Krysten Ritter: ‘I’d rather be knitting than doing most things’


Krysten Ritter wore this silver Cushnie Et Ochs dress to the Jessica Jones premiere. I love it – asymmetrical neckline, color and fabric. And I’m always here for a dramatic slit. Jessica Jones started streaming on Netflix yesterday. I haven’t watched it yet, The Mister said I had to wait for him.

I’ve liked Krysten since Gilmore Girls but I don’t know much about her. I had no idea she published a novel last year called Bonfire. I also didn’t know Krysten was an avid knitter. Apparently, that’s totally on me because Krysten is huge in the knitting community, like gracing the cover of Vogue Knitting huge. She even has her own knitting collection. So how much does she love knitting? According to Krysten, she’d rather knit than do almost anything else.

On if a Krysten Ritter-knitted sweater appeared in the first episode of the new season: I wish! No. Here’s the thing: I would have to work really hard, because we need seven of everything that I wear. I think it’s seven. It’s me, my stand-in, my stunt double, a backup, and then a larger size and a smaller size. But there’s just too many. I did not, unfortunately, but maybe [co-star] Rachael [Taylor] ends up wearing something. I always try to get a piece of mine in the show. If we do a season three, I will 100 percent try to get that thing in the show.

On knitting being her first love:
Yeah, I love it. Honestly, I’d rather be knitting than doing most things. I love it. I like creating something with my hands, and it’s also something that I can do anywhere while I’m doing all of my other side hustles. Y’know, I’ve got a lot of shit going on, and it’s just one of those things that I love to do.

[From Vulture]

I have a friend who knits all the time. She’ll reach over and grab her needles and yarn mid-conversation without taking her eyes off mine. It’s therapy for her (maybe I should wonder why talking to me is so stressful she need to start knitting). Knitting must be the way Krysten unwinds. And since it’s something she can do everywhere, Krysten always has an outlet. Which is marvelous because I imagine between acting, writing novels and running her production company, things probably get pretty stressful.

When Krysten appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she tried to teach him knitting. I’m adding the clip because watching Krysten in the role of Jessica, I forget she ivacious and fun she is in real life (it’s called acting, darling). Notice the dress she wore. I’m seeing a trend of silver dresses with deconstructed necklines – and I am all for it!

But guys, we need to talk about her dog, Mikey. He needs his own Vogue cover:


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  1. Jamie42 says:

    Agree about knitting. One of my favorite things as well. Loved her on BB.

    • Snazzy says:

      I have a friend who works at an aid organisation and his job is so stressful he loves knitting. He’s known for hit, this tall scottish guy always travelling with his knitting needles and yarn. He’s pretty good too. It must be very soothing. I think I should learn

      • Bridget says:

        At one point during Olympic ski coverage there was a discussion of knitting, as it’s something that a few folks do to manage stress.

      • lunchcoma says:

        There’s a lot going for it. It keeps both your hands and your brain busy, intrusive thoughts at bay, and your phone out of reach. At the same time, it’s portable, doesn’t get you sweaty, isn’t noisy, and is generally really easy to take around with you and do during downtime.

    • ab says:

      same here, knitting is everything. whenever my mind wanders it usually settles on some sort of knit/crochet-related thoughts.

      on a related note concerning marvel superheroes and knitting, the designer of the infinity scarf that lupita nyong’o wears in black panther has just published the pattern for free on ravelry. super excited to add it to my list of future projects!

    • T.Fanty says:

      Knitting is the absolute best. It’s been a couple of years since I started knitting, and I’m slow, and still very much in the scarf zone, but it is so wonderfully decompressing. I take my knitting everywhere – even to the movies. It just makes everything a little more chill.

  2. SKF says:

    I decided to watch an episode last night and ended up watching 8 and going to bed at some ungodly hour. It’s really good. Not as good as season 1 but it’s good.

  3. LilLil says:

    There is a magazine called Knitting Vogue?

