Us Weekly is carrying water for Sarah Jessica Parker in the SJP-Kim Cattrall feud too

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I shouldn’t have wondered if Sarah Jessica Parker would respond to Kim Cattrall’s bridge-burning Instagram. I shouldn’t have wondered if SJP was going to leave Cattrall alone to grieve in peace. SJP is responding, but just not directly. SJP organized a People Magazine cover this week to restore her “nice girl persona,” to quote Cattrall. In that interview, SJP didn’t mention Cattrall once, nor did People ask about Cattrall. But that was part of a one-two punch aimed at Cattrall – “sources close to Sarah Jessica” went to Us Weekly to do the dirty work for Us Weekly’s cover story this week.

She thought they’d reached a détente. Quizzed on the January 31 episode of Watch What Happens Live about her recent public dustup with former Sex and the City costar Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker admitted Cattrall’s insults had taken a toll. While Parker felt she’d been respectful when detailing to the press that plans for a third movie of the popular HBO spinoff had been scrapped, Cattrall chastised her in an October interview, saying Parker “could have been nicer.” The words stung, Parker told host and close pal Andy Cohen, but she hoped they could move past the issue: “It was a professional experience but it became personal because it was years and years of our lives, so I hope that that eclipses anything that’s been recently spoken.”

But she couldn’t help but wonder: Would they ever really call a truce? The answer came just 10 days later when Cattrall slammed Parker for posting condolences after the death of her brother, Christopher. Despite having thanked her colleagues for an “outpouring of support” just four days earlier, now she deemed Parker’s message hypocritical. “Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now,” wrote the Modus star, 61, adding, “You are not my friend.”

While those close to the pair found Cattrall’s words harsh — “Not sure why Kim had to take it to this level,” says one Parker insider — they weren’t surprising. As one source notes in the new issue of Us Weekly, Parker, 52, and Cattrall have been at odds since they started filming the second season of the Emmy-winning series. Notes a set source, “They hated each other.”

Even with the shared vitriol, pals were stunned by Cattrall’s statement. “Their costars can’t understand why Kim lashed out,” admits a Cattrall friend, chalking up the move to grief. “It wasn’t this bad during filming.”

But it wasn’t exactly good, says one source, noting, “You have two strong, famous women competing for the same thing. Of course it wasn’t nice.”

Apparently those memories flooded back when Cattrall read Parker’s comment on her Instagram. Says the insider, “It just struck a nerve.” Now Parker is doing some grieving of her own. “There’s no love there, but Sarah Jessica was just being polite,” says a friend. “It’s sad.”

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Look at how this is being framed – that Cattrall is being “harsh,” that Cattrall is the one “taking it to this level,” that Cattrall is “lashing out,” and that Sarah Jessica was “just being polite.” I see you, Sarah Jessica. One of my biggest gossip rules is this: if someone is trying so hard to convince you of something, you know the opposite is true. SJP is trying so hard to convince us that Cattrall was one with the problem, that she’s unreasonable and money-hungry and difficult and a liar and rude. So you know the opposite is true.

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  1. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Has Kim Cattrall even buried her brother at this stage, and this is the level of bull$hit that she also has to deal with?

    All this over a movie that no one was asking for.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I thought that the number 2 didn’t perform well at the box office so that is why number 3 was shelved. To be honest, it seems like SJP thinks SATC is Star Wars or a Marvel Franchise…

      • Turtle says:

        Both movies made a LOT of money ($415 million worldwide, and $288 million, respectively). The second far less than the first, but still a big pile of it. Otherwise we’d never be hearing about this. However, I think some SATC fans, out of an abundance of affection for these characters, wanted a third movie just to give the filmmakers one more chance to get it right because the first two, especially the second, were so reviled.

    • Pix says:

      Exactly. Her brother just died. SJP, and her team, are really behaving like monsters.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        Seriously! She literally can’t see beyond the length of her own nose! Maybe she, and some of these men, like Aziz Ansari, needs to be schooled in the lesson “NO means NO! Not “maybe”, or “keep badgering “.

        She needs to just STOP. This is not about HER wants, or what she needs to do. FGS SJP, just give it a rest, you narcissistic twat!

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree, this is despicable. Leave the poor woman and her family alone.

      • Sharon Lea says:


    • Umyeah says:

      Let Kim grieve, SJP needs to stop making this about herself.

    • Nicole says:

      Exactly. Again why I never buy the “poor SJP” stories especially this week. If you wanted to express sincere condolences send flowers, have your assistant connect to hers so you can send a private notes, etc. Its that easy.
      I certainly don’t want to hear from someone who was trashing me just the week before on tv. Nope.

