The royal baby’s name is finally revealed: Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge

Kate Middleton baby boy

Good God FINALLY. Four days after giving birth, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have finally released the name of their third child. With both George and Charlotte, they only made the public wait two days. I truly have no idea why they waited so long with this baby, and no, I don’t think it was because they wanted to wait until Charles got a chance to see the baby. William barely makes time for his father and William doesn’t even want his kids to spend time with Charles, so why would William wait for that? As for the name… it’s NOT Albert. Or James. Or Michael. Or Thomas. Or Philip.

Louis wasn’t on many shortlists I saw. I would think William was trying to do something nice for his father by naming this baby Louis: Louis Mountbatten was Charles’ surrogate father/godfather and mentor. When Louis Mountbatten was murdered in an IRA terrorist attack, Charles was devastated. That happened before William was born. But it’s a nice tip of the hat to the man who was so important to William’s father, not to mention Mountbatten’s importance to Prince Philip too. Arthur is… fine for a middle name. The Charles at the end is nice too. Little Prince Louis. Will people call him Louie?

Kate Middleton baby boy

Kate Middleton baby boy

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  1. LizB says:

    Gosh. I don’t like it *at all*. I think Louis doesn’t sound well with George and Charlotte. I thought a combo with Philip and Michael would have been better. And now people will be wondering about the pronunciation.

    Oh, well. Guess it’s a good thing he ain’t my child lol

    • Seraphina says:

      LIzB, I agree 100%. I had my money on Prince Arthur Phillip or vice versa.

      Anywho, May he be happy and healthy.

      • Mumzy says:

        Cheers to “May he be happy and healthy.” His name doesn’t matter.

        (Plus, he will probably just get nickname like Bunbun, Pippen, Moppet, or Chutney anyway.)

    • Lauren says:

      Louis is one of George’s middle names!

      • LizB says:

        Yes, I know. I don’t really follow your point…

      • Alix says:

        The BRF doesn’t hesitate to use the same names over and over. A century ago, you could barely find a member of the family who didn’t have Victoria or Albert as one of their names. Go back another 100 years, everyone was Augusta or Augustus.

        Also, I’m pretty sure they pronounce Louis the French way over there?

      • LAK says:

        Alix…ditto the multiple Carolines/Charlottes and Georges.

      • Megan says:

        My middle name is the same as my older sister’s name. Both are to honor a very loved relative.

      • AV says:

        Right? ! The entire argument I had against Alexander was that they’d already used ut. Did they just forget that George is already Louis?? I

    • Veronica S. says:

      It’s very French sounding to me, whereas the other two are upper crust British names. (I’m assuming that due the spelling, it’s also pronounced the French way, too.) I don’t hate it, but it does sound a little out of sync with the other two.

      • LizB says:

        I live in France, so to have a modern day BRF prince called “Louis” is a bit weird for me. It’s not like I don’t like the name in theory, I just think Prince Louis Cambridge sounds odd. *shrug*

      • Amelie says:

        George and Charlotte are French names too. Only difference is George is spelled Georges with a silent S at the end.

      • Maureen says:

        That was my thought when I heard it, I associate the name Louis with the French kings who were usually at war with the British.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Uffa. I should have taken a trifecta on this, seeing as I only bet on sure things! I said at dinner the other night that Louis would be the first name, and then Charles Arthur or Arthur Charles. I’m going off to my room and kicking myself.

      • Cranberry says:

        Were a whole bunch of people in UK betting on the name? lol. Is that why there’s so much extra hoopla over it? (as opposed to regular RF hoopla)

        Sounds more fun than playing the lottery. Did anyone win big?

  2. Tina says:

    They pronounce it “Louie,” in the French way. I remember similar pearl clutching when Eugenie was born.

    • Onerous says:

      Thank you!

      Our local news kept saying “Lewis,” and it was so cringeworthy!!!

      I don’t understand the point of having this baby’s name be one of George’s names, though. That seems weird and unnecessary.

      • gingersnaps says:

        I think it’s the norm here, my partner’s dad is Peter Matthew and my partner is Matthew Peter. Some families take the middle name and make it the first name. We named our son Oliver Theodore Andrew, Oliver for his great grandfather, Theodore as I didn’t want to give up that name and Andrew in memory of my partner’s older brother who died when he was just a few weeks old. It would have been Oliver Matthew Peter if his mum had it her way.

      • Mel M says:

        My husbands first name is his older brothers middle name. It has no meaningful significance whatsoever. I just don’t think his parents really invested much I to name giving. His younger brothers name is almost the same as his middle name, just one letter difference. I really don’t understand it.

      • minx says:

        gingersnaps—yes, I can think of many boys who have their father’s first name as their middle names…my son, for one.

    • Millennial says:

      I was just going to ask for British pronounciation!

    • notasugarhere says:

      Almost makes it worse to me. Prince Louie?

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Yep. It is pronounced”Louie” like Louis Vuitton or Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire. I like it, very cute and Wills must not dislike his father so much if he named both his son’s after his mentor and added a Charles in as well. Unless he is just kissing ass since Chuck will be King eventually?

      • minx says:

        Yes. And how many times is someone’s full name used, anyway? We agonize over middle names and then we hear them at our kids’ graduations.

  3. indefatigable says:

    Arthur, the name mostly heavily backed by the punters, has been pipped at the post. Hope they took an each way on it.

    • Wiffie says:

      I don’t know if it’s because I’m American, but I have no idea what you just said, and I find that amusing.

      • Snazzy says:

        Hahah me too! (Canadian here)

      • Spicecake38 says:

        I got a real kick out of “pipped at the post “I’m having a glass of wine at lunch today because my husband is off work and it’s nice outside,so I’m gonna let that roll of my tongue after a glass of Reisling😃

      • LAK says:

        Translation = Arthur, the name with the most placed bets by gamblers at betting shops, lost the bet for those gamblers because it wasn’t picked. Hope they placed a bet on all other options that way they might win something depending on the betting odds.

      • Tina says:

        “Each way” means you double the initial stake and then you get a (smaller) payout if your horse comes in second (and possibly third and fourth, depending on the number of runners) as well as first. So if you put down “a tenner each way” on a horse, you pay £20 and get a payout even if your horse comes in second. (It doesn’t really work for baby names though). Signed, massive racing fan and occasional punter.

      • LAK says:

        Tina: And that’s why i don’t bet. I always thought putting a punt each way meant betting on all the options.!!! 😁😊

      • Tina says:

        @LAK, ha! I’m not a big gambler, thank heavens. I mostly bet on tennis (I usually lose) and US politics (did rather well out of Trump, which was a small silver lining).

      • Olenna says:

        All this talk of betting is getting me psyched for the Kentucky Derby. Had I actually bet on a name, I would have bet across the board (win/place/show) on Albert but, of course, I would have lost across the board, too!

