Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection slogan is ‘Keep America Great,’ great = white

President Trump delivers remarks at the Keep America Great Rally

I’ve been going through another phase where I “hibernate” from politics. These phases coincide with awards seasons and tennis seasons. Who has time to watch the news when Indian Wells is happening? So over the weekend, I was like “why in the world is ‘Keep America Great’ trending?” As it turns out, we no longer live in a nation full of MAGA dumbasses. We now live in a nation full of KAG dumbasses. Donald Trump has announced his 2020 re-election slogan: Keep America Great. Because America is great NOW that a white supremacist is dictator. It wasn’t great before, when a black man was the twice-duly-elected president.

President Donald Trump got business out of the way quickly Saturday night – urging voters to elect Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone, who’s locked in an unexpectedly tough special election battle in Pennsylvania – before turning to the main subject of the night: himself.

Returning to top campaign form, Trump made fun of Washington and congratulated himself for maintaining his iconoclastic style in office, despite critics who have called for him to take his job more seriously—including in a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal called out by Trump. “I’m very presidential,” he said at one point, lowering his voice and standing artificially straight as he mocked usual political addresses.

“Don’t forget, this got us elected,” he went on, relaxing into his conversational, riffy style. “If I came like a stiff, you guys wouldn’t come here tonight.”

The crowd, in an airplane hangar, cheered. One person shouted: “You’re one of us!”

Trump touted his tax reform plan, his new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and his newly announced plan to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, while slamming the news media – including calling NBC host Chuck Todd a “son of a bitch.” The president also talked about his desire to impose capital punishment on drug dealers, describing a discussion with Singapore’s president about that country’s hardline approach.

He also talked about the size of the crowd, thanking the fire marshal—a vintage campaign line—and recounted how Pennsylvania sealed his 2016 victory. He also unveiled his own new slogan for the 2020 campaign: “Keep America Great!”

“Is there anything more fun than a Trump rally?” he asked at one point.

[From Politico]

Is there anything more terrifying than a Trump rally? The people are out there in our country. They are our neighbors and coworkers and family members. And they believe every word this jackass says. They truly believe that Donald Trump has made America great again and now they (they = white men) need to KEEP America Great (great = white). In any case, this is just an FYI. It used to be that the acronym “MAGA” was a good enough indicator that you should completely avoid a certain person, whether they were wearing the MAGA hat or they had MAGA in their Twitter handle. Now you can be on the lookout for KAG. “KAG” is the sound Donald Bigly makes when his dentures fall out.

President Trump delivers remarks at the Keep America Great Rally

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  1. Shappalled says:

    I actually watched about fifty minutes of his rally. F#ck that guy can talk. He just waffles on and on and on. He’s now thinking about the merits of the death penalty for drug dealers and getting rid of term limits. And of course he wants to ‘bring back coal’ because apparently climate change isn’t worth worrying about.

  2. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    Claiming that 52% of women voted for him, when it was only 41% of all women, and that 52% was only among white women, pretty much sums it up.

  3. grabbyhands says:

    “You’re one of us!!”

    Jaysus. He’s one of them for no other reason than he’s a white racist. That’s it. He shares no other demographic with these people, but they love him anyway. And unfortunately it is going to be way too late for the rest of us by the time this group of dipshits realizes how badly f*cked they are going to be by his policies.

    Shiz like this is part of the reason I no longer plan for the future. At least not in this country.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      I feel the same. Bannon was at some reactionary gathering in France this weekend telling the roaring crowd that they should be proud to be called racist! Watch him make his way back to his former puppetmaster position in the White House. I wish I had some other place to live, but I feel too old to start over now, and the Right seems to be rising again in Europe, anyway.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        I think you’re right. Bannon is desperate to get back to the WH. And Scaramucci is too with his vitiol towards Kelly. With staff dropping like flies and no self respecting professional wanting the job drump will welcome them back.

    • B n A fn says:

      The polls are showing that people are now realizing that the tax cuts are not beneficial to most of the working people. it’s what Nancy predicted, that it’s crumbs for the regular people and was beneficial to the rich and big corporations.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      This sh*t is the result of the notion that the “American Dream” is a reality. It’s not. Not for most people. But it’s kept the working men and women from going after the filthy rich I guess. It’s genius, really. They honestly think they’ll be part of the 1% one day. And get rid of POC of course.

  4. Shappalled says:

    He refferred to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas a number of times again too.

  5. Snowflake says:

    So what happens to the money raised for his reelection if he’s no longer in office? How can people still support him?

  6. Eric says:

    Emperor Zero was considering Yes We Klan for his 2020 bid but it was deemed “out there.”

