Amber Rose on Trump: ‘OMG, that is Kanye in a white man’s body’

Kanye West, Amber Rose

Amber Rose dated Kanye West for several years, but they’ve been broken up for something like… seven years. Still, he makes references to her in interviews, and she does the same. I think Kanye truly loved Amber, honestly. Maybe he truly loves Kim Kardashian, but there was something special about Amber, and I sometimes get the feeling that he’s slightly hung up on her. Anyway, Amber Rose recently sat down with The Fallen State to talk about this year’s SlutWalk and other stuff. She was asked about Kanye and I thought her answer was fascinating:

“When I first seen Trump on the podium or running for president, I was like, oh my God, that is Kanye in a white man’s body. I really felt like they have the same personality. Like, completely the same personality.” Rose added that she hopes ‘Ye’s support of Trump has a good motive “I would like to think Kanye met with Trump. And Trump said, ‘Look, I seen these people, I knew they were going to vote for me. And I used them to get elected. And I can’t tell nobody that ’cause I want to get a second term. But now that I’m in office, I really want to make a change.’ Kanye can’t snitch on him, he can’t snitch on himself. Maybe he’s thinking of the greater good Trump can do for the country.”

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I think it speaks well of Amber that she still wants to give people like Kanye and Bigly Trump the benefit of the doubt. That being said, she’s wrong. Trump doesn’t want to make a change, and Kanye and Bigly are only alike in that they are both tantrum-prone toddlers. Speaking of, Wendy Williams also chimed in on the Kanye-is-Deplorable story during the Vulture Festival. Here’s some of what Wendy said:

When Kanye West was brought up, Wendy Williams said the rapper is “in the throes,” but that she wishes him well. “I think that mental illness is something that is so real. A lot of people in jail right now, if they could’ve just gotten through some mental illness counseling, [wouldn’t be incarcerated],” Williams said. “As long as I’m here and you’re listening, I will tell you I feel very, very bad for Kanye West. His father is nowhere in the picture, his mom passed away trying to beautify herself to be a stage mom. I’m not going to talk about his wife, his family, or anything like that. But what I will tell you is that he’s not well. That is the very foundation of everything he says. He’s not well. I wish him well.”

[From Vulture]

Wendy has been very critical of Kanye in the past, but she’s been especially critical of Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan for not properly supporting Kanye when he’s in the midst of a breakdown. Personally, I think Kim does what she can – she’s looking after three children, and she shouldn’t have to “look after” Kanye like a child. That being said, I think Wendy is right, morseo than Amber: what we’re looking at is a man struggling with mental illness, not some kind of high-minded commentary on politics and culture.

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Donald Trump and Kanye West Meet at Trump Towers

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  1. Lala says:

    Personally…I think Amber is right regarding Kanye and Trump’s personalities being the same…period….

    • Enny says:

      Yes, but Trump is not white. He’s orange. And Kanye is…Kanye.

      **Please, in case it’s not obvious, the above is entirely tongue-in-cheek. Posters below are making great comments about the racial issues, I’m just here to inject snarky humor, because I guess that’s my mood today. And yes, I KNOW that neither race nor trump are joking matters. Well, at least race isn’t. But in defense of imperfect and well-meaning white people everywhere, CANT WE JUST CREATE A SEPARATE RACE FOR THE ORANGE ONE AT THIS POINT? PLEASE???

    • SKF says:

      They’re both raging narcissists. Whatever else Kanye’s mental issues are or aren’t, he is most certainly a narcissist. In fact, to me, that is why he is “hung up” on Amber, because she left him, and as a narcissist he cannot stand that.

  2. Nell says:

    Do you agree with Snoop Dogg who says Kanye says deplorable things because he has no black women in his life? His theory is that because the Kardashians aren’t black, they only pacify Kanye when he says ‘slavery was a choice’ and they don’t feel anything

    • Lala says:

      Kanye was off the chain before he hooked up with Kim…before his mother passed…when he was living on the Chicago southside down the way from Chicago State University where his Mama used to work….It’s just amplified more now…and he hasn’t produced magnificent music as of late to muffle his ways like he consistently did back then…

      • Suki says:

        People keep blaming the people around Kanye for Kanye but the only person responsible is himself. It’s not his wife’s job to contain him.