    • Lorelai says:

      My thoughts exactly!
      I know that US is trash, but I didn’t think *any* publication would stoop this low while the poor woman is probably still planning a funeral. JFC

    • Mumbles says:

      I was just thinking that. Even if you were on Team SJP, couldn’t you be decent enough to say, hey, time out, this family is going through a terrible time? Did it occur to them that Cattrall may be “lashing out” because her grief is raw now? Even if you buy their crap and assume up to now it is all Kim’s fault (which I don’t, but for sake of argument), did it occur to them, give this woman some space?

      Just horrible people.

      • elimaeby says:

        ITA. I remember when my mother passed. A few people from my past that I was far from on good terms with reached out to me. I was less than impressed. They didn’t do it via social media, so I had the luxury of ignoring them. If someone had tweeted condolences, I can’t imagine how I might have reacted. Team Kim 100%. I hope she finds healing and gets as far away from SJP as possible.

    • I came here to say, No! No, no, no, no, NO…

      You do not do this to someone who’s grieving. Full stop. You do not try to mend fences with someone YOU WERE RECENTLY TRASHING, while they’re PLANNING THE FUNERAL OF A FAMILY MEMBER, then play the blame game in a public forum about their response to that trash heap of a move.

      It’s ridiculous. Like SJP’s in kindergarten, and needs the teacher to take her aside, and tell her in ‘big kid letters’, how to behave with other children.

      And to anyone saying the polite thing for Kim to have done would have been to say, “Thank you” or nothing at all…

      SJP is not PLANNING THE FUNERAL OF A SIBLING. The burden is on her to known better than to make a public, attention-seeking post about someone else’s tragedy. Cattrall’s response was raw and real, and SJP’s ‘condolence’ was fake and self-serving.


      Or it should have been. Anyone with common decency would have said, “I dun f’d up” and gone dark with the swiftness of angels…

      But not SJP. Not Andy ‘stir the shirt’ Cohen (still gutted Anderson Cooper hitched his wagon to that crap pile)… not anyone on the SJP fraud squad payroll (she was the boss, she pulled the strings… there was something to be gained, obviously, by staying on her good side, and huge deficits to pissing her off, even unintentionally. It doesn’t take a rock scientist to figure that out).

      Yes, they are behaving badly… and nothing previously transgressed can justify it. And all of these “Make me feel good!” relations with old media platforms says a lot about SJP, and a lot about those platforms… and neither party wears it well.

      • And I don’t feel like the mags are siding… I think they’re desperate for sales. Like, if people want to rubberneck at the SJP show, they’re here for it. Their biggest bank is probably celebrities shelling out for gloss jobs, and people stopping to gawk at the absurdity of it all.

        They have to know that the court of public opinion is in session, and no longer easy to manipulate with roll outs, pay offs, and pr stunts.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I couldn’t have said it better. Leave. Her. Alone.

      • It’s that simple. But SJP just CAN’T, and it’s telling.

    • Nikki says:

      Thank you, Zapp: this was my first thought as well. When you’re grieving your brother, you really want to see this?? Heartless, anything for a buck…

  2. Merritt says:

    I feel like Kristen Davis’ eyes in that picture say it all.

  3. SilverUnicorn says:

    Before this week I had 0 interest in both. I thought they were uninteresting and 2 divas.

    I had read the SATC book ages ago, found it so boring that I was never tempted to watch the tv series. Now pretty sure I will never do that…

    SJP starts to be like her character in “the first wives club”, spoiled and insufferable…

    I need to catch up on Cattrall’s work instead, as I don’t remember to have seen any of her work after Mannequin and Big trouble in China…

    • Sam says:


      I loved Sensitive Skin with Kim Cattrall on HBO, well acted by her.
      I enjoyed some episodes of SATC, the TV show, but all too often it was all about SJP, too much ego as time went on.
      The two movies were terrible, especially the second one, that was outright embarrassing.
      That’s why I don’t understand why SJP is so hell bent on making SATC3.
      Is she broke, why at 52 is she so desperate to recreate this character, movie that nobody seems to want???

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        More like resuscitate the character.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        She is desperate to have a movie star career and this franchise is her only option. Carrie is the role she is most famous for and is determined to milk it to death and beyond.

      • lucy2 says:

        SJP is trying to relive her glory days. It’s not going to happen, she needs to be an adult and move on. This desperate clinging to a character and show, that likely hasn’t aged well into this era, is pathetic.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Police Academy and Porky’s. Kim was really quite funny in those movies.

