Melania Trump seems disgusted with her husband because she’s ‘old-world European’

Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Emmanuel Macron, and Brigitte Macron attend a dinner at the White House

Over the weekend, the Washington Post had a somewhat crazy article about Melania Trump. I say “somewhat crazy” because… I couldn’t help but imagine how differently the media would be framing the First Lady’s story if a Democrat was president. Say a Democrat man was president and we had learned that he had slept with a porn star, paid off the porn star on the eve of the campaign and lied about it for a year. Now imagine what the media would be doing to the president’s wife. And yet, Melania floats above it all, somehow. WaPo even notes that her approval ratings are consistently much better than her husband’s, and that she’s just “old-world European,” and that’s why she always seems to hate her husband. You can read the full WaPo piece here. Some highlights:

They don’t sleep in the same room: Bigly wakes up at 5:30 to watch cable news and tweet. Melania gets up later to ready “their 12-year-old son for school, including checking to make sure his homework is in his backpack.”

Her new focus: “Her focus all along has been children, and this launch is meant to formalize what her role will be for the next three to seven years,” said Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s spokeswoman. She said the first lady will devote the rest of the Trump presidency to the issues children face today and their well-being.

Old-world European: “She is a dignified, private person, and she’ll deal with her personal life in private and it’s no one’s business,” said Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a longtime friend of Melania’s. “They are not that couple that holds hands just because; she is old-world European and it’s not who she is.”

The Trumps never spend time together: The Trumps are often apart even during their free time, according to several people who know the couple’s schedules. At Mar-a-Lago on holidays and weekends, the president golfs or dines with politicians, business executives and media personalities on the patio, while Melania is often nowhere to be seen. According to several current and former aides, the president and first lady often do not eat together in the White House either. “They spend very little to no time together,” said one longtime friend of the president.

She never even visits the West Wing: According to several White House staff members, Melania has erected a de facto wall between the East Wing, where she is renovating her office and enjoying growing popularity, and the West Wing, where her husband and Ivanka Trump, her eldest stepdaughter, have offices. While she goes to the West Wing for official duties, she does not walk down the hall, pop her head in and see how the president’s day is going. “She seldom sets foot in the West Wing,” said one person with firsthand knowledge.

LMAO @ “unpaid”: Trump insisted on a prenuptial agreement when he married Melania 13 years ago, just as he had with his two previous wives. The terms have never been made public. A person close to Melania noted that the prenuptial was signed before his political career, which forced her to take on a whole new role and one, as a friend said, that is “unpaid.”

The rumor that Melania doesn’t live in the White House: For months, a persistent rumor has floated around Washington that Melania doesn’t really live in the White House and stays in a house with her parents and Barron near his suburban Washington school. “It’s 1,000 percent false. We laugh at it all the time,” Grisham said. “It’s an urban legend,” said Rickie Niceta Lloyd, the White House social secretary.

[From The Washington Post]

I’m still laughing at “unpaid,” honestly. It’s like Melania is keeping a running tab on how much Bigly owes her for “working” as First Lady and not leaving him. There are other details and facts in there, like Melania’s parents were able to come to America through chain migration (which Trump often derides in speeches). No one will say if Melania’s parents have a room at the White House. Sources say that Melania actually spends a lot of time at the White House, overseeing the household staff. She’s also decorating, but she’s been using “neutral colors,” not all-gold like a Trump property. Basically, the point of this is that Melania is still an enigma and while she’s not as bad as her husband, she still sucks as a person.

President Donald J. Trump welcomes President Emmanuel Macron

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  1. Sayrah says:

    It’s amazing what money can make some people do.

    • still_sarah says:

      Well, maybe it IS old world European to ignore your husband’s obvious infidelities as long as you still have access to all of the money. Personally I wouldn’t know.

      • Milla says:

        If people here gave Weinstein’s wife some sympathy, why can’t Melania get the same treatment?

        Yes, she married for money. But many women and people in general do that. So what? She didn’t humiliate him or their son. She didn’t sign for this role. Even she was a prostitute, I’d say the same thing. If you wanna cash in your looks, fine, but no one should be basically prisoner in their own home.

