Ali Wentworth: I’ve lost friends after confessing how often I sleep with my husband


Ali Wentworth has been married to George Stephanopoulos for 17 years. She’s a comedian and an actress who most recently created, wrote and starred in Nightcap. I enjoy that show (it reminds me a little of Extras) and hope they get a season three. Ali was raised surrounded by both politics (her mother was Nancy Regan’s White House Social Secretary) and journalism (her father was a reporter for The Washington Post and her stepfather was the editor of The Sunday Times). So she and George are well paired, and for more than just their intellect. In Ali’s newest book, Go Ask Ali, she confesses that she and George have so much sex, she loses friends over it.

Stephanopoulos’ comedian wife, Ali Wentworth, reveals in her upcoming book, Go Ask Ali, that the couple enjoys quite a healthy sex life after 17 years of marriage. It’s a fact that irks her female friends, according to the New York Post, which published lines from the memoir that’s released on April 24.

“The lowest moment for me is when the time arrives for the fateful question: ‘How often do you and your husband have sex?’” Wentworth, 53, writes in the memoir, according to the Post. “I have lost friends with this question.”

When Wentworth tells her pals the truth, the reactions are big. “The women gasp and scream like I’ve confessed that I shot my dog,” she jokes. “One of them always slams her first down on the table; a woman’s wine glass once smashed in her hand. I’m sorry! We’re hot for each other. Jesus!”

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I couldn’t understand how Ali lost friends over the amount of sex she has with George. Like, was she cutting out on the check to go have a quickie in the bathroom? Ali loves to exaggerate so I’m going to need to see a doctor’s note on that smashed glass, thank you. But do people care that much about other’s sex lives? When my friend starts bragging about how much sex she and her husband of 25 years have, I think, “there but for the grace of God… “ No, seriously though, I’m very happy with my sex life so other people’s numbers don’t upset me, even if they’re inflating/deflating them. I might smash a glass the next time it comes up, though, just for the drama.

Incredulity aside, some people don’t think sex lives should be discussed so publicly. I am not one of those people, I have no problem with it. Ali, though, has always been outspoken, mostly for comedic value. In 2003 she countered reports of a rocky marriage to The Washington Post by saying, “Come on, do you know of many strained marriages that make love twice a day?” Maybe I’m biased because I find her really funny and loved her two prior books, Ali in Wonderland and Happy Ali After (I haven’t read The WASP Cookbook yet). She’s a comedienne, this is her shtick, and although I’m sure there’s truth to it, I don’t think it bothers George any, so she’ll keep mouthing off about their sex life as long as she can. And here’s a Hell Yes! to still being hot for your partner after decades together.

Now, what do her teen daughters (12 and 15) think of their mother’s confession? That’s an entirely separate matter.




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  1. Mumbles says:

    Every time I see her name in a headline I know it’s going to be her doing or saying something over-the-top. Gurl is thirsty.

    • lisa says:

      she’s wildly irritating

      i dont think they are well matched either, other than her parents are rich

      • ValiantlyVarnished says:

        Unless you know both of them personally there is no way to tell one way or the other if they are well-matched. But the fact that they have been able to sustain a marriage for 17 years in the public eye is a pretty good indicator that they are.

      • Pedro45 says:

        Her parents aren’t exactly the Koch brothers or the Saudi royal family. I doubt that’s the deciding factor in the longevity of their marriage.

      • Vee says:

        I TOTALLY agree. And I’ve seen them in person: she and husband were interested in renting our house in East Hampton. She told the broker we weren’t allowed to LOOK at her! The ego! And she just about killed her husband with one glance when he lingered too long in my direction (I was in a bathing suit). She’s a snob and way too impressed with herself. He was delightful.

      • homeslice says:

        I think he is waaaay too hot for her…lol. But to each his own.

        You know that saying about those who need to talk about sex…

    • NoShame says:

      I can’t even read this article because I will end up hospitalized with excessive eye roll.

      Why do some people insist on talking about their sex lives in public? I always get the sense that the sex must be really bad if they feel a need to advertise.

      And I will drop people who actually discuss their “numbers” with me. It’s a giant red flag!

      I ditched two friends who did that, excessively. I’m guessing her friends had the same urge. Thumbs up to those people. You absolutely made the right choice.

      • Wren says:

        Yeahhh. I definitely don’t ask and if someone volunteers the information, it makes me not want to talk to them as much. Why are you telling me this? Why is it important to you that I know this? I don’t want to know this.

      • ash says:

        then they werent your real friends… that incredibly petty…

      • Cynical Ann says:

        I’m with you. It’s not just the sex-they overshare everything. There is someone I ended up dropping for several reasons, but the main red flag was because she kept putting her kids’ issues out on Facebook as a way of 1) “getting advice” and 2)letting other people know they weren’t alone with their kid’s issues of XYZ. So I’m going to guess that this is the same situation. I don’t give a rat’s ass if you tell me you and your husband are hot for each other and do it constantly, there are going to be a million stories like that where I’m just going to eye rolling.

