True Blood’s Stephen Moyer calls Robert Pattinson ‘the Diet Coke of vampires’


It looks like poor little Robert Pattinson got torn limb from limb by either A) An angry mob of Twihards pissed that he’s cheating on Bella with that Lost sk*nk or B) True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, who just called Pattz a “p-ssy” in next month’s Marie Claire. Actually, Pattz’s bloody photos are fake – I mean, the blood is fake, it’s all for the movie he’s doing, Remember Me.

True Blood’s blood-suckiest vampire Stephen Moyer is Marie Claire’s “2-Minute Date”, which is kind of a cute way to profile a celebrity. Moyer plays Bill Compton “the ruggedly handsome 173-year-old Southern vampire”. And when Moyer does call Pattz a p-ssy, I think he’s talking about the character of Edward, not really Pattz. Well… I don’t know. It could be either/or. Here are the best little snippets of the Marie Claire piece:

Bill’s very gentlemanly, asking ‘May I visit with you at your home?’ It’s a sentimental, old-world kind of courting,” explains Moyer.

[However]… all that gallant wooing is underscored by a twisted sexuality.

“It’s about being courted by somebody who could rip your arteries out,” Moyer says.

On kissing on-and-off screen love Anna Paquin: “I keep my mouth open and let her probe around the sharpness of the [fangs]… which is quite erotic.”

As for the competition, Twilight’s toothsome Robert Pattinson, Moyer simply says: “He’s a p-ssy! He’s the slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires.”


Oh no, Vampire Throwdown! I would love to see Moyer (who I think is hot) throw down with Pattz (who I think is lovely, but rarely sexy). Pattz does seem sort of p-ssy-esque, but you what? Not every guy has to be some ultra-macho dude. And I definitely don’t like the way Moyer disrespected my Diet Coke. What does that make Moyer? The “Coke Classic” of vampires? Puh-lease.

Here’s bloody Robert Pattinson on the set of his latest film “Remember Me” in New York yesterday. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.

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  1. Sauronsarmy says:

    Thats really mature of him.

  2. wow says:

    Please! Lestat would have owned both their a$$es. Boy do I miss Anne Rice’s vampires. :-(

  3. “My fictional character can beat up your fictional character AND steal a line from Austin Powers!”

    You’re like the diet coke of evil – just one calorie! Not evil enough.

  4. Beth says:

    Um…who the f*** is this guy? What’s he on HBO? Edward Cullen may not have fangs, but he could read this guy’s mind in a fight and rip him to shreds just like Victoria. So there. I’m outed as a Twitard, and I don’t care.

  5. gblinda says:

    True Blood is one of the best adaptations of vampires around, behind interview with the vampire and vampire lestat. Twilight is just so “tweeny” and sweet.

  6. Beth says:

    @GBLinda: Twilight is sweet, but even though I’m 28, I don’t like really gory, dark stuff, so the “tweeny” stuff works for me, and I know other grown-ups who like it, too.

  7. Wench. says:

    Rob.. is he British – hooray if he is – could never win. His big break was a shit film for teengers. He’s known, but he can never escape puberty.

  8. dg says:

    These days everyone drops Robert’s name in order to get attention. This guy is obviously envious and wants to be noticed and what’s the better way to achieve that than by dissing the guy who’s the most popular at the moment.

  9. meow says:

    They are both twits. Moyer’s girlfriend on the show and off, Anna Paquin, is the worst actress. I cringe when her scenes come on. Luckily, she seems to have fewer this season. (yes I know she has won awards, she did not deserve them imo). She is also very unattractive (the lips of the joker with spongebob’s teeth) which could be overlooked if she could act.

  10. ashleylk says:

    I didn’t know Moyer & Paquin dated. That makes me happy…bc I’m a dork. Whatever. I love both series but if I had to pick my vamp I’d pick Bill. I’m a GIANT Twilight fan but Bill is so…manly. Edward is more not manly? That’s not a good description but I’m sure you get what I’m saying.

  11. jojo says:

    UGH!! Get your facts straight please.

    He is giving this quote about Edward Cullen, the CHARACTER PLAYED BY Robert Pattison, not the actor.

    He is comparing the vampire character that HE plays with the vampire character in True Blood.

    Stop trying to create a feud where there isn’t one!!

  12. Celebitchy says:

    “I definitely don’t like the way Moyer disrespected my Diet Coke” LOL!

  13. Annie says:

    Here’s the thing about True Blood. True Blood is for adults, Twilight is more…tween-esque.

    I mean, to be fair, in Twilight you’re not

    If you’ve never watched True Blood and you want to, DO NOT READ BELOW THIS. SPOILER!

    …Screwing on the floor of a cemetery because you thought he had died. And pretty much sex sex and more sex. And sexual biting and biting while having sex. So clearly the target demographic for True Blood is not the same as that of Twilight “Never ending love and it tingles to kiss” type stuff. True Blood is raw, raunchy and completely different. Can’t even be compared.

    On that note. Stephen Moyer is really hot in that bizarre, rugged, manly way. And the accent is killer.

  14. Texas Gal says:

    Stephen Moyer can saywhatever he likes… he is soo delicious!

  15. I Choose Me says:

    I’m both an Edward fan and a Bill fan. Actually I’m just a great big vampire ho.

    Hmmm, who would win a Twilight/Tru Blood vampire throwdown. Tough call.

    The Tru Blood vamps don’t have regular brainwaves so Edward may not be able to read Bill’s mind, just like Sookie can’t. Then again, Edward’s twice as fast as Bill and his skin’s a lot harder so Bill’d have a tough time ripping him apart. It depends on just how strong Bill is. Also, Edward can go out in the sun and Bill can’t. Or maybe the winner should be chosen on sexy/cool points alone, in which case SPIKE of BTVS fame wins hands down.

    (And no, I have no life, why do you ask?):’)

  16. Jeane says:

    YES Annie SO true!

    Twilight gave me the female equivalent of blue balls. Reading the books I was like JEEZ when are they gonna get it on?? It’s what kept me reading. What a dissapointment…

    If you’ve never read Breaking Dawn and you want to (though, seriously, why would you want to), DO NOT READ BELOW THIS. SPOILER!

    …Meyer completely skips the sex scene!! One moment they are holding hands at the beach or something, next thing Bella wakes up covered in bruises… (you know, from having sex with a superstrong vampire)… which is kinda hot but then Edward gets all “Oohh noo I have hurt you my sweet delicate flower how shall I ever face myself again..” Bah!

    I mean the whole point of having a superhot vampire boyfriend is having superhot crazy dirty biting sex… RIGHT?? Or am I just a pervert..

  17. Jeane says:

    And, Choose Me, I am with you on the Spike thing!
    (And also on the not having a life thing…)

  18. Annie says:

    Rofl Jeane!

    I KNOW!! I’m not a big fan of the raunchy sex scenes in True Blood, I admit to turning my head away but COME ON.

    SPOILER FOR BREAKING DAWN and TRUE BLOOD. And also, if you’ve never seen True Blood but want an idea of what it’s like, seriously, just look up a video of the opener credits part. It’s a pretty good indicator of the type of darkness and sexuality that this show deals with.


    You’ve got to be KIDDING me with that sex shit, I was like “She just gets black and blue? WTF? That better have been the best orgasm of her life.” And WTF? Waking up with feathers everywhere? That shit happens to REGULAR people too (It’s super messy and really not worth it when you’ve gotta pick that shit up…trust me). Not just superstrong crazed vampires with a super libido. I mean. It’s like soft-baby-vampire love scenes. It really was just a lame plot addition, but obviously necessary so that she could get all knocked up.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Twilight well enough and I understand that the target audience is younger but True Blood….well, there’s nothing soft about it. He just like does her right into the ground, it’s kind of gross and really…if you think about all the dirt from his (manhood) because he was buried going into her business as they’re just screwing relentlessly ON THE CEMETERY FLOOR WITH NO BLANKETS OR ANYTHING, it’s just all so very bizarre.

  19. chartreuseoak says:

    Anyone who’s read the original books knows that Bill’s a jerk. :P and a real douchebag on the level of John Mayer concerning Jennifer Aniston.

  20. Because I Say So says:

    Never read the True Blood books (and don’t intend to read Twilight EVER), Bill Compton wins hands down. When he says “Sookie” I get chills. Big hot plate of steaming yum!

  21. GaGa says:

    I love the TV show true blood, but I think it quite mean of him to call Robert Pattinson a pussy. Twilight is geared for an entirely differnt audience than HBO’s True Blood. It would be highly inappropriate to have Edward Cullen and Bella doing softcore scenes in a movie that is seen by millions of tweens. But for HBO it is fine.
    On a side note – I HATE Moyer and Paquin as a real life couple. It ruins the fantasy of Vampire Bill (who does to turn to be a dick in the books). Eric Northman all the way!!

  22. Dingles says:

    I’ve read all the Twilight books (granted I threw Breaking Dawn against the wall after the infuriatingly sexless sex scene) and this guy is right- Edward is a giant pussy. Edward is what every 13-year-old imagined her favorite Backstreet Boy to be. Edward loves khaki pants.

    I’m not sure what my point is, but that picture of Rob covered in fake blood is making me feel tingly in all the right ways.

