Nicholas Hoult had a secret baby with his secret lingerie-model girlfriend

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I vaguely remember hearing that Nicholas Hoult had a girlfriend at some point, but I never paid much attention to it. After his on-and-off relationship with Jennifer Lawrence finally ended for good, Nicholas kept his private life on lockdown for the most part. He doesn’t walk red carpets with girlfriends, he barely even discusses girlfriends in interviews, etc. Still, it was vaguely known that Hoult was dating an American model named Bryana Holly. Well, surprise! Bryana and Nicholas welcomed their first secret baby together… at some point.

Surprise — Nicholas Hoult is a dad! The British X-Men: Apocalypse star, 28, has welcomed his first child with girlfriend Bryana Holly, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

“They have kept the news under wraps, but are so happy and excited,” the insider says of Hoult and Holly, a 24-year-old American lingerie model.

A rep for Hoult had no comment.

Notoriously private, Hoult opened up a bit in a November interview with MR PORTER’s The Journal, saying he doesn’t draw lines at where his girlfriend can store her things in his bedroom.

“I don’t feel as though I’m that possessive over things like that,” said the actor, who previously dated Jennifer Lawrence (they split for the final time in 2014). “She can put her stuff wherever she likes.” Added Hoult, “My dad was an air pilot so he was flying a lot, and I grew up with my two sisters and my mum so I was used to ‘girl things’ being around and a ‘girl environment’ in the household.”

[From People]

First, about the “girl things” comment – I’m not taking that as Hoult being shady about “girl things” at all. By all accounts, he’s pretty woke and pretty feminist, and I think he just means that he’s not fussy and he’s really comfortable around women. The man dances and sings along at Taylor Swift concerts, for the love of God. He’s totally fine. As for the whole “having a secret baby with a lingerie model girlfriend” thing… congrats to them. Having now creeped on Bryana’s Instagram, I think it’s possible that they kept this hush-hush because of her career, which involves having a body to die for. This baby has some good genes, my God. (Also, Hoult has a type: blondes with big boobs.)

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  1. Lara says:

    There were paparazzi pictures of them out together and she was clearly pregnant, but no one cared.

    • QueenB says:

      Which really tells you how often celebs place their own stories in the media. There are so many stories in the press that no one cares about, d-listers getting a car. A lot more people cared about this and if only for the Jlaw connection.
      I found it very surprising how they didnt play the “Jlaw is constnaly complaining about being single and her fist big love is about to be a father” They do this with othe women for way less.

    • ichsi says:

      Lol, I totally missed this. I occasionally go to her IG and there is absolutely no indication that she was pregnant. She just posted old pics then, very sneaky. I admire their ability to keep it under wraps though, makes them likeable in my book.

    • choop says:

      “but no one cared” Lmao

  2. Tan says:

    Everyone has a type. Even those who say they don’t have type.

    Human beings are creatures of habit. They will be drawn to something similar .

    This again shows, if a celeb wants to keep something private, they surely can.

    • Nn says:

      I don’t have a type.

      I really don’t lol

      Oh and jlaw and this one look nothing alike. Their facial features are completely different.
      Jlaw has hooded blue eyes. This one doesn’t and looks to be a bottle blond. Their noses, face shape…everything is completely different, even body type.

    • Dee says:

      She’s way cuter than Jennifer. They just both happen to be white females with fake blonde hair.

  3. Caitlin Bruce says:

    I’ve heard a lot of rumours that Jennifer did not take the news well and always thought her and nick would find there way back to each other. Probably BS but I’ve noticed jen bring up nick a lot and he never really mentions her unless he’s asked outright.

    • Darla says:

      Well, if true, she can take heart. They can still get back together. This relationship isn’t forever. They probably won’t be together a year from now.

    • QueenB says:

      Its not like she minds her boyfriends having kids with other people.

    • Seth says:

      What rumors? There are no rumors she didn’t take the news well. That sounds like joult stans making this a bigger thing than it is. Stop trying to Jennifer Aniston Jlaw. She doesn’t need that.

    • Shutterbug says:

      I haven’t heard these rumors, but I can believe them.

