‘Black Panther’ box office broke records, is the fifth biggest opening of all time

'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' - Premiere

Much like Wonder Woman, I found that I didn’t want to get too heavily into the weeds of box office predictions for Black Panther. The box office would be one thing, I told myself, but what’s more important is the long-term impact, the message it sends to studios who default to white-male superheroes, the studios who believe that consumers are only interested in seeing white bros in capes. Well, consumers have sent a HUGE message. Last week, Black Panther was tracking for a $165-170 million North American opening. How much did it actually make?

Black Panther delivered on the hype at the box office. The high-profile black superhero movie starring Chadwick Boseman bypassed early expectations, raking in $192 million in ticket sales for the weekend, according to studio estimates and comScore. Including Monday’s Presidents’ Day holiday, the film is expected to earn $218 million for the four-day weekend and $361 million worldwide.

Black Panther had fifth-biggest opening weekend ever, not accounting for inflation. The film set a new record for a February opening, besting Deadpool, which started with $132.4 million and $152.2 million for the same three- and four-day weekend in 2016. It’s Marvel’s second-best North American opening, comScore says, behind only The Avengers in 2012 ($207.4 million).

The Ryan Coogler movie has earned terrific reviews, receiving a 97% fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes and an A-plus from audiences on CinemaScore.

[From USA Today]

Wakanda Forever! The receipts tell the story: there was such hunger for this kind of film, and there was an incredibly large market for this film as well. Much like Patty Jenkins finally got credit for Wonder Woman’s success, so too is Ryan Coogler (the writer-director of Black Panther) getting the well-deserved credit for Black Panther. Marvel honcho Kevin Feige already went on record last week to say that he absolutely wants Coogler to come back for the sequel and possibly even more Marvel projects, and Coogler’s involvement in the Marvel Comics Universe is being hailed as a much-needed breath of fresh air, to show how expansive and inclusive MCU really can be.

'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' - Premiere

'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' - Premiere

Covers courtesy of Rolling Stone, Essence.

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  1. SilverUnicorn says:



  2. Hh says:

    I loved it! No movie is without flaw, but this was as close. Haha. It was everything I wanted and more. Mostly I’m just happy that Marvel/Disney did not shy away from Coogler going all in on the Blackness. Chocolate skin, natural hair, and beautiful Afro-futurist back drops!! Take my money for all the sequels lol

  3. H says:

    I love the Rolling Stone cover. I saw Black Panther twice this weekend, absolutely amazing film. As I told a friend: the “villain” had a character arc! In a Marvel movie. Ryan Coogler deserves all the accolades.

    • V4Real says:

      I loved it, though like someone said it was not without flaws. The plot was like most plots but Michael B. Jordon actually made you feel sympathy for him. Strong beautiful women who were not overshadwed by the men was awesome.

      A survey was done that placed the Black audience at 37% and White audience at 35%. For me BP was a great way to celebrate Black History month.

    • noway says:

      First it’s a great movie whether you are black, white or whatever. For a superhero action movie it was amazing as it had more depth of characters than the generally formula ridden brand. I like what Lupita N’yongo said paraphrasing it, she has seen super hero pictures with white guys forever and she still liked them. White people can see this and enjoy it too. She’s right.

  4. Kate says:

    i’m so happy for Michael Bae Jordan. I knew he was a star in the making when i first saw him in The Wire. Friday Night Lights confirmed my intuitions. And now this. Yeees!
    And Ryan Coogler deserves a lot of credit as well. His first three movies, Fruitvale Station, Creed and Black Panther, were all great. A white director with this kind of CV would be on everybody’s lips…

  5. Chef Grace says:

    Seeing it Thursday with my daughter. Can’t wait.

  6. elimaeby says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Marvel films, but my S.O. really wanted to see it and no one else was around, so I went. It was fantastic. It had a well-developed story and fully fleshed-out characters. Well done, Marvel. This should be the yardstick against which all superhero movies are judged.

  7. Tania says:

    My husband will be in Atlanta for the week so we went a few days early so I could visit the MLK National Park – which has been a dream of mine since I read The Strength To Love. We walked the 1.5 miles from our hotel to the park and along the way passed a runner wearing the Black Panther shirt. Without thinking I crossed my arms and said, “Wakanda Forever!”. It took him a couple of seconds since he’s running but he laughed, crossed his arms and said, “You’re right! Wakanda Forever!” It was one of the highlights of my weekend.

    I recommend visiting Atlanta to see the legacy of Dr. King. Saw Black Panther on Thursday and since I’m home alone in a city still new to me I’ll check it out sometime this week again using my movie pass!