  23. Eden says:

    I’ve watched True Blood and Stephen Moyer is NOT an attractive vampire AT ALL! He looks like an old crack addict. Robert is HOT!

    Just my opinion.

  24. Jess says:

    Stephen Moyer is wierd and old.

  25. Eileen Yover says:

    Don’t get too worked up people. You know he was asked about Edward specifically and he proabaly was just kidding around. I don’t know many guys cutting down other men by comparing them to SlimFast. Personally I enjoy them both on different levels. Both hot-both in great movie/tv series.

    To I Choose Me: Me thinks you’d like to be the ringmaster of said confrontation, and if so, can I be the sign girl???

  26. Jenna says:

    I am addicted to True Blood. I just love it. Only thing I hate: Not EVERYONE in the South sounds like that. I’m just thinking in my mind ‘Good… god’.

    But if we’re going to chose some vampires, Angelus all the way! None of that broody, soulness Angel. Give me that big evil forehead any day!

  27. Ursula says:

    I am too old to love Patz but I so. I wouldn’t accost him tho!

  28. H says:

    @ Jenna Angelus is my #1 too. He was just so gleefully and unrepentantly evil.

  29. 88Modesty88 says:

    Jenna, you’re talking my kind of language! Angelus(t) rocks!

  30. 88Modesty88 says:

    Oh guys, unmod me?! I used a bad word, I guess…

  31. Nony says:

    I like Robert Pattinson okay in an indifferent sort of way, but Edward Cullen?

    I just saw footage of him for the first time ever
    Here: – Buffy Summers vs. Edward Cullen, absolutely hilarious)

    And I’m baffled. I thought I this character was supposed to be some kind of dreamboat sweep-you-off-your-feet guy? Because to me he just says lame things, looks lost, confused, emo and like he wants to throw up a lot, and sounds like they novocained his tongue. THIS is what the hype is about? Dude, WTF?

  32. Jude says:

    True Blood is an excellent show on HBO.
    I can’t wait for the next one every week now that it is back!
    Great acting! “Bill” Stephen is a great actor and good looking, sexy, etc.!!
    As for Old looking they have white pasty make up on all the vampires after all they are cold and dead!
    He looks good to me! I loved Twilight also but totally different and for teenagers really.
    And Stephen was referring to the Vamp in that as whimpy compared to the blood suckers in True blood…nothing personal!

  33. Victoria says:

    Ok, I about cheered when I read this. It’s about time someone had the balls to say something negative about that Twilight movie. I cannot believe I lost an hour and a half of my life to that nonsense. Vampires that sparkle in the sunlight like they’ve been covered in fairy dust? Ridiculous. Joking or not, tell it like it is, Stephen.

  34. Lisa says:

    Lets be honest, they BOTH suck! No pun intended. Give me Anne Rice any day!

  35. Afton says:

    I’ve seen an episode of True Blood, which seemed pretty true to the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I’ve read the first two and am not a big fan. The show is better than the books. Nothing about True Blood, Sookie Novels, etc compares in any way, shape, or form to Twilight or RPatz. Rob and Bella make the perfect love story. I watch movies and read books for a happy ending, not for the way my life actually happens. You can’t call us Twitards when we make up most of the population of women. I think Rob is the sexiest man I’ve ever laid my eyes on and we all know that is going to cause lots of hating on him.

  36. Christie Hansen says:

    I would have to vote for True Blood, I watched Twilight and the dude was right. It is like diet coke, where is the violence and blood? Is it not what Vampire culture is all about is the sensuality of the kill? I would have to say Twilight was a big disappointment when it comes to Vampire movies. It was to much of a love story for the teeny boppers who call themselves “Twitards”. Almost sounds like twitchy retards to me, maybe that’s what they are, or are they to young to know what good Vampire movies and shows are, and True Blood is a excellent show.

  37. Gwen says:

    I TOTALLY agree with those of you who think “Spike” from BTVS & Angel; is the coolest/hottest & sexiest Vampire… He put’s Tom Cruise’s LeStat to shame!! But if I had to choose; Bill is way hotter than Edward.
    I really wish they had given James Masters (Spike) his own show !!

  38. Donna says:

    OMG! I watched True blood. Then I read and saw Twilight with my 17 year old daughters and can I say….I like twilight better. I believe true blood is just a copy of twilight for cable TV. BTW, team Jacob all the way!

  39. Sue says:

    Bill all the way.

  40. Bella says:

    This means war…and true bloods will get pwoned! Im gonna b**** slap that son of a b****!! GOOOOO EDWARD!

  41. MARIA says:



  42. Ice says:

    Twilight and True Blood follow the same idea that whoever is the eldest is the strongest or holds authority. Bill was born in 1840 and turned into a vampire when he was around 30. Edward was born in 1901 and turned when he was 17….
    I love Bill and Edward for different reasons, but I think ‘The Black Dagger Brotherhood’ could take on both. (…and I’m talking about a single one of those vampires from the Brotherhood.)
    They are a “clan” of vampires that are more rough and “manly” with a bad-ass attitude than both Bill and Edward. (Explicit detail in these novels ;) …All the way around.) All I can say is HOT, HOT, HOT!

  43. Wendy says:

    Wow I’m a twitard, I like that name. As for who’s the best vampire, Frank Langella could whoop both of them although I’m Team Edward.

  44. slhughson says:

    I am a little too old for Edward, but I think that boy is fine, fine, fine! I don’t like Bill, he is such a dick both on screen and in literary fiction.(I read the books long before Tru Blood was introduced). I think Eric is a cutie and sexy as hell. He would kick both Edward and Bill’s butts. Bill can testify to that because that is indeed what eventually happens. Lestat will always be my main man and no one can ever really compare. Spike is the sexiest vampire ever! He should have gotten more credit for his character and his own spin-off. I think Spike could take both Edward and Bill down in a fight just for the hell of it. I think Eric would give Spike a run for his money or do something crazy like be in cohoots with him for some self involved dasterdly deed. Lestat would just kill everyone, turn up the radio, blast Sympathy for the Devil, drive away in that vintage Mustang, while laughing all the way!

  45. Jeremy says:

    Vampires that gleam in the sunlight and don’t have fangs. That’s not a vampire. True Blood is definitely 100% better than twilight ever dreamed of being. And what is this garbage about a somebody who is playing a character that is supposed to be 17 years old being the “sexiest man alive”. I’m only 25, but I always rememeber guys like mel gibson, george clooney, and brad pitt being talked about as the sexiest man alive, not some kid that plays 17 year olds. Oh, and if we want to talk about badass vampires, even though I love true blood, the 30 days of night vampires would destroy them all.

  46. Jack says:

    Haha, I despise Twilight, so I found this article rather entertaining.

    Lestat > Bill Compton > a whole list of other vampires > Edward

  47. Z-Unit says:

    True Blood sucks. Bill Compton = Crocodile Gump with that fake accent.

  48. dawn says:

    I liked Twilight. I don’t know even know who the H*** this Stephen Moyer is? People have different tastes so we are all going to like different things and have our own opinions.

  49. mama121511 says:

    All I can say is that MY libido has run hotter since seeing BILL and I didn’t have to drink his blood!

  50. Elizabeth says:

    Edward is SUPPOSED to be kinder. He wishes he wasn’t a vampire and he doesn’t kill people. So what?
    Sounds like this other guy is just trying to get publicity since twilight is the most popular of the 2 right now. (not everyone has HBO, but everyone can rent a DVD). A guy talking about HIS fictional character versus another FICTIONAL character. Newsworthy.

  51. JMS 2009 says:

    Are you kidding me? Twilight is for the tween set, not for adults. I read one of Stephanie Meyers books and although the writting was ok, it wasnt very bloody or horror like at all.
    Stephen King was right about 6 months back when he talked about Stephanie Meyers books, Charlaine Harris is a much better writer, but also for a different perspective read LA Banks series of Vampire based books.

  52. Cozy says:

    I love True Blood 1000x better then Twilight, but if you do want an awsome Vamp series Anne Rice all the way. The Twilight books are boring . I’m a bookworm and I could barely make myself finish the first one. Now the Sookie Stackhouse books are very entertaining and I hope the series gets back on track with the books. Jason being a member of the Fellowship of the Sun is just wrong. Other then Lestat, Eric Northman is the THE Vampire. I totally agree with slhughson and Jeremy.

  53. shey says:

    Someone at my job actually said that True Blood was like Twilight for adults…. After he said he only watched one episode of True Blood. Now im a fan of both, but they are not even geared for the same crowds. Twilight was clearly geared for teens. Treu Blood is a raunch fest, theres so much sex in that show that it rivals SNTC(Sex and the City). Even the two main vamps are complete opposites. Bill wanted to court Sookie, Edward tried to avoid Bella.

    As for the sex scene in breaking damn while i was a little dissapointed, i understood why the author did it that way. shes a religious woman first of all and she even had them tone down the kissing scene in Twilight because it was too steamy. so she wanted to keep it PG folks. Stop dwelling on the sex, we get enoug of it in everything else!

