E!: Jennifer Aniston is ‘adjusting to living by herself & not having Justin around’

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Do you trust E!’s sources? I sort of do trust their sources about certain celebrities. I still believe E! had some good sources in Meghan Markle’s camp, and of course E! has deep sources in the Kardashian-Jenner camps (obviously). I also think that with Justin Theroux’s camp obviously leaking to the New York papers, maybe Jennifer Aniston’s camp is looking to expand their leaks to more outlets besides Us Weekly and People Magazine. I’m just saying… this E! News story sounds like it came from an email from Jennifer’s publicist.

New details regarding Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s failed marriage continue to unfold. A source reveals to E! News that the A-list couple was struggling in their relationship for the better part of a year, which they announced ended in late 2017 via a statement released last week.

“They’ve been separated for two months now,” the insider says, “but were having intense issues for about eight months.” As previously reported, Jen and Justin’s bicoastal lifestyles drove a wedge in their happily ever after. The source explains, “She really tried to make it work with him but the distance was a factor as he only wanted to live in N.Y.C. and there was no compromise with her… Their lifestyles were completely incompatible, and ultimately Justin decided to leave.”

A separate source told E! News Theroux flew back to Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day to meet with the Friends alum about the separation announcement. Since then, our source says Aniston hasn’t been feeling her best.

“Jen was doing OK for a few weeks after Justin left, and then things got stirred up again when the announcement was made to the media,” the source shares. Of course, the 49-year-old actress continues to stay positive by taking things one day at a time. Aniston is “adjusting to living by herself and not having Justin around,” the source adds. “She is used to the empty house since it’s been months now without him, but it’s still an uneasy feeling for her. She knows in due time she will feel tremendously better, but is really going through the motions right now.”

“Jen knows she is strong and knows things will smooth over in time,” the source continues. “She’s been through this before, so she is trying to lay low for now and knows it’s best if she doesn’t go out in public for awhile.”

We’re told she’s leaned on Friends co-star Courteney Cox “the most,” with the source adding, “Courteney’s been at her house many times, and has been by her side through it all… Many of her friends have known about this for months and knew it was coming. A lot of people didn’t think that Jen and Justin were a good match from the start, but ultimately supported her decision.”

As the now-exes grapple with their new normal, many questions about Jennifer and Justin’s futures remain unanswered. Our source says they’ve “signed the divorce papers” and “everything is all finalized.” Additionally, Aniston’s Bel Air mansion is not on the market “as of now.”

And before romance rumors between Aniston and ex Brad Pitt spark, the insider tells us fans shouldn’t hold their breath. “Jen never talks about Brad,” our source says, “and rekindling is not even a conversation. She has always thought that chapter is sealed and so far in the past.”

[From E! News]

Wait, what? Justin and Jennifer have already signed the divorce papers? Without even filing for a separation, or hiring divorce lawyers?? I doubt that, source. I also question this: Aniston is “adjusting to living by herself and not having Justin around. She is used to the empty house since it’s been months now without him, but it’s still an uneasy feeling for her.” She’s 49 years old and she and Justin have been living separately for the better part of a year (if not longer). Is it possible that everything has just hit her over the past week? Possibly. It’s also possible that Jennifer is (publicly) returning to the comfort of her Poor Jen roots. I mean, what’s more likely – that she’s totally fine, that she’s doing what she always does, hanging out with her dogs in her mansion and eating good food specially prepared by her private chef and doing some yoga OR that she’s Poor Jen, all alone? Come on. She’s fine. She’s a big girl. There’s no need to create this sad-sack narrative around her.

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  1. LondonGal says:

    He was never around! I am already so bored by this story!

    • lightpurple says:

      Right? How hard can it be to adjust to someone who was never around not being there? Especially as she’s already making plans to live somewhere else?

      • Sullivan says:

        I think the real problem was they never adjusted to being around each other for more than a week or two at a time.

      • LetItGo says:

        This is a Huvane special. Textbook.

