Kim Cattrall slams Sarah Jessica Parker: ‘You are not my family, you are not my friend’

Kim Cattrall & Sarah Jessica Parker

Let me summarize what we know now: Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall low-key hated each other for years when they worked on Sex and the City, both the TV show and the two films. That hatred manifested itself in SJP pulling rank as the executive producer and making Kim’s Samantha character into a sometimes-gross caricature. On both of the films, Kim had to be heavily persuaded to join the ensemble, and by the second film, there was zero love lost but it seemed like Kim and SJP could keep it somewhat professional. Their low-key hatred spewed into the public sphere last fall, and it stopped being low-key and became very HIGH-KEY. SJP was trying to put together a third SATC film and Kim flirted with the idea, basically to see how money she could get, but ultimately she said no, she wasn’t interested, and she was done playing Samantha once and for all.

What happened next was pretty gross. SJP and all of her minions tried to publicly shame Kim and slammed her in multiple publications. Kim fought back and slapped back publicly at SJP. SJP tried to do her “what who me?” little girl act about the whole thing, while basically claiming that it was all a huge misunderstanding and oh by the way Kim is a big liar and SJP has receipts. Last week, Kim’s brother went missing, then he was found dead. Kim and her family were in mourning, and SJP made a public comment about it in an interview, and SJP also wrote on social media: “Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother. Xx.” Kim responded on Saturday with this:


“A painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now… You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona.” That’s pretty much the mother of all mic drops. I’m glad Kim said it too, even though her Instagram is now being filled with “YOU’RE THE REAL MEAN GIRL” comments. No. Kim is an adult-ass woman and she burned that f–king bridge to the ground. She’s done. There’s “being nice for the sake of being nice” and then there’s “IDGAF about this person anymore so I’m going to tell them to take my name out of their f–king mouth.” That’s what Kim just did: she told SJP to never speak about her (Kim) ever again. I’m here for it.

Also: I’m here for calling out celebrities for their fake-ass “nice girl” or “nice guy” personas. So many times, those personas are deep as a f–king puddle. SJP often comes across as so fakey and saccharine. Good for Kim for calling out that persona too.


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  1. Nikita says:

    But if SJP said nothing about the loss of Kim’s brother, then the story would be how cold Sarah is and how awful she is because she couldn’t have even been bothered to send her condolences. Kim would have used it as more fodder to try and prove how right she was about SJP being some kind of monster. Sometimes being an adult means sending your condolences to those you may not have a great relationship with because that’s just the decent thing to do. It seems more like Kim is grief stricken and lashing out, than it is that SJP was somehow being cruel or fake.

    • perplexed says:

      Did she send condolences publicly or privately?

      • Yawn says:

        Publicly on kims Instagram post about her brothers death…shady and very attention seeking from SJP

      • Nikita says:

        If things are as sour as they seem between them, I doubt Sarah has Kim’s number and could just ring her up, or for that matter that Kim would have even answered. Sometimes leaving a comment on social media is the quickest way to reach out to a person. I believe SJP was directly asked for a comment on Kim’s brother’s death, which is when she once again offered her condolences and said that she’d be giving Kim privacy. I’m not sure how offering her condolences makes SJP so awful? She’d be damned if she said nothing at all, and clearly is damned for reaching out and saying something.

      • Shambles says:


        They’ve been working together for over two decades, yet you expect us to believe SJP doesn’t have an assistant’s contact info, an address, anything?? Nah. Not buying that. She did this for PR and she deserves every bit of Kim’s vitriol.

      • minx says:

        I believe Cynthia Nixon sent condolences privately and Kim thanked her. SJP could have done so.

      • aims says:

        I went through something similar to what Kim is going through. My mother passed away two years ago and people who weren’t in our lives suddenly became close to our family. I had a cousin who I haven’t heard from in years stand up in my mother’s memorial and went on and on about what a great relationship they had. Never once did that side of the family visit her as she was succumbing to her cancer.

        So I get where Kim is coming from. I think it’s in very poor taste to have someone who you don’t have a relationship with make a comment about something that doesn’t involve them. It’s disingenuous and offensive to the one who’s in mourning.

      • Hh says:

        @Shambles -EXACTLY! SJP could have privately sent her condolences. Celebrities get in contact without each other behind the scenes ALL the time. That’s how they collaborate on projects that we don’t know about until they’ve launched.

        SJP did this via social media because she wanted to show everyone else that she was the bigger person, which is ironically very petty.

      • Nikita says:

        If you want to be picky about the “saying something publicly” angle, then don’t forget to mention that Kim could have just as well called SJP out privately or, I don’t know, just ignored her. The only reason the story is out there is because of Kim blowing it up. I for sure had no idea that Sarah had even commented or sent her condolences until Kim blew up about it.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        Exactly…….Kim could have called her out privately…..afterall, SJP was responding to a PUBLIC announcement that Kim made. Also, I can tell you several disparaging, very pointed comments kim has made towards SJP and everything I’ve heard from SJP has been muted in comparison. This is just a FURTHER illustration of this.

        (Again, as i’ve stated severally, I’m very happy for anyone to give me the specifics on the abuse SJP has visited on Kim, because I certainly haven’t seen anything befitting this response).

      • jeez says:

        can’t believe I’m commenting on this but….

        KK did say she about SJP in her message,”Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. ”

        Doesn’t that imply SJP has been contacting her privately “continuously”?

      • magnoliarose says:


        Yes, M’am. I could hug you for your comment.
        This is exactly what I was thinking. She can reach her privately. This is a PR thing, and it is gross beyond belief.
        After smearing and treating her like crap for YEARS on set and her petty jealousy about Samantha’s character being more popular than whiny, selfish Carrie, Kim had enough.

        SJP played herself. Finally.

      • Lorelai says:

        I am interested to see what happens when SJP is inevitably asked about THIS at some point. I wonder if she will have learned her lesson and just say “no comment” or if she will go into how hurtful Kim’s response was to her, etc.

      • Shambles says:



        I like the new Avi!

      • Juju says:

        Per SJP in the interview that was referenced, she reached out privately and publicly. This is from EW:

        “Parker says that after Cattrall’s brother went missing earlier this month, “I rang and I didn’t get her and I texted her. And then when I learned he passed I reached out. I can’t imagine what it’s like for her right now.”

      • Steph says:

        Great take, AIMS. And that must’ve been very hard at your moms funeral. Some people don’t have self-awareness or consideration for others. It is just too much to keep their mouths shut. Did you ever talk to the cousin about how you were offended?

      • Carol says:

        Apparently she reached out both privately and publicly. Her public comment was a response to Kim’s post about her brother’s death, and it comes after Cynthia Nixon’s reply. Kim thanked all her fans and SATC colleagues for their thoughts and then later called out SJP.

      • Lucytunes says:

        Cynthia Nixons were public as well.

      • Charlie says:

        She did this for PR and she deserves every bit of Kim’s vitriol. –

        I’m with Shambles. SJP was on Colbert’s Late Show just one month ago promoting her HBO show and lit in to Kim then. That was cold; this is so much worse. And no, after that, I would not expect SJP to ‘reach out’.

      • magnoliarose says:


        Thanks. I got tired of angry blue and thought positive and bright is a good way to start the rest of 2018.

        Cynthia Nixon hasn’t been on a PR bash Kim tour Lucytunes. So, of course, her response is different. And we have no idea if they have privately talked.

      • FLORC says:

        This move was just that. For the nice girl persona. You truly offer condolences. You truly want to offer support in a tragic time. You do it for rhat purpose. Never as only a public display. That serves you. Not them. You.
        I’m not a fan of either in a career sense, but Kim is fully still taking the high road here. And her no Fks attitude is genuine and awesome.

      • Ex-Mel says:

        “I believe Cynthia Nixon sent condolences privately and Kim thanked her. SJP could have done so. ”

        No. She replied to Kim’s announcement with a tweet “Hey Kim – such awful news. So sorry to hear. Sending you love. XO.'” – which, as much as I LOVE Cynthia, strikes me as vaguely distasteful. But hey, apparently Kim didn’t think so, because she did reply – PUBLICLY – to Cynthia’s tweet. Very warmly, too.

        I like all of them (as much as it it possible to like someone you’ve never met), and God knows I can sympathise with Kim’s pain; but her response to SJP’s tweet was nothing short of shocking, in my opinion. If she didn’t like it, she could have said nothing.

        TWIMC: I am “team” HUMANITY.
        And I don’t doubt a priori people’s motives in such a situation.
        The dehumanising – nay, demonising – of SJP on this site is just insane.

      • minx says:

        Ex-Mel–I had read that CN did it privately.
        Personally I had no dog in the SJP/KC feud, even late in the SATC run when I read about KC getting cold-shouldered by the other women. I still didn’t care until this nonsense about a third (shudder) movie and how SJP tried to blame KC. If that’s “demonizing” SJP, so be it.

    • Bella Dupont says:

      I’m sorry, but I kind of have to disagree and say that I think Kim IS the real mean girl here. Isn’t the time of mourning supposed to be a period where people put hostilities aside (at least temporarily) to reach out to other people human to human? Afterall, Bethenny reached out to Jill Zarin after Bobby tragically died and we didn’t get a poisonous, hissy fit out of her.

      Furthermore, (as Nikita said), if SJP had not reached out or passed on her condolences, I can guarantee Kim would have been screming herself hoarse about how SJP couldn’t even put her petty grievances aside in her time pf mourning.
      I think Kim finally exposed herself badly on this. She really should just have been gracious and accepted her condolences, or at worst ignored it. It makes me wonder if this is the way she’s conducted her relationship with SJP through the years, in which case, no wonder she was so unpopular on set.

      • Plaidsheets says:

        Then that still suggests that SJP just did it for the publicity angle— she didn’t want to get slammed in the press or Kim. It wasn’t a true olive branch of expression of condolence.

        Send it privately and move on.

        I lost my mom two months ago. I posted nothing about it on social media because I wanted nothing to do with the ‘condolences ‘. Those who knew me and my mom reached out privately. I appreciated that beyond words. The performative apologies could go take a hike.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        Not posting anything on your loss is fair enough, i did the same when my father died – complete social media blackout.

        But if you ARE willing to post your loss online, (nothing wrong with that, if you’re comfortable with it), I just think its extremely bizarre to then lash out so aggressively at someone passing their condolences via the same medium.

        Is it sooooooooo wrong to say “Our stupid, petty bullshit aside, I’m sorry you’re going through this, please accept my condolences”?

      • Bridget says:

        @Bella DuPont: How about we not tell people how they’re supposed to grieve?

        I mean, look at what you just said. Kim, who’s brother JUST died, who had someone who was on TV making fun of her the night before it came out that he was missing in the first place, can choose whether or not to accept someone’s condolences. Period.

      • LAK says:

        Over the past 6months, SJP and her minions have been dragging Kim. As recently as the day before Kim’s tragedy was known, SJP was on Andy Cohen’s tv show making fun of Kim and insinuating once again that Kim was the block to SATC3.

        She didn’t just write condolences on Kim’s social media. She also gave quotes about it to a TV show, Extra.

        Kim doesn’t need phony friends to use her tragedy to look good especially when those same phony friends were dragging her the day before her tragedy became public knowledge.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        With all due respect…..just because Kim is grieving does not make her vitriolic response right. All it did was make her look really, really spiteful.


      • Tania says:

        You are all over this thread defending SJP so I have to ask, how much is she paying you?

        It is very clear SJP is a bully. She tried shaming someone to do a movie. Imagine if she were a man doing this to Kim. She would have been called out like QT is for her antics on set. I’m ashamed I saw the 2 SATC movies. At the time I thought the storylines for Kim’s character were out of character and now I know why. She was popular and she was not ashamed of who she was. So to have her character laying out on a kitchen counter waiting for a man goes against the Samantha we loved. All at the hands of SJP. All the shade she’s been throwing, all her minions (and maybe even you!) going on websites to put Kim on blast while she’s grieving for her brother? Shame on you. And shame on SJP.

      • Bridget says:

        @Bella Dupont: wow. Do you even read what you’re writing? This is the time that you take a step back, think, and then stop.

      • Liberty says:

        I have to side with Kim on this, for a few reasons, but primarily because she is grieving. Sometimes severe emotional stress causes the gloves to come flying off, and the turned cheek to be unturned, and she has been getting doused with a lot of SJP’s particular form of firetalk lately. If SJP felt compelled to send condolences, private was the way to go, period, under the circumstances. Saying “people might think badly if SJP said nothing on social media” puts SJP’s temporary image on a higher plane than the feelings of a woman grieving an enormous loss. It is was time for a non-narcissist to suck it up and be politely socially quiet.

        I said for a few reasons: over Christmas, I heard a bit of dish, that allegedly the person asking for a massive SATC3 payout was SJP, while KC was doing a sort of disinterested “uh, hm, well, what is the story, what does it pay, eh, no.” Allegedly, SJP’s salary wants crashed it, and her damage control idea was to feign surprise and blame KC, so others wouldn’t know; and to try to get someone to feel sorry. And toss in more cash. Mistakes being, (1) she is no longer the Carrie rosebud anyone must cover for, and (2) no one sees this as a project worth the sort of budget that would accommodate her salary request.

      • Shambles says:


        I would absolutely believe that. If true, SJP is a vile, lying asshole and it makes sense that Kim would lash out. It always seemed like there was more to the story than we knew, and this might be it.

      • minx says:

        Liberty, that’s juicy and very believable IMO.
        Kim played Samantha with verve and dignity, even when she was asked to do nudity and embarrassing storylines. I think SJP underestimated the public’s affection for the Samantha character and Kim.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Liberty that sounds right because she was too invested in this and she has always made a grossly inflated payday while Kim made a lot less. Because she has been so nasty about this whole thing now, people are spilling her dirt, and she should set her ass down.

        Kim had every right to tell her what she thought.

      • Kim says:

        When I was mourning my father, I was very easily angered by people acting like they knew him, or knew me, or knew some measure of what I was going through. The grief can easily turn to rage, for any number of reasons. I don’t blame Kim at all for this. Being devastated by a loss can make you stop caring about any of the extra BS like “being nice”.

      • Liberty says:

        It made sense to me too. I was surprised, as I used to think of SJP as harmless puppy fluff until last year.

        The person who told me also said the quiet third mistake was (3) that the movie could easily be made without Samantha, merely by adding a similar character possibly even related to Samantha. A Samantha Junior using a more current popular young actress for that demo. Flashback Samantha. Etc.

        Doable, right? No problem, proceed, right?

        —– unless you can’t come up with massive, massive payout for SJP, and are so trying to make someone in the system cough up huge gold bricks, while not alerting your other two co-stars that you are the bump in the road. If this is accurate, KC knows what is up.

