Charlie Rose wants to interview other predators & abusers affected by #MeToo

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There’s been a lot of weird, almost-under-the-radar stuff happening with predators, harassers and abusers in the past few weeks. Specifically, Matt Lauer, Mario Batali, Louis CK and Charlie Rose have all been making a few quiet moves to stage some kind of comeback. It starts this way – a Page Six item here, a rumor floated to the trade papers there, then someone pushes a sympathetic story to People Magazine. Then after people get used to the idea that some abuser or predator has been “in exile” long enough, that’s when they’ll announce their new project. Here’s my advice to all of the “exiled” abusers and predators: don’t come back. Just go away. No one gives a sh-t about your comeback. But of course, no one will take my advice. Which is why we get stories like this:

Disgraced CBS anchor Charlie Rose is being slated to star in a show where he’ll interview other high-profile men who have also been toppled by #MeToo scandals. The move was revealed by editor, writer and women’s advocate Tina Brown, who confirmed to Page Six that she was recently approached to produce a #MeToo atonement series starring Rose, who would interview others embroiled in sexual harassment scandals.

Brown — who added that she passed on the project — first mentioned the proposed Rose redemption show while she appeared at a Q&A this week at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Women’s Luncheon.

Said a source: “Tina said she’d just been e-mailed about co-hosting a new show with Charlie Rose, in which they’d interview Louis C.K., Matt Lauer” and others caught up in the #MeToo sexual harassment scandals.” Brown explained to the group that she was having none of it, and remarked, “These guys are already planning their comebacks!” The talk was moderated by WNYC’s Mary Harris at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

At the starry Time 100 Gala that night, Brown confirmed to us that she was approached about the Rose confessional show, clarifying she was asked to produce it, rather than co-host. She said of who’s behind the series, “I can’t remember.”

Three guests at the Brooklyn lunch recalled Brown mentioning the Rose show was pitched to her as a “Netflix show.” But a source familiar with the streaming service told us that it’s not at all a Netflix project, and no one there had heard of it.

[From Page Six]

I don’t think Tina Brown would make this up out of thin air, but she might have gotten the Netflix part of it wrong, who knows. Maybe it was pitched for Hulu or Amazon or something. My question: WHO pitched it? I suspect this was Charlie Rose’s pitch for himself. It sounds like something he would come up with – something “intellectual” where the softball questions to predators and abusers would be along the lines of “what did you learn from your exile?” and “who do you blame for the state you’re in?”

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32 Responses to “Charlie Rose wants to interview other predators & abusers affected by #MeToo”

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  1. Snazzy says:


  2. Kitty says:

    I sure hope whoever runs the show at netflix wouldn’t think twice about picking this show up, after all the drama they had with other abusers. Can you imagine watching a show with an abuser interviewing other abusers about how all this has effected them. Make a show about the victim and how they are dealing. What a load of shit

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “What about the show where we hear from all the women whose careers were derailed by Charlie Rose & men like him?

      …and the women who didn’t pursue the careers they wanted to because of men like Charlie Rose?

      …and the women whose lives were destroyed by men like Charlie Rose?”

      like you, THOSE are the people who I want to hear from. those are the people I want to have a “comeback”. F*CK this guy and his stupid idea to showcase these poor poor men who are just victims of these “crazy” vengeful women.

  3. Nicole says:

    Nope. That’s all I have to say.

  4. mia girl says:

    Not today Satan.

  5. Liberty says:

    Love 💕 the tweets by Shannon and Caroline. This program idea just shows how deeply delusional these men are, in my opinion. Still trying to wheedle their ways back into grace, just as they probably tried to tell all their victims time after time they didn’t really mean it, they are nice guys, what’s the problem? We just don’t understand, hmmm, fellas? And you can get paid to tell us why? Just step off.

  6. Red Snapper says:

    Here’s my pitch – Charlie interviews a panel of his victims whilst men wearing only unbelted robes wander around the set randomly pressing their erections into his face and shoulders. Then if he complains, protests or objects in any way he’s fired and perp walked out of the building. How ’bout that?

  7. Merritt says:

    No. This would not be ok. All it would be is gaslighting and trying to put the blame on the victims.

