Meghan Markle wears a flattering Hugo Boss to a London memorial service

Stephen Lawrence Memorial Service

Good God it’s busy today. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had this on their schedule today, not knowing that this would be the day that the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the latest little heir, Prince T’Challa Philip Thomas Arthur of Cambridge (I’m just guessing). Harry and Meghan stepped out today for a memorial service for Stephen Lawrence, a black British man who was murdered 25 years ago in a violent, racist hate crime. It took nearly 20 years for his murderers to be convicted in a court of law, and the case was a massive thing in the UK. They changed the laws in Britain because of this case. People Magazine did an interesting article about it here.

So this is a serious moment. It’s not a moment for frivolity whatsoever. Still, we’re going to talk about her fashion, because of course we are. That’s the point of all of this, and I mean that in a larger “this is why the royal family has embraced Meghan so quickly” sense too. It would have been fine for Prince Harry to attend this memorial service on his own, sans Meghan. But the New Woke Windsors have a shiny new toy: an African-American woman who is engaged to one of the most popular figures in the family. So of course Meghan was asked to attend, or maybe she even wanted to draw attention to this herself. Everyone wants to see these photos run in every publication, because that’s the way the Windsors get to perform their wokeness, especially in the same newscycle where the #1 heir to the throne committed a racial microaggression against a British-Indian woman.

With that in mind, let’s talk about fashion. Meghan wore this Hugo Boss dress which is fine. It’s not LOOK-AT-ME but it’s not a black sack either. It’s got a nice cut, but the fabric – a stiff-looking black cloth with white “marbling” – is not great. Her accessories aren’t great either – why put this dress with beige shoes and a beige clutch? Why not black accessories? But other than that, it’s fine, as I said. She looks good, she looks pretty and she looks respectful towards the event.

Stephen Lawrence Memorial Service

Stephen Lawrence memorial service

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  1. Ginger says:

    That skirt length is not flattering on any woman. Right above the knee would have been perfect.

  2. klutzy_girl says:

    Another one of my favorite dresses! I love it – it’s so pretty.

    And calling Arthur Philip Henry as the baby’s name.

    • Peeking in says:

      Is Richard a Royal name? ‘Cause I’m going with Richard.

      • Valois says:

        It is, there were three kings names Richard and two of them have a pretty horrible reputation. Richard I Lionheart would be okay I guess, but Richard II was overthrown by Henry IV and starved to death in captivity and thanks to Shakespeare, Richard III will be forever known as the monstrous hunchback who killed his nephews.

      • Merritt says:

        The Queen’s cousin is Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester

      • LAK says:

        Valois: Richard 3 is the victim of Tudor propaganda. With time, that propaganda is receeding, but it’s still sad to see it repeated.

        To be clear, i’m not saying Richard was a saint, but the Tudors needed to establish their right to the throne. The Battle of Bosworth Field gave them the throne, but they had no legitimate claim to the throne.

      • Somegirl says:

        I’m guessing Richard is avoided more since the last King Richard, Richard the III, “disappeared” his nephews and ascended the throne in their place. Prior to that it was quite the royal name, with Richard the Lion-Heart being the first King Richard.

      • Somegirl says:

        LAK, I know the Tudor propaganda perpetuated the idea of Richard being a hunchback, but from his bones that were found it does seem like he was probably suffering from severe scoliosis, which would affect his outward appearance. I’m curious- do you think the princes in the tower were not murdered by Richard? I’ve read a lot about it, but it was many years ago. Last I read it seemed most likely they had been.

      • Valois says:

        LAK, you’re right and I know all of that. I thought I made it clear by exaggerating and mentioning Shakespeare.
        It’s been established how Henry VII (and later Shakespeare) managed to create such a popular and long-lasting myth (incl. then red/white rose as an icon and a nice but bs background story) but I highly doubt people’s perception and Richard’s reputation will significantly change anytime soon.

      • spidee!!! says:

        Richard the Lionheart was a blood thirsty thug to be honest.

      • Valois says:

        Yeah him constantly raising taxes so he could play Great Warrior while abandoning his country doesn’t scream heroic to me, but most people would probably hear the name and think “good king from Robin Hood!”.

      • LAK says:

        Somegirl: He had scoliosis, but not to the extent of ‘hunchback’ or physically frail. There are numerous accounts of his physical prowess on the battlefield, on horseback, hand to hand combat etc

        There is a fascinating documentary about an experiment carried out by the university of Leicester where they found a modern man with similar curvature of the spine who was trained and exercised in the manner of Richard who came out the other side as strong as any man or better.

        One of the reason his scoliosis became ‘hunchback’ is the medieval belief that physical imperfection meant someone was touched by the devil and therefore evil. It was a visual telegraphing of that prejudice to the audience without saying a word. The more crooked the better.

