ET: Tori Spelling ‘lost it again, she flipped out again and threatened’ Dean

Last week, Dean McDermott called 911 for a second time after his wife, Tori Spelling, left their home with one of their five children. Cops located Tori at a doctor’s office, where she had taken the child. Dean was standing outside with their one year-old, Beau, like Tori was abandoning them by taking a different kid to the doctors. No arrests were made and no action was taken. Many of you commented with Dlisted’s take, which was that Dean is setting up Tori to divorce her. His actions look like gaslighting and portraying her as an unstable parent. That’s supported by the fact that Dean went to a lawyer’s office on Thursday while Tori took the kids to her mother’s house.

On Saturday Dean and Tori went out to eat with all five of their kids. They were at a diner in Encino called The Black Bear where photos show that they were arguing. The police came to escort them out. It’s unclear who called the cops or whether they were there because Tori and Dean were arguing or because they wanted protection from the paparazzi. The Daily Mail claims it was due to their fight, and they have video of Tori, Dean and their kids being escorted out of the diner by cops. Tori is holding up her phone to document everything, which just looks ridiculous. She says “smile guys” to the paparazzi and tells them “everything’s great.”

The paparazzi got photos of the family going into the restaurant, those are below. Given the performative aspect of Tori and Dean’s life, I’m slightly skeptical about this and about whether they called the cops themselves. I hope they would not subject their kids to that at all. Meanwhile ET has a story from a source giving Dean’s perspective, which is that he’s the calm one and Tori is freaking out because he’s not helping at home.

“Tori and Dean’s marriage is in shambles despite having a sit down last week to try to make it work. They made an attempt to use the tools given to them by their therapist to create a healthy environment for the kids but it isn’t working,” the source says. “One of Tori’s main issues with Dean is he isn’t helping with the kids as much as she feels he should. He used to do everything but has stepped away and started taking more time for himself.”

“Dean is trying to be calm and handle things,” the source says. “He doesn’t want to raise his voice or say anything that she could misconstrue to the police.”

“She panics every time he is out,” the source also alleges. “If she doesn’t know exactly where he is, her anxiety goes through the roof. She seems to live in fear he will cheat again.”

ET previously confirmed that McDermott called police on March 7 to do a welfare check on his wife at a location in Thousand Oaks, California. The source claims that prior to the call, the two fought, and she threatened not to come back from a doctor’s appointment with one of their kids.

“She lost it again, she flipped out again and threatened him,” the source claims. “That was the reason the police had to go to the doctor’s office. Dean was worried Tori would take their kid and not return.”

“Dean doesn’t want the mother of his children to get arrested, he just wants to show Tori he is serious about watching her behavior and the children,” the source adds. “Close friends only see this getting worse. Things don’t look good. It is causing total unrest in the home because the kids are present during her outbursts and threats.”

Though Spelling has since returned to work after the police visit, the source says that the troubles have persisted.

“There is non-stop chaos in their home and in their marriage,” the source says. “Friends are talking about a possible intervention of sorts before things get even worse.”

[From ET Online]

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Tori but it’s low of Dean to use sources to paint her as unstable. It does look like these 911 calls are a way for him to make a case against her and I’m interested to know who called the cops on Saturday. According to US, Dean was seen on his phone talking when cops questioned him. To be fair, Tori was talking on her phone at one point too.

Meanwhile Tori Instagrammed a photo of herself on Sunday at the CBS lot. She’s working on a 90210 project with her former costar, Jennie Garth. People has the details that they’re in development talks for “a new show based loosely on the series.” (These two also had a show together on ABC Family in 2014 called Mystery Girls.) Tori also posted an Instagram story with some vague statements about how great she’s doing. In the past two days she shared a picture of baby Beau having sushi for the first time (he had tamago which is mostly egg and rice) and posted a photo of herself on a bed with Beau napping. You can see her flat-looking stomach in the background. Tori is all about keeping up appearances while sh-t is falling down around her.




photos credit: Backgrid

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  1. Patricia says:

    If this is real her children are in danger, she could be entering post partum psychosis territory after the last baby. So scary.

    If it’s not real the children are still in danger because their parents would rather manipulate the public for a reality show than provide them with stability. How do you explain to little ones that Mama and daddy are “fake fighting” and the police calls are faked etc?
    The dysfuction is stunning. These kids have done nothing to deserve this.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      This ^ TURN OFF THE CAMERAS. PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONE. Stay out of the public eye completely while you focus on the kids. Why do we even care about these people and their self-inflicted drama? I wish people would refuse to film them for anything – but they have a mutually sick understanding with the TV vultures and paparazzi and train wreck watching public.

    • Jess says:

      I thought the same thing, maybe this last baby was too much for her or she’s in the midst of some sort of PPD. I feel for the kids.

    • Wren says:

      Yeah, either way, something is very wrong here. Someone mentioned on a previous thread that Tori’s lack of intelligence is quite stunning, bordering on disconcerting. I would be willing to believe she’s teetering on the brink of sanity here. She’s had 5 kids back to back, her life is falling apart, and she only knows how deal with problematic emotions by spending money. Which she doesn’t have. That would crush many a better person than her. I would also be willing to believe that she has come up with a great new idea to get a reality show, and Dean is just trying to keep his head above water. The cheating story line of their last reality show was just so strange and performative, none of it felt real. I could see Tori deciding that “overwhelmed mom goes crazy” would be a fabulous dramatic narrative.