      • Tina says:

        @Olenna, it is my ultimate dream to go to the Kentucky Derby one day. Ditto the Melbourne Cup and the Grand Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. If I ever do, I will come here for outfit and hat advice!

      • Olenna says:

        @Tina, I have relatives in Louisville (pronounced Loo-a-vul by Kentuckians), so I try to make it to either the Derby or the Oaks (the Friday race), or both, when I can. Almost the entire week leading up to the race has something fun happening (Derby parade, Belle of Louisville boat race, etc.), and Thursday’s races have a become a big deal for the locals. The excitement of Derby race day is absolutely exhilarating, but people watching is the real highlight for me–women in bold, beautiful or quirky hats, men in custom-made suits, or people just wearing outlandish, attention-getting outfits–it’s all is done in good taste and good fun, and I highly recommend it for anyone’s bucket list.

        Here’s the website for this year’s featured milliner for the KY Derby.

      • TyrantDestroyed says:

        Afff I’ve should had put some money into the hat…

    • Clare says:

      Hahaha I love it!

      S/he means people were betting on Arthur (betting shops are a thing here), but in the meant it was ‘beaten’ byt Louis. lol

    • Tessy says:

      I bet like that at the horse races one of my only times there and walked away with $600. lol

  4. Laurenevail says:

    I’m really surprised by the choice, but I think it’s so nice to honour Uncle Dickie in this way. He meant so much to HM, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles.

  5. Becks says:

    I am really surprised they did not use Philip. I know Louis honors the Mountbattens, but even so, I’m surprised. Throw in that it’s one of George’s names – and I’m just…surprised.

    I don’t mind it – I don’t love it, but I don’t mind it – its for sure better than albert.

    • Beluga says:

      Ditto. Very surprised Philip isn’t in there, especially because they’ve already used Louis. I’d like to think that they’re deliberately saving it for Harry and Meghan, but that’s not William’s way.

    • LAK says:

      I’m here for the thank-goodness-it-isn’t-Albert parade.

      • gingersnaps says:

        Me too!

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Yes, because why name a prince after a cigar.

      • LAK says:

        Lahdidahbaby: I didn’t know Prince Albert was a brand of cigars. In Britain, Prince Albert is a male intimate piercing.

        That said, i find it terribly Victorian, and not in any redeemable way.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Omg LAK, I had no idea…and must say, I LOVE the idea of naming a princeling after a piercing. Now I can’t stop trying to visualize it, but I can’t quite. I feel as if I’ve missed out somehow in a most tragic way. Possibly I should discreetly beg Mr. Lahdidah to have that done.

        I’m headed off to Google to see what part of it they pierce.

        Where have I been all my life?

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        It’s a piercing in the states too. I’ve know a guy or two that have had it (friends, not partners)

      • Hazel says:

        That’s an old prank call joke in the States. Do you have Prince Albert in a can? Well, let him out!
        (Prince Albert being a brand of tobacco, which came in a can.)

      • PrincessK says:

        Albert is nice if it becomes Bertie but Bert sounds awful!

  6. Senaber says:

    Well I guess they surprised folks for once. Not my style, but interesting that they picked what no one predicted.

    Frankly I am more interested in what Meghan and Harry name theirs, should they decide to have children.

    • Bee says:

      First girl will be Rachel. LOL

      • imqrious2 says:

        Don’t laugh… I have a cousin by marriage in whose family EVERY GIRL HAS TO HAVE the same first name of “Ruth” (It’s their family tradition). So my uncle, ever the comedian, asked his son at the family dinner where the pregnancy was announced, “So…if it’s a girl, is she Baby Ruth?” (after the candy bar). Gotta say, we cracked up. But it was a serious bone of contention lol… I think my uncle and aunt were *really* happy when my cousin only had boys lol

  7. Ayra. says:

    I let out such a sigh of disappointment.

    • imqrious2 says:

      Seriously! I woke up around 4:30 a.m. (for a call of nature 😊) and of course, checked to see if a name was announced. It was, and … well.. I was pretty disappointed, too. Definitely not a name I’d put out there as a first name. And especially as it’s William’s and George’s middle name. I don’t get “the feels” for a British prince to be named after a French King (and yes, I know it’s after Uncle Dickie. But why the heck didn’t they name him Richard then (Dick is a nickname of Richard)??

  8. Kristen says:

    Yes, in Europe Louis is always pronounced “Louie.” Never like “Lewis.” He’s Prince Louie. I don’t like it.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      EDIT: In the UK Louis can be pronounced Lewis, as some people use the french spelling.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        But…William and George both have Louis in their names and I was sure they pronounced it Louie, not Lewis.

        Edit: I looked up William saying his wedding vows. He definitely pronounces it Louie.

      • Kitty says:

        Haven’t they said they are pronouncing it Lou-ee

      • Cerys says:

        Lewis is pronounced as “Loois” but Louis is “Loo-ee”. However, most Brits use “loois” for both spellings

      • Ocho says:

        Yes, it is being reported on the BBC news as Lou-ee.

    • Trillian says:

      Nope. Germans would always pronounce it Lewis unless told it‘s meant to be pronounced in French.

  9. Snap Happy says:

    Louis is cute.

    Is there some kind of diamond encrusted bowl where they throw the same 10 names into everytime someone has a baby? They just pull out 3 pieces of paper and boom, baby name.

    • Redgrl says:

      @snaphappy – ha! This!

    • BFGi says:

      Well, sort of. The posh British set is different; it’s considered low class and gauche to show up with baby Tifffanneeei or Madysenn. Having a “unique” name and being a special little snowflake because of it is an eyeroll-y concept.

      My posh friends tend to have standard names and more interesting nicknames.

      • Kalani says:

        I eye roll hard at the oh-so-unique names. Few years back I got a birth announcement in the mail(quite a few years back) and was WTF as I read it. Named the child Aryka. I finally figured out it was pronounced ERICA. FFS how precious.

      • Hazel says:

        Yes, because Binky is so posh.🙄 (that’s the only one I could come up with, haven’t read any Jeeves & Wooster lately.)

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Interesting. For what it’s worth, I’m here in suburban Virginia and what we call “homemade” names and or atypical/creative spellings are the mark of the eh, lower class.

        Just reread that and wow, I sound like a super pretentious asshole

      • Godwina says:

        Haha, snert, Adele, but you’re not wrong!

      • jwoolman says:

        Kalani — Decades ago, I read a little anecdote from a teacher who had a young student named Gooey. Turned out the original spelling was Guy. The mother had just never heard the name pronounced so she spelled it the way she thought it sounded.

    • Moneypenny424 says:

      Ha! Seems pretty accurate 🙂

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I swear in my family that’s what they do, lol! On my dad’s side, between all the uncles and cousins, there’s only about 10 names used for the boys. For generations!

