Meghan Markle was very interested in Princess Diana’s life for many years

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Sandringham Church for the royal family's traditional Christmas Day service

I’ve been wondering for months now if Meghan Markle’s “oh gosh, who, me?” act during the engagement interview was going to come back and bite her on the ass. In the engagement interview, Meghan spoke about being set up on a blind date with Harry, and she said: “I, you know, because I’m from the States, you don’t grow up with the same understanding of the royal family and so while I now understand very clearly, there’s a global interest there. I didn’t know much about him…” I took that to mean, at the time, that of course she didn’t know much about the real man, she had only seen the image.

But the impression Meghan left was as someone who wasn’t that focused on royal gossip and royalty before she met Harry. Which I don’t believe. Meghan and I are close in age, and women of our generation tend to remember Diana in the 90s, because she was everywhere and the biggest celebrity figure in the world. Well, Andrew Morton’s ebook, Meghan, A Hollywood Princess reveals that of course Meghan was very interested in Diana during her teens and 20s.

In his latest publication, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, Morton described Markle’s alleged interest in the late princess of Wales. In an excerpt published by The Sunday Times, the then-teenager allegedly watched Diana’s publicized funeral with her friends and, according to Morton, was a member of a philosophy class at her high school that debated the “paradox” of Diana’s death. Citing family friends, Morton writes Meghan “was intrigued by Diana not just for her style but also for her independent humanitarian mission. She saw her as a role model.”

As a result, Markle and a friend allegedly collected clothes and toys to donate and her interest was so apparent that her friend’s mom gifted Markle a copy of Morton’s biography of Diana. Markle went on to double major in theater and international relations at Northwestern University, an indication of an interest in politics and her budding humanitarian spirit . By the end of her college career, she had landed an internship abroad.

Morton also reports that Markle’s pal Ninaki Priddy, who was maid of honor at her first wedding, said her friend “wants to be Princess Diana 2.0.”

Morton suggests Markle was a social climber who was not afraid to end relationships if she felt they were holding her back, including her first husband, Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson.

“A wealthy entrepreneur friend claimed the marriage ended so abruptly that Meghan sent Trevor her diamond wedding and engagement rings back by registered mail. Another (friend) confirmed that the decision to end the marriage was made by Meghan and had come ‘totally out of the blue,’ ” Morton writes.

[From USA Today & E! News]

Again, the Diana stuff isn’t scandalous. If you were a teenager in the ‘90s with any kind of passing interest in fashion, royalty or celebrity soap operas, I guarantee that you kept up with gossip about Diana, and that you watched her funeral and all of that. She was a global icon and *most* people cared about her or had some opinion about her. The trouble isn’t that Meghan was interested in Diana throughout her teens and 20s. The trouble is that Meghan leaned too heavily into the “Prince Harry? Never heard of him!” narrative. She didn’t want to be seen as a clever hustler who jumped at the chance to land (arguably) the most eligible prince in the world. Because if she admitted that, it would shatter the fairytale, I guess.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement

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  1. Carol Hill says:

    Cynical much? Everyone loved Diana. It doesn’t mean anything.

    • the better bella says:

      Everyone didn’t love Diana. Maybe it’s because Diana came off as really weak.

      I’m the same age as Meghan and I only had a passing knowledge of the royalty expect for the Queen.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        Again, remember the source(s): axe to grind “best friend”, and seemingly bitter ex husband. I wouldn’t believe either as far as I could toss them. Of course Meghan would’ve known about Diana. What is she, a radish?? She lived through those times, and Diana was on a LOT of covers, tv, etc. BUT, following fashion and Diana’s work, doesn’t mean she knew much “about” the boys themselves, just “of them”.

        Of, course, as always, just my opinion, yours may differ.

      • LadyT says:

        Yes. If the best the pot stirrers can come up with is that she was interested in Diana and her life— they’ve got nothing. The whole world was interested. So what. Ridiculous book, sources and author.

      • Bella DuPont says:


        I think you’ve got it exactly. She obviously knew who he was, but I don’t believe she had an undue amount of interest in him.

        Besides, how do you feign this level of indifference? (Scroll to minute 1, or watch the whole thing for context, it’s only 2 mins long).

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Bella Dupont

        That was in 2015, and she clearly didn’t know or care when asked about the princes. Like it was a silly question.
        She’s a little older than I am and I learned more about her after her death and only recently began to pay closer attention. The obsessive Diana fans are usually older.

    • annabanana says:

      Yup I’m Megan’s age and was interested in princess Diana around that time. But it doesn’t mean I was planning on going after any of her sons. Making something out of nothing

      • SM says:

        I am exactly the same age as Meghan and I live much closer to UK than her and I do not give a crap about Royals nor did I love Diana as so many people here want to assume. But I know who Harry is and I even remember the day she died because everyone does. Do I think she fantasized herself being a Royal a Diana 2.0? I have no trouble believing it. However that does not mean that she exactly plotted how to get her self a Prince and everything to that point was just a social climbing project to get to the Prince. Because I would probably not choose a carrere of an actor if my end game was to get to the Buckingham palace. That is a stretch. Some things are just up to chance. If she really was so interested in Diana that may only mean that she will put an effort into a being an outstanding Royal. Which…more props to Meghan. Now. Judging from what her so called best friend says, she obviously also dreamed of being a Royal one day and now she feels burned.

    • homeslice says:

      I agree! I am 47 and I loved Diana growing up! Plus my Nana provided me with her hand me down Enquirers, Stars and People magazines so I had plenty of knowledge, tee hee!

    • AnnaKist says:

      Diana really was a global icon, and truly a one-off. I’m not at all surprised that MM was a huge fan. From small children to the elderly, Diana was loved by many. My younger sister and mother were absolutely obsessed with her, whereas my older sister and I were rather ambivalent. They gobbled up every scrap of information written, spoken or filmed about her. They’d pore over the magazines, taking in every detail of her clothing or what she’d been up to. Whenever we got together, they always found a way to bring Diana into the conversation. My older sister and I usually left them to it, and they could natter for hours about Diana. When she died, it was as if they’d lost a family member.

      My mother is no longer with us, but in my conversations with my younger sister over the years, she didn’t have a clue about William or Harry, until their engagements were announced, but still has nowhere near the interest she had in their mother. And Australia still has great affection for the British Royal Family. (Why, Charles and Camilla are here for the Commonwealth Games as we speak!) I’m not shocked that MM may not have known much about Harry as The Prince. Then again, she could be telling porkies. Who knows? Whatever. I wish them well.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      “Morton also reports that Markle’s pal Ninaki Priddy, who was maid of honor at her first wedding, said her friend “wants to be Princess Diana 2.0.”

      If this quote is true, it could put Meghan in a more ambitious and calculating light. I am just too skeptical to believe she is all sweetness. I hope she loves Harry as much as she projects. She IS an actress.

    • Fremtilda says:

      Yawn, is the press really trying to make it a negative or a crime that she knew about Diana’s life? Isn’t that a positive thing that a women (Diana)cherished and beloved by millions around the world is of interest and beloved by people from all facets of life , of all ethic backgrounds of all society levels?

      My seven year old niece LOVES Diana, she saw clips of the wedding of Diana, riding in the carriage , disembarking the carriage and walking up the aisle and she was besotted instantly and wanted me to tell her everything about her. She finally had me find you tube videos about Diana. My young niece adores the woman now. She squealed with delight, A Real Princess when she saw Diana in clips on her wedding day. Not one other Royal lady has even registered on a mental or emotional level with my niece. And that includes Kate. She has no idea who Kate is ,but she darn sure knows Diana. Diana was amazing.

  2. MostlyMegan says:

    I think what she meant is that she knew OF Harry (of course) but didn’t know much about him personally. The person who introduced Meghan and Harry obviously knew Harry as a person – and I think what she was saying is she didn’t know anything about the person behind the title (as I am sure most of us don’t – even though we think we do). I think it’s a famous person’s way of acknowledging the difference between a public and a private persona, and that she wanted to ensure that his private persona was one of genuine kindness. I think that’s okay.

