Ladies and gentlemen, their royal highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their wedding

My current mood is “getting drunk on all of these beautiful photos of Meghan and Harry looking blissed out.” I mean, everything about this wedding was so emotional and beautiful and tender. That’s what I kept thinking: there is so much tenderness between Meghan and Harry, so much love, and they are so gentle with each other. I love them. I love them now even more than I loved them before. They are truly a love match.

For all the people hating on Meghan’s Givenchy gown… well, I don’t know what to tell you. I like it. I’m not 100% in love with it, but it’s much better than I was expecting. Like, my expectations were “giant doily.” I didn’t think she would be allowed to go “sleek and minimalist.” And she found a way to go “traditional” but still have clean lines. As for the complaints that the gown didn’t fit properly… I don’t think it was supposed to be body-con, for one, and secondly I knew it would be an issue, considering the long car ride to the chapel. The gown wasn’t as “polished-looking” as it could be. So what? There’s a reason why Meg and Harry got married at Windsor and not Westminster Abbey. This is supposed to be more low-key for them. So her dress wasn’t fit perfectly? She still looked beautiful and you could tell that she loved it and that Harry loved it.

Meghan’s tiara and veil were fantastic too. The Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau is from the Queen’s jewelry vault, and it was last seen on the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret. It suits her, and it suited the wedding gown too.

Ladies and gentlemen, their royal highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their wedding

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their wedding

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. minx says:

    Aw, beautiful couple! 😭
    Do we know what shoes she wore?

    • milgen says:

      They’re saying the shoes are also Givenchy.

    • Lilly says:

      I’m generally glad to see your comments and especially glad today. It was odd to read the piece and discover ppl are complaining about the dress. I love it, so I don’t think I’ll read further. I always say love is the way and the depths of all that means felt like the theme of the wedding. Like most humans, I don’t always achieve matching my goal actions and thoughts, so I won’t read more. Thanks Minx.

      • Weatherby says:

        I’m with you, Lilly. I hope you read this comment.

        The most dazzling bit of the wedding? The way the bride and bridegroom looked at one another throughout. They are madly in love and it shows. They are as equally happy and it makes me happy for them.

        Was delightful to see in every aspect, but particularly in the above regard. Dress was stunning, in my humble opinion.

      • Lilly says:

        @Weatherby yes I did and so happy I did. It seems a few of us, and Tim Gunn, loved the wedding gown. :)

  2. Gine says:

    I love that tiara so much. Perfect choice. And re: the gown, I also think it’s likely that, given the incredibly stressful week she must have had, she might have lost a little bit of extra weight she wasn’t planning on and it was too late to make any more alterations. She’s already so petite that even a pound or two would have made a difference in fit.

    • milgen says:

      I think this too. It was obvious from the photos yesterday that she had lost weight. I can’t imagine how stressed and humiliated she was by all the shenanigans.

      • IdenticalOskar says:

        I felt so bad for her. I know what it’s like to have a parent make things about them when their child needs support (in my case, for much more tragic circumstances). She looks beautiful and the veil and tiara makes up for the plainess of her dress.

    • Chaine says:

      I agree with you on the stress causing her to lose more weight. She looks painfully tiny to me. Hopefully when it’s all over with she can settle back on the couch to watch the rerun of it and eat a big container of Ben and Jerry’s and put some pounds back on!

    • Beluga says:

      +1 A couple of pounds would have done it to make the fit that bit looser. But the style she opted for was gorgeous and exactly what I’d imagined, albeit in white rather than ivory. Something simpler in a rich fabric was definitely the way to go for her.

      • Natalia says:

        In photos from the front, taken from afar, the dress looks great. True about the long car ride and wrinkles. No matter, the whole thing altogether was stunning. I cried a few tears. So happy for them.

    • Mira says:

      I love the dress and the tiara. She looked so elegant and beautiful and happy!

      Before the wedding I was hoping she’d wear the Strathmore Rose, it’s my favourite. I really wish to see it in the future; I’ve no idea when it was worn last time but it must have been quite some time ago.

    • goofpuff says:

      I love the dress and tiara as well! they go well together and i love the minimalist look with the only sparkle being the tiara. I actually liked that she wore her hair up and out of her face, but then I’m a fan of the updo myself. But that’s just my style. I’m glad they went for the more low key less pomp n’ circumstance wedding. Suits them better since he is not the heir.

  3. BegoneOrangeCheeto says:

    I couldn’t be happier for them. She’s darling and he looked completely smitten. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess. What a beautiful day and an adorable couple.

    • Enny says:

      She could have worn a burlap bag, and all I’d be able to see is the glow of love emanating off both of them… who’s even looking at the dress anyway with all that love? 😍

    • milgen says:

      He’s so into her!! And she into him. But I’m only interested in him because, oh god, who wouldn’t want a literal prince fawning over them. They’re beautiful. I wish them only happiness!

    • Olenna says:

      ITA. Congratulations and many blessings to them both!

