Meghan Markle changed into a Stella McCartney gown for the evening wedding party

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Oooh, I didn’t know we would get photos of the dress change today!! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – aka the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – had their reception(s) at Windsor Castle proper for several hours after the wedding service at St. George’s Chapel. Then, about 30 minutes ago, they changed into their evening party clothes and took off in a blue-silver Jaguar, with Harry driving. They’re on their way to Frogmore House, where Charles is hosting an intimate wedding party for them. Frogmore House is on the Windsor estate, and that’s where they posed for their formal engagement portraits.

Meghan’s party dress is actually good, fam. I can’t believe I’m saying that, especially because it’s (GULP) Stella McCartney. Yes, this is Stella!! It’s a “bespoke lily white high neck gown made of silk crepe,” according to the press release. She’s wearing Aquazurra shoes and her hair was styled by George Northwood (her hair looks better here than at her wedding, sorry not sorry!). Update: apparently, the ring you see in the close-up photos? It’s an emerald-cut aquamarine which once belonged to Diana.

Kensington Palace released the video and the whole thing looks like a scene out of a James Bond movie.

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  1. minx says:

    Stella McCartney, seriously? Wow.

  2. janetdr says:

    Love the dress but that car is everything!

  3. Snap Happy says:

    At least there are no cheesy balloons hanging off the back of the car.

  4. Sayrah says:

    I like this one better. So romantic. What a great day

  5. Senaber says:

    Gorgeous dress! The car is gorgeous too- meow. I love how Harry looked concerned that he wasn’t going to fit in it. And she reached across to open his door after he opened hers! So sweet.

  6. Somegirl says:

    I actually love it! She looks beautiful and it’s very her.

  7. Mumbles says:

    Wow, they look dashing. And yes, me too – this is the first time I’ve seen a Stella McCartney dress and not hated it. I know it would not have been appropriate for the wedding but for its purpose I prefer it to the wedding dress.

  8. Emily says:

    H.O.T.! I don’t know that I’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall more – I want to see the party!

  9. Beluga says:

    I dig the dress. I dig the car.

    And look at those smiles!! Adorable.

  10. Spittair says:

    Love this look, gorgeous! You can see the love and pride they have for each other, I’m so happy for them.

  11. MousyB says:

    Ugh so elegant and beautiful. I initially thought she would have much more extravagant dresses but I actually love these more conservative dresses on her. Also, BRF did such an amazing job and everything went so smoothly today despite the shenanigans over the past week.

  12. Cher says:

    Like I said before, she redeemed herself with this dress.

  13. CharlieCanada says:

    Stunning! A big improvement over the earlier drabness that was her wedding gown. But still, it doesn’t fit in the bodice/bust area. What is it with the wives of these princes? Four wedding day dresses between Kate and Meghan, and between Kate’s lumpy cone boobs and Meghan’s lumpy and ill-fitted bodices, not one dress got it right in the bust. Far too much money spent for a dress not to fit perfectly. And of course, Meghan cannot let go of her signature messy hair look, not even on the big day. Don’t blame the hairdresser — you know this messy look is deliberately what Meghan wants. But they do look completely besotted with each other; I know I should focus on that. :)

    • minx says:

      This is just my opinion: This fabric is more flowing and loose, she probably wants to be comfortable. I don’t mind the bust. The wedding dress, though, was structured and shouldn’t have had that vague lumpiness in the bodice. She still looked beautiful, etc.

      • CharlieCanada says:

        I agree, @minx. You nailed it. This one is a big improvement. The bust still doesn’t fit but it’s better because it’s less structured. I also think the halter collar could have been a bit narrower and more delicate.

      • ValiantlyVarnished says:

        The “vague lumpiness” you’re referring to was probably due to weight loss. She had a stressful week leading up to the wedding and probably lost a few pounds. The same happened to my friend when she got married. Her dress fit her perfectly right up until the week before the wedding and she dropped five pounds due to stress and it was a tad too big in the bodice. Either way – Meghan looked stunning and elegant.

      • minx says:

        Valiantly—Seemed like either the lining of the dress or her undergarments. Again, she looked wonderful.

    • Danielle says:

      After seeing that this dress, along with the wedding dress, looked loose, I do think she lost some last minute stress weight. She looked gorgeous tho. I love that she went with light makeup for both looks.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think both dresses fit fine. Skin-tight is not appealing to me, but I suppose people have grown accustomed to Kate’s outfits being so tight they think it is required/the norm.

