Terry Crews: ‘I still have to send a check to my molester’


This story really upset me. Terry Crews has been fighting for justice after a high-powered executive as William Morris Endeavor groped him at a party about two years ago. I’m not saying “allegedly” because the groper, Adam Venit, was made to apologize and take a one-month suspension as punishment for his actions. Bu that was it, he was demoted but not fired and his new position still places him in situations in which he can molest others. Since WME proved they have no interest in protecting victims, Terry has been forced to pursue the matter legally and filed a lawsuit against both Venit and WME. I know, that’s enough to make one angry but get this, Terry still has to pay commission to them.

At Esquire’s 2018 Mavericks of Hollywood party, Terry Crews discussed his lawsuit against Adam Venit, the longtime head of WME’s motion picture group, who Crews claims groped him at an industry event in 2016.

“This is the deal. What’s so strange and crazy is that I’m still paying them. I go to work, and I still have to send a check to my molester,” Terry Crews told a group of reporters outside Tuesday night’s event.

“This is Hollywood, it is insane. I look at my bank statement, and I’m like, ‘Damn, this is the most wrong thing of all time.’ I’m calling it, I’m going to play this whole thing out. If I don’t get justice, nobody can,” the actor added.

“[Venit] tried to tell everyone it wasn’t sexual. How do you do that? How is that possible? The level of ridiculousness that this has gone to, and they’re looking at me as if I’m ridiculous for even saying anything,” Crews continued. “I’m like, ‘Nope, I’m not putting up with it.’ No one should. No woman, no child, no man, anywhere, in whatever business, should ever put up with being treated less than a human being, ever.”

[From Page Six]

Terry left WME in November but must pay them post-termination commission which is somewhere around 10% of his work for deals they brokered. So it’s legal and in some cases, I can see the agencies side. But not here. Terry was forced to leave his agency due to their inability to protect him or take action once he reported the crime. They circled their wagons, protected their own and abandoned Terry long before he left. And because they did that, Venit feels empowered enough to get Terry’s lawsuit thrown out because he claims Terry, “didn’t suffer any injury and that none of his conduct was sexual.” In their own response to the lawsuit, WME resorts to the classic enablers claim that the assault should be dismissed because Terry didn’t speak, “of the incident to anyone at WME for nearly 18 months — during which time he remained a WME client.” And on top of all of that, Terry still has to pay these bastards. Terry is far too classy to go scorched earth on theses SOBs but man, I wish he would.




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  1. psl says:

    I love this man. He is smart, funny and very sexy.
    And I LOVE how he spoke up.

    How disgusting that his molester still gets paid.


  2. Regina Falangie says:

    I love him too. I wish him strength and am so proud of him for not giving up. We believe you Terry! Don’t give up! XO

  3. eto says:

    Rooting for him so bad!

    • INeedANap says:

      At this point, whatever action he chooses to take he will fully have my support. He’s strong as he!! for keeping up the fight.

      • lucy2 says:

        Me too. I’m Team Terry Forever.
        I hope at the end he gets some form of justice, but he’s already triumphed by standing up for himself and refusing to back down.

        If WME had any sense or class, they’d take every penny of commission they earn from him and donate it to RAINN or Time’s Up.

  4. Nicole says:

    Still with you terry. tear the whole agency down.
    Now if anyone had the guts to do this to CAA…

  5. Bug says:

    What an amazing guy. I am inspired to see him fighting for justice.

  6. bettyrose says:

    I was out with a male friend one time, and when he returned from the bathroom he said a guy had grabbed his crotch. He was sort of laughing about it, so we laughed it off as “now you know how women feel.”

    It happens to women literally all the time, so it never occurred to me that it would be traumatizing for a man (who presumably is less afraid of being raped at that moment). But what do I know? Clearly Terry Crews felt violated and demeaned, and his story is just as much about understanding he – not his molester – would be the one blamed.

    • Silent Star says:

      Although neither is pleasant, don’t forget that getting groped by a stranger has a very different power dynamic than being groped by your agent or employer, or someone who has your future in their hands.

      • bettyrose says:

        silentstar – That’s a really good point. And, as Get Out poignantly illustrated, men of color have historically endured objectification and threats to bodily autonomy. So it’s definitely not an issue exclusive to women.

  7. tracking says:

    This is sick. Poor Terry.

  8. Renee says:

    This guy is awesome!

  9. mela says:

    Good for him! Call that man what he is – a molester!

  10. Pix says:

    I am really happy that he is sticking this out. I hope This agency falls hard. I hope all the complicit stars on the molester’s roster wake up or start to feel it in heir own wallets.

  11. Betsy says:

    We’re with you, Mr. Crews.

  12. Alexis says:

    Go Terry! I really like him. I am disappointed that they canceled ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, I love that show.

  13. Tiffany :) says:

    It is so upsetting that WME is taking this route. They are fools. This predator has most likely victimized others, so he is just a liability.

  14. HeyThere! says:

    Wow, I’m speechless. Ummm, THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WIYH THE WORLD!!!

  15. Menlisa says:

    Go Terry! You have a lot of people rooting for you??

  16. molee says:

    This makes me so mad. I would love to see Terry and Kesha do a public service press tour about how abusers with money and power use contracts and the legal system to turn the abuse financial. Child support payments, employment contracts, credit card or mortgage debts and final check from a job are necessary to finance life’s basic needs like food, shelter, health & safety. When that money is delayed or denied, it can become a life and death situation. When the abuser arranges things so that the victim must take money from their own small(er) funds and deposit into the abuser’s infinitely overflowing coffers, it can become a legally approved life and torture situation.

  17. Close to a nervous breakdown, says:

    Everyday Terry opens his mouth I love him even more. Many men in his position in their fragile masculinity would pretend it never happenned and just get on with it. I have MAD respect for you.

  18. deets says:

    Having to paying your abuser is awful, I hope Terry gets justice.

  19. DesertReal says:

    This is 100% ridiculous.
    No ONE person is worth compromising the safety of other people.
    I’m rooting for you Terry.