Page Six: Don Trump Jr & his wife Vanessa are close to getting a divorce

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Without even looking, I knew that Don Trump Jr’s wife was going to be blonde. But I didn’t expect her to have such a natural-looking face? I expected more of a Real Housewife-CGI look, but Vanessa Trump is not pumped full of Botox and lip injections at all. Interesting. Also interesting? Vanessa Trump might be over it. According to Page Six, she and Don Jr. are very close to filing for divorce. He’s been traveling the world on the taxpayer dime, sort of an International Treason Tour, and she’s been at home with their kids. They’ve grown apart.

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa Trump, are struggling through marital problems and friends say they are heading for divorce, multiple sources have exclusively confirmed to Page Six. Vanessa and the eldest son of President Donald Trump married in November 2005 and have five children. But while they have not legally separated, friends say they have been living separate lives. Divorce proceedings have not yet been initiated, but friends say they expect the couple to file soon. A spokesperson for Don Jr., Vanessa and the Trump Organization declined to comment, despite numerous requests to do so over two days.

One source told us, “The problems have been there for a long time, the couple had hoped to stay together during the president’s time in office, but it is getting harder to resolve their issues. He’s never there.”

Don Jr., 40, has been traveling a lot. In February he was in India, and he has continued to take his hunting trips. Don Jr. is an avid hunter and there are many pictures of him online posing with the corpses of elephants, leopards and other animals. Don Jr. and his brother Eric, 34, are running the Trump Organization while their father is in office. Another of the sources told us, “Don Jr. has been busy traveling, which has contributed to their problems. Vanessa is a devoted mother, but she is increasingly lonely and alone in the house with the children.”

An issue, two of the sources say, is that Don Jr. “appears to have changed recently, and friends are concerned about him.” Their concerns were increased by Don Jr.’s tweeting, including when he liked a tweet linking antidepressants to mass murder, and another liking a tweet attacking a teen survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The Daily Beast also reported that following the school shooting, Don Jr. urged his dad to stay strong on gun rights and hold firm against any assault weapons ban.

Last year, Don Jr. asked to have his 24-hour Secret Service detail removed, saying he wanted more privacy. The Washington Post quoted a former member of the Trump administration saying that the Secret Service had been sending a rotating set of temporary agents to protect their young children and “There are all these new people coming and going. The kids don’t like that. They can’t get comfortable with someone they don’t know.” But the 24-hour protection for his family was restored later the same month.

Meanwhile, a separate source close to the couple insisted that, while they were having problems, they were not yet at the point of divorce: “Donald Jr. and Vanessa have been dealing with some issues, but they are not yet at the stage of filing for divorce. They are trying to deal with this privately. Don is still living at home, is a good dad and is super involved in his kids’ lives. He has always traveled for work, so his current schedule is not something out of the ordinary. He has a busy travel schedule now as he always does.”

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Page Six goes on and on but that’s the basic gist – some sources are like “he hasn’t changed, he’s still the same d-bag she married” and other sources are like “actually he’s a bigger d-bag now.” I mean… it’s sort of difficult to feel sorry for anyone who willingly married one of the Trump “kids,” but maybe Vanessa is struggling a bit. If you’re anything like me, you might have also wondered if Vanessa is the Trump wife who is always going on Fox News and launching ridiculous defenses of the Trump family. She is not! That’s Eric’s wife. Also, I need an Ask A Lawyer function in the comments: if she does file for divorce, could she conceivably testify against Don Jr. in any future criminal trial or would they still have spousal privilege?

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  1. Millennial says:

    Good for her. If my husband left me at home with 5 kids to travel internationally to commit federal crimes I’d want a divorce too! She also probably sees the writing on the wall and wants out before Jr. loses all his money.

  2. lightpurple says:

    Can’t any of the Trump women find a decent colorist?

