Bella Hadid looked amazing in Cannes, and she made out with The Weeknd

71st annual Cannes Film Festival

Bella Hadid is in Cannes, and these photos are from two events she did on Thursday. She and Alexander Wang did press events for… Magnum ice cream. Truly. Magnum has sponsored events in and around Cannes for years, so I’m not surprised by that, but I am slightly surprised that Bella Hadid and Alexander Wang were literally sitting there, doing a press conference about ice cream. And now I’m sitting here, wondering if someday, someone will invite me to Cannes to sit beside Carolina Herrera and do a press conference about bacon.

Bella looks flat-out amazing at both of the press events, don’t @ me. In the white dress, Bella looked so young and fresh and happy. She looked more professional and “let’s just keep it about ice cream, sir” in the grey ensemble. Both outfits are Alexander Wang, obviously. Unfortunately, the ice cream was overshadowed – OR WAS IT – by the fact that The Weeknd came to the ice cream party and he and Bella ended up making out:

Journalists flat-out witnessed Abel and Bella making out in the VIP area of the Magnum x Alexander Wang party. They arrived separately, but spent the whole party together. This comes after their breakup last year, but on the heels of several “sightings” of Bella and Abel together at Coachella. They denied they were back together last month, just as they denied the Coachella sightings. But yeah… they’re pretty much back together, I think.

71st annual Cannes Film Festival - Magnum - Photocall

71st annual Cannes Film Festival - Magnum - Photocall

71st annual Cannes Film Festival - Magnum - Alexander Wang Collaboration Unveiling - Press Conference

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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74 Responses to “Bella Hadid looked amazing in Cannes, and she made out with The Weeknd”

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  1. Clare says:

    I agree – she looks lovely…but her face looks completely different to not so long ago. She has either has some (good!) work done and it’s now settled, or there is some serious make up sorcery going on.

  2. Nancy says:

    Shoes! Whose shoes are these? Love them!

  3. Lora says:

    Noooo girl, you deserve better

  4. Red says:

    I must be the only person on this site that doesn’t understand the appeal of either Hadid sister. That said, I’m sad that both girls went back to their boyfriends (Zayn and Abel). I get when you’re young and you might truly love someone (and the publicity they give you), but there are so many other men in the sea. Especially when you’re young and rich.

    • Clare says:

      Maybe the boyfriends are nice?

      Obviously I only know of them what we read, but they both seem like sweet/gentle souls – albeit a little needy (Zayn and Abel). I mean, it’s not like either of them is going back to like, Chris Brown or Tyga or someone obviously shitty. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, but many of them are arseholes.

      • Red says:

        Well like you said, I don’t actually know any of them. But there are tons and tons of rumors of Abel cheating on Bella and Zayn and Gigi are both addicts. And where there are flames there is usually a fire. So while they might not be Rih/Chris Brown level, it’s still not healthy.

      • Clare says:

        @Red I didn’t know about the cheating rumours…and that does make the whole thing a little sad. I’ve also never seen any evidence of Zayn and Gigi both being addicts? I don’t believe it – with his mental health struggles I suspect any addition would spiral fast? Anyway, I feel icky talking about people’s very personal health issues so I will leave it at that…

      • Ayra. says:

        The rumour is that Zayn went into drugs to cope with his anxiety. Idk about Gigi, though.

    • teehee says:

      I dont get them either. I am only happy that there is someone famous with hooded eyes / deepset eyes rather than the canvas eyes we always get to see. I have deepset so Im glad to finally see it on a magazine stand.

    • Kiitten says:

      I didn’t use to get either of them but GiGi has really grown on me. Bella is very pretty but GiGi is a real stunner IMO. But you know, beauty is so subject. I wouldn’t feel like the odd gal out just because you don’t fine either of them particularly appealing. Some people don’t. *shrugs*

      • minx says:

        I’ve also come to like Gigi, her expressiveness, her eyes. I will say Bella has been looking pretty lately and a bit less dead-eyed.