        @Kim posting above – I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve been there.

      • Steph says:

        Bella, lashing out is extremely common during grief. I think that it didn’t expose her as being a bad person. I obviously don’t really know the backstory and how things actually went down, none of us do. But Kim feels like she was majorly wronged and she went nuclear on SJP. She may even feel badly about it now or in six months from now. We don’t know. And people make mistakes. I just don’t think we can say that she showed that she’s a bad person when she’s grieving.

      • isabelle says:

        When I’ve grieved for close family members, I’m easily angered, by everything. Grief isn’t this or that and people experience it in different ways. There is no set pattern or one set of emotions. In facs you will go through every emotion possible. you also in the middle highest point of your grief, focus on the weirdest most random stuff. Form small things to things that happened 20 plus years ago. Grief actually has a way of pulling you back into the past.

      • Christin says:

        Isabelle, my experience was similar to what you describe when the loss was incredibly close to me. I found there was no “cycle”, but just a wash of various emotions that could change in an instant.

        And, as you point out, it can include deep diving into past episodes and looking at them through the lens of grief. Anger can increase when I perceived a loved one had been wronged or neglected. Kim mentions what her mother said. That could have been enough to cause the lashing out.

      • Holly hobby says:

        I also read that Kim said in an interview that she was made into a walking billboard for designers. She said she was wearing these designer shoes and she got, from a good source, that SJP received $1m back end for promoting those shoes in the movie.

        Yeah I don’t blame Kim at all

      • Veronica says:

        I like Kim. I think she is very authentic. I can understand her having enough, finally, don’t say another work to me publicly, especially. But Kim lashing out give SJP cover again, that she was the “good” girl, and Kim is a b$tch. So she might have given this response more thought. But it is an emotional time, and she reacted emotionally.

      • ol cranky says:

        no, when you are in mourning the feelings of outsiders should be the least of your concerns. It is not your job to make them feel good about themselves, your job is to take care of yourself and your loved ones who are in pain

        if SJP reached out privately and was met with silence, she should have let it go. If Kim wanted to follow up with her when she was in a better place emotionally, that should have been Kim’s decision. SJP could have answered any public question with “I’ve sent my condolences privately and think people should give Kim and her family time to grieve” and left it at that. Making a public showing of condolences on Instagram, considering the bad blood between them was poor form and done solely for SJP’s personal benefit

      • Jordan says:

        I don’t know. I’ve been in Kim’s shoes when I lost my brother. There were people in which I didn’t get along with (they knew it as well) yet continued to play the nice person act. Especially when we both knew they didn’t truly mean it. I don’t think SJP truly means it and that’s why ultimately Kim let her have it. If SJP was completely oblivious to Kim’s dislike for her then I could totally get it.

      • Addie says:

        Fact: JSP and KC are not friends, and no longer colleagues.

        Given her repeated attacks on Kim, publicly made condolences from SJP were totally inappropriate. It reads like an attempt to leverage her ‘nice girl persona’ at a moment of tragedy for a grieving family. Who wouldn’t be angry and finally, call SJP on it? No-one. Sometimes, a nuisance has to be called out bluntly for what she is. I applaud Kim for her directness.

      • Really? says:

        This is certainly one way to stop being asked to participate in a movie that she doesn’t want to be part of. If this is the way that Kim wants to grieve, then let her. It’s her dead brother. Why must she rise above at a time like this? Also, to continually seek absolution for your past misdeeds by demanding a grieving person’s attention is in poor form. Send a damn card, and if you don’t hear back, you have your answer.

      • Amy Too says:

        Kim is probably exhausted, grief stricken, and raw. I bet this is not something she would have normally said and I can see her regretting saying it so publically even if it is how she felt. But her brother just died. And SJP, who has been telling anyone who will listen how Kim is the only reason why there will be no Sex and the City 3, how Kim backed out of a contract, how Kim pretended she would do it and then said no, is now suddenly calling, texting, and when she’s not getting any answer (which should maybe be a hint that Kim doesn’t want to hear from her), she’s going online and expressing her love and condolences with kissy “XX” notes and calling her “dearest Kim,” as if they were best friends. That must be so annoying and exhausting. Especially if this is the same pattern of behavior that Kim has experienced over the years from SJP. And then she’s talking about it interviews. “I called her but she didn’t answer,” which is even still trying to show how SJP is the sweet, good one and Kim is the ridiculous one holding a grudge refusing her calls. Why did she have to include the “I couldn’t get her on the phone,” part? Why did she have to comment about how she reached out at all? Why couldn’t she just answer the interviewer’s question by saying she heard about the tradgedy and she was very sorry for Kim and her family? She has to make it about herself, though, listing all the ways she reached out. And Kim’s response seems to suggest that SJP KEPT trying to get ahold of her and talk to her.

        And I am really confused about the whole “Kim would be screaming from the rooftops about SJP not reaching out to her.” I don’t think I’ve ever read an interview in which Kim brings up SJP on her own at all. She seems to always be asked to respond and she often does so diplomatically. Plus, I highly doubt that right now, after her brother died, she is going to have the time of emotional energy to spend on running to tabloids talking about how SJP didn’t call her. That sounds ludicrous to me. Her brother died. She has a lot of grief to deal with, but also a ton of legal, financial, and family stuff to deal with. Funerals or memorials to plan, family to comfort. I can’t see her singling out something SJP DIDN’T do and calling the papers about it. I bet SJP was the last person on her mind and she was not very happy for the whole “feud” to barge in on her family’s grief so that she would have to drop everything she was doing and deal with SJP and try to figure out whether she was genuine or what her motives her.

        Times of tradegy may be when people put aside any momentary hard feelings to send their condolences to those who are grieving, but just bc they decide to do that, doesn’t mean the person receiving the condolences had to react a certain way or accept them. Just like you don’t have to accept someone’s apology. They can say they’re sorry, but they don’t get to dictate whether or not you forgive them. And in any case, it’s not like SJP and Kim were best friends who has a little fight about something silly a couple days before her brother died. This has apparently been an ongoing feud, decades or pettiness and jealousy and slamming Kim in the media, one that has very recently flared up yet again bc SJP brought it all up and out again, and decided to add some more petty and fake fuel to the fire. So I can see why this gesture would go over particularly horribly with Kim, and I can excuse her outburst, which is out of character for her, because she is in the middle of a family crisis and probably exhausted by her grief.

      • Marley31 says:

        I think if someone you know whether you like them or not family friend or someone they know passes its only human to send condolences because its terrible and sad when anyone dies.

      • Nikki says:

        AMYTOO, your very long comment said it for me! +1

      • geekychick says:

        actually, no. One very mean girl pulled that on me after a very, very close person died. To this day I am angry at myself that I didn’t deny her. She did it just so she could get some + points in our circle of acquaintances. And I am angry because I didn’t know better and didn’t love myself more to protect myself from a toxicty that I didn’t need at that point in my life.

    • Kai says:

      Or, maybe, she could just not do anything and leave Kim alone? It’s obvious they don’t have a good relationship and SJP has done a lot of things to make Kim look bad, so why should Kim accept the condolences as a sign of goodwill and sincerity? SJP has treated Kim horribly for years while SATC was still on and has been on a smear campaign against Kim since last year. But she went and commented on Kim’s IG post and answered a reporter’s question when she could’ve said “no comment”. Now suddenly she’s the nice person who just wanted to reach out to someone whose image she’s actively tried to ruin before?

      Kim is grieving. Nobody gets to judge her on how she reacts to someone like SJP. We all grieve differently. If she wants to be mean and petty to someone who has been nasty to her for years, let her.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I read an article about how SJP was so stung that Cattrall’s character was more popular that she and the second show runner tried to make Samantha’s character an absurdity. SJP froze Kim out of group events and accommodation and made her feel like an outsider. Then when Kim decided a third movie was a terrible idea, SJP started burying her in the press. She also had her friends go on the record to say the crew and other behind the scenes people would have to suffer because the film wouldn’t go forward due to diva demands. Even as recently as the last couple weeks, SJP has been making the rounds clucking about why there won’t be a third movie.

      Those two aren’t friends and for SJP to make it seem like they are is disgusting, honestly. Don’t use someone’s tragedy to further your agenda.

      • echoing says:

        There is an old story that Britney Spears was going to have a role on the show as Carrie’s cousin. A girl who was all sweet and innocent but really was a teenage seductress. Basically Britney was playing herself.


        The girl would be flirting and getting the attention instead of Carrie so you have conflict, etc. SJP refused to do the storyline because like Carrie, she refused to be upstaged by someone younger and prettier.

      • minx says:

        SJP and/or Michael Patrick King should be embarrassed to even mention a third movie after that POS second movie. Somebody just wants a big payday.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        SJP should be embarrassed in general. Watching her pretending to be girlish and sugar sweet into her 50s is certainly vicariously embarrassing.

    • LAK says:

      The day before the world found out about Kim’s missing brother, SJP was on WWHL with Andy Cohen dragging Kim and implying once again that Kim killed off SATC 3.

      When Kim posted that they’d found her brother dead, SJP wrote that condolensce message THEN went to EXTRA to give another quote about Kim’s tragedy.

      That’s when Kim responded with her ‘we are not friends’ post. And linked the new york post article from last year about the stuff she’s endured from SJP for YEARS.

      If the office bully refuses to leave you alone whilst badmouthing you to everyone, perhaps publicly telling them off will make them stop.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        These two are MUTUAL enemies. They’ve both been at each others throats for years and I know more of Kims attacks than vice versa, so lets not pretend hostilities were a one way street.

        As far as I know, anything SJP said was BEFORE Kim’s brother died. I would have thought the death should draw a line under things (at least temporarily).

        As I’ve cited before, Jill Zarin (who’s a massive b*tch, by the way), somehow managed to be gracious in accepting the condolences of her long time, ongoing, bitter enemy (Bethenny) without turning it into a public spectacle.

      • Bridget says:

        @Bella: when one of them is the BOSS and uses that position to make the other person unhappy and underpay them, then publicly complain that they don’t want to work with you, NO it’s not “mutual” and at each other’s throats.

      • Liberty says:

        LAK, everything you said.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Totally co-sign your post too LAK. I saw that WWHL interview. Kim doesn’t need to pretend Sarah has been a great boss and friend when she hasn’t, especially during such a terrible time in her family’s life. Sarah has been jealous and a jerk. Go Kim!

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Yes, as Executive Producer, SJP is the boss.

        I applaud Kim for maintaining her dignity through all of this, including the wording of her statement while grieving.

        SJP turned that death into a PR move 24 hours after trashing Kim on national television. Vile.


      • magnoliarose says:

        No way.
        SJP’s feelings and image do not matter in this tragedy. She is nothing to Kim’s mother who just lost a child in an, especially horrific way. And she inserts herself in there when she has been nothing but terrible for years.
        How can you defend that Bella?
        She is using Kim’s family pain to boost her image! When she has been lying about what went down the whole time.

        There is no way to make that ok. None.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        I beg to differ…….when something tragic happens, its normal for most (empathetic) people of all stripes to pass on their condolences or express how sorry they are for your suffering, because we’ve all been there and know how hard it can be.

        If Kim had not responded, it would have been a non-story and we would have heard barely anything about this in the press and the focus would have been on Kim’s unfortunate loss. Kim’s behaviour is what put this whole sorry thing on blast.

      • Bridget says:

        And that’s called “a mistake”. It doesn’t make her spiteful or a terrible person, which is what you’ve repeatedly said.

      • isabelle says:

        …but @Bella, while SJP has the option to pass on whatever message she wants, @Magnoliarose is right, SJP feelings don’t matter nor her public image when it comes to Kims tragedy. It is Kims tragedy not SJP and KIM gets to say and grieve any way she wants, even down to selecting who she wants in her space and social media. Kim laid down a boundary and SJP needs to follow it. It is atrocious she was dragging Kim when her brother was missing.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        I said it made her *LOOK* spiteful. still stand by that.

      • Addie says:

        Agree wholeheartedly. Best way to deal with a bully is to expose them. SJP needs to stop harassing Kim and find other projects that give her the money, control or whatever else she’s after.

    • Nicole says:

      Meh SJP was just having attack articles written about her. Of course that public apology on her Instagram rang hollow. When you truly mean something you don’t do it so millions can see it. She could’ve had her assistant reach out to get an address and send condolences that way. That’s what celeb assistants are for.
      It rang false especially when there’s stories this week about how “hurt” SJP is about the fighting.

    • manda says:

      Would it have been? I doubt it would have been noticed (if she hadn’t given condolences), but maybe

      • Bella Dupont says:


        Oh, believe me, it would most certainly have been noticed. I remember very clearly when Jill Zarin started the famous feud with Bethenny, her pretext was that Bethenny hadn’t reached out to her *enough* when Bobby was diagnosed with cancer.

        Sadly, I’m inclined to think that Kim would have used it.

      • Tania says:

        @Bella, just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself now.

      • IMHO says:

        I can’t believe we are using the RHO (insert a city) as examples of desirable behavior.
        This is the 3rd or 4th post I’ve read referencing them, what is the relevance to this situation?

      • Bella Dupont says:


        Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel are women, both with very public profiles, similar to Kim and SJP, also long standing enemies and one of them just suffered a loss.

        We didn’t get the fireworks we’re experiencing now. Kim could have handled it better.

        @ Tania:

        Dude, you need to chill with all the silly comments trying to force me to agree with you, cause it ain’t happening.

      • Tania says:

        @Bella, Pot meet kettle. You’re commenting on every post justifying the horrid actions of SJP, like you’re being paid. I’m just avoiding a workout by trolling the troller.

      • Miss Melissa says:


        The real housewives’ entire job is to draw attention to themselves and create drama. That is the entire premise of their show.

        Hate to be the first to explain it to you, but they are nobodies who wanted to be on TV, seeking attention, and none of what you see is real.

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        @Miss Melissa

        Thank you very much for the kind, patient, not at all stupid explanation. I’m glad you feel you’ve been useful today. 😀


        I’m getting the sense that school maybe wasn’t very easy for you……. Let’s just try and play nice and agree to disagree, shall we?

      • Miss Melissa says:

        @Bella, perhaps one shouldn’t use stupid examples to justify stupid arguments.


      • Tania says:

        @ Bella AKA SJP, you really are a special person aren’t you? When you’re on the wrong side of a story, you can’t dictate the terms of an agreement. Nor can you inject an opinion on someone else’s life that disagrees with you.

        Here’s a way to sum it up. SJP is wrong and this does not make her look good. As are you for living on this thread defending the indefensible .