        Has all the elements: the poor pitiful me deluxe: All by herself in her scary mansion surrounded by pallets of smartwater and drugstore eczema cream. “She’s been through it before,” she reminds her team Jen audience (rally the troops gals!!) – because by “before” she doesn’t mean Mayer and Vaughn, she means BRAD….

        ….which by the end of the piece, Huvane is sure to state his name explicitly but not answer the ridiculous question implicitly- just dance around it…

        ….”oh she never talks about Brad”(because they want you to think- she whispers his name in private like a prayer, lol)…”and rekindling is not in the conversation,” (right now my team homies but just wait, hang in there ladies!)…”she has always thought that chapter was sealed..” (so she was as surprised as all the bitter betties were when Brad called to rekindle the kindling!!) LMAO

        Huvane wants her long-time support group, aka ‘fans’ I guess, to WATCH THIS SPACE.

        As Kaiser said: “It’s also possible that Jennifer is (publicly) returning to the comfort of her Poor Jen roots.”

        You can take the girl out of InTouch, but you can’t take InTouch out of her power PR flack and longtime bestie Huvane’s digital rolodex!

      • Darla says:

        LetItGo what an amazing username you have.

      • ArtShark says:

        Sorry, but I think most of these leaks are coming from Theroux. The idea that Huvane has Us Weekly and People mag on speed dial and that Theroux is leaking to the New York tabs doesn’t make much sense.

        US Weekly is now running with a story about how Theroux found Post-its from Brad Pitt. Last week, the quotes from People magazine about how her friends were describing Theroux as cool and edgy and tired of living a lie clearly did not come from her camp. E! ran with a story about how Theroux never wanted to get married. None of those seem like they came from Huvane.

        I really think Theroux is trying to gaslight her.

      • LetItGo says:


        Thanks! I’m just grateful to posters like you who read all of my posts, even when it’s under the somewhat snarky and repetitive pretense of mentioning my screenname. (snicker) haven’t you said this same tired thing re my screenname a couple times before?

        Maybe I’m talking to you? Lol

        I hope you learn things because like Kaiser, I’ve been around a while and know quite a bit about these M.O.s and as long as someone else can’t let it go- why should I?

        Toodles! :)

      • anne says:

        Here we go with the poor jilted jen stories. Hope she doesn’t grieve/milk this break up for another 10 yrs.

      • norah says:

        why is she trying so hard to get sympathy? they hardly ever saw each other

    • damejudi says:

      This story is definitely not edgy.

    • SoulSPA says:

      +100000 he was never around but I’m not bored with the story. I’m curious to see what the future entails re: this gossip topic.

  2. L84Tea says:

    Oh please. Here they go trying to paint her as sad and lonely again. I think this marriage was over a while ago and she is doing just fine.

  3. littlemissnaughty says:

    Oh my god. We’re almost a week into this. It was a two-day-story. WTF? No really, does anybody care that much? It makes me think these two are vastly overestimating their tabloid value. So edgy. So much suffering. I just can’t.

  4. Carmen says:

    She dined out on that sad sack narrative for years. It was what kept her face on the tabloid covers every other week. It’s the only reason why she stayed relevant for so long.

    BTW, if they were never actually married, why do they need a divorce?

  5. sunnydeereynolds says:

    Welp, here we go again with her poor Jen narrative. I guess she couldn’t help it so she gotta throw it in there. I mean, that is basically her career making people feel bad for her. Lol.

    • minx says:

      Huvane has to be careful. He can’t go to the well too many times with this type of story, people will tune it out. The announcement was last Thursday, so I think it’s still somewhat newsworthy. They broke up, they weren’t compatible, she’s trying to move on, etc. Fine. But if it drags on much longer it will boomerang back onto JA. This isn’t 2005.

  6. annabanana says:

    How is it painting her as sad and lonely? It says she’s fine, moving on and has the support of friends.