    • LAK says:

      She’s currently on BBC 4 with a show called Modus.

    • ilove6kies says:

      “SJP starts to be like her character in “the first wives club”, spoiled and insufferable…”

      Correction – she’s like ALL of her characters, spoiled and insufferable. Because all her characters are a reflection of her in real life.

    • AnnaKist says:

      It’s lovely to meet you, Silver Unicorn! You and I must be two of the world’s rarities who have never seen SATC, and never want to! Parker needs to shut her gob and pull her head in. KC is raw with grief and the last thing she needs is Miss Fake Nice Girl pushing her own agenda at Kim’s expense.

    • Newyorking says:

      Check out Sensitive Skin. It’s quite good.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I feel the same. SATC was before my time, I was a teenager, so I just liked watching the fashion, but Carrie didn’t seem as obnoxious to me then, but I was a self-centered teenager so she wouldn’t have.
        I heard SJP was planting stories about Kim and jealous. I also remember Kim seemed ready to walk away without looking back. I also heard SJP is an insecure control freak. I heard Kim was tough and difficult, but then that is what women who aren’t pushovers are always called, so I shrugged at that. I have no doubt she suffers no fools and has been around long enough to have low patience for nonsense and can be blunt and demanding.
        I will take that any day over an emotionally arrested 50-year-old woman who is behaving like a Jr High School bully with her backup bitch, Andy. They remind me of an 80s high school movie, and Andy is the stereotypical catty fashion gay sidekick. You know the one that it wasn’t until 2000 people collectively realized the sidekick was gay. OOOOOH, you mean Andy…OHHHH.

        So now it makes me interested in Kim’s career. It makes me see her in a new light.

        Meant it for Lady Princess Jr. But I will check it out.

    • Yeah… all this has done is make me want to find whatever project Kim’s involved in, and support it.

      • SilverUnicorn says:


      • I know it’s geektastic, but Big Trouble in Little China is one of those films I just don’t get tired of, and Kim’s performance in it is really fun.

        All this recent hoopla is doing is causing me to reassess Kim’s generosity as an actress… her willingness put herself out there and do weird, silly, and/or provocative sh!t, with flair and style… wasn’t that what the Samantha character was all about, anyway?

        Thanks SJP, for reminding me how much I enjoy Cattrall’s choices and contributions (and how shallow and one-note all of yours are).

        Also nice to meet you SilverUnicorn! **waves**

  4. Becks says:

    Messy messy messy .

    And shame on SJP for using this time to continue pushing her side of the story.

    EVEN IF (and I don’t believe this, but lets pretend) SJP is 100% innocent here, and the IG post from Kim came out of nowhere, given that her brother just died fairly tragically, I feel like she would get a pass even then.

  5. HK9 says:

    Kim is aging really well-that’s all I got.

    • Midigo says:

      I was thinking the same. SJP, not so much.

      • Call_Me_Al says:

        I think she would look a lot better and younger if she would lay off the eyeliner a bit. It’s way worse than Duchess Kate. SJP’s is blue, smoky, thick, and all the way around the eye. All the time, including daytime.

      • Beluga says:

        I always find that a very dark smoky eye on someone with a very light eye colour makes them look a bit scary tbh.

    • Ashby says:

      @HK9 I completely agree with you,
      Kim looks soft, light make-up and going easy with improvements on her face.
      SJP looks really harsh and old with that awful eyeliner look and multi-colour hair.
      Less is more, especially for older women.

  6. RBC says:

    I hope Ryan Murphy is taking notes.

  7. littlemissnaughty says:

    Oh my god, enough. Read the room, people! You’re all over 50, you’re successful women. This is embarrassing, mostly for SJP. Nobody wants that damn movie!

    And this: “You have two strong, famous women competing for the same thing. Of course it wasn’t nice.” Of course? No. No, honey. Not of course. Let’s nip that in the bud right there. Women do not always stoop to this level.

    One of them didn’t get what she wanted and turned petty. The other is now grieving and still has to deal with this petty sh*t. Whatever happened during these dumb negotiations for a dumb movie nobody ever asked for cannot possibly warrant THIS.

  8. Shambles says:

    Obvious PR is obvious. Narcisstic b!tch. Let. It. Go. Kim has not said one word about this beyond the Instagram post, because she is GRIEVING. But SJP will not rest until we realize how wrong we all were about her because that’s all that matters. She’s a cruel, terrible person.

