Emily Blunt in McQueen at the VF Oscar party: better than her Oscars dress?

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Emily Blunt chose an Alexander McQueen gown with bronze leaves and birds on it for the Vanity Fair Oscar party. I love the print but there’s something off about the color and how monotone it is. This is better than the pale blue Schiaparelli gown she wore to the ceremony, but that bar is set low. I wish John Krasinski could have been there too, they always look like they’re having so much fun together. He was probably at home caring for their daughters, he seems like a doting dad.


Tracee Ellis Ross was in Balmain. I usually love her fashion, she often takes risks that pay off but this one has weird features. The sequin top is scooped on each side to kind of visually cup her boobs and it’s gathered oddly across the skirt into a circular brooch. Look at her expression though she’s wearing that gown with its flaws and all. Now that I see it closer the little round sequins on the top are amazing.



Leslie Bibb switched up her black dress from the Oscars with a red Pamella Roland pantsuit featuring a structured corset top with sheer panels. This is striking and is a nice change for a party, I love it. She’s been so happy to see her partner win all the awards, it’s been a joy to see.



Abbie Cornish was in a Christian Siriano gown which was a much better choice than the mess of a peach sequin Elie Saab she wore to the Oscars. Imagine this with a sleeveless velvet v-neck instead of a long sleeve top. As it is, it’s a great dress for the VF party. We’ve seen her in some questionable looks this awards season but this is a win.



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  1. KBB says:

    Leslie and Sam aren’t married. Very cute couple though.

    I much prefer Emily’s dress here to the one she wore to the Oscars. I guess she wanted couture straight from the runway for the big event.

    • sarah says:

      Thank you!! It drives me crazy when people refer to partners, and couple that aren’t married but have been together for a long time as married. Respect their choices! (Can you tell that I’m not married? 😂)

    • Celebitchy says:

      Ok I’ll fix it!

  2. Neelyo says:

    Emily Blunt’s dress is much better than her Oscar dress. She almost looks relieved to be out of it.

    I’d like Ellis Ross’ dress much better without the brooch gather It’s like one too many details or something.

    • Alix says:

      Anything’s better than Emily’s Oscar dress!

    • derpshooter says:

      Yes, but the Oscars dress was completely fug, so that’s easy. I think the party dress would be amazing if it had color. The fabric of the dress needed to be a color that would make the detailing pop. But putting it over that neutral or see through fabric was lazy and blah.

      I can’t get over how Tracee Ellis Ross’s dress looks like it has fallen below her boobs and she’s lucky to be wearing a shrug over it cause she hasn’t noticed. There must be a seam there where the black stops under the sequined part, and I just think it would be really uncomfortable – cause you can clearly tell her boobs are very squished together by the dress. I usually love her style, but this one is weird in the worst way.

  3. Runcmc says:

    I loooove Tracee but sorry, that looks like a “mother of the bride” dress purchased at TJ Maxx.

  4. lannisterforever says:

    Abbie Cornish MUST have gotten cheek fillers, right? I have full cheeks myself but there’s no way those are natural.

    • KBB says:

      I think she just gained weight. She had a full face even at her thinnest, but especially with a few more pounds.

    • broodytrudy says:

      I stalked her instagram last night after the post yesterday and I don’t think she had any work done. I think it’s probably weight gain, which is nbd. She looks great at this weight as well.
      I actually thought of Rachel Miner, whose face changed in a similar manner because of MS and who has since retired from acting. I wonder if maybe Abbie takes some medication that causes it. Again, nbd, and she doesn’t owe us an explanation.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It doesn’t look like plastic surgery but it does look a little odd. I figured weight gain and possibly medication like a steroid. She has put on weight around the rest of her body.
      Whatever. Life.
      I like her second look much better.

    • Fleur says:

      I think they’re real. She’s always had that apple-cheeked look about her. I watched her a decade ago in Bright Star, and I remember thinking how unusual it was to see a female starring role with an actress who wasn’t built like some gamine waif (which is what Hollywood male directors from Winona Ryder onward seem to love…). But that movie was directed by a woman, so it made sense that the director would be willing to cast someone who looked both beautiful AND strong.

      That aside, I think her face is real. we’re so used to plastic surgery in today’s starlets, we have to remind ourselves that some faces really are just God given (Gal Gadot’s another). Abbie’s an incredible actress and I keep hoping she’ll get the recognition she deserves.

  5. grabbyhands says:

    God, so much of the fashion this year was just so….fussy. These gowns are just barely better than what they wore to the awards ceremony, which isn’t saying much. Gal looked really good both places, but she didn’t wear anything particularly challenging either.

    Tracee Ellis Ross – this gown bothers me. The weird boob cupping wouldn’t have been bad if it weren’t for the brooch thing that makes the whole dress look unbalanced. And the brooch wouldn’t have been bad if the top had been different-that gown needed one or the other, not both.

  6. tracking says:

    Guess I’m in the minority, but I love Tracee Ellis Ross’s look. Meh on the rest.

  7. Tig says:

    Agree that the top part of Tracee’s dress is ill designed.
    Loved this dress on Emily B- it is so much ch better than the Oscar look.
    Abbie C- love the skirt.

  8. Becks says:

    Emily Blunt looks so much better here than at the Oscars. That Oscars dress was horrible and not in a “so awful its almost cool” kind of way. It was just awful. This dress – while not my favorite ever – is so much better, the difference is incredible.

  9. Parigo says:

    Emily Blunt looks so much better here than on the red carpet.

    Abbie has always had a full face. I think she looks so much like Ava Phillippe, which is weird because she used to date Ryan Philippe

    • katie3 says:

      Thanks for the Ryan Philippe reference – otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue who she is!

  10. Bridget says:

    Remember when Abbie was supposed to be a “next big thing”?

  11. magnoliarose says:

    Emily’s dress needed more contrast. Tracee is No. I hate the hip brooch. It is hard to make that not tacky. It reminds me of clearance rack dresses leftover from the Holiday Season stock at Macy’s that have been worked over by March.
    Loathe hip brooches.
    I don’t like her breast situation either.
    I hate the red jumpsuit too.

  12. homeslice says:

    Emily’s hair is tragic. I hope it’s for a role…

  13. themummy says:

    Abbie’s dress is bad, in my opinion. It looks drape-pattern-princess on the bottom and business casual on top. Not a fan. I enjoyed her Oscar dress from the waist down, but the top wasn’t great. I wasn’t such a fan of all of the light beach, beige, etc. on the carpet, either.

  14. Jenn says:

    Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb are legit my favorite couple