    • tracking says:

      Yeah, I don’t see a heavy handed “poor, lonely Jen” narrative here. Getting used to the fact the house is just hers now, and knowing she’ll feel better soon enough, is a pretty evenhanded account. No screaming at the ocean this time, apparently. I was thinking Courteney Cox, who is still with Johnny McDaid, should set her up with a hunky Irishman. But then I thought international long distance might not be the best idea, though it’s nice to see Cox and McDaid (who apparently hated Theroux) are making it work.

    • LAK says:

      I’m having de ja vu circa 2005.

      Her publicist has toned down the original standard articles circa 2005, but they’ve hit all the marks sans crying into the ocean and throwing herself a pity party.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      this is what I said above. sounds like a typical post-break up to me.

      I mean, minus the fab beach house and private chef…

      • tracking says:

        I know, can you imagine having a private chef to whip you up self-indulgent treats of your choice, while you curl up on your 300K couch and binge watch Netflix?

      • Christin says:

        And not having to worry about bills, affording a place to live, etc., like a plebeian breakup.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        RIGHT?! not feeling sorry for her in that sense…she’s got more resources to feel better and secure than most. but break ups still suck, even if you KNOW it was the best thing for both involved.

        I agree with others that said her next relationship should be with someone who’s NOT in H’wood, or at least not in front of the camera. I think her marriage to Pitt convinced her that she needs to be part of a MOVIE STAR COUPLE to be relevant/respected/admired/whatever, but I think she’d be better off if she were the famous part of the couple and her bf/hubs was just a guy with a job who treats her well.

    • lucy2 says:

      It sounds like a mix to me – she’s sad but she’s fine. Which people will see what they want to see in it, but it sounds like a typical breakup to me. I don’t think it will turn into what it did last time, he’s not a huge movie star and didn’t leave her for another huge movie star.

      I can believe they are already signing papers – it’s been over for a while, there was a strong prenup, and neither seems furious, it just didn’t work. I’m guessing the house was all her anyway, there’s no kids or shared companies or investments, so it’s probably a pretty clean break.

    • Bridget says:

      It’s there, but is subtle. Jen, wandering around the big house devoid of Justin’s stuff, all by her lonesome. Her girlfriends lifting her up because her man did her wrong.

      And they’re playing this all wrong. Don’t make her look like a sad sack that got left again.

      • A says:

        How does that make her look like a sad sack who left though? I mean. We’ve all been through break ups. Do any of us not go through a period of adjustment, or have our friends stick by us and check up on us? Those things aren’t confined to bad breakups, they just seem like she’s going on with her life to me.

  7. Juliette says:

    Why is there always this “poor woman” narrative with her? Enough with this, she’s a strong woman.

  8. Hikaru says:

    I am irrationally annoyed by his skinny tie.

  9. tracking says:

    If it’s true the divorce papers are signed, they should be public soon, no? And if the prenup was ironclad, and he wanted out as soon as possible then, sure, I buy this could have been easy peasy as far as the paperwork is concerned.

  10. SM says:

    Hahahahahhahahhaaa. Did Brad Pitt sent her his unused story from when he and Angie split? All that talk of adjustment and learning to live in an empty hoise as if there was an army of childer running around. Come on, he never was aroind to begin with, why so dramatic now? It also is hilarious to me how suddenly they both care so much about this marriage/divorce. I guess because it is public, so both of them will milk it for PR as much as possible.
    I also think that this divorce may have came as a bit of a surprise to Jen who probably thought they will just keep living their separate lives because I feel like if that was going on for months she could have tried to change up that AD story focusing the narrative not on a family/home building but to a story about her glorious life as a single woman. At least this is what I would have suggested to her if someone asked me for a PR advice. In would have sold well in current climate. Much better image that the dragged out “poor Jen” story.

  11. CAYUUTEE says:

    Lmao! Do people really feel sorry for this lady? She’s 49 years old with money. No happy, independent woman, go eff himself, I’m way past that narrative? This is too much. Help, I’m a rich white woman with “good” hair and alot of money. Please feel sorry for me so I can make more money and stay relevant. My eyes are rolling in their sockets and they’re about to pop out.