    • Rhys says:

      While I didn’t get the impression that she was implying she didn’t know anything about Harry and his family, I’m sure she wants it to seem like she is more surprised at her good fortune than anyone. She is an ambitious woman and actress. Seems like a normal behavior to me.

    • PrincessK says:

      I really find it so peculiar that people are still intent on picking over that statement she made about not knowing who Harry was. Meghan thought that she was addressing an intelligent adult audience and not a bunch of simpletons who can only take things literally.

      Of course she knew WHO Harry was but like all of us she did not KNOW him. Any moderately bright person should understand what she meant. Did people really expect her to spell it out and say, “Well I was not going to make any judgements about his character based on what is found in the media”. That is what she meant. But did people really expect her say all that during the interview?

    • Anners says:

      I agree with you MostlyMegan – I think she knew of him, of course, but didn’t know who he really was. I mean, I was in Argentina the same time Prince William was and I had a few daydreams of running into and charming him…it helped while away some of the boring times. Didn’t mean that I knew anything about him or that I was trying to launch myself into his life somehow. I think Meghan is pretty genuine and I’m happy for them – they seem completely smitten with each other.

  3. Snazzy says:

    I read the title and said to myself “who wasn’t?”

  4. Rapunzel says:

    What was she supposed to say? “Yeah, I followed his mom’s life, and knew everything about him”?

    • Snazzy says:

      Lol valid point. She can’t win either way

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      I think she could of said “ of course I knew OF him, but didn’t know much about him personally”. Basically what everyone is attributing her words to have meant. I too think she went too hard on her “I didn’t know him” routine. It came off as fake to me, because of course she knew of him. A mutual friend set them up, so they had to be somewhat running in the same social circles. I just think she did it because she’s trying really hard to be liked by everyone. I see no shame in that really, so meh.

    • Milla says:

      How about the truth? Yes, we all knew the legend of Diana. No, she had no idea she will be marrying her son. Cos knowing of someone and knowing someone are very different things. It is really simple.

      I loved lady Diana. She was friends with Elton, George and Freddie. She went to help children with AIDS. She was gorgeous and wanted to do something more. She was an icon. She will remain an icon, you don’t have to love her, but her public persona was just beautiful. Fragile and kind.

  5. Beta says:

    But she never said she didn’t know anything about him. Not once. Even if we go ahead and say Ninaki (who is selling her out left and right) tells the truth, teenage Meghan would have been interested in Diana 20 years ago, when Harry was 13. So how exactly does that mean she knew a lot about HIM and lied about it? So she knew who his mother was and how she died. She probably saw his letter on her coffin. Doesn’t mean she stayed interested in the next 20 years.

  6. Honeybadger says:

    Several articles I read said she wanted to be Diana 2.0 because she admired Diana’s humanitarian side.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      And according to the press, so did Kate….ALL royal brides after Diana are going to be put out as wanting to emulate her. It sells pages. Hell, even poor Charlotte was, and IS, being called Diana 2.0! And the poor child is barely 3!

    • Merritt says:

      Around the time of Edward and Sophie’s wedding there were a lot of claims that Sophie was trying to be Diana 2.0. It didn’t help that at the time her hair was a similar style to Diana’s. Fortunately for Sophie, she has proven that she is her own person.

      • Citresse says:

        I never thought Sophie resembled Diana. Her hair cut was a bit similar but Sophie’s hair is much thinner. Her wedding day was nice at Windsor. I remember it well. Harry and MM’s public side of their wedding will be much like Sophie and Edward’s.

      • LAK says:

        That particular narrative was started by Diana herself.

      • Fremtilda says:

        I thought Sophie with her shorter hair in the late 90′s resembled Diana more than some of the Princesses the press claims to resemble her. Poor Sophie caught flack and was called a copycat from Diana to her friends and the press for having the short haircut, but Sophie’s friend Jill Dando and many women had the same haircut, but Sophie caught flack for it. Diana even made fun of Sophie’s clothes according to Judy Wade an old Royal reporter who covered Diana a lot in the 90′s, saying she had no money for the same wardrobe and Diana would look at photo of Sophie in magazines and called her K Mart(use the UK equivalent) K Mart Diana.

        That said, Diana’s humanitarian contributions to society and the royal family are amazing and I can’t fault any persons for wanting to emulate her on that aspect. Diana was an amazing woman.

    • Masamf says:

      @Honeybadger, and that’s the craziest thing Ive ever heard. Maybe Meghan wanted to be mother Theresa 2.0 or maybe Mahatma Ghandi 2.0 or whomever. People, and especially the British tabloids, and so hung up on this Diana woman like she is the second Christ!! She wasn’t all that and a bag of chips really. Yes, many people knew of Diana but not everyone everywhere in this entire world was as obsessed with her as the British media!! These guys need to give it a rest already!! I’m really getting sick and tired of the idolizing of Diana!! Everyone wants to be Diana 2.0, Sophia wanted to be Diana 2.0, Kate wanted to be Diana 2, Meghan wanted to be Diana 2, Jesus Christ on a bicycle!!! Morton wrote that Meghan was so obsessed with Diana that she wrote to the company that advertised “women everywhere are fighting grease” etc just to make her own mark on feminism!! Excuse me? This was a 11 year old girl at the time!! Like WTF?

    • lsb says:

      Honeybadger, A Ricciardo fan?

    • Addie says:

      If that’s the case – wanting to be a humanitarian due to Diana’s influence – then surely Meghan would have followed that path? But she didn’t.

      If driven by social causes to the extent being claimed, Meghan would have made moves to do so, however modest, well before the age of 30. There is a 20-year gap of such activity between the 11-year old writing to the dish wash company and the 30-year old at One Young World, the latter organized by her PR reps who also co-owned OYW and funneled their clients through it. The handful of engagements in social causes coincide with Kruger Cowne PR representation and their strategy to grow her career in a number of ways. No shame in that – many actors do much the same thing – but let’s not conflate that into Meghan’s life being driven by humanitarian concerns.

      The narrative now being pushed is the direct influence of Diana that has led Meghan and Harry to each other. I do think SoHo and Markus Anderson have played a huge part in providing a legitimate conduit in Meghan meeting such people, including royalty. She was also on the edges of royal circles when in the UK for something or other. Did she/Markus cultivate access to royalty? For sure. Did she know more about the RF than she let on? For sure. Did she actively plot to get Harry? No. But he fell hard and has form in being persistent when he wants something/someone so apart from being flattered, who wouldn’t give it a go to see where it might lead? Perhaps she fell hard after that, I don’t know. For the sake of her happiness, I really hope so. Entering into that wildly dysfunctional family would be a challenge, to say the least.

  7. Lucy says:

    Total non-issue for me.

  8. Girl_ninja says:

    She NEVER said she didn’t know him. She said she didn’t know mych about him. That’s different than shaking your head Mariah style “I don’t know her.”

  9. Lahdidahbaby says:

    I don’t get why Meghan is getting all the shade from Morton, the old hack. So what if she knew about Harry! So did I, and he’s not marrying me. (More’s the pity.)

    And yesterday it was for having sent back her wedding rings to Trevor! After all, LOTS of women actually KEEP their rings after a divorce…and doesn’t her having sent them back via postal mail suggest that possibly she didn’t want to see him face to face for some reason? I mean, it’s just as likely that she was the wronged party rather than he — or that there was NO wronged party. Had she heard that he was fooling around on her while she was away shooting an episode of Suits? Had they just grown apart and she did the honorable thing? I mean, seriously, bfd about the rings…and this Morton book is already pissing me off!