  4. AG-UK says:

    Shoes Givenchy I think but my one gripe that bit of hair that kept getting in the way. More hairspray Serge. Also a day with no rain😄😄😄😄

  5. Somegirl says:

    I understand the dress is a bit underwhelming, but I think a sleeker, more minimalist dress like this was probably appropriate given she’s well into in her 30s & this is her second marriage. She looks beautiful and appropriate, and she’s wearing the most important thing, a very happy smile! I also love the tiara, it’s such a good fit for her.

    • minx says:

      I can see the veil better in these pictures and it is beautiful.

    • Millennial says:

      The veil and the tiara were show-stoppers. I quite liked the dress – I’m a bit bummed that it wrinkled in the long car ride, but I thought it was lovely. She always said she would go simple with the gown.

    • Beluga says:

      I think even if this was her first wedding this simpler, more minimalist style would suit her better than anything more fancy.

      She was just glowing.

    • Masamf says:

      Personally, I don’t think any of that (age, second marriage etc) factored ito her decisions for this dress. She has always said CBK was her fashion icon, CBK wedding would be her ideal, she said so way before she met Harry. So this is her style, regardless of whether she is out on a walk about or anything else, she prefers minimal vs. vah vah vroom kind of dress. If Meghan had worn anything different, I would have been very surprised, its not her type. She ;likes minimalist and accessorizes with very expensive jewelry, like her tiara.

  6. Guest says:

    Love them. You can tell they love each other. Especially harry. Boy had his emotions all over his face. 😍 The dress was ok. Loved the tiara, hope Meghan wears it again. It’s too beautiful to collect dust and not be seen again for decades.

  7. Liberty says:


    The fit of her gown was not 1000%….but was it meant to be? because I can imagine a sheath drape effect might have been in the silhouette plan as I look at it as it is. Snugger might have resulted in creasing and snips and tucks might have harmed the embroidery plan. A woman here is a clothing curator and say it has some sort of traditional cut from the late 30s which might involve a bit of loosened lines and fabric use.

    Anyway, brides can lose weight rapidly to the hour, certainly w all the stress she coped with recently.

  8. milgen says:

    I loved it too!! Who’s to say the past few days didn’t cause some sudden weight loss? I thought it was fantastic and with the garden motif of the chapel she looked like she stepped out of a dream. I’m glad she stayed true to herself. A fluffy and busy dress would have been too much. It also helps that she’s insanely beautiful. The tiara was PERFECT! Also, never really been attracted to Harry, but omg his gait walking to the chapel and that particular suit with a long black coat was Sussexy!

  9. Neners says:

    Normally, I’m all about The Dress when it comes to royal weddings (and I’m often disappointed.) But something about this wedding was different. Meghan and Harry are just so obviously in love with each other! Their joy was infectious and everything else came second to that! Meghan was so radiant, her face, her smile, little else registered and I think that’s the way it should be.

    • Enny says:

      +1 exactly. We focus on the dress when there’s nothing else to talk about. Here the focus is these two people who are obviously madly in love, and that’s what’s on display, and that’s a good thing. You don’t need fancy wrappings when you have that glow.

    • milgen says:

      He was crying, right? My god that’s hot! I thought RF was limited in how much emotion they could show. How beautiful and genuine it all was.

      • Neners says:

        Rebecca English commented on Twitter that there were several affectionate moments between members of the RF as they watched the ceremony. At one point, Mike Tindall apparently reached over and put a hand on Zara’s pregnant belly, for example. I really think it was because Harry and Meghan adore each other so much, that kind of love just touches everyone. It’s beautiful! Harry has always worn his heart on his sleeve. It’s what makes him stand out so much in his family.

      • MissMarierose says:

        I think he was. Toward the beginning of the ceremony, he was wiping his eyes and then wiped them on one of the foofaws on the front of his coat.

    • Nic919 says:

      I am reading on other blogs that they seemed cold to each other and I have to think those people are blind. Anyone with eyes can see the affection they have for each other. You can hate the dress, or the songs (which I don’t) but you cannot deny the connection they have.

      • milgen says:

        @Nic919 it was so obvious how much they love each other. I think it was hard work for them to hold back a bit with TQ present and all. You can see pauses in their eyes where they’re thinking or start being affectionate but stop. Ugh it was so HOT. My body is in flames!

      • Guest says:

        Lol. What blog was that? I gave up on the royaldish. They are just too catty and bitchy with their prettiness.

      • Olenna says:

        That’s too bad that others couldn’t sense or see the emotional connection between them. I love a good wedding, but I surprised own myself with how much positive, warm emotions I felt just watching these two love-struck people, thousands of miles away from me, profess their love and devotion to each other. And, just to add, I’ll tell you what I thought was hot: Harry looking at Meghan and biting his lip when she stood next to him at the alter. All I could think was, damn, she’s in trouble tonight. ;-)

      • minx says:

        Cold?! 🙄 Oh, brother. They are either blind, lying or jealous.

      • Beluga says:

        Some people are seeing what they decided ages ago to see. Royaldish is being ridiculous at the moment, but they dislike Meghan so of course they’re going to say that the opinions they already had were correct and putting down her love as just acting.

        At least Meghan and Harry know differently and the absolute adoration between them couldn’t have been plainer!

      • Neners says:

        When Meghan first walked up to Harry, there is a moment where he says something like, “You look amazing” and then kind of bites his lower lip. It was so cute and obvious how into each other they are. Someone made a gif of it on Twitter.