  10. Coz' says:

    I love the name, when pronnounced the French way. It’s my nephew’s name 🙂

    • KA says:

      I think it’s one of those names that sounds infinitely better with a British accent.

      • Coz' says:

        I might be partial because I associate it with the lovely adorable nephew that is my nephew and I’m French and it’s a family name.

      • Liberty says:

        It makes me hear Jamie Lee Curtis’s voice saying it to Dan Ackroyd in the movie Trading Places. “Looo-eee.” And yet, I like it. (*Ooh, except for the possible loo reference teasing he might get from rude schoolmates, I suppose.)

        Maybe they had to obtain the Queen’s approval first, and she balked at Benjamin Michael James.

      • Amelie says:

        Nah, it sounds way better in French. It’s not a great name in English no matter which way you slice it!

    • FHMom says:

      I like it, too.

    • minx says:

      I like it too, even though I don’t get using one of George’s names. But better than Arthur or Albert.

    • Moneypenny424 says:

      I really like the name. Way better than Albert, and I think I like it slightly more than Arthur too.

  11. Dh says:

    In the UK Louis is pronounced Louie

  12. Digital Unicorn says:

    Louis has become quite a popular name due to One Direction. I actually like Arthur but I suspect that they might have changed their minds about giving him that as a first name (hence why they waited to announce it) as it was the bookies and press favourite – IIRC the press got it right for the first 2 (i think).

    Re: Charles and Willy’s relationship, the Fail has an interesting piece on that. It basically confirms what everyone has been saying for years, William and his father have a difficult relationship and Willy prefer’s her family to his own. Interestingly it also points out that William is only nice to his father when he wants money (like when they did renovations to Amner Hall) – this does not bode well when William become’s PoW and has access to all the Duchy funds, which am sure they both will spend with abandon.

    • Senaber says:

      Oh please please please tell me the Cambridges are 1D stans.

    • Nic919 says:

      The DM article is very interesting. Clearly they weren’t having it with the name delay yesterday and certainly made William seem like the unreasonable and petulant son keeping his kids away from Charles. Some of the things seem like new information to the public, such as the allegation that Charles offered to cancel his engagements the day George was born and William telling him not to bother, and thus letting the Middletons go to the hospital first.

    • someone says:

      First thing I thought when I saw Louis was Louis Tomlinson from One DIrection

    • Nickname says:

      That article sounds like it was written by some of the regulars on this site.

  13. Honey says:

    With each baby, I’ve always wondered if those are the names they wanted or were those the names they settled for.

  14. Cee says:

    It’s a nice name although I’m not a fan of giving younger children their eldest’s middle names as their given names.
    To me this means they truly did not plan for a third child (in the beginning) and changed their minds maybe 1 year ago.

    • Michelle says:

      I actually think it’s sweet and it ties Louis to both his siblings and to me also shows that they know they are done having children.

  15. Danielle says:

    I know they couldn’t have called him something crazy, but you would think that they would go for something a little bit outside of the standard royal names for their third. I was only thinking yesterday how out there the name Zara is for The Royal Family. Also they have reused Louis as it’s one of George’s names.

    It is interesting though that they chose a name that is very much for Charles when they don’t seem to be at all close. I really thought that they would try get Michael in there for the Middletons.

    And I’m pretty sure its pronounced Louie not Lou-is.

    • Honey says:

      I thought with a 3rd child they would be a little more relaxed too. However, I think with this name, baby #3 gets to be named after both its father and paternal grandfather.

    • Clare says:

      Zara is actually not uncommon amongst the ‘posh’ Brits. I don’t think it is particularly ‘out there’ for the Royal Family’ tbh.

      • Danielle says:

        Really? I would have thought that when she was born it wouldn’t have been common at all!

    • MousieBrown says:

      Charles is a Spencer name too, so I like to think it’s secretly for Diana’s side.

  16. Redgrl says:

    So they used the same name twice? Bizarre.

    • Tia Maria says:

      Not that bizarre really, certainly not in Scotland. Quite often there is a ‘tradirional’ name that families use, for example Alexander is used frequently in my family either a first name or a middle name and my fiancé’s family use David.

      • Redgrl says:

        I can see family names repeating – amongst cousins or parents/child – it’s the among direct siblings that seems odd to me. Re Scotland -Hubby is of Scottish descent – there’s a big father/son mother/daughter repeating tradition in his family – complete with the Big John/Little John nicknames..

    • Kitty says:

      I have a friend who recently had a second daughter, her first daughter was dying to be a big sister and after ten years finally is, the new baby has the older sisters middle name as her first name. I don’t think it’s bizarre.

    • Veronica S. says:

      My sister and brother have the same name, just the masculine and feminine forms. Both my mother and father recycled family names.

    • Polly says:

      it’s very common in lots of cultures and not bizarre at all.

  17. Mei says:

    Louis is fine. But add in Arthur and Charles and it becomes THE most boring name ever unfortunately. Sorry kid!

    • Alix says:

      Curious that two names are a nod to Charles. I was hoping for James, because it’s a but more modern, gives a shout-out to the Middleton side, and has a royal pedigree.

      • Mei says:

        It just seems overall very old fashioned, James would have been much better! Alexander would have been great, but I have a feeling if Meghan/Harry have a boy that would suit their child more.

      • LAK says:

        All their children’s names are a nod to Charles.

        Charles’s full names are Charles Philip Arthur George.

        Charlotte is feminine diminutive of Charles.

        And of course Uncle Dickie was super close to Charles.

      • Malificent says:

        Isn’t Edward’s son also James? He’s technically not in the same generation as this baby, but they may not have wanted two Jameses on both sides.

      • Lady D says:

        LAK, Concerning, James, Viscount Severn. Why do they call him Viscount and his sister Lady? Shouldn’t she be called Louise, Viscountess Severn? One more if I may, where does the Severn come from? Is it their last name or is it the name that goes with the Viscount title?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Titles go from father to son, so James is Edward’s heir not Louise. As heir his title is Viscount Severn. One day if Edward is named Duke of Edinburgh, James becomes Earl Wessex. James’s first-born son (if he has one), would then be Viscount Severn. Wessex is their last name.

      • Lady D says:

        Many thanks, Nota:) If I can sneak in one more question, the S in Viscount is silent right?

      • LAK says:

        Lady D: Yes.

    • Kitty says:

      They are British royals, do you expect them to name their kids something modern and exciting? No, boring, just like they are

    • notasugarhere says:

      It doesn’t flow well together.

  18. Birdie says:

    Better than Albert!
    Also, this will soo be the party prince in 20 years from now. He will never become King, he is the youngest (until now), he will be loaded with cash and privilege. I can already see the headlines: Lush Louis strikes again!

    • Liberty says:

      Lol! Right? Yet according to astrologer Jessica Adams on her site, he will be the financial genius prince instead, who is a leader and dedicated to family.

