People: E! is ‘happy’ with Ryan Seacrest’s performance on the Oscar red carpet

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Just before the Oscars, I just became so depressed with the state of E! Entertainment as a network. In the week prior to the Oscars, we learned that Ryan Seacrest sexually harassed and abused his stylist Suzie Hardy for years, and when she went to E! to report him, she was the one who lost her job. Seacrest’s lawyers claimed she was extorting him for money – despite the fact that she hadn’t asked him for a penny. E! “investigated” Hardy’s allegations, but Seacrest owns/produces so many of their properties, it was always clear that they would cover his ass.

There were apparently “crisis meetings” ahead of the Oscars, but in the end, E! chose to have Seacrest anchor their Oscar Red Carpet show. It was bad. Really bad. Only a handful of actors would speak to him, and mostly he just interviewed music-related people. Oh, and all of the interviews were pre-taped, on a lag, just in case some mouthy woman dared to challenge Seacrest live on air. That’s a long way to go to protect the host of a red carpet show, right? Shades of Matt Lauer – NBC Universal will do anything to protect their most valuable assets, mediocre and predatory white dudes. Women get fired for being mouthy or for daring to ask for something resembling equal pay though. Anyway, I thought there would be some kind of post-Oscars reckoning for Seacrest. I was wrong.

Critics have pointed out that E!’s Oscars red carpet pre-show, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, lacked its usual A-list lineup compared to ABC’s broadcast — but the network isn’t concerned.

“They are happy with the interviews that they got and the folks that stopped and talked to Ryan. They’re happy with how it went and with who they were able to talk with,” a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE. “They had a wide-ranging group of talent, nominees and otherwise.”

The question of who might not stop for Seacrest, 43, arose after his former E! News stylist Suzie Hardy alleged that he sexually harassed and assaulted her — including grabbing her crotch multiple times — throughout her employment at E! from 2007-13. Seacrest has staunchly denied her allegations and accused her of blackmail, and his employers have stood by him.

On Sunday night, stars including Allison Janney, Christopher Plummer, Rita Moreno, Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson, Whoopi Goldberg and Tiffany Haddish chatted with Seacrest. But nominees from major categories like Meryl Streep, Margot Robbie and Timothée Chalamet didn’t, along with presenter and red carpet favorite Jennifer Lawrence, who’d previously told Howard Stern that she wasn’t sure whether she’d stop for E! Still, the source says there were other factors at play.

“The Oscars is tough because there is that embargo hour for last hour leading up to the awards show where only ABC is able to air interviews. It’s hard to get some of the big names three hours before the event is going to start,” the source explains. “With the natural progression of celebrities arriving on the red carpet, a lot of it does happen closer to the awards show. Oscars specifically is a little bit more challenging because just as outlets are starting to hit a groove, then they have that embargo hour where they aren’t able to freely interview all of the celebrities who come. In years past, that doesn’t work to any other outlet’s advantage.”

The source adds that E! stands by an investigation finding “insufficient evidence” of Hardy’s allegations and calls Seacrest “a consummate professional. He does it all and he continues to do it all. I don’t think a person who wasn’t positive would be able to continue with the schedule he has to keep on a daily basis! He deserves a lot of credit.”

[From People]

Yes let’s bend over backwards to give credit to the guy who harassed a woman in front of witnesses! HE DESERVES IT! He deserves to make himself the story just in case some female employee has any kind of delusions of grandeur and thought perhaps she could do it better, with less f–king drama. Catt Sadler should have anchored the red carpet show, and the producer should have been that poor woman E! fired just because she “allowed” celebrities to criticize E! on E!.

Anyway, this is just another depressing reminder – Ryan Seacrest is pretty much untouchable professionally. And it’s awful.

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  1. Snazzy says:

    And watch, when his power weakens, 100 more stories à la Weinstein will come out and everyone will be all ” but we didn’t know! This is terrible! Let’s fire him immediately”
    F-ing hypocrites.

    • BlueSky says:

      The sad part is this stylist will probably get blackballed and never work as a stylist again.

      • Jayna says:

        I don’t think she’s in the industry anymore. I seem to remember something in her statement about that, that she is doing something different now. Maybe not.