    • Lela says:

      I don’t get all the shade for Markle either. I will go ahead and say that I in no way believe the St. Markle narrative that a lot of the people commenting on here push BUT hell I can’t hate the girl. Was she calculating in her life and ambitious to elevate herself socially? Probably, you don’t go from briefcase girl to marrying a prince if you weren’t leveraging your connections, but again I can’t hate, my husband and I leveraged our connections to get to where we are so no shade whatsoever. She’s lucky because I do think she genuinely loves Harry and they are “I would love to see their sex tape” HOT together.
      This is why I don’t shade the Middletons either, they were social climbers and ambitious in their own right and meh, in the end their family and kids will never want for anything so I guess they did good in the end.
      Also, because I know people will attack, she didn’t abandon the dog, her ex kept him, there was just an overlap between her ending that relationship and starting up with Harry so the palace is trying to minimize any mention of him. Oh and the chef ex bears no ill will, he was offered a payment for a NDA and he signed the NDA and refused the money and said Meg is an incredible person and he wishes her the absolute best in her life, this just tells me the ex husband is clearly a fame hungry loser.

      • Royal Suitor says:

        Interesting…1st I’ve heard about an NDA for Corey. Sources? I guess Trevor didn’t sign in order to do his “fictionalized” TV pilot.

      • minx says:

        She’s likable and seems to be a good match for Harry. I’m not an MM stan, I don’t think she can do no wrong, but I think she should be given a chance and I’m looking forward to the wedding and their marriage.

    • Pivotal Badger says:

      He is an old hack and anything to sell a book.

      God, I hate that the long spears are out.

      She is accomplished, beautiful, smart and obviously loves him. What is not to like? She needs to buckle down and work to earn her keep. This institution is an anachronism, I would be at all surprised to see a republic once the Queen dies.

      • Fremtilda says:

        Thank goodness she has the “some” of the American press which will support her in counteracting the crap thrown out by the UK media.

        The U.K. Media objective eventually IMO is to play up the narrative Good Prince William, Bad Prince Harry and the women have to follow suit in that narrative, if the UK media has their way ,it will be Good Princess Kate , Bad Princess MM and the U.K. Media has to get that narrative going early.

        The goal is to FERGIE Meghan if they can. Which is why the DailyMail writes scathing articles about Meghan hugging people, doing the same thing Diana was applauded for in outings. When Kate knelt down and hugged a kid (rarely ) the Daily Mail was gushing, but when MM did it, they ripped her to shreds.
        The U.K. Media has an agenda.

        But the thing is Meghan has much of the US media supporting her and she is quite a articulate and Harry is protective of her, so it might be harder for the UK media to get negative traction to stick.
        The UK negative narrative was tried w Sophie for years, Sophie works hard, ignored much of it and she is a wonderful working Royal.

  10. Snap Happy says:

    Oh please. I’m from the same generation and was a History Major. I know more about the monarchy than most of my peers, but being an American I still don’t really grasp what it is like to live in a society with a monarchy.

  11. Bungler says:

    Ugh, so sick of these articles. She was interested in Diana. I’m a few years older, many girls my age were. However, apart from thinking Prince William was the more attractive of her kids, I wasn’t interested in their lives. She didn’t “lean into”a narrative that she was ignorant of Harry. She didn’t know him as an adult. She hadn’t kept track of his adult life. That’s what she said.

  12. Mimi says:

    It is amazing how much that one sentence has been used as some sort of smoking gun. She said she didn’t know much about him. It’s not like she said she was unaware of his existence.

    If someone wanted to set me up with Jaden Smith, I would say something similar. Obviously I know who he is and who he’s related to, but other than that I really don’t know a lot about him as a person.

  13. Citresse says:

    And yet MM also stated having grown up American, she had no real understanding of the British royals. I really hope Harry isn’t being taken for a ride. There are people in UK who believe he is a condemned man.

    • Mimi says:

      Can anyone who doesn’t live in a country with a monarch truly understand what it’s like? There’s nothing disingenuous about what she said. You can consume all the media you want related to the BRF; it’s not the same as becoming a part of the institution itself.

    • Beluga says:

      Condemned how? What on earth do they think she’s going to do?

    • Olenna says:

      So, what you’re saying is Harry is really stupid, and you have compassion for stupid people? Also, are you saying Meghan is really powerful, not just powerfully persuasive, and you don’t like powerful, persuasive people? Makes sense to you, right? Citresse, with all that concern maybe you should contact KP and let them know you think Harry is a dead man walking.

    • Krill says:

      Gee, I watched all of Grace Kelly movies. Does that mean I have “a real understanding” of Monacos monarchy? Asking on the off chance that I meet Albert and have to answer questions to a hostile public thats determined to imbue dark designs on every little thing.

      I followed Diana and the princes far closer than most and I STILL cant claim a “real understanding of the BRF”. Thats probably a full time job.

    • Sedano’s says:

      Yes, Citresse! She’s been planning this since childhood. The choice of majors in college, Deal or No Deal, marrying and divorcing someone, all steps to taking that poor dolt for a ride. One long con, always two steps ahead (like when Obama’s parents planted that fake birth announcement in a Honolulu newspaper, knowing that someday it would help him in his nefarious plot to dupe the American people)! You caught her! The gig is up!

    • Girl_ninja says:

      Condemned huh? Okayyyy.

      • Citresse says:

        MM was photographed as a teen with BP in background. MM’s mother is a worldly woman and educated her daughter well, both at home and formally.
        I find it difficult to believe MM growing up American (as her recorded excuse) had not much concept of the British royals. When Diana died, the American media went wild with the coverage, much more than most Commonwealth nations. Anyway, remember I’m not the one saying Harry is a condemned man. I wish Harry and Meghan well but I’m also concerned.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Citresse- gasp!! Shock!! Meghan was photographed in front of BP!!! The nerve of the woman, taking a photo in front of a famous building that’s one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions.

        Just stop.

      • Merritt says:


        I can’t even with that comment. Meghan never said she she didn’t know who the royals were. Diana had been dead nearly 20 years by the time Meghan and Harry met. You are implying that Meghan remembered all the little details being thrown at the public during the time of Diana’s death or that somehow she was keeping up with royals watching. Which is not something you have any way of knowing.

    • Argonaut says:

      CONDEMNED lol is meghan an executioner now? don’t be ridiculous

      • Citresse says:

        And remember what Harry said on engagement day; it was something to the effect of knowing he wanted to marry MM on the very first day they met. Harry has wanted to settle down for a while. I hope they’re a true love match. They’ve had time together but not a lot. I do wish them well especially knowing the royal goldfish bowl can’t be fun at times. And there will be times MM will remember her total freedom as a young actress trying to make it big.

    • Maria says:

      Citresse didn’t say it was her opinion. She simply repeated what she has heard or read from some U.K. sources. No need to jump all over her.

      • Olenna says:

        No one is ‘jumping’. I think you know exactly what people are challenging her on and it’s not like she hasn’t tried to imply he’s “condemned” and Meghan is a “concern” to Harry’s welfare before today. Why she hasn’t contacted KP (or gotten a response from them if she has) is puzzling since Meghan is perceived as being so dangerous by ‘some people’ and Citresse, by her own words, is so concerned with his well-being.

      • Citresse says:

        Old tyme Yea from the British Commonwealth country Canada for Maria!!! I also didn’t write about MM’s “act.” But anyway now I really may get into trouble ;-) …. MM was feeling desperate (since she escaped abuse from 1st marriage) for decent, very rich husband so she consulted her corrupt links via former PM Mulroney et al and got a blind date with Harry. Harry fell instantly in love because he is in love with being in love and so many others have ditched him. Harry wants children too. Desperate for them. MM knows this and she’s tired of Suits, wants to move on, doesn’t want to grow old and alone and childless: her biological clock is ticking etc….. so MM takes full advantage of Harry. And now here we are. Well, if MM and Harry are genuinely happy together no matter how they got there, then good. Very good!!!!!

      • Masamf says:

        Citresse, are you sure Harry was not FORCED to love MM or else? Ohh your plot thickens..LOL

    • Anastasia says:


      Geez. Concern Troll Alert.