      • Casi says:

        I hate it when a blog has their mind made up negatively about someone and writes the story to fit their opinion.

    • Alexandria says:

      Neners you nailed it! Instead of the dress I’m just blown away by their glowy looks and all the emotions. The fashion from the guests were interesting too! What a day!

      I can’t really see what’s bad about the fitting. Love the boatneck and sleeves but I would have added some bling. Just some. The tiara was the best, Meghan let it shine. Perfect choice. But yes, Meghan just looked so so beautiful that her dress became secondary.

    • Wren says:

      Normally I really couldn’t care less about royal stuff but they just look so damn happy and thrilled to be with each other. It’s heartwarming and it makes me happy watching them.

  10. Enough Already says:

    Thank you Kaiser for this coverage – being with my royal watchers today has made all of this exponentially more gratifying.

  11. KiddVicious says:

    I love the dress and the tiara. Was hoping for a different name.

    I don’t know how or what determines what the groom wears, but Meghan’s dress goes well with Harry’s uniform. Both are minimalist and look great together.

    • Alix says:

      I can’t manage to say “Duchess of Sussex” without sounding REALLY drunk, but I do hope that people refer to them by their rightful titles, so they’re not “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle” forever. It drives me bonkers to hear Kate referred to as “Middleton” seven years after her wedding.

  12. Maum says:

    Dress doesn’t fit.
    It’s a bit crumpled and shapeless and seems too big-time.
    Aside from the gorgeous neckline it’s just not v well tailored.

    But they look so happy.

    • Lexa says:

      Agree. I see what she was going for but I think the fit being off, the fabric wrinkling, and then her hair seemingly coming out of its style (not sure if that was intentional?) made her seem less put together than I would have thought. I admire anyone who can pull off a minimal dress with this silhouette but I have to confess to being a bit disappointed at the lack of drama beyond the veil.

  13. me says:

    In the long run, it won’t matter who liked the dress or who hated it. What will matter is what Harry and Meghan do as “their royal highness”. I really hope they keep busy with a lot of charity work.

    • Masamf says:

      @me, that’s exactly what I said to my daughter when she started going on the “I don’t like the dress” tangent, I said “as long as Harry loved her in that dress, the rest of the world that didn’t like it mean nothing and therefore don’t matter.”

  14. kate says:

    They look so happy together adorable. But that dress, … the fit is a crime against fashion. Givenchy should be ashamed, the arm area is no bueno, the bodice does not fit, the bottom is wrinkled. Like, Princess Charlotte’s dress was better suited.

  15. Rapunzel says:

    Sorry I don’t get all this nitpicking over the fit of Megan’s clothes. Why is it so important to have clothes tailored within an inch of their lives? Frankly peoples bodies change and having everything so exactly fitted to someone’s body is ridiculous because it would require constant tailoring or constant new clothes.

    I guess all of the people commenting spend ridiculous amounts of money getting their clothes perfectly fitted and never gain or lose 5 pounds thereby making their perfectly fitted clothes obsolete.

    The dress fit fine. Maybe she didn’t want it tight so that she could move. And breathe.

    • Maum says:

      It’s not niticking when you are talking about a dress that is going to be worn once and photographed to death.
      Considering it was expensive and tailor made by an haute couture house, you’d expect it to be properly tailored.
      Loose or not is a design choice but tailoring isn’t.

      • Rapunzel says:

        What exactly is wrong with the tailoring? There’s nothing about the fit or cut of the dress that’s wrong except maybe it being loose.

        I’m eyerolling all the tailoring experts here who think they know or would do so much better than Givenchy.

    • kate says:

      The dress DOES not fit fine. Being a fashion designer is a real job, not a hobby. A house like Givenchy should have done better.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Nobody said being a fashion designer is a hobby. Of course it’s a real job. This dress is beautiful and Givenchy did a fine job.

      • Masamf says:

        The definition of “fit” depends on the wearer. I hate tight fitting clothes where I can barely breath, I love to have some room. Maybe Meghan is like that too! As long as she loved the dress, the rest of us don’t matter. Maybe Givenchy did exactly what the bride asked of her to do!

      • Rapunzel says:

        Masamf- thank you! MTE.

        I also wonder if Meghan and her designer made sure the dress was not so fitted that Meghan wouldn’t fit into it all of a sudden if she got bloated or stress gained a couple pounds. It would be a nightmare to wake up on the wedding day and have your dress not zip up.

      • Maum says:

        Problem with it is not looseness, it’s that it doesn’t fit across the bust and instead of being smooth down (As should be style with neckline) from a distance there’s a bulge on the boobs.
        Also waist needed more tailoring to flatter the neckline.

    • xena says:

      It is Haute Couture – that’s why people are having great expectations to the fit of the dress. And it is a simple lined dress – I love the idea behind it, I also love love love Victoria of Svedens dress or Mette Marits – but this dress demands a perfect tailoring. It looks much better on pictures though and of course she was radiant and happy.
      Though it annoys me, how the sleeves wrinkle themselves under this beautiful u-boot cut – the showcasing element of the dress. Maximas dress in comparison had great sleeves.
      But I had similar issues with Charlenes dress, amazing shoulders and strange fit in her belly area.