  8. Tiffany27 says:

    I have seen it 3 times and got teary each and every time the “bury with my ancestors” speech is made. I loved it. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!

  9. ThenThereIsThat says:

    Great movie!!! The acting and scenery were incredible. I love that the hero was a big proponent of border-control of his own country. Brave to put this in the movie when so many people are anti-border. Makes the movie even more enjoyable for conservatives. ;-)

  10. Steely says:

    Michael B Jordan was the best part of the film and I would have liked to see more of his character. The Black Panther character while sexy, was boring and I probably wouldn’t watch a sequel. Also him and Lupita didn’t have any chemistry and her acting was subpar compared to the others.

    • H says:

      In the comics, T’Challa marries Storm of X-Men. I wasn’t feeling the Nakia/T’Challa romance either but if he dates Storm? Take my money.

      • V4Real says:

        Jordon was great but not the best part of the movie.

        Yes Panther was with storm but XMen are not a part of this universe. Just like BP originated from the Fanastic 4 comic but they also are not a part of this universe, at least not yet

        But I agree on the lack of chemistry between Lupita and Chadwick.

    • pwal says:

      Gotta disagree. I enjoyed T’Challa and Nakia’s connection, especially when things went south. While they disagreed about Wakanda’s future, she sprang to action and protected… trying not to spoil anything, but needless to say, I enjoyed them because despite both characters being at a crossroads, regarding their identity, the intimacy was still there and wasn’t taken for granted.

    • Mia4s says:

      OK good, I’m not crazy. Other people saw the complete lack of chemistry. I was dumbfounded, come on you two gorgeous actors, generate some heat!….A connection even? They were very good otherwise but that relationship was a bust. One of the movie’s very few missteps.

      Sadly Storm is a no go for the forseeble future. Yes I know, the Fox/Disney deal, but with the current timeline we are still a long way from the rights being properly available. Plus Marvel likes to plan far in advance. If we assume a trilogy like most Marvel characters the odds are basically zero she’s available for the sequel and maybe 60/40 for the threequel. That’s showbiz!

  11. ArtShark says:

    The women basically stole every scene. I saw it in Brooklyn with a mixed audience. Almost every black person in the theater was totally dressed up, evening gowns, beautiful african dresses, some dressed as the characters. For them this was history being made and they were going to enjoy every minute of it. It was fantastic. And the film totally lives up the hype.

    • Snazzy says:

      So I saw it in Geneva (switzerland) and despite it being a pretty international city (with the UN and lots of non-profits based here) I saw the most colour I have seen in a movie audience in my life! So many people from all walks of life. Brought a tear to my eye

    • Anners says:

      THIS ^^ the women in this movie were AMAZING!!!! I mean, I loved all of it, but so much loved the prominent role women played. It was so uplifting…I didn’t know how much I needed this movie. More like this, please, Hollywood. #princessshuriforever

  12. Mia4s says:

    Definitely an above average superhero flick with gorgeous production design. I admit I had HUGE issues with the pacing throughout the first half and sadly Lupita’s character did not land for me at all (Danai Guaira on the other hand? WOW). Also found it hilarious that like Batman movies, Black Panther was ultimately the most boring character in the movie. Damn those villains and sidekicks, always stealing the glory! 😉 Ultimately terrific blockbuster film making. At least a $450 million domestic movie and could go much higher.

    “Coogler to come back for the sequel…
    …and possibly even more Marvel projects,”
    Ugh. No thank you. I’d rather see his original work now please and thank you.

  13. PPP says:

    There were a lot of white people who didn’t go because they felt they’d be taking tickets from the audience that really wanted to see it, and I wonder if that had an impact. I bought my tickets at the last minute to avoid the worry, but I still wanted to contribute to the box office. Saw it twice because I missed the second post-credit sequence and because it’s the best movie I’ve seen in the past couple years except The Handmaiden. If there wasn’t some excessive white guilt operating I bet this could have been #1.

    Anyways, Shuri for president, long live T’Challa, Wakanda forever. And M’Baku, oh my lord. Probably see it again this weekend. Nothing has brought so much joy and hope to my heart for a long time.

    • V4Real says:

      Please explain the White people who didn’t see it because they didn’t want to take tickets away from people who wanted to see it.

