Justin Theroux went yachting (sans jorts) with Laura Harrier in the French Riviera

The Louis Vuitton 2019 Cruise Collection photocall in France

Here are some photos from Monday’s Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection show in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France. Saint-Paul-de-Vence is coastal, on the French Riviera, which meant that a bunch of celebrities got to go on vacation on Louis Vuitton’s dime, basically. All of the current LV brand-ambassadors came out, including Justin Theroux and Emma Stone. I still believe there is a good possibility that something is happening between Emma and Justin, but they made a point of not standing together and not posing for photos together solo at this event.

Interestingly enough, Justin did hang out with another lady just before the Louis Vuitton show. That lady is Laura Harrier, a very attractive 28-year-old American actress, known for Spider-man: Homecoming and the upcoming Black KkKlansman. You can see the photos at Page Six:

Laura and Justin don’t seem touchy-feely in those photos, and I feel like it’s more than likely that Louis Vuitton’s PR people convinced so many celebrities to come out for this show by basically guaranteeing a fun vacation for them. Maybe Justin and Laura were staying on the same party yacht or something. Or sh-t, maybe they’re dating. Or maybe Laura is his cover story because he’s been secretly banging Emma Stone this whole time. I truly do not know. What I do know is that after seven years of wearing JORTS on the beach with Jennifer Aniston, Justin has finally managed to invest in a pair of actual swim trunks. I guess BEACH JORTS are as dead as JustJen’s love.

The Louis Vuitton 2019 Cruise Collection photocall in France

The Louis Vuitton 2019 Cruise Collection photocall in France

The Louis Vuitton 2019 Cruise Collection photocall in France

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    Congratulations to Ruth Negga for being the only person in that picture who even approaches looking good in those clothes.

    • tracking says:

      She looks divine. Jennifer Connelly is so beautiful as well, but sports an unfortunate ensemble. LV has gone downhill of late, the taste level is off.

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t love her outfit but she can do no wrong in my book. Such a beauty!

    • Lorelei says:

      @SurelyWolfbreak: these are exactly the kinds of comments I come to CB for 😂

      • citney says:

        Jennifer Connelly is really beautiful. I love her and Paul Bettany as a couple.

  2. tracking says:

    Sure, NOW he gets rid of the jorts.

  3. Lucy says:

    Noooo, don’t do it Laura! Hope they just happened to be at the same place.

  4. SM says:

    I wouldn’t wear any of those outfits.

  5. Sherry says:

    Were Jennifer and Justin ever legally married? They split, no lawyer filings, no divorce filings, nothing.

    He and Emma make more sense than he and Jennifer to me. I’m sure there was a sexual attraction in the beginning, but I can’t imagine they had that much in common. He’s so NY and she’s very LA.

    • NoShame says:

      I’m from New York. Please don’t insult New Yorkers. Theroux is not a New Yorker. He’s the totally Hollywood version of a New Yorker. There are not a lot of people walking around here with Louis Vuitton backpacks or wearing fake tans in the dead of winter.

      • Sherry says:

        Sorry! I mostly meant that he seemed to like living in a condensed fast-paced city as opposed to the laid back, easy going attitude Jennifer exudes.

      • NoShame says:

        I understand. I think the NYC/LA thing is just the story they put out. My sense is that he just used her to make himself famous and I think she got tired of having a “partner” who basically ghosted her to go work on location. I’m sure more than a few people pointed out to her that he was literally never around and I think it likely dawned on her what he was really up to. It’s not like he was actually in NYC for the last few years. He was in Europe, Australia, Austin, Toronto etc.

        I don’t think it would have mattered whether she moved to NYC or not. All you have to do is look at his behavior over the last few months. His entire life seems to revolve around using his Jen adjacent fame to chase after 25 year olds and hang out with the cool kids.

        If I were Jen I’d drop the manager they share. She’s literally still helping him with his fame and helping him at Jen’s expense. Next week it will be another round of tabloid stories about how Justin is finally free of the imaginary “prison” Jen had him in.

    • citney says:


      It’s hilarious how JA tries so hard to be an aging “Cali girl” when she spent the first 20 years of her life as a New Yorker.

  6. Rapunzel says:

    Let me guess: The yacht was sailing on the edge of the Riviera, right? JustEdge Theroux would never sail anywhere else.