    • SK says:

      It’s Vogue Knitting, but yes.

    • dodgy says:

      Yep. It is one of the better knit magazines around in terms of aspirational knitting. I used to love Vogue, it excited me whereas Interweave Knits left me cold.

  4. lightpurple says:

    I have always wished I could knit. But I can’t. It makes no sense to me.

    • Pedro45 says:

      Me too! I’ve tried to learn probably 3-4 times. Nothing. It’s like someone asked me to explain quantum physics. I remain in jealous awe of knitters.

    • Fifee says:

      It never made sense to me either. This past winter I have knitted numerous hats and scarves and now Im knitting a top albeit a reasonably easy one for my adult daughter. Without the aid of Youtube i’d still be sitting here thinking I cant do it.

      • Cranberry says:

        YouTube is a god send for beginner and intermediate knitters. I learned by going to a knitting circle that a very experienced neighbor hosted. But being able to look things up on YT to reinforce what I’d immediately forget instead of waiting for the next knitting session made all the difference to get me over the beginners hump.
        Now I’m looking up more advanced things and can work on my own even if I don’t have access to a mentor/teacher.

    • Milla says:

      Its a proven therapy for stress. But… I can’t do it, partly cos I’m left handed and partly cos I’m clumsy.

      • SK says:

        Don’t let being a lefty stop you! I am also left-handed, and I also would rather be knitting than just about anything else. I am self-taught, and youtube is your friend in this. I tried to learn in the 90s and was hopeless but taught myself about 6 years ago with help from the interwebs and now I am always knitting. I can knock out a sweater in about 2 weeks. I don’t switch up for being a lefty though–I just knit right-handed. Sometimes things are a bit backwards to me and I have to check myself, but if you’re reasonably ambidextrous like most lefties, you should be fine. It truly is the best therapy, and since the last election oh my god have I needed it. I think it is the only thing keeping me clinging to sanity these days. I can’t even tell you how therapeutic it was to knit pussy hats for the women’s march, for example.

      • dodgy says:

        @Milla, if you’re left handed, try your hand at ‘picking’ or continental knitting, instead of English.

    • seraph7 says:

      l am still terrible at knitting with needles and crochet, but taking up loom knitting really helped as a starter. It was relatively cheap and quick to get results.

    • lightpurple says:

      My paralegal knits constantly. She walks around the office with her knitting needles in constant motion. One of our attorneys yarn bombs stuff, benches and street lamps, and fences. They amaze me.

  5. Lucy says:

    That sweater she’s wearing on the cover of Knitting Vogue. WANT.

  6. smee says:

    so Krysten Knitter then? 🙂

  7. Beth says:

    My mom tried to teach me how to knit and crochet, but it was a little confusing, and I don’t know the difference between the two. One needle? Two needles? I see people knitting while on the train, and while they walk around and shop. It must be easier than I think

    • lucy2 says:

      Knitting is 2 needles, crocheting is a hook.
      I like the look of knitting better, but crocheting (at least simple patterns) is faster and easier, IMO. I like doing either while watching TV, as long as it’s not something I need to pay close attention to.

      Everyone enjoying Jessica Jones needs to check out Apt. 23 on Netflix – she was so different and hilarious on that show.

  8. magnoliarose says:

    I am not very good at it but since it is one of the activities I do with my kids I improved marginally. It is good for their motor skills and self-entertainment. One of my sons really loves it and is proud of his mystery creations. He just does it on his own. He’s my little homebody and likes getting into his “comfy clothes” right after he gets home from school or activities and play with his siblings or pets, help me cook or knit.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Awww, that’s so cute, magnoliarose. And I can’t help feeling that it’s going to give him the solid base of home-family-and-self that so many kids lack these days. Good for you for giving him such a creative (and therapeutic, whenever needed) outlet.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Your son sounds a lot like me! I jump into my “comfy clothes” (that is also what I call them!) right when I get home. Part because I like being cozy, part because I always spill on myself and try to keep my “nice” clothes from getting ruined. 🙂

      I’ve always wanted to learn to knit. This article/comments section is giving me a push to learn!

