Pink is People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World for 2018

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Yesterday, People Magazine sent out a teaser email for their Most Beautiful Woman In the World issue. They described this year’s choice as “a performer, mother and role model whose honesty, humor, confidence and sheer star power make her one of the most beloved and fascinating entertainers on the planet.” Some people thought it was going to be Beyonce (who already got the title several years back), some suggested that it would be a country-music star like Faith Hill or Shania Twain, and then someone suggested Celine Dion, and after that, I really wanted Celine to get it. But she didn’t. This year’s Most Beautiful Woman is Pink. You can see People’s cover story here – Pink shares the cover with her two kids, daughter Willow Sage (6 and a half) and Jameson Moon (15 months). Some highlights from the cover story.

Life as a working parent: “The thing about parenting is you never know if anything you’re doing is working… That’s been the most humbling thing for me. In my head, I sound amazing and then I turn around and her eyes are completely glazed over. I have no idea. We’ll see.”

She’s embraced the attachment parenting style. “Yeah, I believe in affection. I believe in needs being met and faith being implemented, and I believe in letting your kids know they can count on you, and that you’ll be there. My parents obviously did not believe in that and I worked out okay. I always tell Willow, ‘I’m going to teach you the rules so that you’ll know how and when to break them.’ ”

She strives to create a gender-neutral environment for her brood. “Absolutely. [But] I feel like gender-neutral is in itself a label and I’m label-less. I don’t like labels at all so I believe that a woman and a girl can do anything.” More than anything, Pink says she believes in “fairness and justice. And I believe that a boy can do anything. So I have boys that flip dirt bags and I have boy friends that wear dresses. It’s all okay to me. It’s whatever floats your boat. So that’s the kind of house that we live in.”

Her kids’ future: Pink is more concerned with “just the world that we live in,” she says. “I have so many worries and fears as a parent. I’m such a worrier. They’re going to be fine. They chose this family. They know what they’re doing. But the world, I don’t know if the world’s going to be fine, and so I pray a lot. I cry a lot. I talk to them a lot. I hope a lot. I curse a lot.” For now, she and Hart, 42, “try not to take life too terribly seriously,” Pink adds. “We laugh a lot. It’s all about our family unit and time spent together, and much less about external stuff.”

[From People]

I think it’s fine? What she says – everybody does it differently and it’s okay to be different and whatever. I tend to find Pink’s thoughts on feminism to be somewhat complicated and convoluted – she judges and shames other women for getting naked, but doesn’t have a problem showing off her own body – but I also think that Pink changes her mind and grows a lot, year by year. She’s imperfect, she holds imperfect thoughts, but she gets better and thinks things through and grows as a person. Still, it would have been great if Celine had gotten the cover.

Apparently, this year’s Most Beautiful issue is devoted to mothers, and there are features with: Kelly Clarkson, Courteney Cox, Olivia Wilde, Amy Schumer, Julia Roberts, Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra, Mindy Kaling, Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez. Amy Schumer, Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra aren’t moms… yet! But the list is… okay. Eh.

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Photos courtesy of WENN, cover courtesy of People.

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  1. Chef Grace says:

    I think she is cool.
    I like her parenting style.

    • Ceire says:

      I’m happy too. I’m also grateful that my 13 year old self loved Pink and Kelly Clarkson – they really both stood the test of time.

      • lucy2 says:

        Me too! I’m a little older, but I’ve liked both for a long time and am happy to see their continued success. Kelly is delightful on the Voice, the only reason I’m watching it (thought now I kind of love Alicia Keys a ton too, she’s great).

      • otaku fairy says:

        Kelly Clarkson became one of my faves as a kid after Breakaway came out.

  2. NameChange says:

    Good pick. Pink has an attainable beauty and physique. She works hard and loves her kids.

    • CTgirl says:

      I agree. It’s great that they picked someone who is only ever herself and not a “cover girl”.

      • Milo says:

        I’m not being an asshole, I swear, but I can’t help but point out that Pink has indeed been a CoverGirl.

    • Tate says:

      I agree. Love Pink.

    • V4Real says:

      I’m good with this pick because Pink looks like a close friend of mine. And my cousin wife looks like her too.

