Jennifer Lawrence in a slinky black Versace in London: stunning or dated?

London photocall for 'Red Sparrow'

Here are some photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton at the photocall for Red Sparrow in London. This came the day after the big London premiere, which is unusual, to do the photocall afterwards. My guess is that J-Law will be going on a big European tour to promote Red Sparrow in the coming days and weeks. I wonder if she’ll promote the film in Russia? Hm.

Anyway, J-Law vamped it up at this photocall, wearing a full-on Versace gown. If this looks familiar to you and you are old enough to have paid attention to fashion in the 1990s, then you know exactly why this looks so familiar. Elizabeth Hurley wore a version of this Versace – with safety pins down the side and shoulder straps – back in the 1994, when she was dating Hugh Grant. It was considered one of the most iconic fashion moments of the ‘90s. I’m not really feeling it on Jen – it feels like she’s “overdressed” for a photocall and underdressed for the climate. Joel is literally wearing like four layers.

As for Joel and J-Law… they were looking very chummy at the premiere, and I’m assuming that we’ll see them continue to be chummy. I don’t believe they’re dating or flirting or whatever, but I could be wrong, who knows. My gut tells me that Jennifer is just like that with her costars – chummy, silly, funny, and more like a sister than a girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I think Joel and Jen would be hot together, but I think he would be hot with just about anyone. Jen also told a British paper this week that she’s still single, following her split with Darren Aronofsky, and “I am in the single mode where I am like, ‘Cool, I can do whatever I want and I can be alone and watch terrible TV.’ And then, of course, in a few months I will be devastatingly lonely and feel like I’m on some long waiting list. But I am not there yet.”

And it should be pretty clear by now that J-Law isn’t taking a break from acting. She said was planning on taking a break last year, but she’s signed on for several more movies and her rep is all “yeah, that was bulls–t.”

London photocall for 'Red Sparrow'

'Red Sparrow' European Premiere - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Mrs. WelenMelon says:

    Why is she wearing Liz Hurley’s dress?

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    I like the dress but it was wet and cold yesterday in London. Not too keen on the movie but am beginning to look at Egerton as a potential Bond.

  3. Nicole says:

    The better question is why she is wearing this dress without a coat and everyone else is bundled up. Esp when according to all reports it was super cold yesterday.
    The dress looks great but geez give the girl something warm to wear.
    And I’ll believe she will take a break when she disappears for a year or two. Otherwise she can stop with that talking point.

  4. Juliette says:

    She’s gorgeous. A real movie star

  5. lightpurple says:

    The look on his face: did I miss the memo to dress in something more red-carpet-like?

  6. Reef says:

    Pics like these always tickle me. The man is dressed appropriately for London winter weather but his clothes look rumpled while she’s in a form-fitting black dress with a high slit and open toe shoes.

  7. Igotbiglipsandicannotlie says:

    Joel is so fine! My god! I don’t even care about that woman standing next to him. Unless she’s me of course. One can dream. 😍

  8. V4Real says:

    I don’t like the hair but I like the dress a lot. Her boobs looks so much better in this dress.

  9. Tila says:

    She looks gorgeous but it’s freezing in London at the moment! Guessing there were plenty of heater fans kept out of site to keep her relatively warm?

  10. Becks says:

    Objectively I think she looks fine – its not my favorite look but it could work for a premier or red carpet event – but she looks really out of place in these photos. And cold.

  11. Kezia says:

    This is the most stunningly beautiful looking I have ever seen her, WOW! Everything about this look is fab, but so OTT for a photocall.

    It will never cease to astound me how below average men somehow become “hot” in the eyes of non famous people because the man is famous.
    LIke really, if you saw Joel in real life and he wasn’t famous, people would barely take a second glance, its ridiculous how mediocre white men are lauded!

  12. Veronica says:

    She may have wanted to take a break from acting until her agent pointed out how stupid it was for her to skip out on work during her prime working years, especially considering how ageist the industry is toward women.