      • minx says:

        It has nothing to do with Kate. Not asking for a skin tight dress. The wedding gown fabric could have been tailored a bit better because it was stiffer fabric. Not a big deal, though, she looked lovely.

      • Tessy says:

        What are you on about, Kate’s outfits are too tight. That’s the first time I ever heard that particular dig. You people are usually on her about buttons and shoes. Actually, hollywood people are the ones who usually wear too tight clothes, certainly not Kate.

      • Hazel says:

        That was my thinking. Meghan’s gowns weren’t the skin-tight body-con dresses her character wore on Suits & that everyone got used to. I thought she looked lovely today.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate’s outfits are often too tight, especially her jeggings. See their first tour of Canada to see the dresses so tight, there are horizontal cat whisker pulls across her body. Or that terrible mint green lace one she wore last year that squashed her chest so badly.

        These two dresses of Meghan’s arent skin tight because they aren’t designed or tailored to be.

      • CharlieCanada says:

        Nota, if you look at the drawings of both dresses, especially the SM, it certainly looks as if they were designed to be streamlined and body-hugging. Meghan’s actual dresses were downright baggy in comparison with the drawings.

      • PrincessK says:

        @nota… response to an earlier post of yours about elderflower fudge….yes, I did pass by the fudge shop and they were handing out free bits of fudge to taste but I didn’t taste any because I don’t like fudge.

    • Snappyfish says:

      For the fit on Catherine and Meghan’s dresses I feel was due to unexpected weight loss. Both women married on a pretty big world stage. Nerves are inevitable. They both looked glorious on their day. Unlike most I like both women. I envy that Meghan will have an easier go as she is not the wife of the heir’s eldest son. At times the Cambridge’s do seem stiff but they have a much more narrow window to walk through. Harry, and now his Duchess, have the luxury to do what they wish with little to no structure outside of embarrassing the crown. When it became apparent that Elizabeth would be Queen, Margaret hugged her are said “Poor You”

  14. Natalie S says:

    I keep saying this but they seriously look fantastic together. That is a sexy dress and they look glam.

    Okay. I’m editing to say what is going on with the fit of her clothes? Why is there always excess fabric?

  15. Cher says:

    I love that she reached over an opened the car door for him…😊

  16. broodytrudy says:

    MUCH BETTER. Gorgeous and glamorous! Do we know where they’re honeymooning?

  17. lightpurple says:

    Good God, that car!

  18. Anne says:

    Wow that ring! I think it’s part of Diana’s jewelry. So sweet.

  19. kate says:

    I looove it, oh my god, it’s so glamourous, it’s so much better than the first one. I refuse to believe Stella McCartney had anything to do with this stunning creation.

  20. Jayna says:

    That’s like a Town and Country photo-op it’s so beautiful of the glamorous couple coming out to the amazing car.

    Well done, Stella, You really knew how to design to her proportions and height.

  21. vicsy says:

    Yaaaaaaaas, some old Hollywood glamour!
    And she looks sooooo slender woah!

  22. Guest says:

    Ive always loved that ring. Did harry get that from his mom? Hope so because that big blue ring is so much better looking then the other big blue ring 😋

  23. Gigi LaMoore says:

    She looks awesome in this dress. Wow. Together, they are double wow. I hope they will stay together and in love.

  24. homeslice says:

    I’m not a fan of this look either…her hair has looked so much better before. Maybe fire Amal’s guy…

  25. KiddVicious says:

    Sexy and sophisticated. And gorgeous. (Both Meghan and the car)

  26. Victoria says:

    Yes, dammit, so much yes!! Could they be any hotter together?

  27. Elaine says:

    I secretly want the Queen to give them Frogmore House. Is that possible?

    btw, can we all just very sneakily break the rules and just call her Princess Meghan? I know, I know Duchess of Sussex, blah blah Princess Harry blah blah.

    I say..
    Princess Meghan!

    tee hee, its off to the Tower for me!*

    *the Tower is where they put all their prisoners for safe keeping before they… y’know

  28. Egla says:

    Whatever you do ladies DON’T go to the DM. So much hate there. I did and I regret it…..and I left some thoughts of mine to those who are hating on her. My email is getting crazy with the

  29. JA says:

    Oh thank the lord! This dress is clean simple classic and fits her!!! Her body looks gorgeous and her hair lovely…fire whomever styled her this morning and hug the stylist this evening. God this scene is straight out of a movie!!!! Style redemption <3

  30. MrsBump says:

    Ohhh love this dress! Fluid, sexy and moves with her body. So much better than the church dress!
    They look so adorable !

