US: Tori Spelling’s mom Candy ‘can’t stand’ Tori’s husband, Dean McDermott

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Tori Spelling her and mom, Candy, have a troubled relationship which is no doubt made worse by the fact that Tori has significant money management problems and is relying on Candy to pay most of her bills. Both Tori and Candy have said that they have a strained relationship, although Candy seems to cherish her grandchildren and they are working on it.

As you’ve heard, Tori and Dean have had some issues lately which may be either fabricated or exaggerated for press. (I’m leaning toward exaggerated, but I could be convinced that it’s all a hoax.) It looks like Dean is angling to divorce Tori, perhaps to get child support somehow provided by Candy, if that’s at all legally possible. Only Candy is said to hate Dean, which is not surprising. Candy doesn’t really like her daughter so by extension she dislikes her daughter’s deadbeat husband. If Dean really is gaslighting Tori in the press, then Candy has all the more reason to hate him. (I know that doesn’t make immediate sense if Candy doesn’t care about Tori, but I could see Candy rallying behind Tori if she’s threatened.)

Tori Spelling’s mother, Candy Spelling, isn’t a huge fan of [Tori's] husband, Dean McDermott, a source tells Us Weekly exclusively.

“She can’t stand him,” the insider says, adding that Tori, 44, and Candy, 72, also have a “really complicated, kind of horrible relationship.”

Still, another source claims, “Tori and Dean’s marital problems have nothing to do with Candy.”

[From US Magazine]

After that US quotes a bunch of things Candy and Tori have told the press about how they don’t get along. Meanwhile Tori and Dean did a promo spot for the upcoming Sharknado 6. They were seen making out, which I guess doesn’t mean anything about their relationship except for the fact that they’re still willing to make a united front to get paid. This is making them look like complete fraudsters, but as Kaiser often says both things can be true – they can be grifters trying to make a buck and Dean could be hating his life and looking for a way out.




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  1. clarice says:

    Dean is so gross. He looks like a greasy weasel. I want him to go to jail for unpaid child support.

  2. CTgirl says:

    Does anyone like any of the people mentioned in this post?

  3. HK9 says:

    Candy-you are not the only one who can’t stand Dean. There are a whole bunch of people on this site who give this guy the permanent side eye, including me.

  4. kimbers says:

    what mom would be totally cool with their daughter marrying a deadbeat loser who has cheated?

  5. JustJen says:

    Not a surprise. She seemed to really like Tori’s first husband so it would make sense that she’s disappointed that she not only cheated on him but left him for this loser. Dean just keeps looking shadier every time I see him. Tori is the anti-Candy. Candy had her s*** together and landed a Hollywood mogul, then was the hostest with the mostest for decades. Tori is in heaps of debt and relies on mommy instead of marrying a security mogul. Clearly, Candy didn’t teach Tori the way Lucifer’s home girl taught her spawn.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      Rumor has it that her affair with the Deaner and her subsequent divorce is why her dad didn’t leave more $ to her.

      • justcrimmles says:

        Her brother got the same amount, inheritance-wise. I think that had less to do with his children’s moral failings, and more to do with his own work ethic.

      • Bridget says:

        It didn’t help things, but as noted her brother got the same thing. At the time, I think Candi stated that Tori know what she was going to inherit so it wasn’t a surprise (which actually makes sense, as Tori would have likely had a trust). Not to mention, the estate taxes would have been insane if it went to anyone other than Candi.

      • Christin says:

        Daddy ensured she had a role on a TV show that should have added to her wealth. Brother didn’t get that opportunity, yet he seems to understand how to live within one’s means.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        oh, thanks for the info. I knew her bro was currently involved in real estate in CA and living a kind of normal life, but didn’t know what he had gotten, inheritance-wise.

        she could have taken the $ and made an investment in something like a franchise…my cuz bought a Dominos franchise almost right out of college and now he owns like, 17 of them and is living the high life, investing in real estate and traveling. I think Tori probably thinks she’s above something like that…not to mention that it’s a lot of work when you’re first starting.

      • LAK says:

        Christin: i am ashamed that i know this, BUT Randy Spelling was given a part on one of daddy’s TV shows. Sunset Beach. It ran for 2yrs in 1997- 99.

        I remember watching it because of Eddie Cibrian


        Going by IMDB, it seems Randy was on Beverly Hills 90210 too. And few other acting credits before he retired completely in 2008.

