Megan Fox is obsessed with Korean singer Rain; he couldn’t care less

After Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen raked in more than $200 million in its first five days, you’d think that its star Megan Fox would be thrilled beyond belief. All of those dumb interviews, all of those dresses, all of that will-they or won’t-they angst between Megan and Shia LaBeouf, all of that “provocative” thumb sucking. It all paid off! Megan should be on top of the world. But if this report from the National Enquirer has any truth, Megan is heartbroken because she has been thwarted by the man she loves, like, the most. That man? None other than South Korean superstar singer/icon Rain.

Megan mentioned on the London red carpet a few weeks ago that she has/had a crush on Rain. That was the same night she officially announced that she was single – and yet, she and “ex” Brian Austin Green have been seen together since then. Of course, Megan and Shia also seem to getting it on, in my opinion. So is she sleeping with Shia while she works it out with Brian, all while trying to win over Rain? You be the judge. But from the sound of this report, Rain really couldn’t care less:

Megan Fox… can’t land her dream man!

Megan has her sights set on South Korean singer-actor Rain. But so far, the singer – who is often referred to as the Korean Justin Timberlake – has blown off the 23-year-old bombshell!

“Megan has had a huge crush on Rain for some time,” an insider told The Enquirer. “Now that she’s single, she thought he would be an easy catch – but she’s getting a big dose of humble pie.”

Megan had her agent try to set up a meeting between her and Rain, and even publicly announced that she was attracted to him – thinking he’d hear about it and try to contact her, according to the insider.

“But he hasn’t called, e-mailed or even responded to Megan’s pushy advances,” said the insider. “He totally rejected her.”

As previously reported, Megan turned to Shia LaBeouf for comfort after her split with Brian, but soon decided she’d rather have him as a friend than a lover,” says the insider. Although Rain is a multimillion-selling pop star, model and fashion designer, he’s virtually unknown in the United States.

“It’s a tough pill for Megan to swallow that she’s getting blown off by a guy most Americans have never heard of,” maintained the insider. “Her ego is bruised.”

Megan isn’t ready to throw in the towel, though. “She loves the chase,” said the insider. “In fact, his seeming disinterest means she’s going to try even harder to land a date with him… until Megan gets a concrete, ‘No, I’m not interested,’ directly from Rain, she’s not giving up hope.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, July 6 2009]

Remember, Megan is the one who started talking publicly about how she was crushing on Rain. So did the National Enquirer just pick that up and build this story around it? Or does Megan really have a thing for Rain, and she won’t take no for an answer? Here’s the thing – if there’s any truth to it, Rain-loonies are just going to kill Megan Fox. Rain-loonies make Twihards and Brangalunatics look like amateurs. Watch your back, Megan!

Here’s Megan outside The Late Show on 6/25/09. Credit: and PRPhotos. Rain is shown on 12/23/08 and early 2008 weight training.

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  1. docalion says:

    I hate you megan fox! you’re such a show off!! i hope rain would really dump you!! you don’t even know him that much and yet you’re acting such a despicable loser just to toy him around!!! I hate you!! You’re just gonna use RAIN for you own-selfless- conceited good! You already had Shia and you’re still not contented, huh, HA!!! I hope you get hate mails from all RAIN’s die hard fans.

  2. omondieu says:

    She’s trying so hard to break into foreign markets. Her desperation to get Rain’s attention is really pathetic and sad. It isn’t at all cute or empowering, despite what she may think. It just speaks of how insecure she is, and will only make her less attractive in the eyes of any potential suitors.

  3. ash says:

    and all those dresses? I hate to say it, but I LOVE all of her dresses. GO MEGAN.

  4. ! says:

    Of course he isn’t interested. He’s probably gay. And even if he isn’t, he may just be SMART.

  5. Cinderella says:

    This may just be a ploy to break into foreign markets. She probably doesn’t even like him.

    But then again, his body is hot.

  6. someone says:

    Why does she have her tongue sticking in 90% of her pictures?

  7. Blah blah blah says:

    Please, the excuse about her trying to “break into foreign markets” is ridiculous. Most of the time American actors don’t even have to TRY before East Asian markets go crazy over them!

    Anyway, I don’t blame her. He’s hot. Doesn’t mean he’ll like her back, though.

  8. omondieu says:

    @ Blah blah blah:Megan Fox tries hard at EVERYTHING, whether she has to or not. She talks to journalists in foreign about how attracted she is to the local men. She keeps herself associated with Angelina in any way she can, from using the latter to justify her choices to keep getting tattoos, to talking about how she wants to be her girlfriend. She tells us how badass and edgy she is by prattling on and on about what a sex bomb she is, and how much she loves weed.
    Everything about this girl is ridiculously contrived.