      • noway says:

        We don’t know she is ignoring his infidelities. We just know she is saying nothing publicly. Plus why do we care if anyone ignores their spouses infidelities? Also, whether or not she married for money why does anyone care about that either? I don’t feel sorry for her, because it is her choice to be there. I don’t think about her much at all. She probably won’t go down as a very active first lady, and yes after the amazing Michelle, and even the Bushes and Hillary she certainly seems to be less active, but not a big deal. I’m more worried about her husband.

      • A says:

        @Milla, people didn’t give Weinstein’s wife sympathy on here though. There were people who pointed out that she is not to blame for her husband raping and assaulting women, which is true. She is not. Assigning her the blame for that is wrong, in the same way that assigning Melania blame for any of Trump’s indiscretions (and plenty more besides) is wrong.

        She didn’t choose this for herself, no. And yes, marrying for money is not bad in and of itself. But she chose to marry *Trump* for his money. She chose to marry Trump and remain silent in the face of all of his indiscretions and humiliations. She chose to marry, and remain married, to Trump even when she was fully aware of his ugly opinions towards minorities and other women. She chose to marry Trump when there were plenty of other rich men in Manhattan who I’m sure would have been happy to be with her, and she with them.

        She’s not an unwilling bride coerced into an arranged marriage here. She’s made a very willing decision to be with Trump and remain silent in the face of everything. I don’t think she deserves this ugliness with respect to her personal life. No one signs up for that, no matter how much money they marry. But she’s also a grown woman, and she deserves credit and responsibility for her own actions.

        And let’s not pretend as if she isn’t at least somewhat supportive of her husband’s disgusting opinions. She chose to support him when he went on that screed about Obama’s birth certificate. She chose to speak up on his behalf and defend his Access Hollywood tape as “boy talk.” She didn’t *need* to do either, especially that first one. And yet she did. She’s earning every penny of the money she married, and she *knows* it and she’s decided that it doesn’t matter that it comes at the expense of women and other minorities who are harmed by Trump and her support for him. So again, let’s give her some credit for her own actions here.

    • AV says:

      And the threat of losing custody, or having to share her son, unsupervised, with That Thing.

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        Oh please. Trump has never wanted custody of any of his children. Why would he start now?

        Too many people project their fantasies onto Melania with no basis in reality. She’s a grown woman who is exactly where she put herself, people need to stop infantilizing her.

      • trh says:

        She’s where the Kremlin put her.

    • Diane says:

      I don’t feel sorry for Melania one bit. I don’t care if she looks the other way with his infidelities, which have been going on way before her and will after her. My complaint is that, whether she liked it or not, she is the First Lady of the United States and she has a duty to behave like one. She hides. She has no causes (other than bullying, which is ironic and ignored by her). She’s worthless. She might as well stay in NYC other than it costs taxpayers a fortune to keep her there.

  2. Who ARE these people? says:

    The biggest threat to the well-being of children is her husband and his government.

  3. Merritt says:

    “She is a dignified, private person”. LOL, you can’t be married to the Cheeto and pretend to be dignified.

    • minx says:

      My eyes were rolling. She’s a barely educated aging sugar baby.

    • lightpurple says:

      Very dignified and private judging from her previous modeling pictures.

      • MagicalDay says:

        So dignified that she rolled around on fur, w her thongy tush in the air, for a national publication??

      • Green Is Good says:

        Lightpurple, that’s the TRump definition of “private”.

      • still_sarah says:

        @ Green Is Good : Yes, and that is also the Trump definition of “dignified”. Shake that tushy!

      • Megan says:

        Jeff Bezos must really want Trump off his jock.

      • Boopy says:

        I don’t like the Trumps by any means but how is it any different from say Kim K’s nude pics but people here say she’s “empowered” when she poses nude? You can’t vilify one person and praise another. That makes you a hypocrite

      • Kitten says:

        Has Melania herself described posing nude as “empowering”? That’s for her to define. Kim says posing nude makes her feel good. Cool. That’s her choice. Not sure if Melania feels the same though.

        I do think nude photos can be beautiful and artistic, but the ones I’ve seen of Melania were just tacky IMO. No need to slut-shame her for it but ITA that there was nothing particularly dignified or classy about her centerfold snaps.

      • LIONOHHHH86 says:

        Do you also think that way of Stormy Daniels, Kim K, Amber Rose, etc?

      • A says:

        @lightpurple, can we please not do this? There are plenty of ways in which she’s undignified, but her modelling portfolio isn’t one of them.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, that jumped out at me, too. Writers these days are clearly working the thesaurus these days, finding euphemisms. “Despicable” and “amoral” work for me.