        The play ignores so much about his life, good or bad, and instead creates a monster capable and accused of all sorts of skullduggery regardless of the real record.

        The principal reason for this blackening of his name had everything to do with the fact that the Tudors had toppled a legitimate, anointed King. One with a very popular base in the north of England, whilst having no legitimate claim to the throne themselves. One of the reason the Tudors relied so heavily on propaganda and self-promotion.

        As for the Princes in the Tower, another propaganda. There are several candidates for their killer, and at his death they were considered ‘disappeared, but not dead’. The idea that one or both was still alive was so strongly believed by the population that several years later, several pretenders eg Perkin Warbeck who pretended to be younger Prince in the Tower, were able to raise armies in rebellion against the Tudors with very strong public support.

        Valois: Part of the reason he was able to create such a thorough and long-lasting myth was due to the fact that he executed anyone who showed support for the dead King. He laid down laws that called such supporters traitors as well as making it a capital offense if found in possession of anything that might support Richard including literature. He destroyed any such literature he could find. Much of what we’ve been able to find to revise the record is found in the national archives of foreign countries whose ambassadors were present at court and wrote to their foreign masters of events in England.

      • Kelly says:

        I think killing his nephews is the natural next step after declaring them illegitimate and seizing the throne. It may not have been the Tudor’s throne, but it wasn’t Richard’s either – until those pesky nephews were disappeared. Elizabeth York was the natural heir, and it was a brilliant move to marry her to Henry Tudor.

      • LAK says:

        Regardless of Richard’s usurpation of the throne, he was a legitimate claimant to the throne and a strong claim in every way that mattered. He was the next male heir after his nephews. And after him, a smorgasbord of people with a much stronger claim than the Tudors who were twice illegitimate and barred from the throne forever.

        All the York sisters would have been, and were, married off strategically to improve the King’s standing and build allies. Henry Tudor marrying Elizabeth of York is an extension of this type of strategy because it guaranteed the support of Edward 4′s allies.

  3. savu says:

    Appropriate, fits well, serious. A+

  4. Lucy says:

    “Prince T’Challa Philip Thomas Arthur of Cambridge” LOL. Thanks for that laugh. She looks lovely and appropriate. The header picture is beautiful!

    • Olenna says:

      I had to laugh and SMH at that name, too! Someone on another thread named the little man “Wakanda Windsor”. Maybe we should have a vote! And, yes, Meghan looks lovely; I really like this dress on her. She’s seems to be glowing, along with Happy Uncle Harry. :-)

  5. Beth says:

    The other day she wore an ugly dress with buttons, now she’s got a clutch and wearing nude heels… has she been borrowing things from Kate? Not a terrible outfit, but would’ve looked a lot better with black shoes

  6. homeslice says:

    The shoes are wrong. I am loving her hair though…a touch messy but she can pull it off. Wish I could :/

  7. minx says:

    Very nice. I hope V necks are coming back, I’m sick of crew necks.

  8. LAK says:

    The paradox of the DM is that it was the leading media campaigner to secure this conviction. They were relentless about the campaign to get the murderers tried and convicted and often do follow ups with the family and the situation.

  9. Who ARE These People? says:

    Looked closely at her face…there are dark shadows. Bet she’s exhausted.

  10. AmandaPanda says:

    I don’t particularly like this on her but I love Hugo boss in general and don’t understand why kate doesn’t wear more of it.

    • Veronica T says:

      Cause he designed the Nazis uniforms??
      This was another misstep by Meghan. The sleeveless, too. It is a formal occasion, and Meghan likes to dress like she is going out with friends to dinner.
      Dress, jacket, shoes, bag. Easy.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate wears dolce and gabbana and they are currently problematic. So is it really better to support a fashion house with bigoted designers as opposed to a German fashion designer where the founder who was a Nazi is dead. And frankly most German companies have a link to Nazis at some point. What about driving a Ford vehicle since Henry Ford supported Hitler early on? Or what about American companies that existed during the time of slavery? Oh and Coco Chanel was also linked to Germans pre WWII and we know Kate wore Chanel while in France.

  11. Bees says:

    Beautiful dress! Not sure the sleeveless look is appropriate for the event, though.

  12. NΞΞNΔ ΖΞΞ says:

    She’s been sleeveless at the last few events… why??

  13. whatever says:

    It’s a nice dress but probably a bit too fancy for a memorial service.

  14. Guest says:

    She looks great. Rolling my eyes from the haters on Twitter laughing that “no one cares about this event” since kate gave birth. Yes it’s not Kate’s fault she gave birth, but this event should be getting more attention then it is. Its a very serious event that deserves respect.

  15. Joannie says:

    The length of the dress does her no favours considering her calves and ankles are so tiny and she does have large feet. Or so it appears. I think she looks fine!

  16. Linda says:

    Dont like anything about this outfit. Top picture the hair is hanging in her face. Not a good look either.