  31. Vava says:

    Great ensemble for Meghan. Can’t believe it’s a Stella McCartney design!…..LOL.
    That car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Her prince .

    So great to see such happiness and love after all the bullshit going on in the USA. Today has been cleansing.

  32. Mamunia says:

    I usually can’t stand Stella McCartney’s dresses. But this was fantastic! Although Amal’s SM looked great on her, it was an obvious grab for attention.

  33. Dixiebells says:

    Her page is updated on the BRF website. I can’t believe how progressive it is. It’s basically about feminism and anti-sexism and menstrual support. Seems pretty out there for the BRF

    • vicsy says:

      omg! can you share a link?

      • vicsy says:

        OMG just read it and I am shooketh
        We need a separate blog about this awesomeness!

      • Dixiebells says:

        Right? I think this also undercuts the whole BRF can’t ever appear the least bit political
        Nonsense that came up over Kate not wearing black to the BAFTA’s. I’ve always understood that to mean they can’t like actively campaign for a candidate not that they can’t have any view ever on a social issue or support causes. The BRF in general has historically made their social and political views known just short of wearing campaign buttons. We might not always agree with conservative ones (Phillip lol) but I just don’t buy this they are always completely neutral schtick. This whole bio puts her UN work front and center. I know she left that post but they def could have minimized it in her official bio if it was the big deal people seem to claim.

      • vicsy says:

        Dixiebells – So true! Amazing to see her quoted as someone who is proud to be a woman and a feminist. And obviously, she was always involved in causes that are close to her heart which is lovely to see. Her involvement and statements do not feel shallow. She took on issues with stigma (menstrual issues is quite taboo even in developed countries) when she was practically a nobody. She really reminds of Diana not afraid to challenge the status quo (I still remember being shook from Diana’s photos with HIV patients). I hope she uses her new platform to do well and I need hope.

        I am here for this, OMG I am.
        Thanks so much for bringing it up and for your thoughtful, interesting analysis.

      • LAK says:

        1. Camilla supports rape victims and domestic violence victims, therefore Meghan isn’t exceptional in her causes.

        2. There is alot of gaff made up by the public and media PR Palace surrogates as a direct result of Kate’s refusal to do or say anything. They repeatedly manufacture reasons to explain away Kate’s refusal in plausible ways. And the Palace allows this conversation to happen in the media because clearly they can’t force Kate to comply. It’s amazing what she gets away with, and the media / public explains it away with something ridiculous or a downright lie. Even where there are examples of other royals doing it eg CP Victoria of Sweden and the Queen of Sweden being very vocal about # metoo.

        3. There is a difference in what Americans consider political vs what British consider political eg the politicisation of women’s bodies and issues in America is bemusing to Britain because to us it’s social and or human rights. Any politician who dared make suggestions about women’s bodies would get booted out pronto.

        4. Meghan’s preparedness is what we expected from Kate. It is / was the norm for all other royal brides. Kate is / was the outlier. Her PR sold her as a unicorn and made many false promises on her behalf. It’s probably why people are surprised by Meghan’s work since the announcement.

      • Dixiebells says:

        @lak yes I agree about Camilla. I really admire her work around domestic violence victims. That is part of my overall point. They do support causes. I also think your distinction over what is political vs a human right is a bit of semantics. It doesn’t matter what you call it if it’s a problem that needs addressing then it needs addressing. It’s social or human rights to Americans too, but things become political when you push for laws to safeguard those rights. And as I understand it the British parliament is embroiled in its own me too reckoning so I’m not sure where this image of politicians treating women’s bodies so respectfully is coming from if there is a chronic sexual harassment problem in the halls of government.

      • LAK says:

        Dixiebells: You think the distinction between politics and human rights is semantics?

        Sexual harrassment is a human rights issue. It is not a political issue. I don’t know what to say to you when you conflate sexual harrassment with politics simply because the sexual harrasers are in a building used for politics. I guess that rules out the sexual harrasers in other stripes of life since they aren’t in politics.

        Nevermind that when humanrights are politicised, they can be put into neat little boxes according to one’s political leaning and marginalised or dismissed accordingly.

        That’s not to say that human rights can’t be helped by politics, but every social issue is a human rights one until we hit that wall that requires legislation to enforce it. It still remains a human rights issue.