  7. Vox says:

    Why leave out the white women who voted him in? It’s not just the white men, trust and believe. My MIL is a white woman and she voted just like her white husband.

  8. Rapunzel says:

    Nothing but distraction. Meanwhile, walking back all he said about gun control and meeting with Kim Jong Un. This man has no clue what he’s doing.

  9. Squirrelgirl says:

    I was sick to my stomach last night. Him and Betsy Devos announced a plan to fund guns and training for teachers in America. Where that money is coming from I have no idea. Regardless, as a teacher, there’s nothing that would make me feel more unsafe for the children at my school than a loaded gun in every room.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, I made the mistake of watching an interview Devos did with Leslie Stahl and holy crap I’d forgotten — or blocked out in a self-preservation attempt — how utterly ignorant she is.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        I saw the interview. She has no business overseeing education. Her focus is on playing to the NRA, promting businesses making money from privatizing public schools (which has priven to be a disaster), and undermining teachers. It was so obvious she doesn’t care at all about improving education.

      • Eric says:

        Totally agree.

        But the real challenge for us is to nominate the most ignorant, least qualified Cabinet position…
        Is it DeVoid? Pruitt? Zeinke? Mnuchin? Carson? Tillerson?

        I mean the list goes on and on

      • Esmom says:

        Eric, yeah, the list does go on and on. Pruitt’s idea of a “debate” on climate science was a pretty recent whopper.

        Back to Devos, she sounded just as stupid as she did in her confirmation hearings. This is also the Trump way — make zero attempt to learn the job you are utterly unqualified for. It’s beyond appalling and I honestly don’t know how we will recover. Thank goodness, at least, for the teachers for recognizing this sh^tshow for exactly what is is.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        That interview was so terrible.

        Between the Devos interview and the Trump rally, I was cringing so hard I worry that my face will never be the same. I’ll be stuck looking horrified for the rest of my life because of this administration.

        ” she sounded just as stupid as she did in her confirmation hearings.”

        That’s the worst thing about the people in this administration. Even when they KNOW they are ignorant on important matters, they do not take the time to research and learn. Who am I kidding. She’s in this to make money, not to improve education.

    • B n A fn says:

      He’s ready to fund guns for teachers, meaning, more guns will be sold and more money in the pockets of the NRA and more millions for the dotard, congressmen and senators. It’s all about money, talk about draining the swamp. The swamp is in the White House.

      • Cintra.C says:

        and as an added bonus, the burden will be on teachers (instead of law enforcement) to keep the kids safe from shooters. The conversation will shift from “Are you seriously proposing to arm teachers?” to “What’s wrong with the teachers who won’t arm themselves and protect the students?”

    • Swack says:

      Can’t even think about De Vos and her being in charge of education. As a retired teacher I am sick and tired of those in charge of education that have no idea what goes on in the classroom on a daily basis and trying to tell us what to do. Putting guns in a classroom should not even be discussed. It should never happen. Trump talks about transitioning ex-military and ex-policemen to being teachers. I’m not sure he understands what it takes to become one. You just can’t put a person in the classroom that has NO formal training as a teacher.

  10. Coz says:

    Oh KAG, really? In south of France when we say “cague” or “caguer” it literraly means “to poop”

  11. Nicole says:

    Can we please talk about how CNN and MSNBC televised campaign rallies of the GOP and nothing from the DNC? If we want to talk about the media’s role in this fiasco this is a major part of it. Another is letting DeVos ramble without pressing her on the utter idiocy she was spouting.
    I’m ready to hibernate too mostly because I’m plotting my move away from this hellscape

  12. C. Remm says:

    I read somewhere that many people in the audience are paid actors. They allegedly get 50 Bucks for it.
    Trump wants to put Tariffs on BMW and Mercedes Cars. Well both manufacturers build the cars for the US-market in the US. So what is he talking about?
    Trump = malevolence. He has no decency.

    • Swack says:

      First, he doesn’t read up on what is or is not done in America (manufacturing, etc). If it’s not in a short memo with bullet points he doesn’t read it. Even his briefings are read to him everyday. He does much assuming, which makes more of an a@@ out of him than out of you and me. I also heard he stayed on script for about 5 minutes and then went off on his own. When he goes off on his own he constantly spouts facts that can be easily checked and are mostly proven as false or misleading.

    • jwoolman says:

      That actor theory could be easily checked today because images are searchable. Would be interesting to find out if there is any truth to it.

      During the Iraq War, there was a group of about 20 alleged Iraqis who showed up at various US military promotions such as when a US soldier toppled a statue of Hussein (since the Iraqis had better things to do). A Spanish tv station showed the whole square rather than the tight shots US viewers saw and lice-streamed it all, and a colleague in Spain watched it. The square was practically empty. The US military announced that ration packages would be given away to stimulate some interest, so some Iraqis started gathering to wait in line for those. The 20 regular guys arrived all together by truck and were placed in front of the “crowd” to do their Yay America thing. If you look at the pics, you can see others in the “crowd” looked a tad confused since they were just waiting for the food.

