Thomas Markle called TMZ again: ‘My baby girl is a duchess & I love her so much’

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Thomas Markle just couldn’t help himself. Thomas Markle spent the week prior to his daughter’s wedding doing the most to embarrass her on the world stage. To be fair, he had a lot of help from the British tabloids and from TMZ. Thomas decided that suddenly he needed to tell HIS story and make himself the headlining act of this major drama. First he withdrew from walking Meghan Markle down the aisle, then he changed his mind, then he claimed that he needed heart surgery (who knows if that was ever true?) and then he called up TMZ right after the alleged heart surgery. Then just after Prince Harry and Meghan were married on Saturday, Thomas Markle called up TMZ AGAIN.

Meghan Markle’s dad is bursting with pride over his daughter’s marriage to Prince Harry, frustrated he couldn’t be there, and has a warning to relatives who can’t keep their traps shut. Thomas Markle tells TMZ … “The service was beautiful and it’s history. I will always regret not being able to be there and not being able to hold my daughter’s hand.”

Thomas goes on, “My baby girl is a duchess and I love her so much.” He tells us watching the ceremony made him super nostalgic, saying, “When you watch your child get married, every thought goes through your mind, every memory from the first day she was born, the first time I held her.”

Meghan’s father tells us he texted her today, telling her he loves her. He says he watched the ceremony on TV from his bed, where he’s recuperating from heart surgery. And get this … he says, “Now I pray that Harry and Meghan can go on a nice honeymoon and rest and relax, and all of my relatives will just shut up about everything.” Thomas says because of his health problems he hasn’t been able to get Meghan and Harry a wedding gift, but he hopes to do it soon.

[From TMZ]

It’s all too late now. I’m sure Thomas will continue to call up TMZ, just as Samantha Grant will continue to tell “her story” all over the place, just as the rest of the Markle family will all behave like massive dumbasses too. But it’s too late now – Meghan is in the royal fold. She is “protected” in every sense now. She also proved that she can put on a happy face and carry on even when the headlines are terrible, which just proves that she was meant to be royal. It will be interesting to see how the tabloids and TMZ handle the rogue-relative situation in the coming months and years.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their wedding

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Aphra says:

    Thomas….just go away and remove TMZ from your speed-dial.

    • When you don’t show up for your child and now your doing too much.

      • Tourmaline says:

        I don’t think his distance from Meghan is a new development. He wasn’t at her first wedding in 2011 (Doria and about 100 guests were); we know that although she’s been with Harry for almost 2 years he’s never met Harry. I think there is a lot more to the story than just the pap photos, “heart problems” and TMZ stuff.

    • Noddles says:

      I still think people are being a bit quick to judge her father. Who knows whether he’s having heart surgery or not but his behaviour does suggest maybe he has some mental health problems and with everything that’s been going on, it would be hard for even the most level headed person to handle. Meghan seems to be ok with it, as far as we know and maybe she’s letting his behaviour go because she knows more than we do. Just because we see someone constantly seeking attention, doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person.

      • mint says:

        I think its unfair to people struggling with real mental health issues, whenever a celebrity or rogue relative behaves like an asshole, to bring in mental health

      • Noddles says:

        Mental health problems come in all shapes and sizes and can affect anyone. It’s unfair not to consider that someone could be going through something which we know nothing about. Kindness and understanding costs nothing.

      • Electric Tuba says:

        @mint I hear you. This dude is just a crap dad. If he’s been diagnosed with an actual mental problem I’m sure Harvey Levin at TMZ will let us know.

      • Maria says:

        +1 Noddles. People are very quick to judge. Fact is we don’t know what happened. To me he doesn’t look like a healthy man, and he’s a bit of a recluse.

      • mint says:

        @Noodles: Trust me I do know. Because I struggle with severe mental health issues. But I refuse to always be mixed up with the Donald Trumps, Kanye Wests and Thomas Markles of the world.
        Thomas Markle managed for 2 years to not say a word about his daughter. But in the week leading up to her wedding, when he had the center stage, he was basically living in the TMZ headquarters. His side of the family is shady as fuck. Yes it would be easier, if he was mentally ill, because it would explain his and his families behaviour. But sometimes, people are just assholes.

      • Milla says:

        Well he doesn’t need to call tmz either way. Call your child. Easy.

      • Natalie S. says:

        There’s kindness and there’s enabling. Meghan’s statement and the emotional distance in it I think indicates something about Thomas Markle’s behavior.

        My SiL’s family is similar to the Markles, some are malicious and some are just emotionally negligent and you want to give them the benefit of the doubt but in the end I chose to support the person being hurt by the behavior and validate her rather than trying to be understanding of people like Thomas Markle.

