Star: Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter want a reality show but can’t find a network

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Ariel Winter seems like she’s been preparing for a reality show for years, right? She dresses and acts like a Kardashian, both in front of the paparazzi and on social media. Sometimes she out-Kardashians the Kardashians. Sarah Hyland is a little more staid, although that’s of course relative, but she similarly speaks out on social media and seems ok with putting her personal life out there. That’s why I’m sort-of believing this new Star report that Ariel and Winter are trying for a reality show together. They of course co-star as sisters on Modern Family, which is ending after it’s tenth and next season, premiering this fall. So they’re trying to line up their next career move but aren’t getting much interest, reportedly.

The pair are panicking over the rumored end of their ABC series next year and are hoping a reality show capturing their “hilarious” – their word, not ours – dynamic will keep their careers afloat. “The movies roles are not exactly pouring in,” snickers an insider…

“Ariel and Sarah are convinced their lives are so funny, but producers don’t agree; no one is biting on giving them a show just because they’re on a hit show.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, February 19, 2018]

This isn’t ringing true to me simply because there are just SO MANY reality shows on so many networks, and surely someone would be interested in one starring Ariel and Sarah. Maybe they’re going for the upper-tier reality TV networks though, like E!, MTV and VH1 and aren’t aiming lower, like Lifetime, TLC, or Bravo. I’m sure there are several networks I’m missing, but I’m not the target audience as I only read coverage on Reality Tea, I don’t watch these shows. A lot of people do though and this isn’t a bad move for them. If they brand themselves as reality stars they might be creating a very specific career path limited to that genre, but that’s not really true anymore. As long as a celebrity has name recognition they can usually branch out wherever they want. For what it’s worth, a rep for Winter told Gossipcop this was “nonsense” and a “source close to Hyland” similarly denied it.


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  1. LilLil says:

    I mean, Sarah already has a reality TV boyfriend ( and they are very very annoying), so maybe it is true?

    • Annie says:

      They are SO annoying. They post everything they do on social media. Also everyone from the Bachelor is a social climber. They all want to date someone famous and legit just to stay in the spotlight. I don’t know why Hollywood people pay attention to them. Like January Jones dating Nick Viall? At the very least they’re friends and that’s embarrassing.

  2. smee says:

    Both these girls seem like they’ve been in the biz too long. They look older than their years.

    Modern Family ending next year is a good thing – it’s no longer funny and hasn’t been for a few seasons.

    Jess Tyler Ferguson looks fantastic in that blue tux!!

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      To me it’s the opposite. I was surprised about 2 years ago to find out that Sarah Hyland (who looks a lot like Lucy Hale) is older than me. Ariel usually looks 18-23-ish.

    • stelly says:

      I agree. The writing has gotten so formulaic and stupid the last couple seasons.

  3. Louise177 says:

    I doubt this is true because I think Ariel would be offered one even without Sarah. She’s been of interest because of the way she dresses and social media. So hard to believe nobody is interested. Also I just don’t think they are looking to do reality tv. They are teenagers/young adults so they probably are getting t.v. and movie offers.

  4. Megan2 says:

    Has Ariel done something ridiculous to her face?

  5. grabbyhands says:

    Who is even asking for this, though?

    Also, allowing someone to further exploit the image issues Ariel Winters seems to have for reality TV ratings doesn’t seem like a wise idea.

  6. boredblond says:

    Since they’ve made a lot of $, and will continue to rake in residuals, why not try something crazy like, oh, getting an education or living outside a studio for a while?

    • Sandy says:

      Surely you just? Young actors leaving HW to do something as trite as “pursue an education”? Why, the very idea…!

      But no, I agree. I’d love to see young actors/actresses actually do something constructive once the roles dry up. But most would rather keep chasing fame, by any means necessary.

    • Dee says:

      Ariel is a student at UCLA as of Fall 2017. I don’t know how active she is, but I remember her posting about getting in.

  7. Swack says:

    Have we lost all creativity when it comes to tv shows? Again, do we really need anymore reality tv.