    Spousal privilege. She can testify against him any time she wants, whether they’re divorced or still married. Junior has no legal say in whether Vanessa invokes privilege or not. The privilege belongs to the spouse called to testify, not the one who is being prosecuted and divorce usually ends it. So, if they don’t divorce and she’s called to testify, she can invoke privilege and refuse to answer questions. If they do divorce, the privilege usually ceases to exist and she can’t invoke it; she must answer the questions.

    • bma says:

      At least in my state it is my understanding, the privilege still exists after divorce for activities that occurred during the marriage. Anything before/after the marriage is fair game and outside the scope of the privilege once the marriage is terminated.

    • still_sarah says:

      @ LightPurple :
      “Can’t any of the Trump women find a decent colorist?”

      Wow. So many times, I have looked at pictures of wealthy women (especially trophy wives) and wondered this same thing. I look at the photo and want to scream “Multi.Tonal.Blond”.

      And yeah, I always wondered about these two. Five kids in 12 years cannot be easy especially if he is never there. Or maybe his never being there is a blessing and she came to realize that.

    • Neelyo says:

      I think conservative women in general must have a hard time finding good anything when it comes to style. If I was a stylist, makeup artist, fashion designer, anything like that, I would refuse to work with these people.

    • sa says:

      There are 2 different spousal privileges. One involving communications between spouses and the other prohibiting compelling one spouse to testify against the other.

      Spousal communication is privileged, survives divorce, and consent of the other party is required to disclose the communication. This applies only to communications that took place during the marriage.

      There is also a Spousal Testimonial Privilege which protects spouses from being forced to testify against each other. But, unlike the communication privilege, this privilege is owned (and can be waived) by the one to potentially testify. This privilege goes away if they divorce.

      So Vanessa Trump can testify against Don Jr. even now, if she chooses (but she can’t be compelled to do so while married), but she cannot, even post-divorce, testify to his private communications to her without him waiving the privilege. But if any third-party was in the room with them during the communication, that destroys the communication privilege and she can testify to those communications.

      They’re NY based, I think, and I’m about 99% sure that NY does not allow privileges to overlap, so if Don Jr. has a communication with his wife and attorney together, even though each of those communications would be privileged individually, when combined they cancel each other (the attorney’s presence destroys spousal privilege, the wife’s presence destroys attorney-client privilege).

  3. RBC says:

    Hmmm… could “ separate lives” be code for “ someone has a side piece “? The rotten apple, doesn’t fall far from the termite infested tree, when it comes to this family. This could be interesting

  4. grabbyhands says:

    I don’t know the legalities, but I’m willing to bet D-bag Jr has an iron clad pre-nup with special clauses about what she can and cannot say about all kinds of other things if they divorce.

  5. Squirrelgirl says:

    My theory: someone is going to prison and she’s getting as far away as she can with the kids.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Bingo! She’s bailing before Muller gets to the wives and Ivanka. She’s watching the news just like all of us. My guess is they are last on the list to keep the men from freaking out. When they come for all the wives including Melania and Ivanka saved for last. Trump will fire everyone in the justice department and Muller on that day. Muller knows that.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Ivanka’s not in the class of “Trump Wife.” She’s in the class of “Trump co-defrauder and co-money launderer.” Happens to be married to Jared though, so the question is how soon Mueller will go after Jared – if Ivanka doesn’t care, then Trump wouldn’t care. If Ivanka does care, then indictment has to wait — as you say, for the last minute.

        Ivanka’s always been sacrosanct, but her hands are dirty, too.
        Daddy bought off the Manhattan DA to drop fraud charges.

      • nic919 says:

        There is a really good podcast from Slate’s Trumpocracy out in the past few days and it examines how much Ivanka is involved in all the corruption but is somehow ignored because she play’s the innocent daughter card. Add the societal stereotypes where we don’t think women can be as evil as men and Ivanka is skating away with a lot. I assume Mueller sees through this though.

    • Eric says:



      I mean who’d want to visit a prison just to see that turd?

      Regarding the ability to speak on Jr’s treason issues: she cannot discuss one-on-one events that occurred while they were married due to privilege. She may be able to discuss conversations that occurred between third parties, even those involving her future ex. Not sure about that though.

