Brad Pitt’s film ‘Moneyball’ deemed too horrible to finance

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All of that anxiety about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie allegedly being split up for the summer was all for nothing. A few weeks ago it seemed that Brad was going to be spending the summer working on Moneyball with director Steven Soderbergh, filming in Arizona and California. Many tabloid reports had Angelina and kids wanting to spend the summer in France – even though People Magazine’s cover story on the “rumors” had Angelina and the kids going with Brad wherever he was. It was just announced over the weekend that Brad might not even be filming Moneyball this summer though – the financing from Columbia Pictures just fell through. Apparently, the studio chief Amy Pascal thought the script was pretty horrible, and she was all “I don’t care if Brad wants to make it, this blows. Screw you guys, I’m taking my money with me.”

Looks like the children of the Jolie-Pitt household are getting one big Father’s Day treat–some extra time with their dad now that his latest movie is in free-fall.

Brad Pitt was slated to begin production on Moneyball in Phoenix, Az. on Monday, with director Steven Soderbergh at the wheel.

Studio Columbia Picture and its honcho Amy Pascal, however, have ditched the project last minute due to major script problems, reports Variety.

The baseball themed flick, a usual Soderbergh hybrid of fictional vignettes and real-life interviews, now has a limited period to find a new home to finance its shooting and distribution.

Agents for star Pitt and director Soderbergh are said to be targeting Paramount and Warner Bros.

[From Radar]

I tend to think that the script really must have been terrible for the studio to pull the money from a film with Soderbergh and Pitt attached. The film was supposed to be about the true story of Billy Beane, manager of the Oakland A’s, and his magical draft system. What’s a little sketchy is that Soderbergh was the one to write the screenplay – so basically a studio chief just told an Oscar-winning director that he blows as a writer.

But could there be another reason for the financing falling through? A source told OK! Magazine that one of the factors might have been Brad’s lack of Fight Club-esque muscles. OK!’s source is a real bitch about it too, saying “Maybe [Brad] should stop riding his motorcycle and take a spinning class.” Oh, burn!

[Insiders] explain to OK! that this delay in production, which is reportedly due to last-minute conflicts over the script, may end up working in Brad’s favor — psychologically and physically.

“The location shoot for the film would have kept Brad away from his family, who are all with Angelina Jolie while she films Salt on the east coast,” says the insider. “But with Moneyball on hold, he won’t be jetting back and forth or have to worry about being a long-distance dad. Brad is free to do what he wants until this situation with the film is resolved.”

Some sources tell OK! that Brad already took advantage of the schedule change by flying east to join Angie and the kids for Father’s Day weekend.

One thing Brad might want to do with his free time, says the insider, is hit the gym.

“Brad’s character in Moneyball, Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane, is in the kind of shape Brad used to be in, but anyone who’s looked at photos of him recently can see this is not the ripped hottie from Fight Club,” explains the insider. “Maybe he should stop riding his motorcycle and take a spinning class.”

[From OK!]

As I said before, People claimed that Angelina and the kids were going with Brad, so OK! probably has that part of the story wrong. I think the tabloids were geared up for the multiple covers proclaiming the death of the relationship, and now they’re a little disappointed that Brad is probably going to spend the summer puttering around the French chateau in his underwear, drinking beer and playing with the kids. Scandalous!

Brad Pitt is shown at Cannes on 5/20/09. Credit:

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  1. Kath Jaynes says:

    Whatever! Anyone who saw Burn After Reading (just last year) noticed that Brad Pitt’s still got it going on physically. I mean he played a personal trainer for cripes sake!

    Moneyball sounds really boring. Glad its not being made. And I’m sure BP and Soderbergh will find other projects to fill their schedules very quickly.

  2. debra says:

    Oh give me a break..Brad Pitt is a lot of things but this man has NEVER been out of shape.. If a male body type is the underlying cause then most of he movies I see would never be made. I hope Brad/Family can head to France and leave the craziness that is Tab and gossip sites behind..Boy talk about grabbing for straws to make a story..

    And some really cheap shots..

  3. jennifer aniston says:

    damn that title is so misleading, i son’t even know where to start… so i’ll just say next

  4. Jaco says:

    Well who ever has it out for Pitt/Jolie I hope they are getting it out of their system since they have flooded the media with Pitt/Jolie rumour stories none stop. Some how it’s making them more popular.