    I like the dress. Good smokey eye on her, too.

  13. Eliza says:

    The dress is dated. Her stylist should be booted, she’s looked 40 the entire tour. Theres never any fun or youth in her looks. She’s only 27.

    I obviously think Liz Hurley, but i could see this on Mariah tomorrow.

  14. Lilith says:

    Jennifer looks stunning! She’s become more daring lately, sexy. She must be in lust or love. Good for her.

  15. monette says:

    She looks amazing, but I hate this soooo much. Why is the woman supposed to freeze her bits of to promote a movie, while the man is fully dressed.
    If he were the star of the movie would he be in speedos and her in a coat?? I don’t think so.
    Poor Jen is desperate to sell this movie and prove she is a true movie star.
    But F this! Aren’t there other ways to do that?

  16. Mia4s says:

    She knows the movie she’s selling with that dress. Can’t fault her for that! Good PR.

    Joel and Jennifer? Joel is 43, she’s 27. I mean OK, but really does every one of her boyfriends have to be approaching “could be her father” territory. Although in 6 years or so Hollywood will consider HER to old to be his love interest. 🙄

  17. Kate says:

    She looks gorgeous but this kind of pictures really emphasizes the different expectations we have for actors and actresses.
    Joel is wearing several layers of clothes, underneath a coat while she’s out there, in the cold, giving us legs AND cleveage for days. She must be so cold.

  18. Meghan says:

    Seeing the pics on twitter, I think that Joel is a little infatuated with her

  19. manta says:

    It’s worse when you look at some pictures with Irons and Schoenaerts. Every man totally bundled up, wrapped in daily clothes and in absolute contrast Jennifer Lawrence in a vamp attire.
    I’m sure an assistant was there with a coat readyto keep her warm. Hope so.
    Pictures where people don’t seem to attend the same event always annoy me.

  20. deets says:

    Bet there was no reality tv or cheetos at Aronofsky house. Saying that, I just realized Aronofsky wanted to My Fair Lady her.

    She looks gorgeous, but the underwire is a travesty.

  21. xena says:

    If it was freezing cold, that might explain why Jennifer looked so uncomfortable. Liz Hurley wore it so much better in the side by side comparison – she’s not trying hard to pull it off.

  22. littlemissnaughty says:

    Damn, woman. She looks great, I absolutely love the hair and makeup. But the middle of Europe is pretty damn cold right now, I would die in that dress.

  23. Miss M says:

    She looks stunning here.
    Joel’s hand is placed really low on her back, non?!

  24. sunnydeereynolds says:

    She has been looking like a Emily Blunt with that hairstyle lately. She has the body to rock that dress for sure but something’s off. Idk if it’s too much for a daytime photocall, or out of place with all the bundled up outfits her co-stars wore or because she has been sporting this smug face lately.

  25. SM says:

    I can do whatever I want. Watch crappy TV. Oh the shade towards both Kardashians and her exboyfriend?

  26. Tan says:

    She looks stunning and gorgeous and I don’t see much similiaritiws with liz Hurleys gown

    However I echo what other commentators have mentioned. How is it that the man gets away with wearing jeans and jacket and she is wearing a sleeveless thigh high slit dress?

    These double standards also need to be addressed.

  27. Jussie says:

    She is taking a break from acting.

    She was done with the latest X-Men film 6 months ago, and none of the other projects she’s signed onto are even in pre-production yet. Some won’t be for at least a year or two. Unless she signs onto something that’s about to go into production or one of her announced projects gets moved way up, at the very least she’s going to go another 6 months without working. So she has taken at least a year off.

  28. Alexis says:

    She is a really beautiful woman, but her attire here is so in contrast with the others that it just looks….odd. And she looks like she is freezing. I loved her look the at the premier and she looked happy. She looks sullen in these pics. But that is probably because she is cold as hell.

  29. khaveman says:

    She looks nice. But LOOK at the disparity here of what’s expected of a man in this photocall, and her. Wrinkly clothes, not even sure it’s buttoned right, and then, full glamor on the right. So much more pressure on women in the industry.