    • Mrs. WelenMelon says:


    • LAK says:

      On reflection, wasn’t this one of Carrie’s traits? She would never, ever, let anything go. Would badger her victim (Natasha, Aidan, Big) etc until they gave into her POV. She never once considered their feelings. And even after they lashed out after being badgered to the nth degree, Carrie still played the victim of their lashing out.

      • Anon33 says:


        Remember, “Aiden, you HAVE TO FORGIVE MEEEEEE” ?!? Repeated like nine times?

        Really, bitch?

      • Lita says:

        Yep, I’ve watched SATC over and over again and came to really dislike Carrie. Everything was about her. She was a really s**tty friend and still the other three kept picking her as maid of honor, godmother etc., it really made no sense.

      • minx says:

        If you google “Carrie Bradshaw awful person” or “Carrie Bradshaw bad friend” there are many articles about why and how the character is terrible.

      • pwal says:

        @LAK, you made me flash to the episode when Carrie tried to apologize to Natasha for fcuking Big in their home while Natasha was having lunch (or dinner… I forget) with a friend and Natasha, very coldly, told her to take a walk.

        Neither Carrie or SJP seem to grasp the concept of timing or the impact of their behavior.

        Seriously… leave Kim alone, period.

      • SlightlyAnonny says:

        @pwal. I’ve said elsewhere that that is my favorite scene in all of SATC because Natasha was so fierce and so right and Carrie Her takeaway was that it was bad karma for HER that she had returned Natasha to the dating world instead of leaving her off the market. Then we get the soft focus glossy, curls flowing walkaway. Carrie.was.the.worst.

      • Liberty says:

        Yes! Carrie was the worst, awful. I watched the series first in Germany, dubbed, and when I saw it more recently in the original English, the whining babyish pouting of Carrie was even more rediculous to me. I loathed the character but thought SJP was gamely playing an absurd laughable OTT role — then realized she was supposed to be the star/leader we admire and….ugh.

        Now with all this, it is as if the two have become one. I no longer view SJP as a fluffy innocent, but as a calculating relentless self-absorbed woman, screwing with others’ lives, like her character.

    • These PR stunts are like a cat trying to cover up vomit.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Again Shambles. Agreed.

  9. ellieohara says:

    I hope when Kim feels better she does an entire story decimating SJP.

  10. minx says:

    Doesn’t SJP have enough to keep her busy? JFC.

    • paddingtonjr says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! Doesn’t she have kids, husband and another show on HBO? THIS is how she likes to spend her free time? Girl, get a hobby!

  11. Christin says:

    Sarah played a geeky high school girl on a 1980s series, and it seems she wants to be a high profile celebrity forever. I’m beginning to think (as others have said before) that she’s just another emotionally stunted child actor. It’s just taken until now for her “Baby Jane-ness” to be widely noticed. No amount of PR can erase that.

    Something isn’t right if another person states they have moved on from continuing a certain role, and you remain determined to talk about that person and role. Disregarding a tragedy in their lives to continue dragging them into your PR attempts is self-serving beyond belief.

    • Lilith says:

      @ Christin

      You are on the money! SJP. is getting her cuckoo on.

      • Christin says:

        Maybe she needs to produce and star in a remake of Baby Jane or Sunset Boulevard. She wouldn’t need to stretch to play either role, it seems.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It is all bizarre and leads me to believe something is wrong with her. Who goes this far?

      • Christin says:

        I would appreciate a professional’s theory on this type of behavior. Extreme narcissism?

        Several of us mentioned on previous posts that we’ve experienced a “tragedy vulture” who turns the attention to themselves during times of our immense loss. I would genuinely like more insight into what could compel a 50-plus adult to behave like this (both directly/indirectly).

      • magnoliarose says:

        Me too. I am going to ask paranormal girl next time she is around. She doesn’t like to diagnose, understandably, since she is a professional but I just want to know what this could mean or possibles.

        I have experienced tragedy vultures too and I guess that is why this bothers me so much.

    • SoulSPA says:

      I tend to believe too that’s she’s emotionally stunted. I remember a few years ago she received some awards and she forgot to acknowledge her husband. As if he hadn’t existed. And they had been married for some time. Plus the huge pettiness and bullying Kim via other people.

      I admit I liked SATC the show. A lot. No special like of either actress or character. Carrie seemed way too self-centred but what I disliked the most was her baby voice. And SJP couldn’t act. Just to say something positive, I liked Aiden and his dog and that little cabin in the forest. Honestly, I would have liked to see SATC3 with the original cast of course. Not for the cast. Just for the story and fab fashion.

      • Christin says:

        I remember that, now that you mention overlooking Matthew. Seems like there were rumors maybe they were having marital problems.

    • ol cranky says:

      I loved square pegs!