  12. Alexis says:

    Wow this is really getting milked and tiresome. So they never spent time together yesterday and today she is having to adjust to him not being around. Okie Dokie.

  13. cleveland girl says:

    She is literally the most boring person on the planet…she should find a nice accountant to settle down with and call it a day.

    • Sullivan says:

      Yes, an nice accountant really would be perfect for her. I’m not even being snarky.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Jamie Gertz (an It girl of the 80s and 90s) quietly married a real estate type years ago. He’s now worth $2 billion and owns the Atlanta Hawks. She might appreciate someone like that.

      • Christin says:

        That’s a name from the ‘80s! Went to look up photos of her, and she hasn’t changed very much. Great looking family, and they’ve been married nearly 30 years.

        I’ll add her to my very short list of child/teen actors who seemed to remain drama-free and normal.

      • lucy2 says:

        I think it’s sometimes difficult for non-actors to deal with the actor lifestyle, but it does seem to work really well for some.

      • tracking says:

        If Aniston will mostly be based in LA now for the Reese series, seems like it could be much easier for her to find a stable relationship with someone who lives and likes it there. And even for those who dislike the fame aspect, they can lead pretty private lives on those gated estates. She is papp’d much less often in LA than she was in NY.

    • LetItGo says:

      She’d never go for someone not in showbiz or perceived as either famous, or if not famous, then on the come-up.

      She’s the type that will always need to prove how wanted and desired she is by a guy that other people want. Her choices are low self esteem and insecurity driven.

      So an accountant for her doesn’t do it. He’s got to come close to replacing Brad Pitt, so her ideal would be a George Clooney type (still handsome and hot leading man) – which is laughable in terms of her nabbing someone like that. So in lieu of that she and her PR tried to create silk purses out of sows ears (see Justin)

      • tracking says:

        Well, if she doesn’t change the way she selects a mate then, yes, she is destined to continue suffering through breakups. I agree she for sure needs to let go of the hot power couple ideal, and make more mature and wise choices in the future. I don’t think Justin was a sows ear, he’s very talented and handsome, but he was obviously not the right guy for her based on compatibility.

  14. Olga says:

    This E! article is just plain stupid. They didn’t spend much time together, she doesn’t have to get used to have him not around.

  15. JMO says:

    Sorry but with 49-years-old she is too old for this “Poor Jen” thing. Come up with a new storyline, Huvane.

  16. EnoughGirl says:

    I knew that Jenn will be playing the poor victim again. It’s never her fault when a relationship ends. I think she can be a handful and isn’t that nice girl her PR team portrays but everybody believes it because of what happened ca. 13 years ago.

  17. Rocksn says:

    Jennifer Aniston must be extremely boring.. I couldn’t start a relationship with someone who thinks yoga, laying on the pool and talking about Aveeno and dry eyes is so great and exciting.

    • mela says:

      oh my god is it awful i love all those things lol

      born and raised california girl

      we like being outdoors, and yoga, and skincare becomes a necessary evil for most of us because unfortunately being in the california sun requires dedicated skincare routines to combat sun damage

      I think JA is 50 years old and could retire at a younger age due to her wealth. I think of her as a very wealthy retiree already so the boring angle isn’t an insult here. My life is hectic and stressful and crazy trying to make ends meet and satisfy all my obligations – i would LOVE a boring life in Bel Air. Have you ever been to Socal? Its really really nice and great weather year round. Lots of outdoorsy stuff and entertaining stuff to do. I would live her life in a heart beat!

    • Snowflake says:

      I would live her lifestyle too. I live in FL so going to the beach is normal. Spend the day there, go home, shower, grab dinner and drinks with friends. Horrible, horrible! How does she do it?

    • notasugarhere says:

      It is a rut. A comfortable, shallow, boring one. If that is enough for her, she needs to find someone as deep as a puddle with which to share her life.