  9. kati says:

    he’s gay.

  10. Cari says:

    Holy crap. He’s hot.

  11. Annie says:

    Yea, I’ve been loving her dresses as of late. Gorgeous outfits.

    As for the accuracy of this account? Probably pretty high.

    He’s really hot. And probably is only into Korean girls or girls of similar moral and cultural values. You want someone who’s similar to you and understands your culture. If he’s got your typical Korean parents, and he’s your typical Korean guy, he wouldn’t touch her with a 70 foot pole. She’s too vulgar and crass. The parents would never approve. LOL. True Facts.

  12. I dont think that Megan and rain are a great couple. I dont think rain likes Megan. Megan is better off with Shia, they are such a great and cute couple. Rain likes korean girls. At least that’s what i think.

  13. Iris says:

    He’s WAY too good for her. Rain is an amazing dancer, singer, and actor. And Megan? she’s 90% plastic and dumb as shit

  14. booboof says:

    Rain said he likes megan in an interview when asked which hollywood female actress he digs the most.

  15. mantis says:

    Rain is going to be the star of the next Wachowski brother’s movie (Matrix?!?): ‘Ninja Assasin’…so megan wants to have him before he’ll be know in the USA…lol
    I like her, but she probably has no chance…for reasons Annie wrote…

  16. gee_gee says:

    He DOES look rather tasty…

  17. loldongs says:

    I thought she only liked “manly” looking men.

    That guy looks like a ken doll with florence henderson hair FFS.

    Not rugged and manly at all.

    • bun says:

      hey, have you even watched his movies or his drama shows? btw these photos of him here are his uglier ones, so please dont judge just based on these few lousy pics of him..

  18. Codzilla says:

    loldongs: Ha ha, so true.

  19. isilvalie says:

    To the person who said they didn’t think Rain was masculine, s/he should check out these videos of Rain training for the Ninja Assassin movie that is coming out on Nov 25th:

  20. soralee5239 says:

    ewww megan fox is out of her mind.
    i mean, seriously??? bi/rain will
    never date her. and if for some weird reason he does, then those bi/rain crazed korean girl fans are going to
    eat her alive

  21. ChariZARD says:

    I fucking dare her to date Rain, she’d have to get through the fan girls…fan bases…and all that shit. >D

  22. maria says:

    Dayummmn he’s hot in those pictures *couple comments above. *droolssss

  23. steph says:

    Snubbed? I think not. The dude swings the other way.

  24. Kayong says:

    Im just plain glad he rejected Megan fox. Shes just after my publicity if you ask me. Besides, Megan, theres more fish out there, dont go after Rain like sum bimbo unless you REALLY like him for who is, not for more fame.

  25. gelly12345 says:

    UM!! have any of u guys ever thought that rain had another person that he likes? or maybe just that rain isn’t attracted to slutty people who hops around from one guy to another like has if the world was on fire. rain is NOT gay. and of course.. if rain takes pity on megan fox and goes out with her.. and then megan fox dumps rain.. she better watch her back.. cuz im pretty sure rain fans will go after megan fox and won’t stop until she’s DEAD.

  26. Kim says:

    Urgh. I kind of hate people commenting on him when they dont even know who he is =.=
    First of all, to answer the question of his parents;
    His mother is dead and his father is now back (from the US) helping him with his finances I think.
    He lived a very hard life, and had to take on the role as ‘head of the family’ for a while. For that reason, he is a very down to earth, grounded and a well manered man.
    Also meaning he doesnt rely on his parents for approval or anything.
    His father even said ‘ If you like a girl, go staight for her. Dont let her get away (take the first chance you get)

    Second of all, he’s not gay. Far from it. I wont go into details about that, but if you really must know, just search his interview on ‘Gold fishery’ on youtube and you’ll see.
    I think people insinuate that because generaly speaking, some think
    Asian males = Girly looking
    sooo … = Gay =.=””

    And although I never heard him decline his attraction, it is pretty obvious.
    He also acted very professionaly and was very careful on his comments on the matter ‘because he he isn’t the only one involved in the story’
    You see..very kind hearted 🙂

    Personaly speaking,
    I think she is very far from what he looks for in a girl ”
    He deserves a lot more anyways ~

  27. ejeong says:

    omg…Isn’t he hot? 🙂
    He is not gay and all Korean know that

  28. giorgi says:

    I don’t see why people hate megan she’s gorgeous and looks pretty fine to me and maybe she does like rain I mean look at him! Yuumm 🙂 I find asian guys totally attractive, in fact my bf is and I plan on only dating Asians now their so sweet and cute! So give her a break and I hope rain likes her we need more couples like this! They look cute together and would make some freakin’ adorable babies! Haha xD

  29. Mike says:

    I hope Rain goes out with her. Why? Cuz that just makes us Asian guys much more interesting! LOL. As a Korean guy who was born and raised in the US, I’ve dated all types of girls, from White to Black (Although ironically, never dated a Korean girl). It’s the melting pot, get with the millenium people!