      Also, a laughed/cringed at “3-7 years.”

  4. z says:

    What is an old world european? I guess I am one of those since I am European but I really don’t know what it means lmao

    • Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

      In this case, it’s a euphemism. Just as “ hiking the Appalachian Trail” took on new meaning after the governor of South Carolina engaged in extramarital hijinks, “old-world European” is now slang for trophy wife of European origin with zero interest in public service.

      • Esmom says:

        Yes. Much of my family and my parents’ friends are “old world European” and they don’t despise their spouses nor are they detached from politics and public service.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        I am one of those old-world Europeans too and it rubs me the wrong way that the term is used for a wife enabling a sort of human scum like Cheeto.

        If my hubby had done 1/10 of what Trump has done, he would have been kicked out of the house in 5 seconds.

        American media should stop using that term to describe wives who don’t give a damn about infidelities and treacherous behaviour.

  5. Nicole says:

    Please she doesn’t disapprove that much. Stop trying to paint her as sympathetic

  6. Electric Tuba says:

    Were they trying to say “oldest profession in the word” and their keyboard got jammed up because yeah, holding hand and talking is usually extra… lol

  7. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    The thing I found most disturbing about this story was the phrase, “ for the next three to seven years.”

    • Kitten says:

      Seriously though. Can we not, please?

    • ocjulia says:


    • mia girl says:

      I literally wanted to vomit seeing it in text. I don’t think I can hold out for even the low end estimate in that sentence.

      Please, please, let Avenatti be right.
      *runs to light candle – make sacrifices to the gods*

    • Erinn says:

      I’m mostly horrified that it’s only been a year and a bit so far. It feels like decades.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, I said the same above! Also Trump’s been in the office for more than a year. Could she drag her feet any more slowly on her supposed initiatives? What a farce.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Yes, that sent shivers down my spine.

    • kittyhawk says:

      The fact 3 was even in there is a good sign, I think if Trump wanted to be re-elected even mentioning 3 wouldn’t be bigly enough.

  8. Jenns says:

    Why should anyone feel sympathy for her? Yes, she hates him. Yes, he cheated on her. Yes, she being publicly humiliated. But she knew what he was and still is, and she’s stuck by him for the money and the lifestyle.

    I’ll save my sympathy for the people being torn apart by HER administration and being sent back to countries where they’ll have nothing.

    • Anname says:

      When you marry a man who cheated on his 2 previous wives, you can’t pretend he won’t do the same to you. I think she is genuinely trying to protect her son, but that’s about the only good thing I have to say about her.

      • Jayna says:

        I don’t think she expected him to cheat on her with a porn star without a condom when she had recently had a baby. Those are probably lows even she did not expect. He made a big deal about his germ phobia and how he wouldn’t cheat. I even fell for that years ago about him. I think she was naive to how much he was cheating and with whom, even if she felt he might stray occasionally.

        But she married a shallow, narcissistic man, where she is not a true partner, for the lifestyle. I don’t feel sorry for her. They will divorce eventually. That’s a given. And I’m sure they have renegotiated her prenup several times over, once when elected and then with the Stormy revelation, and who knows, probably other times.

      • Cran says:

        @Jayna she married a man who brought his mistress on a Christmas holiday ski trip WITH his first wife and their children. The mistress confronted the wife on the ski slope in front of Donald. The nonconfrontational sot then attempted to ski away leaving the women to duke it out. Reportedly champion skier Ivana skies backwards downhill in front of him yelling at him. The mistress was Tiffany’s mom.

        She may not have known the extent of his faithlessness but she dated him for years prior to their marriage. His lacking formal wear during his off campus interactions should not surprise her. Nor should his choice of cavorting partners be shocking considering his public display of pride in her own soft porn S&M modeling ‘art’ portfolio.

      • Esmom says:

        Cran, I hadn’t heard that story. The hardest thing to imagine is Trump on skis, lol.

      • Kelly says:

        I can’t see that slob ever being capable of actually skiing. Was someone pushing him?