      • lightpurple says:

        Yes, she can discuss one-on-one events if she chooses to do so. The privilege is hers to speak or invoke the privilege. It is not his to block her from speaking.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        She can talk about whatever she wants, at any time, to anybody. As Lightpurple noted above, in a court proceeding, it’s Vanessa who decides what she wants to talk about. Don Jr can’t force her silence. If I understand it correctly, if she were to invoke that privilege in the context of legal proceedings, it would have to be for her own reasons, not out of ‘loyalty’ to him. [There are some really sexist assumptions in spousal privilege, aren't there? That the husband is in court and can gag 'the wife.']

        With him not at this point charged, she can say whatever the hell she wants. It’s highly doubtful that she will, because she’d want a sound financial settlement given their 5 children, and tolerable relations with the cousins, etc. — but she could.

        I think it’s what they said: He’s an asshole and an absentee father, he might be charged with horrible crimes bringing shame on the kids, and she was spooked by the delivery of the white powder with accompanying threats.

        She’s not likely to be the brightest bulb on the tree, because after all she married him, but she’s probably smart enough to weigh the odds of a happy, safe, financially secure life with him vs. without him. And it’s 99% likely a lawyer already helped her think this through.

        My guess is it’s game on for this divorce.

      • Eric says:

        LP and Who Are:
        Thank you for the clarification. Blessed to have legal scholars on board. Micy appreciated.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        All the credit to LP, I’m not a lawyer, she is. I’m just building on her expertise and thinking through the implications because a day without editorial nitpicking is not worth living.

      • Esmom says:

        WATP, you are making my day today with your insight and humor. Thank you!

    • Betsy says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Pandy says:

      Oh do I ever hope this is true!!!!! Sure, it’s probably some kind of asset protection scheme they’ve cooked up …. but the idea of DTJr in prison IS delicious! Other than that, I am surprised she’s not botoxed and fillered … maybe she’s just tired of being married to a douche.

    • ccc8888 says:

      Is it possible that by divorcing DTJ is protecting is assets? If she gets a big settlement then she can’t be harmed by anything that happens to him. Hopefully what I wrote makes sense.

  6. Ally says:

    Lol, hence the depressed ice cream eating the other day!

  7. Nicole says:

    …K. Going to guess that he’s been awful for ages and you married him so…
    …just like Melania I have no sympathy. The kids get my sympathy but you don’t.

    • Betsy says:

      That seems so unnecessarily heartless. Would you say the same thing to someone who ended up getting beaten by their spouse? Because there were maybe signs before the marriage? She hasn’t shown herself to be a contemptible person. She gets a little of my sympathy till proven she’s a dbag.

      • Esmom says:

        I don’t see why Nicole would “say the same thing to someone who ended up being beaten by their spouse.” This is Don Jr, who has always been terrible. The fact that she married him anyway and had five kids with him is enough to warrant little sympathy.

      • Cynical Ann says:

        @Esmom-I’m not a fan of the big game hunting, but I think we’re looking at him through the prism of the last 2 years of campaign/administration. Prior to their dad’s run for office, his kids actually had decent reputations-they weren’t wild partiers, they were supposed to be polite, decent people-he wasn’t known as a “terrible person”. So I’m going to cut Vanessa some major slack-he may not have been a great guy-but he certainly didn’t seem horrible before. And they have 5 young kids. She has kept her nose down, raised her kids, and tried to continue a normal life in NYC. We don’t even know what her political beliefs are, maybe she’s for common sense gun control or thinks POTUS is insane-she hasn’t been on Fox news sticking up for her FIL or her husband. For all we know, his behavior over the last few years has been a total departure from the man she thought she married. I’m going to continue to feel sympathy for her.

      • holly hobby says:

        That sounds like the same scenario of Scarey Moochi and his wife. His wife left him (while she was due to give birth any day) when he jumped on the crazy train.

