Jackson’s ex wife Debbie Rowe: he’s not the kids’ father (update: not true)

News of The World scored an exclusive interview with Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson’s first second wife and the biological mother of his two oldest children. Despite still having legal rights to her two children, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., 11, and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 10, Rowe told NOTW that she doesn’t want custody. She tried to give up all rights to the children in 2005, but due to a technicality they’re still legally hers and she could claim custody along with the huge child support that is likely to come out of the Jackson estate. That’s not Rowe’s intention, though, and she said that she is content to care for the animals on her farm, calling them her “children.” She was just platonic friends with Jackson, and said they never had sex or lived together. Many have speculated that Jackson’s children are too light-skinned to be biologically his, and Rowe confirms that they’re not his and that she was inseminated with an anonymous donor’s sperm:

Speaking exclusively at her home Debbie said: “Michael was divorced, lonely and wanted children. I was the one who said to him, ‘I will have your babies’.

“I offered him my womb – it was a gift. It was something I did to keep him happy.”

After second birth he wanted no more to do with me

Debbie said she was “impregnated” like one of the thoroughbred mares she now keeps on her property, adding: “I was just the vessel. It wasn’t Michael’s sperm.

“I got paid for it, and I’ve moved on. I know I will never see my children again.”

Blonde Debbie, now 50, spoke out at the ranch in California where she lives as a virtual recluse surrounded by dozens of animals.

And she revealed the strange true story behind her relationship with the Thriller icon, who she married in 1996 and divorced three years later. It included details of how:

  • JACKSON never had sex with her throughout their marriage and parenthood;
  • SHE offered to have babies for him after he told her that his first wife Lisa Marie Presley had refused to bear him any;
  • THE star arranged for a sham marriage to make them appear like a family;
  • HE cruelly ditched her when the painful second birth left her “all torn up inside” and unable to give him any more kids.

    “I was never a good mother, I never felt any attachment to them. It was a better feeling giving them to him than it was keeping them as my own.

    “I know I will never see them again. I was never cut out to be a mother – I was no good. I don’t want these children in my life. My children are my animals now.”

  • [From News of The World]

    The mother of Jackson’s youngest child, Prince Michael Jackson II, 6, is an anonymous surrogate from Europe and his parentage remains unknown. Michael Jackson’s children are with their grandmother, Katherine, and are likely to stay with her. Grandfather Joe Jackson was asked by BBC News at the BET Awards last night about the children, and he answered simply “they are with us.”

    Update: According to Debbie Rowe’s lawyer, this interview was completely fabricated.

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    1. viper says:

      I offered him my womb – it was a gift. It was something I did to keep him happy.”

      That just made me think of manson for some weird unrelated reason.

    2. disgusted says:

      Now all the creeps are crawling out and trying to make yet another $ out of that poor man!

      Did anyone see his happy father last night on TV?! Now I know why MJ was so damaged.

      I have a news for Joe Jackson… I’ve heard that Lucifer just reserved a sit next to him in Hell.

    3. diddy says:

      it doesnt matter if he isnt their biological father, he is still their dad where it counts; he has been the only parent they have ever know and has provide and take care of them till now .

      it just like when the media make the distinction between some clebrities kids calling them adopted kids, like those kids arent their child just because they didnt bilogical give birth to them.

    4. lisa says:

      He was and is their father. More of a father then some biological men who have children and never bother to be a part of their lives. Just sad that this is going to get so ugly and crazy. I can’t believe that the Today Show had the nerve to quote that Scum IUC on their story about Michael using drugs. I won’t watch that show again. Sick.

    5. Maritza says:

      Well of course he’s happy, now that Michael isn’t spending millions they can make even more money now that he is dead.

    6. nag says:

      Thats cold…

    7. Marie says:

      He was away more like a father to his kids then his own biological father was to him. He raised and loved those kids a lot and this is what really matters.
      His father is the one who grosses me out.

    8. viper says:

      Jacksons dad had the nerve to promote his record lable at the show yesturday and was all smiles. Merely two days after the death of his ‘golden’son and he’s all over the place with smiles. Now I get why Jackson was so desperate for love, of any kind of love. With parents like his, that would be hell. Now those people have their claws locked around his kids, this is just all around a tragic story.