      But I just feel sorry for the kids. They always look so unhappy.

    • C-Shell says:

      On the question about whether the repeated 9-1-1 calls are fake … I’m not a CA lawyer, but in most places that would be considered an abuse of public resources and actionable. (Not that it’s reached that level —yet — or that officials would take action against these two.) Possibly even a fine to recover some of the costs of responding.

      Still, I can’t hope the 9-1-1 calls are REAL for the childrens’ sake. Poor kids.

    • Ksenia says:

      I feel the same: painfully sorry for the kids. As for Tori, that spoiled- to- the- point- of- expiration, immature little brat, I feel no sympathy at all. She grew up extremely wealthy, w every privilege in the world, and has refused, time and again, to downsize her lavish spending habits now that she has less money to keep it up. Why should she stop her exorbitant splurges, when her mother just hands her more cash every time Tori is broke again? This woman has never grown up, never learned to take responsibility or repercussions for anything. She exploits her own childrens’ lives for more money, and would do it again in a heartbeat, if she had that chance. Then, too, she has never faced the aftermath of cheating on her husband with another, married cheater: she has never expressed the slightest remorse for her actions. She deserves to fear that Dean will cheat again on her, now, all the time; to be plagued by that fear. I have no idea what’s wrong w her (except that it’s not a “mental breakdown” in the standard sense–she has never had to enter a mental ward, inpatient or out)–probably a privileged little brat’s desperate tantrum when things are not going her way. There are a few ways out of her conundrum–to spend only what she can afford to would be a great start. But I read that she is even considering a SIXTH child—nothing like *another* child added to a brood which is already too big, expensive, and stressful for her to handle. ( She’s likely not even considering, of course, how a new baby would affect her kids, either). She’s a really horrible, juvenile, and pathologically self centered person.

    • Raina says:

      I was wondering if it could be a post-partum thing but I’m no doctor. If it is, I absolutely hope she finds help. No shame in it whatsoever.
      My cynical side also wonders if having more kids is the main way her mother will giver her money. I honestly think Candy or Candie or whatever dessert comes across as a jerk who uses dollars as a tactic. It’s not like she earned a dime, either. I always had a narcissistic vibe about her.
      Lastly, and this is entirely conjecture, Dean may be full force on gaslighting mode and setting up his case to eventually divorce her, take custody and get paid. He strikes me as the type.
      Maybe it’s a little bit of all of the above.

  2. Clare says:

    I don’t have a tonne of sympathy for Tori spelling, but mental health and breakdowns are no joke.

    This kind of ‘lost it’ narrative (even if they are faking it) is so sad and makes it even even harder for regular people who are struggling, to open up about their struggles. I wish we would all step away from this kind of rubbernecking – to me it’s akin to poverty porn.

    • sparrow2 says:

      This is a reality show — scripted & staged.

      • Heat says:

        @sparrow2 – Sadly, that’s my first thought as well.
        Those poor children are growing up in chaos and turmoil, regardless of whether this is real or scripted. Someone should consider stepping in to help them.

      • Oliviajoy1995 says:

        Agreed. All for a reality show. Especially since no one ever gets arrested or put on a 5150 psychiatric hold makes me think this is all for publicity because they’re broke.

      • Clare says:

        Fair enough – but I think you’re missing my point, which is that whether Tori Spelling’s ‘breakdown’ is real or not, this type of ‘she’s lost it’ narrative is dangerous as it makes a mockery of a very real illness; when we collectively start rubbernecking and gawping at a mental health issue (real or not) it’s a real disservice to people who are *actually* struggling. It makes it that much harder for them to ask for help, I think.

  3. kNY says:

    Tori does seem a bit unglued but I don’t buy for a second that Dean is not without motive. I think he’s going to try to parlay this into some kind of play for custody aka Candy’s money.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      But he wouldn’t really have any legal claim to any of that money. Candy S is not legally obligated to pay for ANYTHING – she does so out of love for her grandchildren.

      IF he wound up with custody, I don’t think that he’d get one red cent. I think that Candy Spelling is shrewd enough that she’d set up a direct bill pay kind of thing so he wouldn’t have one little finger touching any of the money that went to pay for the kids’ bills. I’m sure she know that he married her daughter hoping to get a piece of that sweet Aaron Spelling money and she’s not having it.

      • Swack says:

        She already pays the kids bills directly so that Tori won’t spend it on other things. So I agree that he won’t get anything directly. If anything else I’m sure if he gets custody and there is child support given Candy will make sure that it is all accounted for as far as spending is concerned. She knows what those two are like when it comes to money.

      • Aurelia says:

        But if dean gains custody of the kids he can access their trust funds. Candy would also have a MORAL obligation to pay for the kids via Dean. She will not stand by and see them starve or worse, go to a public school. I understand candy wouldn’t have a legal or financial requirement. It’s the moral angle dean will play. Dean has been counting on accessing candys money since he got together with tori.

        Lol, I’m dying, tori’s life is clearly in tatters but she has time to post lovely IG images of domestic and career bliss, and has time with 5 kids to photoshop her stomach.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “But if dean gains custody of the kids he can access their trust funds.”

        nope. not if Candy S set them up that way. let’s face it, she’s got access to the BEST lawyers/financial advisors that exist. there is NO WAY she’d set up a trust that just anyone could access. the trusts are likely untouchable by the kids until they get older and if any money comes out of them, it’s likely a direct pay to any bills that they’ve incurred for the kids. it’s not like he’ll have a checkbook for the accounts.

