ABC cancels ‘Roseanne’ after Roseanne Barr tweeted racist sh-t about Valerie Jarrett

'Roseanne' Premiere Event - Arrivals

I’m sure someone can and will write a thesis about how Roseanne Barr perfectly encapsulates this current era of dumb, racist, hypocritical politics. Roseanne Barr would have you believe that her grievances are economic, and that her deplorable views are simply the other side of the political coin, no better and no worse. That’s the false equivalency that Barr and others like her thrive on: the idea that “Democrats are bad too” so they – the Deplorables – need to be represented, need equal time, need an equal place in the public sphere. I ignore, cancel and refuse to support these people for a f–king reason: they all need to crawl back under their f–king rocks. But these dumb a–holes have been mainstreamed, given corporate sponsorships and a seat at the table, like their ideas and words are just as valid as everyone else’s. They are not.

So I never even watched Barr’s rebooted show. She had already proven time and time again that she was an ignorant, racist, hateful dumbass, and I had zero belief that the show would suddenly show a different side to her. I was right – the show was widely criticized for their stupid “takes” on political issues. If anything, the show gave her hate legitimacy and a wider platform. Which is why everyone took notice of this on Tuesday:

Roseanne Barr on Tuesday attacked former President Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarett in a since deleted tweet alleging connections to the Muslim Brotherhood that is being called racist by many. In the tweet, the ABC star of her self-titled show attacked Jarett, connecting her to the Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood and the movie Planet of the Apes.

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj,” Barr wrote, using Jarrett’s initials while replying to a tweet which accused Jarrett of helping to cover up alleged misdeeds for the Obama administration. When users pointed out that the tweet seemed racist, Barr replied, “Muslims r NOT a race.”

Barr, an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, later tweeted her first tweet was “a joke.” Then, not long after that tweet, Barr issued an apology post: “I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans. I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. I should have known better. Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste.”

Barr also said she is leaving Twitter.

[From THR]

Roseanne Barr is still a dumb monster, and she said this all while she had a f–king network platform to further mainstream her hate, bigotry and racism. The question is not “what is Roseanne Barr even doing at this point?” This did not suddenly happen – she’s been like this for years. ABC knew that and gave her the rebooted show anyway. All of those actors chose to work with her again, knowing that she’s like this. She’s always been a racist a–hole. So don’t applaud for ABC for allowing this a–hole to go this far before this was suddenly the straw that broke the camel’s back.

ABC, in a stunning move, has decided to cancel its Roseanne revival following star Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet Tuesday.

“Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show,” ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said Tuesday.

Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger also weighed in on the decision to cancel Roseanne: “There was only one thing to do here, and that was the right thing,” he tweeted.

[From THR]

Sure, whatever. I’m glad that it’s over now and Roseanne Barr can be shuffled back to her rock. But this never should have happened – ABC knew they were giving her a platform to normalize, legitimize and mainstream her hatred, racism and bigotry. They knew that and they rebooted her show anyway.

ABC's upfront

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  1. Laura says:

    So bigly sad…

    • B n A fn says:

      You joking, right?

      • Lilly says:

        I believe so, yes. Hence the use of “bigly.” But, I could be wrong. What’s “sad” to me is that I used to really like her, but not for awhile now. I enjoyed her stint on Portlandia. I sense some big iceberg was there all along in her personality, but there was a time that I really liked her humor etc. Whatever happened I’m not putting any time into trying to understand.

      • Laura says:

        Yes..blew my shot at being first with a weak comment. I’m not sad at all she’s repugnant abc knew this and gave her platform anyway. They’re all cancelled.

      • Alix says:

        You didn’t blow it, @Laura — the word ‘bigly’ signals a joke is coming, at least to me.

        Amazing that, with a bare minimum of hateful, bigoted words, Roseanne can immediately put all the people on her show on the unemployment line (yeah, the actors will be fine, but I’m sure the crew were hoping for a steady paycheck for a while. And I doubt many of them, in southern Cal., agreed with her idiotic views.). What a loathsome nut-job.

      • Lilly says:

        @Laura I agree with @Alix. #heavyistheheadthatwearsthefirstcomment

      • Dita von Katzhausen says:

        Lilly, I loooooooved the original show back then, and I loved her humor back then. You are probably right, there has been a big part of her that has come into sight in the last years, decades maybe. I couldnt bring myself to watch the new show. She is beyond gone, now.

      • Kit says:

        I think the site’s going to be all right @Cat

      • Bella DuPont says:

        @ Cat:
        Wish I had a spare jacket and hiking boots to make your journey away more comfortable.

        @ Laura:

        Don’t apologise…….I liked your joke….it was witty and succinct. It was actually the second comment that inadvertently killed it. 😁😁 😅😅

    • Megan says:

      ABC discovers deplorables only watch Fox News, cancels Roseanne.

    • Ocjulia says:

      @Laura – I thought your comment was hilarious!

    • girl_ninja says:

      I could tell you were joking by bigly.

  2. Valerie says:

    She’s vile. The network had to have known that it was only a matter of time when they signed her.

    • Green Girl says:

      That’s the part that I keep coming back to. I just feel sorry for the cast and crew, but they had to have known this situation could happen.

      • ariel says:

        That’s what I keep coming back to. The concept that everyone knew she was a vile racist- who also seems either dumb as fuck or insane for buying into inane conspiracy theories. Then I think about the man who played DJ. Probably made good money as a kid. Per IMDB he has only 13 acting credits to his name. Would you be able to turn down the big check that came with this racist revival?

        I consider racism one of the true evils of this world.
        And I cannot say 100% I would have turned down the check when the revival came about.

      • Valerie says:

        I sort of do too, but unlike Roseanne, they have real talent that they can take elsewhere.

    • mia girl says:

      ABC wanted to shine a light on a “typical Trump supporter”, well, they got just that. In the end, she really does encapsulate a sizable part of the Trump universe of voters – vile, conspiracy-riddled racists.

      • Valerie says:

        Well said. This is what will happen if you cast a spotlight on a pile of garbage.

      • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

        Very true, Mia Girl. Isn’t the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”. In this case, those of us seeing a “True Trumper” KNOW what we’re seeing, sadly, the rest won’t recognize themselves, ever.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      They knew she tweets horrible things regularly. I think they knew they’d have a back-out strategy available if they wanted to cancel her. She was such a risky bet.

      • Valerie says:

        The unfortunate thing is, I was enjoying the show, normalization of Trump aside. The bits around it showed what it could’ve been if they’d brought it back without her whacked out politics.

