Miley Cyrus & Paris Jackson were disasters in Stella McCartney at the Met Gala

The 2018 Costume Institute's MET Gala Benefit - Red Carpet Arrivals

Ha, of course Stella McCartney had to dress *someone* but Kate Hudson is too pregnant to travel, Gwyneth Paltrow is too elite to go and the rest of the Stella-regulars were no-shows. So Stella dressed… Miley Cyrus and Paris Jackson. And it was a disaster. Miley looks like she’s about to flash her boobs at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Paris looks like she didn’t understand the theme. While Paris’s dress has a nice construction, the color is kind of awful, right?

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The 2018 Costume Institute's MET Gala Benefit - Red Carpet Arrivals

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Lily Collins in Givenchy – she had a clear vision of the kind of gothic imagery she wanted and I think she pulled it off. I kind of love this?

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met Gala 2018 NY set 3

Janelle Monae in Marc Jacobs. In some photos, she looks like a young Grace Jones, hand to God! Anyway, I love her and I’m okay with this, even though I think there’s too much happening. Whatever, she’s awesome.

Costume Institute Gala  in NYC

The 2018 Costume Institute's MET Gala Benefit - Red Carpet Arrivals

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74 Responses to “Miley Cyrus & Paris Jackson were disasters in Stella McCartney at the Met Gala”

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  1. CadiC says:

    Love Lily Collins look, esp. from the waist up.

  2. harlequin says:

    Paris has such a striking face. But don’t like her tattoos.

    • Betsy says:

      Me neither.

    • CL says:

      Oh, thank God I’m not the only one. While I usually don’t have a problem with tattoos, especially if there is an overall theme, some of these younger women look like they’ve been doodling on their arms during class.
      I’m old. They need to get off my lawn.

      • Vizia says:

        You win my internet today, as I’m feeling especially IOGOML at the moment

      • Green Is Good says:

        CL: 😆😆

      • Summer says:

        Yes! I actually hate most tattoos. (Sorry!) I’m a born minimalist who despises clutter and tattoos always give me the sensation of needing to straighten a picture frame. To me, they look messy and tend to detract from a person’s innate beauty. But each to her own – I know tattoos can be very symbolic and meaningful to some. But these particular ones? A haphazard mess.

      • MagicalDay says:

        Gosh, I was thinking she looks like she was caught in a flying tattoo infestation, but the view is the same from the back row of a hot yoga class.

      • imqrious2 says:

        “…some of these younger women look like they’ve been doodling on their arms during class.
        I’m old. They need to get off my lawn.”

        OMG CL, you’re my twin separated at birth! DYING! 😂🤣😂

      • Bev says:

        It is like you were reading my mind. I am old too, and have two tattoos that I got when I was around 20 (yes, I was before my time). Mine are well hidden and it’s too bad these young people don’t hide theirs. Not a good look on anyone, especially ladies who would be quite lovely otherwise.

      • bella says:

        I agree 100% with Summer. It’s like I want to straighten a picture frame. I do like the dress and I love the bronze color on he.

    • Beth says:

      She’s a pretty girl, but her tattoos look like she doodled on her body with a Sharpie. So many mismatched little tattoos look messy and silly.

    • Capepopsie says:

      Exactly! She has spoilt everything with those tats!

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      I had the same thought. I’ve seen some beautiful sleeves, but they have a coherence to them. Whoever said these look like doodles is spot on

      • JennaR says:

        Was thinking the exact same thing.

      • MagicalDay says:

        My gf has two outrageous “sleeves”, they tell the story of her outrageous life. She actually participates in a Moth type story theatre, we’re all better for her authenticity- like her tats, there is verve, drive and cohesion. I’m no “anti-tattoo”, but I think Commit has to back the action? There is no intermediate speed otherwise it looks doodle-ish.

    • Morning Coffee says:

      OMG yes! Thank you! For some reason, it looks like she’s dirty (and not in a sexual way – literally dirty). Same with Miley. I look at that pic and all I see are tats.

      Regarding the dresses, I actually like Paris’ dress. it fits her well. Miley’s, OTOH, look how ill-fitting it is in the back? Ick. Just no.