      • pwal says:

        I kinda want to hear this too because when I saw it Thursday night, I was surrounded by White moviegoers. Yeah, Black folks were there too, as evidence by the laughs MJB/Erik got for one particular line (I LMAO at it too). Or on Saturday, when I bought my ticket for Sunday, when a White family was exchanging their jumanji tix ( because it was too intense/scary to the kiddos) for Black Panther. Or on Sunday when I went to the matinee and there was already a line at the box office and others were waiting for mgmt. to unlock the doors.

        Of course, I’m in Michigan, so…

        In other words, if there were White people staying away, they’re weren’t doing it out of altruism.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I saw it twice.
      One theatre was in an upscale area in Connecticut, and the audience was mixed but definitely more white. I didn’t know this was a thing.

    • isabelle says:

      ppp…its sad to say but Hollywood will take more notice if its viewed by a white audience. Truth be told, the film wouldn’t be deemed successful if only POC attended. Hollywood in the end is about money and if this is successful it will open them up to more POC movies geared toward all audiences and not just POC audiences.

      • Coco says:


        This is exactly why I booked a babysitter and bought tickets for Saturday night without even talking it over with my husband, who had no clue this movie was even out. My white dollars were going to support this incredible movie on opening weekend so more films and roles go to diverse casts and filmmakers. Hollywood better wake up that many of us white folks want to see diversity and excellent movies made from different viewpoints. So over white dudes in capes!

  14. SM says:

    Well, the fact that the last two Marvel movies that were highly positively received were directed by non white people – Black Panther by Ryan Coogler and Thor Ragnarok by Taika Waititi need to be celebrated loud and clear! With the reach and impact of superhero movies, dry and talentless people like Zach Snyder, who get to endulge in their own vanity only because they are white men, need to go NOW. I hope the Hollywood won’t force a Ben Affleck directed Batman down our throats.

  15. dodgy says:

    As someone from the diaspora, Killmonger’s pov really, really touched me. His final scene made my bones ache with the truth of it. ;~; Thank you, Mr Coogler.

  16. Spikey says:

    I’m so happy for the Black Panther team! We saw it yesterday and I have to agree with the guys behind us: It’s one of Marvel’s best entries. I’m a Taika Waititi die-hard, so nothing will ever beat Thor 3 for me, on principle, but Coogler did an exceptional job. Very straight forward storytelling, very arresting images. And Okoye. I mean… there are no words!
    Some of our stupid German cinema magazines gave it mediocre reviews but I can tell you that word of mouth is strong here. Everyone left the cinema excited yesterday, I’m seeing it again with friends next weekend. Marvel will get all my money!

    • Maria F. says:

      well, Fifty shades beat it in the box office… I think it does not have the same impact in Germany as in the US. I do not think my colleagues see it as more than another super hero movie.

      I loved it, especially all the Wakanda scenes with the traditional garbs and the rituals. I thought that the second part was too fast paced and not enough character development.

      I hope they can resucitate Michael B. Jordan’s character for the sequel and make him a part of the Wakandan royal family. Him and his upper body will be sorely missed.

  17. DiligentDiva says:

    A film that 1000% deserves it!

  18. ol cranky says:

    I was mortified to read that deplorables are making all sorts of false claims of attacks on social media – luckily, the deplorables aren’t too bright so they were using pictures that were very easily identified (including the pic of one of Rob Porter’s ex-wives black eye) and allowed people to call them out for the bogus claims

    I saw it in a suburban theatre and was surprised it wasn’t jam-packed but have a feeling people may not have bought tix for that showing either because of the weather (and fear of friday night rush hour traffic making it harder to make a 6 pm showing) or they assumed it would be sold out.

  19. Aang says:

    Spoiler alert, but not more than other posts above. It was pretty good for a super hero movie. Better than Wonder Woman or any
    of the Thors I thought. And very pretty to look at. I could have lived without the CGI rhinos. And I’d actually prefer a revolution to a community outreach center so I was pro antagonist.

  20. Nene says:

    The movie was sooo amazing. Like others mentioned, the T’Challa and Nakia romance was a dud for me and those accents were just argh.

    In spite of that, it was an excellent movie. Cant wait for Infinity War, the second post-credit scene did things to me…lol

  21. Kittylouise says:

    I saw it last Wednesday in central London – it was a small screen but packed, mixed audience as I’d have expected for London. I loved it – and so did everyone around me going by their reactions. I loved everyone in it but especially Letitia Wright, Daniel Kaluuya and most of all Danai Gurira. I want to go and see it again!

    I felt the same about this as I did Wonder Woman – I’m not a massive super hero films fan but this is so much bigger than the film. I’m thrilled it’s such a hit.