  12. Hmm says:

    It’s clear that SJP is an asshole.

  13. Susie says:

    #TeamCattrall 4eva

    • anne says:

      If you’re accused of doing too much, doing more doesn’t help. LOL. In conclusion SJP is narcissistic.

  14. BearcatLawyer says:

    SJP and her cronies have succeeded in making many more people Team Kim, including me who honestly could not care less about SATC.

  15. Other Renee says:

    This photo of SJP reminds me of Melania. Similar expression.

  16. BaronSamedi says:

    How is this even a feud?

    SJP and her people have been the only people talking as far as I can tell. Kim basically said I didn’t want to do the movie and then told SJP to leave her alone.

    Even if I knew nothing about the situation I would look at it and see SJP being the one who is STILL not shutting up after having it made clear that she and her words are not wanted.

    Kim doesn’t even need to justify it with grief or anything in my eyes. She set a clear boundary and SJP seems to not want to respect that. Ridiculous.

  17. Shirurusu says:

    Why the hell would Kim care about a stupid movie that no one wants when her brother is dead? SJP needs to understand the priorities here like all normal people following this story do – and STOP TALKING!!!

  18. Gisele says:

    SJP’s PR push just confirms her narcissism and assholery for me. Her team needs to stop. They’re making it worse. Kim Cattrall has suffered a horrible loss and rather than letting her grieve and leaving her alone, SJP is on a crusade to enforce her fake nice girl persona and vilify Kim. It’s truly in indicator of her narcissism. It’s getting to the point of being sadistic. She’s clearly a horrible person.

  19. mar says:

    this is good publicity for both of them.LOL

  20. WTF says:

    Team Kim

    Also, I read that SJP got $15M for the SATC movie and wanted to pay the other women $2M each. Kim fought back and got $6M.
    We have to be consistent. We just dragged Marky Mark to hell and back for the pay disparity with Michelle Williams. Is SJP really worth 7 times as much as her costars? It’s an ensemble for crying out loud.
    If you pay yourself 7x what you pay me, for the same work – bitch we ain’t friends

    • magnoliarose says:

      Exactly. That alone would make it impossible.

    • perplexed says:

      The fact that SJP keeps “begging” for Kim Cattrall to do this movie through some form of public shaming indicates that Cattrall is quite critical to this movie.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Samantha was the most popular character on the show – you can’t have a SATC movie without her. Carrie and the other characters CANNOT carry this movie and SJP knows it.

        I watched the series and lived for Samantha’s screen time – she was classy, funny and chic. Cattrall did wonders with the crappy storylines she was given – she is a great actress who is criminally underused.

    • Rumont says:

      Yep, That says it all!!!!

    • lucy2 says:

      Wow, that is a huge difference.
      Given that she was a producer and technically the star of the show, I can see her getting a little more, especially if she has more screen time, but 15 vs 2 is insane.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      Plus she made money on product placement and/or got to keep the items in the movie. So SJP made 15+++ and wanted to pay her “girls” her “friends” 2 and expected them to be grateful.

    • Michelle says:

      Wasn’t SJP an executive producer of the SATC shows/movies? If so, I think that would warrant more money over the others. Maybe not three times as much, but more money nonetheless.

  21. Krill says:

    Ready? The reason why people who know them take SJPs side is because Kim is the baddie. I saw on Jezzie that the guy who played Dennis Duffy on 30 Rock is explicitly saying he is team SJP. I never watched their shyte show but apparently he was in it? The consistent story from people who know SJP is that they like her. Alot. Hugh Grant who is famously curmegeonly and isnt one to hide his dislike for co-stars goes around saying he loves her. The only other person he does that about is Sandra Bullock. Hell even RDJ 30 years sfter their breakup still answers interview question about her to praise her. Now, if the rest of their co-stars detested her or were at least distant and indifferent, I would be inclined to believe Kim. But as it is, this is just one woman who is bitter at her female colleague being elevated at work. Happens.

    Also, when my sisters died the last thing on my mind was sustaining feuds. Not even with my ex step dad who terrorized us growing up. It wasnt that I magically forgave, its that I had a sudden sense of priority. Even assuming posting condolensces was an image cleansing move *so what?*. In the face of death, how could you even care? That said, I am inclined to believe that it was a sincere attempt to bury the hatchet in the knowledge that their white lady feud was still in the news cycle. Her lashing out at that post is exactly what convinced me that Kim is a petty grudge holding woman. Not even death will trigger introspection

    Ok now come at me.

    • minx says:

      “People who know them”—again, nice try.