    • lucy2 says:

      Same here, I find them very distracting, which is a shame because she is GORGEOUS. Her face! So beautiful. It still makes me worried that she’s pursuing a celebrity life though.

      • Livealot says:

        @Lucy2. THIS. i totally can see now why MJ wanted an obscure and private life for them. You literally are wealthy beyond measure YET you STILL seek fame which is just about validation from others. Blah.

    • Carol says:

      Her tattoos are awful. But I loved her MET dress.

      Also loved Lily Collins

    • No Doubtful says:

      Me neither, but I generally don’t care for visable tattoos anyway. Gaga and Lena Dunham have the worst though.

  3. KLO says:

    Lily Collins is giving me hard Sinead O`Connor vibes here, in a good way.

    Paris Jackson is such a pretty girl, this dress though is the ugliest thing she has ever worn. The girl usually looks good, i don`t know what happened here.
    The color is the exact color of chicken shit. I am a farm kid, I should know. Eugh.

  4. nch000 says:

    Lily Collins was the best of the night for me!

  5. K-Peace says:

    Paris looks gross and Miley looks just cheesy. Lily and Janelle look AWESOME. I absolutely love Lily’s look.

  6. OSTONE says:

    Why would Lily Collines and Janelle be lumped in with the terrible looks of Miley and Paris?! Lily and Janelle both knocked it out of the park.

  7. minx says:

    LOVED Lily and Janelle’s looks, HATED the rest.

  8. Lizzie says:

    i hate that miley got her man back and now she’s back to her long blonde hair and basic styling. it doesn’t suit her.

    • KLO says:

      well, I find Miley`s hair pretty but yeah, there was something special and vibrant about her when she had the blonde pixie. It was beautiful.
      “goes to google for the blonde pixie pics for eye relief”

    • otaku fairy says:

      I never cared for any hair color on her other than brown or red. For the theme her outfit is bland (and too big). 2013 was her best Met Gala look.
      Paris Jackson’s look is better, but I’m not getting how it goes with the theme. Janelle Monae’s looks the coolest here.

  9. Betsy says:

    Lily and Janelle are killing it.

  10. lightpurple says:

    Lily looks fantastic. Best of this lot. Janelle is definitely pulling the Grace Jones vibe but the lower part of her look is a rare miss for her. It doesn’t seem to fit right. The others are ghastly.

  11. Jess says:

    Janelle is awesome!! Paris just needs to go away for good

  12. Naomi11 says:

    Questions, when doesn’t Miley look like a disaster???

  13. Barnes says:

    Lily Collins, Miley Cyrus, Paris Jackson, Stella McCartney. Super interesting to see how much of the fashion and entertainment industries are made up of people who had the doors open to them because of their successful parents. Doesn’t diminish any talent those women might have themselves, but still interesting.

  14. Lala says:

    I think if I was giving an award away for BEST outfit that incorporated ALL elements of the theme…I would give it to Lily…HANDS DOWN! Janelle looks glorious…she ALWAYS does…

    Miley…SIGH…that dress looks too big…AND it so BASIC! And Paris…pretty girl…but that dress…is a whole…world…of no! And a reminder that tats and high fashion…JUST don’t mix…

    • alternative fact says:

      YES. Janelle is working that look. Not many could pull it off.

      And agree re: tattoos and high fashion. I have a script tattoo on my forearm but would definitely put concealer on it for an event like this because it wouldn’t work well with with an evening gown.

  15. MellyMel says:

    Paris’s face is beyond gorgeous. I wish her dress had been better or she had had been dressed by a different designer.

    • brutalethyl says:

      Something about her reminds me of a young (think Partridge Family) Susan Dey.

  16. Adrien says:

    Love Lily’s look, especially the hair. She’s like a goth nun.

  17. alternative fact says:

    Shallow, but Paris is a lovely girl. I like the IDEA of Paris’ dress. I think it would have been really pretty (maybe kind of basic, but lovely) if the the gown had been in a different color and had been all chiffon (? I don’t know my materials well) without the silk insets. Or maybe if the silk had been a different color. It looks like they ran out of the draping fabric and were like “guess we’ll put some silk in there”. I agree with the posters above that her tattoos do not look…cohesive.