      Her write-up of Louis’s stars is interesting and fun to read, if you are so inclined.

    • imqrious2 says:

      Is The Kingsmen’s song “Louie Louie” going to be his theme song? Can you imagine, Prince Louis steps on the balcony for “The Wave” and the song starts, and the crowd below starts to dance: 😂😄

      That would be a scene from a Mel Brooks or a Monty Python movie! lol

  19. Becks says:

    My two current theories are that this name is to honor Charles – obviously the middle names and then Louis for his favorite uncle (also Arthur and Louis are in William’s name), OR (and?) that they wanted to use Philip and for some reason that got vetoed. Maybe the Queen didn’t want two Prince Philips, maybe Philip thought it felt too much like “hey you’re dying! lets honor you!” so this honors him without using the name.

    I am really surprised Philip is not in the name somewhere so that’s why I have those convoluted theories lol.

    • KA says:

      I think Harry called dibs on Phillip.

      • Becks says:

        I was thinking that too. But Harry could use Philip as a first name and they still could have used it as a middle name or something.


      • Beluga says:

        Would William honour that though, if he wanted to use the name? Doubtful, imo.

      • Alix says:

        I’m pretty sure the BRF don’t call dibs on names, but rather share from the same small list of options. Though I do remember that Charles was claiming “Elizabeth” he he and Diana had a girl. As if someone else couldn’t have it as a middle name. Strange.

      • notasugarhere says:

        W&K were rumored to call dibs on George when Zara was expecting at the same time. If they wanted to name a son Phillip, they would have.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, I think that if Harry has a boy it will be Philip. William and Kate cannot alone decide on the name, Charles and the Queen have a say. I also noticed that Harry looked very ‘strained’ in the presence of his brother at the sports event they attended . At that time the name still wasn’t out and I feel that Harry’s face showed a lot of tension. Why was William at the sports event anyway, he is supposed to be on paternity leave and that event was supposed to be just Harry??

      • Godwina says:

        There’s no way in hell MM will let her kid be called “Phil.” She’ll manipulate her way out of that pressure somehow (and good for her). Watch for somewhat off-the-beaten-path first names with those two, a la Sarah Ferguson.

    • Becks says:

      New theory I heard from someone that makes sense – Zara wants to use Philip. I can see William holding off on the name for her, and they wouldn’t want two cousins born so close together named Philip.

      • Moneypenny424 says:

        Ah, interesting. It is then also a nod to her own last name :).

      • BFGi says:

        Wait, that theory makes sense to you?

        Do you know what her surname is?

      • graymatters says:

        Zara Phillips married Mike Tindall. Her child would be Phillip Tindall. That theory makes sense to me.

      • Catherinethegoodenough says:

        But isn’t her married name different? I actually don’t know. If she changed her name, I actually think “Phillips” would be a cute first name for her son as a nod to both her dad and her grandfather.

      • Becks says:

        of course I know what her surname is/was. It’s why using Philip makes sense. And her daughter is Mia Grace Tindall, so the baby would NOT be Philip Phillips (although a good name for a pop star) and I think Zara actually did change her name.

        Again, just a random theory.

  20. BDA says:

    Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places… “Louis”

  21. Cher says:

    Why give him name that has already been given to George?

  22. Katebush says:

    I love the name Louie …but because it belonged to my favourite beloved and sadly departed cat.

  23. Erinn says:

    I honestly don’t mind the name at all. I found some of the suggested names really didn’t flow well. I do read it as “lou-ee” but I think that’s more of the French way? I live in a partially French community, so I automatically jump to that.

  24. Katie says:

    An odd choice. I don’t dislike it, but given that it’s one of George’s names AND it’s very similar to Louise, Prince Edward’s daughter, it feels like they came up with this as an afterthought. Maybe they couldn’t agree on anything else. Or maybe he just didn’t “look” like the names they had planned on.

    • xena says:

      ITA. Plus, Arthur ist my secret favorite English name (sadly it so does not roll of the tongue in german) – I don’t understand why they didn’t go with it as a first name, that name is tricky, if you are “normal” but for princes and aristos it works totally.

  25. MarineTheMachine says:

    How French of Them!

  26. Mary says:

    On a side note, this name reminds me of this show I am kind of addicted to right now. “Versailles” is about Louis XIV. Very good. It makes Outlander look tame. Plus the intro theme song is by M83. I think it is on Netflix too. Anyway, I suppose it is nice they chose something unexpected. Congrats to them.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I LOVE that show, very well made with a great cast.

    • Snazzy says:

      Oh I love Versailles! Such a great show 🙂

    • LAK says:

      You should read the guardian’s tv recaps of ‘Versaille’. They are hysterical primarily because the guardian has decided to review the show in franglish (french -english mash-up)

      The 2 Philippes are fantastic.

      And my all time favourite lines from any show:

      Louis : You spent 50,000 on shoes.

      Philippe : You should have seen the shoes.

    • imqrious2 says:

      Versaille is FANTASTIC! I wish the show’s production could keep up with my bingeing lol

  27. FU Pay Me says:

    Boo to the name ‘Arthur’.

  28. Seraphina says:

    Please explain why pearl clutching is seen that way by you? I’m curious because I didn’t take it that way.

  29. Clare says:

    Louis Mountbatten was also an unabashed racist a-hole who had plenty of nasty shit to say about Indians while he was Viceroy…so I sure as f*ck hope they haven’t name him after him. Although OFCOURSE they have.

    • PrincessK says:

      Maybe William didn’t really want Louis, anyway just because it is his first name doesn’t mean they have to use it, they may end up calling him something else.

  30. Mary says:

    Me too!!! Digital, you are so right!

  31. Carrie1 says:

    I like it for same reason as video of the song posted above. It’s a fun name. Love the French pronunciation.

    All said, I’d call him Lake as a nickname putting his initials together. (Sub K for the C in Charles)

  32. HeyThere! says:

    I love it because I almost named my toddler Louis but was worried people would pronounce it wrong…it’s “Louie” not Louis. I was going to call him Lou. My husband would not get on board but the name Lou was a family name that meant a lot to my father. I like it but I know from trying to name my son that it isn’t for everyone!

  33. All About Eve says:

    For those who are wondering about the pronunciation of the baby’s name, it is said in the same way as Louis Armstrong or Louis Vuitton!

  34. Natalie S. says:

    From William and Kate to Charles and his wallet: Don’t forget about usssssssss…

    Yes, I’m feeling cynical about this.

  35. klutzy_girl says:

    The only name I like out of all three kids is Charlotte’s. And if they were going to re-use one of George’s name, why couldn’t it have been Alexander? Also surprised they didn’t honor Philip.

    Hopefully, Harry and Meghan have more freedom when it comes to names.

    • Alix says:

      Charlotte’s name is perfection.

      • notasugarhere says:

        For me it would have flowed better to use Frances instead of Diana, plus wouldn’t saddle the kid quite so much with direct Diana references.