  18. Mrs. G says:

    He cheated on her its on blindgossip

  19. ThenThereIsThat says:

    I bet she is depressed. She is about to turn 50, which is a difficult age for most of us, and tragic for a female actor. Plus she has another failed marriage. Let her be sad!

    • mela says:

      Yeah she is probably having some negative thoughts! Thankfully she has her millions to comfort her lol

      she needs to go work and get distracted. although they were together for 7 years this relationship/marriage seemed to lack some depth. they were definitely a case of opposite attracts and I think he may have been a bit of an opportunist

      i think it’s clear he is the one progressing this break up forward

    • Wisca says:

      “I bet she is depressed. She is about to turn 50, which is a difficult age for most of us, and tragic for a female actor. Plus she has another failed marriage. Let her be sad!”

      I think Gen Xers will be allowed to work longer because of the large older boomer population. 50 is young if you are 73. But I agree that it’s necessary to mourn one’s losses.

  20. Christine says:

    Well the “Brad and Jen are back together” stories have already run its course so there’s nothing left to talk about.

    Although maybe something juicy will come out, who knows.

  21. sully says:

    IMO, their body language was never convincing. They often looked more like friends than lovers (but they’re probably not even friends).

  22. ines says:

    Somehow I think she just wanted him to move to her, she probably never really thought about moving to NY. I think she’s a bit “my way or no way”.

  23. CommentingBunny says:

    I’m not her biggest fan, partly because I haven’t seen many of her movies so haven’t really seen her act since the 90s.

    But I’m re-watching Friends with my boys who discovered it on Netflix, and I’d forgotten how funny she was in that! She really did have great comic timing.

    I’d love to see her in a really well-written comedy (maybe even an *edgy* one lol). I hope that new show she’s got coming up is good and that she commits to a narrative of kickass woman with an amazing career and a lifestyle she wants, who may choose to have but doesn’t need a man. I think she has it in her to be awesome.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      have you seen Horrible Bosses? that was an “edgy” comedy and she did a “bad girl” role in that and I thought she was pretty good. I agree on her comedic timing…she’s not the greatest actress but she does do comedy well.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think she has good comedic timing as well. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of good comedic films out there for women, and for the little bit there is, there is a lot of competition.
      I’m interested in the new show she will be doing with Reese Witherspoon, I could see both of them being delightfully bitchy/funny together, and I think she’s probably better suited to TV anyway.

      • tracking says:

        I have high hopes for this series. She can do drama well too–Friends with Money, Good Girl, and Cake were all excellent–but she truly shines in well-written comedies. And you’re right, lucy2, great comedic scripts are not easy to come by.

    • Jenn says:

      She is terrific in The Good Girl—one of my favorite movies!—and she is SO charismatic in Office Space, which is impressive, since her “female love interest” role is barely a character on paper. But those movies are from the early ’00s and the late ’90s, respectively, and had teensy-tiny budgets. They didn’t have huge audiences.

      In the ’90s it was almost IMPOSSIBLE for well-liked network TV actors to pivot to movies. George Clooney, the “pretty boy” from ER, managed to pull it off with the one-two punch of Three Kings and O Brother Where Art Thou, which were released back-to-back; he really wasn’t considered a “serious” bankable actor until 2000. Until then, I think the majority of audiences thought he was smug and entitled and “above” TV, and also a little pitiful, for even trying to make Film Star George Clooney “happen.” But he shattered that ceiling!

      Aniston never made Film Star Jennifer Aniston happen, not for lack of trying, and not because she wasn’t talented enough, but because she never got that project that would make people see her as anyone but Rachel from Friends. (The Good Girl should’ve been IT, but it was a weird little movie and no one really saw it.) Like Clooney, people saw her as thirsty AF; unlike Clooney, we still see her that way. We judge her by a ’90s metric, and I think she’s still being punished for being ambitious. I personally am not a huge fan… but if the chips had fallen a different way, I think I could’ve been. I do think it’s sad that her first divorce further sidetracked her professional life.