      I, myself, have been a little bit in shock since I read the news last night.

      • Jules says:

        I haven’t read about any rumors either and wouldn’t believe them anyway-Lawrence seems to have moved on from Hoult a long time ago, when she ended their relationship. Honestly, I agree with Bobby Finger-this is in the no one cares department…outside of Hoult at one time dating Lawrence, who the hell knows who he is, and likewise for Holly.

  4. lightpurple says:

    Little Marcus Brewer is all grown up.

    • Adrien says:

      He will always be Tony Stonem to me.

      • Kitten says:

        Yup! Tony Stonem 4-Eva.

      • teacakes says:

        @Adrien @Kitten – same! Skins generation 1 for life ♡. I loved Tony’s evil self. And Effy.

        (Also the fashion on that show was so underrated. I still have pics of some of Cassie’s outfits saved as a bulwark against the sea of off-shoulder athleisure and worst of the late 90s trends prevailing in fashion right now)

  5. Rapunzel says:

    No trouble with “girl” things = Not squeamish over bras hanging in the bedroom or boxes of tampons left about in the bathroom.

    • NameChange says:

      Seriously. Are we all just supposed to be lumps now, with no distinction? There are girl things.

      • Elaine says:

        Agree. And nothing to be ashamed of. Some humans bleed monthly from shedding their uterine linings. Roughly half the population. Some don’t. *kanye shrug* Because of this, we make verbal distinctions to better understand and to explain to these people that no, they aren’t dying. Its just biology. And to suggest that, in pursuit of the not-dying thing, perhaps they should ingest more iron :-)

      • Kitten says:

        FFS it’s not like we’re pumped to see Auntie Flo every month. And who doesn’t rip one’s bra off at the end of the day and whip it at the wall with glee?
        If we’re gonna have to deal with this bullshit then you menz are gonna have to see it, ok?

  6. SM says:

    I had much higher hopes for him. He seems kind, sharming and good looking and he ended up with someone who only posts bikini shots on social media striking the same pose…well, at least the baby should be pretty.

    • Milla says:

      Maybe she’s a nice person? I do think that this title is sexist. Just girlfriend would be fine.

      She’s a model, she may not be Naomi or Kate, but she isn’t just a girl in a bikini. She’s a mum now.

      • Geekychick says:

        admiteddly, I was a bit…disappointed. Then again, I was disappointed when he was with JLaw, also*.
        And then I checked myself.
        It’s totally sexist and classist, I feel, to be “disappointed” in a life/love/personal chooce and life of a person that does not, in any way, concern you.
        Yeah, the gf SEEMS basic to me, but that’s it-I don’t know her and how could I know who she really is and is she funnier, kinder or smarter than JLaw or me? I don’t know so it’s really not fair of me to judge.
        Congratulations on the baby, I hope those three will be very happy in the years to come.
        *I don’t get how is JLaw better than this gf? Uneducated, crass, white priviliged “cool girl”…

    • sundays says:

      no, you can totaly feel weird about her. I “found” her a few years ago and did a little digging. there’s a video of her and some friends at the beach and they’re making fun of a “fat” woman who dared to wear a bikini. idiots posted it online smh. some while after that she liked some fat shaming post, equaling women and elephants…
      oh and she says shit like “my hobbies are naked surfing”, but that was a playboy interview, I think, so I guess it was on brand…whatever
      (she was younger back then though, so take it as you will)

  7. Mia4s says:

    So apparently they got together “at the beginning of 2017”? So she got pregnant a few months into the relationship. And she’s 24. Ah. Well I wish them a joyous next 6-8 months!

    Or maybe not. Lingere models have a short shelf life so unless she has other talents she’d be wise to lock this down.

  8. Yeahright says:

    He is really hot.
    That’s all I have to contribute.
    Count down to the Jlaw whoopsie baby with the next guy she casually dates in three…two…one…

    • Jules says:

      Based on what??…Lawrence just signed with Rick Yorn-Id say she’s more focused on her career.