  54. Denise says:

    I`m not that big of a fan of Twilight, but I read the books and liked them, though I didn`t like the movie so much. I thought his effing name was a typo of Stephenie Meyer. =))

    Whoever you are Stephen, True Blood whatever, you`re just trying to make a name for yourself by saying that, whether or not you`re talking about Edward Cullen or Robert Pattinson here. YOU JUST WISH YOU WERE AS HOTT AND POPULAR AS HE IS. And I`m not even a supercrazed little teenage girl in love with him. Sheesh, you`re just from TV, you wish you were as big as them.

  55. Jayne says:

    Why can’t we all just get along? I’m a 47 year old woman and I love anything Vampire. Bill’s ok, but Edward could rock my world!

  56. Eddie says:

    If you like Twilight your either gay or 14 years old or both! That is the weakest movie ever made vampires dont twinkle period! True Blood on the other hand is legit it has all the makings of a great show and nobody twinkles! Twiteens get a life grow up and and stick to high school musical its way more your speed! True Blood ROCKS!

  57. Stacy says:

    OMG…why are we even talking about Steven or Robert??? What about Alexander??? :-)

  58. annabelle Noir says:

    Comparing True Blood, and Twilight is like comparing
    AB negative and O positive. One is rare and sought after, and the other is well, uh, common. I’ll take True Blood any night of the week. Twilight is definitely for tweens too insulin dependent for adults.

  59. annabelle Noir says:

    Hey Stacy!
    Alexander is the hottest vampire on the TV. That body, that voice! gotta love it!

  60. emma says:

    whatever robert pattinson is like the best if anything he is coke not Diet coke he is so much better then the other guy and way way way hotter!

  61. Kristin says:

    Lol! It’s funny because it’s true! Don’t get me wrong, Edward is super-dreamy and I do love me some Twilight but a vegetarian vampire would kind of be viewed as a p*ssy in the vampire community. It really is kind of unfair to compare the two because they are intended for VERY different audiences, but Bill is definitely the more tough/masculine of the two. It’s ok though cause Edward is hands down the more romantic of the two and what girl doesn’t need a little romance in her life?! I love the books and the movies/show – they are so entertaining and fun. Besides people, we are talking about FICTIONAL characters here….no need to get so upset! :) It’s all in good fun I’m sure!

  62. Sara says:

    Read Twilight about a year before it was ‘cool’, thought it was ok. Crazy fangirls have ruined that.

    I watch True Blood whenever I can, I think it is amazing. I need to read the books too, being the obsessive literary freak I am :D

    Beth, Sookie can read minds too, and Edward (I like Robert Pattinson, Just not a huge fan of the “Vamp” he portrays) would get his pansy behind kicked trying to defend her, the other vamps would exploit that.

    But above all, if someone REALLY is in need for some good vampire literature, ANNE RICE ALL THE WAY! Just started reading her stuff in September, and was easily addicted.

    (We’re doing Dracula for our fall show coming up at my school, it’s awesome :D )

  63. Amanda says:

    I am an adult and I have read the Twilight series and the first book of Sookie Stackhouse. I have never seen True Blood but am going to try to get a hold of the season 1 dvd this summer, wondering if I can rent it at blockbuster. From what I have read and seen I would choose Edward any day! I didn’t like Bill Compton at all! He was simply just a creeper. I thought about reading a few other Sookie Stackhouse books and giving it a chance but ehhh I don’t know. Its checked out at the library and I am not buying it!

  64. Malia says:

    I have read all the books and seen Twilight, Trueblood and Interview with the Vampire and they are all great but Twilight is for a younger croud but still great Trueblood is ok but Interview With A Vampire would stomp them both as far as Vampires go ha ha. But Robert has way more talent and sex appeal then the other vamps haha!!

  65. Garland Girl says:

    Hey Jeremy, did you hear the director of “30 Days of Night” is set to direct “Eclipse”? I was so excited about hearing that. If you read Eclipse (No spoiler alert), you know there IS a lot more violence (of course written gingerly by SM), and so I think it’s a great fit.

    As far as Bill vs Edward, I have been having this conversation since last fall when TrueBlood wrapped up and I read Twilight. There is really no comparison, as others said. Not ALL vampire stories are meant to compete.

    BTW- Team Edward! (and Team Eric- if it gets to that!!)

  66. Lola says:

    jajaja i love true blood but my fave is Eric omg!!!! now with the haircut wuuuuu! the twilght sega is good but to clean vampires are very sexual and thirsty jajaja
    my vampire is Dominic Purcell omg u remember him in blade trinity he play Drake wuuuuuu oh lord!!!!

  67. Kara says:

    If Robert Pattinson is the Diet Coke, Stephen Moyer is most certainly the Jack & Coke. Yum!

  68. Juli says:

    Twilight was OK but True Blood is sooo much better. I’ve read all the books and can’t wait for the next episode every week. I also agree about The Black Dagger Brotherhood (J. R. Ward). These are the best vampire books IMO. Right up there with Anne Rice. There is romance, sex, and still plenty of blood and violence. Those boys kick some ass.

    For all of you who love Bill’s accent, he’s actually British. So is the actor who plays Sookie’s brother Jason. I saw an interview with the cast of True Blood and it was cool to hear them both speaking with a British accent, maybe even sexier.

  69. Makemba says:

    Who cares? This is all a bunch of hype to keep people talking about both projects. It’s a phony, made up “controversy”, another cheap stunt to keep thier names in the press…agents and media do it all the time.

  70. mama121511 says:

    Totally agree Kara!!!

  71. Marsha says:

    Ahhh, Patz is a cute young man….but give me the horror of my favorite author’s “Salem’s Lot”. Stephen King wrote the scariest vampire story since Bram Stokers Dracula.
    Thou I am reading the twilight series now, hey, they are good stories…I still prefer vampires as horror icons.

  72. dILLON says:


  73. katie says:

    Edward would kick Bill’s butt, just like James’, but it would be a good fight between Edward and Eric.

    Fan of both series and do not care for Bill…

  74. love g says:

    that’s messed up Moyer would say that… of course ROB can’t act like the VAMPS on True Blood… it’s PG13!!!
    there’s limitations.

    ughh Stephen Moyer just turned me off…
    and to think i was giving TRUE BLOOD a chance…

  75. Heather says:

    I like both True Blood & Twilight… but Bill would win!!!! No doubt.

    Choose Me: I miss Spike!!!!!

  76. Amanda says:

    OMG, Bill over Edward anyday. I love the sex scenes it makes mine and my husbands sex a little more exciting sunday nights lol. Bill is hot, and sookie is cute i think, I don’t think they were after a model. Twilight is for my 12 year half sister who is totally obsessed with twilight and i am 31 yrs old.

  77. KATE says:


  78. Linda says:

    Edward and Bella have a love that most people dream of. Thats what makes twilight so popular

  79. Carlesme says:

    UGH!!! I’m on the side of Twilight!!! They are TRUE vampires!!! *maniacal laughter* Stupid *scowl* True Blood! UGH!!! *screams*

  80. Bella says:

    What a mean person. BTW Edward and Lestat BOTH ROCK!

  81. Christine says:

    I think True Blood is for adults and twilight is for teens. I read the Twilight books and thought they were really good, but trueblood is just HOT. Come on, Vampire Bill and even braindead Jason Stackhouse. I do agree with the Rice comment, Lestat would kick all their asses, LOL. How about if we could get Vampire Bill, Edward and Vampire Armond together, that would be great!!!!

  82. Jenna says:

    WOO! Angelus love all around! Forget the Sparkle and the Southern vampire! Come to Team Angelus (and Spike if you mus), we have leather pants and odd foreheads. >3

  83. Mama says:

    Robert Pattinson is my fine wine. Screw the diet coke crap. Edward Cullen is like the the most expensive champagne. I think mr. vampire man is jealous that every type of straight female would give just about anything for a night with Mr. Pattinson and not him. Robert is the hottest star right now and jeaousy really looks terrible on everyone. Don’t hate him, become his friend. That is sure to get him noticed since no one cares about him now.

  84. phyllis says:


  85. Jstbtrflyz says:

    Are you serious? ROFL! Stupid shi*. WOW, I’m with you, love Anne Rice and her vampires!

  86. Ivy says:

    Bill hands down!
    but if you are looking for a good Vampire read read the Kim Harrison books- Rachel Morgan is one hot butt kicking Witch who has a sexy vampire roommate and an even sexier vampire boyfriend… for a while-

  87. Sherry says:

    ‘True Blood’ and “Twilight’ are 2 completely different vampire genres. TB- adult Twlt- young adults. Come on. I am sure that Mr. Moyer’s comment had more to it than what has been quoted. I love the series and the movie.

  88. Margo says:

    Edward is hotter than Bill. Also, Edward was turned as a 17 yr old. Bill was already a man when he was turned so, it’s very different. Plus, if Edward had to, he could kick serious ass. And, he doesn’t treat Bella like dirt. Bill, meanwhile, ends up shacking up with the vamp that sired him and would have broken up with Sookie if Lorena hadn’t betrayed Bill. So Bill’s a twat. I’ll take the sparkly one any day.

  89. carol says:

    Ok it really boils down to one thing…MAN vs. boy. I mean seriously, the “Bill” character has much more charisma and pull than the “Edward” character, he is more oh so high school boyfriendish. He is vaguely “cute” but the “Bill” character has a certain level of raw sexuality that really pulls you in. Give me the real MAN anyday. That having been said, I have read and watched the Twilight books and movie as well as having seen the True Blood HBO show. Man vs. boy ladies!! enough said.

