Charlize Theron in a Dior tuxedo at the ‘Gringo’ premiere: amazing or meh?

Premiere of 'Gringo' - Arrivals

Here are photos from the LA premiere of Gringo last night. I keep seeing the trailers for Gringo and I guess it’s supposed to be dark humor/action? Something like that. It has a great cast, which makes me hope it has a good script. Charlize Theron leads the ensemble, and she decided to go for a more menswear-inspired look in a Dior Haute Couture tuxedo. This looks… amazing. At first I questioned the sheer blouse underneath, but I think it works well upon closer inspection.

Sidenote: the full-length trailer for Charlize’s next movie, Tully, was just released. She reunited with the Young Adult team – Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody – for a story about motherhood and growing up and holy crap Ron Livingston. This is the movie where Charlize gained a lot of weight. Here’s the trailer:

It looks good, right? It looks like a movie that Diablo Cody wrote.

Back to the premiere of Gringo… I’m also including photos of the rest of the cast, plus Lupita Nyong’o, who was there and she posed with her friend David Oyelowo for some reason. Amanda Seyfried’s wearing an H&M Conscious Exclusive dress made out of recycled materials. And the dude with Joel Edgerton is his… brother? Oh, and Paris Jackson was there because she has a small part in the film.

Premiere of 'Gringo' - Arrivals

Premiere of 'Gringo' - Arrivals

Premiere of 'Gringo' - Arrivals

Premiere of 'Gringo' - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Snazzy says:

    Love the tux, hate the shoes

  2. Beluga says:

    I’m questioning the fishnet stockings tbh

    • Astrid says:


    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah, no on those. Other wise, great

    • Huckle says:

      she should’ve worn pumps or a closed toe shoe w/the fishnets, or no hose and sandals. You cannot wear hose with sandals!

      • Esmom says:

        Yes, she looks like a little old lady from the ankle down! The sandals look so…sensible. Nothing about them matches the vibe of the tux. Such a crazy faux pas, imo.

    • tracking says:

      They’re distracting, would have been better to skip. The suit is fabulous.

  3. lightpurple says:

    Is Charlize wearing fishnet stockings under those pants?

  4. Seraphina says:

    I lost all focus when my eyes went down to her feet. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING AND WHO EVER DRESSED HER!?!

    Paris looks like a train wreck that is about to happen. Like, I see the flashing lights that the train is coming pretty soon.

    • deets says:

      From the calf down she looks like my granny going to an evening special Euchre tournament.

      The tux is gorgeous though. Her face is regal. Just hide those feet.

      Sh*t. Is she making an anti Tarantino statement here? I would highly enjoy if her ugly footwear choice was a middle finger to Tarantino, but too tinfoil hat?

      • Seraphina says:

        Thank you Deets! Exactly. I was thinking, damn and I make fun of my mom when she wears that type of footwear and add the stockings. Well, if she sees this photo she will be all smiles next time I see her at church!

      • magnoliarose says:

        Hahaha. He has foot fetishes, and she does have a twisted sense of humor, but I don’t know. I may choose to believe this just because its funny. lol
        I love menswear especially tuxedos and would love to have one of these. But the shoes are all kinds of hell no.

  5. Lala says:

    Charlize…RARELY makes a fashion misstep…HOWEVA…the cut/length/shape of those pants…coupled with that unfortunate shoes AND stocking combo…makes me want to PLOTZ!!!!! She would have fared better with a cropped pant and a KILLER stiletto in a dramatic color….and one thing I WILL say for Paris Jackson…SHE GIVES GREAT FACE!!!!

    • magnoliarose says:

      You said “pant” and that always cracks me up. Just like slacks. I don’t know why. lol

      Paris has a stunning face I just wish she didn’t look high all the time. It worries me about her since she has a history of self harm and a suicide attempt. I don’t feel like anyone is looking after her properly.

      You used plotz. Major points for correct usage of Yiddish from me. 💖

  6. Nancy says:

    Charlize is pretty much my girl crush. She always looks fierce and unlike many of her peers, the girl can act with a vengeance. Amanda is looking rather fetching herself.

  7. Slowsnow says:

    Here to say that I LOVED Yound Adult so will be all over Tully.

  8. mr burns says:

    CT looks gorgeous!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Yes that’s Joel’s brother Nash Edgerton.
    He’s older and is also in the film business as an Actor, Writer, Stuntman and is mainly a Director these days.
    I’m pretty sure that he’s the reason Joel even got into the movie buisiness here in Australia.
    Talented boys.

    • Jayna says:

      They are. I was so impressed with Joel’s directorial debut in The Gift. He also wrote the script and produced it and acted in it.

    • Yeahright says:

      Talented Brothers!
      Joel got the looks though!

  10. Jayna says:

    The shoes absolutely ruin it.

    Joel’s pants are too short.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes and yes. His whole suit could be cool but it looks too small. It reminds me of that one Modern Family where Phil got a slim suit that was so small he could barely move, lol.