        My concern is how many more of these phonecalls is Markle going to make? I hope he won’t try to guilt trip Meghan or try to force her to pay attention to him through these calls.

      • Sherry says:

        @Noodles – I’m in complete agreement with you. We don’t know Mr. Markle. We don’t know what he is struggling with. Meghan loves him and wanted him to walk her down the aisle. She and Harry have repeatedly pleaded with people to leave him alone.

        Unless you have seen someone incapacitated by their anxiety disorder, you cannot begin to know how crippling this disorder can be for people. They want to participate, but when it comes right down to it, they just can’t.

      • Natalia says:

        @Natalue S.:
        “My SiL’s family is similar to the Markles, some are malicious and some are just emotionally negligent and you want to give them the benefit of the doubt but in the end I chose to support the person being hurt by the behavior and validate her rather than trying to be understanding of people like Thomas Markle.”
        I wish I had someone like you in my family. You described it very well.

        @mint: yes, sometimes people are just assholes.

      • Carrie1 says:

        I think TMZ is calling him and he’s answering and trusts them… which is sad. I do think he’s dealing with mental health issues but nothing wrong with that. However TMZ is disgusting to exploit him and everyone this way.

  2. kate says:

    Thomas, for the love of God, shut up!
    By the way, you called it Kaiser, Samantha is back (tough, did she ever go away?). She is now coming for Meghan’s mom, accusing her of “cashing on” the royal wedding.
    Folks. The irony. It is dead. It has died. I can’t.

    • Ankhel says:

      Ok, I’m going to try again. Perhaps I won’t get deleted this time!

      I don’t think these people know what irony is. I mean, Thomas using TMZ to tell his own kids to stop gossiping? Perhaps they are lizard people. That would explain a lot.

    • Sushiroll says:

      She wouldn’t recognize irony if a tire iron hit her in the face.

    • Montréalaise says:

      Apparently Samantha was supposed to hold a royal wedding viewing party – but the only people who showed up were a camera crew – no relatives, no friends. She is a miserable person in every sense of the word.

    • gm says:

      I cannot stand the Markle siblings and I think the world agrees. Doria was so gracious and lovely, impressing everyone. However I do hope Doria does not do an interview with Oprah soon. It will lead to accusations that she is monetizing the connection, especially since Oprah attended the wedding. I think there are people/ media seeking to make MM life harder and IMO an Oprah interview, even if unpaid, would be fuel for them.

  3. Big Bertha says:

    What an attention ho.

  4. Digital Unicorn says:

    The Fail has a story about her weed farmer cousin who got kicked out of a London club for carrying a large blade – the bouncers confiscated it and he ran off before the police had a chance to arrest him as its a crime in the UK. He then blamed Trump saying that he carried it as the Pres said London was a violent place. Muppet – I hope he is arrested and then has his ass deported.

    Daddy needs to stop talking to TMZ, this is not going to endear him to his new in laws.

  5. Jussie says:

    If they were smart, they’d have all stayed quiet til the wedding, gotten invited, and then been able to peddle themselves as actual insiders with a real relationship with Meghan.

    Thankfully they blew it too early, so everyone knows they’re all on the outside looking in and have no real info to offer. Unless they have something actually scandalous to offer the tabloids they’re going to be dropped and forgotten soon.

    • Beluga says:

      I don’t think Samantha or Thomas Jr or most of the Marked would have been invited either way, since Meghan hasn’t spoken to them for years, but I hope her dad realises that he could have been a part of the day and her royal life going forward if he’d just stayed quiet.

      • Carrie1 says:

        It doesn’t seem he wanted to be part of it. He likes to live quietly… This would never be comfortable for him apparently.

        The wedding was perfect and beautiful and healing, and it wouldn’t have been if her other family members were there. Everything turned out as it should. I feel bad for her father but something obviously happened over the years and she’s distanced from him. I don’t blame her but I’d prefer not to hear about him anymore, both for his sake, M&H, and the rest of us. Let him be in peace is my feeling.

    • Frida says:

      +1 Jussie. The DM was the worst to Meghan during this whole thing, and they’ve already reduced the narrative to “infighting relatives”. TMZ will probably continue to be trashy toward Meg, but their garbage will likely not spill into mainstream tabloids like People.

  6. Zapp Brannigan says:

    I doubt the heart surgery story simply because if it was true we would have had photos of him in a hospital bed on the wedding day calling Meghan a bad daughter for not canceling the wedding to rush to her father’s bedside. He would have sold that story and photos, this man is a jacka$$. Same as the sister with the car crash when the paps were chasing them, all made up to sell stories.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Very good point. He’s full of lies.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      If its a lie then the Fail will expose it, just like they did with the half-sisters ‘pap caused my car crash’ BS – I think he was always going to get stents put in but used it as an excuse to pull out of the wedding as am not convinced he ever intended to go. The Florida police have already called BS on the sisters story and she’s suddenly shut up about it.

