John Krasinski tried to convince a customs agent Emily Blunt was his wife

New York premiere of 'A Quiet Place' - Arrivals

I think John Krasinski and Emily Blunt make an adorable couple. Of course, that’s just me. It seems a certain British customs agent would beg to differ though.

John, currently promoting his new horror flick, A Quiet Place, popped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday. The 38-year-old actor co-stars in the movie with his lovely wife. When he mentioned her name the audience cheered, which led John to admit “I married up, and don’t I know it,” adding “They don’t have to tell me; the customs agent in London did.”

He went on to relate an incident that occurred when he went to England to visit Emily on the set off her Mary Poppins reboot, which I really hope is going to be good. He recalled, “It was going great, the customs, the whole experience. And then I hit this guy who was about my age. He looked like he was ready to get a little surly with me.”

John continued, “He said, ‘It says here that you’re an actor. Would I know you from anything?’ And I went, ‘You know, we redid the U.K. version of The Office.” Apparently, that was the wrong answer, as John joked, “Strike one! He was like, ‘Oh, you took what we did, perfect.’”

If besmirching the memory of one of the UK’s most beloved TV series wasn’t enough, John continued, “And then he says, ‘Who are you visiting here?’ And I was like, ‘My wife.’” The conversation could have ended there, but, of course, it didn’t. The agent pressed on. As John recalled, “He says, ‘Oh, is she an actress? Would I know her?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know man, her name’s Emily Blunt.’ And he goes like this, ‘You? You married Emily Blunt? Go. Just go.’” The agent angrily stamped John’s passport and off he went. He sure spins a heck of a yarn, but you really should watch the video to get his patented “Jim from The Office” facial expressions.

It seems like John could kind of identify with the agent, as he himself couldn’t appreciate his wife any more. He told Jimmy, “I’ve always been the biggest fan of her, but not until you’re in the room when she does what she does do you know why she’s so phenomenal.” And, after working with her on A Quiet Place, he gushed, “She’s unbelievable. The most talented, powerful…kindest person. She makes everyone around her better. So honestly, that was my experience.” He said that working with Emily was “the best experience ever”, so much so that he said he’s “retiring,” adding, “Once I work with her, I’m done.”

John was kidding about retiring, but he may want to continue working with his wife on future projects. A Quiet Place currently has a 98% positive score on Rotten Tomatoes and has been receiving critical raves. It’s great that a couple can work so well together and make what appears to be a great movie. I know I’ll be seeing this one.

John Krasinski during an appearance on NBC's 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'

John Krasinski during an appearance on NBC's 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'

'Final Portrait' screening - Arrivals

"A Quiet Place" New York Premiere


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  1. ChrissyMS says:

    This movie looks terrifying . I won’t be seeing it but glad it is getting positive reviews. They are a cute couple.

  2. LizLemonGotMarried (aka The Hufflepuff Liz Lemon) says:

    I don’t do horror, so I won’t be seeing this, but I love them together. I also relate to marrying up!

  3. lower-case deb says:

    what i wouldn’t give to spend thanksgiving with the Blunt-Krasinski-Tucci family.
    must be a hoot and a half.

    • Nicole says:

      Same here. They must be a riot. Another couple I love probably as much is the Olivia Wilde/Jason Sudakis pairing. Just seem like fun people

    • monette says:

      You forgot about Blake Lively and Ryan Renolds, their new BFFS.
      I wonder if they are also bringing Tay Tay and her boyfriend?

  4. Frome says:

    Well, apologies to his fans but I think he is a shameless social climber. I think it’s telling how hard he has ingratiated himself into circles he would only have access to because of her name. And how seldom seen he is in the circles he originated from or that would be a more natural fit. He’s that TV star who wasn’t even the break out of his show (Steve, Mindy and a bunch of the writers are the big successes) who is inexplicably only ever around A list names (Kimmel, Damon, Clooney)

    • Rosalee says:

      Well I thought he was the right choice for Merle Streep’s daughter’s fiancé in it’s Complicated, he has been in a number of featured roles in 13 Hours, The Holiday, Leatherheads, so its not like he’s Emily Blunt’s house husband

      • jess1632 says:

        he wasn’t in the holiday

      • Jaded1 says:

        He was in The Holiday, but a small part. He was the employee of CDs character. He worked on the movie trailers with her.

      • Tiffany says:

        @jess1632 Rosalee is correct, he was in The Holiday. It was a short scene but it was shared with Kathryn Hahn and Cameron Diaz. He was Cameron’s employee.