      But let’s be real. If it was someone we didn’t like we would be tearing People Mag a new one.

    • AnnaKist says:

      It’s a great choice, for all the reasons mentioned. Her children are adorable.

    • SK says:

      I love this choice! She is strong and smart and sassy. She is fit and healthy and not twig thin with a tonne of work. She is lines and wrinkles in the photo and looks like she is having fun. She is a damn hard worker. Beautiful indeed! This gives young women someone great to look at and think “that is beautiful”!

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Agree! Pink isn’t anyone but Pink. She isn’t “aspirational” because She isn’t perfect or pretending. To me, she is inspirational for continued growth and a good heart. In short, she tries and that’s good for us all.

  3. i, pet goat 2 says:

    Not that People matters, but I think that’s actually pretty cool , especially cause I can see their readership being weird about it. Pink doesn’t represent traditional femininity, so breaking away from that can only be a good thing.

    • Maria F. says:

      i totally agree. She is not the typical beauty, but has a very individual look and style.

  4. Slowsnow says:

    I am a mother of four amazing kids.
    However, I find it disheartening that as soon as a female celebrity has kids, it’s all about her as a mother and nothing else.
    Not only do I find interviews about parenting boring and superficial, or about hitting the right note regarding your target audience, I also find it reductive when it comes to a professional talking about herself.
    Would I like the same spread about a man? Nope.

    • DesertReal says:

      I have so many amazing friends that are moms, and we talk about everything under the sun. Politics, current events, sex, making bourbon, wine, music, movies, work, travel, food, cultures, history, beauty, health, husbands, past boyfriends, in-laws, parents, family, health, blah blah blah.
      The only time they bring up their kids, is when something is wrong. They haven’t stopped being individual people with their own separate thoughts, fears, weakness, and aspirations.
      I wish what we read from traditional publications reflected that more.
      On the flip side I do have a few friends that ONLY ever talk about their kids, and while I smile, nod, comfort, encourage, or joke with them as the occasion requires…I’m fighting the urge to space out. I realize that makes me a horrible person, as people will talk about what weighs on their mind and hearts (and I want them to) but I also want to shake them until they tell me something about what’s behind all of that.

    • Dee says:

      I like her and here parenting style. I like that for someone so ‘wild’ she embraces motherhood. BUT, I agree with you. Becoming a mother does NOT define you. It shouldn’t. You should and you’re allowed and entitled to be your own person. I do understand the pressure, especially being a celeb, but at what point does it stop being sweet and start being phony? I know that as a mom, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine and sometimes I want to hide for ten years.

    • susiecue says:

      I love this comment! I agree!

  5. Jenns says:

    I like this a lot. I think Pink is a beautiful woman, but not the type who would usually get this title. I like that People went outside the box on this one.

    Also, I love that they didn’t overly airbrush her face on the cover.

  6. B n A fn says:

    I like pink, I think she’s 😎, but not the most beautiful in the world. Btw, surprised they did not name Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend the most beautiful, seeing how they are talking her up as the brightest and beautifulest, woman we ever say. I was drawn into the love ❤️ of B N A and found out it was mostly pr. After a few years. I still like them but not going to get drawn into their nonsense again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, will not be fooled again.

    • Kitten says:

      You think it was mostly PR? You don’t think they genuinely loved each other?

      • B n A fn says:

        Hi kitten, I said I believe it was mostly pr, “after a few years”. I do believe they were in love in the beginning, but with his drinking, I believe Angelina was done with his nonsense. I believe they were only going through the motions a few years before they split.

  7. Ninks says:

    When Pink first came on the scene, I didn’t really like her. I think it was her ‘I’m not like other girls’ schtick, which always annoys me. But I’ve grown to really like and admire her. I think some of her thoughts are a little convoluted and maybe she can be a hypocrite at times, but she always means well and she’s genuinely trying to walk the walk.

    • susiecue says:

      I agree, I think she’s grown since her early days; she used to seem to have a chip on her shoulder about her peers which was unappealing but it seems like she’s found some zen and some perspective over the years. She has vibes of warmth, strength and honesty that I’m really drawn to now.