      • Christin says:

        LAK, thank you for clarifying that Randy also had acting credits. Perhaps he’ll be entitled to a moderate SAG pension amount in a few years, too.

        I never knew of EC until the LR drama, so I missed that show. I always find “Sunset Beach legend” a humorous description, though.

      • Bridget says:

        LAK is right! Aaron thought that helping his children be gainfully employed in a lucrative field was the key to their long term financial success.

        And Randy took a long time to get to Oregon. He acted for a while (but only in Spelling productions) and partied HARD. He was a stereotypical celebuspawn. Really, the way he’s turned his life around is impressive.

      • Kitten says:

        @LAK- I will sit in Shame Corner with you because I too watched Sunset Beach and also for Eddie Cibrian.

      • Peggles says:

        I was completely obsessed with Sunset Beach back in the day. Evil British twins ftw!

      • Kelly says:

        I don’t think Tori is all that different from Candy. Candy is a compulsive shopper and hoarder, she just has more room to hide it. Plus, it seemed to be an open secret that Candy was carrying on an affair while Aaron was dying – I think with a close friend of Aaron’s. Candy kept her shit clean for so long because she had landed the trophy.

        I think Tori married Dean because they had crazy sexual chemistry. Many couples are tied together by this – my cousin continued on for years with her loser ex because the sex was so amazing.

    • Teebee says:

      I have absolutely no love for Tori or Dean, but I want to pipe in on this controversy over Aaron Spelling’s will.

      It is not unusual at all for the will of a married person to leave the entire estate, or the majority of the estate to the surviving spouse. So i don’t think that Aaron’s lack of dividing his assets amongst his children was vindictive, or an act of protest against Tori’s marriage. The fact that he provided a monetary “gift” at the time of his death was a lovely gesture to his still relatively young children. But it seems completely appropriate to leave the bulk of his estate to his wife. It is now up to her how to distribute her estate upon her death. If she chooses to leave nothing to Tori, but establish trusts for her grandchildren, THEN it will be obvious there is a rift, or that she is deliberately denying inheritance to Tori, and possibly because of Dean. Especially if she leaves something to her son. I know I would…

      • minx says:

        Thank you, that point needs to be made.
        I think any amount of money Candy would give Tori, Tori would blow through it in about a half hour and be asking for more.

      • Veronica says:

        In the past she’s stated that she pays for the majority of her grandchildren’s expenses. That should be more than enough for Tori and Dean to catch up on bills. They choose to live ridiculously.

      • Shannon says:

        ^^^ this. I didn’t find that uncommon at all. My parents are nowhere near rich, but they do have assets, life insurance, etc. And since I’m the oldest and would be the executor should they both die at the same time, they spelled it all out for me (morbid, but they’re practical like that). Should they die separately, everything would go to the surviving spouse with the assumption (but not guarantee) that the surviving spouse would then will everything to my brother and I. If they die at the same time, it’s 50/50 between my brother and I. I thought that was pretty typical and routine. Maybe different for step-family situations and whatnot, but as Aaron and Candy share the same biological children, I don’t see why he wouldn’t leave most of his stuff to Candy. And let’s be honest; he didn’t “just” leave her $800,000. Any residuals she gets from 90210 he also basically gave her, because she wouldn’t have gotten into acting without his help. I’m not trying to be ugly, I’m just being real.

      • Bridget says:

        If I remember correctly, both Spelling children knew what they would be inheriting upon Aaron’s death ahead of time (though Tori was very unhappy about it). However, there was most definitely a rift at the time that Aaron died. Both Spelling parents were unhappy with Tori’s choice to run off with Dean.

      • Tigerlily says:

        Too true. I worked in the estates & trusts area for a while and where I live (Alberta, Canada) there is zero legal obligation to leave adult children anything unless they are mentally or physically incapable of earning a living. There is an obligation to leave a spouse a percentage (I can’t recall exact amount) but in my experience leaving everything to surviving spouse is the norm. Then if the surviving spouse so chooses, they leave some divided up amongst children and grandchildren. But zero obligation.

        And really what kind of loser would look to an inheritance to live on? To me it would be a surprise/bonus but nothing I would expect or rely on getting.

        I do think Tori had an unfortunate upbringing & that is on Candy & Aaron BUT she is an adult now and has made her own unfortunate choices that she should own. Where did the $800,000 she got when Aaron passed go? I think she is a spoiled idiot and Dean is just….deplorable. And in my opinion never hot, never will be.