    • Sam says:

      @ Krill

      One of the most cruel things in the world is to not let ANY person grieve in peace. Whatever happened, death is final, so let it go.
      I guess in the Trump era anything goes, some are losing their humanity.

    • legsly says:



      Also why are people praising Kim for that IG post? She could have just ignored. Honestly why would you bother if you weren’t a petty person. Grieve in peace and ignore the “devil” really.

      Kim is the asshole here.

      • Ashby says:

        @ legsly

        How in the world do you know that Kim is the only one saying that SJP isn’t nice?
        Not everybody that had some unpleasant dealings with SJP will say it out loud or run to tell the media.
        Some of those people might worry to speak up.
        Really not uncommon or heard of…hello year of 2017!
        Please stop calling people names and grow up, you don’t know either of them.

      • bikki says:

        just look how hard SJP is hitting with PR (both direct and indirect through her clique) – she’s relentless when she wants something and isn’t getting it.
        who wants to deal with that?! Kim has had enough. tbh, so have I, and I haven’t even worked with SJP.

    • Veronica says:

      If you’re going to quote someone at least be correct about it. He said he has history with SJP but also said Kim is nice.

    • Rumont says:

      Krill, If SJP really gave a sh*t about being concerned about Kim’s loss, why didn’t she just post
      something privately, send a card or a message. Doing it like that PUBLICLY was jus to
      make herself look like the nice girl. And “those people” (like Andy Cohen???? and US Magazine???) really? Geez…
      Never liked SJP on the show that much — couldn’t understand why she was the star….Samantha’s character was the best!

    • New_Kay says:

      The reason vapid celebrities like SJP is because she is vapid just like them AND she likely kisses their a$$e$ and majorly sucks up to them in her annoying baby vapid voice. ugh.

    • Ashby says:

      @Krill I have no idea what happened between these two people, only they do. I think what is really wrong here is that SJP and her associates to go after someone that is dealing with some very serious and raw emotions. I will give Kim a pass and would do it for most people in this situation, because there seems to be some bad history with SJP for a long time, not just the recent stuff and of course her current devastating news.
      If I would be SJP, I would have said nothing at all about Kim’s brother passing for a while and later send a card and flowers.
      Certainly not on social media and at this terrible time.
      It’s very insensitive and frankly cruel.
      SJP needs to let go of SATC3, she is too old for that role now, 52 year old running around in NYC in skimpy outfits, chasing men and throwing back cocktails.
      It’s immature, she should produce something for someone like her that is past middle age.

      • joanne says:

        i don’t like SJP but she is not PAST middle age. she is middle aged. that said, i hope Kim is doing as well as she can at this terrible time for her.

    • IMHO says:

      It is entirely possible these two just don’t mix. It is entirely possible to act one way towards a group of people and a completely different way towards another.

      I just don’t buy the “oh so many people say so and so is great so it MUST be (insert whoever)”.

      For whatever reason, these two don’t get along and the public record is that one of these people has waged a months long smear campaign against the other.

      • @IMHO Exactly. It’s a dumb argument.

        Yes… your generally perceived character should earn you some brownie points (just finished ‘The Good Place’ on Netflix… not usually a Kristen Bell enthusiast (the opposite), but I liked it), but it doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of f’ing up, acting out, putting your foot in it, in other areas of life, with other people.

        It’s evidence you are CAPABLE of having positive relationships (on the surface – was there anything to be gained by either party? Was the mutual admiration expressed totally impartial?) with select people, in select situations. It goes no further.

    • @Krill Your ‘all the best peeps vouch for her’ argument aside, you totally lost me at ‘female colleague’… like this is just women being women.

    • holly hobby says:

      Hmm this has shades of the Idiot in Chief to it. Some people told me.. everyone says. Um ok. Hi Kellyanne, Suckabee, SJP!

    • formerly known as Amy says:

      “In the face of death, how could you even care?”
      SJP don’t you have things to do? LOL nice try though.

  22. SlightlyAnonny says:

    A housewives podcast I love that was supposed to have no new episodes this week, suddenly posted a 2 minute episode yesterday with one of the hosts only (the host will be on WWHL this week, I think). That two minute podcast was just a quick critique of this feud that boiled down to Kim being in the wrong because she once scatted with her husband on ET years ago. I am not kidding. SJP and her PR minions are working hard to change the narrative and Kim’s brother still isn’t in the ground yet.