    • eto says:

      To be fair she’s being introduced to the WHOLE extended royal family which is probably what she meant. I have a passing understanding of the main family here in the US but I’m still not sure who Beatrice is.

    • Dally says:

      Tabloid coverage of British royalty is vastly different between the US and the U.K., I’ve actually been really shocked a few times at the diffference (see “Straight outta Compton article”) Also, there are many Neanderthals that say any man getting married is basically ending his life, I don’t think that kind of thing merits more than an eye roll.

    • Masamf says:

      @Cetresse, well Harry is a 33 year old man whose apparently been around much more than Meghan has if we attempt to count the exes. So, he can well take good care of himself in that regard. Unfortunately for all cyber Harry wannabe brides, he didn’t want any of them, he wanted and chose Meghan and she him, so that’s that. And neither did he want any of his exes, he wants and proposed to Meghan. People are just gonna have to build a bridge and get over it. Life is too short to worry about and fight Harry’s battles when he could care less if any of us is alive or dead!! C’est la vie!!!.

  14. anika says:

    This quote from the interview is a bit much and actually pretty funny:

    I think for both of us, though, it was really refreshing because given that I didn’t know a lot about him, everything that I have learned about him, I learned through him as opposed to having grown up around different news stories or tabloids, whatever else. Anything I learned about him and his family was what he would share with me, and vice versa.

    • Ari says:

      I don’t see the issue in this. In fact is contradicts the main point of this post. She admits she knew him but didn’t know much and she did learned came from Harry himself. LOL. Bloop.

  15. TheOriginalMia says:

    I loved Diana. I have People magazines, books and her wedding doll. But if you’d asked me about the boys in the years leading up to William’s engagement, I’d have been at a loss to tell you anything of substance about them. She didn’t know the man he’d become. She knew the little boy walking solemnly behind his mother’s coffin.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ The OriginalMia

      My sister can barely tell the brothers apart and she’s in her 30’s like me and actually LIVES in Kensington, not too far away from the Palace. I very recently had to give her a crash course on the royals (talk about the blind leading the blind!) and bring her up to speed on Meghan + Harry and all the associated gossip. This is all despite the fact that my mother was a Diana fanatic.

      Point is, not everyone’s world revolves around this family, there are still pockets of humanity blissfully unaware of their every move.

  16. aquarius64 says:

    Another attempt to gin up a scandal (Meghan has been plotting for years to marry into the Royal Family) and to sell books. Does anyone know the tracking numbers for the pre sales on this book? Morton’s tome is competing with other books about Meghan. One is American Princess: the Love Story of Harry and Meghan, coming out two weeks after Morton’s book.

    • farmfresh says:

      It’s all a ploy by the “Midds” to tarnish her good name. They will stop at nothing!

  17. DiligentDiva says:

    Who cares? Every girl from the 90s loved her? Honestly all these stories are exhausting and guess what none of them will stop her from marrying Prince Harry

  18. HK9 says:

    So was everyone-most people loved her. She was also the most photographed woman in the world so it was kind of hard to ignore. That’s not news or remotely important.

  19. Beluga says:

    “…the then-teenager allegedly watched Diana’s publicized funeral with her friends and, according to Morton, was a member of a philosophy class at her high school that debated the “paradox” of Diana’s death. ”

    Practically everyone watched the funeral, even people with no interest in Diana or the Royals. Are her friends she watched with schemers too (as is the clear implication from Morton’s excerpts). And somehow I doubt she set the syllabus for a philosophy class.

    Morton’s plug for his own book aside, a friend’s dad once gave me The Fountainhead and lets just say that I don’t idolise Ayn Rand and leave it at that!

    I never got the impression from the interview that Meghan was saying that she had no idea who Harry was. Let’s not forget that Diana died over 20 years ago and her sons have had nowhere near the attention and coverage that she had. The closest either of them came was William’s wedding. While it’s likely that a teenage Meghan would have known who Diana was and known a bit about her work, it’s also likely that what Harry’s been up to in the 20 years since didn’t get reported much and she may not have known much about him at all other than the most basic facts.

    This campaign to paint Meghan as a ruthless harlot who plotted from a young age to lure Harry into her trap is incredibly creepy and insulting to both of them.

    • Olenna says:

      I wholeheartedly agree, especially with your last paragraph. And, Morton, with his piece of trash book and his own personal prejudices, knew he’d have an eager audience waiting to read anything negative about Meghan.

  20. Needlehole says:

    I know MM can do no wrong on this site, but this shows again that she is not what she seems. She lies. She uses people. She tosses people aside in order to get what she wants. This is not the behavior of a good person. Hide your head in the sand and make all the excuses you want, but she is not what she tries to appear to be. This marriage will not end well.

    • C. Remm says:

      You mean she is similar to Trump?

    • Olenna says:

      We’ve got about 45 days to go, CBrs…45 days.

    • Peg says:

      No we will wait until you take yours out of the sand.
      Meghan don’t need anyone to make excuses for her, she always worked to support herself, because she had to.
      Please tell us more about good people, not the ones hate people because of the Colour of their skin.

      • Nick2b says:

        She doesn’t need anyone to make excuses for her but a whole lot of people on this site did yesterday. Now she’s a victim and her ex, an abuser.

      • Veronica T says:

        @Nick2b, I will now only come here to watch the gymnastics the Meghan stans go through to excuse her every misstep. Yesterday was my last time teying to have a rational discussion with her worshippers: accusing her ex of abuse was despicable. But it is still mostly amusing to watch this in action.

      • Merritt says:


        You were accusing her of animal abuse, dropping everyone she knew, irresponsibly leaving Toronto, and other things. That was hardly an attempt at rational discussion.

      • Lela says:

        Veronica, I will say what I said upthread. I do not buy the St. Markle narrative that is pushed on here. I do think that she was calculating and leveraged her connections to move on up the social ladder, you don’t go from deal or no deal to marrying a prince if you are a naive little doe. HOWEVER I can’t hate her, in fact more power to her being a POC and landing where she is now! I don’t think she set out with intentions of marrying Prince Harry it’s just where here climb up the social ladder led her, she played the game and got a good prize. And I genuinely think she loves Harry, I don’t think she would be the type of woman who would settle fro some gross rich old man but she knew she wanted to marry up and she did.

      • Veronica T says:

        Ah, Merritt, there you go again. Making up stories about what I said. I never once said or implied she abused her dogs. I said she left him behind. Please link to what you claim I said, cause I didn’t say it ever. At least be honest here. We can look stuff up, you know..

        And Lela, I don’t disagree with your assessments. I’m just disgusted at the lengths people will go to to defend their dear friend, Meghan.

        Back to my popcorn. :)

      • Merritt says:

        Except you did just that with your statements about the unconfirmed story about one of the dogs breaking their legs. And then there was your other made up story. The exact quote you made : “Veronica says: April 3, 2018 at 10:59 am
        Meghan just cut and ran from her life in Toronto, even leaving one of her beloved dogs behind”

        That is false and you knew that when you wrote that statement. She did not cut and run. Both Meghan and her co-star Patrick Adams were ready to move on from Suits, both have the show the opportunity to wrap up their story line. That is the opposite of cutting and running.

    • MellyMel says:

      The delusion is real this morning lol.

    • Meggles says:

      Honestly this “hater or nan” narrative gets trotted out in literally every single fandom that involves an “attractive” male celeb marrying a woman.

      Every single time a male celeb dates or marries a less famous/relative unknown woman, a minority of his fandom instantly declares her public enemy number one. And these tropes always develop along identical lines: the scrutiny of photos, the allegedly dodgy background, the conspiracy theories, the fake BIs sent to CDAN. Look at the Sophie Hunter hate blogs, the Meghan Markle hate blogs, the Amelia Warner hate blogs, the whatever-her-name-is Louis from 1D’s babymomma hate blogs. (I could name at least a dozen other women at this point.) They are all word for word identical.