  30. Tig says:

    This reminds of a photo last year when the actress (Selena Gomez maybe?) was dressed to the nines, and the male co-stars were dressed in clothes you would wear to
    wash the dog/car. Here the men are dressed for the weather, while JLaw is risking frostbite! I kid, I kid- but why couldn’t she wear a long cape or something? It would have shown the dress and given her some coverage from the weather. Or move the shoot indoors? This just looks so silly and oh so double-standard-y.

  31. Who ARE these people? says:

    She looks unhappy.

  32. lisa says:

    his eyes are as small as mine. i feel a constant need to try to fix it with smoke and mirrors and he’s a movie star, hmmm

  33. HeyThere! says:

    Could you imagine if she showed up wearing what he was wearing?!?! LOL I think she would have looked more appropriate in a long sleeved dress or something. This literally looks weird standing next to him. He she’s wearing that, he should be in a tux.

  34. Erin says:

    Love the dress. Has anyone heard her accent in the trailer? It’s hilariously bad.

  35. Juju says:

    She’s dressed like this because she knows that how well this movie does is 100% riding on her ability to sell it. And unfortunately we still live in an age where women are expected to parade like ponies to sell a movie.

    Lainey likes to talk about how red carpet fashion is “part of the work” for actresses. I understand wanting to acknowledge how women have used the red carpet to their advantage, or how they use fashion to express themselves or their point of view. But I have a problem with the fact that red carpet high fashion dressing has become an obligation that only exists for female actors in the business. They are expected to show off their bodies like a trophy, and freeze if necessary. If they choose to and they enjoy it that’s one thing (I am sure many do enjoy it) but I don’t think any of the top-tier a list actresses would show up to a red carpet in something warm and comfortable and be taken seriously. The same standard is not held to male actors. I just wish there were options.

  36. MellyMel says:

    She looks great, but…they look like they’re going to two separate events. It would be nicer if she was wearing a more “day look” to coordinate with him.

  37. reverie says:

    She’s a stunner. I mean she looks overdressed but who cares.

  38. Svea says:

    Have you noticed how, at some point, all actresses are made to get naked for their “craft” in order to hang onto to their careers. It’s the males running the business requiring it. Just like certain networks making their newscasters to show cleave.

  39. KBeth says:

    I’m not crazy about the dress but I love her eye makeup & shoes.
    She really has a great curvy figure.

  40. Jae says:

    The movie is set to open in Russia in late May, and by then she’d be way over it.

    Besides, if I were her I wouldnt want to discuss the character named ‘Dominika Egorova’ (HAHAHAHAHALOL) with any Russians.

  41. AG-UK says:

    I think for me he looks great in the photos with Ruth Negga in Vogue… he is not the best looking but I think he has something that makes him sexy. He’s not Jake G but… plus he seems like a nice guy

  42. Dee says:

    She looks ridiculous. Broad day light and she’s wearing an evening gown. She needs a new stylist. I’m so over her/her acting. Never found her remarkable in her looks or her talent.

  43. Jules says:

    Lawrence looks amazing-good for her for calling out those who act like she has no agency-does Lawrence strike anyone here as a shrinking violet??

    If the woman wanted a coat she would have asked for one, that’s it and that’s all…moving on now

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      This. It’s one thing to not want women who aren’t comfortable with doing nudity or prefer to keep cleavage hidden in public to be forced/coerced into showing something they’re not comfortable with. But automatically projecting a narrative of victimhood on women who don’t feel the same way about modesty isn’t the answer. Expecting every woman to coordinate her clothing choices with the men around her in advance also seems silly. The fact that all women have different comfort zones, beliefs, and preferences when it comes to their own modesty needs to be accepted.

  44. Flatsy says:

    Joel was fully decked out for the premiere – tailored suit, coordinated tie & pocket square, shiny shoes. For the daytime photocall, he’s dressed appropriately an in outfit that was carefully selected & coordinated. He’s not standing there like Adam Sandler in a wrinkled tee shirt and board shorts.