    • David says:

      She is vile. I do feel bad for all the others from the cast and crew.

      • Madame de Stael says:

        I’m not sorry for the stars who came back to the show knowing exactly who and what they were getting involved with. Anything for a fat paycheck, I guess. Who cares about ethics?

      • Gigi LaMoore says:

        I am side eyeing John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf. Glad to see that Sara spoke up but as a lesbian woman, she should have known better.

      • Umyeah says:

        What about the woman who played Darlene or the guy who played DJ, they havent had much career success since the original so yes the deserve our emphathy as well as the crew who certainly arent millionares.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Well, Barr has never been known for keeping her trashmouth shut, and her politics are abhorrent, so it had to happen. I never saw the show — I’m already on bigot-overload since BoneSpurs became POTUS and I can barely watch the news straight through anymore. It’s like being hit in the face again and again each time, so I have to force myself to watch. No way her show could have entertained me.

      Barr’s comment was shockingly, appallingly racist, and if they hadn’t cancelled her I would have boycotted ABC and every one of their idiotic sponsors. Sorry, no tears for anyone who helped her get out the right’s hateful message. We have Trump and his crew for that, sadly.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        oh, but “it was only a joke!”

        *insert eye roll*

        I wonder if she’d joke like that with that young AA actress who played her granddaughter…”hey, honey, you’re what would happen if a muslim and an ape mated…what?! I was just joking!”.

        what a vile, vile person.

    • Bridget says:

      I’m guessing that she’s been awful behind the scenes. Whitney Cummings just stepped down a couple of weeks ago, and this just seems awfully swift. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that they were looking for a way to get Roseanne out.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Barr is absolutely foul. Her show started here a few weeks ago, too, but I have not watched it, or ever will. I cannot, and will not, believe that a woman of her age and experience would even pretend that what she tweeted was a joke. It’s as if her brain was somehow transported back to the 1930s. What a despicable, loudmourged harpy.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Excellent. After only about four weeks, her show just got dumped here in Australia, too. Good riddance.

    • lucy2 says:

      I would think so too.
      Applause to them for doing the right thing now.
      Boos to them for giving her the platform to begin with. You can’t throw in with a racist and then act all shocked when they say racist things.

    • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

      I find it insane that ALL of the cast didn’t come out with a rebuke. Only Wanda Sykes, which I was sure of once I heard that Tweet, and Sara Gilbert, (as an EP as well as an actor trying to distance herself, and possibly protect the show). I’m really shocked to haven’t heard from Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman. Sad, really.

      I just feel for the crew. They might’ve known her rep, but for them, work is where you can get it, most can’t afford to be that choosy in seasonal work. They, too, have mortgages and colleges to pay for.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Wow! I just read she tweeted the same “ape” comment (except about Susan Rice) in 2013!!!

      WTF was ABC thinking when they made a deal with her? They can’t pretend they didn’t know that she was racist.

    • Christin says:

      This was entirely predictable. Apparently no vetting occurred, or they didn’t care.

      To repeat what I posted when this reboot started:

      Upset over taking a knee? She took a crotch.

  3. Akua says:

    It what she deserves😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  4. beatrixkiddo says:

    Holy Hell.
    That was some quick action.

    Sounds like they wanted her out and just needed an excuse. (and this was a fine one)

    • Esmom says:

      That was my exact thought. Only a matter of time. Although she shouldn’t have been given the platform in the first place.

      Although I do feel for the rest of the cast and crew who are without jobs, hopefully those who needed their profiles raised have done so enough to get other jobs.

      • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

        Only the local news radio here in LA, they were talking about how Roseann was front and center at the Upfronts this year, and how much ABC has riding on her/the show, esp. with its high ratings (ugh!). I’m very glad ABC acted so quickly, but honestly, as soon as I heard, I tweeted to ABC and started tweeting to sponsors. I’m sure a LOT of others did too. They just read the room and decided on a swift axe blow so as not to hemorrhage. Smart move, but ultimately down to $$$$$ not so much sentiment I’m thinking.

    • teacakes says:

      It’s still the right thing to do though, and a pretty stunning move considering the ratings for the rebooted show .

      ABC might have hoped she wouldn’t embarrass them when they got the show back but now…..they are really not playing!

      • Cramberry says:

        “ABC might have hoped she wouldn’t embarrass them when they got the show back”

        Yes. I can see why ABC would take that risk with the reward$ being so great. The national networks are suffering right now in this new streaming environment. ABC hasn’t had a hit show in 20 yrs, probably since the first Rosanne. And it wouldn’t be the first time a network tried working with a controversial actor in the hopes they could control and minimize their behavior. Granted Rosanne tops the cake now and even surpasses Charlie Sheen for most out of control, destructive actors.

        Aside from the $ and the crippling competition, the other reason ABC reboot the show is it’s central depiction of the working class. This is so relevant now more than ever, and the old Rosanne show has been the only show over the past 30 yrs to address it in a seemingly authentic, or unpolished, course, fashion.

      • KBB says:

        ABC hasn’t had a hit show in 20 years? Off the top of my head Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Modern Family, Lost, and The Bachelor franchise certainly have to be considered hits.

      • Cberry says:

        @KBB, I suppose you might be right. That’s what a professional entertainment analyst said on NPR this morning. He may have been making a distinction between those shows. Although they were all hits, I think Rosanne had a wider range of viewership and influence. As a show it resonated deeper with more people and especially with middle America. In all these years it’s still a show that’s very unique in it’s content approach and presentation. It stands out against the backdrop of all other shows, hits or not.

        The analyst was saying how much ABC needed a singular hit like Rosanne in this diminishing dominance of commercial network TV. The new media landscape has traditional commercial networks somewhat desperate to have an overwhelming, national hit.

        But I can see what you’re saying. Although I know the shows you mention were successful hit shows, I just couldn’t get in to any of them. I’ve been of the opinion that most those shows, like Grey’s Anatomy or NCIS, owed their longevity to the lack of better entertainment options fit for traditional networks. I think the last tn show I made an effort to watch was Lost, which was only 14 yrs ago.

    • Bridget says:

      I agree. Especially knowing that Whitney Cummings also stepped down from the show a couple of weeks ago – supposedly she was touted as the ‘liberal’ voice balancing Roseanne.

  5. ShazBot says:

    I didn’t watch the reboot, but do you think ABC had been looking for out and then she handed them one on a silver platter? I mean, I don’t think ABC suddenly had a come to Jesus moment here.