  16. Lizzie says:

    She looks gorgeous and modern. I love the dress. I would bet she lost 5-7 lbs last week from the stress her damn family put her through. It would explain the fit in the waist.

    Also I think since this is her 2nd wedding she was purposely trying to look like a grown woman rather than a young and virginal.

  17. Becks1 says:

    The whole wedding was so beautiful and full of love. Meghan looked gorgeous but also looked like herself – so often brides go overboard with the wedding makeup and they don’t look like themselves – she looked like her, down to the hair in her face :-)

    I loved it. The whole thing. It was perfect.

  18. Hikaru says:

    This is definitely not the dress shape you go for on a square body type. It made her look like a retro fridge.

  19. Darla says:

    I absolutely love her dress.

    • dj says:

      I love the dress too! I thought it was beautifully classic and will withstand the test of time. What a gorgeous, loved up couple. Yea!

  20. Ali says:

    Eh, just shows you that people will find anything to complain about…I love her look, gorgeous overall.

  21. Eric says:

    More like the Duke and Duchess of Hotsex!

  22. Aud says:

    I’m drunk on their love glow. I will never forget this wedding.

  23. CuriousCole says:

    I’m thrilled the dress has clean lines and no excessive lace… but this was not a dress that rewarded people waking up at 5am just to see it. Except for the tiara, the look was too attainable for a royal wedding, and the messy hair is better suited to a beach ceremony. This is the dress you pull out for your 24th state banquet, a perfect blank canvas for colored sashes and masses of jewels that add much needed dimension and interest. Sartorial disappointment aside, they are the most visibly in love royal couple I think we’ve ever had and it’s marvelous to witness their happiness! And an extra yay for that kiss outside the chapel!!!

    • minx says:

      I loved the neckline. The fabric seemed too heavy to me for a May wedding. I think a dress that simple has to have perfect tailoring. A narrow jeweled belt might have done wonders.
      All that being said, she looked beautiful and the two of them are obviously crazy about each other, so it was a perfect wedding.

      • CuriousCole says:

        Yes, it needed a bit of something, some delicate detailing at the waist would’ve been perfect, perhaps a shadow version of Scandinavia’s Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding gown. For the first half of the ceremony I was hoping the veil was obscuring some minor beading but no such luck.

  24. cee says:

    I thought she looked fanstatic not only due to her dress, which I love as I prefer simple, clean lines, but because she looked absolutely happy, glowing and excited. Harry did too. Their happiness and love for each other eclipsed everything else.

    I was also moved to see her walking down the aisle supported by Charles. She looked 100% confident and secure in herself.

  25. Zsa says:

    Real love. You could see it. Yes,they were gorgeous and the ceremony was amazing. I don’t care about her weight or his hair. I saw two humans in love,and a little universe created by that. Congratulations, Meghan and Harry. And thanks for showing us real love.

  26. Big Bertha says:

    I love this dress. It’s elegant and timeless. Clean lines, simplicity and understated beauty. Her hair was so pretty and that tiara…I was hoping she would pick an extravagant piece, and she didn’t disappoint. It was all Hollywood. I watched her come out of the car and walk into the church, and the fit looked fine! I’ delighted she didn’t wear the ubiquitous lace and short sleeves.

  27. tmbg says:

    It was perfect. It reminded me a little of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in its simplicity. I love a good minimalistic, classic style with no frills! The tiara and bracelet provided the dazzle.

    • Carmen says:

      Exactly. It was chic, sophisticated, elegant and understated. She looked radiant.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I agree. Simple, elegant, classic. This isn’t meant to be a form-fitting gown, but rather a nod to vintage Givenchy. Too tight in a wedding dress and it ends up badly. See the difference between CP Mary’s wedding dress sketch and the execution. An extra 1 – 1.5 inches of give around Mary’s bodice would have improved that look drastically. It would have allowed for stiffer lining fabric, we wouldn’t have seen the seam allowances, etc.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        The dress was vintage Givency. It had 6 seams. That was it. That’s extraordinary craftsmanship. The sleeves were not mean to be skin tight. She looked amazing. Elegant and regal.

  28. Cher says:

    The hand holding, so loving. They are in love.

  29. Tourmaline says:

    Her makeup was so minimalist and gorgeous. Hate to compare but I’m going to do it –I kept thinking of Kate as a bride with her harsh eyeliner and blush.

  30. Tiffany says:

    I think she was radiating from within! Also when Prince Charles took her hand and the smile he gave her😍😍. Welcome to family

  31. Sparkly says:

    The word that keeps coming to me is ‘underwhelming’, which I’ve seen a lot of other people use when referencing the dress. I guess I expected more from a big fashion house, but I appreciate what she was trying to do. It’s not the tiara I would have picked, but it worked well with the dress and veil. Overall she looked very lovely, but that had more to do with her obvious love and happiness than with the dress, imo. They do look so very in love. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

  32. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    A quick historical note on the title chosen for them: there has never been a Duchess of Sussex prior to this. The history of the title dates back to the man who fought for the abolition of slavery in Britain. I personally love it. The Queen knew what she was doing.

