Bradley Cooper on Jennifer Aniston: “she’s simply a friend”

Bradley Cooper was asked at an event on Friday in Paris if he had a hot new romance with Jennifer Aniston, with whom he had a well documented dinner date in New York last week. He said that he worked with her and that they’re friends, but he didn’t exactly deny that he was out on a date with her. The way he words his statement makes it sound like there could eventually be a romantic relationship there, but that it hasn’t developed yet. He said “If someone says ‘hello’ to her, it’s [a] given [in the tabloid press] that he’s fallen in love with her.” It’s like he’s hinting that it could go somewhere, but saying they’re in the early stages yet and he’s not sure. At least that’s how I interpreted it:

First they reputedly flirted at a party. Then, June 18, they definitely had dinner together. So, what is going on between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston?

That was the question put to The Hangover star on Friday in Paris, where he had accepted an invitation from Louis Vuitton to be their guest at a menswear event. Told there had been talk that he and Aniston had been out together, Cooper replied with a laugh: “Who talked about it? It wasn’t me. It was someone else.”

In a more serious vein, Cooper, 34, said of Aniston (in French, which he speaks fluently from his 1996 exchange-student days): “She’s a friend of mine. Simply, simply, just a friend.”

He further clarified, “In America, its not like it is here. She’s someone who is super, super known. Famous. If someone says ‘hello’ to her, it’s given that he’s fallen in love with her. So, no. No. She’s a very, very interesting woman, but she’s simply a friend.

“We made a film together” – He’s Just Not That Into You – “but we didn’t have any scenes together. I got hired in at the beginning of the casting, and my part was solely with Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connelley. Which isn’t bad at all.”

Next up for Hollywood’s hot new leading man – whose sequel to The Hangover won’t shoot until 2011 – is a reunion with another “good friend,” Jennifer Garner, in Valentine’s Day. Also starring Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Ashton Kutcher, the film begins production in September.

[From People]

Cooper was seen out on another lunch-type date with an unknown woman on June 22, and he’s been linked to Lake Bell after the two were seen looking “cosy” at an event – also last week. Is Cooper playing the field and will he ever be ready to settle down? I’m beginning to think that his date with Aniston wasn’t some kind of PR move, as I suspected after seeing a suspicious profile of him in People Magazine shortly afterwards. He’s a single 34 year-old guy whose Hollywood career is about to take off, of course he’s dating and having fun. At least Aniston is going out with a guy who doesn’t Twitter his every thought and make insinuating remarks to the press. Cooper is trying to remain classy about the whole thing, and I bet the “falling in love” part might come in time if he finds her so interesting. It was telling that he brought the L word up.

Jennifer Aniston is shown on the Atlantic City, NJ set of The Bounty Hunter on 6/26/09 with Gerard Butler. Bradley Cooper is shown in Paris at the Louis Vuitton menswear show on 6/25/09 Credit: Fame Pictures.

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  1. HashBrowns says:

    There is also the distinct possibility that he’s dating someone who isn’t famous and who wants to stay out of the spotlight but is annoyed at all the rumors about him dating Jennifer Aniston.

    It is also entirely possible that they are, for serious, just friends.

  2. Michelle says:

    Another week, another bs tabloid romance… at least this guy has a sense of propriety unlike douchey John Mayer. FWIW, the woman can’t befriend anyone with an XY chromosome without everyone jumping to often irrational conclusions.

    I don’t particularly care for Jennifer Aniston, but why does everyone assume that she must be so lonely and miserable without a husband and children? Not everyone equates that lifestyle with happiness- who is to say that she isn’t perfectly content living her life the way she is?

    Marriage and children don’t equal happiness for everyone. I say props to her for living her life the way she wants to.

  3. JohnnieR says:

    My God, can ANYONE or ANYTHING be more boring than this insipid woman and her publicist-run life?

  4. someone says:

    The only people throwing these two together was the rag mags, the papz, and the Brangaloonies…Im a fan of hers, and I thought all along it was just dinner between two friends.