      Today, with TV and movies becoming a lot more fluid—thanks to larger viewing audiences because of DVRs, then cable “prestige TV” beginning with The Sopranos, and then streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, combined with falling box office numbers—there is a lot more “mobility” for actors, and there is shame NO LONGER in taking a good “TV” or “almost-TV” role. No one would claim that the average movie is necessarily “higher-brow” than the average series. If Aniston were able to stretch her actor’s legs on a dramedy, I believe everything would change for her.

      I always figured Aniston liked Theroux because he’s primarily known as a screenwriter/script doctor, and maybe she wanted someone in her corner to write that perception-changing role for her? Now that Theroux is pursuing acting in earnest, maybe she cut him loose? Whatever the story, whatever the ups and downs in her romantic life, I hope she finds her way professionally. I don’t think Hollywood has been fair to her.

      • Bridget says:

        A lot of that was specifically because she was shooting for “film star Jennifer Aniston”. I don’t know that I would say it was impossible for 90′s TV stars to pivot to movies as they ALL tried, so much as most of them were treating movies specifically as the next level of their career and weren’t choosing projects for the work itself. That was the problem with so much of her work, the naked desire to reach the next level.

      • LAK says:

        The movie that finally elevated tv George to movie star George was OUT OF SIGHT. And alot of that was down to Jlo and Steven Soderbergh. They elevated him and he finally cracked the code.

        The irony being that in previous attempts to crack the code, he’d chosen projects with already established Alisters with mega visibility.

        ….but it was a little known latina actress who was able to finally make him seem like he had the necessary charisma and a little known director helming the project to do it.

  24. hale says:

    Even though JA likes boring stuff etc. I still think she can be very complicated and also clingy. She probably needs more of a “puppy husband” who does what she wants and follows her around in her mansion in LA.

    • The Original G says:

      How does a person who spent months at a time away from two husbands clingy? It seems that she’s been fine with spending long stretches apart and giving everyone the the impression they’re tight?

      • tracking says:

        Yeah, I give her credit for clearly wanting him to be happy and professionally fulfilled. She supported his career at every turn, and his desire to be in NY. Their relationship was also then doomed, of course, but she seems like an extremely supportive spouse who was fine hanging out at home while he went off and did his thing.

      • The Original G says:

        ???? How does wanting someone to be happy and professionally fulfilled equal being apart from them most of the time and not really sharing any of their interests? That can actually sound like disinterest not love.

        There’s a serious disconnect here. Supporting someone from afar and telling to go off and do whatever they want without you most of the time is not what most people marry for? . This position is a real rationalisation. Sure people have divergent commitments and interests but not ALL or most of the time.

      • tracking says:

        Well, she can’t win, can she? She’s either clingy or totally disinterested in her husband. He became in demand as an actor and was away for much of their marriage. Neither adjusted well to the new deal, clearly; both are at fault. But seems he was rarely at the home they chose together and where they lived with their menagerie of animals (who could not easily be transported all over the world). He had his motorcycles and car there, seems at some point he had agreed that would be their home base. Her professional life is also centered in LA. Do you think the series with Reese W. would have happened if she wasn’t present to network and take the meetings? Interesting notion that she should have just dropped her personal and professional life, and everything that made her feel comfortable and safe, to follow her man everywhere he cared to go. To hang around in a hotel room while he worked long days on set? Sorry, I see her side here. But my only real objection is his leaking snide remarks on his way back to his edgy life in NY. Given the circumstances, they are really uncalled for.

      • The Original G says:

        Pu-leeese. We all have jobs and projects and travel for work and try to maintain our relationships. Do we all drop our personal and professional lives when we’re in relationships? Who’s saying that?

        Spinning the idea that not seeing someone for months, when you’ve got private jets at for your disposal, as support your spouse, is dumb. Spending more time with Justin meant she would be dropping ” everything that made her feel comfortable and safe?” She can’t reavle becasue she can’t see her husband becasue she can’t get a dog sitter? Come on. Poor Jen.