      • Dixiebells says:

        @lak I think you’re saying Americans view something as political that we don’t. We also view it as a social or human rights. And at some point I don’t think it matters how something is viewed it matters what is done about it. American politicians may politicize things but you implied all Americans and also said this is bemusing to the British. As if you’re so above American politics. It seems to me the Brexit debate was quite political and had a strong undercurrent of politicized human rights around the state of migrants. So be bemused by us political Americans all you want. It all overlaps. You then also said British politicians would never presume to tell a women what to do with her body or risk being booted, and I was noting that I frankly find this an ironic assertion given a huge sexual harassment scandal among British politicians. That’s who you brought up so that’s what I was responding about, not making an assertion on all sexual harassers (who are vile in any sphere for the record) So I don’t really know what you’re saying tbh.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Wow her official royal bio uses the word menstrual? Wow that is actually pretty cool.

      • kk2 says:

        That has actually been one of meghan’s issues for a while. Remember reading about it when I first googled her when the new broke about them dating. Having to do with access to fem hygiene products for girls in developing countries that otherwise have to sometimes stay home from school etc during period time. Really happy to see that she has carried this issue over, but not too surprised- I really get the vibe that she is pretty strong minded and independent.

  34. Stephanie says:

    Why is the car American styled with the driver’s seat?

    • Christin says:

      My guess is that the owner is a collector who bought whatever version was available. And perhaps it was a nod to Meghan’s home country, too.

      It’s a beautiful car. I have a 1968 vehicle (it was my father’s pride and joy) that is the same lovely shade of blue, with similar wheel coverings. Seeing those similarities made me smile. I wondered if the car was a 1967 or 1968 when I saw that beautiful color and wheel style.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The car belongs to Prince Charles, he’s a serious environmentalist so no surprise he converted it into an electric car.

  35. Bex says:

    Between this, Amal, and Oprah (I’m astonished they pulled that off overnight), Stella McCartney has had a excellent day. Wonders never cease.

  36. Lexa says:

    They look so glamorous! My one nitpick is that I wish the halter wasn’t quite so turtleneck-y, but the fabric is gorgeous and that’s a great style on her.

  37. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    Their whole vibe in these photos is fire! It’s like a scene out of a Bond film – but better. I love how Meghan is staying true to her own sense of style and isn’t busting out any lace or frou frou-ness. She still looks like herself and she looks like a woman – not a girl. I LOVE that.

  38. Jenns says:

    According to Oprah on Instagram, SM did her dress for the wedding, but screwed up the color and had to redo the entire dress overnight. That seemed insane to me that they would botch Oprah’s dress. But now it makes some sense. I guess they were more concerned with Meghan’s dress at the time.

  39. Abby says:

    Beautiful! She has really nice shoulders. Both dresses set them off well. But I really love this dress. They look so happy!

    • Luce says:

      I agree with this! I think both dresses flatter her so much, and I didn’t think the wedding gown was boring at all, but I love simple lines. It is pretty obvious she is influenced by Carolyn Bessette’s style, and I thought she carried off the elegant minimalist lines so well, too. Meghan has truly looked every bit the duchess today.

  40. Cher says:

    Kaiser, thank you so much for the commentary throughout the dating, the engagement and the wedding coverage. We could not have gotten through it with out you. We look forward to your continuing coverage. Until next week…I need a nap.

  41. Godwina says:

    SM knocked it out of the park with Amal’s dress and the second wedding dress for MM. Love seeing her succeed–when she’s on, I adore her. I also love the way SM herself wears clothes. Fangirl’s happy.

  42. CK3 says:

    I’m going to need extensive receipts before I ever believe that Stella McCartney could have made that. She’s probably hiding a ruffle or a peplum in the back.

  43. Other Renee says:

    Dress is gorgeous. What a lovely couple.

    Re the DM, ironically most of the comments about Doria are glowing. Go figure. Seriously, the woman has won over the entire world. By keeping quiet and dignified. Not giving into the hate. Not responding or defending which would only have made things worse. Amazing woman.

  44. xena says:

    Seems as if Stella McCartney is the designer of the day. She must have had some stressful weeks too.

    • imqrious2 says:

      There was a blurb on Twitter the other day, saying that SM was in an important meeting, and then got an emergency call about a dress and ran out. They were saying the ONLY thing that would pull her out of such an important meeting was if she was designing THE dress. Might’ve been Oprah’s… might’ve been taking in Meghan’s.