  5. HashBrowns says:

    @Johnnie R: You do know this story is about Bradley Cooper right?

  6. nnn says:

    “I don’t particularly care for Jennifer Aniston, but why does everyone assume that she must be so lonely and miserable without a husband and children? ”
    Maybe because she invited the media and the public to play witnesses and judges in her personal life.

    Maybe if she hadn’t said that ‘a baby is on the way countless time during her marriage, maybe if she hadn’t said after her divorce ” i never said i didn’t want children, i did, i do and I will’, maybe if she hadn’t said to the media that motherhood is definitely what she aims to and will reach in the next two years (when she was with Vince), all the while still smoking, maybe if she hadn’t whine saying things like : I will always loved Brad even when she is dating (a dead giveway for your new date to hear your woman saying those things about her ex), ect… Maybe people wouldn’t have pittied her and felt like they have to protect her and help her find what they perceived will bring her happiness : a man who will make her forget the one she even call her husband, not ex, but HER husband.

    She opened the Pandora box and now lives with the consequences.

    She should once and for all say to the media to STFU and mind their own business, that she is happy alone and that she doesn’t need a man nor children.

    But until she will feeds the illusion that she still in the process of wanting to have a family like she publicly claimed several times, until she will feel the need to refer to her ex or her past life here and there, the media and the public will keep on babysit her because all those acts, quotes of her give the illusion that she is not over her failed marriage, that she is lost and unable to move on and find happiness alone,in the form of what the public perceives : a man.

    What pressure, i feel bad for her.

  7. selma says:

    so you say that she is not allowed to say what she wants, maybe she wants a family and a child but i didn’t happend yet because she always said i want it in a stable relationship and she has not have one yet. she has said 1000 times that everyone has to stay out of her privat life but it is the media that is not willing to let go

    the media does not want to let go because if they do then they have no stories

    You can blame all on jen aniston but i think that is not fair, i think it is the f.cking media

  8. minx says:

    I think you’re reading way too much into his statement, Celebitchy. Sounds to me like he’s trying to distance himself from the hoopla and say once and for all that he’s NOT into her. In fact I think her publicist or their agency (CAA) set them up on a date so that they can report everything to People mag and make J.A. the center of attention with a hot, new guy (and a box office success) but he’s running away from it as fast as he can. Good for him, she’s been using every “reationship” for publicity since the divorce. And, not every woman needs kids to be happy, but no woman who DOESN’T want kids like JA should marry a guy who wants them. That’s just fraud. JA will not find a man who loves her because she keeps looking for guys to make HER look good or desireable. The woman is painfully insecure and yet addicted to fame.

  9. selma says:

    and how do you know all this, you know ja or bc, this women does not have the wright to live how she wants because of the media and people who believe them it is what she said if you don’t like what you see stop looking

  10. sarcra says:

    “but he’s running away from it as fast as he can.”

    If that’s the case, then why even go to dinner with her? Just say no. Bradley Cooper is not some poor innocent soul getting tangled in Jennifer Aniston’s evil publicity-hungry web. I know if it was true it would give her detractors more “evidence” that they are right to hate her, but I’m pretty sure he’s a big boy and agreed to go out with her, whatever the motivation was behind it.

    “but no woman who DOESN’T want kids like JA should marry a guy who wants them.”

    I’m getting tired of people saying this. Everything she has said has been to the contrary of that rumor – she has said many times she would like to have kids. Unless you can read her mind to know she’s lying or are friends with her gardener’s brother’s girlfriend who said she knows that JA hates kids, I don’t know why people believe this story that the tabloids were peddling back in 2005.

  11. Jennifer Aniston is just a friend?
    I dont believe this.

  12. lisa says:

    I’m a bit lost.. was it her reps who said YES it was a Date.. Why did she not come out then and say NO Not a Date just friends eating. And he said in that People piece “Who was talking about this.. I did not talk” (something along those lines). So not only did he say he is not dating her he also said that he did not call the press to say it was more then it was.. So who called the media to take the pics, and who told People Mag it was a date. Because they ran a 2 page piece last week on this budding romance.. Someone is lying.. Bradley is talking. Where is Jen’s voice. Now I note that Bradley is being bashed on a few sites. Not Cool..