    • DesertReal says:

      Dre isn’t married to a black woman either, but he doesn’t say absolutely ridiculous things.
      On the other side of the coin, I’m black, my husband isn’t, and he says absolutely ridiculous things (when we discuss politics) all the time lol
      So having (or not having) a black woman in your life doesn’t automatically “keep you in check.”
      He’s a grown man with emotional problems, and he happens to be married to a family who live and breathe PR.

    • NameChange says:

      To some extent, yes. Kanye believes he has transcended race; maybe a grounded black woman in his life would remind him that he hasn’t. I think Lebron James said it well after his house was spray-painted with the n word: no matter what pinnacle you reach in your career, they see you first and foremost as a black person or, in this case, an n word. But Lebron’s wife is a non-famous black woman.

      Kim is too far up her own arse to offer any grounding for Kanye. And to be fair, she shouldn’t have to babysit a grown ass man.

    • No Doubtful says:

      I think it’s less about the skin color of his wife and more about her character. I believe they have said they let each other “be themselves” in their marriage which is nice to a certain degree, but I also think couples need to challenge each other and I doubt if Kanye gets any of that with the Kardashian crowd. He needs people to stop shrugging of his behavior as “that’s just Kanye.” John Legend tried to stand up to him, but failed unfortunately.

      Plus his fans need to stop buying his music and hit him where it hurts. I believe 75% of this behavior is just for publicity.

  3. Plaidsheets says:

    I really think it’s alittle (well, a lot) of both. Neither of the explainations excuse his behavior, however. He made need his career “cancelled” so he can go somewhere and get the help he needs. He may not not be able to deal with this level of fame.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Plaidsheets I agree. Maybe having the same personality as Trump and Kanye having mental illness are not events which have to be mutually exclusive…

  4. aims says:

    I also think Kanye is ill. I have my theory what his mental illness maybe. It’s sad that he doesn’t seem to have an advocate on his behalf.

    This situation reminds me so much of my family member. I have a family member who is extremely ill when not medicated. He husband for what ever reason doesn’t enforce the therapy plan and of course she can’t stick with it . So she feels great on her medication,decides to go off, gets very sick, has to be hospitalized to get her balanced. Then the cycle continues. It’s sad to see and even sadder that nobody is holding her accountable or being her advocate.

  5. kk2 says:

    It’s both. Trump also has some obvious mental health issues. But yea, I trust Amber’ s insight since she actually knew the man very well.

  6. Snowflake says:

    He and Trump are both narcissists who only have yes men around them. So they get away with saying outlandish shit. And Kim doesn’t give a fuck what Kanye does. Unless she feels it affects her image. Trump and Kanye are examples of people who always got to do and say whatever they want with no consequences. So they keep on doing it. I’m sure Trump is so upset about all the criticism he’s received. Wht can’t they see how wonderful he is? Special snowflake syndrome with both of them. No mental illness, unless narcassism is considered a mental illness.

    Did you hear about Kendrick Lamar? I guess he brought a white guest up on stage and when she sang the lyrics with the n word, he kicked her off the stage. Whay are everybody’s thoughts on That?

    • Faithmobile says:

      You hit the nail on the head. There is no medication for narcissism. Narcissism is often cloaked in success it’s only when they fail and start raging that we realize there is a problem.

    • Kitten says:

      “And Kim doesn’t give a fuck what Kanye does. Unless she feels it affects her image.”

      Precisely and it’s not an accident that Kanye chose Kim as his ultimate fantasy woman. Amber is opinionated, strong and doesn’t take any sh*t, which is why her relationship with Kanye had a snowball’s chance in hell of lasting.