      • Kiitten says:

        Yes that’s the difference for me, Minx. GiGi has these gorgeous, wide-set eyes and a smile that lights up her face. Bella is beautiful but she leaves me cold because of her frozen, expressionless face.

      • Babs says:

        I’m the exact opposite, I don’t get Gigi’s appeal (she’s very pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t see the It) but I find Bella stunning, killer body, killer face, and I don’t see the obvious surgeries that everyone talks about. But yeah, totally subjective.

      • Kelly says:

        Gigi’s eyes are so distinctive I can spot them while I’m fast forwarding through commercials.

    • Tvtg says:

      I agree both sisters are gorgeous and could do better.

    • ZGB says:

      They’re always heavily criticized here for nepotism and dead eyes, which I get to an extent, on the part of Bella Hadid. So its not like you’re alone.

      As for me, I love some of Gigi’s fashion. I think she can look stunning and girl next door at the same time.

  5. Laur says:

    She does look great, really pretty and fresh faced. Maybe she had some help 😂 who knows…

  6. Mgsota says:

    She’s looks absolutely gorgeous in the white dress.

  7. Enny says:

    She looks AMAZING in the white dress

  8. Mere says:

    Yes! That white dress is killer! Anyone have an ID on it? I’m getting married in August and I want to wear something that will allow the men to wear shorts if they want.

  9. Svea says:

    Her doctor wasn’t very good. Took waaay too much of her nose away. Travesty.

    • Agenbiter says:

      Yes, odd for someone whose father could afford the best.
      Looks like she might have had some cartilage implanted to enlarge the tip, so it’s better now.

  10. Astrid says:

    both “dresses” seem sort of short and ill fitting to me

  11. Wellsie says:

    I’m here for the ice cream.

  12. Velvet Elvis says:

    I cant help it…whenever I look at her all I see is a very strange looking nose job.

  13. Slowsnow says:

    … But is her nose still functional? I mean does air come in and out or is it at this point just decorative?

  14. artistsnow says:

    Bella is a model who totally transformed her face. That’s it.

    Amazing how famous some people become who did almost next to nothing but….she looks amazing!! lol

    So who cares? I like the idea of her back with Abel. All the gossip said they broke up because she was dumb as rocks, which may or may not be true, but again, who cares? They look so cute together, neither one does anyone any harm, so more power to them.

    • Parigo says:

      Right? She looks amazing!!!!!!! (For someone who has had VERY extensive plastic surgery in her very early 20’s)

  15. Isa says:

    I wish I could get my skin to glow like that.

  16. Daisy says:

    She did her nose for the first time when she was only 15. She wasn’t even fully developed. Yolanda was crazy to allow a child to do such a surgery so young. And obviously she had to do her nose again when she grew up to fix it.
    Anyway, I actually really like Bella, she seems very sweet. And she looked gorgeous in the white dress. And about Abel… girl why

    • Kelly says:

      What mother of a 15 year old would tell her daughter she needed a nose job? Why wasn’t she reassuring her of her beauty? Yolanda is just terribly superficial. I think Gigi had one too, but far more subtle.

      Yolanda has done nothing but groom her daughters to be models and trophy wives like herself, and she told them that college will always be there so modeling is the priority – “Don’t tell daddy”. It’s disgusting she started their plastic surgery journeys so young.

      • Taxi says:

        I’m old & remember when a nose job was the standard parental 16th birthday present for girls with snouts, so it could “settle” before Senior Year pictures, prom & graduation. Turning 16 meant a driver’s license & a new nose. There was always somebody in class with 2 black eyes & a bandage.
        One prominent doc gave every girl the same slightly upturned tiny nose. There are a bunch of 60ish women who all have the same look, often called the “Dr. ________ Nose.” I always wondered if they ‘fessed up to BFs/fiancees in advance to let them know that any future children could have very different facial features.
        One example is Marlo Thomas. She had a nose just like her dad’s until she was a Tween.