      But I am happy I called SM designing a dress for Meghan: Stella’s American Mom (Linda) and British Dad (Paul) a nice pair for an
      American Bride and a British groom 😊

  45. MerrymerrymonthofMay says:

    Meghan looks ready to party!

  46. Karen says:

    They look like they are filming a movie! Gorgeous!

    Although there were 600 people, for some reason this felt like an intimate country wedding. I loved the two of them kissing on the stairs. I loved the carriage ride. What a fabulous wedding!

  47. Bluthfan says:

    So shocked that McCartney designed this. It’s gorgeous. Meghan’s style is how I’d love to dress if I was rich, thin and had glamorous places to go. She favors clean, modern lines which much more my style than Kate’s fussiness.

    They just make the BF cool for a change which is fun to see.

    And thanks to Celebitchy for giving us a place to hang out and swoon/gossip over the royals. I’ve seen the royal forums and they are scary. So, thankful that people here seem normal.

  48. Imeanreally says:

    Wow. What a stylish exit! This is going to be the couple to watch. Can’t wait to see what else they bring!

  49. stinky says:

    I cooked sausages and french toast for my mom, and we had crumpets, lemon curd w/ raspberries and some Devonshire cream for breakfast, – and as soon as the viewing was done and mom left for home … i went straight to my computer.

  50. Vanessa says:

    @ VT first of all don’t comment on every Meghan story so I don’t always praise her like you are suggesting And secondly I never comment on Kate Middleton So you have no way knowing that I would something negative about her . You’re just assuming because I like Meghan that I would be negative toward Kate unlike you I like them both I don’t feel the need to attack Kate like you are always doing to Meghan .

  51. Jayna says:

    It’s nice to see that scant attention was being paid to the Motley Markles today, not that they weren’t trying. Samantha had a cameraman at her get-together. Ugh. But the wedding and festivities overshadowed all of their attempts to insert themselves into this day.

    • imqrious2 says:

      Father already blurted out to TMZ about how “proud he is of his beautiful baby”, and “how sorry he is that the didn’t tell his idiot family to shut up”… yeah.. How ’bout YOU stop talking to the press, Tom? You have something to say? PICK UP A PHONE AND CALL YOUR DAUGHTER! SHE is the one that deserves your apology!

  52. Imeanreally says:

    Poster on another site noted that the license plate is the wedding date. :)

  53. Laura says:

    I really wish she had either worn her hair down or had a nicer up-do because it looks like an awful mess…

    Her face is just so beautiful – I love her smile!

  54. Gabby says:

    Love the hair, the dress, the pop of color with the ring! It fits so much better than the other gown!

  55. kk2 says:

    I adore this dress and I think it fits fine. It’s just designed to be flowy. I really don’t buy this stress weight loss theory– the woman somehow lost 2 cup sizes in a week due to stress? Uh, nah. And it’s not like she had much to lose anyway. Also, she looked the same as usual in the pics of her and her mom arriving at the hotel the night before (in a more form fitting dress). I’d love to defend the first dress because I’m a big fan of hers, but it just wasn’t made that well. The idea was good, but they didn’t execute the bodice very well, especially when she had to move around, bend her arms, sit, etc. I do think it was meant to be somewhat loose. This one is a home run for me though. I love it. It is beautiful in motion. Very sexy but sophisticated. I wish we had a good shot of the back.

    • Agenbiter says:

      Agree Meghan does not look much thinner for the wedding (unlike poor Kate, who was wasting away). I think the less-than-bodycon-fit of the gown was intentional, so her figure would not be a focus of attention at the ceremony. In the words of Judith Martin (aka Miss Manners):

      “A wedding is romantic, not to say sexy, by definition, and crude attempts to emphasize this have the effect of detracting from it.”

  56. Nicegirl says:

    Stunning!!! Oh my gosh, what a great day. I sure needed it, too.

    Love me some love. And Meghan is absolutely lovely, I think Harry and the RBF are so lucky.

    #sussexlove. Lol

  57. Becks says:

    i had hoped the reception dress would have a little more pizazz to it, but I cant say what I specifically expected. So I find this dress a little boring, BUT I think it moves beautifully and she looks great in it, so who cares if its not my dream dress. I love the ring with it.

  58. Sage says:

    They both look gorgeous and really happy.

    I prefer this dress over the wedding dress because it’s more my style.