    • milgen says:

      Well, ratings were significantly down. Thinking as a publicist here, but maybe ABC renewed for a second season so the deplorables wouldn’t scream at them. Stupid to have rebooted in the first place.

    • Kitten says:

      I was thinking the same because I’m cynical AF. Sarah Chalke is moving on to some Netflix series, ratings are down, and most people cannot stand anything that reminds us of our current nightmare.

      Why did any of these actors agree to work with this sh*tty woman? Ugh.

    • Jenns says:

      They knew what she was when they hired her. And while the ratings were in decline, it was still a hit for ABC.

  6. Steph says:

    The show shouldn’t have been rebooted in the first place, as this behavior is nothing new. But they did & now a lot of people are out of a job.

  7. JeanGray says:

    People like Roseanne are dumb, but dangerous. With all of her followers, spewing a bunch of misinformation and debunked conspiracy theories that she is too ignorant or biased to actually research and fact check. They perpetuate the misinformation until it somehow becomes alternative facts to others just as ignorant. This is how we got Trump. I’m glad she’s been cancelled. Maybe she can ask Alex Jones for a co-hosting gig on Info wars. It sucks for all of the people involved in her show, from the actors to production/crews, etc that aren’t crazy bigots that have all lost their jobs because she is a loud mouth racist. Those are the only folks I feel bad for. Bye!

  8. rabbitgirl says:

    Bye girl! I just feel sorry for the rest of the cast who don’t share her views and who were working on a come back. Maybe they can reboot where Dan gets remarried after finding out that Roseanne had paid off a porn star?

    • Gigi LaMoore says:

      I feel sorry for no one. The silence of those on that set speaks just as loudly as she does. What is that quote about evil persisting due to the silence of good men? This pretty much sums it up.

  9. bros says:

    unfortunately because they already put her on the air she’s now going to be a martyr for the deplorables. either dont put her on the air or deal with the consequences of her first amendment rights, but do NOT give the extreme right red meat in martyr form.

    • milgen says:


    • noway says:

      This is what I’m worried about. Now she is their martyr. I wish they didn’t reboot the show, and I am curious about what Sara Gilbert thinks of all of this. She was the one who started the reboot and one of the producers. She had to know, but I think she thought she could muzzle her a bit. Wrong call.

    • Kitten says:

      Yup. The Deplorables are probably already mobilizing to troll ABC and lift Roseanne up on their shoulders like she’s some patriotic hero.

    • rabbitgirl says:

      Hey, she can be a martyr for them. Let’s see how much they can raise from their redneck bank accounts to pay for her face lifts. I’m thinking not much.

      I do wager that Fox will give her a show. Watch in 3… 2… 1

      • boredblond says: the very least, she will be the center of ‘all the real important news’ at faux..they will come up with a twisted theory involving Obama, Pelosi, Mueller, HRC, Hollywood…etc..then trump will make her an ambassador..

      • Christin says:

        She knows exactly where her bread is buttered. She’ll turn up again, whether on Faux or as a comedy act in red state beer joints.

    • Honey says:

      Accusations will begin to fly about political correctness and how it’s once again being used a stranglehold, how people on the left are the intolerance because they/we can’t tolerate intolerance, and how the left shuts people down when you don’t say what or how it wants you to say it. Those things are just argumentative knee jerk reactions IMO. However, what I really want to know is what on a deep psychological and emotional basis does a 60-something year old woman get out of spewing random, degrading insults like that or dressing like Hitler and burning “Jew cookies”—whatever those are (???). What is happening for people like that? On a wellness level, what are their lived lives truly like that sh*t like that is ok in their worldview. Here, I’m not being compassionate or extending empathy but curiousity.

    • Valerie says:

      ugh, yes. That occurred to me. It’s good that she’s off the air, but now, get ready for the wave of support from other right-wingers.

      • Elle says:

        Does anyone else think she’ll be on another channel soon? I suspect some channel (Fox, maybe) will give her another show. None of her current fans would be surprised by or dislike that tweet. If anything, it will probably increase her ratings.

      • Gigi LaMoore says:

        So leave her on the air to continue to trash minorities? Are these same right wing people suddenly o.k. with Colin K. practicing his free speech by not kneeling for the flag? Why do we care more about what the right might think than standing with minorities?

      • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

        Thing is, it is SO TAINTED now. NONE of the cast can go on this new show with her, or risk the taint of her stink (ie: as endorsing her views outright in public). If she goes to Faux or another “Christian” channel, she’s going alone. And I don’t think that will last long.

    • Bev says:

      Yeah, I hope I read something from the Deplorables about their First Amendment rights. They have let it be known all they care about is the Second Amendment (god, guns and country dont ha know!). They don’t have this trashy racist to represent them on a network in primetime that is not fake news, so stay in your Second Amendment lane, Deplorables.

    • otaku fairy says:

      They’re always playing martyr, so you’re probably right. The thing is, nobody can honestly say that her just being a republican or her voting for Trump prevented her from getting the show in the first place or got her show cancelled. It was this one overtly racist series of tweets that was given as the reason for her firing. Anyone who tries to defend her or has tears to cry about this rich old republican lady’s career being ‘ruined’ over racial slurs is just exposing their own racism- even if they’re a liberal playing the “I don’t like racism but censorship is worse. Both Sides!” game.

  10. Reef says:

    lol STFU is free. Costs absolutely nothing. Her show was extremely successful and she got it canceled on her vacation. Congrats.

  11. Dee says:

    Excellent statement, I must say, from ABC. Unequivocal, swift, absolute. Wish all apologies and fixes of racism and sexism were so effective.

    • milgen says:

      Don’t understand how the network that airs Black-ish can give airtime to this b**ch.

      • teacakes says:

        I know, but when push came to shove they did what they should and now she’ll be off air.

    • Oh_Dear says:

      ABC’s executive or president – the person at the head – is a woman of colour, so it is an example of what happens when a member of a marginalized and targeted group has a position of power which is amazing.

  12. darkdove says:

    Isn’t she Jewish she shoudnt be racist against anybody they have a history of being persecuted for being jewish People like her are the reason we have to worry about history repeating in other ethnic groups are at risk of being persecuted as she doesn’t remember her background and denies who she is as long as she can do the persecution herself

    • jwoolman says:

      Roseanne’s parents really were Jewish but also pretended to be Mormon because they didn’t think their neighbors liked Jews. Roseanne seems to be mixed Morman/Jewish at best, she was really into Mormon activities as a kid. She seemed to pull her Jewish roots out of the bag periodically but had not seemed clearly identified as Jewish religiously to me. In more recent years, she’s been into the Hollywood version of Judaism, the celebrity favorite Kaballah. So she’s looking for something spiritual in her life, but how that translates to her love of Trump and all the bigotry is mysterious.