      • minx says:

        It’s a pretty name. I know several little Charlottes. It’s nice that they’ve given a nod to both Charles and Diana in the middle names.

  36. Michelle says:

    Eh. It’s ok. Not my favorite, but not my kid. I do like that they tied in connections to both George and Charlotte with the name though, I think that is sweet and it ties it all together nicely, which makes me think they plan for this to be the final baby. I am very surprised at the lack of Philip though.

  37. Lainey says:

    I don’t like it. Don’t find the three of his names flow together or that it goes well with George and charlotte. Just a bit odd really.

  38. Mia4s says:

    OK so am I the only one who heard the name and immediately started humming “I Wanna Be Like You” from the Jungle Book? 😏

    • Other Renee says:

      No, but I did start singing:

      Louie Louie Louie Lou-EEE
      Louie Louie Louie Lou-EYE

    • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch says:

      I also thought “I hope he never become King Louis!” as soon as I heard the name. I also hope he doesn’t have ginger hair to further ward off orangutan comparisons.

  39. Iris says:

    I think they waited until today because they are spacing out baby / wedding news. So I don’t think there will be a wedding-related announcement today, as there has been in the last two days. They have the same office that would set the schedule.
    I don’t really think they are doing it to be nice to one another. This is a month of great baby and wedding press for them, and they need to milk it for all it’s worth.

    • Carolind says:

      Yes, I think the announcing of the name was timed so it would not clash with the war tribute ceremonies on Wednesday and Harry’s bestman announcement on Thursday.

      I quite like the name Louis ( Looee). Same as my cousin’s 10 year old son. I also know a Lewis (Loois).

      I think it a bit strange with George having Louis as a middle name but maybe this is the Cambridge dynasty. Queen Victoria insisted all the baby males in her family had to be called Albert somewhere in their name. Albert is awful. Not all that keen on Arthur and just tolerate Charles. Don’t know if he is called after Mountbatten. Maybe they like the name. I wonder if Zara will get Philip?

  40. ChrissyMS says:

    I like it. Is is better then Albert IMO.

    • Alix says:

      No reason to use Albert; Victoria no longer holds the purse strings.

      • Kalani says:

        Albert was the Queen’s father’s name so that would be reason enough. Am glad they didn’t though.

      • Olive says:

        @Kalani i was hopeful for albert if it meant they’d call him “bertie” too! I think Bertie is just darling.

  41. Beth says:

    I don’t like it, but I’m not crazy about my own name either. I was hoping they’d pick a younger sounding name, because all the people I know named George, Louis, Arthur , or Charles are at least a generation older than me.

  42. vanjam says:

    My view (which really carries no weight) is that with number 3 they chose a name they liked, because they could, within reason (no English royal would be named Gary for example). I’m not sure I buy the tribute to Mountbatten view when William didn’t know him and they’ve honoured Charles, who was close to his uncle, in the baby prince’s middle names.

  43. KeWest says:

    I wouldn’t be surpised it they call him Arthur. Louis being his offical name

  44. Honey says:

    The 3 births are really a seismic shift away from the old Albert & Victoria line as well as old aristocratic lines in general. It’s kind of like the Windsors et al are no more.

  45. Vava says:

    First thing that came to mind for me was Alan Sherman’s song, “you went the wrong way, ole King Louis…..” LOL

    • Other Renee says:

      Vava, I love that song and I loved Alan Sherman. The Nut!

      • Vava says:

        The Nut! Is right! We have the original LP that my husband bought as a child and he wrote his name on the cover in his little boy script. Too cute.

  46. Merritt says:

    I’m slightly surprised at this choice. I know the name Louis is common for the family. But I always associate the name “Louis” with French kings.

    • Liriel says:

      This! For me it’s so french that I can’t get used to it!

    • Tess says:

      Centuries of French monarchs are giggling madly in their graves.

    • LAK says:

      To be fair we had a King Louis for a year in the 13th century though we have done our very best to forget this inconvenient truth.

      Ps: Metro explains this forgotten episode better:

      • spidee!!! says:

        Was he actually crowned though?

      • LAK says:

        No he wasn’t.

        The Barons encouraged Louis to come to England and declared him king on his arrival in London. Bad King John went into hiding in the west country and died shortly afterwards. His son, the future Henry 3 became a rival claimant to the throne.

        The Barons had enmity towards John, but non towards Henry who they supported in full. As a result, Louis couldn’t raise support in England to fight Henry, and his father refused to send him money for a private army so he abdicated in favour of Henry and went back to France

        Afterwards, the English pretended the entire episode hadn’t happened despite calling Louis King of England for an entire year.

        Ps: i always find the issue of who is counted as king/ Queen based upon crowning / anointing interesting because it is also extremely sexist.

        Matilda and Lady Jane were declared Queens Regnant of England, but as they were not crowned, they are not included in the lists of Kings and Queens.

        Meanwhile, apart from King Louis, we have Edwards 5 and 8 kept in the lists even though they were also declared, but not crowned.

      • spidee!!! says:

        Hey LAK – have you read up on William Marshal? If not I suggest you do, he was a very interesting character and regent for Henry III

      • LAK says:

        Yes i’ve read up about William Marshall. He had an amazing life.

        Fun fact: he is one of the carved figures in the panelling above the Queen’s chair at Westminster in the Lords’ chamber.

        When she sits in the chair at the state opening of parliament, she’s sitting underneath him.

      • jwoolman says:

        Yikes. The guy was married off at the age of 12, started having kids at the age of about 16, had 13 kids but only a few survived to real adulthood. Several died the day they were born, some as toddlers, some were preteens when they died.

        Life was rough even for royalty.

  47. Citresse says:

    The UK bookies made millions on this one!!!!

  48. RspbryChelly says:

    What bland names. Let’s have Charles’ name revered forever & ever. Ugh. No like

    • violet says:

      Well, he IS the kid’s grandfather, and he IS the next King, and “Charlotte” is a nod but in an indirect way. So out of their three kids, only one has “Charles” directly and it’s the third of three. So how does that amount to “Charles” being revered forever and ever? Even William doesn’t have Charles in his four names.

  49. Anastasia says:

    Ug. Oh well.

  50. Sam Louise says:

    How nice of them to name him after Louis C.K.!! 🙂

  51. aaa says:

    I was hoping for a first name that has not been previously used as a first name in the mainline bloodline, so I got my wish, but I was hoping for Michael, Philip or Alexander.

  52. violet says:

    Well, I was sure faked out along with the bookies and everyone else. But I think it’s a nice name, little bit of a departure from all the Kings of England historical first names. But I am surprised that they honored Philip indirectly instead of directly. My guess is that Charles never got over the loss of Mountbatten and also guessing he liked his great-uncle more than his own father. And I like the “continental” feel.