    It’s JLaw who is dressed inappropriately by wearing a skimpy evening gown for a daytime photocall that was held outside in winter. That was a bad choice on her stylist’s part.

    Joel, for the most part, does not date actresses. That’s why you don’t hear much about his love life. He also dates mainly Australian women. But he does behave sweetly with his female costars. He looked smitten with Ruth Negga too and they weren’t dating.

    • lol says:

      Hummm, smart men, actors that know movie industry don’t date actresses. or not only smart but these ones that have normal, supportive PR teams, managers.

    • Melissa says:

      This! Thank you! Joel is aware of himself and of the industry he works in. That’s why all you receive regarding news from him is work-related. These guys are smart to not get involved with certain celebrities to avoid gossip and/or scandal. Or as lol said, it could be a combination of them and their decent PR teams/managers. Kudos to both!

  45. Sage says:

    Jennifer looks stunning! I like her as she doesn’t take herself to seriously. She seems very self aware of how the public views her.
    Joel is over styled. Why did he roll up his pants. He looks like a character from Tintin.

  46. me says:

    There are other pics floating around of her with the other men in the cast. They are all covered up, wearing 3 or 4 layers of clothing and there she is in the middle with that dress on. It’s ridiculous. I guess women don’t feel cold?

    • Lacia Can says:

      She’s saying it was her choice. I think it was a poor choice on her part. It’s a vampy evening dress yet she’s wearing it in the day while her costars are dressed more appropriately for the time of day and the weather. She’s offended by the idea that she has no agency, which is her right, but she still looks overdressed and a bit try hard.

      Given everything we’ve been hearing about how actresses are treated in Hollywood, it isn’t surprising that people thought this photo call was sexist. JLaw says it was her idea but she really shouldn’t be surprised by the reaction to it. Making your own decisions also means answering for them.

      • Jussie says:

        You think she should answer for her decision to be photographed in a dress she likes?

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        But Jussie, remember, it’s only the woman who’s choice isn’t modest who has to constantly ‘answer’ to the mob for her decision and have a victimization narrative applied to her. Those making the ‘Good Girl’ choices won’t even be questioned, as long as their choice doesn’t include anything like the hijab. Could you imagine a Western Christian, Atheist, or Agnostic woman who wants to keep that area covered in order to avoid looking ‘whorish’ being called on to answer for that choice like this?

  47. Sara says:

    It’s a beautiful dress and she looks beautiful but it’s a bizarre choice for a daytime look.

  48. Pandy says:

    Joking aside about Liz Hurley’s dress … she doesn’t look much like herself anymore. Her nose and cheeks are totally different and she had an eye lift too, or something to give her eyelids.

  49. Dorky says:

    I mean.. he looks like Tom Hanks and Ricky Gervais had a baby together.

  50. Ozogirl says:

    Love her hair and makeup…the dress, not so much.

  51. Evie says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is one woman who knows and speaks her mind! No one was going to force her to wear that dress in the freezing cold if she didn’t want to do it. Her statement was pretty unequivocal: she likes the dress, didn’t want to cover up and is basically telling everyone to get over themselves. Team Jen!!!

  52. Naddie says:

    This is the most beautiful I ever seen on her. But when I read it was daylight and how her costars were dressed, I can only agree with majority. If she says it was her choice, fine, it was her choice, but pretending it’s not even strange considering our whole social context is playing dumb.

  53. kay says:

    I think she is looking so beautiful these days. I used to see her pics and think she was nothing special but she is unique and really has a presence on screen. Photos don’t capture it.

  54. Sara says:

    She looks great, I love the dress but that movie looks terrible. I’m not sure which is worse, her Russian accent, the stupid name or the terrible plot. She really, really needs to think about her next career move or she’s going to be done. Mother! was a totally terrible move and I think Red Sparrow is going to be equally as bad.