    • BorderMollie says:

      That’s just not how it works. People from minority groups, even the most persecuted, can be just as racist and act just as badly as anyone else. Minority status isn’t ennobling.

  13. adastraperaspera says:

    Didn’t watch it. Surprised that Wanda Sykes (producer) and many good actors even signed on in the first place. If I knew Roseanne was a mess from watching a few interviews, then they did too. Good riddance to a terrible idea.

    • Lady D says:

      Agreed, it was disappointing the amount of (I thought) decent actors that signed on to that show. Anything for a buck or a little attention.

    • jwoolman says:

      Wanda Sykes just quit. That tweet was the final straw.

  14. NoShame says:

    Before the deplorables go off on their whole free speech rant, keep in mind they are the same people who want to shut down people’s first amendment right to kneel before a football game to bring attention to racial injustice.. They are the same people who worked tirelessly to shut down Ellen DeGenerous’ career and keep her off every TV network simply because she was gay. These are the same people who disparage people’s right to peaceful protest. But boy will they get worked up if you try to shut down someone for comparing a human being to an ape.

    Not to mention right before the racist tweets today she accused George Soros of being a Nazi who shipped 2 million Jews to concentration camps. Never mind that Soros was born in 1930 and would have been 8 years old at the time.

    • Kitten says:

      They only like free speech if it applies to their faves. These people love to cherry-pick the Constitution.

    • Sigh... says:

      AND this racist dumb-ass tweeted/implied that Chelsea Clinton is married to Soros’ nephew which is FAKE NEWS started by fellow dumb-ass in dumb-assery, Scott Baio.

      Buncha dumb-asses.

    • rabbitgirl says:

      That’s because they don’t understand what free speech is. It’s hilarious at just how stupid these people are. Free speech only protects one from government censorship, not from consequences. But you can’t explain that to the Maga morons. As much as I hate this time in our history, you have to admit watching the far right totally sell out their “values” platform so that they can be wave their hate flag is truly a wonderful thing. Like what could they ever claim “values voter” or “values” again?

      • Honey says:

        THIS is literally the conversation I had on Sunday with a friend re: Trump, kneeling football players, the American flag / symbolism fetish, bogus patriotism and supposed 1st Amendment outrage and grievances.

      • savu says:

        Right? That’s how I feel. We alllllllll know which way history will look at this, too.

        And as much as I hate to play devil’s advocate, it’s a good equivalent to the new NFL policy. You have a right to free speech, but you don’t have a right to your big platform as a representative of a brand. Even if that speech is in support of decency and equality. The problem is that what the kneeling players are trying to say shouldn’t be controversial.

    • Anika says:

      Never mind that the “Nazi” Soros is actually Jewish. Roseanne really is a pathetic, angry, vile, grotesque mess.

    • Giddy says:

      I hope Soros sues her into the the next century for defamation.

  15. No Doubtful says:

    Well…that didn’t take long.

    I’m honestly shocked ABC canceled it. Usually money TRUMPS morals. The fact that ANYONE would think it’s okay or a “joke” to compare a black person to an ape is disgusting. I could not associate with someone like that no matter how much history I had with them. Sara, John, Laura, etc need to take a hard look at their relationship with her…

  16. KiddV says:

    Best tweet so far:

    Raven the SquidPope‏ @alaskanime · 53m53 minutes ago

    Replying to @Stonekettle

    Hell, keep it on the air, replace Rosanne with Ron Perlman, and turn it into an uplifting show about how Dan Connor, a closeted gay man, gets sick of his former wife’s shit, divorces her, and now lives out and proud with his new husband and kids.

  17. Melanie says:

    It was only a matter of time. I’m still disgusted with ABC for allowing the reboot, and every actor and writer associated were canceled the minute I heard she was coming back. Looking at you John Goodman and Wanda Sykes. They knew who she was but money talks.

    I refused to watch the reboot and wrote a letter to ABC. Yes, a physical, snail-mail letter. And I told them all ABC shows were off my DVR and that I was done. I know it’s a cheesy show, but I loved Fresh Off The Boat. I’m glad she’s done but I laughed when the show renewed for a second season. This was inevitable and ABC is ridiculous for not seeing the writing on the wall.

    • Kitten says:

      That’s awesome that you sent a letter. Good for you.

    • april says:

      I felt the same way you did about ABC, especially when they allowed the episode where Roseanne committed child abuse to her “granddaughter” on the show. This is the best news that the show has been cancelled!!

      • jwoolman says:

        I saw the clip of that, and what was even worse – Darlene acted like it was fine. I would have called the police myself. It was assault.

        That was definitely not the way to get a teenager to listen to you. They will plot their escape from you if you’re lucky. If you’re not so lucky – they may plot something else.

        Humiliation and assault have never worked well to make children or others into good citizens. But idiots like Roseanne keep trying.

  18. H says:

    I was a big fan of the original and I had been watching the reboot on Hulu. When they focused on the Connor family the show shined. I was so happy to hear they were going to get rid of the political angle second season, but ABC was absolutely right to cancel it. Roseanne crossed a line and is a hideous person.

    I feel bad for the rest of the cast who worked so hard, especially Sara Gilbert, who tried her best. But you can’t change a racist.

    • Jenns says:

      Honest question – why do you feel bad for Sara? This behavior by Roseanne is not new.

      If you get in bed with a racist, you get what you deserve.

      • H says:

        I think Sara, Whitney Cummings and Wanda Sykes all thought they could contain Roseanne. Most comedians are edgy, with Roseanne being no exception. Her original stand-up act about a frustrated housewife who yelled at her kids and wasn’t perfect was ahead of its time back in the 80s.

        In the original show, she certainly broke some racial barriers with DJ kissing a African-American girl and Mariel Hemingway’s character kissing Roseanne after Sandra Bernhard’s character came out. Unfortunately, as time has gone on it seems Roseanne Barr has lost her ever-loving mind and allowed her bigoted views to ruin what could have been a good TV show and like Cosby ruined her legacy through her own selfish and twisted ways.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        This is what I don’t get. Those actors who tweeted were “devastated” that the show was cancelled but no one acknowledges that what Rosanne did was horrible.

        They are worried about their big comeback with paycheck but no mention about how cruel Rosanne’s attack was.

        I couldn’t stand her bullying attitude in the first show after watching one episode and never bothered to follow her now. She’s grotesque.