  9. Lala says:

    That formal dress shown at the top is as unfortunate as her husband…

  10. Beth says:

    Why did such a dignified, private woman marry the most egotistical guy who has always tried to stay in the public eye and brag about his life? Money. Some people will do anything for money, but no amount of money would be enough to make me marry that pig and be more embarrassed every as the world watches stories about multiple affairs and his foolish tweets and speeches put our country in danger. And he’s ugly!! And stupid! WTF was she thinking of besides getting rich? I give her no sympathy. She knew what kind of guy he was all along

  11. Veronica S. says:

    With the amount of plastic surgery this woman has had, I doubt there’s anything “old world” about her at this point, except maybe her internal organs.

  12. RBC says:

    Sounds more like she is making sure to separate herself from 45 in the public’s eyes.
    So when the crap hits the fan regarding her husband, Melania can retreat from public eye
    and no one will question it. Because she is so

  13. Neelyo says:

    ‘Melania has erected a de facto wall between the East Wing, where she is renovating her office and enjoying growing popularity’

    Growing popularity? I guess that’s the positive spin on she’s not as hated as much as her husband.

    • Kelly says:

      It’s being reported today that her polls have jumped ten points to 57%. First ladies typically poll higher than their husbands so I’m not really surprised. She’s pitied more than she’s respected.

  14. Christin says:

    My guess is that friends are building the brand she’ll use to make money once this circus ends. So independent!

    As for initiatives, I expect she’ll dive into that once she follows through on publicly sharing her immigration papers, which were promised nearly two years ago.

  15. Justwastingtime says:

    Bawhaha. Their marriage and her behavior is not a result of her old world European background whatever that means … she hates him and further does not give a fig for the children of this or any other country .. with the exception of Barron. Why would she make any effort if she isn’t getting paid for it?

  16. Swack says:

    Her focus has been children the entire time? What has she been doing other than hiding out in the WH? Thought her focus was to be on cyberbulling and why has it taken her 15 months to even begin to focus on something? I don’t believe she is doing any decorating (pictures or it’s not true) and if all the gold at the state dinner is any indication, I don’t believe she’s using neutral colors.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Well, there is her much-publicised anti-bullying initiative. Oh, wait…

  17. B n A fn says:

    “She’s a dignified, private person, and she’ll deal with her personal and private life in private and it’s no one business.” These people makes me so sick with their hypocrisy. What a bunch of malarkey. Now MT private life is no one’s business but Hillary’s private life was the Dotard’s and his sheeps business. The hypocrisy of the Con man and his people who brought out those women, had them on stage during the debates with the main purpose of embarrassing Hillary for what her husband might have done with them. I hope those women are now proud of themselves, they allowed themselves to be used by the most corrupt president in our modern history, and look what we ended up with, jmo.

  18. tonetest says:

    Yeah she’s an old world european — she longs for the world of 1937-1945.

    Trash. I hope she goes down with the rest of the Trumps and that the grandkids choose not to have kids of their own. The evil needs to stop somewhere.

  19. Tiffany says:

    So they had to put that gossip about her not living at 1600. So that means it’s true.

    Something had to get her out of Manhattan and a mansion on the Potamac did it. I wonder who is paying for it.

    • Nic919 says:

      It’s been confirmed by severally sources that she doesn’t live at the White House. At most there is a room for plausible deniability. And no one blinks that they openly admit that they don’t share a room. I don’t think she has been with him for years anyway. Probably shortly after Barron was born.

  20. Eric says:

    Well, Melania, let us tell you why we are disgusted.

    Emperor Zero is a tin-pot dictator who dicks a lot. He’s a shallow, thin-skinned, pu$$y-grabbing, lying, molesting idiot. He’s a racist and misogynistic asshat who claims to be bright but is dimmer than his base who know nothing. He’s an obstructor and a cheat and a pusher of pedophiles and an abuser of illicit drugs who coerced two doctors to lie on his behalf. He’s a criminal with a litany of armed FBI agents crawling through every rotten crevice he ever peed on while taking dalliance lessons from Russian hookers. He’s orange and hairless and has the stamina of half-a-Hillary and has very small hands with which to tweet absurdities. His micropenis hides in the folds of his 329 pounds of flesh and he gorges on poor “food” while hating on immigrants, people of color, women, and the LGBT community while calling alt-right clowns “very fine people.” He’s a traitor to the nation and a pariah to everyone he meets, using his anti-Midas touch to burn scores of followers and political appointees and is the king of the failed business model.

    And his mouth is small.
    And you married him.