      A crucial part of the ‘sceptic’ narrative is declaring anyone who doesn’t share their obsessive hatred a “nan” who worships the particular woman. In reality very few people care that strongly one way or the other. Obviously Meghan is more high profile than most of those women but the average person and certainly the average Brit just sort of shrugs and goes “oh I like her hair” or “crap I have to drive past Windsor that day I hope traffic isn’t a nightmare. But obsessed stans can’t accept that. Their entire world revolves around X celeb, so it’s impossible for them to wrap their heads around the idea that most people simply don’t care. They have to sort everyone into the Hater or the Nan box, and if you’re not a Hater then by definition you’re a nan.

      But here’s the thing: most people are pretty freaked out by stans who obsessively hate complete strangers simply for marrying some guy Tumblr has a crush on, that doesn’t make them a “nan”. I’m freaked out by the Louis 1D babymomma hate, and I’ve never listened to a 1D song in my life. So whenever I see someone complaining about nans or Meghan worshippers (or Sophie worshippers, or Amelia worshippers) I raise my eyebrows, because 9 times out of 10 this ‘worship’ is people with only a passing interest going “dude chill.”

      • Nic919 says:

        This is spot on.

      • C. Remm says:

        I looked closer at the haters on twitter and nearly all of them are Trump supporters. I think it has also something to do with being a friend of the Obamas and so on ……

      • bonobochick says:


        Pajiba posted an article last week about the level of crazy that some stans get to with real life fanfic type stuff (IIRC, it was called Tinhatters) that was both fascinating and scary. Your post reminds me of points they touched on as well as some of the real life people being targeted by those type of “fans.”

      • SlightlyAnonny says:

        @Meggles. This post is brilliant and I could literally read 10,000 more words on it because you are dead on. I consider myself neutral to positive on Meghan (I love a good love story with a WPOC and I love a good wedding) but the depths and lunacy of the hatred for her has made me feel protective of her because the crazy is just so crazy and repetitive.*

        I wonder if there is a correlation between this and the straight women who love slash. How much of that is about genuinely enjoying some man-on-man loving versus not wanting to see the object of their fantasy involved with a woman who isn’t them.

        *It’s the repetition that gets me. One person saying Meghan is an alien in 5,000 posts and then in their 5,001 post its “there’s all this discussion of Meghan being an alien.” MFER THAT WAS YOU.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Exactly Meggles.
        I simply like Meghan and look forward to a nice bit of fluffy gossip. I end up defending her because of the loons. I can’t even say I am a fan because I don’t think about her unless I am on CB or read a passing article. I don’t snap up books or read pieces all over the internet.
        I do think it is their internet BF is taken. Harry likes Obama. She is biracial. Bizarrely they love Kate so see anything someone likes about Meghan connected to Kate. They are competitive between the two for some unknown reason. Because of this, they dream up outlandish tales; they think criticism of Kate comes from the same place as their negativity does. It is a strange type of conflation.
        It reminds me of the Brange triangle. Stans can’t see that most people like someone but aren’t invested either way. Sometimes someone likes someone better just because and it isn’t related to anything else.

        I don’t think anyone here has been loony about liking Meghan. The DM Tumblr people are the loons. As if someone can’t say nice things without a hidden agenda. It is just bizarre.

        Also, I wanted to point out for WOC this means something more than just a woman marrying a prince. In my women’s group a few WOC have said they never dared dream as little girls they would ever be princesses. That avenue was closed but to see Meghan marry such an eligible Prince from the premier royal family is special. Maybe attacks on her feel personal because they know the undertone. I can relate because I imagine if she were Jewish it would have a deeper meaning to me too.
        Lastly, I like seeing color barriers broken as we move toward a better world where people are accepted based on who they are, and their race, ethnicity, religion or sexuality is respected but not used to discriminate.

        Thank you for explaining it so well. You articulated it perfectly. We might need to whip it out now and then to explain the weird behavior or the jilted GFs.

    • bonobochick says:

      “I know MM can do no wrong on this site, ”

      Starting off with a straw-man argument to debate a point that isn’t true.

      • llamas says:

        Well, almost any time someone says something that isn’t positive about Meghan there are a lot of comments jumping down that person’s throat. It’s excessive and it’s just as bad as the tumblr people on the other side of the spectrum.

      • Veronica T says:

        @llamas, you are spot on! It is extreme, and has become almost a study on how people gang up on others to shut them up. I will no longer even respond to the stans’ attacks anymore, not after the things said yesterday about her ex. It was vile. I’m here now cause I find it interesting to see this in play- it is just like the Trump supporters, but on the other side.

      • passerby says:

        Veronica, I think….no… Veronica you lack self awareness. Just read ALL of your Meghan comments and soak it all in or ask an objective friend to read them.

    • Bitsy says:

      @needlehole a good person? You mean morally, like follows the golden rule? B/c the royals are known for their morals. Or ethically? Like plays by the rules and doesn’t maipulate or deceive? B/c royals are known for being soooo ethical. Or is it that unlike the royals, she only hangs with rich whites that are well-connected? How dare that social climber try to break into an unassuming grounded family that INVENTED the class system as we know it. What is good about the royals and bad about her that causes you to imagine a bad ending? If you’d said Leo/Virgo marriages don’t work I’d be allllll in but your reasoning isn’t reasonable. And,double dare you, to name one rich, famous, celeb who got to the top without manipulating and scheming. I’m waiting…………………………………………….


  21. IlsaLund says:

    It’s so laughable that these media organizations and so called authors are railing on about MM for being a “social climbing schemer who plotted her way into Harry’s heart.” AS IF, a woman of color would have the mindset to launch a campaign to marry a potential heir to the English throne. We don’t grow up fantasizing about marrying a European prince. The jealousy and pettiness of her “family and close friends” is incredible. There’s only one reason for the full on media assault at MM and all you have to do is look at her skin to know why.

    • C. Remm says:


    • kate says:

      People are racist as hell and there is also a weird “boyfriend” mentality around those princes that is frightening.

      • Beluga says:

        I think it’s worse around Harry, because William was associated with Kate for 10 years. Even when they were broken up, the press were still linking them. Harry’s been painted as more of a lonely perpetual bachelor, which for some fuels the fantasy.

        Not that I think many if any seriously thought that one day they’d meet and marry him, but I can sympathise to an extent. I was a young teenager when I found out that a celebrity that I thought was hot was married and I grumped for an hour! He wasn’t even a crush and he was 30 years older and I was a child, but still!

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Ilsalund:

      Apart from the *naked racism*, I think a huge part of the bile against this woman is driven by the crab mentality. A lot of these people can’t stand the idea that an *ordinary* person like them is worthy of rising to such an extra-ordinary position. So we have to watch all the other crabs climbing over one another to pull her back down into the cast, where they think she belongs.

      Her half-sister exhibits this the most clearly

    • Meggles says:

      Yes, especially given that this decades-long plot involved … moving to a completely different country on a different continent, pursuing a career that’s actively in the opposite direction (and is generally sort of frowned upon within Royal or upper class Brit circles) and marrying another man.

    • ann says:

      She is a social climber though.. just like the Midds are. I don’t believe she dreamed she was going to be marrying Harry.. but she was making all the right moves to be connected to a specific English upper-class circle. If it wasn’t for Harry, she would’ve landed another English man. Nothing wrong with pointing that out.

  22. Becks says:

    The implication that she idolized Diana and so set her sights on marrying either Harry or William 20 years ago is just…..bizarre. MM and I are the same age. I remember where I was when I heard Diana died. I remember her funeral. Hell my brother can tell you where he was.

    Anyway, I do think Meghan was a little strong with the “I didn’t know anything about the royals!” thing in the interview but I also don’t know what else she could have said. Had she said, “I really followed Diana in the 90s and wanted to be just like her,” people would have been creeped out, and had she said “I followed the royal family for years” people would have been creeped out.

    • kate says:

      Yet, this implication has been used again and again against Carole and Kate Middleton. According to some commenters here on Celebitchy, Kate wanted to be with William since she had been a teenager and attended St Andrews for the sole purpose of scheming and marrying him.
      Now, people are trying to create the same narrative with Harry and Meghan because apparently, men are weak creatures, unable to take decisions on their own.