  33. SJF says:

    I think she looked spectacular and – forgive me if this sounds corny, I’m not trying to be — but in addition to being two beautiful people, they looked magnificent because they radiated love.

    It was truly touching.

  34. kk2 says:

    They are adorable. I like the veil and overall idea of the dress but agree that something about fit seemed off. The whole picture together was still quite lovely. And I don’t buy this rapid weight loss theory. A 36 yo woman doesn’t lose weight that easily due to “stress” (or anything else). Its not like she had much to lose off her arms anyway. And this was custom so they could have made minor adjustments up until this morning basically. So yea, no. For better or worse, this was the design.

  35. JA says:

    She looked beautiful but aghhhh that dress!! They’re saying it cost close to 250K! Dear lord so much money for such a lame look. Sigh…hoping the party dress stuns! I need some fashion envy!!!!

  36. Plum says:

    I think the timeless simplicity and elegance of the dress perfectly reflects what we have seen of Meghan’s taste in the last few months. She doesn’t particularly go for flashy, colourful, or frilly. It suited her style. (After all, this is the same woman who were a tuxedo to a gala dinner instead of a long dress.)

    It makes me wonder if Meghan is trying to avoid making the conversation surrounding her being all about her what she is wearing, instead of her actions and intentions. As a self-proclaimed feminist, perhaps she is trying to avoid being seen as nothing but a “style icon” and clothes horse, which is what tends to happen to all young female royals (overshadowing the other aspects of the role)? Or maybe she just favours a more classic, discrete yet ultrachic style, à la Hepburn or C. Bessette Kennedy.

    • KBB says:

      That is why it was so ridiculous when the DM was saying she was going to wear a heavily sequined Ralph & Russo. Her style is very understated. She favors classic looks.

  37. Lucy says:

    They are so beautiful and look radiant. I love how they were just…themselves. Emotional, a bit nervous, yet beaming, the two of them. May they be very, very happy together.

  38. RD says:

    The dress looked great on her, but there was waaaaay too much veil.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It was similar to Queen Maxima of The Netherlands and CP Mette-Marit of Norway. Both had simple gowns with much longer veils that served as the train.

  39. bitchy architect says:

    I must say I didn’t get what the fuss was about with the Duchess of Sussex but after this wedding I am utterly in awe of this young woman. Her strength, her courage, her grace. I like to think of myself as a strong independent woman but I don’t think I could have walked myself down the aisle past all those judging, bitchy aristocrats. She looked cool a s a cucumber and utterly regal. And this wedding!- Unlike any other Royal wedding we’ve ever seen, truly a historic moment because of its inclusivness. I am in awe of what we witnessed this morning.

    • Sophia's side eye says:

      It was beautiful. I don’t even like weddings, but this was lovely. From the music, to the reading, and to Harry and Meghan of course. They are so in love and it shines brilliantly from them both. And you can see after this past week, and the terrible things her family chose to do to make this wedding about themselves, (her own father!) this woman is living her best life. Something tells me that nothing will get in her way. Harry chose well.

  40. CCBB says:

    I believe there love for each other initially came from their mutual attraction in that they have similar features especially their noses. But I just realized they’ve only known each for less than year before he proposed to her….so not to be cynical…let’s hope their bond is stronger than mutual physicality and attraction. Cheers

    • Anna says:

      I noticed that, too…They have a very “twin”-like energy about them as in, they seem so well matched. Perhaps if one believes in past lives, they were together before and lucky to find each other again this life…

  41. Valerie says:

    The dress looks better in these pictures than it did on camera. I’ll admit, I didn’t really get caught up in the hype, but when I woke up around 8 this morning, I was kind of mad at myself for being able to only catch the highlights, lol.

    • Sophia's side eye says:

      You can watch the whole thing on YouTube if you’d like to. That’s what I did, west coast unites states over here, I’m not getting up that early! lol!

      • Valerie says:

        I’ve been watching it on TV all day! It’s pretty much all that’s been on, lol. The news is saturated with them.

  42. minx says:

    Can’t wait to see her next dress.

  43. Liz version 700 says:

    They looked beautiful. I hope Harry’s Mom was smiling down over how happy her son looked as he married a woman he clearly loved.

  44. Jayna says:

    I love the top photo. It’s gorgeous of them. That veil is magnificent.

  45. MerrymerrymonthofMay says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the boat neckline on the dress!

  46. H says:

    In looking at more detailed pictures I love the top of the dress, but yeah, the bottom did get wrinkled. I probably would have put a belt or a sash to define my waist because Megan and I have similar body types. But in the end it doesn’t matter, it’s just a dress. The love these two radiated was more important.

  47. Cher says:

    Are you guys seeing the second dress, wow.

  48. Cher says:

    It has a 80’s, 90’’s, yet sophisticated vibe. I like it.

  49. Monique Barrow says:

    You could really see Harry loves her.Her dress was perfect she looked beautiful….now bring on the babies!

    • imqrious2 says:

      I want a honeymoon baby! Born 9 mos. to this date! 😊. That could end up being a Valentine’s Baby!! How perfect for them! lol

  50. Cher says:

    She redeemed herself with the second dress…

    • Jayna says:

      Man, oh, man, did she ever! Wow! I mean, her wedding gown was nice nothing memorable. She’s got a great figure, so she looked beautiful and elegant. The tiara and veil and her beauty were memorable and stunning.