    • Hildog says:

      What else is there to say. I may copy/save this rant for the random deplorables that pop up on my timelines and in everyday life

  21. Ankhel says:

    Old World European? Like, Age of Innocense? The women walking five steps behind their husbands, conversing cheerfully and holding no male hands whatsoever? Men and women retiring to different rooms after dinner? Hurried missionary in the dark, never spoken of again?

    You wish, Melania.

  22. Ladykeller says:

    Well then call me old world European because I also am disgusted by Donald Trump.

  23. JAC says:

    Eh, the media has been nasty about her. It would be fine if it was for her behaviour, but it was mostly for her ethnicity. Being called a mail order wife or prostitute come with the territory of being an Eastern European woman in the west. And she’s not even fully Eastern European.
    This is one of the very very rare ocassions where we get grouped with the fancy Europeans. It usually doesn’t happen.

    • Renee2 says:


      What is her background? I do agree that the media has been very xenophobic about her ethnicity, but I have little sympathy for her specifically because of her own race baiting with Obama and because her husband is racist. HOWEVER, that does not make it okay, because there are others hurt by that type of discrimination who share the same background with her who aren’t POS.

      • Kata says:

        Slovenians consider themselves Central European. They probably have more in common with Austria than Russia. They were in a country with them for centuries.

    • B n A fn says:

      I’m at the stage now I don’t care what anyone has to say that is negative about the Dotard’s con family, sorry. I read the Con man people calling MO a 🐒 and every dispictable names you can think of. And they called Hillary every dispictable name in Webster dictionary and the Dotard’s sheeps just nod along. Sorry I’m not feeling sorry for her. Btw, I’ve never called her out her name, but she’s fair game.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “It would be fine if it was for her behavior”

      it was. she’s a bigoted birther who is complicit in her husbands raping of the country, and supportive of his bullying.

    • minx says:

      I think the media has actually been fairly easy on her. She sat on her pampered a** in NYC for months, costing taxpayers money.

    • Kitten says:

      To piggy-back on what Minx said, my perception is the reverse of yours: I think people make excuses for her BECAUSE she’s Eastern European.

      She’s done a tenth as much as Michelle Obama had at this time during Barack’s first term and people seem to be completely ok with that. It’s almost as if they feel because she is a beautiful foreigner, we shouldn’t expect too much from her. As if because she has an accent and is from another country, that the poor thing simply doesn’t understand what her role is. Between that and the incessant “poor Melania trapped in a gilded cage” think pieces coming from main stream media, I think she’s very much coddled to be honest.

      • Kata says:

        ” the poor thing simply doesn’t understand what her role is” – They still treat her like a simpleton because she’s from Eastern Europe. I am 99% percent sure they would not treat her that way was she Swedish or some other “fancy” European country.

        Maybe you’re right. Maybe she gets coddled. But as someone from a country near hers, who is quite franky sick of the incredibly stereotypical and offensive portrayal of Eastern, Central( Slavic) and Southeastern European people in western media ( especially women), maybe I am more sensitive to it. I don’t care much for Melania, but the things that get projected onto her hit quite close to home for me. Pretty much every story about her when I read comments there are always people calling her a mail order bride etc. When she copied Michelle’s speech ( which she surely didn’t write) there were articles saying it’s because of her communist education where we plagiarise everything.

        And it’s especially disheartening comming from people on the left. And it’s especially grating when you see they often don’t even know basic facts, like when Joy Reid wrote she was born in Soviet Yugoslavia.

      • Kitten says:

        “They still treat her like a simpleton because she’s from Eastern Europe”

        Yes, you have a point that she would probably be viewed as a more sophisticated woman if she was from Sweden, but I think being treated as a “simpleton” works to protect her from being held accountable. In that way, I think being Eastern European actually benefits her. People assume that she doesn’t really understand American politics or that she married Trump to get away from a dire existence in a war-torn, economically depressed country. That’s American ignorance for you, but it does engender public sympathy I think.

        The news today is that Melania’s actually gaining in popularity here. And what has she really done to earn that?
        Compare that to Michelle who was likened to a man, compared to an animal, and derided for showing her toned arms, despite her amazing charity work.

        I guess my point is that it’s still much better being a rich Eastern European who married for money than being a highly-educated, assertive, self-possessed, and STRONG black woman. All of Michelle’s impressive credentials and her outstanding character still wasn’t enough to protect her from racism and unnecessary cruelty simply because of her skin tone. This is a woman who grew up on the south side of Chicago and graduated from Princeton and Harvard; a woman who rose to success through shear determination and strength; yet she was still a favorite target of misogynists and racists alike.