      • Kelly says:

        I think Don Jr. was a better version of himself when she met him. You can see the difference when looking at the pictures of them. He glowed around her, and there’s even a pic with him down on his knee as if reenacting his proposal. He hadn’t turned in a total douchebag quite yet.

  8. Lucy2 says:

    He’s going to be around a lot less when Mueller is done with him, hopefully.

    I feel no sympathy for anyone who willingly joined this family. I do feel bad for their children though.

  9. Belle Epoch says:

    I don’t buy the “he’s changed” excuse. If anything he’s just letting his asshole flag fly and ignoring his family.

    • Esmom says:

      I actually think that might be somewhat true. Yes he’s always been terrible in many ways but his embrace of far right talking points and conspiracy theories does seem new and I could see why it would be unsettling. It’s like he drank the kool-aid right along with the deplorables.

      • jwoolman says:

        He might be drinking more than koolaid. Don Jr had a serious alcohol problem at one time. He sobered up, but if he is drinking again and/or adding other drugs – it’s bad news for all concerned. My feeling is that he still hates his father from when his mother was so hurt by Donald Sr and resents being so dependent on him. He actually did originally stay away from the family business but Sr dragged him back in.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        I read something about substance use between the lines myself…hard to say. Didn’t know he used to drink, but given that his uncle did (to death, yes?), there could be some genetic vulnerability. And if he’s a dry drunk, it would help explain the resentment and grandiosity. But not the stupidity. That’s in a class by itself.

  10. Beth says:

    I feel sorry for their kids,not her. Junior is so much like his father. Trump was never around his kids or wives, because he was too busy and cared more about money than he did about his family, and that’s how Junior is too

    • Elkie says:

      Junior hated Pops as a kid and actually escaped the family after college to bum around as a barman for a year, before realising that he could make a better living scamming investors in so-stupid-they-almost-seemed-designed-to-fail real estate ventures that would have landed him in jail on felony charges had Daddy’s lawyer not bribed the NY DA.

      Anyway, perhaps Vanessa is cutting and running whilst there’s still some money left, or she saw his Halloween tweet about “socialism” and didn’t want to risk being infected by secondary stupidity any longer?

      In either case, if your taxpayer-funded security detail is disruptive, pay for your own you unelected, unqualified, grafting parasites!!

    • Another Anne says:

      She’s home with the 5 (!) little kids and he’s off travelling – not just for business, either. What kind of an a**hole leaves his family and goes off for a weekend or vacation himself to shoot elephants and other beautiful endangered creatures? How do you explain to a child that Daddy would rather be off killing animals than spending time with them?

  11. Rhys says:

    Two things I’ve read about Don Jr that come to mind:

    - His father picked his wife for him. He saw her at an event and introduced them. I think had he not been with Melania, he’d be dating her himself.

    - Don did not want to be his father’s son and heir. He wanted a simple life, to hunt and spend time in nature. He especially wanted nothing to do with the business and the “empire.”His father brought him back into the stables. That’s why he looks so odd in suits with that greasy hair.

    So it’s daddy’s call. They won’t divorce until after 45is out of the WH.

  12. Mar says:

    She should have made it work with Leo D

  13. Ib says:

    Here is a question for the legal minds: can secret service be called to testify about the shit they’ve seen/heard?

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Why not? They work for the government (the people), not King President. They’re subject the same laws as everybody else. When they don’t talk about all they know, it’s because nobody asks or there’s an unwritten consensus to keep some things quiet (a president’s health, mistresses etc.).

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      They can be called to testify, but their value as witnesses may be limited. I go to the same church as Bush 41 and Barbara and attended weekly meetings with Barbara for a couple of years. She had two Secret Service agents assigned to her. One typically stayed in or near her car (which was always parked right outside the building’s side door), and the other stood just outside the door of our meeting room. Their job is to protect her, and they are focused on assessing threats – not necessarily what is being discussed. While they were always polite to everyone when spoken to, it was obvious that they were constantly scanning the area and watching people’s movements. Over time they kind of just blended into the background for me.