  90. Solas says:

    Edward actually shows the most strength of character, and therefore less on the ‘p’ scale, by resisting, by loving what is torturing and tempting him. Rob Pattinson captures the struggle and torment so well.

  91. Robert Haase says:

    I’ve never seen “True Blood” on HBO, but if from what I’ve heard, it’s a good show (don’t have HBO).

    Now “Twilight”…I wouldn’t even watch that movie…I don’t even consider it a vampire movie.

    My brother told me that when the characters in that movie stepped out into the sunlight, they started glittering or something crazy like that.

    Now, a vampire, like Dracula, is only weakened in that sunlight. However it’s been widely put out that they become crispy critters after the 1932 movie starring Bela Lugosi.

    I’m a fan of movie monsters and I could tell that by the previews alone, “Twilight” was going to be a disgrace to vampire movies/shows.

    The Underworld movies, Bram Stoker, and Anne Rice got it right when it came to vampires. Whoever came up with Twilight, just ruined monster movies.

  92. JustMija says:

    True Blood is a very good show, it’s basically more adult vampire show, the reason I say this is due to the fact, there are then vampires in True blood, That is all I’m saying cause if you ahven’t read the books or seen the first season of True and first two shows of season two then you will be lost.

    I’m a Twilight fan I love both the book Saga, movie, the movies yet to come. Twilight is more of a love story then anything, Yes the Twilight Saga is was supposely aimed for teens but it didn’t work like that there are grown woman with families, grand mother and Yes MEN that read the books & movie NO THEY ARE NOT ALL GAY

    Stephen Moyer needs to sit back and relax and not feel afraid of Robert. both vampire series are great…True Blood is more adult. Twilight was neevr made to be horror of monster film…It was made into a love story…

  93. Lynn says:

    I will have to agree with those saying that Twilight and True Blood are aimed at quite different audiences.

    I am something of a Twilight fan…but, and here’s the crux of the whole thing… Twilight is a portrayal of an ideal. Perfect boy yearning after the awkward new arrival…the teen dream. Squeeky clean romance and no real action untill you’re almost all the way through the book. More angst than an easily be found in any highschool.
    Generally..a fun if VERY light read.

    The Sookie Stakhouse books upon which True Blood is (Increasigly loosly) based on are much more complex, far less predictable, and generally aimed at a more mature audience. YES Vampire Bill turns out to have been something of a jerk (though a somewhat redeamable jerk…SOMEWHAT *nods*) but that’s only discovered somewhere in the sixth book.
    Romance is NEVER as smooth as it comes across in the Twilight books..never as perfect or completely forgiving…let alone as simple. (before you get on my case here…I realise that for Edward it’s a case of fighting the urge to feed…but even that quickly becomes a non challange…he just has to get “used to being around her?” To “aclimate”? hmmmm nope…too simple)

    Twilight – PG/PG13…teen crowd.
    True Blood (tv) R…though in some scenes it’s deffinaly verging on that X rating. -adults (especially if you’re not bothered by a lot of sex scenes)
    Sookie Stackhouse Books… A solid R for violence and a minimum of one sex scene per book. -adults

    As for angsting Vampires who wish they weren’t what they were? Anyone remember Forever Knight?

    Lynn (a Team Switzerland, Team Eric, N&N packer with Nunkie tendencies…who also happens to like Vachon)

  94. Steph says:

    Both vamp’s are p-ssy’s!! Eric (of trueblood) is the real hunk, DUH GUYS!

  95. Jaclyn says:

    Okay, well,
    I’m 13.
    But I LOVE both True Blood AND Twilight.

    Bill, is a ruggedly handsome southern gentleman, and Edward is slick and mysteriously perfect vampire (in myy opinionn…)
    But I don’t agree with what was said by Bill. I mean, its not PERSONALLY against Robert Pattinson. I think Its mostly just against Edward.

  96. G. says:

    Lestat would kick both Bill and Edward hands down. I’m so tired of sissy vamps(that would be Edward.)

    Oh, and btw, to those who think Edward is ‘romantic’: Is stalking considered romantic now? Hm, I considered it creepy.

  97. RebeccaD49 says:

    The most sexiest vampire around was Alex Olaughin, Mick St. James on MOONLIGHT. JOSEPH his friend wasn’t to bad either…. Beth was a stunner too…it was only on one season… and such a shame … Anne Rice’s characters are for mature audiences and Stephanie Meyers is for younger audiences…she has done for vampires what JK Rowling did for the magic world with Harry Potter.. get a grip folks… its for entertainment… and boy do we all like to be entertained….

  98. TRUBLÜDMARK says:


    This is really inrelevant…this whole discussion. True Blood is a vampire HBO Special that is more soap opera-esque for those Vampy marks. Twighlight is the Harry Potter version for the Fangy Freaks. Once you are able to tell the two apart…and recognize the difference, then you can see that there really isn’t any use comparing the two.

    Now…comparing Edward Cullen to Lestat or even Louie…then yeah, I can see the leg you’re standing on: both books (novels), both movies, both brooding, both hot, etc. That’s when Edward is a wussy. He can’t hold a candle to Lestat OR Louie.

    Now…Bill vs Angel…that’s a tough one. I mean True Blood is like the Skinamax of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And just cause Angel is so much hotter than Bill, I might have to say that Buffy and Angel were a hotter couple than Sookie and Bill.


    My two cents.

  99. TRUBLÜDMARK says:

    Why is a 13 yo watching soft, soft porn? WOW

  100. chloe says:

    Twilight and True Blood are definitely made for different audiences and different ratings. Can’t really put hot sex scenes in Twilight and keep it rated PG.

    But did Stephen Moyer really just call Robert Pattinson’s character a “pu$$y” while doing an interview for MARIE CLAIRE? Thought that to be funny!

  101. Katie says:

    I have read both twilight, and the true blood series, I may come from a diiferent time, but i like my vampires in a coffin and with fangs. I really like the true blood show, and the books. The Twilight series just plain sucked, and the movie was worse. The main actors were awful to watch. The chick just looked life she was stoned, and trying to catch flies with her mouth open, and the guy just looked pissed, seriously I was waiting for him to break his teeth. It was awful, I am so glad I didn’t waste money on that piece of crap. True blood is so much better, they may not be in a movie, but at least they know how to act.

  102. Johnny Quest says:

    RPattz hates Edward as much as anyone who realizes how bad Twilight is. He makes it obvious in his interviews and public appearances. The fact that he doesn’t care that people know how much he hates the role fully redeems him from the crime of playing it.

  103. ms.pattz says:

    First of all that guy is stupid and doesnt know what hes talking about. Edward is a MILLION times better than his old nasty character, and so much more of a man. Anyways no that douch bag is ugly and edwards HOT sorry but twilight all the way!!!

  104. Kim says:

    I agree that any of anne rices vamps would own these two. I love them both. Pattinson is supposed to be pussy. The other vamps in the book are not. That is the point vegetian vampire. Meet a girl whose blood makes him want to kill her. He has to fight that urge. So he has to be pussy.

  105. TRUBLÜDMARK says:

    Being hot doesn’t make for a good actor.

  106. Ashleyysmith says:

    Hello people, Twilight and Trueblood are completely different and meant to be. And Trueblood is not some little made for tv version of Twilight. The Sookie Stackhouse books were written first and for adults. And I agree with the comments about the accents. As someone who lives in Louisiana, I can attest to the fact that most people here do NOT sound like that. And for the record, I am a Sookie fan and a Twilight fan. But I would pick Edward over Bill any day since Bill turns into a jerk in the books. But if I really got to choose I would pick Eric all the way!!

  107. Kim says:

    I agree Lestat would have owned them both. With that said he is supposed to be a pussy. Thats kind of the point( i think anyway.) He meets this girl he wants to kill and he loves her at the same time. Vegetarian vampire living on animal blood not human.

  108. Mrs.cullen says:

    I think it is totally disrespectful to just come out and say something like that just cause rob made his fame off having talent doesnt mean you need to disrespect him cause he actually has talent and he is making a new movie called”remeber me” now everyone says he is cheating on kristen with his co-star emilie and the pics they have to prove it is actually from the movie so its all fake,how could anyone belive that this sweet,nice man could even begin to do that to the one he loves.And I also wish that people would leave twilight,edward,rob,and the twilight vampires alone and I think its better than most stories ” no offense to any one who thinks differently”.

  109. Kbones says:

    I can’t help but think the two characters would be friends if they met each other. Edward may be a sensitive pretty boy…but than again so is Bill. Bill is like an older version of Edward. Butttttttt I still think its funny what Moyer said in the interview. What an unnecessary insult to diet coke…he must be a pepsi guy.

  110. Rochie says:

    I think the only difference between the two is that Robert knows he’s not really a vampire. Time for a reality check Stephen!

  111. Deanna says:

    Sorry but I thing the HBO’S vamp is just a little jealous of the medai attention that Twilight is getting.