      • Holly hobby says:

        And it’s no surprise that housewives is produced by friend of SJP Andy Cohen. So are they sending they their lackeys to defend this?

        SJP was the boss. They are not on equal footing. She held the power during the whole run. For people to say oh she shouldn’t be treated by Kim like that is laughable.

        Kim’s mother’s comment is quite telling. Read into that.

    • Rhys says:

      I have to say I am VERY confused about this whole situation and cannot make it out: how do people who are NOT involved in this conflict can make judgment about its participants?

      So, in one corner we have SJP who claims she is disappointed Kim wouldn’t do another (probably shitty) SATC movie. Without directly saying anything bad about Kim’s persona she talks about being disappointed. Sounds fine to me.

      Then, we have Kim who says, yes, she doesn’t want to do another movie and has moved on. Sounds fine to me too.

      When she comes out with a stinging statement on her Instagram, well, how do WE know SJP is the bad guy? Or that Kim IS the bad guy? Does Miranda and Charlotte say ANYTHING about it at all? I haven’t heard them.

      The press then (and we don’t know who leaks what) presents us with these stories without any substantial evidence of why exactly SJP is friends with the other two and such enemies with Kim?

      I have yet to understand why one is picked as a good guy and the other is a bad guy.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        @ Rhys:

        Thank you very much!

      • Lorelai says:

        @RHYS this is the most reasonable comment so far, IMO!

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Miranda and Charlotte are characters on a TV show. They are not real people.

        I can see why you are confused.

      • Bridget says:

        That’s an interesting question, and one that we’re being required to do more and more in today’s climate. For example, look at Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein – we had long been asked to make judgements based on rumors.

        With regards to both Kim and SJP, there is a lot that we DO know, aside from rumors of social warfare.
        *SJP was the Executive Producer and the boss, and did NOT support the salary negotiations of her supporting cast
        *the 3 supporting actresses on SATC were underpaid, while SJP made a crazy amount of money and declined their requests to help them be paid more
        *when Kim decided that she was ready to walk away, SJP, instead of offering a better deal, chose to try to guilt Kim in the press.
        *she has also chosen to bring this up publicly again – as recently as the day before Kim went public with the fact that her brother was missing.

      • Coco says:


        Except your understanding of what’s happened in the public realm the past year is incorrect. The public didn’t really know a SATC 3 film was in early, early negotiations. Then it somehow comes out Kim asked for way too much money (according to the leaker) and ruined the negations for the movie (that no one knew about or was asking for). Who released that info? Wasn’t Kim. Kim responded that yes, she was in early talks but doesn’t want to do the character of Samantha anymore and wants to move on.

        Instead of everyone moving on or SJP coming up with a new concept without Samantha, she talked about it to multiple news sources for a whole year. As recently as last week to Andy Cohen. All the stories of Kim being difficult and unpopular at SATC that have come out over the past year. Willie Garson and others who depend on SJP for a paycheck coming out and talking crap about Kim. They were first trying to bullying her into doing a movie she didn’t want to do and have since turned it into a smear campaign to ruin her career. It’s been incredibly unprofessional how this nonstory has been in the public realm for over a year now because SJP can’t stop talking about it!

      • Addie says:

        Bravo @Coco.
        Exactly right.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I have no idea how some people can even speak about Sarah Jessica Parker in a positive light on this thread.

      The two women were clearly not on speaking terms. Then SJP goes to post a comment under an Instagram post about Kim’s brother death (rumoured suicide, of all).
      I would have burnt SJP at the stake if I was Kim Cattrall.
      And this comes from someone who could never stand any of the 2….

      Bella and Nikita, we got it you like SJP but fans should get that their idols have faults and can also be mean and petty.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        I actually like SJP and Kim in similar ways, for similar reason. And yes, they are BOTH mean and petty.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        Considering how involved you seem in defending a person you don’t know and attacking another you don’t know either, I would say you suffer from a case of ‘pot calls kettle black’.

        And regardless of who’s meaner and pettier between the two, it seems obvious to me that Cattrall isn’t at fault here, even if she was a real diva previously.

      • Carisel says:

        @Bella and Rhys

        I lost my dad a few years back. His death took place under tragic circumstances as well.

        At the time I had distanced myself from a friend who had not been a good friend, in fact quite the opposite. She had made my life miserable.
        She reached out during that time because, God forbid, anyone think she was a bad person, even though she was.
        I told her to F*UCK OFF.

        BEST thing I ever did. I felt a million times better after the fact. That b*tch was trying to co-opt my grief.
        She was telling mutual friends how “horrible she felt for me, ” all the while, prior to this , she had been doing nothing but talking sh*t behind my back.

        Kim can do whatever she wants to do to that false, fame hungry SJP as far as I’m concerned.

    • Meggles says:

      I don’t believe that for a second. Kim has consistently turned the other cheek in the face of really outrageous bullying and attention whoring from SJP. SJP even tried to exploit MeToo to make it all about herself and meanie poo Kim refusing to be in her stupid film! Everyone knows they are not friends and I doubt anyone would have said a word if SJP had remained quiet.

      • minx says:

        Yes. When somebody quotes her (presumably) elderly mother, and the mother is calling you out, wouldn’t you just stop? I would be mortified if I were SJP, but it seemingly takes a lot to get her to shut it. Maybe this will finally do it.

      • The Original G says:

        For whatever reason, Kim had set boundaries. Time for SJP to respect them. Period.

    • ELX says:

      Please. They worked together years ago. SJP could have kept her mouth shut easily. SJP, however, does not want the public to realize there is a part of her that is self-seeking, jealous, and not so nice. Getting called out over how permanently pissed she is that no one is interested in the further adventures of Carrie Bradshaw unless Samantha Jones, as played by Kim Cattrall, is part of the package is stuck in her craw and unlikely ever to be dislodged. SJP was the ‘star’ but as often happens Kim Cattrall had a more colorfully written character, which she made the most of, and became the breakout star of that show and SJP was not happy about that. Welcome to Hollywood. Likability IS important to actors by necessity, but I am surprised by how overinvested SJP, a seemingly mature woman, is in the appearance of her ‘niceness.’

    • K (now K2!) says:

      Posting publicly to protect your image is a sh*tty, sh*tty way to treat someone (whom you clearly dislike intensely) when they are in this position. Caring more about what people might think than the feelings of the bereaved is ick. Leaving well alone would be decent. Even a privately sent card with genuine sympathy for someone you worked with for years would be better. But this? Opportunistic and awful.

      I’m glad she was smacked down. Someone else’s tragedy is not your PR opportunity.

    • Carrie1 says:

      No decent adult mature individual would ever think or care who made public condolences and who didn’t. SJP was straight up cruel to do so given how she’s treated Kim in the recent past, if not the distant past too. That Kim mentioned her Mother in this speaks to how much pain this caused at their time of loss.

      I’m definitely here for Kim. Cutting the cruel people out of life is a positive and the only person responsible for making it happen publicly is SJP. I would and have done the same. After years of abuse. It’s the only way to make it stop.

    • Deedee says:

      I find it funny how everybody is calling out SJP for being fake when none of us know any of these people or what they’re like in “real life”. Friends or not, they have known each other for many years and she did what any normal person would do. She sent her condolences. Who cares if it was public.
      Her other co star also gave her a public shout out and she had no problem with it.
      She doesn’t like Sarah and just wanted to shame her.

  2. nemera says:

    I’ve see so many comments taking both sides. Some say Team SJP because she seems harmless. And Kim is being petty. Others take the side of Team Kim and she has had enough and SJP is a mean girl. Everyone reading the same things but coming at it differently. I think SJP should leave Kim alone and let this go for the most part.

  3. Shambles says:

    That’s f*cking awful, what happened to Kim’s brother, and I hope the family can heal.

    It’s equally as awful that SJP chose this moment to, as Kim so beautifully said, “restore her nice girl persona.” She was trying give the appearance of being this gracious person, when we now know how cruel she was to Kim for years and how cruel she continued to be when all of this went public last year. She could have offered her condolences in private if she truly cared, but this was about image and it’s really gross. SJP is not a nice person.

    Good for Kim for mincing no words. I’m with her on this.

    • greenmonster says:

      ^This! SJP could have send flowers and a card. Why using interviews or social media to offer condolences? Sure they are not on speaking terms (I read something that indicates Cynthia Nixon has called KC), so just send a card and flowers and that’s it. What SJP did was at least tacky if not an awful move to make this about her being the nice one.

      • Nancy says:

        This friendship wasn’t on life support, it was dead. Her brother died and now isn’t the time for any more bs. Parker is so fixated on this damn movie that will never happen. She needs to move on. It is apparent Kim has, her mother too. Let them grieve. Geez

      • magnoliarose says:

        Agreed Nancy.
        The other day when I called you dear it wasn’t sarcasm in a mean way, it was affectionately because you are always so blunt and a bit salty. It always tickles me when I read your comments. Good dear Nancy is breaking it down Nancy style. Lol, I have a feeling I would really like you in person. You remind me of my sisters.

    • Eve says:

      @ Shambles:

      “Good for Kim for mincing no words. I’m with her on this.”

      Same here. I’m with you on this thread. And I mean. Every. Single. Comment.

      • Shambles says:

        Eve!!! So good to see you in this little virtual villiage. I hope you’re well!!

      • Gisele says:

        At a time of great emotional pain, the last person you want to hear from is someone who’s bullied you, lied about you and vilified you. My family suffered a huge personal loss last Fall and a woman who has been horrible to me for years made a big deal to offer condolences in public. She put on quit a show too. I told her to go F#ck herself in front of everyone present. She wasn’t sincere. She was trying to make herself look good and didn’t give a rat’s ass about me, my family or the person we lost. I understand Kim’s fury. SJP could have reached out privately, but instead did it publicly, days after insulting Kim on WWHL. She’s as fake and mean girl as they come.

      • Eve says:

        @ Shambles:

        I’m actually going through a really rough phase. I’ve been using CB as escapism…so please, I hope you, Bridget, LAK and others don’t mind me “piggybacking” on your comments.

      • Shambles says:


        Not piggybacking at all. Just glad to hear from you. I’m sorry things are rough right now but just know that you are thought of and cared for!

      • magnoliarose says:

        I hope all will get better Eve. I sincerely do. Even if your avatar frightens me. lol

        Gisele, I have been there too, and the anger is almost overwhelming at the hypocrisy.

      • Christin says:

        @Gisele & @Magnoliarose – Been there as well. If one hasn’t been kind or present (when there was absolutely no reason they couldn’t have been), don’t try to take center stage during death.

        Grief makes one’s emotions very raw, so that’s not the best time to act is if all is fine.

        SJP could have apologized for her part in the rift between them. Had she done that as she *privately* expressed condolences, she MAY have had a different outcome.

      • Eve says:

        @ Shambles and Magnoliarose:

        Thank you, girls.


      • mia girl says:

        @Eve – I know I am really late to this party, but just want to say how glad I am to see you!

        I don’t comment near as much as I used to, but I definitely needed to pipe in and send you a virtual hug to let you know how happy I am to see you (and my favorite avatar).

      • Cali says:

        @Eve, some of us have been concerned about you. Glad to find you here. Please check Disqus when you can – dinged you from a channel. Thanks, Cali

      • Geekychick says:

        @Eve: I know you probably won’t see my comment, but I just wanted to let you know that even the infrequent commenters like me are so so glad to see you! i love reading your comments.

      • Eve says:

        @ Mia Girl, Cali and Geekchick:

        Sorry for the late reply. And you all for your kind words. Really.

        @ Cali:

        I’m going to apologize because I didn’t understand the expression “dinged you from”. Are you sure it’s the same Eve? Let me explain: I only used Disqus to comment on Pajiba where — just like here — I used the same name and gravatar. But after a while I changed my monicker to “BitterEve”. Everything was ok until one day I had a fall out with one of the site’s co-owners and was banned.

        It was terrible. I felt humiliated and frustrated because I couldn’t even post (to regulars there) why I was unable to comment there anymore. And I had never been banned from any of websites where I commented.

        But…life goes on so I changed my Disqus monicker to “BannedEve”. However, I haven’t posted every since. Celebitchy and Pajiba were the only sites where I posted. I used to go there when hell broke loose on threads here. Some commenters there are super funny, the .gifs are hilarious and I must admit I miss posting there.

        P.S.: My Disqus account may show up as “Eveday”. I’m going to login there and change my monicker back to simply “Eve”.

        P.P.S.: Tried to post there (Pajiba) on the same subject here (Cattrall’s response to SJP) and this showed up:

        “We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by Pajiba. Find out more.”

        Yup, still banned.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      My view too – flowers, a card, and a nice donation – all in private.

  4. Isabel says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn this was so amazing to read first thing at work on a Sunday! Good for her!

  5. MI6 says:

    Totally agree, Kaiser. Call it out.
    To capitalize on a tragedy to redeem your tattered, fake image is a new low for petty, vindictive and shallow SJP.
    She could’ve sent a private note if she really meant it. Believe it or not, social media is not the only means of communication.

  6. themehgetarian says:

    I wish I had enough coffee to divine some symbolism from the enormous containers of mayonnaise behind their heads in the top photo, but it’ll have to suffice to simply say I find that hilarious for some reason.

    • BorkBorkBork says:

      I saw that too and it is hilarious!

    • AnnaKist says:

      Ahahahaha! I had to scroll back up to look – too funny!

      Believe it or not, I get my gossip fix here, amd only here, and tend to rely on gut instinct as to whether or not I like a celebrity. SJP is one I’ve never liked for some reason. I dunno. You just take to some people and not to others. Team Kim. Grief does sometimes tend to make you see things as they really are, so perhaps Kim was finally putting this awful relationship out of her life, so good for her.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Haha – I wondered about that huge jar of mayonnaise too!

    • Hazel says:

      Oh, thank you! I wondered how & why a mayonnaise company could get these two to show up for their event!

    • Lady D says:

      First thing I noticed was the mayo, too. I wondered what the hell it was doing there.

    • minx says:

      The logo on the mayo, and on the walls, appears to be from “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” –SJP’s bomb movie with Hugh Grant. IIRC it came out in 2009, which would be the year between the two SATC movies. So it looks like Kim kindly came to some press function for SJP’s crappy movie.

  7. Bella Dupont says:

    MASSIVE over-reaction here, Kim.

    • MI6 says:

      It’s called grieving. And we don’t know the history of their relationship.

    • Shambles says:

      Her brother just died, and she feels that someone who made her life hell for years was using him for good PR. She can react however the f*ck she wants. This comment is insensitive, as is your comment upthread. You’re really going to tell a grieving woman who just lost her brother that SHE should be more gracious? That SHE’s reacting the wrong way? That’s messed up, especially because it’s in regards to someone who has hurt Kim a lot over the years, in her view. If SJP hadn’t said anything Kim would probably continue to grieve her brother and support her family, not scream about SJP. They worked together for over two decades. SJP has *some* kind of contact info for Kim and absolutely could have done this privately if she really cared.