        They didn’t spend time together because they didn’t want to. She’s as much as a poseur as he is.

      • tracking says:

        Except she was photographed visiting him lots of times–in Austin when the Leftovers filmed, went to Paris with him as part of his LV gig not long ago, was with him in NY as late as last October (and she’s been photo’d in NY at least a few times a year since they got together). I think you’re being unfair in asserting there was no effort on her part. Did she drop everything and move with him every time he went on location? No. But certainly she visited. Very few photos of him visiting her on set or being at their CA home in the past few years. Seems uneven to me, though surely both could have tried harder.

  25. Sarri says:

    Does she have more than one mansion? Or is the one she sells now the only one she owns?

  26. chica says:

    I HATE her hair. It’s so 90s and does nothing for her! Move on from the hair! 49 and still that hair! I can’t look at any more photos of her it’s driving me crazy

    • Christin says:

      This comment reminded me of an interviews that basically bashed the “Rachel” haircut fad of the 1990s. If she didn’t like the attention, then fine, but her comments could have been more gracious. She thought it was an ugly cut and was high maintenance, yet she still favors the iron look instead of the wavy hair she claimed to like most.

      She’s basically had slight variations of two hairstyles over the past 20-25 years. The wavy look is supposedly her favorite, but she won’t do it for whatever reason.

  27. Justsaying says:

    These two seem to overestimate the interest people have in them…

  28. Sage says:

    The divorce is already finalized?!? The only interesting tidbit about their seperation is if they were legally married.

  29. MrsCurious says:

    Signed the divorce papers? No way. Where are the papers?

  30. Nicky says:

    I bet she managed to adjust to living by herself and Justin not being around quicker than saying “I need to adjust to living by myself and Justin not being around”.
    I wonder who the next boyfriend will be? The best way to get over a man is to get under one, as they say..

  31. Christin says:

    I’m starting to think the BenJen never ending split story has some serious competition.

  32. Dany says:

    I don’t know what it is but I just can’t stand Aniston…

  33. Frosty says:

    I saw her about 2 or 3 weeks ago in NYC, so it’s not as though she “never” goes to NY. I think whatever they had between them wasn’t enough to sustain a marriage, end of story. I doubt they were ever each other’s one-true-love. For someone who “left” he sure is acting like an ass about the break up though. I wonder if it was more in the way of a tantrum. Whatever. Moving on.

  34. Bridget says:

    They’ve already signed the divorce papers after only being separated for 2 months? That doesn’t sound right, especially with the messy roll out.

    • sparrow2 says:

      Messy roll out? I’m thinking Justin is pissed. He didn’t get what he wanted & he’s acting out. If there was an ironclad pre-nup, there was probably not much to haggle over & the divorce might be all but finalized.

      • Bridget says:

        Weird timing and unflattering messaging. That AD spread should have been a month or two before the split, and reportedly the magazine folks found out about the split at the issue party. Justin’s messaging is all about boring Jen. I feel like if it were well planned they would have been more consistent without such an obvious throwing under the bus.

      • tracking says:

        I agree that Justin seems pissed off about something. I guess it makes sense it’s about money since I can’t imagine what else she could have done to him. My smutty speculation is that he violated a prenup clause and got nothing as a result (which I hope, that he got nothing I mean since he is a petty bastard for not expressing gratitude for the career and financial boost she gave him). But he’s pretty stupid if he doesn’t realize this puts him in a poor light, since he seems to be kicking a wife on the way out the door after he chose to marry then leave her. So I do think something went down.

      • The Original G says:

        Yes, what could Justin be pissed about? That he married a woman who had practically no interest in sharing her time with him and just wanted to coast along pretending everything was great in her advertorial interviews?

      • sparrow2 says:

        ooooh tracking…I hadn’t even considered he violated a pre-nup clause. That could very well be why he is stomping around & mouthing off. I think you’re on to something here. Petty (edgy) little bastard, indeed.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “If there was an ironclad pre-nup, there was probably not much to haggle over & the divorce might be all but finalized.”