    • Samantha says:

      Ha ! Marrying a rich one. Tori had a carrier.

    • This makes me wonder how well Tori’s first husband is doing. The one she cheated on and left for the Deaner.

  6. Nicole says:

    These two are everything I loathe about entitlement. God forbid Candy passes how will they survive? Cause I doubt she’s leaving them anything they can touch until the kids are 25

    • JustJen says:

      I’m betting she leaves an ironclad trust for the grandkids. And zilch for the idiots.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      Yes. This. Like or lump how she acquired it but that money is CANDY’S. If she wanted to invest it all in flea circuses and not leave a cent to her kids or her grandkids that would be her right. Tori got an inheritance and Tori had a CAREER that earned her actual money (“Mother May I Sleep with Danger” is still gold!). Tori and Dean are responsible for their money issues not Candy.

    • magnoliarose says:

      She will leave a minimum for the kids, a chunk to charity and a big part of it to her son. Tori’s kids will not get much. Candy had a lot of say in Aaron’s financial affairs, and he spoiled her. Both children got the same, but she favors her son is more willing to help him because he is actually a better person.
      Candy is not a nice woman and will have the final word. I wouldn’t be surprised if her will leaves the Tori and the crew nothing. I bet she will leave a note saying she gave when she was alive but doesn’t want Aaron’s hard earned money wasted on Tori who has been chances.

    • Mia4s says:

      I will be VERY interested in how Candy structures her will. But I would also note that even though she’s 72, she’s a wealthy, Caucasian women with access to top medical care and who doesn’t have to lift a finger in daily life. She could easily live another 15 years or more (likely spending all the way). That’s a long time for things to go in a lot of directions.

      • Aurelia says:

        If candy leaves Tori anything I bet the millions she has shelled out for the 7 of them so far will be deducted from Tori’s share.

      • still_sarah says:

        @ Aurelia : As it should be. If your parents give you part of your inheritance “early”, then I think it is appropriate to deduct that from the eventual inheritance. You can get it now or you can get it later. I favour giving some money to adult kids when they need it for something like buying a house. My sister’s sons are in their twenties and living in an area with outrageous real estate prices. No way they will be able to buy a house without some of mom and dad’s money. But mom and dad are in their late ’50′s and extremely healthy. So I would say give the kids some money now and deduct it from the eventual inheritance.

  7. Nicegirl says:

    There’s probably a long line behind Candy.

  8. Patricia says:

    Those pictures from Sharknado are so bizarro. Why is she wrapping her legs around him like that? Who even does that? She looks exhausted and awful but I can’t say I feel sympathy for her. I feel sympathy for her sad looking children.

  9. Roe says:

    Candy at 72 is dealing with her daughter’s mess.

    What a nightmare.

    Hopefully her will is ironclad.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      But Candy and Aaron created the mess that is present day Tori. Her dad gave her acting roles knowing full well she is not attractive or talented enough to have a career in acting. He should have said no and made her go to high school and college and taught her how to be a self sufficient adult. Now she has no life skills and her show biz jobs are dried up due to her aforementioned lack of talent.

      Candy, by all accounts, was not very loving to Tori. She was cruel to her about her physical appearance and spent most of her time throwing parties and decorating that hideous monstrosity called Spelling Manor. Candy was also a hoarder who had rooms full of dolls and other useless collections of crap. Tori comes by her hoarding and spending habits honestly. I also think Candy was jealous of Tori because she was her father’s favorite and he doted on her.
      Yes Tori is an adult and needs to address her mental health issues and dump that POS husband of hers, but some people are acting like Candy is a saint and feeling bad that she has to deal with her cuckoo daughter and grifter son in law. I think Candy has helped create this mess and now the chickens have come home to roost.

  10. Bridget says:

    Let me get this straight: the mother of a complete asshole thinks that the son in law is also an asshole. Gotcha.

    Tori is by far the worst one. No thanks.

  11. minx says:

    Those poor kids look unkempt and like they are fed nothing but junk food. They have a spoiled narcissistic spendthrift mother and loser gold digging idiot father. My heart hurts for them.

  12. Meija says:

    Candy..that top it is just awful.

  13. Deanne says:

    Dean is way beyond disgusting and Tori is beyond pathetic, so I don’t blame Candy for her feelings at all and I don’t feel sorry for the adults involved. Those poor kids always look miserable and horribly disheveled and not in the regular way kids look messy. They get trotted out and paraded around for the paparazzi and they all look exhausted and depressed, all of the time. That household clearly isn’t a stable or happy place for them to be.