  112. kmuch says:

    You can’t judge “Twilight” by the movie! The books and the movie are so different; I walked out of the movie. But glad to hear someone say Edward is supposed to be nice… That is what the entire romantic drama book is all about. Wanting what you can’t have, Capulet’s and Montague’s. Not to say it is equal to Shakespeare but Twilight is great for people of any age looking for an epic love story. True blood is good to, in a completely different, all about vampires way. It is more for people who like sex and horror.

  113. cindi says:

    Please if you think Lestat could take Bill yeah right. Lestat got got knocked of by Loui and his daughter so if you really think any of those wimpy vamps could even compare to Bill Compton your wrong. Although Ann Rice has a very good imagination nothing compares tp the story line behind the series True Blood…

  114. Miranda says:

    Seriously . . . . I think that the Anne Rice vampires would kill both of them. Not the watered down version that Stuart Townsend plays, but the tom cruise (not a big fan of him, but he played the character well) playboy superpowerful version. In terms of maturity levels, it goes from Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Chronicles.

  115. Brandi says:

    Okay, I don’t think it’s cool that Stephan Moyer is making judgments. Of course Edward wouldn’t be the same as the vamp out of True Blood. Stephanie Meyer created him differently then other Vampires. And I think that’s cool. I love Twilight for many reasons but I like the fact that it’s not gory and raunchy. I don’t think he should be hating because they are both fictional characters. I completely agree with kmuch.

  116. John says:

    I agree with beth, in the fact that Edward and the Twilight are better and the fact is that it is more young adult orientated it has more popularity.

  117. Amber says:

    hahaha I love it! Stephen Moyer is so right, Bill Compton could kick Edward Cullen’s vampire a** all over Forks, Washington. Don’t get me wrong I love Twilight, but the Southern Vampire series is hot! For those of you who take this seriously, get a life. Jeez, he’s just joking around. Who gives a crap.

  118. Kwesi says:

    Face it plain and simple . Twilight (The movie , never read the books) f’ing sucks. I mean come on , vampires that glow in sunlight, the last battle, and what’s up with, not only in twilight, the werewolves. I mean human’s that transform into wolves, that sucks. The underworld werewolves were better. I could go on and on but face it , twilight sucks.

  119. amanda says:

    i like both twilight and true blood, but i’d still pick lestat over either of them!

  120. deika says:

    as much as i think pattingson is ugly and should NOT be playing edward, the dude playing compton is ugly as hell, he’s only got nice eyes, nice eyes can’t get you the popularity edwards got. if we’re arguing character wise, compton will never be better than edward unless his entire role is rewriten

  121. Swan says:

    I agree. I miss Anne Rice’s vampires, too! They would definitely beat the crap out of these supposed vampires!

  122. Adrienne says:

    Stephen Moyer has a fantastic sense of humor!
    He is too kind to say anything mean about anyone.
    I’m sure he was just kidding.
    Hello!!!!! It was a joke!

  123. bush sux says:

    guys seriously, they are both fictional characters get over it.

  124. Venbella says:

    When it comes to Vampires, it’s hard to choose. Bill Compton is great in True Blood, The Vamire Lestat in Queen of the Damned (Stuart Townsend) was hot as hell, plus he’s an awesome musician (all that wrapped in one-yum!) and then there’s Edward Cullen. He’s a cute guy that speaks and acts gentlemanly and I guess that’s his appeal but he seems “gentle”. I read Breaking Dawn and I was so pissed off about the so-called “sex scene”. Even teenagers have sex…so please! Everyone read the books just for that one reason and that cannot be denied. The description of the sex aftermath is no different from normal, hot, raunchy, crazy sex as a human. Meyers could’ve jazzed it a bit or is her sex life that boring? If wonder it was boring in the book.
    I will agree with the True Blood cemetary sex scene comment because I was thinking the same thing as I watched it (gross, dirt in the “areas”), yet the intensity of the scene is what was soooo hot and the point!

  125. kasie-sue says:

    twitard power!!!

  126. Mysticlady2006 says:

    Stephenie Meyer Can write her books the way she wants and the others can write tehir books they way they want there is no vampire rules that say all vampires can not come out in the sunlight! BTW im 47 watched Twilight with my 17 yr old daughters many many times they think Edward is hot and their momma has 2 agree he is very Hot!

  127. B. Richard says:

    True Blood is always hopping and interesting , all the inside jokes , and you are either laughing or biting your knuckles in suspense . I think bill compton is a more mature sexual vampire { character} and edward cullen is a teen angst vampire { character } ..true blood is based on the sookie novels and you have to wonder where stephanie mayers got her ideas , and True Blood Knows it , { anyone see the red apple on the bracelet of some of the characters lol !!! keeps you tuned in !

  128. Kaitlyn says:

    For all you idiotic Twilight fans I would just like to point out that the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (which is what the show True Blood is based off of) came first. And there are a lot of similarities between them that makes me think Stephenie Meyer ripped off the Sookie books to write (very poorly) her stupid Twilight books. Similarity #1: Both have a Vampire/Human love story. #2: Edward can read people’s minds and so can Sookie. #3: Both have werewolves (I know in Twilight that they actually turn out to be shapeshifters. Which brings me to #4.) #4: Both have shape shifters. #5: Both stories have a way for the vampires to exist without having to feed on humans. #6: Both stories have a sort of king vampire. #7: In both stories the heroine’s lives come in danger after being introduced to the vampire world.
    Ok, so that’s just seven I can name off the top of my head. Which those books wouldn’t exist without those seven things. And I’ve read both series and the Sookie books are so much better than the Twilight ones. And if you’re sick of the silly middle school like dry-humping that is the love story in Twilight, then you should read the Sookie books. Or if you’re sick of all the Twilight mania but want to read a book with vampires you should read the Sookie books. And I used to like the Twilight series (I read them before they were cool.) but the writing was terrible (I know mine isn’t much better.)And the movie was ridiculous, but True Blood is amazing.
    So back to the article. He was obviously talking about their characters. Both actors are British by the way. And they probably asked him what he thought about Edward.

  129. Amy says:

    Bill Compton is sexy and everything, such a better vampire than Edward Cullen(who is a bad Emo version). But Sam Merlotte, and Eric Northman are so much better(from the books not the movie/show) they could kick Edward’s butt anyday.

    On a different note, Stephen Moyer is prettier to look at than Robert Pattinson (what’s with his unibrow? I just can’t get passed it.).

  130. dorothygail says:

    They are both hot! What else matters??!!

  131. MEGANOHIO says:


  132. nanna lisa says:

    the books are so much more , than the show… the character sookie, is being played so wrong, you dont get the sarcasm that she has on the tube, as in the books… they are soooooo much better. as for Vamps.. Bill, and btw ALECTO, your comment about how their dialicts sound… that they don’t sound like you,,,, i live right on the border of tx and la,,, and i say … ” the hell they don’t” you should record yourself and then listen to it.. and you will see for yourself….!!!!

  133. donald Gayle says:

    Bill is a great V he acts very well. Hope he will continue to star on True Blood

  134. Quiet Tempest says:

    True Blood, hands down. I’ve read all the Sookie Stackhouse novels to date and couldn’t get through the first few chapters of Twilight. The HBO series is good even though it strays from the original storyline. The Twilight movie was just too gushy and tweeny for me. True Blood is, by far, the better choice and I don’t even get HBO. I have to download or watch episodes online. ;-)

  135. Gail says:

    Oh come on! Edward “sparkles” in the sunlight? Moyer’s character Bill wins this one hands down, although I am more partial to Eric(in the books more than the TV show. Alexander Skarsgard is hot though!). Robert Patterson was kinda cute in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, but with what they’ve done to him in “Twilight”, he just looks funky. I’m buying the Jinx T-shirt that says, “and then Buffy staked Edward…The End”. says it all don’t you think?

  136. lordsnue says:

    love trueblood but the vamps from lkh’s anita blake series would win hands down against any of these others. oh and by the way sookie can do a lot more than read minds, she is also telekinetic.

  137. Mandi says:

    Well…Patterson’s fictional charater is for the “YooHoo” crowd, whereas Moyer’s is for the NesQuick “happy Place” crowd. Honestly, I’m waiting for Johnny Depp as Barnabas to kick all their butts.

  138. eli says:

    I like both Twilight and True Blood. I have to admit, if he never name dropped like he did, the way he did, we wouldn’t be talking about his interview.

  139. Duh says:

    The only reason he’s working on “True Blood” is because Twilight brought vampires back into mainstream pop culture (I say back because they sort of went away after Anne Rice’s books. I mean no disrespect to her). So, whether he likes Edward or the other Twilight characters, he should probably not bite the hand that fed him his first meal.

  140. Vicky says:

    Look OK, i love twilight & true blood a lot im a big twilight saga fan and i love true blood a lot and cant come to which ones better…

  141. rach says:

    ok first thing i love twilight n i think that true blood is…. idk but u can go ahead call me a twitard but edward is way hotter!! ive watched twilight many times n never will change my mind go ahead fight wit me!! idc ill win though!!

  142. freckle says:

    Why is it so important to choose? We finally have some different takes on the age-old story line and that is unrequited love, then love, then break-ups, then make-ups, etc., etc., Each has their place and their audience. I agree with a previous writer who said that it would be totally inappropriate for Twilight to contain such steamy love scenes as in True Blood. In fact, sometimes last season there was so much sex in one True Blood episode, it got a little boring. It’s easy to do a gratuitous love scene, it’s harder to make a whole movie without one. I like both vamps and will continue to watch both and will make my final decision when all 4 Twilight movies are released. It must be nice to have something to take a young teenage daughter to these days.