      • tracking says:

        +1 SJP should have sent her condolences privately or just left her the hell alone.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        I’m sorry you think it’s insensitive, that’s not my intention. However, as I stated below, I HAVE been through very similar circumstances, and I can tell you. you win no points lashing out at people around you, no matter how grief stricken you are. She’s now ended up looking vindictive and petty (even if that’s not who she really is!).

        Sad all round.

      • Goats on the Roof says:


        I don’t think Kim looks vindictive at all. You can hardly expect her to bite her tongue when SJP is clearly using a personal tragedy for public brownie points. MAYBE—and that’s a big maybe—I would be more sympathetic to SJP if she wasn’t making the rounds before and after the death whining about just why that third movie stalled.

      • Natalie S says:

        @Bella Dupont. What is this about winning points and how you look? Who cares? What is this point of view to even think about this in these terms?

        Kim just lost her brother. Do you really think she cares what about you or anyone else thinks of her? SJP knows Kim doesn’t want anything to do with her so SJP should respect that, stay off her social media and keep Kim’s name out of her mouth.

        If SJP wanted to be kind to Kim, she should have thought about what Kim wanted. Send a private note and then just stop.

    • Nikita says:

      That was my thought, too Bella.

    • Mimi says:

      Are you aware that SJP was just on Andy Cohen within the last week or so throwing massive shade at Kim? And that she’s been doing so for months? All because Kim won’t do another shitty SATC movie. So for her to turn around now and send love and light is just a bit too much, especially given the very tragic circumstances.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        They’ve been throwing serious shade at *one another* and in fact, I’ll go as far as saying that Kim’s shade has been far more poisonous and nasty than anything i’ve seen from SJP. (again, I’m happy for you to give me specifics of what SJP has said or done to Kim).

      • Bridget says:

        Kim hasn’t thrown shade, she’s directly said how she feels. And SJP fights her battle in the press. Look at how people were trotted out last Fall to talk about how mean Kim was for not doing the movie?

        And did you know that SJP consistently underpaid her co-stars? After a couple of seasons, she was a producer and had creative input into the show. She declined to help the other 3 women negotiate. If she wanted Kim so badly, she could have paid her well and treated her better. So no, this is not on Kim.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        @ Bridget

        Let me remind you that most of the cast and crew seem to have the same sort of opinion of KIm, as being rather mean and entitled…….A friend of mine worked on the SATC set in make up for 2 years and said she was not very popular at all, even though people respected what she brought to the role.

        Regarding SJP underpaying her co-workers…….that’s business….you negotiate what you can, the best you can. I don’t blame Kim for refusing to do SATC3 if she did feel underpaid…that’s also business.

        But this response was far, far beneath her, in my view.

      • Bridget says:

        You’re reaching there. Because all we see are anonymous “cast and crew” think this, OR Willie Garson and Kristin Davis. Look back. It’s SJP’s negotiating tactic instead of being a better boss or paying more money. SJP, who refused to pay her co-workers better, who leveraged her personal relationships with 2 of the ladies to make the 3rd miserable. We have yet to see Kim doing ANYTHING aside from choosing not to do the movie.

        And you still don’t get it. You’re criticizing a woman for being raw and angry while grieving. That is TERRIBLE. Take this moment to really look at what you’re saying.

      • Shambles says:


        I’ve been incredulous as to why you seem SO determined to be right here, why you refuse to consider that maybe your viewpoint actually IS insensitive and could use some serious reworking. But now I see what this is about. You know someone who worked on the SATC set. It seems like, because of this, you believe you’re the one with the insider info who knows what’s REALLY going on (because I guess it’s not possible that SJP’s smear campaign against Kim worked on this makeup artist you know). Well, I’m sorry to say that it’s causing you to come off as insensitive, stubborn, and mean, and you need to rethink your approach. I’m with Bridget. Take a look at what the bias you have because of this makeup artist is actually causing you to say.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Bella, I am sorry to tell you but your makeup artist has one view and others on set have another. But even if that was the case. That has nothing to do with this months-long manic push to make Catrall look wrong for not wanting to participate in another crap movie.
        SJP is free to do the movie about the 3 of the women. No one is stopping her. Instead, she acts shady, and it lends credence to what Liberty said.
        This is almost gaslighting someone.
        SJP has always overestimated the public’s feelings for Carrie when it was Kim’s character that made the whole thing cultural phenomenon. A good producer knows that and puts their own ego aside. She couldn’t do that, so here we are.
        A decent human being has shame enough not to put condolences on social media to someone they (very publically) have been on the outs with for years. No one would have noticed because no one really pays that much attention to SJP and SATC anymore. SHE is the one that keeps beating this dead horse with all she has.
        Tasteless and revealing.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        I’ll take the opportunity to correct you there. As a matter of fact, I was a massive fan of SATC until the second film, (which was a disaster) and I loved ALL four characters and actresses equally for different reasons. Even now, I don’t support SJP over Kim (outside of this particular situation).

        Having said that, I feel as though there’s a very, very one sided view on this feud on this site. These were two successful, grown women in a fairly public, two sided feud. If you only looked here, you would think SJP did all the attacking while Kim quietly sat by. I don’t believe that’s true. I brought up the makeup artist to illustrate that there are also stories on the other end saying the opposite, that Kim was the aggressor, was unpopular on set and very competitive towards SJP.

        Do I personally know the complete truth? No. As nobody here does.

        What I AM trying to say is that regardless, Kim could have handled this better. In reading the story, it wasn’t SJP’s condolence message that shocked me, it was Kim’s. Does that make her evil? Of course not. After all, she is grieving. Nonetheless, it was extremely ill-adviced IMHO and I feel like I should be able to express that.

        After all this rubbish is over, I will go back to liking them equally and watching the story continue to unfold, because in the end, it’s just not that serious.

      • Bridget says:

        But you’re not saying that. You call her a mean girl for reacting with anger in the days right after her brother died.

      • Lady D says:

        ” Kim could have handled this better.” Do you not understand raw grief? How would you feel Bella if someone was trying to tell you the right and wrong way to endure your agony?

      • Amy Too says:

        Bella: “it’s not that serious.” !?!?! Kim’s brother is DEAD! She is grieving horribly and SJP is using the tragedy to look nice publically, but “it’s not that serious”?? This isn’t just another silly story where SJP is whiny about not getting to make her movie. Someone died. But it’s “not that serious,” and in your “humble opinion,” you think Kim “overreacted,” and “isn’t coming off very well, here.” Maybe she doesn’t care how she comes off bc her brother is dead!

    • minx says:

      SJP publicly inserted herself into Kim’s grief to fluff up her image. Maybe NOW she’ll stop talking about SATC 3.

    • Bella Dupont says:

      @ Shambles

      First off, I’m yet to hear of anything specific SJP ever really did to Kim… all feels like conjecture. (correct me if i’m wrong pls).

      More importantly, i think it would have been incredibly petty of SJP to ignore Kim’s loss, over some petty, pointless crap that happened ages ago between two grown women. should have graciously accepted SJP’s condolences or ignored her if she couldn’t stomach being gracious.

      I went through this exact thing, where a former friend, turned mini-enemy reached out to me when my father dies……we hadn’t spoken for six years. I thanked her for being kind enough to reach out, and we went our separate ways again.

      This hissy fit makes her look really, really bitter and nasty (even if she isn’t).

      • Kai says:

        There’s this thing called “we all grieve differently”. Perhaps you should apply that to this situation.

        This is about Kim’s grief. You were gracious to a former enemy and that is great. Kim doesn’t feel that way about SJP. She’s perfectly entitled to her own emotions just as you are yours.

      • MI6 says:

        Hi SJP 🖐
        EVERYONE has been through grief and loss. It’s called life. It is not ours to judge how people process their pain.

      • Darla says:

        Bella reads to me like a PR pro. Who someone is paying.

      • Equestrian says:


      • Bella Dupont says:

        I wouldn’t judge her at all, except for the fact that she’s attacking others under the pre-text of grief.

        She opened herself up to criticism when she used the excuse of her grief to eviscerate someone else. She doesn’t get a pass from me.

        Nil points.

        @ Darla

        Lol…..yes, I am…..please send me the contact details I need to address my invoices to pls. 😀

      • Coco says:

        @Bella DuPont

        You’re comparing your experience of a former friend turned mini-enemy contacting you (privately? On a FB post?) to SJP making several very public condolences on social media and television? SJP could have easily contacted her privately and it would have been a non-issue.

        SATC 3, a movie no one was clamoring for AT ALL, has been turned into a huge story for a whole year because SJP made it a huge story. She and her people have had Kim’s name in their mouths, running to anyone who would listen, about how Kim screwed up their movie. Kim has only responded to their constant dragging. SJP has tried to drag her through the mud for an entire year, as recently as last week! SJP was an executive producer and her boss! It is totally abusive behavior what she has done to Kim over the past year. SJP is using her position of power in Hollywood to smear Kim. It’s disgusting. And again, SATC 3 would be a non-story except SJP made it a story over and over again, every chance she got!

        I had zero skin in this game before this. I’d heard the rumors for years that Kim was difficult and SJP was petty so it seemed a wash. But after this year I’ve found myself avoiding SJP’s new work on HBO, which I would normally watch, because she can’t stop talking about another woman who made a decision not to do a movie. SJP is making it her mission to ruin Kim’s career. Who does that? Reminds me a bit of Weinstein trashing the careers of many women because they wouldn’t do what he wanted them to do. You should be able to say no; to sexual advances or to a movie script without fear of retribution from producers and people in power.

      • magnoliarose says:

        What Coco said.
        I can’t watch her show either. Her behavior has turned me off, and I am not even invested in SATC. But her behavior bothers me too much to be able to see her in a different light.
        You nailed why it bothered me so much. We should be able to say No and make decisions for ourselves without being bullied and dragged for it. This went too far, and it was mean.
        What you said about trying to ruin her career…I had not put it that dramatically before, but you are right. That is what she is doing, and she won’t stop even now.

        She is so used to being able to snow people and come out with her image intact she doesn’t know when to stop. It is like when Matt Damon would not stop talking. He was desperate to keep being the good guy that he didn’t understand by talking more he was making it worse.

      • Nick2 says:

        “I went through this exact thing, where a former friend, turned mini-enemy reached out to me when my father dies……”. No you didn’t go through the exact same thing because your “mini-enemy” (trying REAL hard not to roll my eyes at that) was not your boss. However, when my father died, my former boss wrote on my Facebook and I saw red. How dare someone who you hate and who hates you, play emotional tourist with your pain. I lashed out and so did Kim and that’s fine because Anger. Is. Part. Of. Grieving. Bella, why are you defending SJP so strongly here?

      • MI6 says:

        @Darla: nah, she’s no pro. Too amateurish.
        More like a bully with a grudge.

      • K (now K2!) says:

        This “hissy fit” plainly doesn’t “make her look petty and nasty”. If it did, she wouldn’t have the level of support she has from those not in some way invested in SJP/SATC. People have diverging views, and that’s fine, but your habitual stating of your own as the factual position is just straightforwardly incorrect.

        I don’t care who did what to whom, when, or how. When someone you have serious bad blood with is bereaved, you do not use that as a PR opportunity. And yes, that was all it was – or she would have contacted her privately, as would be appropriate if she felt the need to do so at all.

      • Yawn says:

        Maybe after all the open bashing of Kim’s decision to not to the 3rd movie, and trotting out her posse to blast Kim… just maybe, SJP should know she’s not very high on the list of people Kim would WANT to hear from after her brother was just found DEAD… and just MAYBE not use an incredibly public forum to send your condolences when a private call or a text would suffice… if Kim then used a private condolence message from SKP to bash her publicly, then I would say well Kim’s kinda mean… but no, SJP chose a very public forum to draw attention to herself on Kim’s Instagram and comment on a damn talk show/gossip show… so yeah Kim can say whatever the heck she damn well pleases…

      • Amy Too says:

        Bella: they’re not “mini enemies” and she’s not acting under the “pretext of grief,” she is acting under real life actual grief. And they have had a tumultuous, horrible, publically terrible relationship for decades. They were not friends who had a small spat and didn’t talk for a couple of years, they were boss/employee, they were never friends, who had huge differences and problems over many many years that didn’t just happen a long time ago, they have been playing out as recently as one day before Kim announced her brother was missing. And that was SJP saying stuff about Kim, not a back and forth, and not Kim saying stuff about SJP.

    • Shannon says:

      Overreaction? Imagine losing someone you love – them being missing, you hoping so much to find them alive – but ending up with the worst possible outcome. THEN imagine getting a public condolence from someone who wronged you and you really can’t stand. I think Kim did a good job of taking the high road during the whole Sex in the City movie thing last year, but in that time of grief there’s a good chance you have no time for the high road; and at that time of grieving, if SJP pissed off Kim’s MOM, you KNOW that’s gonna trigger the f–k out of her and rightfully so. She could have, and should have, sent flowers and a note privately – problem avoided. She just wanted everyone to see her being “nice.”

    • Betsy says:

      No, it’s a pretty on level reaction given what we know about how Parker treated Cattrall on set for years and how she spent the fall dragging her publicly. Parker should have reached out privately if she wanted. She tried to make herself look pretty, and it failed.

      • joanne says:

        i think Coco has a very valid viewpoint about SJP’s behaviour. it has been abusive and manipulative to Kim. SJP had financial incentive to keep her co-workers salary less. she wanted Kim to do the 3rd movie but didn’t want to compensate her fairly. she has retaliated by branding Kim as difficult, hard to work with and unpopular. Kim was not trying to win a popularity contest but was professional, hard working and undramatic. she went on with her career and didn’t look back until SJP got on her last nerve. it reached the tipping point.

  8. Snowflake says:

    Obviously, there’s been a lot of stuff we don’t know about for Kim to make a statement like that. Team Kim.

  9. Other Renee says:

    If SJP had really wanted to express condolences, she could have done so privately. There was no need to do so in a public manner. Kim is correct.

  10. Yawn says:

    Definitely the mother of all mic drops. She went the scorched earth route with that one… good for her, she’s being real…

  11. Ce2495 says:

    Damn! I’m here for that! Glad Kim set SJP straight! Even in the most tragic moments SJP wants to exploit Kim. SJP let Kim grieve in peace.

  12. Lucy2 says:

    My first instinct is to say when someone offers you condolences, say thank you and move along. But the more I think about it, this seems like the straw that broke the camels back for Kim.
    If SJP truly wanted to offer sympathy, she could’ve sent a card and flowers privately.

