Kat Von D is pregnant with a boy and she’s naming the baby Leafar after his father

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That was fast. Tattooist and makeup maven Kat Von D, 36, married Prayers lead singer Leafar Seyer, 42, at the end of February in a surprise wedding, complete with matching black manicures. Kat and Leafar have announced that they’re expecting their first child together and they’re not making us wait to do a gender or name reveal. Kat posted that she’s expecting a boy and that she’ll name him after his father. Leafar Seyer is actually Kat’s husband’s stage name, his given name is Rafael Reyes. Leafar is his name backwards.

Leafar posted the photo above to his band’s Instagram account with the announcement below. Kat simply wrote on her post “Itโ€™s a boy.๐Ÿ–ค @prayers”

When I thought I had it all. Life gifts me with the greatest of joys ! We are pregnant and having a baby boy. I love you @thekatvond and Im ready to be a father to our son Leafar. Thank you my love our family comes first !!!

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Congratulations to them, they definitely seem simpatico and like they adore each other. Leafar is a bizarre name to me, but there are worse celebrity baby names and at least they’re not teasing a gender reveal. Does anyone else want to see their nursery? Ooh I just googled “Kat Von D interior design” and I was not disappointed. Her house is ornate and gothic, with elaborate throne-like chairs in the dining room, candles, altars, statues and taxidermied deer. Her pets are hairless sphynx cats. Now I wish Kat and Leafar had been at the Met Gala. Imagine them in Gucci instead of Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto. This baby is going to be gothic royalty, I’m excited for them.

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  1. Ayra. says:

    How exactly do you pronounce it? My english only goes so far.
    Is it Leaf-ar? Lee-ah-far?

  2. Rumi says:

    I like her, I love her lip products. Im a bit on the fence about this. when people name their kids after themselves or a living spouse it’s just kind of egoist to me. Like the kid is a Mini me namesake. But I get that it comes from love or good intentions. I don’t know. Your name means so much and carries so much weight.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I loathe the idea of naming your kid Jr., 3rd, etc. They’re their own person, not a younger you!

  3. frankly says:

    I want to like her but can never forget how she jumped in with gross ol’ Nazi whatisface after he and Sandra Bullock split. Jesse James? Is that right? Anyway, it was all super icky.

    • terra says:

      That’s all I remember too.

      And Gross Face’s name was Jesse James. I like to remember as many current Nazi’s names as possible so that I can boo when they inevitably pop up again.

      • Lynnie says:

        Yeah she seems to get a pass on all that, and other icky stuff (pretty sure she sent a threatening anti-Semitic letter to her former boss) because of the whole “she was young when she did all that” and cuz “her liquid lips stay on foreveR” (nvm the fact they’re super drying) excuses. She’s what I see Jefree Star maturing into if he ever matures.

    • Penguen says:

      Thank you! I really can’t get past this.

  4. Jennet says:

    She looks bloated in that last picture. That’s all I got.

  5. Dana Marie says:

    I love her cats! Congratulations to them.

  6. Yeahright says:

    I saw her a few years ago at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. She was eating dinner with Bobcat Goldthwait.
    She get my side eye for being with Nazi Jesse James but she def seems to bounce back quickly.

  7. Happy21 says:

    Her face! Her disappearing nose ๐Ÿ™

    I remember when she was with Nikki Sixx, loved them together and she broke his heart when she left him for the Nazi so I can’t like her.

    However, I can like her high pigment make up though.

  8. Case says:

    Her personal life always seemed super messy when she had her LA Ink show. Always falling head over heels for guys and then ending things in a spectacularly dramatic way. I’m glad this seems to be working out for her.

  9. Heather says:

    I didn’t and wouldn’t jump on the band wagon of jrs, etc. My father made a funny (but good) point on why my brother is not a junior. “Why would I do that? What if he gets arrested for being a serial killer? This way if someone says hey Rog is that your kid I can lie and say nope, my brother’s” lol