    • Christin says:

      You guys are nailing it today with the descriptions of how the children appear. It’s more than the clothing and grooming.

      A child can look happy in hand-me-downs. These children look emotionally spent, which is terrible at their young ages. The adults just bounce from mess to mess, but the kids pay the price.

      • Deanne says:

        Emotionally spent is a great description. Imagine what goes on behind closed doors in their home. The day that all of their bank accounts were frozen for example. Do these kids know that their Father is a dead beat Dad to their older half brother? Do they know Daddy Dean is at risk of jail because he has completely failed his first son financially and continues to do so? It’s probably screaming fights, stress and drama at home and then their parents making out in public and playing happy family for the paparazzi. It must be horribly confusing.

      • Christin says:

        I truly cannot imagine the stress level in that home. Their parents have gone from cooking up reality show ideas to being in deep trouble over support non-payment and unpaid taxes/bills. And as you say, then they are trotted out to play happy family.

        No wonder at least one child always looks completely exhausted, while most of the other children appear to “fake smile” through those photo opps.

      • magnoliarose says:

        They don’t look well cared for and nourished physically or emotionally. They are very sad little people, and they have the resigned expressions I have seen on the faces of children when I do charitable work with families in poverty or unfortunate situations. The children learn young how unfair life is and what stress feels like.

  14. SJhere says:

    I agree with every comment said here.
    Candy doesn’t like Dean? No surprise that. Who does like him? Worthless grifter that one.
    Tori and Dean are idiots too lazy/entitled to behave as adults. Five kids and they still act like brainless twats, all about attention.
    I do feel sorry for their kids. I’d rather live an ordinary life and raise my kids to be well cared for and loved not used as a prop to get Candy to hand over $$.

    I love the earlier comment about Candy … Can invest her $$ in flea circus if she wants. It’s Her money. :) . Spot on!

  15. Ewe says:

    Ugh! Maybe if we all collectively stop paying attention to them they’ll melt into a puddle of plastic and grease.

  16. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    It’s all so… ugh. I don’t like any of them, but the thing that bugs me the most is Candy and her effing money. She has so so so so much, yes, she can do what she wants, but her daughter and grandchildren shouldn’t have money problems like ever. It illustrates her extreme behaviors and from where Tori got hers. The whole lot are sideshow performers.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      But Candy pays for housing, education, food and bills for the family, at the end of the day she is supporting her grandchildren to offer them a level of protection from the bad choices of their parents. If you give Tori more money she will just spend more money, no matter how much she gets it will be spent as fast as it hits her purse, at this point the best thing for Candy to spend money on would be serious mental help for Tori, but Tori is not yet ready to get real and see her situation for what it actually is, rather than what she wants it to be.

      • Julianne says:

        I wonder if there’s a deal between Candy an Tori about the support for the kids? Like, “I’ll pay this, this and this, but the kids don’t work in the industry” type of thing. I’ve always been surprised that Tori doesn’t pimp those kids out more, they’re cute, have name recognition, loads of work they could get.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Yeah it’s all messy and imo, it will always be messy. Forgo death taxes, cut her a huge check, and be done with it. Really done. She wises up and smartly spends… great. She loses her barely there mental acuity and publicly blows up on the small screen… great. Whatever the outcome, it’s in her hands. No more back and forth I’ll pay this bill you pay that bill bs. Shut ‘em up and shut’ em down. Candy enjoys being puppet master too much and that needs to stop too. Done and done.

      • Penelope says:

        @Julianne, those kids aren’t cute. Sorry but it’s true.

      • Kelly says:

        But Candy happily handed her own children over to the industry. Why would she suddenly have a moral issue with it. Her children were a laughing stock when they were little. Google the ridiculous get up Candy dolled up Tori in – full Marie Antoinette regalia, including a foot high wig. If Candy didn’t want an unattractive daughter she shouldn’t have married a troll.

      • Allie says:

        @MabsA’Mabbin: But Candy has already done that and Tori has already blown the money. Tori was given 800,000 dollars when her Dad died and Tori quickly blew it all. Candy gave Tori a house and Tori turned right around and sold it (at a loss.)
        I can’t even fathom why anyone would think it was a good idea for Candy to give Tori more money when she keeps blowing through it. The way Candy is doing it is smart. She’s making sure her Grandchildren are protected and letting Tori fend for herself with the frivolous spending. It’s the right mix of protecting the kids and letting Tori deal with the consequences of her own actions.