      But the second gown is a showstopper. Stella McCartney pulled off a great gown.

    • minx says:

      Sexy yet elegant…tough combination to pull off. This is Stella McCartney, really?

      • Jayna says:

        I’m stunned. She hit it out of the park with Amal’s dress and now this gown. And, yes, sexy yet elegant is a tough combo to pull off and keeping it simple. That’s what Carolyn Bessette’s wedding gown was, simple, sexy, and elegant. It skimmed her body. The white gloves really elevated that look as far as elegance. But it’s always the person wearing it that can either pull it off or not. On someone else the result might be completely different.

        But Meghan is definitely elegant and sexy in that Stella McCartney gown.

  51. liriel says:

    I’m sorry to kill the joy but why are we celebrating the fact that the couple getting married looks in love like it’s something extraordinary? (not to mention they knew cameras are on them so they also needed to play it up). It was lovely to see but come on!

    • Valerie says:

      The royal family is not exactly known for great displays of emotion. It’s the whole stiff upper lip thing. Diana had an elaborate wedding but you didn’t get a sense of affection between her and Charles. They didn’t look like they were in love. In one of the pictures they posed for, he’s standing apart from her, with his foot on one of the steps. It’s probably just one of those awkward wedding photos, but it’s pretty representative of their relationship. So, it’s a change.

      • imqrious2 says:

        Remember Charles’ “Whatever love means” remark. They’re not known for affection or even love between partners, until recently. Matches were made for breeding bloodlines primarily. So to see the sons of Diana, who had a loveless match blow up so spectacularly and unhappily, well… it does my cynical heart a LOT of good!

        I’ve always had such a soft spot for the boys, Harry in particular. And I am tremendously happy that he has found true love and joy with Meghan (as if I knew them! lol). You would have to be a blind man in a snowstorm to miss it.

  52. VintageS says:

    Wow, I loved the dress. I thought it was perfect and completely regal and classic. She’s 36, a divorcee, and fussiness is not her.

    She had the best accessories ever, besides Harry, the adorable photobombing Mulroney twin and Princess Charlotte. How cute were they?

  53. paddingtonjr says:

    I was kind of getting Royal Wedding fatigue so I decided to sleep in and just see the pictures later. Now I wish I’d seen it live! It really looked like the right amount of pomp and individuality, which is great to see. I liked Meghan’s dress, although I wish there was a bit more color, maybe in the bouquet or a colored sash. I thought the loose strands suited her and the tiara is beautiful. They both just looked so happy and relaxed and so incredibly in love. They both glowed! I love that Doria showed her own style while keeping with formality of the occasion. She seems great; not “defined” by her daughter’s marriage to a prince, but happy her daughter married someone she loves. I think we’ll see a lot more of Doria at future events, much like Sophie’s father. The picture of Doria, Charles and Camilla was a nice family shot.

    Congrats Henry and Meghan!

  54. No Doubtful says:

    The dress and hair were so….basic. The dress definitely needed a little pizzazz….like a diamond belt. I loved the veil though.

    I thought the entire royal family looked great! Meghan’s mother too! I loved Oprah and Chelsy Davy’s outfits too! Amal looked awful. Hideous color.

  55. SLP says:

    Gorgeous! Question: anyone know the significance of the ruffles on Harry’s uniform? They look great.

  56. Sage says:

    I’m so-so on the dress because I don’t like boat necks but she looked beautiful. Her face is gorgeous , very feminine.

  57. Marissa says:

    I don’t think this was supposed to be her dress. I think the Ralph and Russo pics and sketches that got released to the tabloids a couple weeks ago were extremely close to her actual gown. To save face she went with this one.

    Given the inept handling of the whole T. Markle situation, it wouldn’t shock me if they dropped the ball on this too. It’s obvious the tabloids have had it in for Meg, and KP never clamped down except at the very last minute, only to prevent her distant relatives from being “wedding correspondents”.

    I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I can’t imagine Meg wearing something this ill fitting, unless it was a rush job. She was swimming in the bodice area, and the sleeves were a mess.

  58. my3cents says:

    Let me correct that- Sussex-y!
    They are one hot couple.

  59. Lucy2 says:

    I wasn’t planning on watching, but actually was able to and ended up seeing the whole thing! It was a really lovely, and I really love the gown as well.

  60. Cerys says:

    I admit to being surprised at first that she went for the white dress and veil option, given that she is a divorcee. But if you are going to become a princess then you might as well do it in style. And she did. I thought the dress was so classy, chic and just perfect. There have been some rumblings on Twitter about her hair being messy but I thought the little wispy bits hanging down, added to her look rather than detracting from it. It was a lovely wedding from beginning to end and I wish them well.

    • Jayna says:

      They weren’t wispy. They were pieces out of place and at times sticking out and looked odd, . It did zero to add to her look. She is stunning and her makeup and tiara and her beauty saved the day from that big miss with her hair. When it ends up looking like you just woke up and pinned your flat hair back and it was failing apart, that’s not a great look on a wedding day. when you have gone to great effort to look sophisticated.