    That is a statement ring! Stunning!

  59. Shambles says:

    That first photo is so hot. It looks like something from a magazine ad. No fashion photographer could even hope to coordinate that kind of chemistry. Wow. They both look gorgeous. Okay… I’m into this.

  60. GreenQueen says:

    They are straight up perfection!! Him, her, the car, the dress, the ring – love it all!!!

  61. Anna says:

    Just curious, since every part of their wedding story plans has seemed so symbolic, whether her choice to wear a sleeveless, shoulder-baring design could be in some way referencing our beloved FLOTUS Michelle Obama. That was Michelle’s signature and it symbolized such a new vision and a power she had in herself and her beauty especially being the first Black FLOTUS. It was a feminist choice and many of her fashion choices were. I’m sure, if so for Meghan, it’s not the whole reason, but seeing as how carefully and thoughtful the other choices were, perhaps…?

  62. TaniaOG says:

    All hail the Duke and Duchess of SusSEX!!! LOL

  63. Lebron says:

    Both of her dresses were ill fitting. The big take away for me was that harry is clearly very much in love and she is clearly very much in love with herself too, at least there in love with the same person.

  64. Ann says:

    The more I look at the pictures, the more I prefer this evening dress to the main dress. The main dress was just off, it didn’t flatter her. Too heavy and too much fabric. I agree that you don’t have to ooze sex at your church wedding, but a good fit is still essential. I feel like Mette-Marit of Norway’s wedding dress was the kind of dress Meghan should have worn. Super minimalist, but the fabric is lighter and more ethereal. Also the hair was off. I get that the low updo with loose tendrils is Meghan’s style, but come on. It’s a royal wedding, your hair needs to be away from your face. A tiara requires a good hairstyle to back it up, or it will look random. Oh well, her evening dress was much more flattering, and the loose updo works without the veil and tiara. I’ll give her that.

  65. Agenbiter says:

    As I wrote above, I think the less-than-bodycon-fit of the gown was intentional, so her figure would not be a focus of attention at the ceremony. In the words of Judith Martin (aka Miss Manners):

    “A wedding is romantic, not to say sexy, by definition, and crude attempts to emphasize this have the effect of detracting from it.”

  66. Peg says:

    It was fun reading about the bridesmaids dresses and shoes, I did not realize the pageboys suits were similar to Princes’ uniforms.
    Harry picking flowers for the bridal bouquet, memories of people laughing at Charles when he said he talk to flowers, he was into Organic food before it became trendy.

  67. JRenee says:

    After the past 2 weeks she’s had, to be able to smile so purely says a lot. This is a great look for her. I love the dress.
    Absolutely wish I had the figure to pull it off.

  68. Nibbi says:

    This is insane glamour right here. Oh wow. The wedding was sweetness and joy, and this is jaw-dropping bad-assed glamour. They look amazing

  69. Cher says:

    I am confused, who did her hair, Serge Normant or George Northwood. Normant seemed to be confirming that he was Meghan’s hairdresser not Northwood.

  70. Ann says:

    Yeah, Kate just isn’t interested in making a difference. She has never shown signs of that whatsoever. She’s happy living in a protected and privileged bubble with her kids and closest family, shopping and going to the gym. That’s it. It’s a very outdated form of womanhood, that’s why Meghan’s modern approach is so refreshing in comparison. You can see the same tendency in Pippa: marrying a rich dude, and no career or projects. The Middleton parents are often hailed for their entrepreneurship, but it doesn’t seem like they have encouraged their daughters in that direction. It’s just about acquiring wealth and social status, not contributing to society or carving out any form of individuality.

  71. HeyThere! says:

    THIS dress was the homerun for me! Her first one was more modest and church appropriate but her first dress wasn’t ill fitted and boring. I was very disappointed in the first dress to say the least.

  72. Brittany says:

    I love the evening reception dress! They look like something out of a Bond movie. I love this couple. I’m also in the minority here that I also love William and Kate as well. They make some cute kids and I hope they have a 4th.

    But now I’m sad the royal wedding is over. It was a nice break from the real world. I guess I’ll go back to looking forward to my Ireland trip in September. After seeing the gorgeous shots of Windsor yesterday my wife and I are considering a UK and Scotland trip in 2020 LOL

    • minx says:

      I know. Now it’s back to Trump, school shootings, a corrupt Republican Congress. ☹️
      How can anyone wonder why we wanted to enjoy this event? It was all about beauty, love, happiness, history, inclusiveness. And fashion! And hats! And Oprah! And little kids dressed adorably! Flowers!