      • H says:

        @Indiana Joanna, the guy who plays DJ posted said Rosanne’s views were not his and he did call her out. I’ll watch The Talk tomorrow with Sara and see what she says.

    • mela says:

      She is such an example of senile old people who watch too much fox news and listen to too much right wing talk radio…they end up bat sheet crazy like Roseanne when they get old

  19. Darla says:

    I don’t feel bad for the actors, except if there were any on there who were getting their first break. But as far as the names, please. When this news first hit I tweeted that Barr is a junkyard dog and ABC thinks they can keep her chained, but not going to happen. So don’t tell me Goodman, Gilbert, and Metcalf didn’t know. They knew. I don’t feel the same way about them, I can’t help it. Added to that,. they infected my favorite escapism comedy, the big bang theory. Metcalf plays Sheldon’s mother, and she’s not a regular, but she’s on. And when Johnny Galeki agreed to make an appearance, I was so disgusted. I thank gawd that Shamey had nothing to do with this. But still…

    • Sigh... says:

      I felt sick for the little AfrAmer girl who plays “DJ’s” daughter. If THIS is her most prominent role-to-date, I hope it’s not held against her so early in her career. 😬

      ETA: and I believe “Darlene” has a young son on there.

    • jwoolman says:

      Gilbert might actually have not known the way the others who were full grown adults during the first show knew. She was a kid then, she grew from elementary school to college during the seasons. She very likely had a different experience with Roseanne than the older ones and honestly thought she could keep Roseanne on a tight enough leash. Well, she couldn’t. Lesson learned.

      Maybe they could have the teenage granddaughter she assaulted on the show kill her grandmother Roseanne Conner in a rage, and then the show could go on from there with all the hilarity possible dealing with the juvenile court and prison system. They could all be in therapy because at the funeral they realized nobody was sad Grandma was dead, especially not Grandpa, and that made them feel a bit uneasy. The granddaughter’s public defender could pursue a PTSD defense and they all would have to testify in court to prove the point. Flashbacks and everything. Just spitballing here.

  20. magnoliarose says:

    I don’t have any sympathy for anyone who worked on the show or who starred on the show. She is not an unknown entity full of surprises so they knew what they were doing.
    I lost respect for all of the actors on that show and anyone connected to the production. I guess the Hitler cookies weren’t edgy enough. Or the nasty racist rants about immigrants. They were piling up well before her show but somehow NOW it is too much.
    Something else is going on and they can finally get rid of her. It would be enlightening to see her contract clauses. I don’t for one minute believe ABC grew a social conscience and drew the line. Like the rest of the media, they wanted to cash in on this ugly outrageous time in America history regardless of the harm or hurt it caused.
    She probably pissed off the wrong person/people and became the out of control monster she has always been as well as personally offended several people.

    • Darla says:

      I don’t think they grew a social conscience either, but I do believe they saw a big boycott forming, and it was going to hurt all of their shows, and their advertisers.

      • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

        I said the same thing above, and on Twitter. It’s all bout $$$$$, sponsors and boycotts. Period.

    • april says:

      Yes, I totally agree with both of you. ABC sold its soul to the devil when they agreed to this show.

    • Oh_Dear says:

      I wonder if Roseanne had a clause in her contract that allowed them to fire her if she went idiot- and that’s why people like Sarah Gilbert were willing to work with her. There might have been a sense of protection. I have no idea though, but I hope so.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      The Hitler cookies pictures were shocking and grotesque in the extreme. That anyone would find that amusing or edgy is beyond me, and I’m wildly difficult to offend, as I really enjoy dark humor in general. There are limits.

  21. paddingtonjr says:

    Sadly, it takes something outrageous and decreasing ratings for ABC to cancel “Roseanne”. If the show was doing well and making ABC a lot of money, this most likely would have been spun and ABC would look the other way. This is hardly the first time Roseanne has been difficult and in the 20-plus years “Roseanne” has been in re-runs, Roseanne has had several unsuccessful comeback attempts and has continually shown herself to be a nasty, racist, ignorant and bitter witch.

    Given the difficulties during the last few seasons of the show’s first run, I’m surprised so many of the cast members wanted to come back, especially John Goodman who was so at odds with Roseanne he re-negotiated his contract to note exactly how many scenes he would have to share with her. I hope the other cast members find better roles and Roseanne just goes back to her nut farm and is never heard from again.

  22. Jenns says:

    I’m now reflecting on all the “I hate her politics, but I love the show Roseanne so I’m excited for the reboot!” comments when the revival first aired.

    Roseanne has been a proud and outspoken racist for years. The Roseanne ABC hired was the same person they fired today. They just deleted her past tweets and sent her on a media tour where she recited a script about bringing America together under Trump. And all she need to do was not be a racist piece of sh*t. And she couldn’t even do that. Racist always going to be racist. And while I don’t feel sorry for the cast, the behind the scenes crew just lost a paycheck all because of her. And I’ll bet anything that she’ll blame this on liberals.

    And probably also get a second phone call from Trump.

    • Lady D says:

      Oh, I’m waiting for Trump to tell the whole world how badly she has been treated by ABC. You know it’s coming.

    • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

      Per CNN, he’s doing another rally tonight, like the same one where he bragged he called Roseanne congratulating her on her ratings (for the reboot). I’m sure he’ll bring it up as
      “… this is an attack on your 1st Amendment rights!!” bullsh-t.

  23. WendyNerd says:

    ABC has been enabling this shit for months. It should not have taken this long to do the right thing.

    I am so disappointed to learn that Wanda Sykes was a part of this mess.

  24. Nn says:

    White women are really showing out in 2018…
    I remember when obama got elected and first lady Michelle really triggered a lot of people.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many racist articles and “studies” released and now with the half black duchess I’m starting to see it all over again but in the UK media.

    • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

      Please don’t lump all “white women” in with these human pieces of excrement. I am a white woman, and I NO WAY endorse these wastes of skin and air in any way, shape, or manner they exist.

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        Then it’s obviously not about you, Jan. Why not just keep it moving?

      • JanesWastedTalent says:

        Kind of a rude response, no? Generally, when someone makes a blanket statement about a group, some members of that group just might comment, especially if they’re unfairly lumped with others who are behaving vilely. What’s wrong with what Jan900667 said?

  25. me says:

    Seems like ABC might have been happy she tweeted such a horrible thing. I think the show would have been cancelled anyways…now they have a legit excuse for it.