      RE: Kendrick Lamar. I haven’t read the details of the story (just hearing it first from you here) but all I will say is that when I’m singing along to hip hop, I ALWAYS omit the n-word. I just don’t say it. My brother says “cracker” instead lol. But yes, I’m curious to hear what others think as well.

      • No Doubtful says:

        Me too. That girl obviously says it often and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

      • Yathink says:

        I not only don’t sing it, if I’m in the car, where I like my music loud, I turn it down at certain points of a song because it’s not a good look for that word to come blasting out of the car driven by the whitest woman in the world. Generally most artists I like don’t use the word but some of my more old school not so conscious hip hop does and while I love those songs it’s not hard to know that word is NOT for me to use ever, in any context, ever.

    • Person3514 says:

      I think that’s pretty rude of him. I mean people of all races listen to all types of music. If you don’t want a certain race to use a certain word then don’t put it in a song? It’s not like the woman was just saying it to say it or anything. She was singing his damn song, what did he expect? I never omit words when singing a song and I honestly wouldn’t even think to. It honestly really annoys me that he would do that to a fan. You know she was embarrassed and probably felt like crap after that just for singing his lyrics. I don’t know. I would never say that word to someone or anything, but if I’m singing along to a song I don’t think to not sing it.

      • kate says:

        White folks need to learn once and for all that not everything is for them. But maybe they need to have that spell out on the cover of Kendrick’s next album: hey, white folks, do not say the n-word.
        I would have kicked out and snatched that mic out her dumb hands as well. SMDH.

      • eto says:

        this argument has been had over and over, just don’t say it. easy peasy.

      • Kitten says:

        “I would never say that word to someone or anything, but if I’m singing along to a song I don’t think to not sing it.”

        Maybe that’s the problem: you’re not thinking at all.
        Also, I don’t “think” to not sing it either, I just don’t say it because the word is repulsive coming out of a white person’s mouth. I can’t even read the word in my head without feeling gross.
        I just feel like if you can comfortably and freely say that word, in ANY context, even when reciting lyrics, then you need to check yourself.

      • Snowflake says:

        Ok so I can see both sides. My husband is black. I’m white. He and his male relatives use that word all the time among themselves. I don’t like because i feel like that’s a nasty word. But if that’s what they want to do, so be it. My husband doesnt use it with everybody, just relatives and other POC. I’ve heard whites use it as a slur. I’m ok with not using it. But some white people act like its the end of the world that they can’t use it. and that’s disturbing to me as well. This concert was in Alabama, and Southern whites can be kind of ignorant. Well i guess all whites can be, myself included. Lamar informed her nicely, he wasnt rude. But i wish no one would use that word. But i feel white people’s stubbornness about it is really appalling. You can’t use one word? Omg. Black people are divided on it as well. I am very close to an older black preacher and he does not think black people should use it. But I agree with my husband when he says everyone wants to be black but no one Wants to be black. They want the “urban” music, dress, say the n word but they don’t want the discrimination and substandard treatment that comes with being POC. We as whites have privileges others don’t and to get bent out of shape because you can’t use one word is ridiculous. I can’t stand whites that act like they’re a victim because one POC gave them the side eye or was not friendly to then because they’re white. You suffer it once or twice, they deal with it everyday.

      • Person3514 says:

        I did’t see the video, so I don’t know how he handled it. I’m glad he was polite about it. It doesn’t bother me that white people shouldn’t say the word and I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I just find it weird that a person is ok with using that word and selling it, but that they would be upset when a certain person says it in the context of the way they sold it. Kind of like if you don’t want something out there, then don’t put it out there. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand and maybe I never fully will. If somebody wants to try to explain it to me, I’m open to listening and trying to understand.

        I was raised in the south with some not so nice views on race. I was raised in a very fudged up way when it comes to race actually and when I was little I thought a certain way and would say horrible things. My dad and his friends would pay (like a couple dollars) me and siblings to make up racists covers for songs. My cousin had a crush on a black kid and my grandparents told me to talk to her out of it. As I grew up I began to see things differently and I would get in arguments with my family. I’ve come a long since then. Am I perfectly “woke”? Definitely not. I’m obviously still ignorant on things, but I try. I try to understand and empathize, it’s all I can do. So, by all means if somebody wants to explain or post some links to some articles on the subject I’m willing to read and listen.