    I’m sorry, though, “Louie Louie” is a cheap shot. Great as it is to dance to . . . kid’s just a few days old. Though I’ll grant its irresistibility given the name of the group . . .

    I guess they’ll have to have a fourth one after all if they’re ever going to work Kate’s family in. Her side seems to have been totally erased. In a way, that’s why I wish it had been girl.

    • aaa says:

      If the next one is a girl, I’m thinking (tongue in cheek) that they will go full on Middleton. Her name will be Michaela Phillipa Carole, Michaela Frances Caroline, Phillipa Frances Carole or somesuch.

      • violet says:

        @aaa-IKR? It’s not a question of partiality for Kate, but geez, she has the kids doesn’t she? And it’s half her DNA? Maybe I’m overthinking but it’s a bit contemptuous of her, maybe a little unconscious snide statement that the mother’s DNA just doesn’t matter. Only Charlotte has one of Kate’s names, and that’s only because it’s also the Queen’s name.

        All that hideous morning sickness and they couldn’t work in Michael?? Or “Catherine” as one of Charlotte’s names?

    • LAK says:

      Funnily enough, we had a King Louis in English history for a moment. Hastily forgotten and scrubbed from the books. Episode never to be mentioned again.

      He was King for one year in the 13th century during the first Barons’ wars with King John of Magna Carta.

      ETA: The metro newspaper has just written an article about him/this episode.

      On a different note, Charlotte is Pippa’s middle name and Elizabeth is Kate’s middle name.

      Charlotte is a derivative of Charles from which we also get Carole.

      • Coz' says:

        May I ask, LAK, if your occupation is related to history? Or is it a personnal passion?
        You always give such great inputs.

      • LAK says:

        Personal passion especially social history.

        My father was mad about History and i had great history teachers. They made it come alive rather than flipping through dusty old books.

        But on the flipside, i have no mathematic logic. It’s torture to me😁

      • Coz' says:

        Mathematic logic might be very useful in daily life but History is a much more interesting topic of conversation!
        I love History myself, but I am far away from your level of knowledge.

  53. aaa says:

    Whatever issues exists between William and Charles, they don’t seem to extend to the naming of the Cambridge children. Charles’ name / preferences figures prominently in the naming of the young Cambridges.

  54. Nina says:

    Well, looks like I’m out 50 bucks. But I guess that LeBron Septimus Petrov was a long shot, anyway.

  55. Joycee says:

    Probably something Prince Philip asked for- Louis Mountbatten like a father to him

  56. Emmlo says:

    I have a question about their last names. I know Will and Harry went by “Wales” as that was their father’s title, and these kiddos will be George Cambridge, etc in school. But what happens when Charles takes the throne and Will moves up to become POW? Will his children switch from using Cambridge to Wales as a surname?

    • Deedee says:

      Yes. The moment Prince Charles accedes to the throne, Prince William and Catherine will become ‘Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess Of Cornwall’, or in conjunction with their current titles, ‘His Royal Highness The Prince William, Duke Of Cornwall and Cambridge’ and ‘Her Royal Highness The Duchess Of Cornwall and Cambridge’.

      Being Duke Of Cornwall entitles Prince William and his wife to the enormous estate holdings of the Duchy Of Cornwall which for centuries has supplied finance to the Monarch’s eldest son, unlike the Principality Of Wales which is merely a title.

      It may even be decided (unlikely) that the title of Prince Of Wales shouldn’t be conferred upon Prince William, in which case he would remain simply as the Duke Of Cornwall and Cambridge.

      If Prince William is given the Principality Of Wales, he would become, ‘HRH The Prince Of Wales’ and the present Duchess Of Cambridge would be ‘HRH The Princess Of Wales’ (this might be one of the (admittedly slightly outlandish) reasons why the Principality may not be conferred upon Prince William, though this is unlikely.

      There, Prince William would remain as Prince Of Wales until he accedes to the throne to become King William V.

      As a side note, Prince Harry would become ‘HRH The Prince Henry’ (HRH The Prince Harry) when Prince Charles accedes as King, essentially just losing the ‘of Wales’ part and accumulating a ‘The’.

    • LAK says:


      Right now, they are all Cambridges as a surname. When they move upto Wales, it shall change to Wales.

      And once William is King, they will lose their title surnames altogether and simply go by their Christian names. Unless they are given individual titles to use as their own surnames or they go with the family dynastic name as needed – Mountbatten Windsor.

      • Coz' says:

        Will they not run out of titles to give at some point?

      • LAK says:

        Coz: They can revive old vacant titles like they did Earl of Wessex (last used in the old Kingdom of Wessex before England came into being) or create new ones like they did duke of Windsor (Edward 8 after his abdication in 1936)

      • Catherinethegoodenough says:

        Does William automatically become the Prince of Wales when Charles becomes King? Or does he go through a period of being “only” Duke of Cornwall first? This is the part that confuses me.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Male heir automatically inherits the Duchy; he has to be named/created The Prince of Wales.

      • Becks says:

        I think he has to be appointed Prince of Wales. Charles was born as the heir but I think he was later named Prince of Wales.

      • aaa says:

        William does not automatically become the Prince of Wales when Charles becomes King, he automatically becomes the Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay. William has to created The Prince of Wales by the monarch.

    • aaa says:

      I don’t think that there is a clear-cut rule. When Charles ascends, William will become the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge, so Cambridge will not go away. I can see them being Cambridge in their early school years, but perhaps Wales in the later years like their college and military years. However that scenario might get sticky for the younger kids if William ascends during this timeframe and George becomes Prince of Wales.

      • LAK says:

        Why would it be sticky for the younger kids? They all change their surname according to William’s changed titles.

        When he is Cornwall and Cambridge, so will they.

        When he is Wales, so will they.

        And when he is monarch, they will collectively lose any dominion title surname and simply be known by their first names. They will also gain a definitive “The” infront of their names as all children on the monarch do ie The Prince George.

        If they aren’t given ducal titles, separate from William’s titles, they will remain with the titles that reflect changes in William’s status.

        Unless they give it all up and or need to sign legal documents. In that scenerio, regardless of their title reflecting surname, they use the family’s dynastic surname Mountbatten-Windsor.

      • aaa says:

        I am not referring to their formal names and titles, that is pretty clearcut, the original question is what will be their “go by” names for school and whatnot. Charles’ status as the Prince of Wales did not change from the time that William and Harry were born up until the date of their marriages when they got their ducal titles, presumably for Harry, so it was easy for them to go by Wales up until the point that they got their ducal titles. Unlike Charles, William’s titles are expected to change while his children are school-aged, and will likely change again before they get their dukedoms. It is not insurmountable, but I do think that things can get sticky / awkward if George is The Prince of Wales, and Charlotte and Louis are going by Charlotte Wales and Louis Wales, so at that point a third “go by name” comes into play, likely Windsor or Mountbatten-Windsor. Again, it is not insurmountable and plebs go through name changes as well but for different reasons.