    9. nikky says:

      the only thing i have to say about this is that if there is a God, those children will not be raised by Joe Jackson.

      there is a very special place in hell for that horrific excuse of a human being. Michael’s lifelong agony is on your shoulders Joe, you waste of space.

    10. DD says:

      I will say I’m not surprised that they are not his biologically. I think most people won’t admit that but know, but what a horrific thing for the mother to come out and say those things, especially since she doesn’t even have any intentions of raising those children.

    11. lisa says:

      I don’t think that people are focusing on the fact that he isn’t their biological father because they think it makes him less their father. I think the fascination is that jackson said, and everyone assumed that the mothers were inseminated with his own sperm. Then the children start to grow up and it is apparent that they are white.
      Skin color and ethnicity are very complicated and painful issues in the black community. I think the reason that people are so interested is an unspoken fear that he used a white man and woman because of some shame about his own ethnicity. This is reinforced by the multiple plastic surgeries, and doubts about whether or not he really had vitilago.
      This is a sad situation. It is discouraging when even black icons can’t see that black is also beautiful.

    12. Victoria says:


      Ive always thought Joe Jackson was the devil. He is the reason poor Michale was so screwed up. I do feel sorry for Michale Jackson.

    13. Ursaline says:

      Debbie Rowe was Michael Jackson’s second wife. Lisa Marie Presley was his first. They bonded over the shared experience of growing up in the celebrity spotlight.

      And though I’ve never defended him on anything before, I wonder if he didn’t want to use his own genetic material for fear of his kids inheriting the lupus and vitaligo that he suffered from.

    14. barneslr says:

      This falls into the “no shit, Sherlock” category. Of course he is not their biological father, and there is no DNA test needed to prove that. Did anyone actually think he was?

      But again, this is-as others have posted-not particularly relevant. He has raised them (for better or worse) since birth and is the only parent they’ve ever known. That alone makes him their father.

    15. goaheadandyellatme... says:

      In what world do we give custody to a man known for his cruelty? How could the grandchildren possibly be raised by parents who so maimed their own children? These poor kids…having to read the words of their bioogial mother…more pain…What a terribly selfish thing to do.

      The true problem here is that you are looking at a family with not one person healthy and capable of raising those kids. You just know all of a sudden their face are going to be everywhere. Money machines to a bankrupt family.

    16. YT says:

      The Rowe interview might be phony. Parts of it don’t add. This stuff will be coming out from under rocks for awhile.

    17. lola says:

      Nanny Grace for custody!!!!
      All the Jacksons are sick, ALL of them.

    18. Marie says:

      His mother can be the sweetest woman. But she wasn’t able to protect her own children from this monster that Joe Jackson is. Hope Michael’s kids gets better luck. If they stay w/ his family, Janet should raise those kids.

    19. Zoe (The Other One) says:

      Gawd, those poor kids. Their father dead (biological or otherwise I don’t think there is any doubt he loved them unconditionally), their grandfather now truly showing his true colours as the evil monster Michael always said he was…and now a biological mother who has no interest in them.

      For shame.

    20. ! says:

      How come nobody is talking about the fact that the woman is COLD. How can you not want the children that were in your womb? How can you be ok with that? She straight up says she doesn’t want them. What a monster. Sorry, I know some women don’t want kids and that’s fine (I’m not big on them myself) but to not have that bond with a life you created…COLD. Maybe she’s just trying to convince herself (after all, she did seem to go back and forth, in 2006 attempting to reverse the efforts she made to give up all of her rights)…or maybe she’s hoping she’ll get a piece of the pie for staying out of the way?

    21. lola says:

      Natalie he got hooked on pain killers after he caught his face on fire for the pepsi commercial.
      And Katherine can not be that sweet of a person to be married to Joe, really they are both greedy kid abusers and all their kids and mental cases.

      NANNY GRACE for custody, she really seems like the only person that really cares about the kids and they know her and love her too.

    22. Nina says:

      I knew from day one Michael was not a bio father to those kids. They should be in foster home.

    23. Linda says:

      How damaged are these kids going to be??? OMG, they live a strange life with a very strange drug addict. Their mother doesn’t want them and if they already didn’t know, they will know realize that they have no idea of who donated the sperm! HOW horrible and on top of all this – the people who started this whole mess may now be in charge of raising these kids!!! These poor kids!