        And I don’t mean to make it into a pissing contest because I do agree with your larger point that Melania is slut-shamed by many on the left (and Never Trumpers on the right) and she is referred to in a derogatory way because of her ethnicity. I don’t think it hurts to remind people of that, either. I guess my point is that I don’t have a ton of sympathy for her, especially seeing what Michelle went through. Black women have to be ten times better than white women and even then, people disrespect them.

        ETA: sorry that was so much longer than I meant it to be! Brevity is something I’m struggling with today lol…

      • Kata says:

        Kitten, thank you for explaining your point so thoroughly. It does benefit her, while simultaneously hurting all other Eastern European women. How fitting for a Trump.

        I actually didn’t know Michelle got treated that way,and it’s appaling. We don’t really have the tendency to follow the spouse of a politician so Michelle never got much coverage ( Melania gets more because she’s from a neighbouring country). There are also very very few POCs in my country, and with the idea of America you get from Hollywood most people think racism is a thing of the past ( that perception is slowly changing with things like Ferguson reaching the news, but quite slowly).

  24. Q T Hush says:

    The hard workingest First Lady ever!! Haha, maybe Melania is on a retainer, just like MC. MC is a part time lawyer for EZ so it stands to reason M is also a part time First Lady. Love how ambiguous her plans to start firstladying are since she’s had 16 months to think about them. Is this a flashback from a bad acid trip? Go Bobby three sticks, we have had it with these cons.

  25. Green_eyes says:

    My mother is old World European. My parents have been married over 54 yrs. At 85 & 86 yrs of age they still hold hands or lock arms when walking in public and they give each other a kiss. As did my tante & unkle, Oma & Opa. What old world Europeans do not do is pose nude for the world to see. It is not private or dignified by those old standards. Also, there is nothing old European tradition about marriage being a business transaction as Melania/Donald’s Union. My Oma/Opa slept in the same bed together for 60+ yrs, they did everything together as a loving couple. The same as my mom & dad today. Melania’s act of taking her clothes off in public or even discussing some of the things she has when younger in interviews w/ Donald show she is anything but Old World European. I grew up w/ old world European women.. was raised by them.. Melania can’t hold a candle to them.

    • CairinaCat says:

      There are a lot of nudie mags in Europe, too.
      But there are a lot of Europeans who look down on nudie mags and on the people who get photographed for them. A lot of people wouldn’t want pics of their adult children in such mags. But I think the same is true for the US.

      I wouldn’t judge melania too hard for those pics. They are soft porn at best and who can tell how they came to happen. Melania probably wasn’t well-acquainted with American culture when she came to the USA and she did probably not know which jobs she should refuse. Perhaps she got talked or persuaded into doing these pics? Perhaps she thought that such pics would put some fire into her not spectacular career? Perhaps all she wanted was find a rich husband and therefore she advertised herself like this?

      This whole Daniels affair and the Melania issue wastes attention which would be better spent elsewhere.

      • Green_eyes says:

        I understand there are nudie mags in Europe. They are all over. Most Europeans are a bit more lax about nudity than Americans are. My point though she is claiming to be old world european.. women w/ the old world beliefs would never think of posing even semi nude. She may be european, but she is not old world european. That was what I’m referring to.

  26. Emily says:

    Please, there is nothing enigmatic about her. She came here looking for a rich husband and have the dangerous “anchor baby”, and since she’s not that pretty, smart, or successful she had to settle for DT. Neither of them really want anything to do with each other anymore, and he’d like to keep up appearances, but she doesn’t have any effs left to give anymore, so she acts like this. There, mystery solved.

  27. Franny says:

    Sure because nothing screams private and old-world dignity like full-frontal nudity all over the Internet.

  28. Tess says:

    Nooooope all you guys made me do is conspiracy theorize that she most definitely does NOT live in the White House now.