  13. Mimi says:

    I am dealing with someone like SJP right now in the workplace. On the surface, she seems completely benign and always very helpful. Behind the scenes, she has spread vicious slanderous gossip about me and my boss, alleging that we have knowingly committed serious ethical violations and other assorted lies. All of this because she was given unchecked power under the former leadership and she no longer has it under the current structure. At the advice of TPTB who know the truth of what’s going on, we are ignoring her and continuing with our work but it is exhausting and disheartening to deal with such drama. When this person praises me publicly or greets me, it takes everything I have to remain civil. I sense that Kim has felt likewise for a long time and is just tired of the fake bullshit and just wants to be left alone by SJP.

  14. Indiana Joanna says:

    Kim is dealing with terrible grief now. SJP putting herself into the picture as a caring friend after months of cruel remarks was too much at this painful time. SJP deserves this remark.

    • Addie says:

      This! SJP should have left Kim and family to their grief. She has no part in their lives, nor deserves one.

  15. Alix says:

    This kind of celeb story is a gift from the gods!

  16. Eleonor says:

    Let me summarize:the first movie was a good idea, because we were happy to see the girls once again, and know that they were fine.
    The second, let’s pretend it does not exist.
    There was a talk to do a third movie, nobody wanted. Kim dealt with that as with a business negotiation and she decided it wasn’t worth. Perfectly fine.
    SJP went all over the places wining about how cruel Kim was, and how sad was that there could not be a third movie: it was childish (imo) because it was a freaking business negotiation.
    Now this.
    I think if she made her condelences in private it would have been a nice gesture, without saying that to anybody. She would have had questions, and she could have answered “I contacted Kim in private”. The end.
    Instead she made this thing pubicy, just to show”her nice persona”.
    Not good at all.
    If I were Kim I would be furious too.

    • tracking says:

      Agreed, on all accounts.

    • Bridget says:

      I found it so telling that SJP didn’t even try to negotiate – she went straight to the press with how mean Kim is. SJP, as a producer, had the power to make the project way more appealing to Kim.

      Granted, it may never have been appealing to Kim because she seems to be the only person who saw the writing on the wall.

    • Betsy says:

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I would love a third movie with no Carrie. The other three were far more interesting.

      • minx says:

        SATC, and Carrie, originally had a little more bite. Then SJP became a producer and it became The Carrie Show; her character was insufferable, selfish and childish. I don’t believe SJP’s claim that there is still more story to tell–it’s more likely that there are more Manolos to wear and more pay checks to collect. If this most recent dust up with Kim does anything, let’s hope it finally closes the book on SATC.

  17. Ashley says:

    To everyone saying “she should have done something privately”: how do you know that she didn’t also do something privately? I fail to see how she could have NOT said something via social media and had that go unnoticed. If SJP hardly used SM then suddenly starting posting about this, then I could maybe see the “exploiting” angle.

    • Miss M says:

      The week before her brother’s passing, SJP was in Andy Cohen’s show dissing her.

      • minx says:

        Yes, she was!

      • pwal says:


        Instead of putting in the work into creating a Cattrall-free SATC sequel, she went on Messy’s show. Mind you, Kim went on British Messy’s show, but at least it was within the time frame that people were coming for her neck for ‘disappointing SATC fans’.

        Frankly, it was a Toddlerwoman move on SJP’s part. Getting people to support this movie because mean ole Cattrall didn’t deign to feel compelled to do a subpar sequel. Trying to Tinkerbell it instead of either going ahead with it or let it go.

        Gratitude shouldn’t be a lifetime sentence. A sincere Thank You should’ve been enough. And it’s infuriating that in this time of Me Too and Time’s Up that women, of all people, seemingly want to force other women to endure abuse just so some can get their bag.

      • Bridget says:

        And instead of saying that she’s embarrassed that she was publicly making fun of Kim while he brother was missing (unknowingly) she pretends nothing was wrong. She doesn’t have to make it all about her, but acknowledging that she’s hurt Kim would have gone a long way to make it a real message of condolence.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Exactly. And Sarah was like, ‘I just don’t get it Andy, I thought we had a work relationship.’ What? The whole theme of the show is they were supposed to be a group of friends, and all you had with her was a work relationship after all these years? She came off terrible on WWHL and then this. I don’t blame Kim one bit.

      • MissMarierose says:

        From what I can tell, it was only a day or two before her brother went missing. The WWHL video is dated 2/1/18 and Kim’s twitter feed starts asking the Canadian public for help on 2/3/18.

        And what really broke my heart is that her tweet on 2/2 is a remembrance about the anniversary of her father’s passing. She’s really got to be in a difficult headspace right now.

    • Plaidsheets says:

      Then it was still just done because not saying something would not have gone “unnoticed “ then it was still a PR motivated apology. She was putting her image first, and Kim wasn’t having it on the foundation of her brother’s death. I don’t blame her one bit.

    • Scram says:

      It wouldn’t have gone unnoticed and when someone asked she could have responded with “I reached out in private”. That’s it. It’s been done before. You guys are making this an impossible mountain to climb when it’s more of a molehill. If Kim had had this reaction after a simple private text I would understand people’s judgement of her, but with the way SJP has chosen to handle things I can’t blame Kim for being fed up.

  18. Shannon says:

    Good for her. She just lost her brother, and it appears as though she was very close to him and desperate to find him alive. She probably has ZERO fks to give about SJP or what people may think of what she says at this point, and she burned her fake ass good. People who treat you like sh!t but then wanna act like they care about something they DON’T care about – but YOU do care about, a lot – are the worst. They’re tragedy vultures and I’ve lost all respect for SJP. She obviously hurt Kim quite a bit and Kim’s done. Awesome. I feel terribly for Kim and her family.

    • Christin says:

      “Tragedy vultures” is going to be my succinct way of addressing this type of “I didn’t care in life about the deceased/their loved ones; but now I want center stage and for everyone to think I’m the nicest ever!”
      As I posted above, if a sincere, private apology precedes condolences, that can be a different story.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Tragedy vultures. I must add that to my vocabulary because it is a great phrase for certain people.

    • Kitten says:

      If this happened to my brother I would be an inconsolable mess. I’m just so incredibly sad for her. I agree that NOBODY should be telling Kim how to grieve right now and I absolutely don’t blame her for telling SJP to screw after she was just shading her on television.

    • Aren says:

      Another ‘upvote’ for the “tragedy vultures” definition.
      SJP has no shame, poor Kim.

  19. Luca76 says:

    I think she was asked by a reporter and made a comment when she was at an event all well and good. What wasn’t necessary was the social media statement. Kim may have overreacted but she’s in grief and her damn mother was upset by it. She gets to be as angry as she wants. SJP is a victim of her own crass and childish behavior over several months.

    • hoopjumper says:

      Exactly! In the two quotes I read from SJP (one given at the Paley Center and one on Extra) she had clearly been asked directly about the situation, and her comments are brief and respectful. I give her a pass for those. But I didn’t know about the Instagram post. That’s too much. I believe that she wants to be seen as the nice girl without actually being the nice girl.

      • Chaine says:

        Same here, when asked by the reporter she had to respond and express condolences. But the social media, completely tacky and obviously attention-seeking. IMO the only people that should be giving a celebrity condolences on social media are the fans; anyone that knows Kim personally should be sending a card or flowers privately.

  20. Mrs. Smith says:

    I read the NY Post story that Kim included in her response to SJP–it’s an interesting read. It covers the saga of the on-set mean girl stuff going on the whole time they were in production. The writer is clearly on Team Kim, but I think she does a nice job recapping the 20 years (!) of BS that went down. The childish cliques, not speaking to each other, not inviting people to join in when making plans. It all sounds exhausting and totally unprofessional.

    • Grey says:

      I was wondering if anyone else had read it! It made me not want to watch any of my DVDs anymore, I can’t imagine putting up with bullshit like that throughout filming for that long!

    • Kitten says:

      Oh no really? I won’t read it because I don’t want SATCHEL to be ruined. Sad because previously, I had only heard good things about SJP. Bummer.

      • Bridget says:

        I think that there’s good and bad to her, but there was a marked change in SJP when SATC hit it big.

  21. Bobbymilly says:

    SJP better not speak Kim’s name again.

    Talk about a petty woman.

  22. Lotal says:

    Sjp should have had all the ladies paid the same as executive producer but she didn’t it was all about her. Nice to see actresses making sure their colleagues get equal pay NOT!! If she wanted a third movie they could have gone ahead without Kim like KIIM suggested instead she keeps bitching about Kim. Hollywood is full of these jerks. Team Kim 100%

  23. Rapunzel says:

    I’m mostly bothered by the fact that Sarah calls Kim “dearest Kim.” That’s so phony I can understand why Kim was really upset. If Sarah had admitted that she and Kim were having problems as she gave her condolences then I would say that Kim’s reaction was not warranted. If she had said something like “I know we’ve had our differences but this is terrible ” I would be okay with Sarah’s comment. But Sarah really laid it on thick. It was obviously disingenuous.

  24. Reef says:

    Welp. Can’t get anymore direct than that. SJP should just leave Kim alone and not speak about her publicly, directly or via sources.

  25. Equestrian says:

    Horse is finally in stable.

  26. hkk says:

    Team KIM! SJP has nerve.

  27. Bridget says:

    Knowing how Kim normally chooses to comport herself, and how quickly this has blown up, I think she will ultimately regret taking this route because it’s not her style. But it’s her right to do so. She gets to grieve and be mad.

    • Kitten says:

      I have a feeling that this was the last straw for Kim. It’s probably been hard for her to take the high road and hold back when SJP has been going in on her, guns blazing. In light of her brother’s tragic death and SJP’s ill-conceived decision to reach out to her, she probably just has no f*cks left to give. Maybe this was actually really cathartic for her…who knows.

      I’m so sad for Kim.

      • truthSF says:

        Yes to everything you said, Kitten! I hope Kim and her family find some form of peace in their time of grieving! I know from experience, that feeling of losing someone so close to you (especially a tragic death) never goes away!!🙏🏾

  28. joanne says:

    the point Kim was making is that they are not cordial, they do not have a relationship and SJP should not pretend to be all friendly and loving. if SJP was saying nasty things about Kim the week before on WWHL, don’t turn around and act like a friend this week. i think Kim has just had enough of SJP’s two faced bull. Kim is grieving with her family and friends. i wish her all the best.

  29. Sullivan says:

    So, they both have gotten everything off their chests. Going forward, they both might be wise to practice restraint of pen and tongue.

  30. Talie says:

    When I saw this post, my wig blew clear off my head!

    Anyway, SJP’s story about everything being peachy on SATC is no longer gonna fly anymore. Really, this all comes down to money. SJP never looked out for the other girls as the leader. They got paid pennies on HBO and were going to get the same for the movie if Kim didn’t put her foot down.

  31. Ozogirl says:

    I was on Kim’s side through most of this, but I think she’s become just as petty and attention seeking as SJP. They both need to grow up.

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. Those tweets were way over the top and felt far too harsh, and all it has done is make this about their feud , and lost in the shuffle is her brother. But SJP does need to shut up now.

      BUT Kim said in her Piers Morgan interview that she wasn’t friends with any of them, never hung out with any of them during the show, had nothing in common with them, and had no contact over the years with any of them except during the movies. I remember her saying none of them ever call her. But it goes both ways. She never calls them either.

      But she thanks Cynthia Nixon is a very pointed way in her tweet, when she had already thanked her “fans, friends and SATC colleagues for their outpouring of support” in one general tweet before that. That singling out Cynthia Nixon tweet thanking her so graciously was petty because it was aimed at SJP IMO. During a period of tragedy, it just felt way overdone in her tweets, done in a very ugly way.

      But I love all of these women. So I am not on any side. I don’t see the need to be on “a side.” The truth is usually in the middle, but each side has their own perception and truth. It’s their problem and their view about it and theirs to deal with.

      I do feel so very sad for Kim’s loss. It’s a hard time right now for her family. So bringing it back to what is important, RIP Chris Cattrall and my thoughts and prayers to Kim and her family. I know they are in a lot of pain right now.

      • Kitten says:

        I like them all too. Hate to see the fighting. Poor Kim….

      • Betsy says:

        Eh. She might feel neutral toward Nixon, whereas she seems to have had to shove down some ish toward SJP over the years. If SJP hadn’t been trolling Kim hard all fall (and two decades prior) I think she would have gotten the same polite insta answer.

  32. Jenna says:

    It’s embarassing. However her brother just passed away so she’s feeling emotional. SJP was her boss. What’s the issue? Kim felt left out? Boo boo. I’ve not gotten along with all of my bosses. And it would have been shameful if SJP didn’t offer condolences.

    Kim could’ve quit SITC at any point if she felt she was being mean girled… after all her sources keep leaking that she was the real star of the show. That New York Journal article was weak….. sensational. No facts.

    Loved the books, loved the series, but keep your personal issues out of your professional life. And glad SJP is keeping it classy and not responding. It could get real messy.

    • Bridget says:

      Kim DID walk away. And then SJP took it to the press to try to publicly guilt her. Which she has done every other time Kim tried to walk away too.

      And on the subject of SJP being her boss: SJP made sure that the other women were underpaid while she made major $$$$. Instead of negotiating to make sure they were paid better when they pushed back, she leaked items to the press. That’s WORSE than the meangirl BS.

    • Tania says:

      Bella is that you?

      SJP did NOT keep it classy. She kept pushing buttons, playing the victim, being a behind the scenes bully. Kim had enough and at one of her most vulnerable times she blew up and dropped the receipts. SJP is in damage control figuring out what her next move is to pretend to be the nice good girl again when the only people that are believing her are those who rely on her for employment.

    • Kelly says:

      Agreed Jenna. Clearly they have a strained relationship but SJP was right to offer her condolences regardless.

  33. Jaded1 says:

    I have a family member that I haven’t spoken to in years because of a fallout. When each of our parents died, we were civil to each other at offering condolences and moved on. If we had been fighting up until the moment of their passing, I’m guessing it would have been a lot harder to be civil (but we would have tried. At least I would have.). If she had been baiting me and causing problems….well, I probably wouldn’t have made myself available to accept her condolences. And if she had started a public message with “My dearest Jaded1…”, I would have been livid. Send a card. Or write a short, simple message “I am very sorry for your loss, condolences to your family.” Don’t play the sympathy game (especially publicly) when up until a minute ago, you treated me like garbage.

  34. Mrs Odie says:

    I think KC was in horrific pain over the sudden loss of her brother, taken so young. She lashed out at SJP in her grief and anger. It is understandable and I think in time, when she is out of the early fog of grief, she will regret how harsh she was.

