Chloe Green wants a quiet ‘shotgun wedding’ to Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks

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I was flat-out shocked in the interest in Chloe Green and “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks. Chloe is a British heiress and staple of the British tabloids. Jeremy became famous when his mugshot went viral several years ago, and he ended up becoming a model. Meeks and Green ended up getting together last year? I believe they’ve been together about a year, and that year has been full of yacht selfies and drama. Jeremy is still married, you see – the British tabloids painted this whole thing as “Hot Felon abandons wife for TopShop heiress.” That’s probably what happened, but we really don’t know the specifics. What we do know is that Meeks is getting a divorce but it hasn’t been finalized yet. We also know that Chloe Green is pregnant. Now sources claim they’re planning a “shotgun wedding” as soon as his divorce goes through.

Chloe Green is reportedly planning to marry boyfriend Jeremy Meeks in a quick-fire ceremony amid claims she is expecting their first child. The Topshop heiress, 27, ‘wants a low key wedding’ in coastal Florida and will exchange vows with former convict Meeks, 34, when his imminent divorce from estranged wife Melissa is finalised, The Daily Star reports.

‘The wedding invites are out and the wedding is in early April at a hush hush location in Miami. There will be a lot of rich and famous faces there,’ a source told the publication. ‘But it is being kept very much under the carpet as Chloe – like many brides – is a bit embarrassed about the fact people may think she is only getting married as she is pregnant. She hates the phrase ‘shotgun wedding’, but that is what it is as she wants to add some respectability to her pregnancy and does not want to give birth unmarried.’

It’s understood that wealthy parents Sir Phillip and Tina have given Chloe their blessing ahead of the reported ceremony. Separate sources have previously claimed the couple are expecting a boy, Jeremy’s second after fathering son Jeremy Jr, nine, with estranged wife Melissa. TMZ revealed the pair were pictured shopping for baby clothes and accessories in February, picking up a $6k bill in Beverly Hills boutique Petit Tresor. The site added that Chloe’s mother Tina was present and while many of the products they bought were gender neutral, they did pick up some blue items.

[From The Daily Mail]

Whatever. If she wants to get married before she gives birth, that’s her business. Of course it’s a shotgun wedding, but some very strong marriages were built on the foundation of a shotgun wedding. The bigger worry for Chloe is: what happens if Jeremy’s divorce hasn’t come through in time for the shotgun wedding? Because his divorce sounded very bitter – his wife was not happy at all that he left her for some British heiress, and his wife could drag this out for a lot longer. But mostly: whatever.

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  1. thaisajs says:

    Ugh, that guy. This is better than winning the lottery for him.

    • Lela says:

      He’s such a dirtbag, I wonder how his other kids are doing? Is he going to be providing them the same privileged life that his new child will have? Last I read his (ex)wife was working as a nurse and she was supporting the boys because he wasn’t pitching in anything. I can’t imagine how his sons will grow up feeling now that their father is rich and has a new family.
      Or maybe because they were technically his step-sons he has moved on and doesn’t care anymore.

  2. pwal says:

    You know, Tori Spelling rushing her affair/relationship to Dean was a terrible idea, especially because children and an ex-wife were involved.

    Chloe Green: Hold my beer…

  3. Sayrah says:

    Yeah the shotgun wedding is what’s embarrassing about this situation Chloe 🙄

  4. Lithe says:

    I don’t care enough to examine this too deeply, but I’m getting flashbacks to how I felt about Britney’s choice to partner with K-Fed back in the day.

  5. Merritt says:

    So much money and so few brains. I can’t imagine why anyone would data someone that they already know is a felon. And then top it off with a kid.

  6. Red says:

    They’re both complete trash.

  7. Digital Unicorn says:

    We can all see how this is going to end. Neither are angels in this, IIRC she aggressively pursued him and didn’t care if he was married with kids, she wanted him and that’s all that mattered. I think she bragged to the media that she was going to ‘get him’ when his profile went viral.

    What goes around comes around.

  8. BearcatLawyer says:

    He can ask Tiki Barber what to do if the divorce does not come through in time.

  9. tracking says:

    Ah well. Honestly, this kind of obvious sh*tshow is not all that much fun to watch. Especially now that an innocent child will soon be brought into it.

  10. Your Mom says:

    She looks hard for just 27.

  11. JA says:

    Man! These women(who share Chloe’s natural beauty) must be so thankful for filters! Yikes

  12. Jess says:

    It’s really trashy and cruel to plan a wedding and send out invites before your divorce is final, what ugly people.

  13. the better bella says:

    He truly is the smartest man alive.

  14. Other Renee says:

    Wasn’t he considered an extremely violent felon? Oh yeah. This is gonna end well only for the press. They’re probably crafting the headlines already.

  15. mela says:

    Wow, he is a super grifter!

    Does Chloe care that she is his meal ticket? Maybe she is used to buying everything she wants, including love. Maybe they have an arrangement.

    The ex-wife is going to lose her ish.

  16. Truthie says:

    FFS could he possibly look a little less baked? I’ve seen pics where he looks not-high, but holy sh** not lately. And if he is using, well…nice way to screw everything up. She could get Tori Spelling’ed out of an inheritance.

  17. jferber says:

    Yeah, I don’t understand this either, but just add this minutia to the mountain high level of sh-t I don’t understand about this world these days. So I’ll just say, Mazel Tov.

  18. Igotbiglipsandicannotlie says:

    Ok. I’m just gonna throw this out there b/c I read it online and I wonder if it’s true.

    There have been several blind items out there (yes, I know blind items are usually bs) saying that he infected her with a virus that goes by three letters, then got her pregnant and is now using meth behind her back. If even 2 out of the 3 are true this could end horribly for both of them.

  19. Kitten says:

    It’s pretty clear by her IG that this guy is just enjoying all the perks of dating a rich socialite. It doesn’t seem like either of them actually work, just travel around the world on various vacations. I mean, I guess that’s not atypical of a rich person’s life but it’s only a matter of time before he gets tired of it and starts wandering. Some of her IG pics are hashtagged #partnerincrime without a hint of irony or shame. The dude is a felon, maybe rethink that hashtag, hon.

  20. Percy says:

    I’m taking bets for how long before he cheats on her too. Place em!

  21. Shasha says:

    This is a really weird and possibly crazy thing to say, but did she have her mouth surgically widened by having her cheeks slit at the corners of her mouth? Like maybe wanting a wider smile? I’m not trying to be snarky at all, I’m seriously wondering. All I can think when I look at her mouth is Heath Ledger’s Joker.

  22. Egla says:

    All this is weird for me. I am nowhere her wealth, I am normal looking but I wouldn’t be caught dead with a married criminel with children of his own in public. I have some standarts. She is horny me thinks. I wonder what would happen to him when she doesn’t want him anymore?? Oh well….