  29. Theodora says:

    While the “old world European” stuff is ridiculous, I tend to agree, as an Eastern European, that we don’t usually show much PDA and we are reserved with signs of affection in public. I had at one point a Dutch boyfriend and every time he tried to kiss me, hug me or even hold my hand in public I used to react like Melania, not because I wasn’t attracted to him, but because it seemed over the top sappy/cheesy to me. I didn’t plan to have those reactions, I did it instinctively. So, that’s why I don’t see Melania’s refusal to hold her husband’s hand as necessarily lack of attraction or a sign that she’s upset.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      As ‘European’ also includes us ‘hot-blooded’ southerners, I disagree it is a widespread behaviour.
      We get used to public PDAs since we are teenagers so not sure what you are on about with such a generalization….

      • Theodora says:

        I explicitely said “Eastern European”. Of course Southern Europeans are well-known for their passionate behavior in public. The article conflates all Europeans together which is a mistake, but for Eastern Europeans being reserved about PDAs might hold water, speaking in averages.

    • CairinaCat says:

      PDA’s vary much more between the rich and the poor but not so much between different nationalities.
      Upper class tends to not do much PDA because they do represent.
      Lower classes tend to do.

  30. jferber says:

    What a farce to believe all Trump’s efforts to hide his disgusting extra-marital affairs/assaults is so that Melania won’t find out. Hell, it’s probably in the pre-nup, such as: Donald gets to do as much outside f-cking as he wants without paying Melania extra, provided he gives her no STD’s. Then she gets a bonus of x dollars for each treated STD. Not only does Melania know it all, she doesn’t give a f-ck as long as her golden lifestyle is preserved. She NEVER expected fidelity from him, just an open wallet. Jeez Louise.

    • mela says:

      I bet they haven’t been intimate since Barron was born. She got what she wanted from him and I”m sure thats why she has cut him off completely.

      what is ridcilous is that we have a president who’s moral compass is spinning and the family-values right thinks that it’s okay to have a sham marriage with a trophy wife.

  31. Stella in NH says:

    “…she makes sure his homework is in his backpack…”.
    Dammit, he is 12 years old. He should take responsibility in taking care of his own school work.

  32. Helen Smith says:

    Melania pays a high price for her life as a trophy wife.

  33. mela says:

    She is disgusted with her husband because he is disgusting.

  34. noway says:

    Donald Trump just takes up all of the media coverage in the room; the vast majority of us don’t have the time or energy to put any hate toward Melania. I think people think favorably about her because we don’t know her and she’s so quiet compared to him. Also, why did we go after the First Ladies anyway. You are right if Obama did a tiny portion of things Trump has done we would go after him and Michelle, but going after the First Lady would have been wrong.

    I have little to no opinion of Melania. I do like some of her fashion. I also am perplexed at why she married him. Sure he has money, although the amount is debatable, but I just wonder couldn’t she find someone a bit less outrageous.

  35. jferber says:

    The only time I ever saw her smiling naturally was when she was with Barack Obama at Barbara Bush’s funeral. So basically, she’s happier at a funeral than she ever is with her own husband. I guess she didn’t get the memo: always marry the right man (who’s not always the one with the biggest pockets). I could see her being happy with Obama (no offense to the beautiful and fierce Michelle Obama). In fact, I can’t think of ONE woman who wouldn’t be happier with Obama than Trump (I guess except the racist Trumpettes).

    • minx says:

      She was glowing in that picture. I’m sure Obama was charming and warm, and maybe even asked her questions about herself. No wonder she looked happy.

  36. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Unrelated to the topic at hand. No intentional shade but legit thought that the thumbnail pic was of her wax figure. Wow!

  37. aqdgsbh says:

    The way Americans talk about Europeans, you’d think we were all one homogeneous blob, rather than 44 countries with radically different customs and cultures.

    • Dagny says:

      As an American living in Europe, the exact same thing about Europeans is also true when it comes to stereotyping Americans.

      • CairinaCat says:

        @ Dagny

        Hardly so. Americans just wish they could prove that Europeans were as narrow minded as themselves. go read European newspapers and some news blogs and you will find out.

  38. trh says:

    and did she decorate the East Wing with Slim Jim dispensers because we know her marriage is all about convenience

  39. me says:

    There are a lot of people on this earth to have sympathy for…Melania is NOT one of them. She knew who she was marrying. She can divorce him at any time. She is obviously just all about the money.

  40. Wigs says:

    I really just don’t care about her, like no sympathy or hatred. She’s just like a no entity in my eyes.

  41. BobaFelty says:

    “Old world European”??? She used to do nude photo shoots that bordered on soft-core porn. So elegant and reserved.