    • jetlagged says:

      During the Starr investigation of Clinton several members of the Secret Service were subpoenaed, and the Treasury/Justice departments tried to block their testimony based on “protective function privilege”, basically saying they couldn’t do their jobs if protectees wouldn’t allow them to be close for fear of overhearing compromising information. The courts that heard the case rejected that reasoning and the agents were compelled to answer questions under oath. tl;dr – Yes, Secret Service agents can testify about what they’ve seen and heard.

  14. JustJen says:

    His teeth look so very odd.

  15. Mishka says:

    Yaaaasss! Like they don’t belong in his mouth!! :-)

  16. Who ARE These People? says:

    And I’m still waiting to see what happens with Jarvanka. To me, that’s the fascinating marriage. Two sinister, scheming characters in a powerful alliance. Alas, 3 beautiful children.

    • minx says:

      That one will be very interesting. I don’t see Ivanka sticking around as the wife of an inmate, provided she’s not an inmate herself.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        I don’t either. And I could see her being just slippery enough to get away with things. The question is whether she thinks she can manipulate her father well enough. She seems to think she does. This is the most interesting relationship, at least to me – Donald Sr. and Ivanka. Even more than Jared and Ivanka. Those two – a match made in corruption hell.

      • Kelly says:

        I think the children were blessed with the fact that their father always worked, and their mother proudly bragged that she absolutely insisted on that hour she spent with them a day. I hope they’re surrounded with sane, kind, and warm nannies.

  17. Nicegirl says:

    This is something, huh. I’m very interested in the stories of thewomen in Trumplandia.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      It’s so obviously a bad place for women … except for Ivanka. What is to become of Ivanka.

      • Chrissy says:

        She’ll make a deal with Schneiderman, spill on the Orange Menace and Don Jr and the get a short jail sentence. Then dump the Ken Doll and try to pick up the pieces in Florida or somewhere not NYC. IMO everyone will be pardoned by Don the Con ( on federal charges) and then Schneiderman will be delivering state charges against all the WH Trumps and Kushner etc. I hope all their bad deeds get splashed in national papers and then they’ll do lots of time, face heavy fines if possible and lose their businesses.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I asked someone about her, and they said he married above himself as far as the quality of the person. I think she is embarrassed and wants out of the massive chaos it has become. She stays in the background and is seemingly not in agreement with this alt right garbage. Her father was Jewish. Eric’s wife is Jewish but seems all in, but she isn’t.
      I don’t think she wants to be the type to divorce when he ends up in prison. I say she should leave now. No one would blame her.

  18. Twinkie says:

    I remember when they got married and daddy was crowing about the prenup he insisted she sign. Daddy talked about how his brother married Blaine Trum without a prenup and lost his shirt so he makes sure that all of his kids will be protected. I think she was some sort of legit model before she hooked up with him and she is very close with her family. But I don’t think she will get anything in the divorce.

    • Shannon says:

      I’m assuming she’ll get the kids, and I don’t think you can opt-out of child support, which I imagine Don Jr’s for five kids would be pretty steep, so she’d get that. She wouldn’t be left penniless, that’s for sure. Plus, either the Trumps would pay her for her silence or she’d have plenty of talk show/book opportunities I’d think. Pre-nup or no, she’s in a pretty good position to go ahead and call it quits.

  19. elimaeby says:

    This is sort of off topic, but does anyone know if he was in Chicago on March 2nd? I am 90% sure I saw him at a crosswalk downtown. I thought it was weird that he didn’t have security, but this article reminded me that he asked to have it removed. If it wasn’t him, then this scumbag has a perfect doppleganger.

    • Esmom says:

      Ooh, I’m in Chicago and didn’t hear anything but it could be true. I have seen numerous celebs, political and otherwise, sort of blend right in under the radar downtown. But the article said that he ended up having the security reinstated after a few weeks. Maybe not for himself, though.