  8. Danielle says:

    I worry a bit about both of these young ladies. They seem to learn too hard into sexiness. I think a break would be a good idea. And they should have the cash to take interesting work. Maybe some small indie roles where they can show their range.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      I see nothing to worry about. One is 20 and the other is 27. They’re both definitely well past old enough to make their own decisions in those areas. I don’t think a reality TV show with them would really be successful though.

  9. magnoliarose says:

    I believe there is no interest.
    Ariel hurt her career with her decision to dress more provocatively. I said it at the time that it was a mistake for anyone pursuing a serious acting career. It is fine to make statements, but they come at a cost when someone’s career depends on their image.
    If I were her manager or agent, I would have ended our relationship unless I was interested in repping someone like Black Chynna or Courtney Stodden and I know I would not. There is a big difference between a young actress on a hit TV show and the possibilities for her future and now Ariel. I am speaking from a business standpoint only.
    Societal biases are real, and it doesn’t matter if it is fair or not. Who would her core audience be?
    The window to make something happen is small, and she chose booty shorts and revealing halter tops and then yelling about it on IG. It was painfully misguided in terms of an acting career.
    Times are changing. We have a reality TV president and his family who are more shocking and lurid than anyone else could ever be. No reality show can compete with that.
    What the country needs are palette cleansers and light feel-good moments not more of the same over the top attention seeking through provocation and stunts.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Completely agree about palate cleansers. I watch very little t.v. in real time as it is being shown weekly but I sought out Chuck Probably Saves The World because I knew it wouldn’t be controversially or edgy. Sometimes, nice, heartfelt or light is really welcome.
      The only other series i keep up with during the current season is This Is Us.
      Also, loving The Windsors on Netflix!
      All these are balms to the soul in one way or the other.

    • echoing says:

      I happened to read this after watching the latest episode for the ‘Alienist’ and tried to put Ariel in Dakota Fanning’s role. I just…couldn’t. She isn’t a serious actress.

  10. serena says:

    So glad it isn’t true, and hope it won’t be, it may be true they aren’t great or super famous actresses but they’re good and I’m sure they’ll find many other projects.

  11. Lori says:

    I would watch this, at least a few episodes. I even watched Rob and Chyna and Life of Kylie. Im really not into reality tv, but I find myself checking out celeb-reality anyway. Sad but true.

  12. MJC says:

    Guessing Ariel will be deferring UCLA permanently? Of the two, think she’s going to have the tougher time of it when MF ends and could see her going the D list celeb route…Big Brother, etc.

    Sarah Hyland seems to have done a few other things and wouldn’t be surprised to see her end up with another series down the line. Reminds me a bit of Kaley Cuoco, moderately talented and seems to knows her acting niche.

  13. JA says:

    Both girls are thirsty AF. Sarah is slightly more low key but Ariel lives for this type of stuff and will be out there in her usual “look at ME but don’t you dare judge me haters” outfits. God no more reality shows!!! Stop feeding the animals!!!!!

  14. Eva says:

    I don’t understand young people’s faces anymore. What are those lips. What. Why.

    • Kim says:

      I’m pretty sure she took a photo of Sarah Hyland into a half-assed plastic surgeon’s office, slammed it down on the formica countertop and said, “Make me look like this!” This face is the result.

  15. lucy2 says:

    Sarah already has a relationship with E, doesn’t she do fashion stuff for them occasionally? I would think if she or both of them wanted a show, they’d get it.

    I don’t think either is an amazing actress with a huge film career ahead of them, but I think both could easily get onto another sitcom type show. I do wish Ariel would take some time and go to college though. She has the acceptance and the money, it’d be a shame to see her ignore that opportunity.

  16. Penfold says:

    Within five years, I bet Ariel will have posed for playboy. No shade, it’s her life- that’s just my guess.

  17. Jeannie says:

    I think this could work. This is like jwoww/snooki territory. These girls obviously seem like they like n care abt each other, too, it’s nice.