    I believe every story about how SJP was to KC on Sex and the City. Even watching it, I remember thinking, “She must really hate her to have Samantha be such a clown.”

    • Jenna says:

      SJP was not a writer on the show people. Get a grip. Characters were all based on a bestselling novel…

      • Kitten says:

        She was an executive producer on the show, Jenna. If you don’t think she had a say in the direction of the storylines then you are naive as hell.

      • Bridget says:

        Is she really under the impression that it was 6 seasons and 2 movies all scripted from Bushnell’s books? Or that an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER has no input into creative direction?

  35. Natalie S says:

    SJP should never have said anything publicly. If asked about it, at most say she reached out privately and wants to give Kim her privacy and not say anything more. If there’s public backlash, then take the hit. She had no problem going after Kim and now she can see why that’s actually against her self-interest to do so.

    I have no problem with Kim publicly calling her out. What is someone like SJP doing leaving a comment on public social media? And how many times did SJP privately pester Kim because she felt entitled to a response?

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Thank you I was trying to pinpoint what was really bugging me about all this and it is the fact that SJP felt entitled to a response when KC is probably deeply in grief and trying to console her mother at the same time. It is SJP sense of entitlement that is really grating here. Just leave KC and family to deal with their grief in peace.

  36. BlueSky says:

    I used to work with someone like SJP. she gave the impression she was this nice person, until she wasn’t. She was petty, conniving, scheming, and two faced. My manager was useless and barely around so that allowed her to get worse in her behavior. If she got mad at you, she would try to turn everyone against you. If you dared to question her or criticize her in any way, she would imply that you were not “loyal”. One minute, she was talking, joking, laughing with you. Literally the next day, she would walk past you and not acknowledge you, but go out of her way to speak to everyone else. She would try to instigate fights by being extra. If you reacted, she would be all “what did I do?” “I can’t believe she is being so mean to me” BS. When i left that job, i blocked her number. We have a mutual friend that still speaks to her and she is trying to get our mutual friend to “take sides” but she refuses to do so. She is telling our mutual friend that I am trying to steal her friends (?) and that I used to always be all up under her and talk to people to death that they were uncomfortable. I was all “WTF?” but I knew she probably said that hoping it would get back to me and I would reach out or something.
    In Kim and SJP’s case, there are no winners here. I am sure both of them are not angels but it seems SJP is trying really hard to give this impression that she is the bigger person.

    I don’t know if the term “gaslighting” applies here but that is what it feels like. SJP comes across as very passive aggressive and I’m sure Kim has had her fill. I’m sure SJP wielded a lot of power on SATC and everyone played along to make her happy. I’m sure they didn’t want to get on her bad side seeing how Kim was treated. I lost my father a few years ago suddenly so I am sure Kim is very emotional right now and the last thing she needs is some one who has been bashing her in the pressing trying to act like she gives a sh#t.

  37. Cynthia says:

    Page Six reported how, during an Atlantic City, NJ, location shoot, “Sarah Jessica rented a house for herself, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. Kim was left out on her own.

    That is not a friend.

    • Jenna says:

      They also reported that Kim was bringing her husband along for the shoot which was why she didn’t share the house with them.

      But, SJP shouldn’t have had to share a house with Kim if Kim so obviously didn’t like her.. personal time is just that. I don’t socialize with many of my coworkers. Nor would I want to rent a house with them. Making mountains out of molehills here.

  38. Harryetcraig says:

    Sarah’s condolences and Kim’s feelings about it should have been said in person or over the phone.

  39. Cynthia says:

    Everyone saying KC should have done it in private, she was addressed in public, so she replied back in public. SJP is that phony friend, you know those people.

  40. Nicole Savannah, GA says:

    Do not engage

  41. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Social media has brought out the high school in all of us. That’s all I got lol.

  42. Kiki says:

    I think when someone takes the time to send you CONDOLENCES either privately of publicly, one should be thankful.
    People who were mean to me in the past actually wrote to me when my father died. I accepted their condolences. We did not become friends and things are not forgotten, but I was touched they let things aside and contacted me.

    • Plaidsheets says:

      Everyone should be able to grieve in their own way. If they want to be thankful, that’s fine. But if they do not, for whatever reason, that is fine as well.

      No one is owed ‘thankfulness’— especially at the expense of the grieving.

      • magnoliarose says:

        You are right. No is owed gratitude.
        It is about Kim and her family. Not about SJP at all. Not one bit but she sure tried to insert herself into it to serve her own purpose.

    • Gisele says:

      No one owes gratitude to someone they believe is offering insincere condolences. Im not thankful to the woman who has been horrible to me for years, but chose to put on a show offering condolences for my loss. I told her off in front of everyone. I didn’t want her sympathy, nor did I believe it. It was all about her, her fake image and her pretending to take the high road, while she’s really lower than a snake in the grass. SJP is the same way. SJP was insulting Kim Cattrall on WWHL, while Kim was asking the public for help finding her missing brother. Her phoney ass “dearest Kim” crap doesn’t fly. It’s just an attempt at PR because of the public backlash at her inability to let go of SATC 3. She’s very transparent in her fake sympathy and attempt’s to play victim and vilify Kim.

    • Nev says:

      I agree with you Kiki. Kim IS grieving but her response is bad form.

      • Kiki says:

        I love Kim. I just think she is very angry. And the people who replied to my comment are right: People should grieve the way they want to.
        I correct myself: I would be thankful if I were in her situation even if her condolences were insincere because she still took the time to acknowledge my loss but that’s just me. Apologies if I offended anyone.

  43. Sojaschnitzel says:

    Team Kim on this one, alll the way.

  44. sarah78 says:

    People have spent so many years analyzing SJP and that because she’s tough and sometimes a boss, her sweet personality in interviews must be fake and so very little time paying attention to Kim. Kim has never been that nice and has shown poor judgment in working with Polanski and now this. What she did was flat out childish.

    • Bridget says:

      She’s the boss, and likes to talk about women’s issues, but then actively contributed to the underpayment of her female colleagues. And then complains about them publicly because she “thought they were friends”. Her negotiating tactic of choice is public shaming. Exactly what part of her dragging hasn’t she earned?

    • The Original G says:

      SJP is a terrible movie producer. Her movies have been crappy.

      Kim doesn’t want to hear from her or be in her movie. Her choice.

  45. Really says:

    Good for Kim. Probably tired of the charade and has no more Fs to give.

    SJP is a phony.

  46. Lucy says:

    Here’s the thing… her brother just DIED. Kim had a very visceral response to SJP – whether it was warranted or not, she clearly felt it was. When you’re in that space of grief you can’t always control your emotions and just react without thinking. There is no love lost between these two, and tbh, I am Team Kim right now.

  47. Merritt says:

    They are both horrible and need to just leave each other alone. Apparently Kim earned quite the mean girl reputation in the London theatre scene. And SJP should just drop it when it comes to SATC 3, no one wanted there to be another film but her.

    • Tina says:

      I go to the theatre in London 2-3 times per week and follow the theatre scene here closely. I’ve never heard anything about Kim Cattrall other than that she was a complete professional.

    • Holly hobby says:

      I think Kim has been mostly silent throughout the whole satc 3 debacle that SJP has talked about for a whole 12 months. But to have SJP continuously yammer on about it is in poor taste. It’s not happening. The faux sympathy was probably the last straw.

  48. phaedra says:

    It’s hard to express condolences. It tends to make people nervous because they’re afraid to say the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong situation. It’s especially hard in the workplace, where you have people who are friends, people who are friendly acquaintances, ex-coworkers you kind-of sort-of keep in touch with, and a small handful of people you don’t like. I’ve been nervous to express condolences, and I’ve had people who were extremely nervous to express their condolences to me after a stillbirth. I was especially touched by someone who expressed their sympathy who was not necessarily friendly with me. It made our relationship a lot better: taking that time to put our petty grievances aside and remember we’re all human and make mistakes. It actually, in the end, reset a relationship that wasn’t good at all. I see here a missed opportunity. Not that I think SJP and Kim will ever be friends, but simply to take the feud down a notch.

    • Mtam says:


      I like the empathy you show for both sides, but you gotta admit that there’s a difference between not liking a fellow coworker and having that coworker try to belittle you, your work and your persona publicly for years.

      Yes, it is hard, and it is awkward to know when and what to say to someone that’s grieving, and i believe a truly bigger person would have accepted they would have to feel that way and not put their feelings and image above that of the person grieving.

  49. Sirius says:

    Well, i just read the New York post article, which explains the dynamic. Sarah should not have posted about her brother’s death, it was like a blow given their past dynamics. I don’t blame Kim for speaking out, good for her.

  50. Mtam says:

    I also can’t believe people are defending SJP.

    She should’ve only reached out privately, and if for some reason Kim wasn’t taking her calls and wanted nothing to do with her private or public “condolences” then SJP should have just accepted that.

    For people saying “oh but if SJP didn’t say anything publicly people would call her insensitive or cold or mean” well TOUGH SHIT it’s not her brother that just died. and it’s extremely selfish of her to put her public image above another person’s feelings. But yes, the ppl defending SJP, you’re right, she cannot stand not being the centre of attention, SJP cannot stand people not liking her, so she made that situation all about how “gracious” she can be about it and inserted herself and their feud in a conversation about Kim’s grief.

    It was so distasteful and fake (“my dearest kim” —like srsly???) of her to use this time to make herself seem like the bigger person.

    SJP and her minions have been publicly and shamelessly dragging Kim through the mud about the movie for months! making her seem like a selfish monster out to ruin ppl’s dreams just cause Kim didn’t want to accept a shitty deal for a shitty role in a shitty movie.

    SJP is as fake as they come. And she has been exploiting her power in this franchise for YEARS!!! doing petty things like demanding the writers make Miranda’s and Samantha ‘s characters shittier than hers because they were growing more popular than Carrie, and demanding better pay just for herself.

    Last thing i will say… Kim has always been the better actress. I work in the canadian film industry and have heard nothing but great things about how nice and professional Kim is to work with. And i have literally heard the opposite of SJP. Someone needs to remind SJP not everything should be about her.

    • Jenna says:

      As if SJP had the power to change the characters. Did you even read the novels? It was always about Carrie and her friends. people are really coming up with fantastical plots to villanize SJP.
      Kim wasn’t ‘dragged through mud’ a few sources suggested that the movie wasn’t being made because Kim didn’t want to do it. How is that mud?? It’s the truth. Let’s move on already.

      • AgnesVardasBeachball says:

        SJP was an Executive Producer on the show. She ABSOLUTELY had the power to change the characters and their story arcs. She would’ve had final say over every aspect of the show and movies.

      • Lady D says:

        And it was way more and way worse than just a “few suggestions” Disingenuous statement.

      • Mtam says:

        I did not read the novels, but it is my understanding that the show deviated a lot from them.
        SJP, as others have pointed out, definitely had say in how the characters were portrayed and their storylines. Also many inside sources, HBO CEO, included hinted that SJP had trouble accepting that the Samatha character and Kim’s acting was surpasing her in popularity.
        Also the “few sources” you meantioned where SJP herself strongly hinting at first that it was Kim staling the 3rd movie with her demands making negotiations difficult, and then outright saying it’s on her. Then came SJP’s good friend, the actor that plays Standford, making bitchy passive-aggressive comments about Kim, to which SJP, conveniently remained silent. Yes, she’s not responsible for what anyone else says, but she has expressed anger and frustration when people have insinuated she had trouble with Kim before, so why not try and shut that down too? Oh right, because she had already begun the smear campaign against Kim, and having people on her side go publicly against Kim contributed to the fake victimhood she likes to play up to.
        She also went on to hint that there had been talks of replacing the Samantha character with a different actress/character, which IMO sounded a bit threatening as if she wanted to make Kim feel like she’s replaceable. Even if she never actually had intention of replacing Kim, it was wrong to say that publicly.

        For the past few months since this started she and her team have made Kim out to be a selfish, money-hungry, villain. So yeah I call that being dragged through the mud.

      • Jenna says:

        But Kim’s acting didn’t surpass anybodies on the show. She was the weakest link. Im shocked that her refusing to be part of the movie brought it to a halt. Series would be just fine without her.

        Having said that – I feel for her. Her brother has passed and she is in emotional and mental pain. If it makes her feel better to lash out on social media, go for it. She’s been pretty horrible to SJP for years and you all have been lapping it up.

      • Tina says:

        I’ve seen Kim on the London stage a number of times. She has always been great. I saw Kristin Davies in Fatal Attraction. I walked out at the interval, it was so bad. Cynthia Nixon is a great stage actress, ive seen her on broadway a number of times, and she is phenomenal. SJP would not do theatre in London, she would expose herself too much. TLDR: Kim is a much better actor than SJP.

      • mtam says:

        I disagree. I will say SJP is obviously not without talent, but there were so many times i just didn’t buy her performance. Like any time she had to cry (re: big’s heart surgery, asking Aidan to forgive her etc…), or do those over-the-top facial expressions during monologues, pretend to be high, or even laugh/be playful, she just never really nailed it, it all seems like she was trying to do the most, whereas the other girls felt more natural. So I genuinely feel she was the weakest link. On the other hand, even though she had her cringey moments as well, I always thought Kim found a way to give her increasingly ridiculous, caricature of a role a sense of depth and dignity, which i feel can only be achieved with talent. But that’s just my opinion.

        Also disagree with your other statements… What would a show called Sex and the City be without a character like Samantha. She was the sex, one of the main themes in the story and title.

        I personally have never read any stories where Kim ever utter a bad word about SJP publicly, i think it’s only been this time and that time when the SJP team started their smear campaign and all Kim said was “she could have been nicer”–and i mean, that’s a pretty restrained way to respond to someone who’s publicly trashing you.

        If anything, I really feel for Kim having to deal with SJP’s bullshit for so long. You would think being an actress in the film industry, SJP would be more open and sympathetic to her peers and co-workers negotiating for better deals, but instead, upon achieving a position as exec producer (and making $3mil per episode to Kim’s 350k by the end of the series.) instead of supporting her and standing in solidarity with Kim, she was on the side that made it increasingly difficult for Kim to get what she honestly deserved. That show was $$$ for the network, but SJP made sure she was the only one seeing it. That’s pretty fucking shady.

        Also as others have pointed out, sometimes when you go through something traumatic, and or are grieving, it can open your eyes to things you’re not willing to put up with anymore. So I do agree with you on one point… i do genuinely hope it did make Kim feel better to “lash” out and rid herself of that toxic, self-serving, influence in her life. Hopefully she’ll be able to find comfort and peace through this tough time with the people in her life who are truly there for her.