    24. omondieu says:

      I wish the best for these children. I hope they rise above this tragic mess and are made stronger through it. Poor things.

    25. OXA says:

      I do not buy this, I think it would be best for her to get the kids and hire Nanny Grace to help them adjust and care for them. As for the Jacko’s, I would not leave my plants with any of them let alone these fragile children.

    26. May says:

      I think it’s a phony interview. Why would Debbie Rowe say things of this nature when the kids are old enough to read everything that’s in print about their father and then want to take custody.

    27. okay... says:

      Ms. Rowe’s attorney says the interview is a fake.

    28. Cletus says:

      Those kids would be better off raised by polar bears than by MJ’s parents. Jesus God Almighty…. I hope someone at least within spitting distance of HALFWAY normal will get custody of them.

      I mean, DAMN. What a fucking SHAME.

    29. KateNonymous says:

      Fake or not fake aside, wasn’t Debbie Rowe Jackson’s second wife, not first?

    30. Wow says:

      For some reason I don’t think this is a real interview with the Debbie woman. She would have gone to an AMerican magazine if she’d wanted to set some things straight. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of these type of interviews are embelished to some degree. I doubt she said all of this. Wasn’t it just Friday that she was too distraught to make a comment and now all of a sudden she’s recovered enough to make a decision that she doesn’t want the children. Please. She’s not going to get them anyway. They don’t know her.

      And I heard about Joe Jackson making that comment promoting his record label at the end of his interview. Talk about bad timing, using the spotlight on his sons death to promote his own job. Disgusting!

      I’m also glad that he and Kathrerine aren’t really “together”, so if she gets custody of the kids, at least they won’t be around him much if at all. If she gets custody, I’m hoping she’ll ask the nanny to move in with herin order for these children to have some normalcy.

      Joe Jackson. I just could not believe it when I read that he did that. Now I have to go search you tube to see if it was taken out of context or something, because that is just not the time to promote himself. Gah!

    31. Wow says:

      @ “Okay” – thanks for the clarity. I hadn’t seen your post before posting.

    32. JustV says:

      No one in their right mind believed that MJ was the biological father to his children.

      I didn’t see MJ’s actions to his body and his desire not to have any biological input into his ‘offspring’ as his rejection of the beauty of ‘blackness’, but rather a complete rejection of the epitomy of his tormentor, Joe Jackson. MJ mutilated his body, his facial features, his skin to remove all traces of Papa Joe. MJ didn’t have vitilago, he had a desire for different skin. I think to possibly raise offspring that could have any of Joe’s features was a risk he chose not to take. So much of MJ’s existence seems to have been to get as far away, physically, emotionally, genetically, to what his father is.

      Even if this interview with Ms. Rowe is fake, I still don’t think she should have access to children that she has essentially abandoned for over a decade.

    33. bros says:

      deepak chopra, a very good friend of jackson’s came right out and said on MSNBC (interview with keith olberman) that these children do not share any DNA relationship with MJ. this doesnt mean he was not their father. is there some debate over this? this seems like a no brainer to me.

    34. tamara says:

      “Dr. Chopra” was not Michael’s friend. He simply wants 15 minutes of fame and money!!

    35. princess pee says:

      @ tamara – hee hee. Deepak Chopra doesn’t need MJ to get his “15 minutes” or money. He is really quite famous (and wealthy) already.

    36. gg says:

      To the commenters slamming Debbie Rowe due to tabloid BS:

      ** People please note that this is a phony interview. **

      Getting your “facts” from The Enquirer or The Sun or News Of The World is foolhardy, to say the least.

    37. punkies says:

      let the man rest in peace people we all get what we deserve!!!!!!!!

    38. FunBuffy says:

      After seeing the kids at the memorial, those children have bonded with their ‘Jackson’ family.
      YOU Debbi, will only become a greedy person to step in and wreck that bond. Go write a book, Go back to your home. If those kids want to know about you, let them come to you. STOP spending their money in court cases. Because that is what you are really hurting. Taking ‘money’ to go away, is taking it from the kids now..
      You need to get a life!!!!

    39. cathy says:

      i think that its sad the kids should say who they want to be raised by and i hope that debbie isnt the one they pick she not a mother and they dont know her really let someone that loves the kids take the kids

    40. Jermaine says:

      R.I.P Michael See you in the next life