      • Brittany says:

        Minx, exactly! I’m so over everything Trump. Its super difficult but I’m trying to not focus on it so much. I’m dealing with health issues, have been for the past year and I need to focus on myself and my health. As a lesbian I’m terrified of what this country is becoming and I’m not trying to act like I’m just outright ignoring things—but I need a break.

        Also, seeing Oprah at the wedding made my day LOL!

      • minx says:

        Brittany—same. I have to step back from the news sometimes to keep my sanity so I can deal with what’s important. This wedding was a great distraction.

  73. cee says:

    Oooh I love this dress! My sister’s getting married in November and she wants be to wear long dress (this is not common in Argentina) so I think I might get something like this dress, in another colour.

  74. Lotta says:

    Was the ring a wedding gift or did she just get to borrow it? I love that ring.

  75. Betsy says:

    This dress fits very well and so I like it much better!

  76. Lisa Stensson says:

    I am a clothing Designer and speaking from 23 years of design experience, the dresses she wore are ill fitted. Clare Keller totally missed the mark and rendered her GORGEOUS body shapeless and bunchy. What a disaster! The sleeves on that dress were so poorly fitted that I cannot believe she was sent out like that!!! Are they trying to keep her in some place of subpar elegance? She may have her “way” with much of the wedding ceremony, but that dress ws an outright shame! Clare is a pauper of fit apparently. And that Stella dress? MEH. What the hell? Meghan is beautiful with a stunning figure. Why o why did they disgrace her like this with no reverence for her beautiful physique? I am utterly disappointed and underwhelmed by the lack of flare Meghan had. NOT impressed and I do not see any of this as symbolic. I see it as a failure in design.

  77. liriel says:

    I hate the comparision but Kate did it better but I do appreciate Meghan vision so I give her points for that. The only thing is that I definitely saw more RAW emotion on Kate’s face during her wedding- she was clearly very nervous. Meghan, as others noticed is more like a motherly figure to Harry, she felt in command during the whole day while looking romantic and gorgeous. I think she was clearly confident and played it up for the cameras to give them the innocent, dewy look but she was not too nervous. And there is nothing wrong with it. I’m just curious if someone thinks like I do.
    and also, is she an ENCHANTRESS or a witch in a good sense of the world – Harry definitely can’t fake emotions and he’s madly in love, everyone can see it! I believe it’s possible he loves her more than she does him but I say it’s mostly because he seems to be in love at a disney/fairytale level. Meghan, teach us how to make a guy love you this much!

    • Masamf says:

      90% of viewers and body language experts don’t agree with you. But, like everyone else, you are entitled to yr opinion.

    • tearose11 says:

      Gotta agree with you about Meghan, she is an actress, and is highly aware of the optics. I don’t think she loves Harry as much as she likes being famous. Definitely a social climber.

      Which also applies to Kate.

      They both got what they wanted.

      Harry however is completely smitten with her.

      Dress-wise this second one is 10000x better fitting than the wedding gown, maybe just s smidge too lose around the bust, but really shows off her lovely figure. I wish it was a different colour because she has the skintone to pull off a more vibrant look, but it’s still very good.

      Her hairdo is fine here given they were going to be letting loose, unlike the wedding where it ruined her overall look with the wisps.

      Kate’s second dress was pretty as well, but I would not compare the two, very different styles, but Kate’s wedding dress was far better tailored, unlike Meghan’s.

    • Tronic says:

      @Liriel – you nailed it!

  78. Rescue Cat says:

    The Royal Wedding was still the biggest story in the MSM this morning. The second biggest story was about how people are sick of hearing about it.

  79. Courtney says:

    so sweet that she was wearing one of Diana’s rings

  80. pattieboyd says:

    I was sorry to see Stella got her foot in the (Royal) door, since she is an atrocious “designer.” However, this was nice. And Meghan would look good in a paper bag.

  81. CityGirl says:

    tearose 11 and the like –
    I’ve said before, I’m going to hold out until I find me a man that looks at me the way Harry looks at Meghan, but I have to add, as long as I look at him, in retrun, the way Meghan looks at Harry. I am sad that people try to tarnish this thing. Why can’t an actress fall deeply in love? Why does she have to be a social climber? Why does she have to be a gold digger?
    For the record, she was involved in charities and philanthropy and women’s rights BEFORE she met him!
    And while my friends do not know royalty, I surely have made new friends and a boyfriend or two out of introductions from my social circle! There is nothing wrong with this and in fact it is quite natural as your world expands!!
    STOP the HATE!

