Seth Rogen got sold to Netflix for April Fool’s Day


I love a good April Fools’ Day prank. I never pull them off cleverly so I appreciate when other people do. Netflix generally gets in on AFD. In the past, they’ve posted a faux John Stamos Documentary, streamed rotisserie chicken and sizzling bacon, and had Will Arnett narrating everyday life. This year, they acquired Seth Rogen.

When I scrolled through Twitter on Sunday, the first tweet on this I saw was Variety’s:

I hadn’t had my coffee yet and bought this headline at face-value. I didn’t click on the article and figured I’d just wait for Kaiser to explain to me what the details of this deal meant. The next tweet, however, clued me in to the fact that something was amiss:

Even though I’d caught on by then, I appreciated Netflix’s commitment to the joke. They continued it by demonstrating how they’d use their newly acquired Rogen-technology:

It turned out, this year’s prank was actually a promotion for Seth’s Hilarity for Charity show on April 6, which is his annual fundraiser that benefits Alzheimer’s research. Seth’s mother-in-law suffers from Alzheimer’s and Seth has become a dedicated crusader for the cause, even appearing before Congress. So, this particular prank wins originality, dedication AND do-gooding points. I say we give this match to Netflix.

However, they were not the only company out there pranking. Many others got in on the action to varying degrees of success. The Verge has a good compilation. The three below were my favorite. Legos pissed me off because OMG – do you have any idea how much I need a vacuum like this (and if you read the comments, I’m not alone):

Amazon promised to deliver not just the book but the author to your front door. Mad props to Patricia Cornwall:

Britbox’s “Interp-Brit” is great, not so much as a prank but it is just really funny (esp. Benedict Cumberbatch being dubbed with a Sylvester Stallone voice):



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  1. Tania says:

    True story: I got booted from a Tesla owners group on facebook because of Elon Musk’s april fool’s joke. She was righteously indignant that he should not be doing jokes while her car is in the shop and she lost money on her Tesla stock. I pointed out that if she can afford a Tesla and its stock her life is pretty good and to maybe not be a special snowflake .

    So, I guess his april fool’s joke was on me!

  2. ORIGINAL T.C. says:

    Well he might end up being a witness to the claim that Stormy told other people about sleeping with Trump. That would be charity for all the NGO’s who have lost funding thanks to Trump.