  5. kelly138 says:

    Since when does a baseball manager have to be a ripped hottie? Have these Hollywood people ever seen an MLB game?

  6. Ned says:

    Brad’s movies have been failing miserably ever since he hooked up with Angelina.

    It’s a wise business decision to check the actors actuall contribution and has the audience showed up to watch him/ her.

    Brangelina may be selling gossip mags, but the audience doesn’t seem to like their performances.

    In Angelina’s case- she failed long before Brad. Her Sky Captain and Alexander disasters proved she is not bankable.

    Their only “success” was Mr. and Ms. Smith that people wanted to watch for one reason (more like watching a porn with famous people and figuring out how she seduced him…).

    After that trick of a new secret romance faded nobody wanted to watch them anymore.

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Okay Neddy, let’s take a look:

    Brad hooked up with Angie in 2005. Since then:

    Babel — $135 million
    Oceans Thirteen — $312 million
    Burn After Reading — $150 million
    Benjamin Button — $329 million

    Hollywood usually calls any film that makes over $100 million a “blockbuster”.


    Next time do your homework before you come posting bullshit on here. Stupidity does not become you.

    (I’d give you the box office stats for Angelina’s movies since 2005 but I don’t want to depress you even further.)

  8. dark says:


  9. Diana says:

    I wonder why this was ever greenlit. Per a synopsis of the book it looks like it would be better produced as a training film.

    (Steven Covey, Kouzes & Pozner)

  10. morgs says:

    But I wanted to see Angie Jo walk on the water of San Francisco Bay!

  11. Sauronsarmy says:

    Hey Cheyenne do you also know when Angie gets her period?

  12. yeah, right! says:

    please, Sauronsarmy, she even knows when St. Angie is ovulating!!!

  13. morgs says:

    Saints don’t bleed, let alone ovulate. God personally gifted her babies.

    Sounds like you ladies need to go a couple of rounds with a rosary from the religion of St. Angelinasanus.

  14. Linda says:


    Don’t forget about the Jesse James blockbuster – $15 Million.

    What is interesting is that Brad sells way better overseas then he does in the U.S. – usually box office sales will be about 40-45% US – Brad’s movies are well below that by comparison and don’t do as well in the Domestic market as they do the Foreign Market.

    % Box Office Gross in U.S.- Examples below

    Assisination of Jesse James – 26% (meaning 74% of the box office revenue came from foreign markets)
    Babel — 25%
    Oceans Thirteen — 37.6%
    Burn After Reading — 37.5%
    Benjamin Button — 38.3%

  15. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    *big snorty laughter* @ morgs comment.

    I’m shocked to see that no-one has managed to make it Jennifer Aniston’s fault yet that this film is sh1t and won’t get made.

    Yes. I went there.

  16. Fan of None says:

    This is not a family that sits still (insert your own psychological evaluation here, I have my own)…
    She’s not (visibly) pregnant (yet), so no nesting for her…
    And keep in mind that he runs his own prod co, so he can try to bump one of his up…

  17. Cheyenne says:

    Linda, I don’t think you want to go there. Oh hell, let’s go there anyway.

    Opening weekend $300,000
    Four weeks after release date: $875,000

    That turkey hasn’t even made $1 million yet and probably never will.

  18. Cheyenne says:

    Poor Sauron, did I hit a nerve? I can’t help it if your played-out, washed-up, no-talent idol can’t hold a man or carry a movie on her own. Blame it all on Angie. She’s to blame for everything else from the recession to global warming.

  19. Miriam says:

    I try to refrain from commenting since I get too worked-up with some of the idiots that post on the AJ threads, but I must say, I love you. Keep it up, someone needs to be brave enough to take these idiots on. According to them, AJ is the ONLY one at fault for everything.

  20. Praise St. Angie! says:

    lol…Linda didn’t say word one about Aniston, Cheyenne…in fact, NO ONE MENTIONED ANISTON UNTIL YOU DID.

    (save Zoe who did it in jest…)

    it’s been said before, but clearly it needs to be said again.

    just because someone doesn’t like St. Angie does NOT mean they are a Faniston.

    go back to your St. Angie shrine and pray for a clue, dear.

  21. Cheyenne says:

    LOL Miriam, what you’re seeing on here is a lot of bitter, spiteful hags whose world fell apart when Brad dumped the ball and chain. Every time a marriage breaks up, blame the other woman. As if the man was bewitched and had no say in the matter.