      Thankfully, in most photos it’s not noticeable and so ultimately not a big deal since it didn’t ruin most of her wedding photosl, and she was a stunning bride

      . But I totally disagree with you that those pieces sticking out “added to her look.” And unlike some, I loved loved loved her makeup and I loved her hair parted in the middle and pulled back into a bun. I thought that suited the stunning veil and tiara beautifully. It was just the execution of that hairstyle that was nothing special. I guess it’s the way Meghan wanted it. But I don’t know anyone that thought those pieces sticking out added to her look. .

      The reception hair looked great, like a real style was done and loose tendrils intentional.

      Princess Sofia


  61. C. Remm says:

    Being divorced is not a character flaw in particular and not a flaw in general. So I wish people would stop discriminating others who had the courage to end an unhappy marriage and thus making it possible for themselves and the person they are about to divorce to find happiness somewhere else. Women used to get the whole blame when a marriage failed and it is only about 20-40 years ago that this discrimination was stopped. This was a long and tough fight especially for women to stop this discrimination and now the question, who is to blame for the break up is not asked anymore. It looks to me like this constant mentioning of Meghan being divorced is done by people who do not dare to play the race card. It is her skin colour which brings the hate out. I don’t believe this, I really don’t believe this. I’m so furious I can hardly type and I will not care if my English makes sense now or not. I tell you something it doesn’t matter what race somebody is, the only thing that matters is the personality.
    When I read descriptions like the divorcee walked alone into the chapel or the mixed-race bride…. Why not the white groom or the purebreed groom? Why do so many think they have the right to trash Meghan? I hope they take these people to court I really do, and they make them pay for their filthy talk. Princess Caroline of Monace made a couple of German tabloids pay for their wild stories and they had to pay a lot. Good one. Maybe private people can be sued too.

    This here was being said in a newspaper about the social media:
    Every dumbass believes they can allow themselves to say everything within the league of boundless disrespect.

    • Alice says:

      And I think you’re not realistic at all. I’m divorced, I’m white and I’ve heard a lot of comments about being divorced, second hand, loaded with baggage and much more. If you think this discrimination has ended, I have a bridge to sell you. While there will always be racist comments, the sad truth is that divorced women and double that for single mothers are a subject of many derogatory comments on a regular basis. Yes, I live in a first world country. I personally gave up and stopped even looking because I don’t want to subject myself to this attitude any longer. I was shocked, after getting divorced, to find out how retarded we as a society still are in this respect.

    • LAK says:

      Clearly you were not around for the Crown Prince of Norway daring to marry an unwed single mother.

      Or then Crown Prince of Spain marrying a divorcee.

      Fun times!!

      And by that i mean cruel, vitriolic times. And we didn’t have social media then, yet the public managed to make their displeasure felt. And tue media dragged both ladies. The Spanish bride was dragged right upto the moment she became Queen and remains intensely disliked for being a commoner, divorcee who dared to marry the Crown Prince and is now Queen.

      The Norwegian bride had to give a mea culpa apology on tv ahead of her wedding

      Clearly, we haven’t moved on even though that was over a decade ago.

    • C. Remm says:

      You are not telling me anything new. But we should still strive to stop this discrimination. About 20 years ago I was not considered for a job as the person delightfully told me, “you are divorced and therefore unacceptable for our staff!” Since that happened on the phone and the person I spoke to was a nun I replied, “oh well, in that case I will not bother you with my divorced tax money anymore and leave church.” Which I did in the weeks following.

    • C. Remm says:

      50 years ago you were the talk of the town when you were divorced. The people would stare at you and everybody was whispering behind your back. You were outlawed. You were avoided and in some shops not served. And that is no longer the case. Would also be very difficult since so many people are divorced. This treatment was to ensure that the women stay in their unhappy and abusive marriages. The self-righteous society.

  62. Ann says:

    I can’t help but feel it’s a great shame these two aren’t the heirs to the throne. I’m not a monarchist but if we’re to have one, the main players should be charismatic, vibrant and capable of doing some good for the nation. Meghan and Harry have personality in spades. Will and Kate, on the other hand, have not made any lasting impression at all in those seven years of marriage so far. They go through the motions when they have to, but it’s evident they are just dull people who want the privilege but otherwise be left alone in their Stepford/Sloane street bubble. That just isn’t enough in this day and age. That’s the downside of hereditary monarchy – it’s not always the right people who inherit. I hope Meghan and Harry will be visible in the years to come and not end up in the periphery like Edvard and Sophie.

    • Jayna says:

      Harry doesn’t want to be king. Who would? I don’t know why people don’t understand that Harry is happy to have the freedom William never will.

      • Ann says:

        I know Harry doesn’t want to be king. That’s not my point. My point is what would be best for the country.

        Obviously William could end up being a great monarch, but the signs aren’t there. In just a few years’ time he’ll be the Prince of Wales, and I’m not sure he is ready for such a key role. First, the rather unpopular Charles will be King, then followed by the moody William who clearly loathes the press and is just going through the motions.