    BTW, for you Asian girls that are getting all pissed at Mega Fox, dude, I never complained when you date a non-Asian guy, As a matter of fact, a few of my non Asian friends are dating Asian girls! Who cares! Get over it!

  30. ariess says:

    just because hes rejecting her it doent mean hes gay !! maybe shes not his type or something.i dont even think that megan is intereseted in him, i think that shes gonna try to use her. but anyway he is hot though 🙂

  31. martin says:

    here’s the deal with megan fox, she is really pretty, you could even say beautiful, but she has the worst personality ever. i never disliked her, but then her interviews got so obnoxious and plain stupid. i think the main reason people would get mad at her for dating him is because rain is sincerely 100 times bigger than her in his country and still he remains humble and unpretencious. physically, yeah maybe they are compatible but he is a better person that she is.

  32. Vindication says:

    Ahaha. The people hatin’ on Megan Fox are probably little asian kids. Megan fox is spectacularly hot.

  33. anonymous says:

    i was shocked when i heard the news!what is she thinkin? he’s a native man born with korean ideals and principles he would make such risk,i don’t blame her though i know his works he’s talented and most importantly freakin hoooot!!!!! just look at his pictures!

  34. anonymous says:

    dude all i have to say is that
    im korean and i dont even think his one bit hot
    i dont know why everyones obsessed with this ugly looking thing honestly ive seen way better looking korean guys then him over in the states and over in korea but godamn man why did they have to choose him 2 be famous – they couldve gotten a better looking guy – although he does have really good talent i must admit.

  35. Joan says:

    I think Megan is too good for him.
    I mean,she’s so beautiful & hot!<3

  36. anne says:

    to be honest.. megan fox is ugly.. she only had PLASTIC SURGERY.. its so eewwwww.. damn! your not the kind of girl that rain wants to be his girlfriend..

    to megan fox: YOUR SUCH A BITCH!! SLUT!! DIE MAGAN FOX!!

  37. Matt says:

    Look people, I think it’s funny when people look at a pretty girl like Megan Fox at first and say “Wow, this girl’s hot as hell”. but then once she becomes extremely famous you wanna bash her. so she said she was crushin on this publicly and maybe got rejected. who knows? but all of you act like youd be able to go up on stage and be able to admit something like that. and all of you act like youve never been rejected before. bunch of pussies if you ask me.

  38. Advice says:

    stop judging people when you don’t even know them…maybe megan fox really does like him…and the way she acts, maybe it’s to cover up something in the past that hurt her before. and everyone gets plastic surgeries, even korean stars, its just the pressure to look good since they are famous. it all comes from the public anyway, nobody wants to see someone ugly on the big screen, and don’t deny it, its the sad truth. so stop bashing both of them and let them live, none of us have a chance with either of them and they are grown enough to make their own decisions, they don’t need fans to approve. and those saying die megan fox, grow up and stop being sooo rediculously envious. who are you to judge and wish someones death? God i suppose? no just some losers sitting and gossiping all day online. Talented or not, fake or not, she still made her way to hollywood, why? persistance and attitude, she wouldn’t let anyone get her down or stop her, she keeps going to achive her goals. we should all take her advice. I think its better to be a bitch anyway, its the only way people dont step all over you in this harsh world. experience.

  39. kitty says:

    All the people that are sticking up for Megan Fox are using the same argument: “She’s hot! She deserves better.”
    I don’t hate her or anything but that is not the point, Rain is down to earth and grounded & deserves much better than her…. also, Rain will never marry a 14 year old girl OR let you have his babies, so would you fan girls please shut up and stop bitching about Megan Fox?

  40. Oasia says:

    Rain is not gay.. it’s just.. Megan Fox wanting to date with Rain??? it’s too good to be true.. Rain is not stupid,

  41. hululuuuu says:

    well im a girl and obviously both of them are good looking (not lez), but as mentioned before, rains personality is much better than megans, and all of you saying “omg rain is insane, he must be gay to reject a hottie like her”, well, maybe some people actually look at personality as well as looks, and i think rain deserves much better than megan.