    • Merritt says:

      He is not getting anything from Candy. And Tori is broke, so Dean isn’t getting any money from anyone.

      • minx says:

        I’m guessing Candy would do anything to prevent Dean from getting his mitts on her money. I’m not sure what exactly she is paying for now, but Candy has the resources and financial advice to structure things so that the kids get tuition, food, clothing, whatever. She’s smart enough to give the parents themselves very little–that’s why Tori and Dean always seem to be panicking.

  4. minx says:

    These people are such grifters and liars, I don’t know know what to believe.

  5. Chaine says:

    As soon as I heard she has a new project with Jennie Garth I decided all of this breakdown/marital trouble has been completely staged.

    • Aurelia says:

      I do think Tori is on mediaction though. She is much heavier than usual. I know SSRI anti depressants make you put on a tonne of weight. I went from a size 4 to a size 12 in less than a year on them. They stimulate appetitie in the hypothelamus and mess your hormones and metabolism up hugely. Likewise, some people traking them go the other way and lose weight.

      • Bridget says:

        You know what else makes you gain weight? Having your 5th baby. Not to mention, reportedly she’s trying to gain weight and secure herself a weight loss endorsement.

      • Aurelia says:

        As another poster stated up thread Tori loses the baby weight asap normally. I think she is on meds.

  6. Citresse says:

    If this isn’t a giant PR stunt, then Tori is still angry that Dean cheated. Sad situation.

    • RBC says:

      Or Dean has cheated again…

      • Lela says:

        That was my thought, he’s cheating again and it sent her over the edge

      • HK9 says:

        He did it with her so she should expect he’d do it to her.

      • Amy Too says:

        That makes sense with what was in the story: he’s spending more time away from home, not telling tori where he is, taking care of the children less, taking more time for himself, and tori is worried that he’s cheating again. I think he’s seriously has lighting her into thinking she’s a paranoid delusional crazy person and calling the cops to reinforce that story line that he’s trying to play.

      • Pandy says:

        Yes, during his “Me Time”.

    • Megan says:

      Who would want to cheat with him? He is loathsome!

    • Geekychick says:

      the thing is, commenters who watched her reality shows say Dean is stable and mostly the one taking care of children, while she is always seemingly unstable and doesn’t care what kids see or do outside of her own feelings (telling her kids they are making mommy sad, as one mild example). I watched maybe one episode, and I have to agree:
      I think it’s easy to overlook the fact that the biggest asshole in this marriage and the worse parent aren’t the same thing: Tori may be still in love with Dean and faithful and everything, but she is (IMO) not good as a children’s primary caretaker. She hasn’t ever grown up and I get the impression she is the 6th child in that house.
      that is so toxic for those children… in that light, I hope they grow up okay, bc this is setting them up for a life of failure.
      i’m so angry thinking of this…like, children in Syria are daying by hundreds, going hungry and thirsty for days and months, and here we have a couple who have 5 healthy kids who they could raise in good conditions and raise 5 happy, healthy, society contributing people…and they are wasting that opportunity left and roght. for what? more fancy dresses ad square feet, in the end? What a hollow life.

      • SlightlyAnonny says:

        I keep coming back to this comment because I agree, the biggest a-hole does not always correlate with the worst parent, prime example K-Fed. I think Dean is the better parent and is not gaslighting Tori, I think Tori is just this much of a mess and disinterested in her kids or parenting beyond the creation and baby stages.

      • Merritt says:

        Possibly. But people also need to remember that reality shows often distort the truth. Dean has been behind on child support to his ex-wife, showing a history of irresponsible behavior.

      • SlightlyAnonny says:

        @Merritt. Oh most definitely. And better of the two still might not (probably not) equal a good parent/person. Years ago, a friend and I had a heated discussion about men who abandon their first families and then turn around to be better fathers to their second families. I could not fathom how these men did it and slept at night and she just sort of shrugged and said, “but they do.” I think Dean is probably a better parent to this five then he was to the first one and he is definitely a better parent than Tori.

  7. Digital Unicorn says:

    Part of me thinks this is all PR stunting from both of them, they need the work and money – could be a stunt to get another series of their reality show. Either that or he really is gas lighting her.

    • Bridget says:

      See, I don’t think he’s gaslighting her. We’ve always known that Tori has serious issues with reality, and Dean is literally the last person in her life that has been continuing to enable her? He looks miserable, their children all look miserable. There is something deeply wrong with that family and it all appears to start with Tori.

      • Amy Too says:

        If she’s seriously crazy and delusional to the point where she has trouble with reality and he has to call the cops often, then why is he spending less time at home and leaving her to take care of the children more often? The article said that he used to do everything for the kids but now he’s taking more time for himself and spending more time away from home. That seems dangerous if she’s actually as crazy as he’s saying she is.

      • jwoolman says:

        Amy- they have nannies. Tori isn’t alone with the kids when Dean isn’t there.

      • damejudi says:

        @Amytoo makes an excellent point-my dad abandoned us to our crazy mother.

        I’m 50 years old and I’m still working through that sh*t.

  8. Rumi says:

    I always feel sorry for the kids. Tori and Dean both seem selfish and manipulative. It angers me when I see parents who can’t go beyond their own selves to properly take care of their kids.