  13. azannie says:

    He was also fairly recently divorced…of course he’s playing the field!

  14. Beth says:

    “In America, its not like it is here. She’s someone who is super, super known. Famous. If someone says ‘hello’ to her, it’s given that he’s fallen in love with her. So, no. No. She’s a very, very interesting woman, but she’s simply a friend.” When taken in full quote context it sounds like Bradly is saying that everytime Jennifer is seen with another man, the tabloids blow it up into some big relationship. When she did that kissing scene with Jason Bateman I couldn’t believe how crazy the media went. They acted like they were dating.

    The reason people don’t think Jennifer wants kids is because she has been saying for almost ten years that she wants to have a baby. Just about every woman who has said they wanted a baby got pregnant or adopted. I think Jennifer feels that if she says she doesn’t have a desire to have kids people would really believe that’s the reason Brad left her. I find it refreshing how women like Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock have told the media they have no desire to have kids. Jennifer could learn from them. She could at least say that kids isn’t even a consideration until she remarries. That way she won’t get asked as often about having kids.

  15. Cheyenne says:

    “Everything she has said has been to the contrary of that rumor – she has said many times she would like to have kids.”

    Actions do tend to speak louder than words.

  16. whatever says:

    Poor Brad, he doesn’t look like the type who likes being used by Aniston’s PR machine to bolster her film career and ego. I bet that’s the exact reason why Vince Vaughn ran away. Look at Vaughn now, marrying a lovely lady out of the public eye. Yes, action do speak louder than words. And every action Jen has taken contradicts her own statements. I think she’s really fake.

  17. Ronnie says:

    There are so many of you experts on Jennifer Aniston. So many matter of fact I’m sure you are on her staff since you are aware of her thoughts, feelings and future public relations strategies. It was the tabloids that read into a dinner, not her PR team, they always say an insider/close source, in other words this could include her dry cleaner’s husband’s second wife’s stepson or her dentist’s assistant’s brother’s girlfriend’s second cousin. As long as the tabs can write a that the majority of you swallow usually based around a photo, then the wild times on Celeb begin..

  18. truth-SF says:

    This guy looks like a cross between a human and a rat to me.

  19. Stanley says:

    He has nice ratty eyes though.

  20. Rita says:

    The guy just got out of a very short marriage to another Jennifer. He is dating and not ready for anything serious. He is a CAA client just like JenniferA, so their agents probably set up the dinner. He is just saying in a kind way I am not into JenniferA and I have not said that I was. Simple truth.

  21. y says:

    i like her, because she isn’t homewrecker, like angelina or sienna miller. why jeniffer fight up with angelina when she stolen brad from angelina, why she said angelina “don ‘t touch my man”, though there are many many attractive man to marry inthe world. till that time to meet right man to get marry. enjoy your carrier, and with best friends, go jenifer go to live fun and sincerely your own time. brad is now useless, and past person.

  22. RunDMZ says:

    She can’t even go to dinner with a friend without it being international tabloid news.

  23. jann says:

    we don’t know anything about Jen, but what she says and what she does, that’s how we come to the conclusion that, shes a lying sack of bull, who craves the limelight when ever possible, who are her defenders? 3rd graders? Stevie wonder could see through this fake bish.

  24. jann says:

    She can’t even go to dinner with a friend without it being international tabloid news.

    because as stated earlier, her camp calls the paps for public consumption, i know it is hard to believe, but it is true, her last movie flopped big time, his movie was a box office hit, connect the dots.

  25. Nev says:

    She needs to stop alerting the paps every time she is near a man. I believe she tried to set him up. I really wish Jen would stop these desperate acts. How many times can this guy say leave me alone Jen. I don’t think he deserve to be put down because he Has no romantic interest in Jen. He is being open and honest.