      • RBC says:

        That “ paps caused my car crash “ nonsense is even more gross, when you consider that there was that theory that it was the paps chasing Princess Diana’s car that led to her death. It was like a dig at Harry and William as well

    • Peg says:

      Unless Thomas Sr, The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William or Doria drop dead, there is no way this wedding would get cancel.

  7. Beth says:

    Now that the wedding is over, maybe it’s time for the tabloids to ignore /forget Thomas Markle

  8. Beluga says:

    Too little, too late, pal. You could have told your relatives to shut up months ago.

    I’d like to think Thomas Markle’ isn’t malicious with his intentions as his kids, but I hope he realises that he messed up big time. I have my doubts though as he’s STILL calling TMZ and only texting his daughter.

    • Peg says:

      Yes he is, called them the day of wedding.

      • Tonya says:

        Exactly Peg…after people have been given example after example of Thomas’ ‘ish’, they keep giving him passes…he is evil- it was his daughter’s day, a day made harder by his actions & inactions yet he keeps trying to make everything about him. “They’re coming to visit him soon” says his mouthpiece (not Sam but another) …it’s up to her to decide what she will do, but if it were me- I would cut him off & out…

  9. LizB says:

    OMG, Thomas. Just stop. Stop.

  10. Embee says:

    Ugh I’ve known pathetic people like this Tom. They can’t help but disappoint those who care for them – it’s nearly congenital. No doubt Doria the social worker tried to save him before she wised up on his game. Go away Tom, if you cannot step up.

    • Peg says:

      Doria gave the marriage two years, and she was outta there, divorced four years later.
      Thank goodness she had her mother for support.

  11. PPP says:

    All the problematic family members seem to be on the dad’s side. Hmmmmm.

    • Ankhel says:

      The active asshats, yes. Still, her mother was the only one from her family who showed up at all. Makes you wonder. VERY small family on her mother’s side, or…?

      • Peg says:

        I don’t know if Doria sister is still alive, also two half-brothers and one half-sister.
        Only one of the half-brothers showed pictures of Meghan.
        Maybe Meghan and her mother had enough to deal with.

      • Ankhel says:

        So there are more relatives, just not any who Meghan and Doria would want and trust to be there. Wow. That’s sad.

  12. Eric says:

    The Snark Bros (William and Harry) must have a ton of fun with that side of Meghan’s family.

    They’re all a bit daft.

  13. Taxi says:

    I think Thomas Sr. is blabby & lonely but not malicious, as his other 2 kids are. Without access to any new information other than what they read in tabs, Tom Jr. & Samantha won’t be able to get much ink. Samantha is persona non grata with both her own mother & daughter.
    I really don’t think publications will be willing to pay them for their over-sharings since they’ve both already proven themselves unreliable & malevolent people.

    • Peg says:

      Nothing Meghan’s family done can compare to the Windsors, the Markles (Jr. And Sam) are just trashy, vindictive, lazy and money hungry.

  14. RBC says:

    So were Samantha and Thomas Jr. at their father’s side when he had this “surgery”? I was expecting a photo of him in bed hooked up to machines and waving a Union Jack in honour of his daughter’s big day. These people are just pathetic

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Samantha was in Florida selling an “exclusive” wedding viewing party deal according to the Daily Mail and I think Thomas Jr was in the UK being papped at various landmarks by The Sun or The Mirror, and one his son was running away from a nightclub in London having been found in possession of a knife, so short answer is No.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Apparently she got 3 figures for that ‘viewing party’ or so her bf says. Maybe she can use the money to pay for her father’s medical bills.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Digital Unicorn €1.99 is three figures, right! Let the good times roll!

  15. Akua says:

    Now I remember where I have seen Meghan dress before, princess Christina and princess Angela. One of the few Black princess in Europe. Also can her dad please be quite

    • Tonya says:

      I can see that…also think it could be modelled after Audrey Hepburn’s dress…I get more Audrey vibes…

  16. Honey says:

    Ok. Now that the euphoria has worn off do I have permission to both ask and point out that I think the stress really got to Meghan because I think I’m seeing either a stress-bald spot just south of her center part, a plug of hair gone or a wee wiglet. Can someone verify? Look at the photo that only features her in the carriage where you can see her full-on. Thanks.

    I looked for that same spot in other photos but didn’t see that same spot consistently.

