Zoe Saldana in Givenchy at the ‘Infinity War’ premiere: silly or fashionable?

The superhero movies kind of wash over me. I love the dialogue and humor and get a kick out of the action scenes but I don’t remember that much of the plot and don’t ask me how they hang together. I thought Guardians 1 and 2 were highly entertaining, but I didn’t realize that the characters would be in Infinity War. My 13 year-old son told me that it has to do with the Power Stone featured in the first Guardian. Apparently the Infinity War is over the six infinity stones, you can learn more about them here, on this Reddit thread. (This other thread my son showed me has a crazy infographic detailing how all the Marvel characters and stones are related. It was over my head but you may be into that kind of thing.)

We’re of course doing the fashion, and first off is Zoe Saldana in a weird Givenchy black and white pantsuit with a giant bow belt. I always think of Charlize Theron’s 2006 Dior Oscar dress when I see a big bow overwhelming a look like this. (Now that I’m seeing it, it looks way different but there’s still that bow! effect.) I like the shoulder pads, the loose slouchy deep v-neck blouse and the mild retro touches on this outfit I just wish it didn’t have the bow! Also her styling is weird. I love Zoe in the Guardians movies though, she’s so good as Gamora.


Pom Klementieff plays Mantis, and I expected her to have dark hair! She looks so different on the red carpet. I love the cut, material and pattern of this top and skirt combo but it needs to be more fitted.



Karen Gillan is Nebula! I know this actress from Jumanji (that was much more fun than I expected) and she also starred in the short-running TV show Selfie. She’s so pretty and yet her styling is bad and this dress with the little boob and hip curlicues is all kinds of wrong. There is a line of buttons down the back of the arm for some reason.



Speaking of wrong here’s Ant Man’s Evangeline Lilly in this horribly fug gold beaded monstrosity with bell sleeves and see through panels. I think I see her butt in that photo from behind. Something nice: I like her earrings and slick hair. That’s all I’ve got.



Here are some guys tacked on to the end. Chris Hemsworth is trying to grow out his ’70s facial hair. He looks amazing as usual. Vin Diesel (Groot) wore little sticks on his jacket in tribute to his character. That looks dumb but I get the intent. Bradley Cooper didn’t bother giving any nod to Rocket in his look, which was boring as usual. He needs to bring Irina Shayk with him to things. (This reminds me that Bradley used to date Zoe! I wonder if they had one of those “you look good” moments at the premiere.) Paul Rudd is 49. Dude has such a baby face! Finally Chris Pratt was kind of underwhelming in this checked shirt and wide tie. He needs to call up Chadwick Boseman’s stylist.






photos credit: WENN

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  1. lightpurple says:

    Bradley Cooper is morphing into Patrick Dempsey.

    CHemboy was wearing grey suede boots that look like the one’s LEGS was wearing for the past two years.

  2. violet says:

    Hemsworth is prettier than every woman on that carpet. OK, maybe there’s some gender bias in that statement, but he is. What a hunk.

    • SKF says:

      He really is 😂😂. The thing is: his mother is a freak of nature. The woman is insanely gorgeous. She looks like she is her kids’ sister but looks totally natural – like she just has naturally barely aged. His dad is also a handsome guy and the combination of those genes is clearly a winner!

    • Pam_L says:

      Violet, I’ve always thought so! I’ve suffered through years of ‘Liam is the Hot Hemsworth’ when I just knew it was Chris with the Hotness. 🙂

  3. lucy2 says:

    I like Zoe’s look, and I’m not one for big bows.
    Evangeline Lilly is so pretty, but that is not a good look. Ditto for Karen, that dress is terrible.

    Paul Rudd is ageless. He’s like 10 years old that Pratt and looks younger than him.

  4. MellyMel says:

    Paul Rudd does not age.

  5. bread says:

    Has Chris Pratt had fillers injected? He looks….different.

    • HadleyB says:

      His face looks HUGE. Maybe steroids? HGH? Brad Pitts face was huge when he filmed Troy..

  6. I'm confused says:

    I still see Karen Gillan as Amy Ponds. I love her character in Dr Who so much!

  7. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    Karen Gillian! I love her! She will always have a special place in my heart as my favorite Dr. Who companion, Amy Pond. I loved her and Matt Smith as Dr. Who. I actually like this dress. It’s avant garde and different. Zoe Saldana always looks like she left the house before she was finished getting ready to me. I dont hate the jumpsuit but she has done nothing to style it. The hair and makeup don’t work with it. An updo and red lips would have looked amazing.

  8. Naddie says:

    Paul Rudd is 49??? Wow. It must be something in his water, lol.
    I wanted to like Zoe’s outfit because I love seeing her anywhere, but nope.
    Evangeline Lilly will be Kate forever to me. Wonder if it’s lack of talent or opportunity.

  9. Lela says:

    What happened to Zoe? She was supposed to be the next it girl with Avatar, Star Trek, Guardians but she never really took off very big, she still gets lots of roles but I don’t know if she’s A-list status. I like her a lot, maybe some of it is on purpose, she never really engages in pap strolls and media games.

    • I'm confused says:

      Lupita Nyongo happened. I think Lupita is the only black actress who got level of fame as close as JLaw or Emma Stone. The market can only accept one ‘it’ black girl.

    • Tan says:

      I think Zoe is it enough
      She has two big franchises film and she is 39!
      She looks amazing too.

      I always think of her as A list.

    • SKF says:

      She’s huge! She and Scar-Jo are the reigning queens of adventure films: sci-fi, superheroes, action women, etc. The difference between Zoe and Scarlett and J-Law is that she hasn’t managed to get small, prestigious, Arthouse roles that will round her out into a bonafide A-lister across the board. I would hazard a guess that the reason for that is partially racial – there just aren’t as many of those roles for WOC and the ones that exist in her age-range are going to the likes of Lupita, Naomie Harris, Tessa Thompson, etc. There’s also the chance that she is too busy to fit them in at this point in her career with all the massive franchises she is contracted to and twin babies at home. I mean, how many Avatar films does she have to go at this point??

  10. lobstah says:

    I hate Chris Pratt. Mainly because of how he treats animals. The man should never be entrusted with the well-being of another innocent animal ever again.

    But also, he’s like the human equivalent of La La Land – smarmy, eye-rolling and completely up his own ass.

    Paul Rudd is my forever #1.

  11. JA says:

    Pom is such a pretty woman! Googled her after viewing Guardians. Only wish she would embrace her dark roots…her hair looks so fried and deAd!! I’m a natural brunette and when I see ppl with dyed blonde hair that looks like straw I want to shake them…blonde isn’t for everyone and that’s ok!!!!

  12. Malificent says:

    Evangeline’s outfit looks like it came from the Mrs. Roper Collection at Frederick’s of Hollywood.

  13. Jordan says:

    Hemsworth, Evans and Hiddleston will be here in Seattle for a comic con in June. I hope Chris’ 70s stache is gone. I’m so excited 😍

  14. Danielle says:

    I think Zoe looks great, I love her look. Evangeline… yikes!

  15. bella says:

    Zoe looks gorgeous and I love the outfit! Chris H is ridiculously hot and BCoop looks good too.