      • Becks says:

        I partly agree, but I also think Kate feeds into the narrative with all the weird Diana cosplay.

      • Merritt says:


        People really stretch the Diana cosplay idea. It is silly at this point. Kate wears a floral dress and people point out a floral dress that Diana wore. But many women wear floral dresses, polka dotted dresses, houndstooth, etc. You could probably go through just about any woman’s closet and find something marginally similar to what Diana wore.

      • Becks says:

        @Merritt, again , partly agree. I do think it is a HUGE stretch sometimes – Diana wore a black and white outfit! Kate wore a black and white outfit!! She’s copying her!!!! – I mean – what? lol. But sometimes its a bit closer.

      • LizB says:

        I also notice this narrative is only applied to the non-royal women who are marrying princes… the men are never scrutinized/demonized to a such a degree.

      • kate says:

        @LizB, yes there is a lot of sexism en internalized misogyny at play as well. On Royaldish, one of the largest royal forums, almost all the women who married in royal families are lying, scheming sociopaths (Kate, Sofia of Sweden, Mary of Denmark, Mette-Marrit of Norway, Letizia of Spain) while they like or even love the men in the same positions (Daniel and Chris O’Neil in Sweden).
        RoyalDish is actually one of the only places where I don’t think Meghan’s skin color is that much of a driving force behind all the hate because they just HATE women. Each and everyone of them.

      • LAK says:

        In the case of Kate, there is circumstancial evidence. In the case of MM, it’s a fanfiction stretch.

  23. Lala says:

    Okay…now, the woman said that she didn’t know him…and she didn’t…she…like we…knew OF HIM! I KNOW there is NO WAY IN VALHALLA that she EVER thought she could land the “Prince”…Heck…I STILL look at what’s going on and think…WUT IN DAHEYLL…cause I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! And I’m 50 and was ENTHRALLED with the Royal Family (especially from a historical POV) to the point where my Mama let me stay home to see Diana & Charles’ wedding!

  24. alexandria says:

    How the heck are you supposed to say you did not know Princess Diana? That’s even more preposterous (think those who are buying this book may not know this word). No, not everybody loved her.

    I can see it now if Harry met me. I was obsessed with celebrity gossip and commented voraciously on royal posts, for at least 5 years before arranging to bump into him innocently. Particularly, I frequented Celebitchy daily to keep up and defend the Royals fervently, and of course my choice of poster name was inspired by royalty. Oh, all those nights of plotting to know his plane routes, and studying the schedule of the Invictus Games intensely, whilst following the instagram posts of his Invictus committee members. You should see the strategy charts and diagrams in my room. Oh and I also sneakily took a part time degree in International Relations to prepare for my royal life. Of course, I also watched Naomi’s movie about Diana at least 10 times. Oy, just give me the tiara.

    • Maria says:

      @Veronica, she was 11 at the time of Morton’s book, and at the time of Charles and Di’s separation. Honestly, I don’t think eleven year olds were interested.

  25. Sam says:

    An actress filming 12 hours a day,travels constantly,had a blog and an active social life sure was thinking about Harry.
    She never even denied not knowing about him,she said she didn’t know MUCH about him which isnt that hard to believe and yet people still found a way to twist that into something else.
    She had blogs and articles where shes talked about her inspirations and Diana never came up once in any of them but im sure all this is part of Meghans 20 year elaborate plan to marry Harry

  26. Peg says:

    After sending back the rings and getting divorced, instead of dating, she just sat her in her house and plotted, how to capture a Prince.
    Meghan must be the luckiest hustler, by gosh she set out to marry a Prince, with all the Stars align it’s going to happen on May 19.
    Poor Harry just sat there waiting to be captured, and in a break with tradition Buckingham Palace forgot to do a background check on Meghan.
    Priddy don’t to seem to have had any dreams of her own, besides moaning about Meghan, she must be going nuts to know Meghan got her wish.

    • Maria says:

      Actually while she plotted to get Harry, she embarked on a two-year relationship with a celebrity chef during which time she of course continued her plotting. Sure.

  27. Meghan NotMarkle says:

    I’m Meghan’s age and American and knew about Diana and was impacted by her life. But that didn’t equate to really having an interest in the rest of the family, so I find it perfectly reasonable that Meghan could say that she didn’t really know anything about Harry – and that’s all she said. I knew OF him but not on the kind of interest level that I do now. I always had an interest in royalty whenever they popped up, sure. Even still, in the age of the internet I didn’t become an avid royal watcher until a few years ago when I was gullible and bought the hogwash around Katie Keen. Meghan may well have not known anything about Harry outside of what your average American knew related to Diana. *shrug*

  28. Mira says:

    I’m not for or against Meghan; I don’t actually have any particular opinion of her. (Or of Kate for that matter.)

    However, I do have an opinion on and personal knowledge of what it was like to be a teenager in the 90s. While saying that everyone was interested in Diana in the 90s is a hyperbole – I’m sure there were many who weren’t – based on my own experience I would venture to say that she was one of the biggest celebrities/icons/choose-your-own-definition during that decade.

    I was a total tomboy. I was never interested in hairstyles or makeup or fashion, but even I was fascinated by her and even I followed her to some degree. Therefore I find it rather hilarious that anyone would find anything sinister in Meghan being interested in Diana in the 90s. To me it feels like either people want to see this in a negative light or they don’t understand what life was like back then.

    What I mean is, nowadays we have a seemingly interminable amount of celebrities. It feels like all you need to do is “leak” a sex tape and then post pictures of your plastic behind in social media and millions of people start following your every move. “Kids these days” don’t understand (and they have no way of doing so, to be fair) how different it was in the 90s. Compared to the current situation we used to have only a handful of big names and Diana was one of the biggest. That is why I think it’s funny how anyone can find it somehow ominous or suspicious that a teenager in the 90s was following Diana. A lot of us were, and the rest were at least aware of her unless they lived under a rock without a television, newspapers and magazines.

    • Ari says:

      Thank you. Though we know why people are doing mental gymnastics to twist it into some negative and to paint that she has been plotting to marry Harry since she was 16.

  29. Bethany F says:

    which is not at all uncommon for her age. plenty of teen girls in america were really into princess diana in those days. remember the princess diana beanie baby?! ultimate 90s girl possession.

    also that ex best friend of hers knows nothing about who meghan is now or her plans for her future, but that won’t stop anyone from believing what she says as gospel

  30. LizB says:

    This is a great, big, fat, juicy nothingburger.

    • Bumble says:

      Agree. Where is that interview where they ask her ‘William or Harry’ and she treats it like a joke? That’s not a plotter.

  31. Magdalene says:

    Unless you are an insider, do you really understand the inner workings of any establishment.

  32. Meggles says:

    Oh I don’t buy this. I was a teenager in the 90s too, except I actually grew up in London and saw Diana in person from time to time. Of course I knew all the tabloid stuff and I watched her funeral – everyone did, it was inescapable. But I don’t consider myself someone with a particular interest in her and until I discovered CB I had almost no awareness of Will and Harry.

  33. TheSageM says:

    No, she did not plot to marry Harry since she was a kid. However: this is a man used to women seeing him as a great catch, the most eligible prince in the world. He must have had women throwing themselves at him all his life. Of course Meghan knew who he was, but you can’t blame her for playing it cool to differentiate herself from all the other women Harry has met. It’s the oldest trick in the book. However, when interviewed, she shouldn’t have made such a point of pretending she didn’t know anything about him. It makes her look manipulative and like she’s got something to hide.

    • farmfresh says:

      She’s not like “other girls” though. She is special and different.


      “However, when interviewed, she shouldn’t have made such a point of pretending she didn’t know anything about him. It makes her look manipulative and like
      she’s got something to hide”

      Except that’s not what she said at all. The exact quote is right there in black and white. Let me help you out: ” I didn’t know much about him…”
      Look, I know conspiracies are fun but give common sense a try.