        Yes, this. Also, they weren’t married for that long, so there won’t be many income streams/assets to fight over.

      • Bridget says:

        CA has a 6 month waiting period to get divorced though. So they’ve already filed and are in the waiting period? It isn’t that I don’t think they could work things out, but it’s just a weird way to talk about this.

  35. Anastasia says:

    She can comfort herself by sleeping on her bed of money and jetting off to Cabo whenever she gets sad.

  36. meg says:

    so now they’re already divorced? this is fishy-I believe they were never married and he agreed to go along with it to boost his career opportunities and she needed to not be seen as the sad single lady which is so sexist but when she pushed the victim narrative that’s what happens. George Clooney dated trashy girls before he married a human rights barrister-he did that for an image boost. these peoples personal lives are so controlled by their careers-how sad

  37. Shannon says:

    I don’t even think she’s really particularly sad at this point. I kind of doubt this even came from her. She’s probably one of those people (like myself) who are just better off single and doing their own thing.

  38. ash says:

    as someone who been in a several major relationship (all together over 10 years) with gap years of being single i can tell you it always hurts esp if youre dating style is dating with intent/purpose of something more…. so i dont think shes not hurt or the sick sad jen schtick but i do thing this is jarring for her truly…. i think she’s hurt and sad….it also doesnt help that justin is pushing the whole i was bored and shes not the california chill chick and im so artsy…. marriage and relationships can be tough af…. and when you think you’ve found something serious esp after her chapter with brad and the she didnt wanna give me a baby narrative ….she must be feeling like it’s all her. IDK

    lookout for justin with the cool redhead / brunnette art chick coming to a gossip site near you LOL

  39. khaveman says:

    If you can’t make a decision to live in the same city, it’s pretty well doomed from the start, no?

    • tracking says:

      Yes. They should never have married. I still think his being away on set so much complicated matters. He had even less time for NY than he otherwise would have, and a wife perhaps annoyed at him that he was never in LA. Had it been straight bi-coastal NY-LA, there was at least some chance it could have worked. But I can absolutely see her not wanting to hang with his NY friends either. And his not clicking with some of her LA set. So, yeah, too much incompatibility from the start.

  40. Rachel in August says:

    And ummmm, how often were they in the same house? lol

  41. Darla says:

    I am really feeling myself this morning, and wanted to fb status my thoughts on my 50 yo skin, but I will do it here since everyone is talking about how boring Jen is with her skin and her yoga. I have reached the point in my life, ON MY OWN, where I can afford the best. And I have been using the most amazing skin care products, my skin looks awesome! I am glowing! Never had one injection. Not one. And I drink lots of water. I am loving life right now. I do bring in penis here and there, but I don’t allow it to park itself here.

    So there is an update from boring ville. Now, let me go remoisturize.

  42. Jessica says:

    Why is there always over 100 comments with most of them saying how boring Jen is. Why so many comments then? Jennifer will be fine; she’ll probably find a less famous model to shack up with for a few years.

  43. mela says:

    he is dead weight

    cut it loose girl

  44. madonami says:

    Considering what she went through with the unholy triangle, even factoring in her own use of it for her benefit, this has got be a cakewalk by comparison. I mean, I’m sure it sucks, but she was on the sh*t end of one of the biggest divorces/affairs ever. She’ll be fine.

    I also increasingly think he’s a massive dbag who used her, probably cheated, and she may well have not cared as long as she was seen as Happily Married after the whole sh*tshow mentioned above.

    Also, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, both parties, STOP PLANTING FIVE MILLION STORIES. We really don’t care that much!

  45. Candion says:

    Since this was announced I’ve been looking at some past photos of them this week. I noticed the Paris trip in April and I think it was a band-aid vacation to see if it still worked and it didn’t and they were over then.

  46. DEAR LORD says:

    Poor puffy old lady-Jen – give it up already yeash