  7. NoShame says:

    I wonder if Theroux realizes he wouldn’t even have this LV contract if it weren’t for his relationship with Aniston. I bet she is thrilled to be rid of him. He seems like he’s in the throws of a massive middle life crisis with a massive serving of douche on the side.

    I do think it’s ironic that he tried gaslighting Jen on the way out the door for being too Hollywood. This dude has gone FULL HOLLYWOOD since they broke up.

    Emma Stone would be smart to stay away from him. All he’s going to do is leverage his relationship with another famous woman in order to keep himself relevant.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      I so agree that he used his relationship with Aniston to up his profile and get more media attention. Once that mission was accomplished, he bailed. She is far better off without him and his little hipster outfits.

    • siri says:

      I think Emma is too smart to have any expectations here. IF anything happens, it’s probably just sexual. I’m not even sure he’s interesting in that particular area, though.

  8. Sullivan says:

    Whatever that was he had with Aniston doesn’t seem to have had much substance. Of course, that’s why I thought it would work. 😉 He seems happier now. I don’t think anything has changed for her except maybe a couple fewer trips to NYC – so she’s probably as happy as she’s ever been.

    • NoShame says:

      Yeah, there’s nothing like the deep substance of hanging out with 25 year olds when you’re pushing 50. LOL He’s happier now because he gets to live the mid life crisis cliche, which says a lot about his lack of substance.

      • Sullivan says:

        LIke I said, I figured the reason their relationship would work is because it lacked substance. Neither Theroux or Aniston strike me as deep. It looks like it might be easier to live a shallow life without a spouse.

  9. tw says:

    Midlife crisis.

  10. LadyT says:

    I see he’s still packing his little pistol.

    • tracking says:

      He seems thoughtful in interviews, but I find it pretty disgusting that he continues to glamorize gun culture in this day and age.

  11. Renee2 says:

    I don’t think that they are happening. He gives off the vibe that he wouldn’t date Black women. I say this as someone who is Black.

  12. whatWHAT? says:

    if that group photo is all of them wearing LV, then…wow, that’s some ugly stuff.

  13. LittleWing says:

    Still exuding douche fumes…

  14. KatieKins says:

    Wow, he’s really devoted to the strictly under 30 set right now, isn’t he? Maybe he should buy a car and work through his mid-life crisis that way.

  15. Jegede says:

    How many women has he been papped with now?

    Selena, Emma, mixed race model and now Laura?

    Laura’s boyfriend may not be happy that she’s collateral damage in the Justin Theroux neverrending story.

  16. jess1632 says:

    She’s dating some other yt non famous boy…

    Also she’s stunning

  17. jess1632 says:

    But also LV seems like place for him to meet women rn like his breeding ground. Ick

  18. Rachel in August says:

    Gawd, those stubby little legs, lol!

  19. Felicia says:

    Also, idiotic comment on the New York Post twitter… a one piece is not a bikini

  20. Electric Tuba says:

    I just can’t take this dude seriously. I honestly could not help myself from laughing and pointing if I saw him out and about. However you couldn’t pry my jorts out of my cold dead hands lmao! Jorts foreeeeeevvvveeeerrr!

  21. Chaine says:

    He is ridiculous, but LOOK AT THOSE ABS. Not gonna lie, I’d do him.

    • siri says:

      Really?? A douche with a little gun around his neck, and short legs?;-)

      • Chaine says:

        What can I say, a nice torso really does it for me… LOL. Plus if you watched The Leftovers, you’ll have seen that his booty is pretty nice, too.

  22. jferber says:

    Just looking at his face is unpleasant. Jennifer Aniston has released his innate smugness. I can imagine having lunch with him–his condescension would be palpable. I kind of think he’s a gold digger (or fame digger) and he really cultivated Jen until he could launch his greatness on the world. Maybe I’m wrong, but that picture speaks volumes to me.

    • tracking says:

      His whole affect is different now. When with Aniston, he seemed reserved and uncomfortable around the paps. Now he soaks it in and exudes smugness. It’s really weird.

  23. Christy J says:

    Those outfits…yikes!

  24. Angelbear says:

    Just watched him in ‘Mute’ with Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd. He was really good.

  25. ellie says:

    I liked him pre-Jennifer A/mainstream fame. He worked alot with David Lynch whom I love and he wrote Tropic Thunder one of my fav comedies. He always seemed cool …..

  26. Hmmm says:

    He was photographed hanging with Emma poolside. They’re def a thing