  9. Summer says:

    Dean seems like a really manipulative person. That whole suddenly feeling very depressed when she found out he cheated, then he seemed to use his depression against her. She has always came off as a very insecure person and I think he very munch knows that. Those poor children the look in their eyes when they are on those red carpets….

    • Anon33 says:

      That is precisely what abusers do. It is their MO.
      Mine took it too far one time and busted my lip pretty bad…then proceeded to fake a back spasm to the point where we ended up at the ER, etc…all while I was sitting there with my busted lip, not getting treated.
      It doesn’t seem like there is physical abuse in the home (thank god) so Dean just found a different way to dodge responsibility-by faking “depression.”

  10. CharlotteCharlotte says:

    Whatever is happening, I hope someone can step in and get the kids the guidance they need to not go down the same path as their parents.
    I don’t doubt that Tori is exhausted. She is forever spinning spinning spinning to find new avenues for revenue. And she’s been pregnant/post partum for the last decade or more.

    • AnnaKist says:

      You’re right, Charlotte. It’s not just short-term concerns for the children, but the long-term repercussions for them of living in this manic, precarious family situation. Someone needs to step in and firstly, read the riot act to these two irresponsible parents and, secondly, have something put in place whereby the children’s needs are put first. I don’t mean waving a big stick over the parents’ heads, but something that will help guide the parents to either bring about a calm, united front for the children, or separating so they don’t need to be involved in these confusing shenanigans. The parents need to keep their children out of the public eye for starters, and sort their sh!t out, sharpish.

  11. HelloSunshine says:

    I think they are both awful people who probably have awful motives with all of this and the people who lose out the most are their poor children. I hope that Candy has trust funds that Dean and Tori can’t touch and that there’s plenty in there for the insane amount of therapy the kids are going to need to undo all of this.

  12. LadyT says:

    I don’t think it’s a PR “stunt” exactly. Their marriage is a disaster. Home life is chaos. Throw in financial troubles and infidelity on top of that. It’s really as bad as it looks. Those poor children. Broadcasting it to the world just makes them look like horrible people with selfish motives.

  13. Mia4s says:

    I wonder if Candy has cut back on funding the nannies/housekeepers? They had at least 3 at one point.

    The kids always look so disheveled and disheartened, it’s really striking. I always thought the other issue with all the babies is that babies are pure unconditional love, but as they get older and develop their own personality? It’s tougher, more demanding. So replace the older kids with a new baby who loves you no matter what. Just a vibe I get. It’s sad.

    • Bridget says:

      Those kids look miserable. Interesting theory, but what if Dean is actually trying to take the kids and get out?

      • Aren says:

        Those are the two things that I was thinking as well: 1. Those kids look terrible, even Tori seems to be ignoring them and, 2. I think the guy is trying to keep the kids so he can at least have a place to live.
        If he has custody, he’ll surely get something from Candy, in one way or another.

    • magnoliarose says:

      A woman I met once told me her mother only liked babies and when they could walk and talk she completely neglected them and promptly got pregnant again and had 11 children. Then she did the same with the grandchildren and urged her children to have more children so she could have a baby to coddle.
      Both the mother and father had genes that blended well and had beautiful babies that grew into beautiful adults but outside of their beauty she ignored them.
      The woman was the youngest and had no kids and wasn’t ever planning on having any after watching her mother’s disordered behavior.

      Tori doesn’t seem to be an invested mother who enjoys motherhood and can let the focus be the children and not her. Which makes me wonder why she has 5 and why she wants more.

      • Allie says:

        My theory on why she kept having babies is that 1) it’s part of her hoarding disorder and 2) she got tons of attention while pregnant; media attention, attention from Dean, attention from her friends who all seemed to coddle her, attention from her doctor (who she called up constantly with the stupidest concerns, per her first reality show and one of her books.) There was a span of time between Stella and Hattie where she wasn’t pregnant for a few years, and during that time she had tons of mystery illnesses that the doctors could never find a diagnosis for and she was constantly being hospitalized for it (this was discussed pretty extensively in her 3rd book.) Her crazy, mysterious illnesses always seem to vanish when she’s pregnant and then come back the minute she’s not. I think it’s all about attention and being coddled. On True Tori she said she wants Dean to nurture her like she’s a baby. She seriously said that. I think being pregnant (and then later having the mystery illnesses) is her way of getting Dean, her Mom, her friends to do that.
        I can’t even believe I know this much about this woman. But her books/reality shows were fascinating in a train-wreck kind of way. I was truly amazed by how crazy/needy/dysfunctional/delusional/self-involved she is.

      • Wren says:

        Allie, that sounds extremely plausible. My aunt used to be ill frequently as a child because that was pretty much the only time her mother would be nurturing towards her and pay her lots of attention. I can totally see Tori being the adult version; using pregnancy to garner as much nurturing attention as possible, and when not pregnant, her mysterious health issues.

      • CairinaCat says:

        Well thank God she only has mystery illnesses herself and isn’t doing it to the kids…. Yet

      • magnoliarose says:

        That makes sense Allie.
        I hope she doesn’t do that to the children.
        Is there a diagnosis for her type like a histrionic personality disorder or something? How would anyone be able to help her?