      Somebody did image search and match on other crowd pictures and found the same guys repeatedly.

    • ida says:

      “funny” thing is he owned German cars himself in the past. also his children don’t drive fully american:

  13. Lizzie says:

    i’d rather have a colonoscopy with a wide angle lens than attend a trump rally

  14. smee says:

    Good luck with that, Donald. Everything this guy wants is antiquated. Coal jobs, steel jobs, white America – it’s all early 20th C. ideology. I’m not sure where he’s driving this country, but I don’t think it’s going to end well. Every.Single.Day. I hope to hear he’s really going to get impeached and take what’s left of his administration with him to jail.

    • Swack says:

      He is apparently hiring an impeachment lawyer (although he denies it). Also have been reading articles that state the reason the employment is down in the steel industry is due to technological advancements not because of imports. From Vox:

      “The deal with these kinds of protections is that they don’t change long-term trends,” Michael Moore, an economics professor at George Washington University, told Vox shortly after Ross started the steel investigation. “The thought that a 55-year-old worker is going to keep their job because you put a tariff on imports is ridiculous.”

      Moore worked at a Texas steel mill in the late 1970s, when there were plenty of steel jobs that paid the equivalent of $30 an hour. But machines now do much of the assembly line work that he did. “Many of the guys I worked with have lost their jobs,” he said. “Back then, it took 10 workers to make a ton of steel. Now it takes one.”

    • greys says:

      I did not vote for Trump and am not a Trump apologist. I do, however, live in the heart of coal country- the border of southeast Ohio and northern West Virginia. While the idea of “coal jobs” is antiquated to many people. Let me say that these jobs are a very real and very vital part of the economy here. People are terrified. I am a transplant to this area, so I am not affected by the coal industry personally. But, when politicians say they are going to shut down the coal industry it scares people. I know the people in my area are just as pro-Trump as before. I wish the more progressive politicians would be more inclusive instead of dismissing the people that live in my area. I would love to see progressive politicians come to areas like mine and reach out to the people in coal country.

      • B n A fn says:

        Hillary tried to introduce training in new fields for the people in coal country but they wanted to believe that a lying conman was the answer to their prayers. How is it working out for them now. I bet he’ll just lie come 2020 and they will believe his lies again, jmo.

      • Greys says:

        I distinctly remember Hillary proudly announcing she would put the coal industry out of business… Not a way to gain trust of the people working in that industry. I am an attorney…if someone announced they were going to put me out of business and train me to do something else… I wouldn’t buy it.

  15. Angela82 says:

    Trump totally stole this from “Purge: Election Year”. Movie came out in July 2016 and literally states “Keep America Great” on the poster. And its about the rich and population control. Good god this dystopia we live in…

  16. me says:

    Please don’t allow this man to win again ! For the love of God and all humankind…please no !

  17. Saks says:

    I know he’s a melomaniac narcissist idiot but for the life of me I can’t understand why would he run for re-election when he’s clearly miserable in the White House (except whe he’s at this rallies)… unless he’s protecting himself from being investigated without the protection of being the president 🤔

  18. B n A fn says:

    @Angela82: The dotard also stole the “Make America Great” from Pres Reagan. He added the word “Again”. The dotard is a con artist and a thief among many other things.

  19. C. Remm says:

    The trouble is, you don’t get him. He is like a fish and wriggles out of your hands. He would not even learn it the hard way, he would always lie his way out. He has reached a point of no return. He is far too old for this job. There should be an age limit. Politicians in such high positions have to have visions, they have to strive, to improve things. Trump is a destroyer.

    How did Bannon make it into Europe? Did he get a visa? Who gave it to him? He should be a persona non grata.

  20. mayamae says:

    AM Joy pointed out that Keep America Great is the slogan of the totalitarian American government in The Purge. This man is truly obsessed with dictators.

  21. Meryam says:

    Trump appeals to the white middle class and lower who feel left behind. And they are still a majority by numbers. In the USA there is a majority of white people. Now in a democracy a majority does help candidates win an election and then these elected representatives tend to pander to this majority.

    Perhaps some of the pleas of the white middle class and those below should be considered a bit more sincerely? And perhaps the outcome would be that the white middle class has a lot of common interests with other groups (like education, health care, tax reform, welfare, prison reform, police reform, scientific research, …). But as long as all those groups in the US keep fighting each other I doubt you can prevent creatures like Trump.