  26. anon1000 says:

    well looking at those pics of maniston i would deny dating her too. she? looks like a TRANNY

  27. Yoshi.6 says:

    She has ugly toes. Too boney.

  28. Ellie says:

    He is such a cutie.

  29. HashBrowns says:

    I think saying “actions speak louder than words” is bs nonsense.

    The woman could say she wants kids until the day she dies and never have any but she wouldn’t be lying or fake.

    Maybe she wants kids but literally just doesn’t have room in her life for them; maybe she doesn’t think she’d be a good mom; maybe she likes working and traveling and a kid would be nice and all but she just isn’t going to go get one. Maybe she just wants biological kids and hasn’t met the man she wants to have them with. Maybe she’s infertile and doesn’t want the media all up in her beeswax about it. Who knows?

    There are a gazillion more reasons why a person would say they want kids but not have them.

    I’ve wanted kids since I was 18-I’ve been babbling about it now for 5 years but I don’t have any yet. Am I being fake? Am I not being genuine? No. I’m just expressing a thought-a want for something I don’t have.

    This is one of those things that people attack her for that I really do not understand. People say they want things they don’t have all the time. Why is she fake or insincere?

    Can someone explain that to me?

  30. RunDMZ says:

    I think she’s gorgeous! The hair, the body, the eyes. She looks great and men love that healthy look.

    Yoshi, get a life. You’re criticizing toes? Try criticizing a literary text or a film.

    And she does not look like a TRANNY! She has a strong jaw — that is the only “masculine” trait she has. And, frankly, it’s a modern look. The balance between the angles and curves is what makes a woman beautiful.

    If you want to see real trannies, come visit me in SF. I’ll take you clubbing and give you an education.

  31. malena says:

    he’s just not that into her

  32. pumak says:

    too bad they would make a lovely couple…

  33. Best of British says:

    lol @ malena!! good one

    I like Jen and I like him. Probably was a dinner date tho – seems unlikely to me that they would have dinner together unless their next movie is with each other or they’re attracted to each other. Its one of those reasons..

    Jen doesnt really have men friends, she has girl friends!!! She’s ultra ultra feminine (despite what you nasty folk say about her chin)

  34. Lita says:

    Lol @ RunDMZ’s (rather fun sounding) educational programme. High five.

  35. lola says:

    I think if Jen’s bio clock is tickin she should get knocked up by her friend Bradley, they would have the most adorable kid.

    I read Jan did not get preg with Brad because he was cheating on her, before his affair with Angie and she did not feel secure in the marriage. She did not trust Brad, and her instincts were pretty acurate. I don’t think he is sticking around with angie for the long run either or being faithful to her (Ang).

    Now Jen needs to not worry about a secure relationship and have a kid before her bio clock runs out of time.

  36. San says:

    I think Bradley Cooper is on to Jen’s tricks now. He will keep his eyes wide open if he even go any where near her ever again.

  37. not so fast says:

    Brad is already dating a young female who he is in love with. Why target an innocent man already in a relationship? The world is so ready to hook this woman up with anyone regardless if they are taken or not. How hurtful. JA may have all the money in the world but she’s not entitled to everyone. Bradley is off the market, find someone who’s available. All you lonely hearts out there who have been hurt need to look for single available people and not taken ones, thank you.

  38. sarcra says:

    “Actions do tend to speak louder than words.”

    Maybe she wants to be in a stable relationship when having a kid. That is certainly understandable. Even if she simply adopted on her own, people would be on her case for “copying” someone else.

    My point is, we don’t know what goes on in her life, what her plans are, and it’s really stupid to analyze that one aspect of her life and use it as criticism. I really don’t think she has any reason to be so vocal about wanting kids, unless that’s really how she feels. It wouldn’t hurt her to not comment or say she wasn’t ready.

    But people who want to believe the worst about her will, so I don’t know why I bother.