        The monarchy needs its main players to be loved by the public, and that takes time to build up. If William and Kate doesn’t care about being seen or loved now, that will affect their later lives as Prince/Princess of Wales and their eventual reign as monarchs. I feel like Harry and Meghan would do better, just because they’re more easy-going people and more comfortable in the limelight (especially Meghan). They also seem to have some real empathy and a genuine interest for their causes, and that translates to the public. You can’t fake that.

    • LAK says:

      That’s always been the way.

      Often the spares were the ones with charisma and popularity. Very rarely the heirs.

  63. HeyThere! says:

    I wasn’t a fan of the first dress but then again nobody but her should love it. I don’t know why…just boring. Was hoping for something more?! IDK why it fell flat for me but it did. From the neck up she was stunning and nobody was even looking at that dress. Her face was glowing with happiness and that tiara and vail!!!! Stunning!!!

  64. Racer1 says:

    Who else came from her family besides the mother? What about the niece who defended her?

  65. Princessk says:

    Hi everyone…..sorry I have been silent. It was a magical experience. We arrived in Windsor on Friday and wandered around the city centre to soak up the atmosphere on the eve of the big day and to strategise about the best spot on the route for us. We did actually see Harry and William when they came out to greet the crowd but we were too far away to see their faces properly or take photos. In the end we decided to position ourselves on the Long Walk close to the very end when the finally enter the gates after the procession. We noticed that people were already camping out and so we went back to our B & B and planned to leave very early the next morning.

    We went back to the spot at 4am and it was freezing cold! But by 10am it started warming up and in the end we had glorious sunshine. We also got to see Meghan and her mother arriving in the vintage Rolls Royce as they chose to come down the Long Walk, and I could see that Meghan had a boat neck style dress. The ceremony as you all know was fabulous, some of the highlights for me were the two page boys holding her veil, the fantastic gospel choir and Doria going to shake Charles hand and he choosing tp grab hold of her hand to walk with her to sign the registry.

    Meghan’s dress was just as most of us expected, simple elegant clean lines. Exquisite!

    The horse parade with the couple in the carriage coming down the Long Walk was magnificent. We were in the front and got a good look at them and pictures, Harry was our side of the Long walk.

    I did not fancy Duke and Duchess of Sussex but I am getting used it.

    Here is the flying Elvi……pity Sixer, who I believe came up with the idea is not here but it is just a little symbol of the presence of all of us who have been in support of the couple from the very beginning. I have certainly had a wonderful weekend that I will never forget. I am so happy for them after everything they have been through. Go Meghan! Go Harry!

    • Olenna says:

      Thanks so much for the royal report, PrincessK! I love the Flying Elvi Banner, and am so glad you had a wonderful experience. The TV view of the procession was awesome, but I can only imagine how magical it was to be there under that brilliant blue sky with so many people sharing the couple’s happiness.

    • LAK says:

      Thank you so much for the flying Elvi. Xoxo

      Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. The crowd looked like they were enjoying the moment. Was Windsor as packed as it looked on tv?

      Where is Sixer? Someone needs to head to Somerset to check on her. She hasn’t rejoined us since Christmas.

  66. Alice says:

    What do you think of the absence of any and all European Royal houses at the wedding? I re-watched and re-read but can’t find even one royal from another house mentioned. Have I missed? If not, then I’m a bit worried. True, Harry is now 6 in line but he still is the second son of Charles and Diana and for many years to come, a working royal. It just wouldn’t sit well with me if that’s the case and no one showed up. And if they decided to not invite any of those other royals… That would be a bit odd,no?

    • Anna says:

      yeah i wonder about that too

    • Ann says:

      I feel like the British royal family aren’t very close to their European “colleagues” in general. The royal families of Scandinavia, Benelux and Spain see a lot of each other and they usually invite each other to all of the royal weddings (even the less formal ones) and even to important milestones such as wedding anniversaries. I think many of them are friends in private as well. That just doesn’t seem to be the case with the Windsors. The Queen sends Edward and Sophie as representants when necessary, but there’s no close contact and certainly not in private.

      It could be that the British royals have always identified themselves more with the Empire and not felt particularly connected to the royals of mainland Europe. I very much doubt that Harry and Meghan will ever hang out with Victoria and Daniel in Sweden. But Victoria and Daniel have definitely hung out with the other European royal couples. I remember princess Madeleine saying that she has never met William and Kate, even though she lives in London and they have young kids. If she lived in Amsterdam, I’m pretty sure she would have been invited for tea by Maxima and W.A. on several occasions.

      • Alice says:

        That’s the thing, there is someone attending, close or not. Sophie, Edward, the Yorks, etc. It is not at all a common sight a royal wedding with zero attendees from the other royal houses. It’s more about diplomacy than friendship, I’d say. It looked so strange, I went to double and triple check but nothing.

    • Cerys says:

      I often get the feeling that the Windsors think they are superior to the other royal families of Europe. On the rare occasions they attend royal functions in Europe, it is usually people like Edward and Sophie who go rather than those higher up the pecking order.

  67. Anika says:

    They did not invite other European houses.

  68. Alice says:

    Tearose, I know that but it is very uncommon. If you look at the weddings of the non crown princes and princesses in other countries from the past years, they were all attended by their counterparts or at least someone from the other royal houses. It could be the Yorks instead of Charles but still, someone would be there.