We need to have a conversation about Mila Kunis’s bangs trauma at the BBMAs

2018 Billboard Music Awards

Here are some photos from last night’s Billboard Music Awards, which took place in Las Vegas. Lots of stars came out, which is surprising – the trend, from what I’ve seen, is for these awards shows to have declining star-attendance and declining viewership. But the BBMAs kind of pulled it out, with a number of A-listers in attendance. Personally, I don’t really care about the actual awards, but if you want to see the list of winners, go here. First, let’s talk about Mila Kunis and how she debuted her new BANGS TRAUMA. Go ahead and yell, I DON’T CARE. No one should get bangs that look like this. Especially if you’re incredibly beautiful without bangs. These bangs say “I don’t respect myself, I don’t respect my face.” Her outfit is cute though – it’s David Koma. But I can’t get past the bangs. (Just FYI: CB reminded me that these could be clip-in bangs, which… possibly. If they are clip-in, she needs to take that sh-t out and burn them in a cleansing fire.)

2018 Billboard Music Awards

Speaking of bangs, check out Camila Cabello in Givenchy. I’m not a believer in the dress or her bangs. I think the bangs make her look even more little-girl-ish. The dress is a tragedy too.

2018 Billboard Music Awards Arrivals

I actually enjoy a good animal-print, just as I enjoy a good caftan, so I like Demi Lovato’s Dior ensemble. I think I probably like it more than she likes it. She looks unconvinced.

2018 Billboard Music Awards

Jenna Dewan seems to have changed up her hair too – is this severe bob haircut new? It’s… okay. I don’t mind a bob, but I have mixed feelings about it on her. Her dress is Zuhair Murad Spring 2018. It’s very “I’m single now!”

2018 Billboard Music Awards Arrivals

And here’s Kelly Clarkson in a custom Christian Siriano gown. She looks good! She’s lost a lot of weight in the past year, and this is flattering. She changed during the show though – she was host of the BBMAs, so she had a lot of costume changes. But this was a good red-carpet look.

2018 Billboard Music Awards Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. DazLondon says:

    Definitely clip-on bangs.
    They are a different colour to her normal hair

  2. girl_ninja says:

    Maybe Mila’s cut is for a film? I hope so.

  3. Lurker says:

    Jenna looks like Megan Fox in that pic

  4. minx says:

    Bad! Her dress and shoes are cute though.

  5. Mrs. Wellen-Melon says:

    I get to be Giselle in “Devil Wears Prada”. About Anne Hathaway after her Stanley Tucci makeover in “Devil Wears Prada”, Giselle says: “She looks good.”

    Kaiser, you get to be Emily Blount and reply, “Oh, shut up.”

    Gisele: “What? She does!”

  6. Snowflake says:

    Mila’s hair color is too dark. And her makeup is too heavy also. Glad Kelly lost weight, good for her. Both Jenna and Mila are really pretty but you can see they’re tweaking their faces.

    • TheHufflepuffLizLemon (aka LizLemonGotMarried) says:

      Kelly has always been beautiful, but I’ve gotten the sense that she struggles with being heavier-like it makes her unhappy-and if so, I hope that she feels strong and healthy and gorgeous. I joined a gym a year ago after a debilitating illness (one of those small gyms where you always have a trainer with you) and I feel like a different person.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Right? It looks like she went 4 shades darker

    • Kosmos says:

      Mila might be wearing a wig. That’s not her normal hair or hair color, and yes, the bangs look like an extra piece, so maybe a topper or even a clip in or glue in for a different kind of look. However, she missed the mark and would look better in her regular hair and possibly a different dress.

  7. perplexed says:

    Jennifer Aniston gets criticized for never changing her look. Mila Kunis gets criticized for changing her look. What are you going to do?

    • brutalethyl says:

      There are changes and there are wtff! changes. Mila took the wtf! route. She might could have pulled it off if she wasn’t wearing the Sarah Jessica Parker Secretariat make-up.

      • perplexed says:

        I think her face looks a bit more gaunt than I’m used to seeing. I don’t know if I think the actual hair is that bad — although it wouldn’t surprise me if it were for a film.

  8. Dadadaisy says:

    Hiding a forehead plastic surgery or Botox misshap?

  9. Amanda says:

    Mila looks really old here. I thinks it’s a combination of the too dark hair and dated makeup.

  10. Nancy says:

    Don’t mind the hair. Her dress is “banging….lol” Demi Lovato is lost in time wearing grr animal. Bless her heart.