    • magnoliarose says:

      Thanks Lahdidahbaby!
      I hoped to make our home a warm sanctuary and comfortable place for my family. I want them to have happy memories of home and want to be here.

      We do the same thing. It keeps the other clothes clean and we can be cozy and not careful with our comfy clothes. Just throw them in the wash and who cares if they fade. The softer the better.

      I feel like I want to get better too after these comments. 🙂

    • Cranberry says:

      Some of the best knitters I’ve known have been men. A friend of mine learned how to knit and was knitting ‘perfect’ sweaters under a year and learned how to his own damn yarn. A neighbor’s son is a prolific knitter, and a woman I know taught Ryan Gosling how to knit on a movie set. Don’t know if he continued with it, but he was knitting things with her help over the course of that film.

  9. sara says:

    She actually created a pattern for a dog sweater and has her dog modeling it on her design page.

  10. Idk says:

    I’ve loved her (and Tessa Thompson!!!) since Veronica Mars! Also, I am crap at knitting. I still don’t know which kinds of needles goes with which wool or how to end it.

    • lucy2 says:

      I liked her on VM (her character was so ditzy) but I really disliked Jackie. Once I saw Tessa in something else though, I loved her, and I’m happy to see her getting some big roles now.

  11. trollontheloose says:

    I learned through youtube but when I started I stopped the video every 0,001 seconds because they will tell you it’s for beginners but I was screaming bloody murder when I thought why i didn’t get it if it was “so simple, here loop up 2 down”.. We think it’s so simple that by the end of the video we should be able to sell knitted rugs at Piers 1 and by the end of the weekend set up knitted products in a tiny but cute boutique around the corner of the hip cafe with woke people.

  12. Isa says:

    I can do a little bit, but if I drop a stitch it’s done for.
    I mainly do crochet. I would love to knit a Weasley sweater for each of my kids.

  13. Neners says:

    It’s #TeamCrochet in the Neners household, but I sympathize with all my yarn art addicts!

  14. Tiffany says:

    I have a couple of starter boxes at home. I really want to get on this. But to just sit down and start has been a problem for me. I just need to turn off all the noise and just do it.

  15. raincoaster says:

    Knitting is weirdly relaxing, especially if you’re on the computer all day. You can’t tab or type when you’re knitting.

  16. lunchcoma says:

    Love knitting, though crochet and embroidery are closer to my heart, and love that she’s open about enjoying it. I’m guessing that as an actress, she spends a lot of her life waiting around for things, and having something creative to do that also keeps your hands busy is wonderful in those situations.

    • Cranberry says:

      I commented up stream how a friend taught Ryan Gosling how to knit on set. She would be knitting there on set, and he took an interest in what she was doing cause he was so bored waiting between shots.

  17. Jewel says:

    I wish I knew how to knit, it seems like it could be so relaxing. I tried knitting a scarf but it didn’t turn out so well. I was pretty good at sewing but it’s one of those things that I also gave up on along with the knitting, so I don’t know if I would be good at it now. That and I’m also just a complete idiot.

  18. DesertReal says:

    Crocheting is the jam. I kinda miss taking the train to work everyday. I loved doing it in the rain, here or there and everywhere. It was great decompressing technique before and after work.
    *le sigh*
    I respect her knitting game though.

    The most shocking thing in this interview? That there’s a freakin’ VOGUE KNITTING!!!???

  19. greenmonster says:

    I love knitting and cocheting but after a while I can’t stand the feeling of the wool thread around my finger.

  20. KBB says:

    I’ve seen her on Breaking Bad, Veronica Mars, and B in Apt 23, but I still haven’t watched her Netflix show yet. I’ll have to check it out, I’ve heard it’s fantastic.

    She’s such an interesting person. I also like the way she spells her name.