    • Saraj says:

      The same people saying stormy Daniels deserves respect are saying Melania did nudes? She was a model at least, not a porn star.

  42. Saša says:

    Puhlease. If Old World is code for Eastern, then she’s Old World European. The Grandmas in those countries still wear kerchiefs and have moustaches. The next generation starve themselves and spend every penny on clothes, cars and plastic surgery to try to pimp themselves out of the villages. How do I know? I am one of those next generations like Melania. There’s a huuuuuge difference between Eastern European and European. It’s like gaudy versus classy, pushy vs refined, litter vs don’t litter, house smells like fried food vs house smells like clean, wet wipe your pits vs take a shower.

  43. kate says:

    Hahaha! She’s so funny, she could take up comedy full-time!

  44. why? says:

    Melanie is back to leaking stories about herself to the press again. I don’t understand why the press keeps falling for it. Stormy is getting attention from her appearance on SNL and then all of a sudden we get more poor Melanie stories, Melanie’s approval ratings are up(because of the bots who are interfering in everything), and her new platform(which she copied from Obama). Melanie is just as unkind and self centered as her husband. She loves being the president’s wife just look at how the press only writes positive articles about her and fall for these stories she keeps leaking about herself.

    • CairinaCat says:

      Trump had an affair with Stormy while he was married to Melania. And apparently it wasn’t just an affair but Trump paid Stormy. And that this is now going through the press must be very embarassing for Melania. so her leaking stories about herself is a form of self-defense. It is not her fault that her husband is prone to having affairs. But it is her who gets shamed.
      I have no problem shaming her for being a golddigger. But seriously, shaming her for her husband’s affair?

      This whole Stormy Daniels affair is embarassing and embarassing only. Daniels is not a politically important figure so it is unlikely she affects Trump’s judgement in any way. It happened a decade ago and a long time before Trump started eyeing the Oval Office. It was a private affair and the people involved including Trump’s wife are embarassed and weakened in public. And that is the only consequence as far as I can see. Now Trump looks like a man who had to pay for it (hush money) and the only lady he managed to bed was a soft porn actress. that is no achievement which could be used to flaunt Trump’s strenght. He is in fact ridiculed on the international stage. Imagine what other senior politicians are going to say to humiliate and ridicule Trump. That ain’t looking good for the USA. Your president is a soft porn actress john.
      “So you bedded a soft porn actress? Didn’t you find a more classy lady?”
      “Surely she has some stamina as a soft porn expert? Did you have to get medical support for your affair? Can’t imagine you can go without it at your age.”

      But what this story does do is that it keeps sucking attention away from more important questions.

  45. SheBug says:

    Everyone’s laughing at “unpaid,” but if the First Lady is a hostess for foreign dignitaries and so on, why shouldn’t she get a stipend of some kind? Look how this guy treats his wife in public. She probably doesn’t have pocket money for a Starbucks. She probably has to get Barron to ask for her when she wants to buy something.

    I saw a documentary called “who’s counting” in college. It’s about rural New Zealand. The way it was set up, when men died their wives only got half their pension. So you had old ladies who had been working for years on family farms, but their labor didn’t get counted in any official record. They didn’t have pensions of their own because they’d never had wages of their own. They just sank into poverty as they aged, even though in some ways they had been the backbones of their communities: providing childcare, marketing hand-knit goods, providing elder care, helping tend the sheep.

    I don’t think it’s bad to think about how women’s work in private and public gets counted, even if we are talking about the First Family.

    • CairinaCat says:

      I tend to agree though I don’t like Melania.
      The First Lady is REQUIRED to host guests. She can’t budge. She can’t say she would rather continue her career. I mean what would it look like if a president’s wife would say: nope, I won’t do “First Lady”. She is kind of obliged to do it. And I think that this kind of work should earn her some kind of income to recognize that she isn’t just an extension of her husband’s position. I mean what would happen if a former 2-terms president would divorce his wife? She would have worked as a hostess for 8 years but she wouldn’t receive any pension for her work. She would only get some divorce money.

  46. Deeanna says:

    I still think this wpman is older than her stated age. Have we seen HER birth certificate?

    I laughed at the line about her spending her time “supervising the White House help”. Yeah. Like these people who have been there far longer than she has certainly already know their jobs.

  47. CairinaCat says:

    Melania will do whatever money requires her to do.

  48. Jonesy says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Melania can kick rocks!