  51. Nicegirl says:

    Sooo many ‘mean girls’ on this thread perpetrating as ‘nice girls’, this nicegirl is LOLing!!

    It would have been easy, appropriate and possibly even appreciated by the Family had SJP sent her condolences privately, maybe a bridge building moment, instead of clamoring for attention by broadcasting a ruse of ‘support’.

    I’m also here for bullshiz being called out: executive producers are BOSSES. Everyone else just works there.

    I work in the industry and have since childhood.

  52. AuroraBorealis says:

    Kim is angry at Sarah for “using” her brother’s time of passing as a means to show off her nice-girl person but isn’t the graceful and polite thing to do just to accept it as such? Because that’s what it was a condolence. How is singling out one person publicly and saying, “You aren’t family. You aren’t a friend. I don’t need your condolences.” supposed to be something nice? How is that not mean? If you suspect someone to be passive-aggressive, why forgo manners (manners maketh the man, as they say) and not take the high road and if you’re very angry about it, tell her privately, but it’s quite hypocritical to also get angry in a more public way wherein you are going out of your way to humiliate someone. If SJP WAS being plastic, then who cares, she offered condolences, to use it as an opportunity to “out” someone after your brother just passed away is well, I basically understand why she’s getting mean girl comments.

    Bella Dupont, everyone has been dragging you for stating your opinion here but I am with you. Sarah has gotten along with the majority of her co-workers and even if they were no longer benefitting from her, they still spoke highly of her. Kim thought SHE should be the star of the show and while I agree her character, Samantha, is likable, Carrie IS the protagonist and the show is from her POV, so for all intents and purposes, she is the lead, she’s also the Exec Producer, yet Kim thinks they should get paid equally? If SJP really was such an jerk, don’t you think there would be other actresses/producers/etc on Kim’s corner and don’t you think they would take the opportunity to capitalize on bashing SJP since they’d have an ally in Kim? But nobody else was on her side, in fact, Kristin Davis, Willie Garson and Cynthia Nixon have all come to SJP’s defense. I know it’s probably easier to dislike SJP and assume things about her because of the Carrie persona but based on other people’s reactions from meeting her, it doesn’t seem like she’s the mean girl here..

    I have friends who work for the PR of a department store here in the Philippines and they have had to work for and assist Drew Barrymore and SJP. They said both were incredibly kinder than they could have imagined and that they were surprised at SJP because they had expected someone a lot more high-maintenance, cranky from her flight (she zipped straight to the meeting with the execs of that dept store from the flight) Their comments were that she was “low-key, down-to-earth, and funny! I met her on the day she arrived and when we saw each other again, she remembered my name!” and “Absolutely lovely. There were a lot of people that asked for pictures and autographs, she heartily laughed and hugged the person who had given her a picture from Hocus Pocus to autograph. One of the kinder celebrities we’ve had the pleasure to assist”

    (thought I would spill some tea since I mentioned these friends have worked for other celebs and while they sometimes don’t agree with how they think celebs are due to differing experiences, the ones they have both had positive experiences with are Beyonce (they were fans before but after meeting her, they “bow down!”), Charli XCX, Kendrick Lamar, Brian and Howie from the Backstreet Boys, Taylor Hanson, Manny Pacquaio, Wiz Khalifa, Dua Lipa, James Harden, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift AND Kanye West, LANY, Zedd, Milla Jovovich, Rachel Weisz)

    The ones they both had unanimously negative experiences with are John Mayer, Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Nick and AJ from the Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, Ed Sheeran, “that bald guy from 98 degrees”)

    • The Original G says:

      So, your point is that because some people you work with found SJP nice in an unrelated work situation she can continue to trespass the boundaries Kim has clearly set for her communication with her?

    • Coco says:

      SJP can be a kind and caring professional to some but not to others. One’s behavior is not mutually exclusive. We’ve also never heard a mean or unprofessional word spoken about Kim outside of the SATC universe. SJP seems like someone who loves to be adored while Kim is someone who keeps her work and private lives separate. Those two personality types can be at odds. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve preferred to keep my work and private lives separate as well. Less messy, more professional. I don’t go out afterwards with coworkers or gossip. I like to do my work and go home!

      From an outsider looking in, it seems to me that SATC was perhaps a cliquey work environment at best and hostile at worst. SJP is one of the bosses and behavior comes from the top down. When I’ve worked with bosses that encouraged cliquey or mean girl behavior, it set the tone for the entire team and fostered unprofessionalism. What I’ve seen the past year all over the news media is unprofessionalism from the boss, SJP. Badmouthing Kim every chance she could. She tried to bully Kim into doing a movie she didn’t want do and is now making it her mission to ruin her career by talking over and over again how difficult and unpopular at SATC Kim was. A boss or person in a position of power shouldn’t be publicly saying that.

      She badmouthed Kim last week to Andy Cohen and then had the audacity to publicly say “Dearest Kim…” I would have been livid and seen red. SJP was making this about HER so that SHE looked good during Kim’s time of pain and grief. Any decent person would have left well enough alone or contacted her privately. SJP doesn’t seem to know the term “no comment” or ” this is a private matter” when it came to SATC 3 or Kim’s brother’s death.

      • Natalie S says:

        “She badmouthed Kim last week to Andy Cohen and then had the audacity to publicly say “Dearest Kim…” ”

        @Coco. Yes. This is it in a nutshell. SJP’s behavior was shameless.

    • Bridget says:

      So you’re saying SJP was probably friendly and polite when she helped make sure her co-workers were underpaid?

      We have all said it above but I’ll say it again: Everyone grieves in different ways. It doesn’t make Kim a mean girl to be angry. It doesn’t mean she’s a terrible person. It means that someone she was close to was just found dead. She is sad as hell and grieving. If SJP is more concerned with SATC3 (which she has STILL been talking about at Paleyfest) and still talking about it, then it is Kim’s right not to accept her condolences.

    • DUH says:

      If she really wanted to offer her condolences, she could and should have done it privately and not publicly then maybe just then, it would show she was being sincere about it. But doing it so publicly (especially just a week after being nasty to her), comes off as being hypocritical and just really doing it for publicity purposes.

    • Shasha says:

      Aurora, it was like last week when SJP went on several TV shows to implicitly bash Kim and bring up the “receipts” she supposedly had on Kim. She was doing this trifling petty behavior WHILE Kim was searching for her missing brother who was later found dead. She was focused on her fantasy movie and didn’t seem to give a shit what Kim was dealing with, it was like all SJP could think about was HER wants. If someone actually goes on multiple TV shows to bully you and imply bad things about you, and try to drag down your reputation when you rely on your reputation to get jobs, while you are going through an awful family problem, of course you’ll be upset when that same person sends you a “sweet” message about it the next week, making themself out to be super caring.

  53. AgnesVardasBeachball says:

    SJP has her PR people working overtime in comments sections. Most of the SJP support comments here read EXACTLY the same as the few on Jezebel’s article about this situation. SJP might not have contact info for Kim???? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! WHAT?!! Nice try, PR trolls!

    For what it’s worth, I work in film in Toronto and know many people who worked on Kim’s recent show Sensitive Skin. They’ve all said that she’s very friendly but draws a clear line between work life and personal life. She’s also very blunt and speaks her mind, which could definitely rub some people the wrong way. My friends appreciated it because it they’re all pretty blunt talkers themselves.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like to endure a toxic work environment for years and then have it continue to follow you around (in public, no less) even after you think you’ve successfully extricated yourself. And then, you’re grieving the death of a family member and you get pulled back into it again. That sort of stress piled on stress would break anyone, especially someone as self-possessed as Kim has shown herself to be up to this point. Generally, when someone lashes out like that, there’s some pretty bad stuff that’s contributed to it.

    • agnes says:

      “SJP has her PR people working overtime in comments sections. Most of the SJP support comments here read EXACTLY the same as the few on Jezebel’s article about this situation. SJP might not have contact info for Kim???? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! WHAT?!! Nice try, PR trolls!”
      So it is not just me having a strange déjà-vu, is it?

  54. The Original G says:

    Sorry, I’m late to this party.

    Can we conclude now that SJP will STOP discussing Kim in public?

    Also, if SJP wants to extend her participation in 2 of the worst movies ever made to 3 can she just go do it without mentioning Kim?

    Oh, and I don’t work in the film industry, I just work in business. I do know this – if anyone thought there were a market and some cash to be made from another craptacular movie here, it would have already been made.

  55. HeyThere! says:

    Wow, SJP, wow. Why on EARTH wouldn’t she have reached out privately?!?! It is a no brainer!! She did it for positive PR. Good for Kim. She just dropped a grenade on that bridge and let it burn, rightfly so! I mean come on!! Send a private card that says sorry and that you made a donation in his name to a charity or organization. HAVE SOME CLASS SJP.

    Kim, I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother. Big hugs to your whole family at this time.

  56. Sarah says:

    Why is it that Celebitchy chose the most unflattering photo of Cattrall possible for the header photo?

  57. MoAnne says:

    I don’t normally comment on this board but I do read it all the time. This kind of behavior really upsets me. When my boyfriend’s father died from cancer, his narcissist ex-wife came swooping in for all the grief attention. The poor man had spent 20 years of his life trying to escape the stalker narcissist, only to have her dominate his own funeral! Tragedy vulture indeed.

    I really think Sarah Jessica Stalker showed her true colors by mean-girling Kim about not doing another SATC movie. Every chance she could, SJS brought it up to make Kim look bad. She couldn’t leave Kim alone. Now that Kim is going through a family tragedy, it probably stings even worse. Poor Kim. She has every right to lash out at the fake little pony riding her coattails. I probably would have said worse. Just my opinion.

    • bikki says:

      Same, I agree with you. What bothers me even more is that SJP is having some of her friends like Molly Shannon comment on Kim, the awful tragedy (losing a brother is so painful), and Kim’s latest instagram post.
      SJP is milking this for PR – too bad it leaves a really sour taste in my mouth as audience member and outside observer. I don’t think I’ll ever go out of my way to support anything she’s in from now on.

      I really wish she would leave Kim the hell alone for f**ks sake.

  58. Rachael says:

    That is just so gross of SJP. No class or decency at all.

  59. Jaded says:

    I think SJP did this deliberately with the intent to upset Kim. Come on…they worked together for years, she knows Kim inside-out. She chose a terrible tragedy to highlight herself and it was the final nail in the coffin. And as others have posted, grief can make you intolerant of something that you would let slide under normal circumstances. When my sister died many years ago, my boyfriend at the time was being a stubborn little prick one day and I hauled off and slapped his face. I have NEVER in my life hit anyone, but I had absolutely no control over my emotions.

    Team Kim, what SJP did was utterly self-serving and unconscionable.

  60. Hazel says:

    I feel for the Cattrall family. Their brother/son went missing—I cannot imagine the fear & anxiety that would produce. And then to have him found dead? Awful, just awful.

    • Kitten says:

      Yeah…I just can’t approach the celebrity beef stuff with the same amount of zeal and passion as other commenters here when all I can think about is how tragic Kim’s brother’s passing is. He had seven beloved dogs. I wonder what will become of them?

      So heartbroken for her.

      • Lady D says:

        Kim wrote about his dogs and how they were his world and he would never leave them. He must have been going through some kind of hell. The whole story is heartbreaking.

  61. Sarah says:

    All of this over a film that literally no one wants or asked for.

  62. Justwastingtime says:

    We can never know all the history. But SPJ made a lot more money on the series than the others and had a say in the storylines. Kim was a huge part of the series, and in later years got the shaft in storylines, despite that, she played her roles with as much dignity as she could. SPJ wants a new movie, and has been playing a media game to force KIm’s hand. Maybe there were negotiations and Kim walked. Who knows. I do know that SJP is playing an aggressive game despite her sickly sweet interviews and that Kim is probably in great pain. Team Kim. SJP should just count the rest of her money and STFU.

  63. paddingtonjr says:

    Mmmm, now THIS is what I come to Celebitchy for! Girlfriend torched the place and ground the ashes beneath her Louboutins as she sashayed away! I am not going to get into the she-said/she-said history, but just deal with the latest incident: SJP was wrong and knew she was handing Kim the lighter fluid and match with that “Dearest Kim” cr&p. I’ve only seen Kim on TV and around various industry events, some with the other SATC cast members, some for other projects; she always comes across as professional and cordial, but isn’t going to parrot the “the cast and crew are just like family! We just instantly clicked and love each other like sisters!” party-line every actor seems to learn. She saw SATC as a job, she did the job well, but now it’s time to move on. Cynthia Nixon seems to be the same way, although she was closer in age to SJP and Kristin, so it may have been more of a “work friendship” for her.

    SJP could have said “I’m sorry for her loss” or “my thoughts are with her and her family in this difficult time.” She could have said the same thing on social media if she felt the need the post publicly. It sounds as if SJP was pestering Kim during this time, wanting some public acknowledgement of her reaching out, and Kim was just not having it. Kim is probably stressed-out having to deal first with her brother’s disappearance and now confirmed death, making arrangements and worrying about how her former boss/co-star’s public shaming are affecting her family. In times of grief, it is hard enough to acknowledge friends and non-immediate family members. When a good friend lost her father suddenly while we were in college, I just sent a card and flowers; she said it meant a lot to her that I had done something so low-key as a lot of people were vying for her attention and she was overwhelmed trying to help her mother and sister. I think Kim just said “IDGAF. You want to play the social media game, then game on!” She met SJP on her home court and trounced her. Go Kim! Now, can we just forget that the idea of a SATC3 was ever in someone’s head?

  64. Estelle says:

    Team Kim here – at 61 you become authentic and the SJP garbage wears really thin but at this particular time? Nope, boundary crossing and let me push you right back. In private is authentic in public is not.

    • Shappalled says:

      There ‘re no limits to how low some people will sink to get what they want or how they’ll react if they don’t get it.

  65. BJ says:

    Team SJP

  66. Alexandria says:

    Really heartbreaking news. There is no need to break down whether or not Kim reacted appropriately. Because this point is moot. She and her family are grieving. Of course it makes sense to be ‘civil’ to SJP but the fact that she reacted honestly shows that she doesn’t care about being ‘appropriate’ or looking like a ‘hurt bully’. She doesn’t care about how she will come across simply because she is in deep pain. This is clear. So let her react how she wants. I don’t know you Kim but I’m so sorry this happened.

  67. llc says:

    Kim is grieving, so I think it’s fair to give her a pass right now. However, I have long thought that she looks the worst in this situation. In my experience, the odd person out is generally the one who is the a-hole. There is a ridiculous and unfounded amount of hate on this site for SJP. She is, by all (other) accounts, a professional and likeable coworker.