      • Dhavynia says:

        I think him and Maya Rudolph were awesome in Away We Go

    • Mel says:

      Well, I’m not a fan per say, so I’m not offended, but I am troubled by your description of a hierarchy (or so-called would be more like it).
      You do know that we are trying to break those barriers, right? Not just in Hollywood. I’m talking about society in general.
      “a natural fit”?!
      What are you talking about?! That is extremely condescending.
      People from tv should just hang out with other people from tv?
      Do you apply that rule to the rest of the world?!
      Must be bland and seriously lacking diversity…
      People tend to gravitate towards people whose company they enjoy, not just those they can “talk shop” with.
      You come off as saying he should stay in his lane.

      • Anners says:

        @mel yep! It’s as if Frome was about to call him uppity. It’s uncomfortable in this scenario, with a rich white man, but it’s a downright terrifying way of thinking when broadened to the whole world.

    • Natalie S says:

      Don’t hate the player, hate the game? I like social climbers whether it’s John or Pippa or Meghan Markle. I don’t have that so I’m always in admiration of people who can network and leverage their connections that successfully.

    • kat1992 says:

      He worked with clooney on a film called leatherheads and was neighbours with Kimmel.

    • Susannah says:

      I think the whole premise of this argument is kind of ridiculous. Really though, with no disrespect to Emily Blunt but it’s not like she’s Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina Jolie, how is marrying her considered social climbing?

      • Arabella says:

        I was thinking the same thing! She’s pretty but she’s not jaw dropping, imo.

    • Tiny Martian says:

      I didn’t realise that social climbing was still a thing, actually. I thought that as a society we had progressed beyond the mindset of having stratified social hierarchies where everyone is duty bound to maintain their place. How disappointing.

    • Antanina says:

      There are quite few reviews saying that we should take note of him as talented and promising director. He has worked with Clooney, Streep, Baldwin, while still filming The office. I have no idea where you got “social climber” from. The guy is hard working and talented, he deserves all success that he gets. You should look up his work. Your critique has no base.
      P.s. just wanted to add – I am not defending him, just stating facts.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      Serious question, what do people have against social climbing? Isn’t it good to want more for yourself/family? The U in in Yuppie stands for “Upwardly Mobile” that literally means moving up in life, be that through employment or networking. Disliking social climbing feels, to me, like wanting a caste system. You are born this and will stay this and can do no better and should be grateful.

      • Natalie S says:

        Not speaking about John here, but it’s generally not a likable quality to focus only on people who can do something for you or only people with the most success. At that point you’re in a space where you’re potentially being a user. It’s about finding that balance between maximizing your opportunities and straight-up using people. Nothing wrong with someone who betters their situation, doesn’t let it get to their head by becoming self-important, and still values some of the qualities of where they came from.

      • Nicole says:

        I’m against it purely for the reason that I loathe when people use others for the benefit of themselves only. Relationships are give and take and social climbers are seen as takers who discard who they don’t need later.
        I don’t think John is one but that’s my reasoning

      • SlightlyAnonny says:

        I’m totally against users but so much of what people deride as social climbing would just be called networking if they liked the person doing it. But, of course, (and I wish it went without saying) people using people for their own gain is wrong. But expanding or changing your friendship circle and networking? People have been doing it for ages. There were elements of the original comment that stank, to me, of classism.

    • minx says:

      Is “social climbing” still a thing? How dare he! 😄

    • Fhmom says:

      He is a graduate of Brown and he’s been friends with BJ Novak since childhood. I’m not sure what you mean by social climber. Read his bio. You might change your mind.

    • KBB says:

      He has worked with Damon and Clooney so I’m not sure why you say he only knows them because of Emily. Clooney cast him himself. He’s one of those Boston boys like Matt, so I see nothing weird about them being friends.

    • BlueNailsBetty says:

      Yeah, no. He was already in the inner circles (without making a big deal of it) before he met Emily. He met her because of that social set not to get into the social set.

    • Jayna says:

      He is the director and one of the leads in A Quiet Place, which is getting great reviews, and it looks like it will be a money-maker for the studio. John read the spec script and liked it. So Paramount bought the spec script written by the two guys and hired John to do a rewrite on it and to direct it and act in it. Blount loved the script and wanted to be in it with John. We can’t wait to see the movie from the strong reviews.