  2. KBB says:

    She makes it sound like she hates the question, which I don’t think she does. She could easily just say “frequently” or “we have sex enough.” I doubt she is actually asked this question on a regular basis though.

    • Sabrine says:

      Don’t be a prude and purse your lips like a judgemental Granny. She is who she is and it’s no big deal. She’s real and funny. Relax.

    • tealily says:

      Yeah, I feel like this isn’t a super common topic among my friends at least. She makes it sound like she’s asked constantly!

      • KBB says:

        I know! Like it’s the dreaded, inevitable question she just knows is coming lol

      • Silent Star says:

        I think it’s a bit rude to overshare details about your sex life in this way, because there’s always the unspoken expectation of then sharing your own details too. So you either feel pressured into sharing, or feel uncomfortable because you didn’t. And if she’s pretty sure she’s having more sex than her friends, she’s just bragging. It’s just bad manners, and if my “friend” did that repeatedly I’d get really annoyed and drop her too.

  3. Red says:

    No one cares about your sex life, Ali, unless you’re constantly calling off plans to bump uglies.

    • polonoscopy says:

      If someone told me they had sex with their husband three times a day or whatever, I probably wouldn’t care, but I’d also wonder like, if she had a job.

  4. ORIGINAL T.C. says:

    It’s comedy people and obviously exaggation. I’ve watched her past interviews on TV and initially couldn’t believe she was married to such a straight laced serious newsman. But I like the fact that he’s not ashamed of her crazy jokes nor apologizes for them. She has her job and he has his.

  5. Kitten says:

    I’m still confused…are her friends angry or jealous? Why the OTT reaction? I hope she’s just exaggerating.

    Good for her though. Seriously. I hope my BF and I are still boning our brains out well into our fifties.

    • tracking says:

      I think jealous since sex life tends to diminish after kids come along. Mainly due to exhaustion. 2x/day requires a lot of energy!

    • Lela says:

      I think it’s jealousy and maybe relationship problems in some areas. I just had this happen with my best friend since childhood. We are in our late 20s and she was confiding in me that she and her live in boyfriend of 4 years are only intimate once a week and he’s just not into trying anything new and wants the same thing every week whereas she has a much higher sexual drive and would like to experiment more. She joked that I probably know what that’s like since my husband and I have been together since high school and she was shocked when I told her that that’s far from the truth and we are intimate daily and he has no issue trying new toys or positions. I’m pregnant with our second so of course there are days when I’m pukey and don’t want to be touched but I think a lot of people assume once you’ve been with someone for 10+ years your sex life is dull, boring and no one is getting off.
      My fiend was mad at me for over a week and thought I “rubbed it in her face” with all the sex I’m having, instead of facing the problems in their own relationships.

  6. tracking says:

    More power to her/them. This is what I imagine life would be like if I didn’t work a FT+ job and could afford to outsource most if not all domestic chores ;-).

  7. Jaded says:

    I think it’s not acceptable to discuss one’s sex life publicly, it makes me cringe. I rarely talk about sex even with my BFF other than Mr. Jaded still chases me around the bedroom after having most of one boob removed due to breast cancer. I call it the Frankenboob but he doesn’t mind!

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      That’s adorable. He’s probably happy he only has to focus on one boob, you know how lazy our men are! LOL. Congrats on surviving cancer 🙂

    • Wren says:

      Me either. That stopped being cool a long time ago for me. If one of my friends, even a close one, asked me that I’d say something like “why do you need to know?” It’s not something I want to know about their lives and it’s not something I want to discuss about mine.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      aw, that’s sweet! sounds like you got a keeper there.

  8. lunchcoma says:

    Well, that sentence made me roll my eyes pretty hard. If she says similar things to her friends, I can see them getting tired of it.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah, if this is true, I’m guessing it’s not the answer, but her attitude about it all that turns friends away.
      It’s probably just nonsense to sell the book though.

  9. Jussie says:

    I actually kind of get that. I’ve stopped discussing my sex life and to quite a large extent my marriage in general with all but one or two friends.

    So many of the women I know who are my age are in dead bedroom situations, by choice. They think (or want to think) pity sex once or twice a year is just how it is in very long-term relationships. Talking about the very opposite of that kind of relationship definitely pisses them off, even if you’re just answering a question they asked.

    • Sayrah says:

      Agreed. When I told some friends how often we have sex after 15 years and 3 kids they gasped. Once or twice a month is good for them.

      Side note: an active sex life doesn’t mean you don’t have marital problems nor does it prevent infidelity. I know from experience.

    • DesertReal says:

      Aren’t we a little too old to still expect or get jealous of a pervived ideal? I don’t get that.
      If only more of my friends would be a little more forthcoming though. Only a handful of us really laugh, vent, or whatever about it and it’s irritating.
      Sex is fun, intense, hot, and hilarious- I wish more of us were willing to discuss it. But don’t even get me started on like-minded kinky friends that I can discuss those sorts of things with.
      Frequency? Lack thereof? No biggie. Maintaining creative quality is a little more… interesting.