  39. Guest says:

    I agree completely HashBrowns – I have never understood why people complain and attack Jen for being consistent in her desires, simply because these desires have not yet come to fruition. I think it is just one of those things that haters grasp at to use against her, and if she were to change her mind and contradict herself (like many other celebs when questioned), then she would be attacked for that too!

    Jen has always maintained (even in interviews dating back to the beginning of Friends) she wants children, and by all accounts (friends and co-stars) she loves kids and is great with them. However, she has also said that she would like to share parenting with a significant other (Larry King interview ’05). There has been much speculation about why no child was born to her and Pitt (miscarriages, timing, concerns surrounding his infidelity), but since neither party has commented, who can say for sure? All we know is that both parties have said on multiple occasions that the notion she didn’t want kids was completely untrue. IMO had she and Pitt remained together they would have had children together by now, and since they didn’t, she has been trying to find the right person to settle down and have kids with, but that has eluded her to date. I would even speculate that she will continue looking for “Mr. Right” and if that doesn’t happen, we will see her having a child on her own within a couple of years – be it through IVF or adoption.

    As for Bradley Cooper – I find his comments suspect as well. Mainly since he has already lied/stretched the truth to the press about his relationship with Jen before the dinner date. After the initial rumours surrounding them arose in May he maintained he barely knew her (saying they had only met 3 times). Now that there is pictorial evidence of them being together, he cannot deny knowing her, so he has been pushing the “good friends” line. Maybe they are simply friends, but then why go to the trouble of wearing a disguise to attend her last premiere party and avoid the media, and then denying the fact of your friendship to the press? Especially when you then agree to go out alone for a late night dinner with her.

    Time will tell I guess…will be interesting to see where he surfaces next after leaving France.

  40. Kelly says:

    I don’t normally have much sympathy for celebrities — really, what do they contribute to this planet?? — but I wouldn’t wish on anyone the media scrutiny of one’s reproductive choices, whether those are to have kids or not.

    If she doesn’t want kids, then she’s acting appropriately…by not getting pregnant. Would that others, celebs or not, took this approach…

    If she does want kids, then imagine the daily horror of total strangers speculating on everything from your dwindling fertility rate to your choice in men (aka potential fathers)…all while your ex-husband and the woman he had an affair with while still married to you do their best to parade their rapidly expanding litter to the same media vultures.

    I actually feel sorry for her.

  41. tatonka says:

    I bet he regrets having dinner with her now. She gets on my nerves. the more she trys to come off as not desperate, the more desperate she seems

  42. lisa says:

    Kelly why do you feel sorry for her. She is the one who made it a point to tell the world she did and would have kids. She made sure her “friends” Courtney, Sherly, Kathy and all her circle came out to make sure that the world knew she did not deny Brad Pitt kids. She did not want to be looked at as the woman who would not give him the kids he wanted. Her Friends made sure they gave statements that SHE wanted the kids and Brad did not. Well FIVE years later Brad has kids and she does not. She has stated in many interviews that she would not adopt (can’t be compared to Angelina on that score). So I don’t care if she wants them or NOT. She could answer that question in any number of ways. SHE is the one who keeps saying she wants them. I don’t want kids. LOVE them, but I am not a mommy. so I have no problem telling anyone that it is not the life for me. She is not a 20 year old. She is 40. Not old, but her natural baby making days are numbered. If she meets a younger man or a man who wants more then one child the YEAH time is running out. She could do like SJP and Matthew and go that route.. OR just tell the world that she is OK not being a MOM.. but then that would take guts.

  43. Kelly says:

    Lisa, many people say they want kids. However, when it doesn’t happen, they don’t have their words thrown back in their faces by total strangers on the internet and in the media.

    You know darn well what would happen if she said she’s okay not being a mother: virtual crucifixion at the hands of mothers everywhere in a “How dare she!!” backlash not unlike what happened to Hillary when she said she had more important things to do than bake cookies.