    • KBB says:

      They had to have known this was coming before they put the show on the air though. She thinks Trump is spearheading the takedown of an international pedophile/sex trafficking ring and that he gives clues to his progress in coded speeches and tweets. Someone who believes that kind of thing is beyond help. You can’t reason with someone like that. There was no way she was ever going to be able to stop herself.

      And renewing the show for a second season after one episode? What were they thinking? It was always going to end up this way.

  26. Amelie says:

    I’m not sure why there was a revival in the first place, aside from Roseanne’s odious politics and beliefs. Were people really clamoring for this show to come back? Roseanne was on and went off the air when I was really young. My family didn’t watch it as my mother found Roseanne to be annoying and I did too. I didn’t understand the big deal about the “large and loud nasal lady” as I thought of her (I was under the age of 10 so give me a break!). Was the original show actually any good?

    • Valerie says:

      The original was good and progressive for its time. The reboot was confusing because it seemed to have no relation to the show’s first incarnation. Roseanne the character would never have supported Trump. It was such a turnaround, and it makes me wonder, was Barr always like this?? What changed? Is she just more public about it? It seems like she inserted her politics into the first one too, so how did she go from being a liberal feminist to… whatever the hell you want to call this mess.

    • Ange says:

      It started really good but then Roseanne divorced Tom Arnold and became a total nightmare in real life and it reflected in the show. Instead of a loving family it became a hostage situation where everyone was terrified of her. I wasn’t at all surprised when it came out her character would be a trump supporter because even in the show she was definitely heading that way.

    • jwoolman says:

      The original was good in the beginning but became more spotty over the years. I didn’t watch much in later years, it seemed rather painful to me. The pain seemed to grow as Roseanne Barr herself became more powerful and delusional and just clearly not a happy person. She and the character she played just were harder and harder to like.

      I think she’s a very funny writer in her lucid moments, but those moments seem few and far between now. There really is something wrong with her and that’s been true for a long time.

  27. Olenna says:

    She is crass and stupid. Always has been. Glad ABC brought the axe down swift and hard, but they never should’ve given her nasty a** a platform to begin with. They resurrected and empowered this monster, so it was only fitting that they were the ones who had to kill it.

  28. SM says:

    I still always say it is better later than never. This is how these awful people will understand that there are indeed some boudaries left.

  29. Aang says:

    The comments on the Fox News Facebook page are as deranged as you’d expect. They think she was canceled because she supports trump and they are all calling for the View and Jimmy Kimmel to be canceled. They think Tim Allen is the funniest man alive and that the tgi Friday lineup was the golden age of television.

    • KBB says:

      I loved TGIF. I was a child though, so…

      • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

        God, I’m old…. TGIF for me was The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, and The Nanny and the Professor!! (I’ll just go polish my walker in the corner… 😊 )

    • april says:

      The FOX news followers are a bunch of narcissistic monsters who will twist everything and lie about everything to get what they want. They lie about everything to deflect from the true cause, the filthy tweets that really mean “Make America White Again.”

  30. Audrey says:

    For everyone that didn’t watch the show, it seemed to me to be a lot like “All in the Family” where the primary character was racist but the surrounding characters and scenarios proved Roseanne’s character’s opinions to be misled. But, the most important difference between “All in the Family” and “Roseanne” was that Roseanne Barr actually believed what her horrible character was spewing…Caroll O’Connor did not. As a result of her nasty hateful tweets, she completely and totally deserved to lose her show and her talent agency representation.

    And, it was a bad show…bad acting on the part of Roseanne, stunted dialogue, predictable outcomes. It was just a bad show all around.

    • Sigh... says:

      Norman Lear (creator, producer) – “The program you are about to see is ‘All in the Family.’ It seeks to throw a humorous spotlight on our frailties, prejudices and concerns. By making them a source of laughter,* we hope to show—in a mature fashion—just how ABSURD they are.”

      *Roseanne has long been since a “source of laughter,” so…

      Archie Bunker, Fred G Sanford, James Evans, & George Jefferson (& even Maude) were supposed to CARICATURES, relentlessly overbearing, overreaching, & overreacting. The audience was hoped to LAUGH AT, not AGREE WITH them.

      • Audrey says:

        Did you watch the show? There were scenes that were written to laugh at Roseanne’s “antics”. I understand the show was not written with the same focus as All in the Family, I guess what I’m really saying is that I didn’t see it as a “pro-Trump” show, Sara Gilbert and Wanda Sykes were producers of the show.
        Roseanne and Dan were the only pro-Trump characters.

    • Winechampion says:

      The original Roseanne was a very good show, one of the best on television at the time (and the original still holds up, honestly). I’m the same age as Sara Gilbert, so I watched the show from its premiere when I was 11 until I was 20, when it ended. The writing was razor-sharp and it was decidedly progressive. It was feminist and cool and ahead of its time on a bunch of issues (domestic violence, racism, gay characters). The reason so many people were looking forward to the reboot was because the original was so great. And Roseanne herself back then was widely understood to be off her rocker (remember the Nation Anthem, the Tom Arnold years, etc.) but none of her crazy ever infected the show (well, except for that bonkers last season). A lot of people found her unlikable, but I don’t remember Roseanne ever saying anything racist or disgusting back then. It’s possible she had these gross views back then, but I never heard anything about it, and you wouldn’t have known it from watching the show. It’s such a shame that her nastiness ruined what could have been a very welcome return of a beloved and revolutionary sitcom.

      • Audrey says:

        I liked the original as a young teen, she was subversive. But now she’s just a racist.

    • Sigh... says:

      I *did* watch some of the show (3-4 episodes because of a standing appt/non control over the TV, frankly) & it was “a’ight.” She could’ve still been kinda awful & it still could’ve worked, except for:

      1. Sometimes “THIS” TV Roseanne no longer reflected “THAT” TV Roseanne (barring her offscreen beliefs & behaviors – pun very much intended), like the season they won the lottery turned ppl off,

      2. Past era’s racist/sexist/fundamentalist main characters were at least “loved to be hated,” but in *this* era, there’s very little middle ground in middle America for that (Lear said his shows would def be “passed on” now). Yeah, Roseanne & Dan were the only Pro-Trumpsters and were laughed AT, but their Pro-Trumpesque racism/racist jokes were the constant takeways/next-day-headlines (Sykes, Cummings, & Gilbert were assumed B-T-S “balance,” but 2/3 quit weeks to hours before eventual cancellation),

      3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Roseanne had never been the greatest actress (serviceable), but now everyone/-thing really felt forced. The quality of the actual SITCOM wasn’t making headlines, at all.