  143. Pnut says:

    O like Robert doesn’t talk shit. I think it’s all fun game and up to Robert if he takes it like a pussy or not. I’m a True Blood fan so rock on Classic Coke Bill <3

  144. Caitlin says:

    Oh man. I love Stephen Moyer as Bill and “True Blood” but that’s just low. Who cares if he calls Edward the Diet Coke of vampires, he’s a fictional character and he’s (Stephen’s) pretty much right on that one anyways. But leave Rob alone, Rob’s already taken enough sh*t for that role, be it by critics or obsessed fans.

  145. danielle says:

    i’m a huge twilight fan and recently got into true blood, and i’d choose edward over bill any day .. he’s just so weird.. and even though most of the cast from twilight are still somewhat new to the whole stardom thing,atleast they can act(mostly)and are still better then anna paquin i can’t stand her as an actress i agree with “meow” who described her perfectly.

  146. KATHERINE says:

    Have anyone seen the show “True Blood”? I glimpsed at it two or three times. Still I can’t seem to like this show. It sucks. It is really bad. It is one of the worse Vampire shows I have ever seen. It is copycat of Twlight in my opinion. And oh, so sorry to say this but Stephen Moyer is no Edward Cullen and no Robert Pattinson. And how old is Stephen Moyer? He cannot be in his early twenties which I find pretty pathetic if he is putting down Robert Pattinson. We just have some haters and Stephen Moyer is one of them.

  147. Nancy W says:

    Heh-heh… they are both adorably cute with fangs. Honestly, can we really have too many vampires? I think not!

  148. KillerCupcake says:

    Edwards coolies…but bill would beat his a$$ any day lol

  149. Persephone says:

    Tell you what. Throw the Twilight, True Blood, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Anita Blake, Buffy, and Anne Rice boys in a room with me. I’ll be more than happy to sample them all and decide just who measures up.

    Mmm… An Eric/Jean Claude/Lestat sandwich. Oh, the combination possibilities! All of them together and you have more flavors than Baskin Robbins. ::drool::

  150. amy says:

    i read all the twilight books and loved them. it all depends on what kind of things you like to read/see. i like horrors mysteries and romances. so twilights is perfect in my own opinion. but i have to say that twilight is better than true blood anyday. ROB IS SOOOO HOT HOW CAN ANYONE PICK BILL OVER HIM??? plus rob is an awesome actor. looking for blood in twilight? what about the scence where james is attacking bella. and what about in new moon when bella meets the vultori?? i lov that part!! especially when she meets aro and jane tries to do her ‘talent’ on bella and edward takes the fall. romantic!!! so in my own opinion twilight is awesome and edward is hot hot hot

  151. Robin says:

    After reading the Twilight series, I can well understand the frustration that some people felt about the “leave it to your own imagination” sex-scene. Girls who are 11 years old also read these books. Venbella’s comment, “Even teenagers have sex…” may be true, but there is no reason to push it down the throat of a 6th-grader. Can we please allow our girls to retain some of their innocence, at least until they get into high school?

  152. angi says:

    I’m almost embarassed to admit that i’m addicted to both series in book and film. Might I suggest that those who think “Bill is best” read the Sookie Stackhouse novels before passing judgement? Bill turns out to be a really nasty individual who is “doing what he’s told”. Edward would never disrespect someone he loved by playing with her feelings. Looks to me like that’s what really matters. Personally, give me Edward anyday.

  153. Kim says:

    I have read all of the sookie books and loved them and while the show and the books are alike the people playing Bill and Sookie SUCK. I was going to buy season 1 until I watched it on ondamand. Glad I didn’t waste 40 bucks.

  154. amy says:

    well ya you have to imgagine your own sex scences!! to me its what makes the book more interesting, plus if SM didnt make it PG i never would have gotten the twilight books for my 10-year-old cousin

  155. Melissa Ann says:

    Fans of both, and I think its fucking funny that he said it. Everyone needs to grow the fuck up, its a joke as if any of them are REALLY vampires, ya morons.
    Lets stop taking things so seriously.

  156. Mar says:

    That’s being nice about it. Twilight is one of the worst pieces of garbage to ever seep into pop culture while parading as literature. Give me Bram Stoker any day. At least when his vampire was an obsessive, controlling, abusive stalker acting on some twisted form of “love” he didn’t try to glamorize it as if it were a wonderfully romantic thing to do.

  157. Sharon says:

    I wish I could have a “2 minute” date with Stephen Moyer! He’d beg for mercy.He’s definately not Edward Patterson. Stephen Moyer is a “man” and Edward is a boy. My 7 year old granddaughter loves Edward and Nanner (me) loves SM. I can’t believe he’s dating Anna Paquin in real life either. He deserves so much better. As for his accent as Bill on TB, he is right on. Come on, do you think Elvis faked his accent?

  158. amy says:

    well mar, it may seem like garbage to you, but the twilight sega is a #1 NY best seller and thousands of girls love it and hundreds of boys do. and like i said before it all depends on what kind of things you like to read/see

  159. Tori says:

    Well I will admit that I’ve never seen Trueblood,but I hear it’s really good. I will admit also that I have read the Twilight series (suffer through is more like it)…It’s not even cute. I feel that Robert Pattinson was the worst person to play the lead male role in the movie, he had no emotion at all. And basically if this other dude were to get physical and hit Pattinson; Robert’s such a wimp he would go right down and probably stay there (for fear of messing up his hairdo most likely). Now thats a media story…I guess Edward Cullen isn’t so tough after all :p

  160. amy says:

    twilight isnt supposed to be cute

  161. Leigh says:

    Ok here’s the thing, no one is ever going to find out who would win in a fight. In the true blood series Bill is a bad a**, but he is also a jerk. Anyone who had read the Sookie Stackhouse series knows he cheats on Sookie and the only reason he got with her to begin with was because the Queen of Louisiana sent him there. Edward is the much better all around guy. He adores Bella and he is faithful to her and his eyes are only for her. Plus Eric would kick both their butts. The thing is Stephen Moyer should know that people are going to take that comment the wrong way. That is what everyone always does, over analyze things, and that is the only reason this comment of Moyer’s has gotten blown up to this extent. I personally can’t stand Stephen Moyer but I do love the show. I can’t wait until Sookie gets with Eric and forgets all about that loser Bill.

  162. amy says:

    i totally agree with leigh. mostly

  163. Coral says:

    I just wanted to let you all know we’re just witnessing human behavior. I don’t know about you but to me it just screams low self esteem. Come on guys, lighten up, it’s all an act. =)

  164. amy says:

    well at least we know we’re human

  165. karen says:

    tru blood is the adult version of twilight

  166. amy says:

    karen is right. so if true blood is the adult version of twilight thier both good right??

  167. Sherie says:

    Definitely agree with everyone who says the TB books are better than the show. But I still enjoy the show and I cant wait for the scenes with her 2nd lover. That is definitely something u gotta change underwear for afterward reading. lol. But I have young family who like vamp stories and no way would I let them anywhere near TB. I think it was cool SM made something cleancut for the younger crowd. As for the comment, He was expressing an opinion over Bill and Edward(fiction) not himself and Rob, so it’s nothing to wad your panties about.

  168. Joelizabeth6 says:

    Who cares? They’re both terrible vampires who date annoying human dames, although, Sookie from the book series is actually likable. Anna Paquin. Yuck.

    Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard <3) is a deliciously vicious bast**d. In the book series and the TV series! The best kind of vampire.
    When he starts calling people pu**ies, perhaps then I’ll be more inclined to listen. And agree mindlessly. :’D

  169. txophelia says:

    Moyer called EDWARD CULLEN a p*ssy, NOT Pattinson! The media really knows how to turn this all around, don’t they?

    By the way: Bill Compton can kick Edward Cullen’s ass anyday! ;-)

  170. bethsheba says:

    You guys really need to read the Anita Blake vampire hunter novels. Now those are some scary, sexy vamps!
    Eric Northman would eat Edward and Bill!
    Bill is so not hot!
    Spike Forever!

  171. All you Twi-fags need to suck it up. Twilight is a terrible book and movie, Pattinson is disgusting(I think I recall him saying something along the lines of ‘I have no sense of personal hygiene’)Who wants a guy who stinks? At least Moyer showers. Over all, The Sookie Stackhouse series is written better than Twilight, The Vampires in True Blook/The Sookie Stackhouse series are closer to what vampires were meant to be like. Vampires don’t sparkle, sorry.

  172. Lovelyone says:

    Who cares! What is he trying to prove or what is he jealous about? A true Vampire fan will look at them all differently! I truly love Edward from Twilight, it is a different story and change from the are usual vampire stories! True blood honestly did not catch my attention where Stephanie Meyers books did. I am not a teenager, I started with the movie and read all four books in a month! In just about every girl, we all look for an Edward in a dream!