  2. lisa says:

    he has 3 high profile on camera jobs and imo is not great at any of them and cant be replaced even though she has witnesses

    it’s still peak white male season

    • FLORC says:

      It’s always peak white male season. Video evidence. Witnesses. The dude admitting fault. And ppl will bend over backwards to defend.

  3. Nicole says:

    Its depressing but not surprising. Havent we seen this already? Hollywood will turn a blind eye when it needs to. Their reckoning was (mostly) nowhere to be found on sunday.

    • Alix says:

      Matt Lauer 2.0

      When E! finally gives him the boot, they’ll be righteously indignant and state unequivocally that such behavior is not tolerated. And we’ll all barf in response.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yes. And it won’t happen until it starts to really cost them in some way.

        I hope everyone who skipped talking to him let’s E know they’re done, until he’s gone.

  4. Neelyo says:

    Bullshit. E! Had nothing to air on Monday versus their annual walk to wall Oscar coverage. Besides one hour of their news show, the rest of the day was Kardashian reruns. They didn’t win no matter what they say.

  5. Jess says:

    This sucks. I refuse to watch anything in E now.

  6. Adorable says:

    Unpopular opinion & just MY Opinion,I actually appreciate E! Didn’t just sack him for the sake of public opinion”..You are innocent until proven guilty.

    • SKF says:

      An employee doesn’t have to be found guilty in a court of law to be fired or sanctioned for workplace misconduct.

      Personally I have seen firsthand the terrible response a media organisation has when one of its stars is accused of (well documented and witnessed) serial sexual harassment and assault (groping) and also another star of bullying. The response was to laugh it off and do nothing. Only when it was leaked to other media outlets was a piss-poor minor punishment made plus some announcements about how seriously they take this kind of thing (sure Jan). The bully wasn’t punished until someone finally had the balls to sue him and he still earns gazillions of dollars, still has his job, still bullies half the company. These companies won’t do anything to protect their employees from their Stars if the Stars make them a lot of money. They’ll just get rid of the “problem”/victim.

      Also, innocent until proven guilty applies to courts and jail time. Considering that only 6 in 1000 rapists ever spend a day in jail (RAINN stats) and the stats for sexual harassment are even lower (they usual decline to investigate or prosecute) it is not enough to say that we won’t react to accusations like this until the accused is found guilty by a court of law. She has a credible story, she has witnesses and evidence. It is incredibly difficult to come forward with something like this – especially when the perpetrator is powerful and famous. I believe her. I want him gone. Not that I ever watch/ed his crappy shows or E anyway, but I will never support anything he is involved in again.

      • lucy2 says:

        Well said SKF.
        It’s just like when someone spouts off something horrible and gets fired – they have the right to say what they want, but their employer also has the right to kick them to the curb. RS has not been found legally guilty of anything, but E didn’t have to keep him front and center for their biggest event of the year.

        The fact that they fired the victim of his harassment when she came forward is especially appalling.

    • WingKingdom says:

      Innocent until proven guilty applies to the law, and is still in place here. He is not in jail. Public opinion, on the other hand, directly corresponds with the success or failure of celebrities and entertainers. The smart decision would have been to have a woman anchor do the red carpet.

    • Neelyo says:

      Hollywood is built on image, whether he is truly guilty or not, they should have recognized what it would look like and chose another route based on that reason alone.

    • Kelly says:

      Agree with you. Also, I’m confused, is Seacrest being called mediocre here? No way, the guy has like 10 jobs, or did. If anything he is hard-working and very skilled at what he does. I personally have never been a fan but he is a talented guy and far from mediocre.

  7. RBC says:

    The shine is off Seacrest, his influence is waning. I personally would be surprised if “Live with Kelly and Ryan” is not looking for a new co host. As much as Kelly Ripa is publicly supporting Ryan, there are rumours she is furious about this scandal. She certainly does not want anything to hurt her show. Remember the upheaval when her last co host left?

    • Jayna says:

      It will be interesting to see if her morning show is affected as far as TV and movie celebrities refusing to come on because of Ryan and having to resort to a lot of C or D-list guests to fill in the gaps.
      It will also be telling if their ratings drop. If nothing changes relative to guests and/or ratings, then he’s probably safe.