      If she was bringing in the dough AND accolades, ABC MIGHT could’ve cleaned this up (she deleted her account, so even she had to know this was too far from too far), but they clearly didn’t think the product was worth the process (& prob regretted the jump at renewal).

  31. jferber says:

    I like the term “dumbassery.” It is a great term. Let’s add it to the dictionary and to Wikipedia when they publish the article on how our democracy died, “The U.S.A. died of dumbassery.” That says it all.

  32. AnneC says:

    I’m sorry, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf have sullied their reputation by signing up for this car crash. Did they need the money that badly?

    • Bailie says:

      @Annec : You are 1 million % right. I will not support any product of people who participated in this terrible show. They are cancelled in my mind. I’m done with them! Money is not everything………. too bad it can’t buy INTEGRITY!

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      Agree, everyone who joined her comeback is despicable.

  33. Linds says:

    my trump-supporting parents loved this show and I can already hear them complaining bout how people are “too sensitive” and that’s why this happened 🙄 what’s the network that does tim allen’s show? I’m sure they’ll pick it up.

  34. Emmet says:

    Just seems to me – Twitter is the bathroom wall of civilization.

  35. Lisbon says:

    Too may people are “COMPLICIT” in what is happening in America.

    Not just corporations and ABC, but many people who watch and support these trashy shows like “Roseanne”.

    She was an awful person long time ago, nothing new here.

    Her mouth is like a garbage disposal, spewing horrendous trash left and right.

  36. Rescue Cat says:

    It’lll be nteresting to see how Trump responds to this.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      45 is too busy setting White House staff against each other, lying about Mueller, jerking around our allies and China and North Korea.

      And he never admits mistakes.

    • maxine ducamp says:

      Disagree, none of Trump’s rage tweets are interesting; they are predictable and embarrassing.

  37. Audrey says:

    Best comment I’ve seen about the Roseanne Barr drama today: “They should replace her with Wanda Sykes like nothing ever happened. Let Wanda write the character.” 🙂

    • boredblond says:

      Sykes is the biggest hypocrite of the producer she was the force behind bringing rb back, fully aware of her history of racist comments and now she’s just so ‘shocked’..right…

      • Tiffany :) says:

        No, she wasn’t “the force behind bringing” the show back. She was a “consulting producer”, which is something entirely different than a producer or executive producer.

    • jwoolman says:

      It could be a Freaky Friday plot with no way to reverse it. Wanda wakes up next to Dan, looks in the mirror, and….

  38. Kiki says:

    This is why Murphy Brown is back? Y’all tune in

  39. pattieboyd says:

    Roseanne really blew it, and I bet her fellow cast members are royally pissed, as well as being outraged.

    How about having her character die in knee surgery, and re-name the show “Dan”?

  40. ASHBY says:

    I will probably never understand what is funny to people about Roseanne or her so called comedy.

    She is a precursor to Trump in a similar way to Sarah Pauline.

    What a shock?

    The uneducated deplorables love this low brow trashy “comedy” of Roseanne’s.

    It’s hateful garbage, we should try to be better as human beings, rise above the ugly comedy trash that the lovely, intelligent, well traveled and well read Roseanne serves up.

  41. CK3 says:

    And to think had NBC fired Trump when he’d started his racist Birther crusade, the world would be a much different place right now. ABC took an unhinged washed up fringe celebrity and gave her a platform. It should have never occurred in the first place. I’m waiting for the Orange mess to give her some tweets of encouragement and for her to go even further off the deep end.

  42. TheOriginalMia says:

    She baked human shaped cookies in an oven dressed as Hilter. She has been vile and unhinged for a long time. No applause for ABC doing the right thing. I will say they probably were waiting to rid themselves of her as the ratings dropped.

    • Christin says:

      She started coming unglued years ago, in the Tom/Ben years when she was just tabloid fodder. I tuned her out then, and just assumed she had toned it down to get this reboot. Turns out she’d amped it up to a whole new level.

      To echo many others, why did the reboot even happen? Had to be an attempt to cash in on one segment of society.

  43. Lady Rain says:

    Though they cancelled this latest incarnation of Roseanne (rightly so), ABC still doesn’t get too much credit in my book; this is after all the same network that refused to air the episode of Blackish that addressed the NFL kneeling “controversy”; yet ABC was all too willing to give a platform to a racist troll.

  44. JP says:

    Why again are we sad for the cast and crew who signed on to work with and support a known racist/bigot/dumbass? Why are they all not cancelled like all the other people routinely cancelled on this forum?

  45. Laura says:

    I am not sure if what I am going to say will come out right so apologies in advance if I offend anyone…

    Part of what is fueling the increase of racist comments/people is the stupid media. 99.9% of the news stories involving Muslims or people originating from the Arab world/Middle East involve acts of terrorism and/or threats against the West. I have yet to read or watch a positive story in/on mainstream news that portrays Muslims in a positive light. I, of course, realize that not all Muslims are terrorists but to the uneducated people like Roseanne, their view of Muslims comes from the never ending barage of negative news stories involving Muslims and/or the Middle East/Islamic nations. Is it right? No, of course not. But it might explain why some people hold such horrid opinions of Muslims.

    As for African Americans – same issue. Too many stories about crimes involving African Americans and not enough positive ones. Add in the history of whites feeling and acting superior to non-whites and we get people like Roseanne who believe that anyone who isn’t white is inferior and undesirable.

    The mainstream media needs to change. We need more positivity in regards to how minorities are portrayed or at least a more balanced account of their actions in society instead of the same old, same old negativity.

    It’s sad that Roseanne had to behave in such a replusive manner. But karma has a way of catching up with people – I know, she’s caught up with me a few times – and it appears to have started with the cancellation of her show.

  46. MelG. says:

    So are the folks that are applauding the NFL protest ban, disgusted with Roseanne?

    • Snowflake says:

      Yes, racist comments comparing an African American to an ape is never acceptable. Racist speech is not the same as free speech. I have no problems with censoring racism. fighting racism by the NFL doing protests is just fine. Fighting racism, good. Speaking racist comments, not good. Got it?

  47. Floydee Mercer says:

    The split second before Rosanne Barr parlayed her comedic stylings into her domestic goddess dynasty, she unceremoniously dumped the hard working postal worker husband for a drug-adled dim bulb whose only commitment was to her humiliation. That coincided with her transformation from blue collar every woman with liberal leanings into the Republican special snowflake looking for tax breaks so that her decendants wiil never have to go to college or get a job. Bitch got lucky plain and simple because vulgarianism appears to be her only strong suit. Paging Dunning Krueger.