  9. Meggles says:

    Yeah “secret” often means “not calling the paps.” David Tennant and his wife had like 3 kids, and only the first pregnancy got any press coverage at all (due to them getting engaged soon before she gave birth). The last one, all the fans knew she was pregnant due to seeing her at his stage plays, but the existence of the child was never ‘official’ until he did a press interview to promote some new project and was randomly like “Oh I have a 6-month old.”

    (I know Tennant is not internationally that famous, but within the UK he is definitely A-list, so it goes to show that famous people can keep their lives locked down when they want.)

  10. Maria F. says:

    The pics here do not do her any favours. She is gorgeous!

    But yes, the baby came quickly into their relationship.

  11. lannisterforever says:

    She looks so much like Corinne from The Bachelor to me! He’s gorgeous.

  12. JA says:

    She dated Brody Jenner and shortly after some dude from some boy band right before Nick meaning girl likes some attention! I like Nick so hoping for the best but the cynic in me doubts this will last long but at least that “lingerie” model got herself some future income for the next 18yrs.

    • Miss M says:

      Nobody shames Jennifer Garner over here. Who went from a husband to a boyfriend to another husband, always trading to a more famous man. She got pregnant 3-4 months into the relationship with Ben Affleck and she openly flirted with him in interviews when he was engaged to Jennifer Lopez. I am in no favor in shaming. But if people here decided to, at least, be consistent…

      • Yeahright says:

        I shame her.
        She’s super thirsty and I believe she calls the paps on her school runs to be seen as a champion if the mommy brigade.
        She knew exactly what she signed up for and still had three kids with a known addict.
        She gets my total side eye.
        Didn’t she cheat on Scott Foley with Michael V and then cheated on him with Ben?
        She’s awful.

      • CL says:

        Count me in for some shaming!

      • Geekychick says:

        I don’t get how you know “she likes some attention” and that this will be a short rs.
        Do we talk like that about actresses with less famous partners? Like, how many of us conclided that boyfriend of Kaley Cuoco “must like the attention”?gaaah, I’m so irked that I can’t think of better examples, but you know what I mean.
        I just find it totally gross that we KNOW what kond of person she is based on her profession and past love life. That is totally chauvinistic.

      • Miss M says:

        @yeahright: it was the gossip back then that JG cheated on every partner. That’s why I don’t feel sorry for her now.
        I mean I cringed when i was watching an old video of them talking about DD and ele tra and she was completely flirting with him.
        The man was engaged. She knew what she was doing. Thise sweet dimples never fooled me. :)

  13. kate says:

    Tony Stonem has a baby!! Effy is an aunt!!

  14. Seth says:

    You can always tell which comments are from Joult stans. They want so desperately for Jen to be upset. I wish they would stop. They’ve both moved on. Get over it.

  15. serena says:

    Now, this really shocked me.

  16. Miss M says:

    Congrats to the couple! He definetely has a type. :)

  17. minx says:

    He’s adorable.

  18. Lucy says:

    Welp, there go my hopes of him and Jen ever going back together (or at least for now). Congrats to them!! I’ve always liked him, and I know from some people who know her that she’s very sweet and kind.

  19. Chloeee says:

    I’m not a Stan for him and JLaw as a couple and believe they’ve moved on but you gotta think even a tiny little part of her is like “wtf a serious love of mine procreated’. In the very least it feels trippy (I know it was for me)

    • ash says:

      i definitely felt like that when my high school bf impregnated his side piece and i had to tell him she was preg (all before hs graduation) YAY

      then as my college frat ex ended up back with his ex and sent me an email saying we have children my lovely wife and i..>WTF

  20. Georgia says:

    I bet I’m more disappointed than Jen to hear about this XD
    Well, congrats, I guess.
    I don’t know, I always feel sorry for people in their 20s to get stuck with a baby, but then I know that’s 100% me projecting my dislike of babies on other people who, for all I Know, could totally be happy to become parents.

  21. Booie says:

    Congrats to him!

  22. babu says:

    She s super hot, awesome body, great rack, sumptuous backside, good face … but she has no charisma or star vibe at all

    Her body seems to have more intensity than her personality (which may be a very smart combo for a happy life actually)