      • elimaeby says:

        OMG, I feel like I’ve met an internet celebrity! Esmom is also a Chicagoan?! Awesome! Yeah, I’ve run into a few celebs here (The Rock filmed a movie right near my office last summer and was staying at a hotel by my bus stop, so we bumped shoulders a few times. I said hi once. He was sweet). I swear I saw Donny Jr. down by the art institute that day. If it wasn’t him, that guy needs to get a job as an impersonator. I didn’t say hi because, well, what would I have to say to that deplorable SOB?

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “what would I have to say to that deplorable SOB?”

        how about “Go F yourself, you bigoted grifter!”

    • elimaeby says:

      whatWHAT?: I wish I had the time that day. I was picking up a friend with no concept of the CTA (buses and trains) and we had dinner reservations. Also, didn’t want to pick a fight with Supreme Leader Jr. A/K/A Donald Jung Un.

  20. Kristen says:

    Maybe she doesn’t want to visit him in prison?

  21. Veronica says:

    She probably married him for the money. Instead, what she’s getting is a potential FBI-level investigation. I wouldn’t blame her for jumping ship when she could.

  22. Shannon says:

    She looks like Kate Winslet to me, and yeah, a decent colorist would be nice. I personally can’t imagine marrying and procreating five times with someone who killed endangered animals for sport, but whatever. Whether it’s that she finally realized what a sh!thead he is/has become or she’s just as deplorable but wants to get out with her kids before things REALLY hit the fan (or both), it’s a smart move. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  23. A P says:

    Spousal privilege belongs to the spouse who is to testify. So theoretically, if she wants to testify against him, she is free to do so even without his consent.

    However, she can’t be forced into testifying against him, because that is where spousal privilege would apply.

  24. hogtowngooner says:

    Junior is the prime example of a rich douchebro who genuinely thinks their wealth makes them smarter than everyone in the room. But he’s a total moron, as evidenced by the way he latches onto conspiracy theories on Twitter.

  25. jferber says:

    She quickly had her five children, which will guarantee her a long, long time of child support money, which should do her very nicely. I think she has her ducks in a row. A bold move if she goes forward. They all tend to be Stepford wives.

  26. RBC says:

    Slightly off topic, but CNN is reporting that Mueller has subpoenaed Trump Organization documents in relation to Russia probe.
    Maybe Vanessa Trump is getting out before the crap hits the fan…

  27. Lyla says:

    Just read an article about how Vanessa once called Sr the r word. Sr introduced himself and Jr to her twice within the span of 5 mins or so and when she was later at a party and met jr again, she was like “you’re the one with the r******* dad.”

  28. jana says:

    How she stomached that right wing, animal killing, chinless wonder for this long is beyond me.

  29. babykitten says:

    Vanessa was not a blonde when they met and married. Google pictures of that time and she is absolutely stunning. The Trumps have an insidious effect on their women. There’s no reason a dye job should look so brassy and trashy. I’ve seen Miss Clairol have better results. Good for her if she finally sees the light. If this entire family doesn’t end up in prison, I hope she finds a way to minimize her children’s exposure to them.

  30. holly hobby says:

    I would think the nail in that coffin was when he used his daughter’s Halloween picture as an example of working for something and having it taken away by less deserving people (ahem welfare recipients). That was the gist. Sorry who does that to their child.

    Lara is by far the worse Trumpford wife.

  31. Darla says:

    He may end up in prison, and she had five kids with this guy. I mean, I can’t help how I am , I just view a woman who saddles herself with five kids as out there. I just cannot relate at all. Her life is over. She’s got five kids. No one wants any part of that, and she better hope JR don’t end up up on Rico charges, because someone is going to have to support those FIVE kids then. I just view it as pure stupidity. I know some will get angry. This is my view.

  32. Vava says:

    She’s smart to divorce. Trump Jr. clearly is an unfortunate excuse for a human being. May he rot in jail. One way or another, she will be in a better situation after she cuts ties with this guy. A guy who is racist, kills rare animals, acts like an asshole on Twitter. Really, who would want their children around someone like this? Good for her, I say!

  33. Lucy2 says:

    Just saw they are officially divorcing, and lots of speculation that she’s doing it to hide assets for when he is indicted.