  48. Bliss 51 says:

    First amendment issue? Please, ABC fired her not the government. I’ll let the National Review explain it.

  49. Christina S. says:

    A lot of my conservative friends are up in arms and comparing her to The View. Not a fan of Roseanne or the view, but no one on the view has ever referred to a POC as a monkey or made racist remakes about Muslims. All I can say is good riddance! She’s as Un-American as they come.

  50. Chef Grace says:

    Cancel ABC as well. Corporate greed at it’s finest. They can act all offended but it does not excuse this trash bag show they put on air and kept there too long. Hope the original shows reruns get axed as well.

  51. Velouria says:

    I piss, I urinate on this sheet-wearing turd’s phony apology. And I blame Trump and his scumbag enablers 100% for the revival and mainstreaming of the sort of racial hatred most of us thought flushed down the toilet 50 years ago. What a disgusting person. What a nauseating era to live through. I hope to God almighty above that the Republican party gets absolutely annihilated at the ballot box this November. It’s the only way to let people like Rosanne Barr know that the bad old days of segregation and murder are NOT coming back, that they and their shitty racism are NOT the future and that their garbage is NOT OK AND NEVER WILL BE.

    • jwoolman says:

      Racism never left. It just never was obvious among people you know. Maybe you just have nicer friends. Or maybe you and/or your friends aren’t targets of racism. Or maybe your friends who are targets just don’t talk about it with you. It’s much easier to think racism has vanished if you aren’t the target and aren’t around people who make obvious racist remarks.

      Trump didn’t create the bigotries, he just exploited them and made the bigots more comfortable being public about it.

  52. mela says:

    Her twitter is scary and she is an insane conspiracy theorist right wing nut job. ABC did the right thing drawing a line in the sand on this moral issue. As a society, we cannot tolerate this hateful ideology and racist behavior by ANYONE. At this point in the game, we cannot afford to have good people stand by and let this happen on their dime or your watch. We have to take a stand against this type of thing, it’s eating our society alive.

    We must resist this kind of thinking and behavior, to be so openly racist and uninformed and repeating false conspiracy theories is reckless and irresponsible of Roseanne and ABC was right to end their affiliation with her. I’m sure there is a clause in her contract that allows them to cancel her for such behavior or they would have found another reason to can her.

  53. mela says:

    Did stoopid Donnie Jr really re-tweet one of Roseanne’s crazy Soros tweets?

    not surprising

  54. Druggies for Trump says:

    Drug-f*cked, plain and simple.

  55. Dizzy says:

    I watched every episode of the reboot. I really enjoyed it. I feel sorry for all the co-stars, especially the ones who haven’t had much work since the first episodes. It’s too bad Roseanne ruined it for everyone including the crew. She just lost a lot people their jobs!

  56. RBC says:

    Her final tweet today was just priceless. She really has to always have the last word

  57. Eric says:

    Time to now cancel The Bogus Presidency

    What’s the over-under on a tweet about this from Emperor Zero?

  58. Nn says:

    It’s the dehumanization that really gets me.
    You’d think as a jew Roseanne would be more sensitive to that seeing as people have for centuries compared her people to rodents.

    • jwoolman says:

      Roseanne’s connection with being Jewish is a little tenuous. Her parents were Jewish but didn’t feel comfortable being open about it and even got involved with Mormons. So as a child and teenager, she was in Mormon youth groups.

      She seemed to be at most a secular Jew as an adult but didn’t seem so attached to it or very aware of the history in detail. Her original show had the Connors be some vague sort of Protestants who weren’t churchgoers, although when one of the kids asked about their religion and background she said they had some Jewish ancestry. Otherwise the answer was vague about being good people etc. I don’t recall anything about her choices of spouses or dealing with her real life kids that would have screamed “Jewish” to me, so I was surprised when I learned both her parents were originally Jewish. Her close ancestors were also immigrants, some from Russia. But that doesn’t mean they were particularly Jewish in the religious sense. Jewish is an ethnic group traditionally in Russia.

      In more recent years, she has become involved in the California version of Kaballah, which seems to attract mostly non-Jewish celebrities but for her it might be a way to get closer to her roots, sort of.

      The weird Hitler cookie cover was for a Jewish satirical magazine, so I don’t think that should count against her as anti-Semitic. Yes, it’s not funny to me either. But the magazine made the call and they know their readers.

  59. Lala says:

    Roseanne is the ONLY celeb I actually got into a Twitter beef with, back in 2009…when I saw her doing what WAY TOO MANY White folks do when a Black person reaches a position that THEY thought would be unattainable for people of color…SHE LOST HER MIND!!!! I couldn’t BELIEVE the things being tweeted from her…and I engaged her back then, to genuinely ask her…what in the HADES was going on with her as I had been a fan of her and her show from day one…I will say this about the encounter…IT WAS NOTHING NICE!

    There are few people on this planet that has the power and the access to power that Valerie Jarrett has…and that was BEFORE Obama became POTUS…I’m from Chicago so I have grown up hearing about her since I was a late teen when she worked with the first Black Mayor of Chicago…Harold Washington…a political campaign and infrastructure it seems as though my WHOLE FAMILY was involved in! LOL!

    One thing I KNOW about Valarie Jarrett is this…even though she loves Michelle as if she were her own…she has NEVA subscribed to the theory of “When they go low…we go high”…she’s ALWAYS been about…”When they go low…I TAKE THEM OUT!” (i.e., Rham…which is one of the reasons I got some issues with PBO…how DARE he foist that human horror on OUR NEVER BEEN GREAT CITY WHICH HAS MADE IT WORSE!!!)

    BTW…did you see how she flexed last night on the MSNBC townhall about race, when she let EVERYBODY KNOW…the Bob Iger, the head of ABC called her personally to apologize…

    I LOVED IT!!!!

  60. girl_ninja says:

    ABC gets no credit for doing what was right. She has been spouting disgusting nonsense for some time now and never should have gotten a reboot. I hope that the crew will get compensation and work as soon as possible.

  61. FF says:

    Sounds like ABC were in a bind: they knew the show could be a big sucess but they also probably took issue with Roesanne.

    So they did the best they could do: gave it and her a chance with zero tolerance attached – so they couldn’t be accused of unfair bias – and Roseanne took that rope, played herself and proved that she couldn’t be a professional and stop being vile for two seconds. Now nobody can say they didn’t give her fair opportunity to prove them and everyone wrong. And if there are no future opportunities on offer she only has herself to thank for that.