      But according to you, he should know his place. How dare he direct a really good movie and co-write it and act in it? It’s his third time directing a movie, first with a major studio. He and Damon co-wrote a movie together and acted in it. It’s called talent. You can social climb all you want, but people aren’t hiring you to write movies and direct unless you have talent.

    • Girl_ninja says:

      What? He was in a film with Clooney that Clooney cast him in. How is that social climbing? Is he only to make films with folks from the Office? How ridiculous.

  5. Alix says:

    Too cute to be hiding behind all that beard!

    • Erinn says:

      I actually like the beard more than the clean shaven look on him.

      • KBB says:

        Me too, I love the beard! I prefer it trimmed a little closer to the skin, but still better than clean shaven. I like beards on most men though.

    • pringles says:

      He’s so baby faced; that’s why. The film was FANTASTIC, AMAZING.

  6. smcollins says:

    I’ve always found JK so adorable and his adoration of Emily only makes him even more adorable (a lot of adoring going on here lol). I’ll definitely be seeing their movie, I love a good scare.

  7. Erinn says:

    I’m not a huge fan of either of them – but that story was funny.

    It’s so weird that there was SUCH a push for him to be this big star for a while. And it just never happened. He was fine on the office, but I really started to hate the Jim/Pam thing a couple of seasons in. I think their characters were obnoxious and kind of dicks, really. But I’ll always enjoy the classic ‘Jim staring at the camera’ bit.

    • Slowsnow says:

      Weren’t the office characters supposed to be dicks anyway? Joey from Friends is a shameless womanizer, Seinfeld’s characters are all hopelessly selfish and self-centered, Rachel Green was a lazy undecided cool girl, etc etc. They are supposed to show behavior we all secretly and impulsively can think of but don’t act upon like not growing up (Friends), not building a solid family/work network of new adult friends (How I Met…), remaining a selfish, cynical and sometimes brilliant teen (Seinfeld) etc.

      • Slowsnow says:

        Replying to myself here but I mean that in all comic series not just the office there are lots of main characters who are incredibly shallow and cruel, thus the examples in other series.

    • Beatrix says:

      AH! Someone else agrees! I absolutely thought Jim and Pam became extremely annoying as the seasons went on. Pam was indecisive and selfish while Jim was immature and entitled. Together, they just got so much worse. A cute story about a small-town crush become a tiring and irritating couple to watch.

    • KBB says:

      I feel like the Pam character kind of morphed into Jenna Fischer as the seasons went on. I don’t know if it’s how she started playing Pam or if the writers changed it intentionally once they got to know Jenna, but the transformation just felt unnatural to me.

      And I think it’s Buzzfeed that did that article on how Jim Halpert was a total dick. It always bothered me so much that he bought his parents house for them without discussing it with her. Then he didn’t tell her about taking the job in Philly and investing their money in it. How were those things not presented as HUGE transgressions?! And he was a dick to Karen too.

  8. JustJen says:

    I love both of them, but can’t fathom how they’re friends with Justin Theroux. They seem so genial and he is…not.

  9. Anastasia says:

    I have such mixed feelings about him. I liked him as Jim Halpert, but what I heard about his snottiness with his fellow cast members at that time turned me off. And I haven’t seen that he’s this hugely talented actor, although he was really good in Away We Go.

    I’m going to see A Quiet Place tomorrow night, so we’ll see.

    I think she’s the stronger actor, but I have mixed feelings about her, too. They did give their daughters cute names!

    See? I’m all over the place with these two.

    • Olive says:

      i don’t know exactly why but i don’t like him either. i do think he believed his own hype on ‘the office’.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      Aw that sucks I never heard that about him! I actually thought Jim got douchier over time, I was genuinely ready for Pam to leave his dumb a**. But I do think Emily and John are a cute couple as far as Hollywood goes.

  10. Lucy says:

    I keep on trying to find something negative to say about him (awful, I know), but I just can’t. I hope he doesn’t retire!

  11. madonami says:

    Current state of affairs: I read the headline on this and clicked on it fully expecting to find some batsh*t story about John and Emily returning to the US from somewhere and ICE/CBP giving them sh*t about Emily possibly being “an illegal.”

  12. LadyLuna says:

    I actually got to see the movie A Quiet Place last night and it was amazing! He did a great job in directing the movie and of course Emily and the children were amazing. I completely recommend it!

  13. Elle says:

    I laughed so hard about the guy at the customs, I watched it like 10 times!