Justin Theroux is ‘enjoying his new single life’ & ‘just doing his thing’ in New York

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston split after two and a half years of marriage *FILE PHOTOS*

By now, I hope everyone knows that only New York can contain Justin Theroux’s edginess. Edgy Justin can only be Edgy when he’s in New York. So that’s where he’s been since separating from Jennifer Aniston: he’s just been in New York, with one detour to Paris for the Louis Vuitton show a few weeks back. He hasn’t been photographed with Petra Collins yet, but I bet that’s coming. Perhaps Terry Richardson will shoot them for a magazine spread! But in the meantime, Justin and Jennifer are both in some kind of weird holding pattern – the tabloids are just emphasizing how little drama there is and how their split was basically like “meh.” We’ve already learned that Jennifer is “fine.” And now we’re learning that Justin is “enjoying his new single life.”

He’s a man about town! Despite announcing his shocking split from Jennifer Aniston a little over a month ago, Justin Theroux is really “enjoying his new single life,” a source tells E! News.

The insider says that the 46-year-old has been keeping himself busy entertaining since he separated from his famous wife of over two years.

“He’s been hosting and attending a lot of different friendly gatherings,” said the source, adding that the actor “is trying to keep himself around friends a lot more than he used to—he’s not at home thinking about his divorce.” The insider also said that the actor is working hard to “stay busy” and “stay happy.”

The consummate New Yorker is also loving being back home, says the source. “Justin loves New York City and has been spending a lot of time at his apartment readjusting to this new phase of his life.”

Recently, Justin hosted a small private dinner in NYC for one of his good friends, Carlos Quirarte, owner of Le Turtle, in honor of the restaurateur’s new venture, Sub Turtle. Last Friday, around 20 close friends, including Amy Sedaris, dined at the restaurant. The source says that, “Justin was in a great mood and was mingling with everyone during the cocktail hour.” The insider added that The Leftovers star mostly talked to Sedaris, a longtime friend, throughout dinner, which had Casamigos tequila and Casamigos cocktails for guests. A rep for the actor declined to comment.

[From E! News]

First of all, Justin was “enjoying his new single life” before they even separated – he had been living in New York for months, and he was allegedly seeing other women, which means there’s probably very little he needs to “readjust” to. Second of all, what’s with the undercover ad for Casamigos tequila? Why is George Clooney involved?!? Is Justin trying to get George Clooney to be on Team Edgy?

Also: it seems as if Justin has some mysterious little PR elves working on his behalf, because People Magazine had a similar story:

Justin Theroux is settling into his life as a newly single man. The actor, 46, has been sticking to his normal routine since announcing his split from Jennifer Aniston last month.

“He’s just doing his thing,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He eats at the same time, goes to the same places, hangs with the same people.”

[From People]

“He eats at the same time, goes to the same places, hangs with the same people.” But isn’t that criticism of Jennifer Aniston? That her life in LA is super-boring and she just does the same thing all the time, eats the same food and hangs out with the same people and does yoga and eats chicken salads? It seems Justin is as much a creature of habit, it’s just his habits are edgy and in New York.

Justin Theroux at the Adam Selman show in Spring Studios during New York Fashion Week

Justin Theroux hangs out with a buddy in NYC

Photos courtesy of WENN, PCN and Backgrid.

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  1. Anastasia says:

    Another non-story. So they’re both doing fine, but they both need attention all the time from the media.

    Checks out.

    And there’s no divorce, because there was no marriage.

  2. Rachel in August says:

    Really … do we care? *makes eww face*

  3. LittlefishMom says:

    He’s a sub turtle.

  4. Maya says:

    My single life with friends is so much better than your. No my single life with friends is sooo much better than yours😂

    Basically both being childish with these PR games.

  5. Pia says:

    Yeah that plug for the restaurant and Casamigos was weird….like I didn’t realize if Clooney and Theroux were close.

    • Welp says:

      Justin has a lot of ~Hollywood~ friends.

    • tracking says:

      I think Justin’s best friend, listed in the article, is the one giving all these statements on his behalf. He’s also using them to plug his own businesses, lol.

  6. Tiffany says:

    So….he is doing the same things he was doing while married. I mean, it reads like nothing has changed.

  7. Reginaphalange says:

    Wha pa pee doo dah…. yawn

  8. EM says:

    They are both boring. Together, apart, whatever.

  9. willowisp says:

    I almost believed this entrancing little tale until the Casamigos product placement.

  10. Lizzie says:

    i mean – jennifer thought she wanted a guy who was into playing the game and hell if she didn’t get one. he is thirsty. someone pour water on this bitch.

    • monette says:

      Hahaha, your comment made my day!

    • citney says:


      JA needs to pour quite a few more millions into this guy’s bank account, or he will talk. Not that I would mind hearing what he had to say. LOL

  11. Nacho_friend says:

    Those lifts. Hilarious! It’s very likely he and Tom cruise share the same shoes

  12. Darla says:

    Who cares if he takes his picture with this edgy girl? Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, but I don’t think anyone cares what this guy does next.

    Jen’s next bf will be news.

  13. Spicecake38 says:

    He’s just doing his thing,he eats at the same time,goes to the same places…So what’s the story then…Justin Thoreau is a poodle?🐶

  14. wowza says:

    Omg— a Palace jacket. Bless him.

  15. tracking says:

    Yeah, I thought it was interesting many were defending him, saying how he wanted a more interesting life than being with Aniston and her friends. Yet there’s actually no evidence he’s interested in much of anything other than hanging with his hipster crowd and 20-something models in NY. It’s just LA shallow vs NY shallow, not a huge difference.