    • ms says:

      I think she just grew up. God only knows how much growth I had in my 20’s. I’m so glad I wasn’t famous then. I had a big mouth and didn’t care how I came across to other people, to my detriment. In my 30s I am much wiser now.

    • otaku fairy says:

      “I think it was her ‘I’m not like other girls’ schtick, which always annoys me.” The weird thing is that some of her fans pull that card too in conversations about Pink vs. other women in the music industry. Taylor Swift fans do the same thing. It’s annoying AF. I’ve always liked Pink’s music though.

  8. Pix says:

    LOVE her! I’m so happy to read this. She’s really had a great comeback from whatever the industry was trying to do. Her fans will always be with her because her talent is so fierce.

  9. Pam_L says:

    Good on you, Pink! 🙂 🙂

  10. aerohead21 says:

    I would really like if their beautiful people lists (men and women) went to people who make us little people feel a sense of empowerment. I do agree Pink is still on the emotional intelligence growth trajectory (as I probably am too), I appreciate her efforts to empower women in more than superficial things. And she uses her daughter as the reason women need to feel empowered to do more than be pretty play things.

  11. ChrissyMS says:

    She has become so much more relatable since she has had kids. She seems like a great mother and also is Super Talented. I like this.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I like her and think she’s beautiful, but am surprised People went with such an unexpected choice. They’re usually so predictable and safe with their publicist approved stories.

    She seems like a good mom and I think her kids will grow up to be accepting, caring people, but I wish she’d give them a little more privacy and not put them on magazine covers.

  13. ms says:

    I notice they did NOT photoshop out her crows feet and I’m loving that. If you’re about 40 you are definitely going to have them. Good job People.

  14. Rachel in August says:

    Yay! I love her.

  15. Rumi says:

    Most beautiful woman in the world covers are so silly, did they scour the world?
    I like Pink, love her message, embrace who you are, but these covers are ridiculous.
    Most beautiful in US if they are going to them, but the world, no way.

    • DesertReal says:

      I couldn’t agree more.
      …One of the many reasons why I always roll my eyes whenever these covers come out.

    • me says:

      More like most beautiful “celeb”. I’ve been to very remote places on this planet and I can tell you the beauty I have seen is unbelievable, with no make-up…all natural.

  16. Kitten says:

    Love her.

  17. CityGirl says:

    Love her and have ever since her first album

  18. Krissy says:

    I’m digging it, I like Pink & she represents something different. I’m sick of Peoples magazine most beautiful issue always insisting on how beautiful Julia Roberts, Jenifer Aniston etc. are when in my opinion their basically just cute, average looking women.

  19. No Doubtful says:

    I love Pink, but her last album was disappointing. Revenge was the only song that truly reflected her edgy, fun personality. The rest were forgettable. Her style this era has also been terrible.

    • jana says:

      Well the album is #1 on Billboard and she’s on the cover of People’s Most Beautiful Women, so you’re definitely in the minority of thinking on both counts.

      • Jussie says:

        The album got mediocre reviews and it dropped real hard and fast in the charts after great first week sales, so word of mouth wasn’t good either.

  20. Happy21 says:

    I’ve always loved her.
    Ever since she came out I’ve always had to laugh at friends who also thought she was the bomb and were like ‘she’s just like me. She’s different, she doens’t GAF what anyone things, she so uniquie, etc.’ and those were the friends who cared more about image than anyone. They were not unique, they were not themselves. They were the ones who molded themselves into what everyone around them was and expected them to be.
    Pink’s thing could have been a schtick but her staying power has proven that she is exactly who she purports to be.

  21. Honey Bear says:

    Lol. Yeah ok

  22. ash says:

    i remember when pink came out and was hard body culturally appropriating and the record label tried to push her out to be racially ambiguous and something akin to a lightskin or mixed looking black woman LOL

    I never took Pink serious since!

    • lol says:

      What? I can’t believe it.
      I don’t like her because she is a hypocrite. As this article says… She judges and shames other women for getting naked, but doesn’t have a problem showing off her own body. She posed naked for PETA, but she still wears fur.

  23. lol says:

    Congratulations, Pink. You have a good PR team. Most beautiful woman in the world? These covers are ridiculous.