      • A Fan says:

        @ Allie
        What you wrote makes a lot of sense, so I quickly looked up her birth chart (bear with me. astrology naysayers). :)

        Three things stood out with only a quick look:
        1) Scorpio moon
        3) Venus oppose Neptune
        3) Cancer south node

        Those are strong indicators of someone with intense emotional needs who may be addicted to emotional drama/emotional intensity (or at least feeling very at home with dramatically emotional ups and downs). There may be deception or delusion about the partner/relationship or projection onto the partner. Most importantly, it is a strong indicator of someone who needs to ‘grow up’ and release co-dependency, fears of abandonment, and the need to be ‘mothered’. The person needs to move away from childish emotional responses and self-pity.

        [*@ Allie - You hit the nail on the head!*]

      • Lolalulu says:

        My x sister in law was like this. She loves infants, both her own and other people’s. She will literally watch anyone’s baby and won’t put them down. As soon as her kids became toddlers, she wanted nothing to do with them. Her oldest daughter stopped living with her after this age (and is raised by her grandparents), her 2 sons fend for themselves. She seems to love her 4th child (another girl), but she’s barely a year old. It’s really sad to watch

    • Aurelia says:

      Can you imagine the constant parade of nannies in that household, they prolly work one day and then run for the hills. Candy is too old for this carry on.

  14. heidstar says:

    My mom had 8 kids pretty much back to back. I’m the eldest. She was completely psycho by the last one, and it lasted for at least 5 years after he was born. I think this is hormones. I hope they make it through. It was the same in my house in the end before my parents divorced: the cops were there almost every day. Fun times!

    • jwoolman says:

      My suspicion is that someone else called the police at the restaurant. They were probably getting loud and Tori knows how to bring the crazy. Those kids are in trouble, they’re mostly old enough to know something is really wrong.

  15. Franny says:

    My sister’s ex did that too when a divorce was imminent. He made at least half a dozen phony 911 calls, including once when my sister’s daughter called him an a-hole. He was trying to drum up paperwork to use in court. The police got really sick of it and told him to stop.

    • Funny. If people really think that the police have never seen this kind of gaslighting, manipulative crap they are mistaken. I’ve seen CPS called, police called just amongst a couple people I’ve known, who were just nuts and trying to get the upper hand in the situation.

      Just yesterday I read a story where a woman is suing her ex husband and his colleague. She posted on Facebook that her he wouldn’t drop off medicine for their sick kids, just blowing off steam. Well, her ex is a cop and tells her to take it down. When she refuses he drums up charges against her and a friend who commented as well, and they were arrested for something like “criminal defamation,” which isn’t even a real thing. Divorce is the worst, people who once loved each other make the worst enemies.

    • Aurelia says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen all the DR Phill shows where one partner uses the cops as part of their child custody / divorce issues. Deans upping the ante and making sure the cops get called in public places now. He’s defo planning on leaving.

  16. Canadian Becks says:

    I can easily believe there is real trouble in the relationship.

    Living in LA, being who they are, they are living a very materialist lifestyle. Money, and the lack of it, is probably a major, major concern for the adults.

    And children, not understanding the situation, may inadvertently bring additional stress by asking for the latest so-and-so that their friends have, which can make you feel like a failure.

    And the biggest source if stress would have to be the IRS. Personally, I would have trouble sleeping at night or focusing during the day if I knew the IRS were breathing down my neck.

    • Sansa says:

      I did get a real audit from the IRS one year we had a large tax due (over 50 K) and I pushed it with deductions. They wanted receipts for everything. I was able to show more then half of what I deducted but we moved that year to another state and it was over 5 years after the date of audit. The IRS was really reasonable and we ended up splitting the bill 50 /50 which was probably closer to reality. If you work with them they are ok. These two flea brains must know nothing running up excessive debts, which should have been settled paid down way before hundreds of thousands do you know the interest on that is insane. Debt and money problems are certainly what the root cause of the problems but Tori seems unable to learn from her mistakes and live a low key life and focus on her kids. Sad for all.

  17. Elena says:

    I think he’s gaslighting her, but I think she’s seriously unstable. And I think he’s not smart enough to realize he won’t get any money even if he does get custody of the kids.

    Then again, if it wasn’t some type of stunt, why would you go out with your family in the same week that there were 2 calls to the police? Especially if you were seriously in debt? Everyone should be eating at home and trying to mend fences, keep a low profile. It’s not their style but I think it’s seriously harming the kids. As a kid I would be super scared if the police showed up twice in a week (and at the diner, that was a third time).

    • Lady D says:

      For the life of me, I don’t understand why they went out to dinner. Not in that situation. I’ve been a similar kind of situation, the last thing you(most) want to do is appear in public as a happy family. I can only conclude but hope it isn’t, for a reality show. Of course, it could also be because it’s safer for the abused out in public. Everyone is a little better behaved and you can hope for a sane meal that way.

    • paddingtonjr says:

      Tori and Dean seem to be very co-dependent and feed on each others’ dysfunction. Unfortunately, the children are the ones suffering. The kids already have instability with the precarious financial issues and constant moving, then having to be paraded in front of cameras on the red carpet at Tori insists everything’s fine when everyone can see there are major issues going on. Add three visits from the police, including during dinner out, and I just pray Candy has set aside enough money for their therapy.

    • efffefff says:

      The Black Bear Diner is basically a Sierra Mountain themed Denny’s chain. They can probably afford it, and maybe it’s even easier than eating at home if they can’t afford their hired help anymore.

  18. Mindy_dopple says:

    These are the same people who put out a “my husband is cheating story” for the publicity and the for the redemption factors I wouldn’t put it past them to cook something awful like this up. And it could be all these theories but maybe this one will actually land Tory in a 5150 and that’s what Dean is hoping for, it’s a win win for him.