    • Coco says:

      @ Slightly Annoying

      I heard that too! That podcast only does Housewives related updates in between episodes and I was pretty surprised they were doing one about this. And calling SATC the Original Housewives? Clearly reaching! Considering they’ve had Andy on their podcast and love all things Housewives, I’m not shocked they sided with his bestie, SJP. This whole ordeal is really making it apparent to me the whole PR game Hollywood plays. I did get a good chuckle that the only thing she had to negatively say about Kim was the scatting. Lol!

      • SlightlyAnonny says:

        That was the crazy part! It’s like she couldn’t find anything negative except for that, she even complimented her acting! SJP has got to be getting desperate to pull these kind of strings.

  23. Anna says:

    On WWHL, Andy and SJP spoke incessantly about replacing the Samantha character with every rando guest and schmuck…then they acted out the “Sam gives the overnight express guy a blowie” scene mocking her work. She got pissed. Samantha was an ICONIC and incredibly entertaining character created by Catrall. It was brilliance and great comedy and drama. I loved that character and the strength and courage it took to create it. She deserves nothing but all respect for that and SJP acts like bitchy, boring Carrie was even interesting. She is in the wrong. She needs to come correct and set the record straight about how Catrall made that show and made her a GD ton of money!.

  24. Asiyah says:

    This is triggering me. Broke up with a friend and he still doesn’t get the point, still tries to reach out to me even though I’ve told him why I don’t want to be his friend, and he still reaches out, and you know what? I know it’s for the same reason SJP reaches out: the nice guy persona. I’ve tolerated his bs for years and gave him several warnings that if he kept disrespecting me he’d be cut off and he still felt he could do as he wants because he’s entitled. Kim’s message is exactly what I want to say to him: you’re a hypocrite, you are not my friend, and your constant reaching out is a reminder of how cruel you are in your attempt to not look like the manipulative a**h*le you really are. Everyone on his side swears he means well and has a good heart, but that’s bull.

    • Mtam says:

      So sorry to hear what you’re going through. This situation is triggering for me too since It sounds like I went through something similar as you, and all i can say is keep following your instincts. You know the truth about that person, feel confident in that. I had to ghost my friend because he was very selfish and a master manipulator and like yours would not respect boundaries (he would whine, get angry, twist my thoughts and feelings, and make me feel guilty) it took a long time for other people to see that too. Hang in there, and if you can, do cut them off, it will feel like a huge burden lifted off you.
      That being said, I obviously i don’t know your actual situation so take that advice with a grain of salt, just speaking from experience. Good luck!

      • Asiyah says:

        Thank you! I’ve cut him off and it’s just intensified him reaching out. I’m burdened by his constant reaching out but it is better than being burdened by his presence in my life. He is just like your friend. Toxic people are the worse.

      • magnoliarose says:


        They are a burden and a drain. I have had them, and they wanted to remain friends for superficial reasons. Don’t look back and no need to say much. You said it already.

  25. Jaded1 says:

    Where are all the women coming to defend SJP? I know Molly Shannon has spoken out, but she is also her current costar. All I’m hearing about is Andy, Dennis, Hugh, and Robert. Maybe that hints towards the mean girl persona?

    • I would say (and this is just a guess and an opinion) that women who enjoy putting on the ‘baby’ persona behave very differently with men than they do women. Further, the affectation of immaturity is a form of emotional manipulation that works on certain personality types, be they male or female, and Kim Cattrall is not one of those types.

  26. MoAnne says:

    Wow. Sarah Jessica Stalker won’t stop. That alone should tell you what kind of person she may be. It sounds like a case of narcissism to me. They are the kind of people who don’t understand empathy & will needlessly badger a person in pain. Kim wants nothing to do with you. Let it go. But, she won’t. And, she’ll use “friends” to do her dirty work for her. Gross.

  27. Michelle says:

    I am on neither side because these women are acting like high school girls, but can someone please explain to me WHY the issues between the two of them even started way back when? Was it because SJP got paid more (thought she was the executive producer and if so, she should have gotten paid more), or was it really over SJP renting a house and not including KC to stay even though KC was going with her husband? I mean, really what caused all this?

