J.Lo can act… like herself

Page Six is reporting that J.Lo’s performance in the upcoming film “El Caliente” is Oscar-worthy. They also think it’s big news that she fired her diva hairdresser:

Lopez’s turn in “El Cantante,” the movie she just finished filming with hubby Marc Anthony, is said to be “Oscar-worthy. Truly, it’s amazing.” Lopez may also be scoring a role in “Dallas,” alongside Shirley MacLaine.

It must be such a stretch for J.Lo to play the wife of a Latin singer.

Here are J.Lo and Marc sunbathing, with Marc looking scary and threatening as usual. When are these two going to break up already? There are also silly pictures of Marc taking pictures of the paparrazi. That’s so 2003. Pictures [via]

Two more after the jump.

J.Lo and Marc Anthony Sunbathing

J.Lo and Marc Anthony Sunbathing
J.Lo and Marc Anthony Sunbathing

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4 Responses to “J.Lo can act… like herself”

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  1. madeline7 says:

    Oh … I get it: ALL LATINO SINGERS and ALL LATINA SPOUSES ARE THE SAME ! ? Now if you really believe this, what does it make YOU ?? So, with that (il-)logic: JAMIE FOXX could bring nothing to his portrayal of RAY CHARLES and didn’t even deserve an Oscar nomination (let alone to win)! Afterall, it wasn’t much of a stretch for him either: you must think all brothers are the same (FOXX just added sunglasses?) .. The hatred you expressed has leaped over the line: and I’m not talking about “bitchy” here, but “Bigotry”.

  2. celebitchy says:

    Madeline, I really regret giving you this impression, and I apologize. I’m obviously not fond of J.Lo while you’re a fan. I can see the point you’re making about Jamie Foxx and Ray Charles both being African American singers, and how it’s racist to suggest that J.Lo doesn’t have to act in order to play a the wife of a Latino singer.

    Now, if you read the post carefully I just kind of suggested this and didn’t really expand on it. There are two lines that you’re referring to, the title: “J.Locan act… Like herself,” and the line that says it “much be such a stretch for her.”

    That’s different from going on about it and saying J.Lo isn’t really acting and that all Latina spouses are the same.

    I totally feel bad that you got that impression, but it was meant to make fun of J.Lo and not suggest that Latinas are interchangeable.

    There’s no hatred for Latinos in general, just for J.Lo, but I can see where you would think that’s what I meant. Read the rest of the JLo posts:
    And also read other stuff in the site. This should be the only time you find that I venture into racist territory.

  3. millie says:

    I think you are overreacting a bit. All celebitchy said on the subject was “It must be such a stretch for J.Lo to play the wife of a Latin singer.”–well, she IS a wife of a Latin singer, so the role doesn’t fall far from her life. It’s like saying that it’s not a stretch for Heather Locklear to play a wife of a rock guitarist who has an affair with her best friend. I think that celebitchy just doesn’t like J.Lo but didn’t mean anything else by that comment–at least I don’t see it.

  4. madeline7 says:

    Editor, Celebitchy : I appreciate your reply. I do consider it racist to view an individual as a stereotype. This is what is implied with your comment that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have to act in order to play the wife of a Latino singer. If you, or your readers, still are unsure, just imagine those remarks coming from the mouth of the Archie Bunker character on “All in the Family”. Everyone was a stereotype to Archie; he was an equal opportunity bigot.

    Back to Jennifer and the bioflic “El Cantante”/”The Singer” (BTW, it isn’t “Caliente”, as you wrote in the 1st sentence) : the singer happens to be a legendary salsa singer named Hector Lavoe, but I guess when you’ve seen (heard?) one salsero .. etc..