  82. Gigi LaMoore says:

    I think the fit is fine. Looks really great on her.

  83. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    Well she isn’t 20 years old or shy. She’s a whole grown woman who is confident and knows who she is and it shows. She isn’t reluctant about her role. And it’s refreshing to see.

  84. Vanessa says:

    Seriously you always have to take shots at Meghan every time you make a comment about her you are always making little digs about her age or her professional or her personality. Now you’re insinuating that she playing role have you ever heard the saying if you don’t have anything nice to say.

  85. Digital Unicorn says:

    Meghan clearly is a confident woman who is embracing her new role, nothing wrong with that – in fact I think its refreshing.

  86. notasugarhere says:

    It is refreshing but not unusual. People have gotten so used to Kate being lackluster and not working, they don’t recognize that most married-ins were more confident and worked more from the start. In other words, Kate is the odd-man out here in regards to dress and behavior for recent married-in royals not Meghan.

  87. VT says:

    Vanessa, i am entitled to my opinion, just like you are.
    How about I say, “You are always praising Meghan no matter what she does and always cutting Kate down”?
    See, just like NOTA does in every single royal post.
    So next time you say sonething nasty about Kate, I’ll ask you the same.
    But you are both entitled to your opinion as well without me mocking you or trying to bully you. Thank you.

  88. jwoolman says:

    Kate’s job was to produce an heir and a spare. She just isn’t skilled or confident about other aspects of what you all seem to expect of her.

    But she isn’t an evil person because she’s not good at what you want her to be good at. William is the one to complain to if you’re not satisfied. He’s the one who knew the job and her capabilities. What are you going to do, tell him to divorce her and try again?

    Also if the Queen wasn’t fine with Kate, she would have stopped the relationship early. And if she wanted Kate to do more, then Kate would be scheduled for more.

  89. xena says:

    Well she’s spending too much money that isn’t hers for getting away with it. And she always gets away with too much – she’s like the working colleague who avoids his or her work on the cost of others and has to be forced constantly to do anything properly because when she does something than only as she wants it, not as it might be required, just that she can’t get fired. If the public wouldn’t critisize her, she’d do less. This is very much what I am getting from her acctions, the communication of her office and her own words.
    People aren’t saying that she is a horrible person, that she doesn’t deserve happiness. She is a public servant who does not do her job appropriatley, exeptions she gains something from it or the pressure is too big. Otherwise she wouldn’t raise her little finger and well I am not paying for her lifestyle, but I can understand that those who do it, complain about such antics. That is not professional. Especially for someone who is supposed to represent a country on such a level – it is not just baout hte heir and spare in this century anymore.
    I don’t know why my post ended up here, I was just refering to the kate comments.

  90. Natalie S says:

    Posted in the wrong place.


    I don’t think it’s about skills or confidence. I have never gotten the impression that Kate cares about anything beyond her own self-interest and her family’s interests. She shows iniative, drive, determination whenever it comes to those priorities.

    It’s been 7 years in the spotlight and she showed up to Harry’s wedding in the same outfit she wore to Charlotte’s christening, and the next event where she and her family will be the focus is Louis’ christening. I think she’s just not that interested in anything that’s not about her.

    GFY comments pointed out that she was beaming before and after but couldn’t even bother looking up for the vows.

  91. notasugarhere says:


    Her job, as funded by the taxpayers via the Duchy, is to work for the country. William chose someone as lazy as he is, because he certainly wasn’t going to work hard to try to get someone like Maxima, Letizia, et. al to be interested in challenging him to be a better royal.

    It is no ones job to reproduce, not even a royals. She had a decade during which she could have had a career and chose to do nothing. That is not usual for most royal married-ins, but as said on here before, the bar for Kate is so low it is subterranean.

    Multiple members of the BRF have said time and again that royals set their own schedules. They’ve also said multiple times that the Queen let’s you make your own mistakes, then go to her for advice. HM made it known through the courtiers early 2007 that she didn’t like Kate’s laziness. Part-time tea girl job was quickly arranged, which she quit right after William dumped her. Again.

  92. Jessica says:

    I actually thought it was great that she wore a recent repeat. None of the outlets mentioned her outfit or her really. It was Meghan and Harry’s day.