    Lily Collins looks beautiful but the lower part of the gown is a no. my fashion pet peeve: long dresses with sheer skirts and a weird, short underskirt there. I hate that it’s a trend right now.

    Side note: I am obviously impossible to shop with because I’m always that person that says “this shirt is perfect but I hate this one part of the stitching.” I’ll show myself out.

  18. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    I actually really like Paris’ look and dress. Miley was just boring and underwhelming which is so weird since she loves to dress in costume. I didn’t like Lily’s look but I liked that she was actually on theme.

  19. Rose says:

    I think Miley is beautiful (I love her face ) but this look is a no from me .
    Lilly though ..I said “wow” out loud when I saw her, she looks perfect.

  20. Amelie says:

    I actually think Paris looks great in her dress though it reminds me of Robin Hood for some reason and not at all the theme of the gala. I have to agree with everybody above though that the multiple tattoos are very distracting and I am sorry to say kind of trashy looking. I rarely see tattoos that I like or that look good. Paris is so striking looking but the tattoos just ruin it for me.

  21. Sarah says:

    I think the prom dresses I bought at Deb back in the day looked to be better quality than this Stella crap…cheap looking fabric, awful cut, ill fitting…YUCK.

  22. Originaltessa says:

    All 4 women, the daughters of famous musician dads. 3 true legends… one a mulleted one hit wonder.

  23. mellie says:

    Janelle is so beautiful, I love her look…would have loved it more if she would have just stuck with a sequin head wrap and no hat thingy.

  24. Green Is Good says:

    Lily and Janelle for the win!

  25. Philo says:

    Janelle was one of my biggest disappointments. Considering what she’s been doing with the imagery on her album and emotion video – well, I just expected a whole lot more from her (and Tessa – I’m assuming they were together). And it was just boring. I didn’t seem any theme and I really wanted her to be one of the best at this.

  26. Redgrl says:

    Not usually a huge fan of hers but this time I have to say Lily Collins for the win!

  27. Gaby says:

    Lily Collins looked amazing! I’m pleasantly surprised.

  28. Sarah says:

    Lily Collins wins.

  29. what's inside says:

    Miley Cyrus is going to mess up her relationship again. This is the beginning.

    • Grinning mama bear says:

      I think it was Liam Hemsworth’s conservative friends who messed up her relationship?

  30. Grinning mama bear says:

    Paris Jackson in muted gold
    Jackson’s muted gold dress does make her look good. Really good. Great bodice and great skirt. Unfortunately I think her tattoos didn’t get the message and refused to hide under long gloves. Also I think this dress was originally designed for a woman about 3 inches taller.

    Miley Cyrus – she can rock anything and anyone
    Unlike other singers who nowadays seem to be known only for their red carpet and pap stroll looks this singer rocks anything and anyone. While some side boob might be showing Cyrus can play with such naughtyness with confidence. She knows that other ladies overspill so why should some side boob be so bad? She doesn’t need half an inch of contouring makeup nor does she do a half frozen smile to hide her chubby cheeks which smiling brings out. (Ever wondered why some men or women don’t ever smile on the red carpet? With some people smiling makes the cheeks look bigger.) And clearly if you consider what kind of pieces other celebrities try to make pass as fashion it is rather refreshing to see somebody rock a black dress honestly slit to the navel which tells everybody: “Sex sells and that is why you all wear what you wear! you just too hypocrite to tell”

    Janelle – too much.

    Lilly Collins – the only one who took the artsy approach seriously.

  31. Lilith says:

    Unpopular opinion: I love janelle’s look. I think it photographs beautifully.. the golden underside of the hat makes it appear to be a halo.. similar to some Renaissance era painting. I’m a fan.

  32. nikki says:

    Bored to death by Miley.

  33. serena says:

    They all look very cheap and missed the theme in a major way. No bueno.

  34. AuroraBorealis says:

    Paris is beautiful but yes, nay on the color of the dress. Miley looks a little sloppy. I loved Lily’s look, not ott but right on theme and I like her Padme Amidala-ish makeup. Janelle Monae can do no wrong. Janelle Monae for President.