    • Jayna says:

      Exactly. That person was made up. They sold the story and got a show off of it. The fact that Tori, during their spin-off about the affair, mentioned the woman’s name a million times in interviews and the show told it all. No scorned woman would be so comfortable with some stranger’s name to keep using it. No one ever found the woman. One woman with that name was not the woman.

    • Wren says:

      Yes! That whole story felt so strange and unreal. Like they’d read a generic screenplay for “man with young children cheats on wife” and acted it out in front of the camera. Add in the fact that the other woman did not appear to exist, everything about it was just fishy.

      If I was making up that story, I would have at least picked a name for the husband’s spurious lover that was far more common. The “Emily” part was okay, but “Goodhand”? Really?? Why not “Roberts” or “Peterson” or “Smith” even?

      • magnoliarose says:

        Lol It was ridiculous but so are they. Desperate in every way by their own doing. I didn’t know the fake name but I vaguely remember the cheating story and that no one believed it.

      • Bridget says:

        The name was Emily Goodhand. At least they didn’t go with Mrs Doubtfire.

      • greenmonster says:

        Yes, it felt very fake. Emily Goodhand sold her story without an exclusive interview with pictures? Sure, Tori.

    • lucy2 says:

      Right? I thought the whole cheating thing was widely known to be fake too, I was surprised to see people mentioning it as part of their previous problems.

      I don’t put anything past these people, so my guess is this is all fake as well, but it’s also possible she really does have PPD or some other issue. Their lives seem like an utter mess, and it’s all self inflicted. I just feel bad for their kids.

      Mystery Girls sounded like a fun concept, it’s a shame that never worked out.

      • Allie says:

        The overall impression I got from watching True Tori was that the cheating part was real and the Emily Goodhand part was fake. Some of the scenes seemed incredibly fake (the part where Dean claimed to have been suicidal and had to have an ambulance called – on way would the press not have found out about that), and I don’t think he really went to rehab or if he did then he didn’t go during the time they claimed he did because the timeline just didn’t match up. But there were other parts that seemed really believable (and Tori and Dean are not good actors so I don’t think they could have faked that.
        I think Dean had cheated with someone (probably multiple people) at some point in their marriage and that Tori found out about it. But I don’t think it happened when or how they said it did and I don’t think Emily Goodhand exists.

  19. Bridget says:

    These two are total and complete grifters, but it’s been obvious for years that both the dean and the children are completely miserable. The hard part with Tori is is that there really is no point to which she will not sync in order to stay famous. We could very well be finally seeing this marriage disintegrate and her hold on reality finally snapping, or it could all be a scam. The one part that I disagree with is the idea that Dean is gaslighting her. We already know that Tori is unbelievably selfish and delusional. A grown woman who keeps storage units filled with crap because her “dad would have wanted her to” doesn’t have a great relationship with reality.

  20. Swack says:

    Why are we not talking about the fact that they are using 911 for non-emergency purposes? He calls 911 because she threatens to not come home after a Dr appointment and that’s an emergency. If the restaurant called the police because of their argument, I can see that but if they did they are using the police for publicity sake only and taking away from someone who may truly have an emergency.

    • Wren says:

      Because he’s not the smartest person? People call 911 all the time for non-emergency stuff. I’ve heard stories from dispatchers of people calling in for such mundane things as lost car keys. It’s a big, dramatic gesture, and these people don’t seem to do anything but big, dramatic gestures.

      • Swack says:

        I have a neighbor who calls 911 for non-emergency things and it drives me nuts. Once the cable company came to bury the line underground (of which they complained about not being buried – it was my line and was partially (about 20 feet) in their back yard) and she called 911. It just drives me nuts because emergency people have more important things to do.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yeah Go big or go home is their motto. Their greatest fear is obscurity.

    • jwoolman says:

      Actually if she did threaten to run off with the kid, that is considered a potential emergency. Most Amber alerts are actually disputes between parents, one non-custodial parent drives off with the kid.

      If Tori really is having post-partum depression issues, that does put children at risk if she is with them during an episode. And I mean the risk of ending up dead. Suicidal parents often decide to have the child die with them. That’s what was so worrisome when Britney Spears wouldn’t hand over her children to her ex’s representative at the end of her custody time, and especially when she took the baby into the bathroom with her and wouldn’t come out. Their father had to call 911 for help, and I think she actually told him something alarming before he did so. He had not shown any worries about joint custody before that incident, so people can have sudden wake-up calls in such situations.

      I would reserve judgment about Dean’s motivations at the moment. If he’s in touch with a lawyer, I’m sure he knows divorcing Tori won’t be a financial windfall for him. Tori’s situation may have deteriorated dramatically and very quickly, and he may not know what to do about it. No matter what he’s done in the past, he may feel real responsibility to protect those kids but doesn’t strike me as a strong and competent person who would just act productively right away. He may be mainly hoping the problem just goes away on its own.

      • If Tori is suffering from PPD then he needs to get her the mental help she needs. Calling the police is not going to make this go away. They need an actual solution for this, not more drama for the public. They have five kids to think about.