      • Olive says:

        @taxi yep, for her 16th birthday my friend was offered (by her parents) a nose job, or a sailboat. she took the sailboat.

        and this was only 14 years ago!!

      • Kelly says:

        I guess a girl is never too young to be told she’s physically imperfect by her parents. It’s disgusting really – and I feel the same about the plastic surgeons who do cosmetic surgery on under aged girls.

      • Tosca says:

        @Taxi, Wow, I just googled Marlo Thomas and her nose is WAY too small for her face!! It looks so strange! I always wonder if a nose like that causes breathing problems…

  17. Anna says:

    THIS is how you use bronzer.

  18. JeanGray says:

    I find Bella to be a basic, build-a-face- chick. Just not a fan of her. All she is, is an illusion. Her current face was created by a plastic surgeon. Her OG face was basic AF. The second version of her face made her look like a 35 year old Housewife of Beverly Hills. She looked waxy and plastic. This version looks better, but since I know she its plastic surgery sorcery, I’m still not impressed with her. I’m as un-impressed wit her as I am with Kylie Jenner, another build-a-body chick.

    • Patty says:

      I’m with you @jeangray. She’s one of those women I guess I should find pretty but I look at her and I just see….plastic surgery. Same with all the Kardashians and Jenner’s (minus Kourtney) and a bunch of other models and actresses. For what it’s worth, I have grown to appreciate her sister Gigi. I think she’s very pretty and hasn’t overdone it with the plastics.

      All in all, I just find it hard to see beauty in women who’ve paid for their faces. And I think the words stunning and beautiful are wildly overused; most of these people are pretty at best – I find most (even the ones with a ton of surgery) average honestly.

      • minx says:

        Agree with all of this. Another one is Blake Lively—I only see facial surgery, dental work and a boob job when I look at her.

  19. Cberry says:

    Yes to the studded heels. They’re rock’n but still feminine. She looks the best I’ve ever seen her look. The gray dress & blazer outfit is cute. The white dress is boring fashion wise to me, but looks good if you’re young with a good body like Bella.

  20. Tiffany says:

    Alexander Wang face is just stunning to look at. He is gorgeous.

  21. CityGirl says:

    She is beautiful. That’s all I got

  22. Cherrypie32 says:

    She really does look great….but girl have some self respect! he just devoted an entire album to Selena Gomez.

  23. jequill says:

    remind me of young Carla Bruni

    • babu says:

      Rather, she bought herself Carla Bruni’s face.
      But she s looking fantastic, good choice.

  24. brooksie says:

    God her skin is incredible.

  25. Naddie says:

    At the first pic she is breathtaking… Then it’s her again (beautiful, but plastic).

  26. Rescue Cat says:

    I never knew The Weekend was such a ciniphile. I look forward to hearing his wrap on his top ten films from the festival.

  27. Elisse says:

    Ella looks much better with curls rather than straight hair. I’m really not a fan, but thought she looked really good in the photo with Vera Wang.

  28. angry bird says:

    who is her surgeon?

  29. Fleur says:

    As fun as it is to where dresses and get made up, I’ve lately been struck by how incredibly depressing it would be to live life as a famous model. Your contribution is to stand around like a living doll in various outfits and look appropriately pretty for a crowd of strangers, then watch as that image gets re-purposed by the corporate world to sell textiles or overpriced perfume.

  30. Jessica says:

    Why are people so obsessed with who has or hasn’t had cosmetic surgery. I don’t like to comment because I just find it unnecessary.

    She looks nice here which I’m sure is what she wanted.

  31. Lemon says:

    He called her at half past five

  32. Zak says:

    I don’t look down on people for getting plastic surgery. As long as it doesn’t go too far and make one look inhuman, why should I? The reason that people in Hollywood don’t admit to it is because so many smug people look down on them if they do. It’s her body, her choice. Also that industry is about a certain look so why wouldn’t they get some work done? If my work was about my face I’d have work done and the best make-up artists as well.