Tom Hiddleston ambushed Loki cosplayers & the response was… muted

Avengers Infinity War Fan Event - Arrivals

There’s something of a growing trend this year, and maybe over the past few years. The trend is videos where celebrities “surprise” their normal fans. I don’t know, maybe “celebrities surprising people” videos have been happening for decades, but it really feels like a legit trend lately. Recently, Jimmy Fallon organized a spectacular surprise-celebrity-ambush for Black Panther fans:

I love that video – it’s so joyful and so REAL. Like, the idea behind it is contrived, but the reactions from the people were so great. It made me cry, quite honestly.

So, obviously, this whole trend is being copied all the time now. Marvel decided to surprise Loki superfans with a surprise appearance by Tom Hiddleston:

What’s funny to me is that… some of them were surprised, but it didn’t seem like anyone was really moved to tears or anything. Also: I’m pretty sure this was filmed at the Avengers fan event in London, which Tom attended. The people who were there dressed up like Loki for the fan event, and they probably thought they’d get to see him at least, which might explain why people were so… muted. All in all, not the best video, but not the worst. Also: why were all the Loki cosplayers women??

Also: this celebrity-ambushing-regular-people thing was used to great effect in Drake’s recent music video “God’s Plan” too. I swear this is a legit trend. I’m a trend-spotter!!

Avengers Infinity War UK Fan Event

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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27 Responses to “Tom Hiddleston ambushed Loki cosplayers & the response was… muted”

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  1. Nanny to the rescue says:

    Re: “Also: why were all the Loki cosplayers women??”

    The Loki they show first but is 3rd to be surprised (he’s holding the Tessaract) – he’s a guy.

  2. Kata says:

    Why on Earth would anyone be moved to tears because they met a celebrity?

    And it was in London. To me it seems that these over the top reactions usually happen with Americans. The kind of enthusiasm you see with audiences on a show like Ellen I’ve never seen here.

    • eto says:

      One Direction had people going mad all over the world. Fan obsession is universal :)

    • Kaiser says:

      I was wondering if the headline should be “Hiddleton ambushed Loki cosplayers and the response was… British.”

    • so cool says:

      Well this fans rather knew that Tom is at this event. Plus he met some of this people before (this is why he knew their names). And This fans aren’t teens. I can’t imagine someone who is older that 12 yo, who cry when meet celeb. Also Tom is very normal and casual with fans, so they aren’t so intimidated.

  3. Meggles says:

    Okay but can we have a thread about Tom’s current adventures in Shanghai? In which he becomes vocally overexcited in his enthusiasm for banana-flavoured milk and cream cheese, and walks ass-backwards into a door because he’s so busy waving at fans.

    I’m not sure when I passed the point from gentle mocking to full-on fandom (and okay still with some gentle mocking), but I’m here now.

    • Caitlin Bruce says:

      The banana milk funny video was from Korea. The walking backwards into the door while fans hounded him was in Shanghai. At one point he was walking about Shanghai in a Nike hat that seems to have been eaten by his puppy bobby. Funny how his stylist hasn’t claimed any of the press photos of him, he seems to be reusing the same suits. No one where’s a tight blue three piece suit like him. Those pics from Wimbledon 2015 will for ever be etched in my brain. Mainly for hiddlebulge but the suit is very nice too

    • Lightpurple says:

      And then there’s the chopsticks video.

    • DB70 says:

      I can’t stop looking at the roll of (what appears to be) toilet paper hanging near and above Tom Holland and Benedict.

  4. Beth says:

    I’m jealous. I’d probably be so shocked and excited that I’d make a fool of myself

  5. NoShame says:

    My response to the existence of Hiddles has always been…muted. I’ve never understood people’s attraction to him. He’s just one in a million posh British dudes who looks like they’re forever trapped in some stage of puberty.

    Plus, he’s one thirsty little douche. Double plus, that acceptance speech!!! Ugh, sit the f*ck down, boy.

    • Nanny to the rescue says:

      These are Loki cosplayers, tho. They’re unlikely to be indifferent to him or to be annoyed by him.

    • justme says:

      The man has practically been a hermit for a year, only emerging to promote his films. How is that “thirsty”? He is doing his job currently and doing it very nicely too.

    • SlightlyAnonny says:

      Can I sit with you? Him, Benefits Kumquatbatch, the other Hobbit, I don’t get it.

      • Nanny to the rescue says:

        Who’s “the other Hobbit”? I suspect it’s not Martin Freeman.
        Is it Richard “I’m actually the star of The Hobbit although I play a dwarf” Armitage?

    • mags says:

      by all accounts, he seems like a pretty nice guy. And he is much more quiet and low key than a certain singer and her performative privacy. He is contractually obligated to promote this film, so he is just fulfilling his contract.

      And honestly, his ambition and his poorly worded speech hardly makes him a douche. Maybe just to fans of a certain singer who are turning on him now that that showmance is over. Joe’s turn will come. Toe is not eternal.

    • DB70 says:

      It must horrible to have something you said, and obviously regretted, brought up every time you breathe. I’d hate for people to bring up everything I’d ever said wrong and judge me on those few things instead of my behavior as a whole. I’m sure it’s a lot worse than what he’s done.

  6. EmmyB1608 says:

    Maybe they’re Loki fans, rather than Hiddleston fans?

  7. DB70 says:

    I thought it was cute. The guy cosplayer said on Twitter it was cut because he was cursing when he saw Tom.

    I don’t think I would have been yelling and jumping if it was me either. Now if he was bringing me a puppy…..maybe.

  8. Lightpurple says:

    They knew he was going to be there and I think Marvel either hired them or invited them to be there because they weren’t just part of the crowd.

    Any way, the Avengers PR tour is continuing somewhere in Asia but it is all a bit muted because they don’t really need to do any promotion for this beast. The Thursday night showings around here are either sold out or close to it.

  9. VintageS says:

    I love Tom H, but the whole issue with T’chala is on top of being an honorable superhero, he is so sweet can’t be said too many times. The movie still amazes me as a superhero movie with such depth of story, message and strong female characters even more than the male characters.

    Anyhoo, Tom Hiddleston can surprise me anytime.

  10. mags says:

    His video seem heavily edited. I bet there was much more exciting things that didn’t make it into the cut as it is from Brits and they tend to swear more than Americans.

  11. Case says:

    I think it was just a very British response, lol. But I enjoy pretty much any video like this — I appreciate when celebrities are sweet with their fans.

  12. MI6 says:

    He’s an adorable, enormously talented dork.
    I don’t care what he wears. 😍

  13. Dannii says:

    “Moved to tears”
    Maybe its an american thing? I’ve seen people meet other celebs here who do not collapse crying.