  21. Giddy says:

    Here are two parents who seem to devote a lot of time suspecting and checking on each other. How about checking on their own children? How about providing a loving, stable home for their children? It looks like Tori spends more time perfectly lining her red, red lips than she does dressing her children and making sure their hair is brushed. Poor kids. )-:

  22. Allie says:

    I don’t understand why so many people are assuming Dean is trying to make her look unstable. She is unstable. I watched both seasons of True Tori and read all 4 of her books and she’s a nutcase. He’s a sleazebag but he came across on True Tori and significantly more stable than she was. He was trying to convince her to end the reality show and give the family some privacy and she refused. He was trying to convince her to scale down their extravagant lifestyle and she refused. Tori kept having screaming meltdowns in front of the children, she kept discussing her marriage problems in front of the kids, and she completely ignored them all throughout the show (except for during the times when she was yelling at them.) Meanwhile, Dean was feeding them and paying attention to them, and the kids looked so much happier and more relaxed with him. I don’t like either one of them, and I don’t disagree with the people who think he’s sleazy. But she’s ten times worse.

    • Swack says:

      How much of that was scripted? I, mean, if she was already perceived as the unstable one, why not keep up the narrative and make it even more so unstable. I don’t know about her books but I do believe what you see on reality tv is not 100% accurate and is embellished for ratings.

      • Bridget says:

        That’s an awful lot of stuff to script, over several years? Dean may be an opportunist, but we also know that at one point he was a functioning adult. Tori on the other hand has always been unstable.

      • greenmonster says:

        So you think that she would be ok with being portrayed as the unstable and delusional one? She wanted to be the good one, the forgiving, the caring and devoted one. They cooked up a scheme in which HE would be the bad guy aka having an affair. I just watched one episode of True Tori yesterday and she was annoying as hell. I felt esp. bad for their oldest son – it seemed like he got the very short end of a very short stick in that family. Yeah, I just watched one episode and can’t tell as much as Allie, but I felt so bad for the boy in that episode alone.

        Sure, reality TV is not 100% accurate but Tori Spelling would never allow any show to paint her in an unfavorable light – unless it’s unintentionally. The thing that was fake in True Tori was the alledged affair. Tori has been brought up as a spoiled brat, who only had a career because it was handed to her by her father. She still claims she went into audition for Beverly Hills, 90210 with a fake name and no-one knew who she was. She still claims she got that part because of her comedic and acting talent.

      • Allie says:

        @Swack: I don’t think there ever was a “Tori is the unstable one” narrative. During their first reality show (Inn Love) they worked really hard to make it seem like everything was perfect. They did a pretty convincing job of it too. Then during their other reality show (Home Sweet Hollywood) they let some of the marriage cracks show, but the narrative was always that Tori was totally devoted to her family (the evidence wasn’t supporting this, but they were pushing the narrative hard) and that Dean wasn’t focused enough on his family (again, the evidence wasn’t backing this up, but Tori and the producers tried hard to convince the audience of this.) With her 4 books, the first one was “we are so perfect and everything is wonderful” the theme of the second book was that Dean wasn’t giving her a chance to parent because he was doing too much of the parenting (I still don’t understand how/why Tori thought that made Dean look bad and her look good.) And the last 2 books were full-on blaming Dean for not being a present and involved enough Dad and Husband (again, with very little evidence to back up her claims other than that he wanted to have a hobby and she didn’t want him to have any hobbies even though she got to have tons of time away from the family.)
        I think the intention of True Tori was to pain Tori as the victim who was fully devoted to her kids (unlike before, the nannies were kept totally hidden) but instead there was scene after scene of Tori ignoring her kids, having screaming meltdowns in front of them, not feeding one of the kids until 8:00 pm when Dean came in and fed him and then she got mad at Dean for helping, whining to the camera about how hard her life is while he baby is crying in the background and she’s totally ignoring him, etc.
        I remember an article coming out after season 1 of True Tori aired where sources close to Tori told a magazine that she was shocked that the public responded negatively to season 1 and that she wanted to do another season to repair her public image. Then season 2 happened and she desperately tried to paint Dean as the horrible villain who ruined their lives but Tori came across as so crazy that the people on a TV message board I was reading at the time when from thinking Dean was horrible to actually starting to feel sorry for him. I think Dean is a major sleazebag who has done some horrible things in his life and at certain points during True Tori where I almost started to feel sorry for him. He’s definitely paying the price for being a cheater.

      • Bridget says:

        Dean is paying the price for a lot of things.

      • Jaded says:

        @Bridget – that pretty well sums the whole thing up in one succinct sentence. What goes around comes around.

  23. Renee says:

    I think they’re trying to drum up enough interest to land a new reality show or some other type of income. I side eye both of them.

  24. LizLem says:

    Correction: that was the 3rd time he called the cops on her last week. The first was when they showed up to their house, the second was when she was at a doctor’s office with her youngest one, and third being this time at the restaurant.

  25. benchwarmer says:

    I love reading about her in any shape or form. She’s the only one from 90210 that I find compelling. She was my favorite then (I’m 44 so watched it from the beginning) and still is. I loved LOVED True Tori and miss the $hit out of it. Bring it back please, oxygen, bravo, whoever! I found it fascinating. She is a very sympathetic person to watch. I miss her reality tv presence. I don’t really look on Instagram or any of that stuff, it’s kind of boring, too cultivated, too much shilling of product, too much isn’t my life perfect. I want the dirt! I want the uncut version that you get from a reality tv $hit show. I need reality tv, Celebitchy and In Touch magazine, that’s how I get my fill on what’s up with celebs. So there’s not enough Tori out there with her off of TV.