  173. Mediator says:

    OK… Twilight is for younger people whereas True Blood is definately an adult show…The Twilight Saga was written as a different option to the vampire-human relationship…. Stephen Moyer has no right to say anything about Robert Pattinson. His character is supposed to be a vampire who doesnt resort to killing humans for food, and creates a more peaceful life. Bill Compton is part of an inhumane lifestyle. I’d take a compassionate guy over a destruction-packed inhumane complication anyday!
    I like both Twilight and True Blood, but I like Twilight more.

  174. Mediator says:

    Stephen Moyer was just looking for attention b/c his show isn’t as popular and have as many followers as Twilight. He wants to start a fight to get more viewers and attention, then he will apologize and say he was joking or didn’t mean it after his purpose is fufilled.. He is a JERK!!!! Robert is way more a Gentleman and more mature!!! Stephen Moyer is acting childish. He senses huge competition and acts like 6 by insulting Twilights main character.

    Stephen Moyer might have a crush on Robert! That is why he is putting so much energy into this insult. He wants Robert to notice.

  175. Sienna says:

    Have you read the books? Bill isn’t manly at all. He’s a jerk and it makes me angry at the way he’s portrayed in the television series.

  176. Serina says:

    I love robert but im not sure about true blood because i’ve never read the books or seen the shows. but i do want to.

  177. Serena says:

    I LOVE the show True Blood. Yes I like Twilight and the books (not the movie though) but I appreciate the darker themes in True Blood. We get to see a vampire and a human have sex, yes, but that’s not the only plus. However I read the first two Sookie Stackhouse books and they were meh. Not great, the show is much better.

    As for the accents, well I suppose native Louisianians aren’t too happy with them but I think the actress who plays Darlene is actually from Georgia or something? The way they sound may be stereotyped but that’s how they sound to most people who don’t live in Louisiana.

  178. Faith says:

    My opinion is that the comment left by Stephen Moyer was totally uncalled for. Also robert Pattinson,(also in my opinion) is a much better actor as well as better looking.

  179. fknhippie says:

    OMFG who gives a shit

  180. Lauren says:

    I became addicted to true blood last season and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. When I saw Twilight I thought it was cute…but that’s about it. Twilight’s fame was determined by millions of pre-teens who idolized someone closer to their age…
    …However, I appreciate Moyer’s humor and although calling Pattinson a Pu**y was mean…it is quite funny in my opinion.

  181. Maira says:

    “thems FIGHTING words!!”

  182. Amanda says:

    I’m a Twilight addict and I love True Blood but Twilight is just as good as True Blood if not better and I don’t think that Robert Pattinson or Edward Cullen (the character he plays) from twilight are p****’s. Edwards just a very strong man! I think that Moyer’s character Bill Compton should not be so violent in True Blood………that’s what makes Edward a stronger man he because he doesn’t drink human blood at all and its a struggle. Bill doesn’t even try to not drink human blood!

  183. josh tom says:

    gawd. alll ya-ae freakin nerds! who cares about either of them? if you all wanna see someone drink real blood then watch me i do it on almost a regular basis. so stop being p-ssies bout this crap and give it up! jeez

  184. ur mom says:

    its true twighlight is a watered down version of true blood. true blood is more for adults while twighlight is for teens

  185. Bri says:

    True Blood and Twilight are actually really different from eachother in my own opinion. Twilight is a bit tamer, I would think. Although I have to agree with a few of the people up there, Lestat owns all.

  186. Alyssa says:

    Now, I LOVE Twilight and I LOVE TrueBlood… but I have to say if you were to put Edward and Bill in a ring together Edward wouldn’t survive… sure he can stand up to the likes of James and Victoria but it’s not like they are like Eric or anybody from the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I have to say, real vamps don’t sparkle (even though edward is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.) and I’d have to go with Mr. Bill Compton, aka Stephen Moyer =)

  187. I don’t know anything about True Blood or the unattractive douchebag that plays in the show. But whatever. Still, I think some things should be set straight. First, the Twilight series is not just for “tweens” but for teens and young adults too. Kudos to those that said it. Yeah, hearing young girls giggle during the movie made me want to yell shut up, but they’re not the only fans. I’m 20 and I love the series. Third, a romancing vampire doesn’t make him a p—y. The story isn’t so much about vamps on the kill than a love story. Fourth, who knows if SM is a fan of that Sookie series, and if it’s too big a coincidence, still the story behind her saga is that it started with a dream. And fifth, you should stop calling Robert Pattinson a boy. He is boyish, yes, and plays a 17-year-old, but in real life I he’s around 22 years old. Young but not a teen. And most of all, not all fans who call themselves “twitards” or “twihards” or whatever, that is such a dumbass term, and Twilight fans are making themselves and us other fans look TWITARDED (lol) by using a stupid label that I don’t agree with! I know this is a long-ass comment, and if you’re gonna tell me to get a life, you can go screw yourself. I do have one, thank you. I just have a strong opinion. And btw, Robert is one hot, sexy-ass stud! :) He IS all man!

  188. I don’t know anything about True Blood or the unattractive douchebag that plays in the show. But whatever, there’s some things I think should be set straight. First, the Twilight series is not just for “tweens”, but for teens and young adults too. Kudos to those that said it. Yeah, hearing young girls giggle during the movie made me want to yell shut up, but they’re not the only fans. I’m 20 and I love the series. Third, a romancing vampire doesn’t make him a p***y. The story isn’t so much about vamps on the kill than a love story. Fourth, who knows if SM is a fan of that Sookie series, and if it’s too big a coincidence, still, the story behind her saga is that it started with a dream. And fifth, you should stop calling Robert Pattinson a boy. He is boyish, yes, and plays a 17-year-old, but in real life I he’s around 22 years old. Young but not a teen. And most of all, not all fans call themselves “twitards” or “twihards” or whatever. That is such a dumbass term, and Twilight fans that use it are making themselves and us other fans look TWITARDED (lol) by using a stupid label that I don’t agree with! I know this is a long-ass comment, and if you’re gonna tell me to get a life, you can go screw yourself. I do have one, thank you. I just have a strong opinion. And btw, Robert is one hot, sexy-ass stud! :) He IS all man!

  189. OK sorry about the last comment. I tried to edit the first and it was already saved. Then I tried to clear up any confusion through another message. Then the last one shows up and when I click it I find that I can’t take it down either. I seriously don’t get computers sometimes. :( Sorry for any inconvenience (but not anything I said, mind you).

  190. David says:

    Moyer’s character just proves a vampire can be a good guy without being a pansy. Sorry “Twitards” but the day vampires sparkle in the daylight is the day Jason Voorhies turns out to actually be administering apendectomies to truly virginal teens in need.

  191. David says:

    Sorry, meant to include this in previous post…if anyone wants the best vampire (better than even Lestat), check out Jean Claude from the Anita Blake novels. Jean Claude and Anita could take all three…and laugh about it while doing it.

  192. Amber says:

    SO TRUE! Bill is sexy and strong, but in Twilight, you see Robert crying in almost every seen. I mean, I love True Blood and Twilight as much as the next person, but if I had to pick a side, I would go for True Blood because you don’t have these over obsessed teeny bopper fangirls. Team Bill, Sookie, Lafayette, and Tara!! (main characters of True Blood that I like)

    And for those of you who say that True Blood doesn’t appeal to the younger crowd, I’m FIFTEEN!!! AND I’VE NEVER MISSED AN EPISODE!

  193. wolf-1 says:

    the guy in true blood is a much more convincing Vampire then that younger Dude from Twilight, he is a better Actor as well, more intense and more into his role, True Blood has my vote.

  194. Jacque' says:

    I definetly think that both are pathetic compared to Lestat!! Anne Rice needs to write more books so we can have more movies of REAL vampires!

  195. Alyxxia says:

    This is way too funny. I mean c’mon how adult is that. wait i guess he is so ever popular starring on a tv show.. whoot. I have seen true blood and think it is extremely boring. not that i am a twilight fan. but honestly. I dont understand why people keep picking on Robert Patterson, he is not a real vampire.. he plays one. thus the life of an “actor” when this, and i quote “suckiest vampire” can reach the level of lets say… lestat. then maybe he can have a leg to stand on.. till then.. he should not use his mouth to spew nonsense, but put it better to what it is best used for…”sucking”