    • Bridget says:

      But she wasn’t a co-worker on SATC. She was one of the bosses.

    • anon says:

      not really. in my opinion,the odd person out is normally the one that’s not sucking up to the boss or playing politics. considering the power dynamics here, seems to me that kim being the odd one out is justified.

    • minx says:

      I don’t see “hatred”, I see people reacting to SJP’s behavior and calling her out on it.

    • Shasha says:

      ” In my experience, the odd person out is generally the one who is the a-hole.”

      Whaaaat? So every child that’s bullied and excluded is “the asshole” and the bullies are the good ones? I don’t think so. And bullying doesn’t stop in childhood. People are constantly excluded for nothing more than being different.

  68. Dorky says:

    A couple of facts (okay, my opinion, but ANYWAY):
    1. SJP is a money-grubbing selfish jerk
    2. SJP was a terrible actress on that show. TERRIBLE! Especially when she was trying to act sweet or caring. Watch an episode or two, and you’ll see.
    3. Kim Cattrall was super brave to have done that Samantha role with all it required of her, especially in later seasons.
    4. Kim Cattrall has always behaved with dignity and class, which SJP has not – especially with their tweets.
    5. I hollered and actuallly laughed (despite the terrible tragedy) at SJP getting her a55 handed to her by Kim Cattrall in such a clear and dignified way. She has deserved it for years, apparently, and KC finally gave it to her. One thing passive-aggressive people hate is to be called out plainly on their nefarious behavior. I am glad KC did it. I’ve been in that situation before, and I finally had to say, “You know what? Get out of my face.”

    SJP can go kick rocks.

  69. Citresse says:

    My apologies to anyone who’s mentioned this and I missed it but: addressing someone as ” dearest” is especially nasty given the history. Shame on SJP.

  70. Dorky says:

    I totally agree.

  71. Svea says:

    A recent blind item intimated that it was SJP that put the kibosh on another SATC movie due to SJP’s money demands, but she put the blame on Cattrell.

    Too bad it is all such a mess.
    Sympathies to Cattrell.

    • Shappalled says:

      Whoever prevented another SATC movie should be getting credit not blame.

      • Kitten says:

        LMAO!!! You come to a celeb gossip
        site, click on a link about a celeb feud, and feel sanctimonious enough to chastise commenters for caring about celeb gossip. Lololol yeah…screw off, honey.

      • Kitten says:

        Sorry I was commenting with my phone again and it posted here?
        Was a reply to AnneC’s comment below. So sorry!

      • AnneC says:

        Sorry. Just was overwhelmed by the ferocity of opinion about these 2 women. Made a facetious comment that was offensive. Again sorry.

        I do come to this site for the political content and feel more comfortable commenting on that. Going to stick to that from now on.

  72. AnneC says:

    OMG the energy that was just put into that thread is overwhelming and a little exhausting. All I can say is I hope all of you put the same energy into getting out the vote in the midterms and bring the same energy to taking back the house and senate and starting the wheels to impeach trump.

    • K (now K2!) says:

      On this site, I’m fairly sure that’s a safe bet.

      I’m a bit confused as to why you invested the time reading it all, let alone posting, if you think it’s so trivial, though?

    • minx says:

      This thread touched on more topics than it would initially appear–death, grieving, bullying, co-workers, bosses, the etiquette of condolences, sincerity and the lack of same, money. It’s also juicy mic-drop gossip.

    • formerly known as Amy says:

      Elections start in march so make sure you vote in the primaries that is when it matters.

    • Gisele says:

      This is a gossip site that happens to have well thought out, well written articles about the political climate in the US right now. Commenting on SJP’s passive aggression, fakery, mean girl antics and hypocrisy and Kim’s refusal to tolerate it any longer won’t keep anyone from voting your disgusting, illegitimate, treasonous excuse for a President and his enables out of power. This isn’t The Washington Post, or the NYTImes. If you find the commentary so exhausting and vapid, perhaps you should look elsewhere. This website offers opinion on political issues and escape with more gossip orientated stories That’s the appeal for most people. Kudos to you for focussing solely on taking back the house and senate and working on impeaching your president, all while simultaneously taking the time to read a long thread on a gossip site and self righteously criticizing those who’ve commented.

      • Coco says:

        @ Giselle (and everyone else)

        spot on!

      • AnneC says:

        Sorry for offending people. I really like this site and my comments about bringing the same kind of energy into the nov elections were sanctimonious.

      • Gisele says:

        @AnneC It’s okay. I was sanctimonious as hell the other day over a segment on a “news” show that was about eyelash extensions. They discussed it like it was a life changing medical procedure. Let’s hope that November brings major political change for your country.

    • Lucretias says:

      Ooooh girl no you didn’t just say that! Sanctimonious be thy name! Is it possible that one can love to gossip and enjoy a good old celebrity feud and still be politically active? I say this is someone who has Canvassed/made phone calls for presidential, gubernatorial, state representative and currently city council elections. Plus volunteering with indivisible, public radio, homeless shelters. I appreciate your passion for politics But it is possible for people to be multi dimensional and be involved in various activities.

      • AnneC says:

        I agree, sorry. Just got a little overwhelmed by the ferocity of the opinions about 2 women we will never meet or know.

        (Ducks heads, backs out of room, goes back to twitter to talk sh*t about trump)

    • Shappalled says:

      @Annec: thank you for taking time out from curing cancer, ending Third World hunger and stopping climate change to comment.

    • Alexandria says:

      I don’t know how to say this but
      1) it’s a gossip site
      2) there’s no threshold defined by the hosts on how much ‘energy’ to give
      3) people can care about serious things at same time
      4) erh it’s a gossip site

  73. Bachmangrl says:

    I’m on Team Kim all the way.

    SJP has overstayed her welcome and overestimated the importance of SATC.
    I remember watching an interview years ago where SJP was asked about JFK Jr, shortly after he passed away. They allegedly had a few trysts before he married Carolyn Bessette and she DESPERATELY wanted to be his girlfriend. She refused to answer and her discomfort was very, very obvious on camera. That’s when I knew what a disingenuous phoney she is so I’m not surprised at any of this.

    • Bridget says:

      They actually dated. Not long. And she seemed exceptionally uncomfortable with the JFK jr circus at the time. SJP gives enough to validly criticize her about. No need to make stuff up.

    • Christin says:

      I never, ever understood the John Jr thing. Her name was attached to his for a few years, and it amazed me at the time because she was then primarily known as a former child actor. My guess was that they maybe had one or two dates.

      • Bachmangrl says:

        According to Anthony Radziwell, JFK Jr’s cousin, SJP showed up at the airport in a limo wearing a fur coat and heels and nothing else and flashed JFK Jr. suggestively and that’s how they hooked up. There was never a relationship, just a string of cheap hook-ups.

      • Christin says:

        Oh my! That does not surprise me, as I long suspected she aggressively pursued and/or publicized their “ dating”.

  74. sweetpea says:

    Did you see SJP on Watch What Happens Live with her Bff Andy Cohen – it was on two days before Kim went public about her brother. SJP and Andy were so catty about Kim Cattrell – he gave her the stage to discuss her version – even reenacting a classic Sex in the City scene but it really brought home to me how Kim felt her character could be either empowering but also demeaned on set

  75. Dinah Soar says:

    Does anyone else recall Robert Downey Jr. calling out SJP by comparing her to living with a tornado or some other type of violent storm? They were together seven years. Robert knows and knew not to marry her (although she allegedly was desperate to marry him far more than Matty).

    • Merritt says:

      He was a hardcore addict during their relationship. Have you lived with an addict? It is a miserable experience and turns you into someone that you don’t recognize.

    • Bridget says:

      Nope. He most definitely never said that. And she walked away from him – have you forgotten that he was one of Hollywood’s most notorious addicts? I’m genuinely shocked he’s still alive and sober.

  76. Cara says:

    If this is true, and SJP is a creep, then I’m glad Kim called her out. I have to admit, I bought SJP’s story about Kim being difficult and selfish for not wanting to do another movie. But, I’m not buying that anymore. What a disappointment!! I have always really liked SJP, but now I’m afraid I just saw her “mask”, not the real SJP. Sigh……..

  77. LittlefishMom says:

    Kim is dope. The Queen. Mic drop. SJP go kick rocks.

  78. BørkBørkBørk says:

    Sometimes you have to immolate a bridge… and not ever look back.

  79. Texasho says:

    Let’s just hope this awful display of narcissism puts the final nail in the coffin for fake-ass SJP. I hope it costs her future projects and hits her in the only place SJP cares about: her own pocketbook.

  80. Anna Neym says:

    I don’t doubt that Kim is difficult to work with. But I think that’s due to her not being a doormat. Sometimes you don’t get along with everyone at work, and that’s OK. Bella’s make-up friend might even be right!

    That doesn’t however warrant a near constant public smear campaign by your employer. As her boss, SJP had an uneven playing field, and she is in the wrong. Wanting more pay, and/or better treatment is not grounds for such behaviour.

    I think the ‘good girl’ image is not an act. SJP, completely lacks self-awareness. I think she truly believes she’s an innocent victim; a magnanimous martyr if you willl. I don’t know if this former child star, is fully in touch with reality.

    Like our dear Bella, whose comments on this and other threads I find to be worrisome.

    Kim was fully justified in lashing out. If SJP didnt get the message before, she should have gotten it by now. I dare her to talk about SATC3 again. When she brought up #metoo in the same breath as this Kim fiasco, that was a wrap for me.

    I don’t know that either of them are perfect, but SJP’s wrongs far outweigh Kims imo.

  81. raincoaster says:

    I love Kim Cattrall more every day. She has zero fucks, and she doesn’t need Hollywood or some tv show she did ten years ago.

  82. Godwina says:

    At this point, I don’t think KC’s horse is any higher than SJP’s. They’re both five.

  83. Shasha says:

    Hi to SJP and her PR people! Seems you guys are reading this site.

    Hope you learned your lesson. It was really uncool of SJP to go on multiple TV shows insinuating negative things about Kim, while Kim was in the process of searching for her missing brother who was found dead the next week. It was pretty shitty of her to keep trying to bully Kim to get her way in the first place, much less go on multiple TV shows to bully her. But it makes it much worse that she kept at it despite the horrible family situation Kim was in at the time.

    I hope SJP learned her lesson that if you bully someone on multiple TV shows while they are having a family tragedy, you risk being publicly called out and having embarrassing receipts shown on YOU, if you try to appear sweet and caring the next week. Especially if you go ahead and use that same family tragedy as the vehicle for the sweet and caring show.

    PR wise SJP should take her trolls off the social media sites, it’s really not a good look and makes her seem even more dishonestly controlling of the narrative than this incident made it look in the first place. I think if she stops trying to push SATC3 and just lays low for a while it should blow over on its own.

    Honestly, SJP should do a serious self-inventory and think back to the ways she was unkind to Kim. Or even just the ways she was so myopically focused on what SHE wanted that she felt it was okay to bully Kim or hurt Kim, even if she didn’t “mean to.” Then, maybe when Kim is in a better place personally, she could apologize. PRIVATELY.

  84. Nilber says:

    Personally, I know that if something upset my Mother during a time like this, I would also put it out there. There is a limit to anyone’s “high road” and that would definitely be mine.

    • Christin says:

      This is the element that would have cut me to the core, especially with such a tragedy already tormenting a parent.

      When I heard about the brother being missing, my mind went directly to a tragic ending. They have to be exhausted by hoping and waiting, then finding out the worst outcome.

  85. Dorky says:

    SJP just needs to get over herself. But that won’t ever happen.

  86. serena says:

    I just read about everything that happened and the link Kim posted.. I’m kinda baffled, I could never imagine there were so many ill-feelings between the SATC cast. I believe Kim and I feel sorry for what she went through, she doesn’t need this drama now so I hope SJP will leave her alone.
    I understand now, after reading the article, why she doesn’t want to do another movie. Even though I’m a SATC fan I support her decision, I’m glad she won’t. Nobody want to see a movie about friendship when you know the castmates hates each other, or worse, single out one of them. Go Kim!!

  87. HK9 says:

    SJP treated Kim like shit for years. SJP took every opportunity to put her shade on record. If I were Sarah, and I felt the need to reach out, I would do it expecting NOTHING in return. Not an acknowledgement, not a thank you-nothing. Why?? Because her behaviour over the years has warranted that response. I give Kim a complete pass on this.

  88. Milavanilla says:

    OMG, Jezebel had some pro-SJP trolls with fresh IDs… Miss Obvious…

  89. PJ says:

    “Kim is am adult-ass woman and she burned that f–king bridge to the ground.” PREACH.

    I am proud of Kim for coming at SJP and the way she did, so openly and honestly once, after all of these years, she had finally had ENOUGH.

    I wish more of Hollywood would share just a morsel of this type of realness with the world though it will likely never happen. I get sooooo tired of all pf the saccharin-sweet interviews and “we’re all just like family!” reads during promotional tours/during filming. Please. With all of the monster sized egos and debauchery that exists on that world?? Not buying it and never have. Glad the glass castles are all finally starting to crumble down…

  90. stinky says:

    Sex and the City was the best thing to ever happen to Kim Catrall – whether she wants to admit it or not. Nothing SJP says or does changes THAT truth.

    • Gisele says:

      More like Kim Cattrall was the best thing to happen to SATC. Without her, the show would have sucked. SJP clearly knows THAT truth and it’s why she can’t drop the subject and continues to try to bully and vilify Kim. for her refusal to sign on to what would no doubt be another Carrie’s perfect, Samantha’s a caricature and the other two are just there to fill space, extravaganza.

  91. Ciabatta says:

    Team Kim all the way (though she needs to stop defending Polanski). Can’t stand it when celebs leak one way and pretend to be another in public. Kim meanwhile is open and honest and goes on record with her views. SJP pretends to be nice while leaking against Kim for making a professional career choice. No one should be subject to this kind of bullying, aggressive behavior, especially when they’re just making their rightful, free choice not to take a certain job.

    SJP is probably already regretting taking on Kim with the tragically badly written DM “hit piece” claiming Kim is jealous, as no one believes it. SJP seems like a very hard, selfish, and trod-over-others creature. She should have stood up for the other three and gotten them equal or closer-to-equal pay instead of hogging it all for herself, and she should have watched out for the others’ interests, not just her own (nude scenes). It was an ensemble cast, and Sam/Kim was an extremely crucial piece of the puzzle and certain the crowd fav.

    • Ciabatta says:

      Sorry to use “hogging.” I meant greedily claiming it all for herself. Pigs are lovely animals who are known to share their food with injured pigs who can’t get to feed, and that term reinforces untrue stereotypes.