    • Cynical Ann says:

      If they didn’t have kids, I could see how you might be fascinated by her and perhaps curious about her life and Hollywood. But at this point, it’s clear that there is something really wrong-whether it’s scripted or real or a combo. They have young kids who are having to live through whatever craziness this is. I can’t imagine how you could find this appealing.

      • Allie says:

        @Cynical Ann: I agree. I don’t see how it could be entertaining to anyone. I really liked their first reality show and Tori’s first book. I even enjoyed the second book and show. And I will admit that I watched True Tori in morbid fascination, but by the end of it I started to really regret watching it because I couldn’t stop thinking about what it must be like for those children living in that mess and I wished I hadn’t given their show any attention/ratings. I’m sure that Tori is trying to figure out how to spin this to get another reality show, but I won’t be watching. I can’t find any joy or entertainment out of 5 young children living in such chaos, and I don’t think this family needs reality TV cameras to be added to the chaos that is already occurring.

      • benchwarmer says:

        I think it’s the fact that she comes from tremendous wealth and the family that she has, adds to that fascination for me. Those storage containers of all her stuff, was mind blowing! I can’t get over that, it’s so intriguing. But I just find something about her, she’s childlike in some ways and I don’t think she has a bad bone in her body. I think she and Dean love their kids. I’m not worried they’re neglected or in any kind of harm. I’m not saying the house didn’t seem chaotic but her mother is there to make sure those kids don’t want for anything. The relationship she has with her mom, is also really interesting to me. I think reality tv would help them by giving them a steady paycheck. But I think Dean is done with all of that. He seemed to hate the cameras in the last one. @Allie I found your analysis above, really intriguing. You could seriously be a psychologist or investigator, you have a really good read on people. I also suspected that there was no real person Goodhand or whatever the name was, something seemed off about it, but then something felt so very real too.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I appreciate your information, Allie. I don’t know much detail about her but what I was told about her and the few snippets here and there. None of it flattering. I hope you come back again for the next Tori article.

        @Cynical Ann
        Those children are heartbreaking.

        They love their children but not enough to dig deep and get it together. This is not an environment for children to grow up and become emotionally healthy adults.

      • Allie says:

        @benchwarmer: Thank you. But I disagree about Tori not having a bad bone in her body. She was pretty nasty towards Dean’s ex and her ex. Cheating is never a good thing, but even given that, she still could have handled the whole thing with more grace. The same goes for Dean.

        @magnoliarose: Thanks. I was starting to worry that I was coming across as obsessed with Tori. Although, I think I just know more about her than most celebrities because she doesn’t keep anything private.

        I actually really liked her first reality show and her first few books. I was disgusted by the cheating, but even given that, Tori and Dean were kind of funny on the show and they came across as normal (or at least as normal as two self-involved, sort-of delusional cheaters can be.) There were signs that their lives weren’t as perfect as they were trying to present them, but they still seemed relatively stable.
        And then things unraveled from there and I stuck around out of morbid fascination. And now I have way too much information about them stuck in my head. I have almost total recall of all things pointless and mindless (celebrity information, radio jingles from when I was a kid) and a terrible memory about important things. It’s crazy.

      • efffefff says:

        @benchwarmer, seems like she’s “childlike” because she is stunted. Likely by trauma that happened or started at a young age. I find watching that fascinating in a way too, but I can’t watch her do the same to her own 5 children.

  26. Ozogirl says:

    Ugh I hope Jennie doesn’t work with her again. Keep your reputation intact! Their last project together was dreadful.

    I’m on the fence on if all of this is staged or real.

  27. Ruyana says:

    Their lack of concern for their children is apparent in the way they always take them out in public dressed in baggy mis-matched clothes that look as if the kids had to dress themselves from the dirty laundry hamper. I don’t know if it’s they “can’t” take care of five kids, or if they “won’t” take care of five kids.

  28. Molly says:

    The oldest boy in these pics – the way he’s looking at his parents. It’s killing me.

    • jjva says:

      I know, and that oldest girl always looks like she is so close to crying. I feel so bad for them.

  29. Bliss 51 says:

    They’re angling for a reality show, right?

  30. Neelyo says:

    That pic of them arguing looks so staged. As horrible as the situation is, I just can’t give these two stunt queens a pass. I

  31. LittlefishMom says:

    His ex must be whistling dixie. Dodged that bullet. Wow.

  32. puravidacostarica says:

    Does anyone else see the looming resemblance to Mama June (third photo with girl tying her shoelaces)?

  33. corporatestepsister says:

    If this is a stunt for a reality show, the only reality show is in their minds, not in the rela world. I wish the state of California would take those kids away and provide them with a family member guarding them against this lunacy. I am fed up with how Tori is damaging her children through her addiction to drama.

  34. CooCooCatchoo says:

    I hope that Candy set up irrevocable trusts for the children. Irrevocable trusts cannot be accessed for any purpose except for caring directly for the beneficiary of the trust. Candy can name anyone as the trustee (or co trustee) of each trust, but the funds cannot be accessed by anyone except the trustee. It is rock solid for a reason. Doubt she’d name either Tori or Dean as trustee – more than likely, it would be an impartial party (a lawyer, for instance).

  35. raincoaster says:

    When you marry for money sometimes you really REALLY have to work for it. I don’t think Dean is the hard-working type, and he is probably trying to make an exit as rapidly as he can without getting cut off from the trust funds for the kids.