  8. indefatigable says:

    I was hoping there’d be an article today about that Incel attack in Canada.

    • Crystal says:

      THE INCEL MOVEMENT IS LEGIT INSANE. I have read them seriously advocate for forced enslavement of women, government programs to get them laid, killing women– and there is no woman they think is decent. Some have crazy ideas about finding sheltered virgins and abusing them into being their perfect woman. They idolize Elliot Rodger!! This nonsense needs to be called out and shamed.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      Me too.
      But nobody wants to talk about a movement who advocates to harass/stalk (even kill) women if they are not sexually available to them because at the end of the day many men agree with that stance one way or another (even if they are not part of the INCEL movement).

      Their deep hatred of women should be enough to declare them dangerous terrorists, a sort of IS motivated by misogynism.

    • Merritt says:

      It is a terrifying movement. They believe they are entitled to any woman they want and if she rejects them, then they believe they have the right to murder her. We are going to see more attacks until it is taken seriously and law enforcement is doing more investigations into the places where these men post online and get encouragement from other men to attack women.

  9. LittleWing says:

    Is there a way I can boycott in advance?

  10. NoShame says:

    Of course Tina Brown conveniently can’t remember who pitched it. LOL.

    Whatever network signs up for this is going to have lots of bad PR on their hands. As they should.

  11. Eric says:

    And Donald Trump wants to be the special master in the probe into Michael Cohen and remove incriminating evidence in the federal SDNY case.

    Go figure.

  12. Lizzie says:

    the f*cking arrogance. it is mind blowing. go back in your hole you old creep.

  13. adastraperaspera says:

    Just say NO.

  14. PlayItAgain says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. This is the worst idea for a show since the Apprentice. And look where that got us.

  15. Bachmangrl says:

    These predators are also unrepentant narcissists and can’t seem to live out of the spotlight. I hope no one ever gives them the time of day.

  16. Shelly says:

    They suffer from blatant narcissism. My niece & nephew were almost destroyed by a narcissistic father turned alcoholic and these narcissists really have no grasp whatsoever on reality, they just make up their own and are completely incapable of caring about other people’s feelings. That’s why they are delusional enough to think someone out there is interested in hearing what they have to say, but it’s really just GROSS.

  17. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Exile. What a joke. They haven’t learned, suffered or payed for anything whatsoever. They’ve been sitting around their palatial estates and figuring out how and when to make a move. Somebody PLEASE take their rings and throw them into the fires of Mt. Doom. Their lives should be over. Finished. No more cameras. No more interviews. Civilization needs to collectively turn around and give them its backside. Adiós. Adieu. Addio. Adeus. Sayonara. La revedere. Auf Wiedersehen. Tot ziens. Hejdå. Farvel. Ghoebaai. Poka. Żegnaj. Annyeong. Yasou.

  18. Chaine says:

    Could anyone be MORE tone deaf? Pleeeeeeeze. Go away.

  19. Kathryn says:

    Unacceptable, period.

  20. hogtowngooner says:

    God damn I’m so tired of perpetrators cloaking themselves in victim language. If they showed even one ounce of remorse for what happened to the women they abused, maybe I’d listen. But it’s always, always about how hard the whole thing was for THEM.

    But I guess when people shop around a sob story for you, it just reinforces that you’re the wronged party.

  21. JRenee says:

    If true, tone deaf and arrogant. Smdh

  22. Gretchen says:

    I’ll be sure to NOT watch it while playing the world’s smallest violin

  23. whispersjane says:

    These are shark-infested waters, but I’ll enter them.

    I read the allegations when they appeared. I take them seriously. I’m disappointed in the man, but I STILL VALUE CHARLIE ROSE AS A JOURNALIST.

    His interviews enriched my life. Enriched is a funny, earnest word, isn’t it? But it’s true. I miss them. The sudden, jarring way in which he exited public life felt unbalanced to me, too black and white.

    I don’t have a useful suggestion for how it might have been handled differently. I know the networks needed to send a zero-tolerance message. I know, in ways, ours culture benefits from that.

    But, ugh. Shades of grey, here. Shades of grey.