 4 hits in the U.S., but none of them are classics that get played at all anymore??

  25. IMUCU says:

    People like them because they are just silly-fun-pop and they haven’t really done anything to ruin that image after all this time. You could pick which one you liked the best and each friend could like a different one, so individuality within a collective/team, made it fun too. So much easier to identify who is who as opposed to a group like the Pussycat Girls who all seemed nondescript/similar to each other

    I really hope they come to the Tampa Bay or Orlando area! Even Mr. IMUCU is excited to see them! 🙂

  26. jwoolman says:

    I’m the Beatles generation myself but still have heard of the Spice Girls. Emma was really good in a recurring role as Eddy Monsoon’s unfortunate PR client in Absolutely Fabulous, which I am still enjoying on Hulu and Netflix.

    The reunion sounds fun. Hopefully they will sell DVDs of it later for the ticket-deprived.