    • Natalia says:

      I noticed that too. Hope she hasn’t had that happen. Also noticed some extra breakouts in some closeups, undoubtedly stress related as we havent really seen that before.

      Yesterday I was looking at photos and saw one I hadn’t seen before. She was wearing a full-on wiglet. Maybe does this when her hair is in need of a straightening treatment. As a baby-fine straight-hair person, I envy kinky curly hair. You can have it both ways. Baby fine straight hair just falls flat. Eliminates so many styles. Grrrr….

      Anyway, Meghan is gorgeous and very photogenic!

    • KiddV says:

      It could be sun reflection. My hair/head does that when the sun is full on, and it’s always at the part. I have shiny hair, which is great, except when being photographed. It either looks like I have a bald patch or gray roots.

  17. Kay Dozier says:

    Dude, take your own advice and stfu already and go away.

  18. Emily says:

    As if it wasn’t obvious before…anyone who watched the wedding can see that Doria and Meghan have more class, poise, grace (I could keep going) than all of these other relatives put together. It’s so helpful when awful people tell on themselves before you have to wonder about who they really are.

    • Natalia says:

      I wish my nasty relatives were like the Markles. Unfortunately, they are far more cunning and polished. Meghan and the BRF can just let the Markles hang themselves, and they did. It was actually satisfying to watch.

  19. minx says:


  20. Lilly says:

    I love the way you wrote this, fairness to her dad, that she is protected and handled things like an innate royal. But, she was born to one, her mother Doria was amazing throughout. Prince Charles’ actions made me like him a bit and, I don’t really mean this to be bitchy, but did Camilla have a few drinks in advance?

    • LV487 says:

      I think Camilla has a few drinks in advance of any occasion…

      • Lilly says:

        I guess I should have known that, but didn’t. Thanks @LV487 for your witty reply – it really gave me a smile.

    • themehgetarian says:

      I wondered that too. Watching Charles and her walk into Windsor, it seemed like she was kind of confused and Charles had to herd her to the correct door. She was either soused or she’s not well.

  21. DenG says:

    I get the feeling he wants some of that royal treatment with perks and sprinkles on top.

    • Peg says:

      Morton the weasel author, said Meghan’s family thought they would be on easy street, the father driving a new car in Mexico, the brother wanted a farm, Sam just wanted money.
      He did not interview because she wanted too much money.

  22. lucy2 says:

    If he really did have medical problems, that’d be sad that he missed the wedding, but anyone who calls TMZ like this…no.

    It’s pretty terrible when family can’t do right by one of their own, but I have a feeling Meghan is used to it from this side of hers.

    • Christin says:

      I cannot figure him out. At first, I assumed he fell into into a tabloid trap. Then to learn of his years of H’wood work, Emmys, etc. Yesterday I saw his name as “director of photography” in Married w/Children end credits.

      While he wasn’t an actor on leading shows, he saw enough of the industry to realize that a tabloid web site is going to make bank from his repeated commentary.

  23. Ginger says:

    “My baby girl is a duchess and I love her so much.”

    Translation: pay me to shut up.

    • violet says:

      @Ginger This +1,000

    • Ankhel says:

      Oh. I hadn’t thought of that. You’re probably right though.

      “Give me money, you’re a duchess and can afford it. Haven’t I loved you always?” Urgh.

  24. YankLynn says:

    I noticed none of them were in Mexico at their father’s hospital bedside though. All too busy trekking to London uninvited or having viewing parties in Florida. That shameless step sister had plenty to say about how unconcerned Meghan was that their father was having stents put in but she got to sit in a bar shooting her mouth off about people she doesn’t know.

  25. Lea says:

    Thomas Markle is an idiot. Sorry, but this guy worked in the TV industry. I am pretty sure he has at least some vague notions of PR.
    If he had kept silent throughout, and had not planned that stupid photo op, he would have looked just like Doria. A dignified person who respects his daughter.
    Instead, he acted and still acts like a fool. I am definitely sure he is in hiding and never went to the hospital. I am pretty sure the paparazzi tracked him down everywhere and would have found him if he really went to the hospital.
    But honestly, it was for the best. I am pretty sure he wasn’t close to Meghan, she invited him because her father HAD to be there. The wedding was fine without him.

    • Peg says:

      I think they all breathed a sigh of relief that he did not come.
      They’re saying Thomas was playing games for months, coming, not coming, so the palace had an inkling that he might do a runner.
      Meghan was hoping he would not let her down (again) most people don’t change their habits, he took the blame for his BS, for one day, then said ‘who did I hurt’, that tells you all you need to know about Thomas.
      The wedding is over and the tabloids are turning on the Marlkes, they are of no use now.
      I’m glad that Meghan did not cave in or acknowledged them during the last two years.
      Is Thomas lonely? Yes, but he is not a recluse, he can flap his mouth like Moron1 and Moron 2.