  42. wowjustwow says:

    Honestly my opinion on this whole issue is that why is everyone either pushing them to be together as an “item,” or saying they should just stay as far away from each other as possible? The magical-ness of being in a relationship with someone is that its supposed to be MUTUALLY beneficial and HEALTHY for you. Just because Rain is sexy(not Megan, since I really am not sure where her body has been) isn’t a reason to hook up. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not hating on Megan, but like someone already said I’d be afraid to touch her with a 70 foot long pole just because of the way she represents herself. And I really could be wrong but the way she’s forcing herself onto Rain is a pretty big turn off, especially since that shows that she lacks some self-respect. As for Rain I think he’s handling this the best he can at this moment. Though I think for there to be any chance of anything more than a fling between the two, Megan needs some serious therapy.

  43. WOOSH says:

    yoooo! everyone is looking at this in a very western point of view. korea is still a confucianist society which entails certain roles for males and females, Megan Fox obviously has no clue that her bombastic way of “expressing” her interest goes against the very fabric that holds korean culture together. Also she will never be able to bridge the culture gap, nor integrate into a role expected of her if in fact she does manage to snag him. quite frankly, they are just too different. looks have almost nothing to do with it.

  44. c says:

    why on earth he would want to go out with megan? megan is on dope.:-P

  45. what the hell? says:

    Ahhhhh what the hell? Forget about it we don’t need any more asian male white female couples in California ;p

  46. AZNs Rule says:

    Actually the world NEEDS more AM/WF couples EVERYWHERE! 😛

  47. kotoko says:

    I disapprove! no way megan! Rain deserves pure nature beauty, and kind korean girl from well upbringing background only..muahahaha

  48. heyheyfish says:

    I recall Rain saying in an interview a few years back that he’s somewhat of a chubby chaser. So Megan Fox definitely would not be his type. lol

  49. justsaying says:

    Rain is ours O.O

  50. nipzang says:

    i like rain, that doesn’t mean that no body is allowed to luv him or like him. let the people love him, if he is to love that person he will love her. anyway rain is not a gay. he is so cute and megan is so sweet.

  51. bhanvi says:

    oh cmon….rain so much belongs to song hye kyo………forget megan fox…shes fake actrs…songs chemistry with rain everyone knows:PPPnot a topic worth discussng….luv rain:)

  52. dale says:

    I would love to take her out on a date.

  53. Mystery2497 says:

    He’s probably only interested in Korean women…

  54. Ilikepie says:

    I dont know why even people argue about how ugly or how hot they are that isnt what matters, nor does it matter if somebody is gay or not because they’re still a person (oh how cheesy this sounds) so seriously get over it, haters do you really think megan and rain would spend their sweet time reading your comments? get over it lol (ps im a girl jussaying xD)

  55. Nafioay says:

    Good. Rain probably understands that the mind of an American celebrity is corrupt. Besides, he’s a Korean idol, and most of them are not allowed to date anyway. Koreans are very strict on their celebrities.

  56. wallflower606 says:

    stupid people, know only STUPIDITY.
    i’m pretty sure 90% of you don’t even KNOW Rain. then get lost, this article isn’t for you.
    megan fox is, like someone said up there, 90% plastic and dumb shit.
    And, Rain, is an AMAZING person in case you didn’t know. you don’t know exactly how hard korean and japanese artists have to work their way up into the arts industry, because unlike SOME people, they don’t go without clothes and stand in front of a camera and win a million dollars.


    – -‘

  57. laina says:

    Hes not even cute and Megan needs to stop trying too hard.

    They both suck.

  58. Mark says:

    You need to understand he’s a pop icon for little girls all over Asia and in the states, he has to keep a Disney-like image in order to keep his fans otherwise they get turned off by it. Thats pretty much what holds it together. So if he did sleep with her it won’t come out the way you would expect and you can read between the lines why this article was written the way it was in the first place.

  59. Weny says:

    West and east culture are different. He is a korean and idol in his country. It will make a big ”scandal” if he doing somthing like that. Maybe for hollywood celeb itsnt big deal but not the other country especially korea. Pls notice this before judging

  60. YaoifangirlxD says:

    BI RAIN IS TOO GOOD FOR YOU. HE CAN SING, HE CAN RAP, HE CAN DANCE, HE CAN ACT… HE CAN DO HELLA SHITT THAT YOU CAN’T. I’m not hating, I’m just saying that he’s not somebody that you can just have! He’s simply just too amazing. Watch his korean dramas. I reccomend, Fugitive Plan B. Watch youtube videos of him dancing and singing, and you’ll understand his greatness. And, you’ll know the reason why he’s so popular in Korea. (I’m from the US, btw)