  22. my3cents says:

    I’m calling the next wave of baby names having Wakanda up there….

  23. Imani says:

    Sorry I know this will get buried but I just want to say I love those covers. Four black ladies, all stunningly gorgeous, no trying to make them look any different from thier beautiful selves… Yassss… Finally.

  24. Lucy says:

    Amazing movie. At certain points, it didn’t really feel like a superhero flick. I was pleasantly surprised by all the great female characters, and at some points, I even found myself agreeing with MBJ’s character. These movies matter. They are important, they are necessary, and they shouldn’t be a novelty.

  25. thsoens says:

    So many fully realized characters! Shuri needs her solo movie. And I’d watch a whole series of movies about the Dora warriors. I feel like I know more about these women than I know about Black Widow or Scarlet Witch after several movies, and I love them a whole lot more.

  26. Myafroworld says:

    It was extremely packed at cinemas in Lagos, Nigeria. I completely loved it, Black Panther is AMAZING! I didn’t wait for the second end credit whatever cos someone next to me was like ‘i’ll see that on YouTube’ and I was like yeah same, but when I came out of the hall the crowd outside for the next screening was overwhelming. Wakanda forever! I was also dressed up, a lot of us here in lagos act too cool for school but I went hard!

  27. Elaine says:

    You know what movie I wanna see?! The Dora Milaje meet the Wonder Woman Amazons! WOOO!

  28. lucy2 says:

    boxofficemojo is reporting $404 million worldwide. That’s amazing.
    I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, not a Marvel fan but do want to see this as the general consensus is it’s fantastic.

  29. Ruyana says:

    Went to this movie with my son. I loved it! And Shuri is everything! But I have to confess, as a little old white granny I couldn’t understand everything that was said because of the accents. Still, I got to hear enough to know that it’s really a great movie and one that would stand up to repeat viewings.

    The other thing I love about it, in all honesty, is that it makes racists crazy and I do hate racists.

  30. Asiyah says:

    I don’t like superhero movies at all, and I don’t like going to the theaters, but I’m considering going to see it because I want to support my POC. This excites me so much!

    • magnoliarose says:

      You should see it on the big screen. It is beautiful, and it is one of those films that should be seen that way if you can.

      • isabelle says:

        Know this sounds strange but for someone reason it has the look of The Matrix and a gritty superhero movie combined. It looks amazing in the trailers, will see it next weekend.

      • NightOwl says:

        It’s a gorgeous movie – I want to rewatch it for the beautiful futuristic Wakanda vistas as well as the overall costume design. It’s seriously such a visual treat. The characters and storyline are also more nuanced than I’d normally expect from Marvel / Avengers. Highly recommend watching it on a huge screen if at all possible.

        Just as an aside, I saw it at 11am on a weekend morning, and wow, I have not seen people get dressed up like this for the movies in a LONG time.

  31. HeyThere! says:

    Hoping to see it in IMAX about an hour away. LOL I just need a sitter and my husband needs a day off. Maybe next week! Ahhh!!!

  32. Ozogirl says:

    I have no interest in seeing this since I’m not into comics, but I’m glad it did well!

  33. PiMo says:

    I’ve been checking the news for the BP numbers and gleefully watching the numbers being revised up and up.

    For me it was a near perfect movie. Directing, writing, acting, one of the best villains of all time… Last year Wonder Woman showed that a female oriented, female directed movie can make money, lots of it. Now BP is showing what a black director can do with an all black cast!

    I am now a huge Ryan Coogler fan. Fruitvale Station, Creed and now this. He is my new, I-will-watch-anything-he-directs director.

  34. isabelle says:

    I hate most superhero movies but when I saw the trailer for Black Panther it looks cool & stylish. Like, The Matrix, of superhero movies. Still haven’t seen it but plan to this coming weekend. Thins it will the first one I’ve seen in the theater since The last Batman movie. It is the only one that has appealed to me since the Dark Knight series. The soundtrack sounds awesome as well.

  35. Layla Love says:

    Wonderful movie for my group of 10 year olds! Beautifully shot.

  36. Her Higness says:

    It feels great as a black woman to have seen this and the way my people have embraced it. I saw an early pre-screening & disney had security take our cell phones but the teens did not even care.
    That says alot-we know how attached we are to our cells. During the sow they were leaning forward in their seats & so into it! I’ll never forget their faces, I’m 37 & I’m telling you I saw inspiration and pride on their faces that I have never seen before!!! We have always wanted something to be proud of, this shatters all those horrible images & feelings of Africa that I grew up being told!