  34. Ari says:

    Meghan NEVER said she hadn’t heard of him. Do people even listen to what she says or just spew nonsense for clicks? What she said was “I didn’t know MUCH about him” which is an accurate statement. Hell many people don’t even know Harry’s real name is HENRY! Yet they want to act surprised that Meghan might not have have a royal watcher who knew all the ins and out of the him? People let’s use common sense.

  35. Amelie says:

    There is no way you can accuse Meghan of plotting to land Prince Harry like you can with Kate with William! It’s possible maybe she asked the mutual friend to set them up because I dunno, she thought it might be fun. If she is a social climber, okay. But there is no way she could have expected to end up as Prince Harry’s wife when she pursued a career in show business and got the Suits role and got to mingle with Canada’s “elite” (I use this word loosely). From Meghan’s old Instagram, it was actually pretty easy to pinpoint when that happened since she went on some great Eurotrip in the summer of 2016, there were so many pictures of her in London. I’m pretty sure that is when she was introduced to him. Harry isn’t known to spend great amounts of time in Canada as far as I know!

    As for being interested in Princess Diana–I was only 9 or 10 when she died and even I was interested and fascinated by her! Everyone was, whether you loved or hated her.

  36. Rapunzel says:

    I love how in all this speculation about evil Megan , everyone just assumes that Harry isn’t smart enough to watch out for himself. As if Harry is not aware that gold digging is a possibility with every woman he meets. If Meghan was bullshitting him I’m sure he would’ve detected it. The girl was on Suits, but she ain’t that good an actress.

    • Beluga says:

      Don’t be silly, Harry’s a poor helpless man ensnared by Meghan’s evil womanly wiles. You can’t expect him to have agency in who he marries when he’s had all those witchy she-devil spells put on him!

    • insertpunhere says:

      But don’t you see, Rapunzel? Being a terrible actress on Suits was all part of the nefarious plan to begin with. Truly, she’s an amazing actress; she just pretended to not be a good actress on her show so that when she “fell in love” with the prince, people would think she couldn’t act well enough to fake it. Cue the hand rubbing and the evil laugh…

      • Tonya says:

        Insertpunhere, your comment is everything!!! Thank you for the laugh!!!

      • insertpunhere says:

        Thank you!

        I have to admit to being more than a little peeved about all of the gossip surrounding Prince Harry. I’ve got a soft spot for him because we’re the same age, and I remember sitting with my mother and seeing him and his brother walk behind his own mother’s casket, and all I could think was how I didn’t know how they were holding it together. I never fantasized about marrying him, but after the heartbreak of losing his mother at a young age, I genuinely hope that he’s truly in love, and she’s truly in love, and they can just have a happy life.

    • Olive says:

      yep! all these people claiming to be looking out for him on his behalf are initializing this grown ass man by assuming he doesn’t know any better and needs random women on the internet to save him. get over yourselves.

      • kate says:

        They remind me of Cumberbatch’s batshit crazy fans who are convinced he has been blackmailed into marrying the Comet because she kidnapped his niece or something equally insane.

      • Lady D says:

        And here I didn’t think anything would top the psycho’s at the “Rob and Kristen are secretly married with children” Twilight web sites. Coming up with a family kidnapping however, is a first for me. I’m sitting here laughing and cringing at the same time over the kidnapping theory.

  37. Bettyrose says:

    IDK. I even found it hard to believe the Middletons seriously pursued William just because it’s such an extreme long shot to end up dating a prince. But yeah now I believe they played the long game. Not Meghan though. Too bizarre and unrealistic for an American, even one on a c-list cable show, to be like “I’m gonna be a princess! Hold my beer.”

    • LAK says:

      I think the Middletons didn’t set out to catch a prince initially.

      They set out to improve their social standing and in the process hooked a prince. And once he was hooked, they hang onto him tightly.

      • bettyrose says:

        LAK – tots! No doubt the Middletons were all “let’s pimp out our hot daughters” a la Mama Bennet & PMK, but chasing the future king? I feel like they would have been happy with any titled aristocrat, but held on for dear life when Kate grabbed the golden ring.

        As for Meghan, I don’t really care if she’s “ambitious” as the shady relatives suggest. There’s nothing wrong with ambition. If she and Harry found a connection through mutual interests in global causes, more power to them. I bet Meghan would’ve happily accepted high profile movie roles too, catapulting her to Angelina level fame, but it wasn’t in the cards and another avenue presented itself. Good for both of them.

      • ann says:

        Hang on a minute. That’s what Meghan did and I don’t see why its taken as a slight against her? She obviously wanted to improve her social standing (look at all her new friendships/connections which she gained in Toronto whilst she was on Suits) and it worked for her.

  38. Anastasia says:

    I guess I’m not seeing the issue here. Is she being accused of chasing after Harry? If so, who cares?

    I was OBSESSED with Diana.

    Oh AND, for the longest time, William was the hot one and Harry was the awkward ginger. :shrug::

    • Darla says:

      omg, NOBODY remembers this! Back in the day, when William had hair, he was the hot one. I still remember when my friend said to me “when did Harry become the hot one”? after she saw a recent picture of them both.

      I was obsessed with Diana too.

  39. Ladykeller says:

    I’m a few years older than Meghan, while I wasn’t obsessive about Diana I followed a lot of stories about her, watched her interviews, bought the magazines. It was pretty common for girls and women in the 90s to follow her. Yes I watched her funeral. After she had been gone a few years I basically forgot about her and went on with my life like most girls my age. Unless Meghan has stacks of magazines with Harry on the cover under her bed I really think it’s a non issue.

  40. Leyton says:

    Who didn’t know of Diana? When she died, I think just about everyone with a TV knew about it. it was all over the news and papers for WEEKS! following her death.

    With that being said, I don’t think Meghan in a million years thought she would end up marrying into a Royal family mush less the British one and to Prince Harry at that. Meghan has been pretty open about who she admires and though I don’t doubt she admired Diana in High School and wrote something on her, I don’t think that carried into adulthood much. She never once mentioned her. She has quoted her mother NUMEROUS of times as her biggest inspiration. People should really stop erasing that.

    I feel like this narrative around Meghan is so jaded. They want us to believe she is a gold digger but she took no alimony from her husband and dated moderately wealthy guys and it doesn’t look like they gave her money or bought her fancy things (that she didn’t buy herself). We are supposed to believe she drops everyone she can’t use but outside of a handle full of sell outs , she’s still close to a lot of old friends and a few family members.

    I doubt Meghan is a Saint but the need to make a villain out of her has less to do with who you actually believe she is and more with who you need her to be. The older, biracial American vixen coming in and getting married to Diana’s little perfect Ginger is unacceptable and they need to believe she schemed, plotted, and will use him instead of believing that she’s just a woman who feel in love with a Prince. If it was any other woman, it would be a fairy-tale but a half-black girl from LA? Impossible, apparently.

    • bettyrose says:

      IKR? I followed Diana too, but honestly I don’t know that much about Harry other than what I read on this site. If Harry and I ended up on a date together, I really wouldn’t have known anything about his taste in books/movies/music . . .whatever you discuss on a first date, so claiming in an interview that I didn’t know much about him would’ve been completely honest.

  41. Skylark says:

    I’m not sure how much more of this moronically inane ‘revelation’ rubbish I can stomach. Even allowing for the inevitable opportunism and cashing-in that was always going to accompany Meghan once she hitched her wagon to Harry, the levels that it’s descended to are truly infantile.

    The wedding can’t come soon enough.

    • homeslice says:

      It will be worse after the wedding! Imagine when she gets pregnant!

    • Skylark says:

      I think it’ll ease up actually. After they’re married, the market for ‘scandal’ to do with Meghan’s past will have diminished. Sure, there’ll still be interest but I think the focus will be far more on her married life (ie. the causes she takes on, babies etc) rather than her pre-Harry ‘plotting and scheming’ life.