      I don’t watch Live with Kelly and have no clue if he is even good on the show.

      I see a quick engagement and quick pregnancy in his future for damage control.

  8. Eric says:

    The E! network is happy? Happy?

    Just give me one round of Jane Fonda Vs Seacrust. No 30-second delays!

  9. magnoliarose says:

    That article is desperate spin that NO ONE BELIEVES! It doesn’t take a Mensa member to see this whole thing was a disaster. I think E will find out that Seacrest isn’t as popular as they want to believe. There was no outcry for him. Just ignore and move on. No one cares if he disappears.

    • Neelyo says:

      Total disaster. None of the big stars stopped for him. E! now has little of their own footage to use for next year’s promotion, no hot, young stars looking into the camera and saying, ‘We Love E!’ I love Rita Moreno, but she’s really not their target demographic.

      They blew it.

    • Bridget says:

      Lainey talks about what a big deal it is for red carpet reporters to get their interviews, and what a huge deal it would be to go home empty handed. Seacrest got pretty much NOTHING at the Oscars. It was completely wasted space.

      • deets says:

        Do you remember the drama because Jolie didn’t give one reporter an interview? It turned into this thing (with help from Lainey). That was over one celebrity interview, one time. Seacrest got shut out of how many, and for how long?

  10. LadyT says:

    Seacrest needs to provide proof of his accuser asking for millions. They keep throwing it out there as a fact that she attempted to blackmail him. The man has a team of high priced network lawyers who would absolutely have a paper trail of this exhortation attempt…if it actually happened.
    Also E! Investigating E! just doesn’t cut it, even if they paid to bring in an outside source to do the investigation.

    • Jayna says:

      I believe her.

      But I also believe she asked for millions, The amount, who knows. Why did she hire an attorney and contact E/Ryan? Why didn’t she just publish her story like other victims have in this movement, or why didn’t she file a civil suit regarding sexual harassment in the workplace and unfair termination? Having her attorney contact E/Ryan directly before going public was, in essence, to get a settlement, or she was going to go public with her allegations. And this could have been conversations between the attorneys, nothing on paper.

      I am not judging her for going after a payoff to keep her quiet. She felt she deserved it after putting up with him and then getting sacked for speaking up, so tried to use it as leverage for a settlement. It backfired on her, in that he went in the offense immediately, and went public. Then it backfired on him, because she told her story with many specifics and a witness.

      She can still file a civil suit since she has witnesses.

      • Bridget says:

        She was fired for whistleblowing back in 2013. She wasn’t an active employee of E! when she came forward recently. She probably got her attorney involved to sue for wrongful termination, which is definitely not a shakedown. Did you read what she sent?

  11. Miss M says:

    Didnt E! Already announced Giulianna is stepping in to cover for the show Cat used to present?! Cat is not returning…

  12. gatorbait says:

    I hope to God that this gets pushed to the point where they have to let that piece of sh#t go and that he takes the Kardashians down with him. I read some really disturbing info about 138 water the other day.

  13. Anna says:

    I would vomit if any boss I have did even one of the things he did to make her life hell. There is nothing more upsetting than being sexually harassed, devalued, abused, intimidated and discriminated against on the job. I have done more of these types of cases than any other. Sexually ambiguous Ryan Seacrest owns E! by now. It’s the Pile of Crap network and if he got his just deserts, E! would go down the drain. Ryan you F*ck face…it’s not extortion, but it will be a civil suit against you for discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment and probably several other causes of action. I hope you crash and burn!!!! #BOYCOTTSEACREST #BOYCOTTLIVEWITHF*CKFACEANDKELLY #BOYCOTTKARDASHIANSHOWS #BOYCOTTAMERICANIDOL

    Basically boycott E! and ABC. Ryan Seacrest Productions has a scripted television development deal with ABC…boycott ABC until he is fired from all the shows and his dev deal is gone

  14. Lis322 says:

    I’m curious. Anyone know which celebs Extra and Access Hollywood interviewed? I’m assuming they were only allowed to interview during the same time frame as E!

  15. deets says:

    This is the old set of actions a powerful player would take after being accused by an underling of harassment. There have never been repercussions like this, so it’s interesting they are doubling down. It will be interesting to see if this works for them. I hope not.