  17. MaryM says:

    Not sure I would have chosen to wear a sleeveless dress to that type of occasion. The length is kind of strange. I am not trying to pick on her. Just an observation.

  18. KiddV says:

    I like it, even with the beige shoes and clutch. It fits her well and looks appropriate.

  19. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    I like it. The dress fits her well. And I think she was trying to keep the look from being to heavy with a black bag and black heels. Which it would have been.

  20. Sage says:

    I feel like Harry has worn the same suit for his last 2 weeks of appearances.

  21. smee says:

    It’s not that pretty, but that kind of fabric doesn’t blow up in the wind, so good job!

    I’m not crazy about the floppy belt – fold it over or put it in the the belt loop.

  22. ASHBY says:

    I absolutely love, love her hair, beautiful, dark, rich and thick.

    I also love her messy hairstyle, her up-do’s are truly great, not stiff and severe, a few pieces of hair framing her lovely face.

    I like the dress and the clutch, I would have worn black shoes, I’m no fun of nude heels.

    She is very photogenic, her skin tone is amazing, it’s her best accessory.

  23. Violet says:

    I actually really like this dress, and the shoes, but again it’s a bit, um, garden party for a memorial service, and I am really getting tired of the loose strands of hair at the side. But in and of itself I like the dress, this time the belt works for her, I think she looks really pretty in the outfit, she just doesn’t look, well, sombre.

  24. Becks says:

    I think she looks lovely. Someone was saying (here or on twitter, I cant remember) that it’s fairly warm in London now so I think the dress works overall. I don’t love the beige shoes with it but they don’t “hurt” the look, they just don’t add to it, which is fine for this kind of event.

  25. Pandy says:

    Why is she the only sleeveless person?? Seems a bit odd.

  26. Amelie says:

    I like this look, better than the green Self Portrait dress with the blazer and the navy Stella McCartney cape dress. I know people here are allergic to beige/nude heels because Kate wears them all the time but I think they work with this outfit.

  27. Coz' says:

    Beautiful dress.
    Nude accessories are such a bore… I wish royal ladies and actresses would quit them…

  28. Magdalin says:

    I am curious, what ever happened to royal ladies covering their shoulders for church? At least with a shawl? I personally don’t like to enter a somber event with bare arms unless it’s July or August. I agree with the earlier posts that the length compensates; couldn’t do above the knee AND sleeveless.

    For comparison’s sake, at least she didn’t look like one of the Bush family members at Mrs. Bush’s recent service. It was black so I think she thought that made everything else okay. It was near halter sleeveless, WAY above the knee and no offense age-wise, but let’s just say she has a couple to a few decades on Meghan.

    This is totally appropriate and Meghan looks nice.

    • dodgy says:

      C of E have slackened on that requirement in latter years. At the end of the day, you do want people coming to church and not staying away. So if they have to show a bit of shoulder, so be it, you need a congregation to preach to, not empty pews. Rend your heart and not your garments, no?

      But yeah, I know on the continent, it is required that you keep your shoulders covered.

  29. Vava says:

    I don’t mind the dress, but I’d freeze without sleeves. It would look better with a different shoe, I’m sick of nude pumps. I got rid of mine a few years back.

  30. Originaltessa says:

    I think she looks lovely. There’s not a thing wrong or inappropriate with what she’s wearing. This call for modesty is absurd. Wtf? I feel like women are her biggest critics on that issue.

    • Veronica T says:

      It isn’t picking her apart to comment that her dress without a jacket isn’t professional. She is attending a memorial service in an official capacity, representing the royal family. Cover your arms, Meghan, like any professional would do.
      She isn’t going to dinner with her pals or to a garden party. Dress like it. She is an almost 37 year old woman and should know better. If you are all going to ding Kate for being inappropriate often, at least be honest and call Meghan out on her lack of knowledge of professional wear as well.
      And I doubt Letizia would show up at a memorial service in April in bare arms.

  31. Anastasia says:

    I’m not going to pick her apart. She looks great.

  32. Keepitreal says:

    She looks totally appropriate for the event. There did not seem to be a prescribed “dress code”; some women wore trousers.

  33. Ce2495 says:

    I don’t mind the design but I do mind the label. I don’t support Hugo Boss and will never do. Their apologies for past horrors never felt enough. I don’t even believe they compensated or truly apologized to the families of those who they did wrong.

  34. Other Renee says:

    Sleeveless to a memorial service? I think not. She looks like she’s going to a garden party.
    Her hair is a mess. Please change stylists.
    Kate would be skewered if she showed up to a memorial service in this outfit.

  35. Citresse says:

    What’s going on with the weather? I just viewed the CTV news London correspondent covering the news of the birth of baby Cambridge 3 and she was all bundled up with a coat and scarf and here’s Meghan sleeveless. Maybe it’s quite damp? Some people can’t tolerate damp weather especially if very windy too.