  11. Ladykeller says:

    Good God she looks like she’s 50. I hope the is temporary.

  12. Josephine says:

    I’m always an apologist for bangs, but I like Mila’s look here. I think they are just for the night, and for the night, it’s a cool change, especially with the dress. I think she looks great. Fashion is supposed to be fun and she tried a new look. I like.

    I also have to disagree about Kelly’s dress. It’s too much dress, and looks like something someone much older would wear. But then I tend to think most of Christian’s designs are overwrought.

  13. lucy2 says:

    Kelly looks great! Did anyone watch? I was wondering how she did as a host, I really like her, but didn’t have a chance to see the show.

    Mila’s bangs definitely look like clip ins. She’s so pretty, but the dark hair and makeup is a real change for her. I prefer her usual look, but we all need a change sometimes, or maybe it’s for a role.

  14. Eve V says:

    I think Mila Kunis is trying to camoflauge some recent facial tweaking. Between the hair and too-heavy make up (and still obvious facial tweaking), I barely recognized her.
    I usually love bobs and think most women look great when they first cut it. But I do not like Jenna’s haircut, or the way they styled it. It looks like too much was cut off so they had to flat iron her hair to complete flatness to try and wring every cm of hair that they could. That dress does nothing for her banging body. And Jenna, you are gorgeous, leave your face alone!! Mila- same to you girl!

  15. Hummus says:

    Ok yes the hair is tragic but I was more baffled by how strange she was acting! Especially when she presented Taylor’s award, did anyone else watch that?

    Hate Jenna’s whole look. Stop with the tweaking!!

  16. SJhere says:

    The woman in #2 pic, no idea who she is sorry, needs to stand up and put her shoulders back. Bad posture.
    Confidently taking the red carpet makes the pics better.
    But maybe she’s depressed that she wore such an ugly dress. I would be.

    Jenna D. That sharp edge in her hair is not flattering. Nasty, ugly hardware gladiator dress too.

    And Mila, no to the black hair dye, she looks old. $5 says those are clip on bangs. They better be or I’d fire the hairdresser.

    Well, that was fun. Thanks. 🙂

  17. Smee says:

    Mila K looks like a brunette version of Anna Ferris!

  18. Shijel says:

    I usually like bangs on people (I have tall forehead trauma, and I also have hairline cowlicks and fine hair and a widow’s peak so I have to be re-traumatised every time I look in the mirror). But on Mila they just.. no. No, no no no. They make her look old and harsh and… no.

    Cabello’s bangs I like (who is she again?).

    • Hazel says:

      Oh, that’s me, too, less the widow’s peak! I have a Veruschka-level forehead, Kate Bosworth-thin hair, & my hairdresser counted six cowlicks on my head!

  19. BaBaDook says:

    I actually like Camilla Cabellos swooshy bangs. #stopthebangshate2018! (this is our #kony2012)

  20. CityGirl says:

    Kelly looks beautiful

  21. SunnyT34 says:

    Wow, Kelly looks amazing! Not too skinny thank goodness, but her body and face are gorgeous! I bet she feels so much better not carrying extra weight around.

  22. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    I thought Mila had a wig on. I thought the whole thing looked fake not just the bangs.

  23. Abby says:

    Jenna’s instagram story showed her getting that haircut the same day as the awards!

    She looks way more tweaky in these pics than on her social media. It makes me sad that she messes with her face. She is gorgeous.

  24. No Doubtful says:

    Kelly Clarkson looks fabulous for once! She’s been dressing so bad this year, I hope this means she got a new stylist.

    The Mila bangs are a big NO from me. They need to be blended in more.

  25. Velvet Elvis says:

    I can’t help but wonder what Mila’s Jackie character from That 70’s Show would say about those horrible bangs.

  26. babu says:

    Mila has not tweaked anything. It s just natural ageing and slenderness (and many wrong sartorial choices on that pic).

    She has no prominent cheekbones and she has naturally sunken eyes, these features do not age well.

  27. Lakota says:

    I love a bit of leopard print but that is more Demis Roussous than Demi Lovato

  28. HEAVE HO says:


    • qwerty says:

      Yes thank you! I used to like this site, but more and more it’s proven to me that people are terrible and women are women’s worst enemies. People are SO judgemental, like they are owed something, or are personally offended by celebrities not dressing or looking like they think they should. Like comments about the Duchess, Kate, and her wardrobe. As though she owes them fashionista looks; as though she is *such a disappointment* for being a normal person who dresses as normal people do; as though that’s her job.