Page Six: Sanaa Lathan was absolutely the ‘bitch on drugs’ who bit Beyonce

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Looking back on it, there was only one name that really made sense for the Who Bit Beyonce blind-item. We knew that Sanaa Lathan was in attendance at the party in question. We knew that Beyonce and Sanaa had been friendly for years, meaning they had the kind of relationship where Sanaa could get close enough to her to bite her. We also knew that there have been rumors about Sanaa’s shadiness for years now. Last week, TMZ “confirmed” that Sanaa was the person who bit Beyonce. Tiffany Haddish didn’t confirm or deny it (she’s signed an NDA) and of course Beyonce’s not saying sh-t about it. Now here’s one more confirmation: Page Six’s sources say that FOR SURE it was Sanaa.

The case is closed involving the mystery actress who bit Beyoncé. Multiple sources confirm to Page Six that the face-chomping culprit was indeed actress Sanaa Lathan, even though she strongly denies it. Numerous sources tell us that “Love & Basketball” star Lathan had been talking to Jay-Z at a D’Usse VIP party backstage after his gig in Los Angeles last December, but when Bey stepped in, Lathan playfully bit her on the chin.

Fellow actress Tiffany Haddish had started off the wild biting debate earlier this week by describing the scene to GQ, “There was this actress there that’s just, like, doing the mostest. She bit Beyoncé in the face.” Haddish’s comments sparked an internet-wide search to determine who on earth could possibly dare to disrespect Queen Bey in such a torrid tooth-and-eye way.

But, according to multiple sources, it was indeed Lathan who was Beyoncé’s Becky with the good teeth. A source who was at the bash tells us, “It was a big thing in the moment at the party, everyone was talking about how anyone would dare to do that.”

A source told Vulture that she used the long-in-the-tooth tale in a comedy show in January, revealing the biter had dated French Montana. Lathan was previously linked to the rapper. A rep for Lathan and spokespeople for Beyoncé declined to comment.

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I think in the long term, the bigger problem for Sanaa Lathan is NOT that she’ll be known as The B Who Bit Beyonce. The bigger problem for Sanaa is what Tiffany said happened in the conversation with Beyonce, that Tiffany put those words in Beyonce’s mouth, from Tiff’s GQ profile: “Beyoncé’s at the bar, so I said to Beyoncé, ‘Did she really bite you?’ She was like, ‘Yeah.’ I was like, ‘She gonna get her ass beat tonight.’ She was like, ‘Tiffany, no. Don’t do that. That bitch is on drugs. She not even drunk. The bitch is on drugs. She not like that all the time. Just chill.’” The story about an actress biting Beyonce is a good, funny, crazy blind item. But the story about Beyonce telling Tiffany that Sanaa Lathan is on drugs? That will destroy whatever is left of Sanaa’s career.

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  1. Toot says:

    Sanaa is always working, so her career is alright. Beyonce told Tiffany to let it go, so I’m more annoyed with Tiff.

  2. Nicole says:

    This was such a fun gossip mystery.

  3. Swack says:

    This story has had WAY too much coverage.

  4. Frome says:

    Nah. There will be no real life repercussions. It’s assumed that everyone is on drugs, and unless you are a child star, have a very young fan base or are difficult at work, Hollywood doesn’t care. Moreover its not like she has any major endorsement deals or hope of ever getting one.

    The clowning on the other hand is forever. I hope she is ready for all the rappers who will start using her name in rap metaphor. Sanaa is tough as nails, I doubt she’ll waste tears on some jokes. Tiff should have kept her mouth shut though.

  5. Mgsota says:

    What shadiness?? I’m not familiar with gossip about Sanaa. Someone tell me please!

  6. deets says:

    Her denial included a, ‘but if I did….’. So yeah, i can see this.

  7. ORIGINAL T.C. says:

    If she is addicted to drugs, I feel bad that the information came out this way. It was wrong (and dangerous-infection risk) for her to bite another human being but the very fact that she did it means she needs help. I think Tiffany should apologize to her privately and I hope her friends can get her to rehab. Hollywood takes people chews them up and spits them out. Beyonce was right to tell Haddish not to talk about it. She knew it was the drugs making her act weird and probably knows you can’t take it personally.

  8. manda says:

    I’m curious as to the drugs that she was on? I do feel bad for her, especially since Beyonce didn’t seem to care much, although, did she really call her a bitch? I never know how to interpret “bitch” in that context, because some people use it jokingly or endearingly, but some people do not do that, and it’s hard to know without knowing the person

  9. Snazzy says:

    I had no idea who this woman was until this whole thing broke out, so I suppose it did give her some notoriety at least :)

  10. 1st mermaid says:

    Funny thing. This story started out as someone firting with Jay-Z, and Beyonce coming over because she was not happy.
    If you were telling a story about a woman flirting with Jay-Z, and it ended with the woman biting Beyonce, wouldn’t you tell it all at once?

  11. Kathleen Penland says:

    Clearly Bey’s plan was to act benevolent and let Tiffany put it out there to ruin Sanaa. She’s not dumb, she knew everyone would figure it out. She gets to act like she’s generous and f*ck Sanaa for messing with her and her husband.

  12. psl says:

    I am so OVER this non-story AND Tiffany Haddish.

  13. Omg says:

    The more I think about it the more the story seems fake. What really (probably) happened is beyonce was making out with Sanaa Lathan and came up with the omg she’s biting my face when Tiffany walked in the room… She never thought Tiffany was going to tell the beyhive about the lie.

  14. Krissy says:

    I like Sanaa Lathan, Love & Basketball is one of my favorite movies. I hadn’t heard any shadiness about her before all this drama but dating French ewwwwww gross! that’s a sign you might be on drugs but so is most of Hollywood. I don’t think this is gonna affect her career that much, she steadily works, shes not an A-list celebrity, she’ll be alright and Tiffany wouldn’t be flapping her mouth & telling this story every chance she got if she didn’t have Beyonce’s OK. Bey micromanages every aspect of her her life/career if she didn’t want the world to know what went down at that party we wouldn’t. Bey gave her stamp of approval to Tiffany. Period.

  15. jferber says:

    I’m only interested in the tea that gives me joy, and this does not. Next.

  16. Jussie says:

    I still don’t get why Chrissy Teigen was acting all surprised about who it was if it was Sanaa. There’s absolutely nothing surprising about it being Sanaa. She was the most obvious choice by far.

  17. CairinaCat says:

    This gossip was fun, it brought back the Good ole simple days of Leann fashion stalking brandy

  18. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    I totally believe Beyonce wanted this story to get out. I don’t think Tiffany would have told the story without Beyonce’s consent. Tiffany’s not a dumb girl and Beyonce hasn’t come out and made any statement denying any of it. Beyonce is very calculating with her image, nothing comes out without her approval.

  19. Jo says:

    Well apparently she showed up to Denzel Washington’s home causing a scene when their affair ended. Wouldn’t be surprised if she overstepped her boundaries in this situation. She’s drop dead gorgeous but she gives me side chick vibes