    • anne says:

      Kim isn’t doing anything, she is minding her business mourning her brother. Meanwhile SJP is out here doing the most talking about Kim. SJP needs to get over her “good girl Persona”

    • Ashby says:

      @ Michelle

      I think there is a lot more to it than just SJP got paid more, because she was also a producer on the show.
      SJP got $15 mil for the first SATC film and she wanted to pay only $2 mil to her costars, but Kim asked for more and ended up with $6 mil and SJP didn’t appreciate the push back.
      That is a huge pay difference, anyway you look at it.
      On the set it was supposedly SJP 24/7 and she was very jealous of Samantha’s character being so popular.
      Samantha was my favorite character, Kim didn’t have much to work with, but she has tremendous charisma, talent and skill.
      I will always give pass to someone who is going through such a horrific time, SJP should just stop it all.
      Stop the “Dearest Kim” thing, it’s so phony and stop your attack dogs already.
      Leave Kim alone, she has plenty to deal with.
      Let go of SATC3, you are too old to run around in your Mahnolo’s chasing men across Manhattan.
      Use your executive producer experience to create a new show a complete departure from SATC, MOVE ON, maybe adopt a book you loved, like Reese.
      Such great success, stop beating the that horse, there is nothing left.

  28. Kelly says:

    Or, US Weekly wants to sell magazines and is publishing something about a current issue… I still don’t see where SJP did anything wrong.

  29. bikki says:

    may this be the last nail in SJP’s coffin as a once-popular American actress.
    when I first read about this issue, I was honestly with neither side, but now that I know a bit more… seriously, it’s gotten ridiculous.
    there’s no way in hell I could watch a movie with SJP in it and not remember these relentless, insensitive pushes to drag Kim to no end.

    SJP: This woman just lost her brother. If you have “love and support” for her, then respect her need for space. These obviously calculated tabloid mag covers and web PR bits / TV sound bytes are exposing you as a capricious monster that won’t stop until you get what you want. BACK. OFF.
    hope this blows up in your face and you experience major backlash. seems like that would be the only way for you to lay down your worthless cause, and do something productive with your life.

  30. Bee says:

    SJP should be so utterly ashamed that she has continued this charade while a person is trying to grieve a loss. I’m actually disgusted her selfishness and desperation run so deep.

  31. holly hobby says:

    Oh ffs, give it a rest! I didn’t believe SJP last year and I certainly don’t believe her now. Stop beating a dead horse.

  32. Bailie says:

    I don’t understand why this 52 year old woman is so desperate to make another SATC movie.
    The TV show was pretty good, but the first movie was bad and the second one was a complete disaster.
    If I would be her, I would adopt a good book and develop a character for myself, be the executive producer and even direct a couple of episodes. Sort what Reese did with BLL, such a huge success.
    Why is she so crazy for SATC3 that she willing to railroad anybody and everybody?
    Doesn’t she understand that she is too old to reprise Carrie’s character, is she going through mid-life crisis???
    She should stop with that eyeliner look, it makes her look older and squinty eyed.
    Just move on, already!

    • Jussie says:

      Her fame and side businesses are very much tied to her Carrie persona. The perfumes, the clothing lines, the shoe lines etc. are all built on SJP as Carrie, not just SJP.

      Her status as a fashionista also comes from Carrie. She used to be super frumpy, still is when she’s not expecting to be photographed. Being seen as a style icon opens a lot of doors that her work no longer does.

      If people lose interest in Carrie and SATC, that really, really hurts SJP. A new film, good or godawful, would keep her in people’s minds as Carrie.

  33. Cali says:

    I loved the show so much (for the entire cast – especially Evan Handler, although he was even better on Californication) and I did watch the movies, but don’t know if I would again. The second one was blah. And I don’t know what they’d do to make a 3rd interesting enough. I don’t blame Kim for not wanting to hop on board.

    I really wanted them to be “real” friends off-screen the way Blake, Alexis, America and Amber are! But I feel for Kim. Not an easy spot to be in. 🙁

  34. Dinah Soar says:

    Does anyone study numerology? If her name is her true birth name, Sarah has eight ones in her name. In numerology, one means literally “looking out for number one.” The average person has far fewer ones, more like 1, 2 or 3 ones. The more ones, the more selfish the person. In my 52 years on earth, I have never found anyone with many ones in his true birth name to be anything but selfishness personified.

  35. Scarlett says:

    LOL !! Stop beating a dead horse ! Oh , the irony. * snigger*

  36. Rori says:

    That picture of Kristen Davis is bonkers!!!!

  37. Anon73 says:

    I’ve watched SATC. I enjoyed the series, thought the first movie was ok but dragged on way too long. 2nd movie was beyond pointless and stupid. A 3rd? That would be ridiculous and overkill. Even before this tragedy with her brother, Kim had made it clear that she was done with SATC. WHY on earth is SJP still talking about it, esp in the wake of Kim’s present loss?

    I really don’t know what SJP expects to accomplish from all this other than to try to make Kim look bad for not giving her what she wants. She doesn’t realize she’s the only one coming off terribly in this scenario. Someone needs to stick this tantrum-throwing, adult toddler in a corner and make her think about what she’s done.