    (Aside…where’s all the media-bashing of male celebrities who have chosen to remain childless? Is their time running out, too? Are they accused of dating women for their wombs? Why are we so hard on women??)

  44. diddy says:

    @lisa … well i thought brad himself said in an interview last year with LA times interview that fatherhood wasnt really a big deal for him till he met angie ? this was his comment

    “Fatherhood is the direction I always thought I would go in. But not until, with Angie and it felt like a natural evolution, a natural direction”

    so whatever u are say her friends said about brad pitt not being the one ready for kids back then, then they were not lying lying because that what brad pitt also said himself.

    so stop with your accusation that jenifer aniston was something of a bitch or evil just because according to you she didnt want to give brad pitt babies, becase brad pitt comment above contradict your assumpation and even he said himself the issue of kids was never the reason they broke up; you need to learn by now just because the tabs says something doesnt mean it 100% true

  45. Camille says:

    @Kelly – I didn’t see any backlash from any mothers or non-mothers when Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock both said that they don’t see themselves having bio kids. I don’t think there would be a backlash with Aniston either. Maybe just ‘well why did she lie for so long?’, if anything.

  46. lisa says:

    Kelly I agree with you on several points.. Also I hope you agree that people make choices and mistakes when they are young and change. Yet those choices and mistakes are constantly being thrown in their faces as well. I hope your defense of those people run just as passionate and strong. Grant it Jennifer may not want kids or she may. Fine.. I just get tired of people sugar coating everything that has to do with this woman. Her statements need defense. Her life choices are honorable. Well so are those of others as well. I will say I hope she does have a child natural, adopted, surragate whatever. I am just tired of the merry go round that is her love life. So yeah I for one will get off here.

  47. jann says:

    who cares rather she has kids or not? some people who tend to think this woman is any thing other than an opportunist,fame seeking,uneducated,non attractive any thing, is beyond me, she pays for everything celebrity wise,(favorable reviews,mags covers,bloggers,posters), i simply don’t have any respect for her any more. watch, as soon as people are not talking about her any more, a scandal ensues, the question is, why? why does she needs to be the center of attention? actually, not just her, most celebrities, Heidi,Spence,Kim k.Paris h. lindsey l.,and a slew of others, but some celebrities are not trying so hard, Jen garner,Reese,Julia Roberts, Sandra bullocks, etc, or they usually have something important to say or promote, the rest or just pure shallow fame seekers. but why? what is missing in their own lives where they need constant attention all the time.

  48. archiepelago says:

    He has a movie out. She has one coming out… Smoke, mirrors and Hollywood PR.

    PS Could those photos of her BE any more unflattering?

  49. diddy says:

    ^^^Check your facts correctly ,his movie had already made big bucks before he was linked to her or even pictured with her. i doubt he needs any tab press to sell that movie; its sells on ist own, people arent going to go see the Hangover just because bardley cooper is linked to so and so lol

  50. Cheyenne says:

    “Maybe she wants to be in a stable relationship when having a kid. That is certainly understandable.”

    Absolutely. However, her bio-clock is running out. It’s not easy to get pregnant after 40, as many women who chose to put off having a family and then found when they were ready to have kids that it was too late can tell you. So it could come down to a difficult choice: wait till she finds a stable relationship, when it may be too late for her to have a family, or go ahead and have a family without a man.

    I’ve known women who have chosen to go the single mother route after waiting in vain for years for Mr. Right to show up, and they are very happy they made the right choice to have and raise a child alone. However, it’s not for everyone, and only Aniston can decide if it’s right for her or not.

  51. BlueSkies says:

    I think that maybe Jen fears that if she has a kid, something will be wrong with it. Something wrong from her. She has lots of anxiety issues and that’s why she has gone to a shrink for a long time. Her relationship with her mom isn’t helping. probably some kind of ocd. She always come across as riddled with anxiety. She can’t believe she has landed the life she has and she’s right. It’s all a fluke and the poor thing feels like a fraud. Double edged.