  11. Patricia says:

    I don’t know, from the preview Tully looks like a sad portrayal of motherhood. Yes it’s incredibly hard and days run together and you sometimes feel like you’re not even a person anymore. But mixed in, all the time, every day, is so so so much joy. So much laughter. I didn’t see even a flash of joy about the children in that preview. To me it just looks sad. The joy is what keeps you going.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Yes, of course there is joy throughout a lifetime of parenting. IDK how old your children are. My last two are juniors in HS. I think this is a sweet ( bittersweet at times ) ode to the sacrifices of motherhood, and there is joy for me looking back at how we all survived…quite literally. It is truly a huge and humbling task ( raising one or several children ), and this gives permission to mothers of young ones to accept that their feelings are normal and valid, and gives perspective and satisfaction to those moms whose jobs are almost or are completely finished.

      I think it will also be beneficial for spouses and adult children who are not yet parents themselves.

  12. SJhere says:

    I don’t like the tux at all. It looks K-Mart fabric, and the hose and shoes are wrong.
    And, it’s tough enough these days. Could we get a comedy to see at the movies? A comedy not full of poo jokes but well written and funny.

  13. Reef says:

    This suit is poorly tailored. It’s too big by like a half inch all over. This whole outfit feels like she just remembered she had an event and had to get ready in 20 minutes. If so, me too, girl. Me too.

  14. sunnydeereynolds says:

    NO Charlize. Just NO. That sheer blouse, stockings and that tacky shoes is a mess!

  15. Giddy says:

    Amanda Seyfried is so beautiful. However, with her hair styled like that she looks like a well groomed show dog with long curly ears. A cocker spaniel? King Charles spaniel? I can’t decide.

  16. Hoping says:

    Theron looks like a taller copy of Johansson here! Hate the shoes and the shirt.

  17. Gaby says:

    All ruined by the hem of those pants and those shoes! God, what was she thinking?

  18. Panthress says:

    Two beautiful women and two bad choices. I agree that Charlize looks if she forgot that she had a premiere to attend and quickly darted into Kmart and grabbed an outfit. The other no is lupita. That dress isn’t her best look. Yet, she still looks beautiful. I am so jealous. I would have looked terrible in that dress.

  19. minx says:

    Love the tux jacket, hate the blouse, pants and shoes.

  20. supersoft says:

    These are the movies i wanna watch. Cant wait for Tully to come to my city.

  21. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    I hate to say it, but all the black dresses make me think of halloween costumes.
    I concur with the group opinion about CT’s tux/ accoutrements.

  22. Jana says:

    Queen of Hollywood

  23. Cher says:

    The fishnet stockings and the shoes spoil the outfit.

  24. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Agree the feet/shoes and stockings are a PROBLEM, but the tux I like, mainly I like the shirt underneath the blazer combo, it looks way more fresh and modern to me than the whole “tux with nothing underneath” thing. The pants are maybe a little awkward, not crazy about the front pleat.

  25. magnoliarose says:

    I can relate to those drained, tired moments being a mother and wanting to run away and start fresh in some small village in a foreign country and be the mysterious stranger who charms everyone and becomes a beloved essential part of the community. What they notice behind my joy is a hint of secrecy and sadness. SUURRE I have been there. I ride a bike everywhere and wave at all my new friends. This thought occasionally crosses my mind.
    Preferably a seaside village so I can have profound moments of staring across the ocean with the wind whipping my hair around looking like a forlorn, lonely figure. In this dream, I drink a lot of tea and wine and take up painting landscapes while wearing a straw hat with my adopted dog and cats running around my perfect garden.

    Funny how this dream always pops into my head when I am grocery shopping, and my two youngest decide that a public meltdown is just the ticket. My bolter chooses to run while the other is doing body circles on the floor whining. I manage to drag them out looking like a mean Mommy when suddenly they decide moment is over and are all smiles and cuteness. This happened a few days ago.

  26. chlo says:

    Didn’t Lainey from where a very similar tux to the Oscars (except different color). Lainey looked amazing! Charlize’s styling team should have taken notes.

  27. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I would like to point out that Diablo Cody also wrote Jennifer’s Body, so….this could go either way.

  28. A Fan says:

    Nope, not Charlize’s best look. The pants seem too short? Or too long and are bunching up? Something is not right. And the shoes…wow, they are bad.

    Paris Jackson is such a beautiful girl…but looks trashy and dirty all the time. The tattoos are unfortunate; as is the hair (that combination of natural dark with platinum dye makes it look perpetually greasy and stringy). I remember her a long time ago (pre-tattoos and dark hair) – she was just beautiful.

    [*Why would someone mess with that??*]

  29. Heat says:

    Fishnets over shoes. I cannot!
    David Oyelowo is the star of Gringo! Not sure I get the comment about he and Lupita posing together. She was probably there to support him at his premiere.

  30. Naptime says:

    Kmart?? What part of this suit looks like anything found in Kmart. Fine not to like it but let’s not be ridiculous.

  31. Gina says:

    Charlize is morphing into Nicole Kidman.