      • eto says:

        Good on you for being open, that’s genuinely awesome. I’d take it a step further and put the onus on you to Google for a few articles on the matter. Trust me, there are tons! Not to be mean, but the last sentence of your comment seems a bit lazy and defers to POC doing the work for you.

      • Person3514 says:

        @eto I already planned on googling (and have started), but I like having conversations and getting multiple perspectives. Sometimes I don’t understand a certain point that is being made, but then somebody will be able to explain it in a way that I understand. I only asked for links because I know some people keep things bookmarked. I’ve read some great articles and seen some awesome videos because of people posting them here, mainly on threads about the royals.

      • Boo Peep says:


        One reason is that black people use the N-word (in the n***a form) to reclaim the word. It’s taking an insult that degrades a person and tranforming the meaning to “you” “friend” or “family.” But you can’t reclaim a word if you’re not a member of the group that is being harmed by it.

        For example, queer people have tried to reclaim the words f*g and d*ke. We have tried to use those words in a friendly context with one another. But the context will always shift if a straight person uses it because of the power dynamic that still exists between the straight community and the LGBTQ one.

        Likewise, the word bitch. It’s not quite the same, but it will always be different when a woman calls her female friend a bitch in a joking tone as opposed to if a man does the same with his female friend. Because the original context the word was used in was primarily men using it degrade women.

        Historical and current cultural context matter.

  7. Lucy says:

    Back when she was with Kanye, she always looked like a fembot of sorts to me. Never said anything, never showed any emotions, only looked hot next to him. As if he drained her from all her energy. It was only after they broke up that I’ve seen her acting like a human being (speaking her mind, being expressive, etc.). She dodged a bullet, that’s for sure. Good for her!

  8. Illy says:

    Why is Kanye often referred to as a genius? I watched some show where he went to a university and was escorted around to various schools – Arts, Humanities etc. He sounded like the dumbest man alive. Truly. I was cringing. The hosts seemed stunned, and he seemed oblivious to their reactions.

    • NameChange says:

      This times a million. It makes my teeth itch when people refer to him as a genius. Having a modicum of success does not a genius make.

    • kate says:

      I think it’s because he is a very talented hip-hop artist. I wouldn’t call him a genius but given that pinacle of white mediocrity like Taylor Swift are constantly called genius, I don’t mind too much.

      • Trillion says:

        Swift has been referred to as genius? I’ve never seen that! Kanye, yes, I’ve read this dozens of times. I’m honestly surprised that “genius” has been associated w/ Swift.

      • kate says:

        Trillion, she’s been referred as a “lyrical genius” which makes even less sense given how subpar her songrwriting is. But listenning to some of her fans and some critics as well, you would think she’s Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen.

  9. me says:

    Why did Amber date Kanye if he is EXACTLY like Trump? What woman would put up with that? I guess she liked the limelight?

  10. BearcatLawyer says:

    I do not know if Kanye is mentally ill or not. But I tend to agree with “Chad”:

  11. Pandy says:

    Why are you giving KIM a pass on being too busy with her three children to help her mentally ill husband??? Um, nannies …. and she should get a grip on what is happening with him as her kids have his gene pool.

  12. Ashley Rangel says:

    I think the reason people say he’s a genius is because before he was a performer, anyone who was anyone in the music business would get him to mix and produce all of their records. He was the “go to” guy. Anyway, I don’t know about “genius” in terms of intellect but as an artist he is pretty talented and usually talented artists are pretty intelligent.

  13. hey-ya says:

    …amber looked fantastic back in the day…

  14. j says:

    Having a mental health issue doesn’t mean you get to download responsibility for your wellbeing onto your spouse. Next.