  52. diddy says:

    wow so you got all this from personally talking to her ? LOL
    funny how you somehow think that this is what the issue is because you want to believe that what the issue it even though you dont know the woman or ever met her; they could be 100 reason why she hasnt had a kid yet, for all you know she might have probelems getting pregnant.

    its easy saying you want kids but it a different matter eniterly getting them. its not that easy for many people to get pregnant, or some of them want to be in a stable relationship before they have kids; hey look at nicole kidman , slma and halle berry it took them till they were in their 40s before they gave birth.

    oh my god! jennifer aniston goes to therapy, she is a odd one ,not normal at all(sarcasm) lol

    pls the bullshit that becase she isnt or wasnt close to her mother that means she has anxiety issues LAMO, many of them in hollywood have falling outs with their parents or a parent one time or the other and most if not all hollywood celebrities have therapist for one reason or the other; in-fact it most sensible for them to have therapist in that that kind of environment ,it doesn’t make them weird like you are trying to paint it to be rather it shows that they are bright enough to know that they need someone to talk to about certain thinks and maybe make them understand better.

    i hate the way some people try to make therapy out to be like its a thing for freaks or odd people,i have had to use therpy in my life relating to my eating disorde and i am thankfull that i have someone that i can talk to when i feel no one understands my side.

    and whats the big deal about her not being close to her mom, she was still and still close to her dad; so it isnt like she is lacking a parent love and support.

    FYI most hollywood celebrities have insecurities even the most highly gifted and talented ones, it comes with the occupation.

  53. BlueSkies says:

    Diddy. Step back. Ask yourself who you are really talking to. Disregard this is you are 20 years old or younger.

  54. diddy says:

    ^^^what do you mean by ask myself who i am talking to ? you made a comment and i disagree with it, so whats the problem?

    and what does my age for that matter have to do with anythng

  55. Best of British says:

    Diddy I totally agree with what you’re saying (and Blue Skies lives in la la land).

  56. neelyo says:

    Aniston looks like Kate Gosselin in the header pic. I don’t know if it’s the expression or what, but she’s scaring me.

  57. BlueSkies says:

    I’m in LaLaLand, Worst of British? Then what land is Diddy in, standing vigil on every Aniston post day in and day out? What land does someone reside who feels the need to defend a big chinned rom/com actress? Oh, let me guess, another individual with a horseface and big chin. Seems the Aniston defenders are really always defending their own physical shortcomings or also being the dumpee in their relationships. Right?

  58. how's go fyourself sound? says:

    why is it that anyone who defends Jen must be a..what was it again, BlueSkies? (or BS, as most people seem to aptly call you.)

    oh, yes…”another individual with a horseface and big chin”.

    you made some no-so-thinly veiled comments about Aniston, and diddy disagreed in a very well written comment that was NOT hateful or insulting in any way.

    and your response? sarcasm…the last resort of someone who got “pwned”.

    and then comes your inevitable slur against Aniston’s looks…those looks which have apparently helped her have a VERY successful career in a beauty-driven industry.

    and let me guess what your next post will be…

    “Big chin…blah blah blah…you must be ugly and big chinned like Maniston…blah blah blah…Big chin…blah blah blah…”

    yeah, think I nailed it.

  59. hello says:

    Aniston and the word fake are synonymous. I hate her and her PR machine which uses any connection to a male as proof of Aniston’s amazing attraction. She’s as gross as Speidi.

  60. BlueSkies says:

    Big chin…blah blah blah

  61. peggy says:

    Cooper is pointless. He’s nothing to look at. Most of his classmates went on to sophisticated careers in law, govt, and medicine.

    At 34, he’s too old to be a teen idol. And with his plain, sheltered momma’s boy image, he won’t last.

    BTW, they don’t particularly like him in the clubs of his hometown, Jenkintown. Just drop into one of the several pubs along the main street. The people are real and don’t appreciate being represented by a pompous fraud.

    Jenny? Like her or not, she seems sincere.
    Her father may have pushed her into the business. So at least she has an excuse.

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