    I’ve never seen so many beeyotches become so emotionally invested in somebody else’s divorce. They need to get a fcuking life and remember their name is not Jennifer Aniston, the man who dumped them is not named Brad Pitt, and the woman they got dumped for is not named Angelina Jolie.

    Shit happens. GTF over it and move on. Nobody but a pathological loser holds a five-year grudge over a divorce that wasn’t even theirs.

  22. Linda says:

    Cheyenne – why did you bring Jennifer Aniston into this????

    I thought you might like to have the Jesse James figures as you seem to have left that movie off your list.

    I only cited figures because you are calling people IDIOTS when they talk about Brad Pitt and his movies. I was merely trying to point out the Brad Pitt does not sell as well in the US -thus could be considered a failure by box office standards here in the U.S.

    P.S. – you look like the real idiot here by rebutting with a post about Jennifer Aniston – you brangeloonies just can’t leave her alone – anything slightly negative and let’s bash the heck out of Jennifer – did it make you feel superior?

  23. Beth says:

    Kaiser must really hate Brad. Just because the studio head doesn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s horrible. The reports said that the script changed a lot since the time it was greenlit. She felt the changes made the movie less commercial making it a bigger financial risk. I don’t know why the OK Mag quote was put in. Angelina stopped filming more than a week ago. The part about Brad having to travel doesn’t make sense. Also Billy Beane isn’t some hot, buff guy. So I don’t understand why Fight Club is even mentioned. Brad only bulks up when the role calls for it.

  24. morgs says:

    wow Cheyenne. Those are some words.

  25. Shirley says:

    If any of you need a piece of paper to write a million times how awesome and holy the Jolie-Pitts are, wait until Cheyenne and Miriam finish pleasuring themselves with their Mr & Mrs Smith posters.

  26. Red Rooster says:

    What a bunch of nutjobs on this site — YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE CELEBRITIES!

  27. anneesezz says:

    I read that baseball movies don’t usually translate overseas, so that would lend credence to the fact that Brad’s movies tend to earn more overseas than in the states.
    He and AJ have had more stinkers than hits in reent years. And, the Ocean movies are ensembles with George Clooney in the lead – anyone would play Rusty. I wouldn’t exactly put them in Brad’s column.

  28. DD says:


    you need to reflect on why you feel so personally attacked when someone says something about them you don’t like. You seem to get so upset. Sometimes it sounds like you think you are Angelina and you are telling off Jennifer whom you pretend are the posters that aren’t in love with them.

  29. Ned says:

    Let me start by saying that Brad had a lot of potential and I def. thought he was talented in the past.

    Babel — was an ensemble in which Brad was in only one part of the movie and could have been replaced by anyone.
    Not to mention the movie’s selling point was the international scope and the fact that it wasn’t one story with one group of actors.
    Having said that, he did a pretty lame job but the role was limited to begin with.

    Oceans Thirteen — again- about 7 other stars. Brad had a couple of lines as did the rest.
    This movie was not a Brad Pitt movie.
    Burn After Reading — 5 stars ensemble work- again.
    Benjamin Button- didn’t see that one.

    So basically you are bringing mainly the films in which other actors might have brought the audience or a film in which the concept (international+ ensemble+ different perspectives) was the main issue (Babel).

    I don’t know what happened to his acting. Perhaps his energy was spent on anger tantrums of Angie or globe hopping, but his work was his worst, and the audience didn’t want to buy tickets- not for him and not for Angelina.

  30. Charity is Chic says:

    Hey Cheyenne, you’re misleading everyone. The numbers for the various films you posted includes domestic/international/dvd sales which take a long time to earn. Once you subtract the cost of the film and the marketing some of these films barely make a profit.

    Benjamin Button for example, cost $150 million to make and another $156 million to market. That means at $329 million, it barely broke even

  31. Ursula says:

    His movies haven’t been doing well for sometime. Anyone notice that in the refugee interview Angie Jo did not yap on and on about him. He did not yap on and on about her either at cannes. Something is gonna give. I can’t wait.

    Cheyenne, take a chill pill.

  32. Magsy says:

    Let’s get real, Brad hasn’t been in a good flick in a while. Dump Angie, team up with George Clooney.

  33. Ravatar says:

    Hmmm…hot post. I just follow the story about this ‘mr and mrs smith’