  42. SV says:

    What I find interesting is that if Meghan had this interest in Diana why haven’t the press that have dug through every interview and everything she wrote found even a single mention of Diana in Meghan’s adult life? A life where she regularly talked and wrote about inspiring women. The only reference to the Royal family anyone has found from Meghan herself is the interview where she was asked if she preferred William or Harry, and she had to be told by the interviewer which to pick because Meghan didn’t give a crap.

    • Skylark says:

      Ah yeah but that’s cos she was plotting and scheming her entire life! It was all a ‘Harry who?’ act right from the cradle. My source said her very first word was princess, followed shortly by Harry, (even though he had yet to be born), and that she owns a secret lock-up in which every detail of the BRF is held in bulging colour-coded files. ‘Red’ for Harry.

    • ann says:

      Her best friend since college sent her book to the Duchess of Cambridge and was thrilled when she received a reply. Lol, there was an interest in Royalty from her side.

  43. Maria says:

    Even though she was a teenager at the time, and pretty well everyone watched the funeral, it doesn’t mean that she herself was that interested.

  44. Veronica says:

    I mean, who wasn’t? Their divorce and her death were pretty big talking points in the 90s. I wasn’t personally invested in the crown, but I had a passing knowledge of them just because it was all over media back then. It started a pretty big conversation about media access and privacy. Oh, if we only knew what was to come.

    • Maria says:

      @Veronica, she was 11 at the time of Morton’s book, and at the time of Charles and Di’s separation. Honestly, I don’t think eleven year olds were interested.

      • Veronica S. says:

        I agree the part about her receiving Morton’s book is pretty fishy, but her being interested in Diana to some extent, not as much. I’m only a few years younger than her, and I have fairly distinct memories of Diana’s celebrity, especially after her death. Her association is what really brought the royal family into the American public consciousness more than it had in previous decades. I suspect they are WAY overestimating her investment, though. She probably just found it interesting the same way most of us did because of the bizarre circumstances.

  45. Izzy says:

    Being a fan of Diana is NOT the same thing as knowing a lot about the RF – I imagine she’s learned quite a bit that the rest of us – particularly bitter pill exes and ex-friends – don’t know. Given the sources of this information, I’m calling BS.

    • farmfresh says:

      Of course it is BS. We all know that Meghan isn’t like that. But THEY will never accept it. They refuse to acknowledge her wonderful qualities. Maybe not quite a saint but she deserves a benediction.

  46. Val says:

    I don’t know her or the sources claiming things about her. But watching interviews, there’s something about her that seems.. forced. Not even the ones after Harry, but even before that. Almost like she studies the way she wants to be seen and puts that across. Maybe we all do that to different extents. But the way she was waving during the engagement shoot, and her saying she didn’t know about the royals.. I don’t know. I think she’s being misleading. That’s my opinion anyway.
    Also, Harry’s light was definitely on when he met her 😋

    • Dally says:

      14 year old me might have agreed with you, but in hindsight I’m pretty sure that’s just how she is. I think she is someone who is very aware of her audience and how she is coming across, not in any disingenuous way, but in the same way that some people are always aware of the room decor or what everyone’s wearing or what food is being served. I just watched a little kids stage production and it was fascinating to see the kids who had real stage presence, and were focused on what they were outwardly projecting, in contrast to the ones who were in their own heads and clearly nervous. Even in person she has that sort of stage presence, and sense of being “on”, when I think it’s really just sort of a natural reflex for her.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I mean….modern royalty is performance and aesthetics to a large extent. Harry said as much a few years back. She’s going to be in the spotlight and has to be very careful how she carries herself in front of the tax paying public – perhaps even moreso as a woman with non-white heritage. It may take her a bit before she’s able to emulate that poised behavior seamlessly.

  47. Sage says:

    My interest in the BRF started with Diana.

    There’s nothing sinister in Meghan admiring Diana. 🙄

  48. ladida says:

    It’s still suprising to me that she took that angle during the interview because it reflects poorly on the RF. Like, who? Never heard of them because I’m American. When Kate was briefed and trained to the nines for her engagement interview, she made a point of pointing out how accomplished the RF is and how much she admired Diana. I guess the firm doesn’t care as much because she’s not marrying the heir. I hope she shakes that place up.

  49. Andrea says:

    I am not sure why everyone is in a tizzy over this. Americans were obsessed with Diana, it really is quite simple.

  50. tealily says:

    That’s all a far cry from dreaming of joining the royal family and going hard in the pursuit of a prince. Jeez, her friends seem like real jerks.

  51. Ericka says:

    We need coverage on Queen Letizia’s / Queen Sofia’s tense exchange!!

    • LizB says:

      There was no “tense exchange,” just selective editing to create drama. If you watch the whole video, it’s pretty clear.

    • Olenna says:

      The clip from Lainey’s link looked a bit scandalous. To make matters worse, Marie-Chantal was even tweeting about it. BTW, did you know Letizia’s ex-husband has written a novel based on their relationship? Another tacky dude–maybe he’ll get MM’s ex-husband to adapt the script and produce it as a Lifetime movie.

    • LizLem says:

      @Ericka Yes! Just watched the clip. Looks like the daughter swatted away her grandmother’s hand TWICE from her shoulder while Queen Letizia stood in front of their photo op. I know they’ve had their beef for years but it was very apparent in that video!

    • PrincessK says:

      I think it was more to do with the little girl having a wobbly and the two women having different approaches to handling it. Anyway they are Spanish, and more expressive so I don’t think its too much of a big deal. But if something like that had happened while the Windsors were attending Church……Oh no!😬….the British public would turn it into a constitutional crisis. This is why Meghan needs to have her wits about her.

  52. LizLem says:

    Agreed, Kaiser. If you were a teen in the 90s, the fascination with Diana and the boys/Will was everywhere. I can remember getting a Prince William book with these fold out posters for Christmas…very much like the BOP Magazine but a full book. I don’t think Meghan, with being a full time actress with her own life, was eyeing Harry the way some are trying to paint this.

    • Sage says:

      It was reported, teenage Kate had a poster of Will on her wall. She denied it during the engagement interview and said it was the Levi’s guy…sure…lol. I think she was too embarrassed to admit to it. I mean, Will was advertised as a teen heartthrob when he had hair. A lot of young girls were gushing over him back then!

  53. Duchesschicana says:

    Supposedly so was Kate Middleton according to the press long time ago now they after Megan :P

  54. Maria says:

    I read that Kate initially was going to attend Edinburgh uni but switched to St Andrews when she found out William was going there.
    There was a lot of mud being thrown at Kate back then. She and Pippa were dubbed the “Wisteria sisters because of their ferocious ability to climb.” Kate was also referred to as “Willy’s undie-graduate girlfriend ” after she did that fashion show. So yeah.

  55. veroS says:

    Ok, I am an American who kept up somewhat with royal gossip, and I will say that until I started dating a British, I didn’t really know anything about the royal family. Like, how religion is tied to the royal family and the history. So I am sure she knew the more superficial stuff, like who makes up the main members, the big gossip like Charles and Camilla, and yeah, everyone knows who Princess Di was. But the history, the function in British government and the Anglican Church? I buy she didn’t know much about that. I give her the benefit of the doubt

  56. Liberty says:

    During the beginning of my career, I had contact with some celebrities on a one to one basis. I was assigned, I was giving detailed press packs, briefings and updates prior to working with them even from their team people, and I will tell you that even with all that, not one of them in real life was much like or intrinsically like, shall I say, their polished news packet or public profile.

    They were real people, with real concerns and feelings, and I quickly learned that no matter how well briefed I was by my firm, I really knew nothing until I dealt directly with someone — and that is likely what MM was implying as well, or aware of, by the time she met Harry.

    As with anyone else in life, you can speculate or guess, but you don’t know him, or his family, or world, until you one-on-one know them.

  57. Grace says:

    I don’t know why this should suggest something untoward. Many of us were interested in Diana’s life!