  36. Honey says:

    I think she looks great here.

  37. Cerys says:

    It’s a lovely dress and she looks good. However I agree with those who said a sleeveless dress is not appropriate for a royal at a church service.

  38. Leyton says:

    I don’t see the problem with her dress. Some of ya’ll are acting like Diana didn’t wear a sleeveless to Versace’s funeral.

    I personally like the dress. Meghan has lost a lot of weight so I hope she picks it up once the wedding is over. Other than that, I like that she sticks to her one “imperfect” in her outfits. She’s glowing and I’m sure her and Harry can’t wait for this to be over. They are less than a month away!

    Harry looks good but GOD, I wish someone would buy him another suit. I swear he wore this on Saturday to the Queens birthday. It’s like he and William only 3 sets of suits. They clearly don’t take after Charles with their more formal wear.

  39. Sojaschnitzel says:

    Hate the shoes ( I don’t get beige shoes, ever) – love the dress. It is perfect. I seriously love this on her. On me it would look very funny, what with my not that thin arms and such, but on her it’s brilliant.

  40. KiddV says:

    People wear jeans and shorts and flip flops to church these days, I think a bare upper arm should be the least of anyone’s concern.

    I also think people need to update their fashion “appropriateness”. Remember when jeans weren’t appropriate at school? Or how about when women couldn’t even wear pants to school or work? Things change. A woman baring her shoulders isn’t scandalous anymore, even in a church.

    • Suze says:

      My question is why? Why is it that all other religions it is considered respectful to follow their codes of dress when visiting. Why is it OK then in Christian cathedrals for people to wear things that are not considered acceptable and it’s ok and get with the times but in a Muslim mosque it would be considered rude and inappropriate

      • KiddV says:

        My point was for the comments here, not for what religions insist on women wearing so they don’t distract the men from their important worshipping.

        People pointed out that other women were wearing sleeveless dresses/tops also, but yet it was inappropriate for Meghan to do so. It appears it was OK to dress that way in that church.

        And if I ever step foot in a house of organized religion again, I will obviously dress according to their rules. I may be atheist but I’m not disrespectful.

      • Nic919 says:

        Sleeveless dresses are perfectly acceptable in Christian churches and I say this as a former church organist in a Catholic Church. This is just pearl clutching because it is Meghan, ignoring that there were other women with sleeveless dresses also in attendance in the service.

  41. lobbit says:

    I absolutely love that dress.

  42. OG Cleo says:

    Stop calling her a “toy” in order to criticize the BRF, for the love of God. It takes away her agency as an individual instead of pointing out the BRF’s entrenched racism. I get what the goal is, but please find another way to get your thought across.

  43. Nicole says:

    Hrm. It’s fine – and probably one of the least ugly outfits Meghan has worn since getting engaged* – but if Kate had worn this outfit everyone would be dragging her for wearing sleeveless and a v-neck to church. A nice cardigan over the dress would have been lovely. Also black accessories, the beige just doesn’t go.

    * I’m unfortunately not a huge fan of her style. I thought the McQueen suit was fab, but everything else has been a let down.

  44. Shelly says:

    God her life is so boring now. My sister and i were talking about them today and we both agreed that their marriage is going to blow up big time. Too fast, too rushed and she will get tired of it once the glow of the wedding goes out.

    • Msthang says:

      Shelly. and then his family will say to him, we tried to tell you but you weren’t having it. You just had to get married and have kids right this minute, couldn’t wait a year, now you made your bed now lay in it!!

      • Msthang says:

        Shelly, and then of course we will be hearing about her fleeing to the golden state because she misses her mama and so on and so on. Personally, I give it 18 months after the wedding ,before the fit hits the shan and there is a child in the middle and they both realize they made a huge mistake. Then they will spend the next 18 months convincing the public how in love they are, but the the public will see the cracks and rumors of his philandering, and KAPUT in 4 or 5 years!!

  45. Bliss 51 says:

    In the late ’80s I attended a Catholic service in Huntington Beach. Except for the occasional funeral and wedding, I rarely observe. I was shocked to see teens in shorts and flip flops. Good for them if they’re there for a service.

  46. khaveman says:

    The dress is fine. No alarms are going off for me, but how warm is it in England right now? Prob too summery and needed a 3/4-length sweater or something.

  47. MizFabulous says:

    I think she looks beautiful. The dress is tasteful and modest and understated and completely appropriate for the occasion. I’ve noticed that , these days, Meghan dresses mostly in neutrals, as if she’s going out of her way to avoid her ensemble screaming “Look At Me!” I think that is very smart on her part. I don’t foresee Meghan pulling any exhibitionist skirt-blowing-up crap like Kate has done. She’s smarter than that.