      But anywho, whenever I look at Wentworth, I’ll only ever see In Living Color.
      That’s all.

  10. NotTodaySatan says:

    Never paid much attention to her but lately she seems everywhere. Guess it’s because she’s hawking the new book or show or?

    Whatever. I find her irritating though.

  11. Dede says:

    No one believes that for a second. Tons of long time gossip out there about Georgie.
    This is a nice arrangement for them.

  12. Happy21 says:

    LOL, maybe she doesn’t lose friends after confessing her and her husbands frequent sex, maybe it’s because her friends don’t like her and this is just the tip of the iceberg. They don’t care and it’s like the straw that broke the camels back. Like oh god here she goes again, yep I’m done.

  13. Jess says:

    I’m jealous and I don’t know the woman! Twice a day?! Jeez, they must have great energy and great sex. My husband and I hit 5 times in one day, or 4.5 since I was half drunk and fell asleep during the last round, but that was in the first year of our relationship and in that phase where you can’t stop touching each other, lol. I can’t imagine maintaining that for 17 years, good for her, but I’m tired just thinking about it😄😄

  14. DIRTNAP says:

    Oh, I thought she lost friends because she won’t shut up about her family’s coming over on the Mayflower or her #WASPlife. That’s certainly why I tuned her out.

  15. Hazel says:

    I think real friends accept her for who she is. She may be losing others by asking the question, not necessarily by volunteering the answer. And I think she & George are a good example of how opposites attract, although I’m guessing they’re alike enough in things that matter.

  16. Jailnurse says:


  17. Megan says:

    Is this a question people are regularly asked? No one has ever asked me how often my husband and I have sex and I have several very, very close girlfriends. If one of us is having an issue in that department, we may ask for advice, but never just “ok so we’ve been friends long enough: exactly how often are you having sex?”

    • Margaret says:

      It surprises me, too. I can’t remember anyone ever asking me, and I’ve never asked anyone else. I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business.

      • noway says:

        It doesn’t bother me to talk about sex, and I do have close girlfriends but I too have never been asked this question. We talk about sex, but never how much. Is this a new thing? Or is this just what wealthy women talk about?

        She’s kind of funny, but she definitely is a bit extra, and I’d take anything she says with not just a grain of salt, but a shaker or gallon. She’s the queen of exaggeration.

  18. Rachel in August says:

    Fascinating. Are you bragging or complaining?

  19. minx says:

    Ugh, no one cares.

  20. Jill says:

    Based on that last pic of them, he’s looking more and more like Casey Kasem every day.

  21. j says:

    might be the oversharing that drives people away.

  22. Suzanne says:

    My guess is…it’s the classic…If I’m screwing his brains out…he won’t have the desire to cheat on me and screw somebody else’s brains out. Frankly, I don’t find either of them appealing in any way, shape or form. Perhaps they are a perfect match…there is a lid for every spittoon…I mean, pot.

  23. Veronica says:

    Maybe it’s less about how much sex you’re having and more about being unfiltered and humble bragging 24/7.

  24. Anguishedcorn says:

    Who in real life would ask that question in the first place?

    • Lauren II says:

      I’ve had my 2 sister in laws ask me. Every time they see me! They know their brother gets bored easily. 13 Years & i still dress up in lingerie. We have 4 children…life has been very hectic and exhausting.
      We do not have cable or even a tv. If we have any free time…we’re in bed. Shut off the tv!

  25. Kate says:

    I came in here to be a b**** and say this chick looks crazy and unattractive. Lol

  26. MissMarierose says:

    Methinks she doth protest too much.

  27. Jay says:

    All the women I know in real life who brag about how much Sex they have …. are having very little. My verification for this? Their husbands, who I’m also friends with. So I roll my eyes at this. Not because I’m offended but it’s like ok whatever. Also I’ve heard so many stories that she’s an absolute jerk.

  28. Riley says:

    She might be telling herself that’s why she’s lost friends, but I think it has more to do with she’s annoying as hell!

  29. Philo says:

    When she was on Comedians Getting Coffee in Cars – Seinfeld described her as the funniest person he knows. Quite a compliment really – I didn’t quite see it but I haven’t seen much of her anyway. Twice a day? I don’t know where people find that kind of time. And with two youngish kids? I suppose they have help but still…

  30. Betsy says:

    I agree with the others that either she is exaggerating “loss of friends” or that they have absented themselves from her life for her rapacious attention seeking. If a friend of mine is getting exactly what both she and her partner want, good on them, I’m not going to be jealous!im going to be happy for them! But if I have to hear about it a lot and or it’s coupled up with judgment for me? Bye bye.

  31. Jailnurse says:

    I’ve had guys like that. In other words, George is a two minute man! There’s no way with that quantity that there’s any quality there. Not by most women’s standards, but as always those who have nothing to brag about do, and do so obnoxiously. Wtvr trick.