        Giving Tori a huge chunk of money, to spend however she wants to, would be like giving an alcoholic a warehouse full of alcohol. This way the Grandchildren are somewhat shielded from Tori’s bad money decisions.

  17. Sarah says:

    A cautionary tale about raising kids, for sure…I think Candy made Tori feel bad all of her life, and Aaron maybe tried making up for that a bit too much…the end result is that Tori is both spoiled, insecure, and unable to function with budgetary constraints.
    I think Tori likely married her first husband because her father approved and he was the “safe” guy…and she was bored. Dean was the guy she thought was hot, and she was flattered he wanted her. Deep down I’m sure Tori realizes Dean married her “money”, but just can’t let go.
    There’s about 5 years of tough therapy needed here for Tori, and the kids probably need a nice pack of wolves to raise them.

  18. LittlefishMom says:

    Candys not alone. Who CAN stand him?! Lol

  19. Hazel says:

    All I have to say is, who wears watermelons on their blouse?

  20. hogtowngooner says:

    Their kids always look so miserable. Being photographed by strangers would do it, but I also think their homelife is really unstable and chaotic. That can be hell for a child to grow up in. I hope Candy is attending to them since their two idiot parents seem more concerned with their images.

  21. Izzy says:

    Candy is no saint – she was a horrible mother, and her own spending and hoarding habits absolutely played a part in how Tori turned out. BUT Tori is a grownass woman now and needs to get her shiznit together. She has five kids depending on her. She chose to marry a deadbeat loser, but one of them needs to step up and be a parent. I hope they’re not waiting for a fat inheritance when Candy goes, because the money was NEVER theirs to begin with, and no one is entitled to an inheritance. Period.

    • Renee says:

      @ Izzy, You said it all. Totally agree

    • Geekychick says:

      the problem is, he maybe a deadbeat, but he’s much better parent than she is. He takes care of the children, he wanted to downsize, to stop spending…while she isn’t stable enough to feed a child (as seen on tv), bc she has to focus on all her drama, insecurities and her, her, her.
      I can’t stand cheaters, I can’t stand deadbeats, bit what I abhor are selfish parents ignorant of their children’s needs. And Tori is exactly that.

      • Allie says:

        I hate that I’m having to defend Dean. I find him repulsive. But I think he works more than people realize. I don’t keep up with his instagram anymore, but in 2016 he made 2 movies. Per their reality show, he has tried to do a lot more movies/appearances or other work related things, but Tori pitches a fit and tries to block him from doing a lot of that. During their first reality show, he did a lot of voice over work and other things like that which aren’t as publicly recognizes. So I think he’s working, he’s just never going to make enough money to keep up with Tori’s spending habits.

        If Tori wasn’t spending money like it’s water, doing two movies a year (even the TV movies he does that probably don’t pay as much) and a few voice overs should have been enough to live on.

      • Allie says:

        Oh, and I agree with the other part of your post GeekyChick, he’s definitely the better parent. He may not be father of the year (and he seems to be a negligent father to his first child) but I think he does the majority of the parenting (with the help of the nannies.)

  22. Veronica says:

    I just feel so bad for the kids. They constantly look like they are hating their lives. I know kids don’t always smile for the cameras but they just seem so down.

  23. Other Renee says:

    My cousin worked for Candy and Aaron and believe me when I say they are/we’re not nice. And my cousin is a very nice person. I can’t stand any of these people. They all deserve whatever crap comes their way.

  24. Peggles says:

    I suddenly want to change my username to “WTF Watermelons.”

  25. Jay says:

    All that money and Candy is wearing a jacket with watermelons on it??????

  26. Clairej says:

    Didn’t Randy play Steve’s little brother on 90210?

  27. Allie says:

    I agree with Candy. Dean is awful. But she should take a hard look at her own daughter and come to terms with the fact that Dean is probably the best Tori could ever do. She’s whining, clinging, immature, a hoarder, totally self-involved, has constant meltdowns over the stupidest things, and she’s a cheater too. And, thanks to her reality shows and constant famewhoring, Tori’s crazy, horrible personality is on full display for the whole world to see. She’s never going to get a great guy to want to be with her at this point. And even if she somehow did get someone great and kind and amazing, she would just cheat on him or leave him for someone awful (see: her first marriage.)