      • LAK says:

        Aaa: You are repeating my comment. I was responding to *your* comment where you stated that ‘the rules aren’t clear-cut’ and you specifically claimed the name change would be tricky for William’s younger kids. Neither of these 2 assertions is correct. Especially the notion that William’s younger kids wouldn’t have the name change.

        The rules are clear cut. They are ridiculous in terms of the number of changes they will have due to William’s changing status from Cambridge to Cornwall and Wales and eventually monarch, but they are clear cut. They happen all the time across the aristocracy. As recently as last year when Earl Snowdon died and his son inherited the Earldom, teen grandchildren became Viscount and Lady respectively, an upgrade from their previous Hons title.

        Using the royal family specifically, Charles and Anne were known as Charles/ Anne of Edinburgh in the years before HM was still princess Elizabeth. When she became Quern, 3yr old Charles automatically became Duke of Cornwall whilst 2yr old Anne was known simply as The Princess Anne. It was another 7yrs before Charles was finally granted POW title and changed his title accordingly.

        Age is definitely not a barrier to changes nor is it confusing or muddled.

      • PrincessK says:

        @LAK…But I thought that Charles officially became Prince of Wales when he was 21 in a special ceremony at Caernarvon Castle in Wales, not when he was a ten year old boy.

      • aaa says:

        Huh? While I did not tag his or her name, I was responding to the person who started this conversation thread. That person wanted to know what names William and Kate’s children will go by when William’s title changes. The person is not referring to their formal titles, rather he or she is referring to the informal monikers that they will use during school and what not. There is not a clear cut answer to that question because there is not a lot of precedent regarding the last names that royals use, especially royals that will make transitions after they’ve become adults.

      • LAK says:

        PrincessK: that was PR nonsense designed to dazzle the public. It was utterly meaningless and unnecessary, but a good example of the royals manufacturing spectacle to distract us. Most of their so-called spectacles are the same eg Trooping the colour.

        The truth is that he was always POW, and used that title, since he was 10yrs old.

        Aaa: Let’s try this again. It is clear cut.

        1. Royals do not have a surname as we understand it. Consequently, they use their dominion peerage title as a surname. If the peerage title changes due to change in status, the change is reflected in their surname. The use of the peerage title as a surname changes as often as status changes whether that’s once or 20times. Any children are equally affected because changes in their father’s status affects their titles too and or the styles by which they are known.

        2. For strictly legal situations, royals (and aristos) use their dynastic house name as their surname. The dynastic house name is the closest they come to a legal surname because it is accepted world-wide where their titles-as-surnames only work in UK. All of them, irrespective of peerage title, including their children, can use the dynastic house name. For the current BRF, their dynastic name is Mountbatten-Windsor.

        At their weddings, Anne (no surname) and Andrew ( not York) signed their wedding certificates as Mountbatten-Windsor. Edward’s daughter goes by Mountbatten-Windsor (not Wessex). When William sued french paps recently, his official name was submitted as William Mountbatten-Windsor (not Cambridge or Wales).

    • Maria says:

      @AAA yes the Cambridges will become Wales once Charles is king. So William will be Prince of Wales, Kate Princess of Wales, George, Charlotte and Louis Wales.
      I don’t know why the name Philip wasn’t used. Someone upthread suggested that Zara will name her baby that, which is possible, means that they are having a boy.
      If it’s another girl they can name her Philippa.

      • notasugarhere says:

        If Zara and Mike have a second girl, I’d like to see Alice for Philip’s mother. Anne has it as one of her middle names, Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise. But Alice might seem a boring name next to Zara and Mia.

  57. Keepitreal says:

    Fug x3. But hey, it’s not my child so not my business.

  58. justme says:

    5 days for this boring as you please name? Anyways, they usually recycle those old boring traditional names. So, it’s not like we expected something nice like James OR Michael (to honor her dad ). By the way why not choose the name during the 9 months of pregnancy? Too busy? LOL

  59. Jill says:

    I like it. It’s my son’s name, pronounced Lewis. Now I’m hearing so many people say they hate the name! Ugh!

  60. alittlesugar says:

    I find it so ironic that Charlotte and Louis (which I’m saying as Lou-ee, here in the UK) have Diana and Charles as their third names. George on the hand has Louis as his third, which is now baby cambridge’s first name. George is also Charles’s fourth name.
    So interesting…unlike what the Daily Fail was saying, William must really respect and love BOTH his parents to include them in all of his kids names.

  61. Cayy says:


  62. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I like it. He’s gonna be a handful too, I feel it lol. Little Prince Louie will have the tabloids baheezy in about 16 years.

  63. Kristen says:

    Eh, whatever makes them happy.
    I hope the baby has a long, healthy life and does something worthwhile with his position and privilege.

  64. Cupcake says:


  65. Karen says:

    Hate the name. It is the name of boys I went to high school with.

  66. spidee!!! says:

    This idea that William doesn’t like his father is not borne out by putting Charles as one of Louis’ names.

    • Jayna says:

      Of course he likes and loves his father. I pay little attention to superficial gossip from “sources” about the inner life of these royals. They have a whole life we are not privy to. Have there been times they weren’t or aren’t as close? Probably. I would not be surprised. You work in the firm with a parent and grandparents. I’m sure there are strained times, especially when Will was being a disappointment. Charles and his mother had very strained times. He loves his mom, though.

      You have a mother who was hurt deeply by the father and the mistress marrying him. It’s really amazing he has the relationship he does with his father, but I believe they do and that he loves his dad.

      • Lady D says:

        Jayna, what do you think of the DM hit piece about William only being nice to Charles when he wants money?

      • Jayna says:

        @LadyD, I honestly don’t pay much attention to those hit pieces. I give them the attention they deserve. None. LOL

    • PrincessK says:

      The name is not William and Kate’s decision alone….they have choices but a case has to be made for a name.

  67. Catherinethegoodenough says:

    These two are terrible baby namers, IMO. The names are all fine individually, but I hate the rhythm of “Louis Arthur Charles.” Same with “Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.” It’s like they just tossed the names in random order without considering how they roll off the tongue.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      Agreed. They’re all missing that fourth name to fall in rhythm and feel finished. I know they purposely wanted three names but they all feel incomplete. Louis Arthur Philip Charles would roll off better than Louis Arthur Charles. It’s like, ok, where’s the rest of it?

  68. perplexed says:

    Kate looks so good in these pictures. Did someone else do her make-up?

  69. Other Renee says:

    Their kid.
    Their choice.
    End of story.

  70. homeslice says:

    The French Court of Cambridge!

  71. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    This feels so anticlimactic. Bah. Louis is fine but Louis Arthur Charles feels incomplete. It needs another name to fill it out.