  26. Anastasia says:

    Ok he can shut up forever now.

  27. Sophia's side eye says:

    Lead by example, Thomas, and shut your trap! The irony of him telling his relatives to shut up via TMZ!

  28. Nina says:

    Oprah Winfrey had zero reason to be sitting where she was. I thought the fact that she and the Clooneys were sitting where they were was pretty transparent and shameless. There were no other members of Diana’s family or anyone closer to Harry to sit there? Come on.

    • Leyton says:

      You don’t sit Oprah with just anyone. She sat where she belonged. As did Amal and her date George.

    • Tonya says:

      Oprah & Doria attend the same church (have attended for years)…I don’t know their relationship beyond that…

      Amal & Meghan are friends- George is her husband so I guess he was her +1…

      Many of Harry’s family (& ex- family)…see Sarah, Duchess of York sat on Meghan’s side…as well as Prince Lesotho & Charles Spencer & his wife to name a few…

    • Helen Smith says:

      The Fail reported that Doria visited Oprah in Santa Barbara before the wedding and Doria left Oprah’s house laden with gifts. I think whatever happened there resulted in an invite.

      The guest list for this wedding was strange. I guess the bride needed to fill seats with someone since she only invited her mother.

      • Vanessa says:

        Oprah people deny that story about Doria ever coming to her house and getting free stuff. That story originally from the daily mail a website that from the moment people found out about Meghan has been actively trying to destroy her and destroyed her reputation . So I would not believe anything that comes from that site

    • Maria S says:

      Zero reason? You know all the people involved? That’s a pretty strong reaction full of certainty about people and circumstances you have zero information about.

  29. Leyton says:

    One, Thomas shut up.

    Two, your family has been trashing your “baby girl” in the media for well over a year, probably nearing two years. Wanting to come out and speak against them now that she is married means absolutely nothing. It’s a cowardly way to put your foot down after the dogs shitted all over the house. The deed has already been done and they’ve tried to hurt and embarrass Meghan on so many occasions.

    Three, Thomas shut up.

    Four, take some notes from your ex-wife and Meghan’s mom, Doria. She is a woman with more class in her nose ring than you and your entire family. You could stand to learn some lessons from her and how she has conducted herself during all of this. And she’s faced far more harassment and cruelty from the media than you have.

  30. ariel says:

    I think it ended up as it should have been. Without her dad in attendance.
    Go with me here- I have a friend who was raised by crazy, drunk idiots. She never blames them, and is for the most part, a functional adult. She always says her parents are great people, but great parents. Which I think is a remarkable way to look at it. When she married, her mother did not make the 5 hour drive up the east coast. It ended up being a rocking wedding party, one which her mother might have found inappropriate or obnoxious. In the end, the bride, whose father did attend, declared that the day went exactly as it should have gone.

    And I think the same about the royal wedding.
    And frankly, I know they will never stop talking, the M family, but I think we should stop reading about them, stop commenting on them, and stop adding fuel to their garbage.

    as a bonus, at my friend’s wedding, I slept with a lovely Irishman in a local park. It was a hell of a party.

    • Olenna says:

      I was just nodding my head while reading your comments about the Markles, then I got to the part about the friend’s wedding…died LOL!

  31. Sam H x says:

    Thomas Markle should have told his relatives to STFU sooner and shouldn’t be blabbing about texts to his daughter Meghan.

    I read somewhere apparently that the paps have rented a house next to him. I found that rather disturbing.

    As for the whole wedding debacle, I think Thomas feels really foolish and stupid for going along with the corny photo op and was really embarrassed to take any calls/texts from Meghan. I think the paps and the viper of a half sister exploited and sabotaged Thomas Markle’s invite to the wedding.

    I do think he is well intentioned, has only spoke highly of his daughter but he really shouldn’t be blabbing to the press.

  32. Helen Smith says:

    I wonder if Thomas ever will see Meghan again or meet Harry in person.

  33. Skippy says:

    Whenever I see a hot mess like the Merkles or my own family, I thank God that I am nowhere near any of that crap. I am so truly blessed and so is Meghan. Say what some people say about the Royal family. They are certainly more decent than what other folks got for family. I pray things go very well for them. I do not want to witness another Charles and Diana or Andrew and Fergie.

  34. JRenee says:

    If this was my dad, I’d tell him once, zip it or connections are cut. No tabloid stories, period. Sheesh