  196. Richard says:

    I’m a guy and I’m going to chirp in.. I too have for some reason always liked the Vampire thing.. not sure why but I do. There’s just something about it.. Yes there’s the sexual erotic part of it how the vampire can teasefully bite which of course demonstrates how almost all of us believe that there is some pain or we believe that there is that is a turn on/ enjoyable.( and I have to admit when it comes to myself I’ma there’s the difference on how the vampire accepts being a vampire. Most were victims themselves and actually hate being who they are after becoming a vampire. It disgusts them that they have to kill and drink the blood of humans to survive. Then there are the ones who probably had lousy lifes and probably weren’t good people in the first place before they became vampires and they like now that they are so strong and scary and feeding on the week mortals. If I was to be a vampire I believe I would be the angst filled one…lol First because like I said.. I enjoy being alive and be able to feel the warmth of a woman I love against my body and having her feel the warmth and passion I feel in my body as we hold, touch and caress each other. I’d also love being able to taste the many foods I love to eat.. As a vampire you can’t enjoy any of them..Then you have the eternity thing.. yes it would be great not getting old but all your friends, acquaintences and lovers would and how lonely and hard would that be losing them over the years andhaving to start over with news ones if you can find them… think about it who would want to be with someone who is cold, wants and needs to drink my blood to survive and can only hang out at So as for the 2 shows.. I read the Twlight series cause a friend of mine do I liked vampires and she suggest it to me. I found the first book was the best and wanted to make me read the 2nd.. the 2nd wasn’t as good but still made me want to read the 3rd. The 3rd and 4th were not good and made me lose interest..but I still like the characters and the story of a young man who was turned into a vampire probably just as he was starting to date woman himself at the time.. so I believe in his almost lack of confidence with Bella both because he doesn’t have alot of experience and also fearing he might hurt her because he is so strong and may not be able to control himself during a rage of passion. I tried to watch True Blood.. and watched the first 2 episodes.. but the story to me seems kind of lame.. they come up with this drink and now vampires can live among the people.. It seems like they did this so they could just have more sex scenes.. which is just another way of not having to write any good material.. If i’m going to watch sex scenes I’ll put in Porn or if I want a softer version I’ll watch playboy Character, actor and looking wise.. I’m surprised that woem like the guy from True Blood.. I guess he’s smooth but looking wise he’s got a crater filled face and Patterson has the smooth skin and looks of someone you would think that some one who was superior and now immortal

  197. diego says:

    wat kind of a name is stephen he is a jerk hes probably jealous that r-pattinson is more famous in “the vampire world” true blood sucks twilight was friggin better and they dont even drink human blood. True blood is the the tiny flower in the whole garden. It’s not worth watching AT ALL.
    There’s to much sex i mean their vampires they dont really have much sex. Youre better of watching a tiger have sek with a lamb and there you’ve seen TRUE BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. diego says:

    i’ve got somethin else to say twilight was alittle not to vampiric since they dont drink human blood but the story is great they just dont want to be monsters. I just cant get into TRUE BLOOD. it looked cool but when i saw it i thought to myself that i rather shove scissors down my ears and eyes. where is edward scissorhands when u need him? And sure Edward may “cry” in twilight but its because of the personal struggle. Why dont u walk in his shoes it wouldnt be that easy. And thats just R-pattinson’s character who said that hes actually like that in real life has stephen met him and talked to him i dont know and i dont think so. But stephen shut your dumb notsopopular show mouth up. k. no one likes a bully……………..jerk. btw u r not that good of a vampire yourself. i’ve seen the show and……………………… r boring mother f-cker

  199. I Choose Me says:

    @Persephone. Can we be BFF’s.

    For me it’d be a Spike/Angel/Lestat/Eric/Edward/Bill sandwich. Or is that more of a ho-gie? I’ll be the ho. Lol!!!

    (this thread is insane and I luvs it)

  200. I Choose Me says:

    Unmod me please, thanks.

  201. amy says:

    ok twilight vampires what? people love it anyways. i mean, honestly, do vampires ALWAYS have to be orignal? Stephanie Meyer is creative and invented a new kind of vampire. plus rob is way hotter than bill

  202. amy says:

    oh and amber in twilight vampires CANT cry

  203. Lala says:

    Stephenie Meyer created the Twilight saga and specifically the Cullens because she wants to give us readers an alternative from all those gory stuff vampire shows etc…and she’s not being cliche with her vampires. The vampires are unique and they DO have fangs btw (read Midnight Sun). Also, the intended readers are the teenagers not adults but also nice that some adults love twilight. From what I heard there are a lot of hard-core stuff in True Blood. Therefore, there is no comparison as first they don’t have the same genre and second they have different intended readers.

    BTW – not being biased here but Edward is not a pussy…He’s just like that because he, and the other Cullens for that matter) wants to be different from the other type of vampires-the ones that are scary and unappealing if you asked me.

    They are stil both men and fictional characters so no point creating a feud over that stupid comment.

  204. jayem says:

    I love you guys!! I was a serious Buffy fan and Spike and Angel could take these two down without even changing. And with their souls. Without them? Well, that’s just some really hot fanfic in the making.

    Obviously the shows/movies are all geared towards different audiences. I haven’t watched either, as I was seriously spoiled by Buffy and Angel. But after reading this thread, I might check out True Blood. I like my stuff hardcore.

  205. Julie E says:

    Stephan who? What a loser! His show is just one big rip off of Twilight. Now he’s trying to ride Rob Pattinson’s coattails by mentioning his name in an interview. Trying to get his name out. Now I’m definitely not going to watch his show.

  206. whoops says:

    LOL at the comments here! It’s all good, folks, so let’s just all calm down, please. All us big girls realize that Twilight is the first base of foreplay compared to True Blood. But no worry, since the bell curve of vampire lore can easily reach from the virginal all the way to the slutty.

  207. kristin says:

    So glad he said it!! Seriously, I dare ANYONE to watch an episode of True Blood and then try to get through 20 minutes of Twilight. Bill is sexy and I’d love to get 2 minutes alone with him-he could eat me alive. Edward *glitters* and doesn’t even have fangs!! And what young sexy vamp would stay a virgin for almost a century? Sorry, Bill Compton’s the ultimate vamp. Edward’s lame.

  208. Jude says:

    True Blood is great. We can’t wait for Sunday night to see the next one.
    BILL wins no question.
    Edward cute but the movie was boring and for teens.
    True Blood is really sexy!!
    Love those scenes with Bill & Sookie.

  209. Bodhi says:

    Twilight is lame as hell & TrueBlood is the JAM!

    Charlaine Harris is 1000 times better than stupid Stephanie Meyers!

  210. Sarah says:

    True Blood over Twilight in every capacity. These young vapid Twilight fans make me sick.

  211. Hieronymus Grex says:

    AKA- Seasoned Professional Actors vs. Hollywood’s Flavors of the Month

  212. Kerry Aguilar says:

    I’m sorry you guys are all upset that there was no super hot sex stuff in the Twilight books. Guess What? You’ll never believe it. These books were writen for teens/tweens!!!
    I don’t know about you all but I don’t want my teen/tween reading super hot, steamy, sexy books.
    I think the books were great and no, they are not like True Blood but every vampire story is different and that’s what makes them good and fun and interesting.

  213. Derek says:

    Ok what ticked me was when someone accused True Blood of copying Twilight! HA! I love how no one researches before they make accusitions. HELLO, Charline Harris’s books came out before Twighlight and true blood is off of charline’s books. Also I read twilight because i love all the fantasy and horror and vampires stuff and twilight really, in my terms, a vampire book. It is so dry and drug out story. I liked some things but overall it was just blah. I also know it has a big following because of the fact that so many tweens like it. Which I know half of those tweens dont read much so they dont know a good book when they read it… True Blood and Twilight are for diffrent audiences though so can’t really compare them…i like True Blood though Maryann rulezzz….the maenad is awsome. Also I find it hard to believe Stephen said this…at least in the contexts it is given here. I’ve seen him in interviews and such and he doesn’t sound quite like a hick who would say this. I’ll believe it when I see it on tape.

  214. Julia says:

    i like true blood and twilight. But twilight to me is way better.
    bill is ugly and their accents bug the he** out of me.

    edward/ rob is smoking. he would win hands down.

  215. I think rob is just guy who likes to get fame and he also as I heard chEATED ON KRISTEN WITH EMILIE DE RAVIN so I think rob is really not a wonderful I mean dont get me wrong he is cute and I use to love him but after what happened to kristen and him I have no pity for him now edward cullen is the sweet hot one and who knows the things about rob could be roumors but until then….

  216. Brad says:

    Stephen Moyer looks like my grandfather, he is so old

  217. teslyn says:

    alight darlings, i think it should be pointed out (again) that stephen moyer is talking about EDWARD, the bland, two-dimensional abusive pedophile fantasy of Stephenie Meyer, NOT rob.

  218. dewhit says:

    Bill is sexier, smarter, and much more bad-ass than Edward, the boy wonder.

    However, I will quote the coolest t-shirt ever, “If Edward Cullen could dream, he’d dream he was Eric Northman!”

    Eric Northman – especially with Alexander Skarsgard’s beautiful and talented self portraying him on HBO – wins hands down.

  219. Brit says:

    My favorite vamp can be summed up in one word…SPIKE!!! he has the sexy cool hot sweet sensitive and do me anytime thing goin on…hands down he can take bill and edward any day. i love twilight and true blood (never read any of the books just tv and movies) but either way Spike takes the cake.

  220. Maddy says:

    True blood is actually my favorite show! I love it but the thing is, true blood is for maturer audenices cuz of all the wild vamp sex and graphic violence. Twilight is more toned down cuz its for younger audenices. They both have the same ingredients but ones for adults and ones for teens and young adults. I think they are both very good but its your choice; true blood= hot vamp sex and violence with a love story or twilight= hot vamps and less toned down violence with a love story.

  221. I think this coke is quite enjoyable and tasty. Its so tasty that even Vampires like this coke to drink it.

  222. KK says:

    puh-lease! Stephen Moyer is so much hotter than Robert Pattinson. Not to mention, he is a much better actor, and his vampire is much more awesome/sexy. Moyer is right; Edward Cullen is such a goddamn pussy. True Blood is just better than Twilight in general.