    I found the wording from William to be odd (though maybe not so for Big Billy), where he said *he* was still deciding on a name. I wouldn’t doubt it and may be why the Middletons don’t have a dog in the fight. Kate is simply an expensively dressed incubator. Whatever. Maybe they’ll be more original with BC4. *snort*

  72. reverie says:

    Love it. Im so glad they kept their children’s name traditional and we wont have a Prince Jayden Cayden Aiden Jackson and Princess Sienna Vienna Makayla.

  73. Jessica says:

    I love it. Sandra Bullock’s son has been nicknamed Kang Louis so it definitely sounds super regal even without the history of the name.

  74. Citresse says:

    How close are the British royals to the Luxembourg royals? I was just reading about Prince Louis of Luxembourg. He could be bringing the name Louis back in a big way, if he’s deemed a rather hip royal??? I honestly don’t know how close the British royals are with the Luxembourg royals????

    • Citresse says:

      PS: Oh yes, I see, upon further reading…Prince Louis of Luxembourg is quite an accomplished young man!!!! Well done.

    • notasugarhere says:

      In current generations, no closeness. Grand Duke Jean (Louis’s grandfather) was a teen during WWII. He was hurried off to Canada (as were the Netherlands royals) for safety. He ended up joining the UK military via Canada, as part of the Irish Guards. During big ceremonies in later years, he would ride as part of Queen Elizabeth’s carriage guard. He sometimes visited the Irish Guards on St Patricks Day with either Queen Mum or Queen Elizabeth.

      Prince Louis’s soon-to-be-ex-wife has been cozying up to Fergie and making references in her social media as to how she is like Diana. Wronged in the divorce but the princess of people’s hearts, etc. She also uses their sons for PR and splashes them all over her social media. She and Louis married very young after one out-of-wedlock son, grew apart, and are divorcing. Except she’s holding it up over money demands.

      She appears to miss the public attention and royal lifestyle, and is going after her in-laws money in the divorce as her husband has no personal fortune. She’s also angling for a title, but in Luxembourg a wife can only keep her husband’s last name if he agrees to it. Otherwise you go back to your maiden name after a divorce.

      Louis accomplished? He did finally manage to earn his college degree recently, which they admitted wasn’t easy given his dyslexia. There was talk he had trouble finding a job because of his royal status. Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa said recently that two of her children are living and working in Paris. Assumed to be Louis and his sister, Alexandra, who completed a masters in conflict resolution (Trinity College?) last year.

      Oddly Louis’s ex used to work for Jamie Lowther-P, the former PR hack for Prince William at his high-end security company. She has a new marketing job with a cable channel, perhaps because JLop didn’t like her splashing private business all over social media.

      • Citresse says:

        Thanks notasugarhere for that informative post. The only royals which pique my interest are British. If it’s true Louis of Luxembourg can speak many languages then he’s already miles ahead of William. And if other wiki info is true I admire the fact he spent time abroad teaching in India. It’s unfortunate about his marriage.

      • A says:

        @NOTA, shame about Princess Tessy tbh. I always liked her, she was in the army and she has a Master’s degree and wrote very eloquently about sexual harassment if I remember correctly. She deleted her Instagram a while back, and that’s really the last I checked of her. If she’s truly starting in on the PR stuff, that’s a real shame by all accounts.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Her fall into this type of negative behavior is disappointing to me as well. She has the education she does because her in-laws paid for it. Now she’s turning on them publicly, making references about them being trash, saying negative things about her MIL through friends. It is clear she doesn’t want the royal husband anymore, but she wants the royal title, fame, lifestyle. And she’s back on social media, sharing pictures of “fan mail”.

  75. Carolind says:

    William will not automatically become Prince of Wales when Charles becomes King. Charles will (if he wishes) have to specially confer this title on William.

    Elizabeth did not announce she was giving this title to Charles until she had been Queen for 5 years.

    The heir does automatically become Duke of Cornwall.

    • Msthang says:

      Citresse, I think the majority of people in Europe grow up speaking several languages, We Americans are such snots, we are lucky if we know Spanish!

  76. Teach says:

    I get the feeling there is more to the wait than meets the eye. Perhaps some arguing between Will and Kate over the name?

  77. NAley says:

    I don’t think it really matters..look at Prince Harry, ‘Harry’ is his nickname so I’m sure as the children become older they will be known by middle/nick names if they choose.

  78. Kitty says:

    Is this the last child they will have?

  79. A says:

    I like it. It’s not a bad name. It’s got family history, it’s George’s middle name (although I would have gone with Alexander, personally), Charles harks back to both grandpa Charles and Charlotte, Arthur is both Charles and William’s middle names. Louis for Louis Mountbatten, and surprisingly also one of William’s given middle names (William Arthur Philip Louis).

    It’s tough naming third children I feel. If you’ve had a boy and a girl, you’ve pretty much run the gamut for honouring family names. And I think by that point, everyone kind of wants to give their third child their own little identity, at least as far as my family went. So this is nice.

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      We hit the same speedbump. First two were easy but the third was tough. First two have family middle names and hubs threw out something that worked with a first name and we went with it. Our daughter’s first name came out of a novel I was reading on a cross-country flight – Sunniva.

  80. M.A.F. says:

    I only came here to figure out they are pronouncing it either Louie or Lewis. Glad to see I was right.

  81. Starlight says:

    Louis > Princess Diana’s nephew is called Louis, very European, King Louis the fourteenth of France, nice gesture along with the obvious Mountbatten connection.

  82. Carmen says:

    Louis? Phooey.

  83. TuxCat5 says:

    “Prince Loo”–hahahahahaha!

  84. Nicole Savannah, GA says:

    Didn’t Gosling and Mendes name their daughters with same names? The 2nd little one’s name is the 1st one’s middle name.

  85. Jag says:

    I thought it would be Alexander, due to how William responded to a reporter’s question about the name. I’d have preferred it be Alexander, but oh well. Not my child. lol

  86. Tess says:

    I see the history but I personally would have preferred Albert. It fits better with George and Charlotte. Actually now that I think of it, there’s a bit of a French-leaning theme with George, Charlotte, and Louis.

  87. Bridget says:

    That’s gross that you’re perpetuating stereotypes abt william and his father. A new baby is a blessing, and somehow you found a way to ruin it? Congrats.

  88. Sparkly says:

    I don’t like the name Louis (which is kind of funny since my middle name is Louise), but I also think Louis Arthur Charles doesn’t roll off the tongue very well. I don’t like the name George either. Oh well. I do look forward to seeing what the little prince is like some day.

  89. ZoeM says:

    William used two of his own names for his son, as his full name is William Philip Arthur Louis. The baby is of course Louis Arthur Charles. Louis is also Prince Philip’s father’s name. William pronounces Louie the French way, i.e. Loowee.

  90. Liberty says:

    Pippa is pregnant! So is her husband’s brother’s partner, Vogue.