E!: Justin Theroux & Emma Stone are ‘just friends’ but he’s ‘casually dating’

The Louis Vuitton 2019 Cruise Collection photocall in France

Whatever, y’all. I still believe that Emma Stone and Justin Theroux are together. I still believe that they’ve been happening for months now, and we are in the midst of a very strange relationship rollout. Emma has always done the more “what you see is what you get” thing for her relationships – when she dated Andrew Garfield (on and off), they would get pap’d together sometimes, but it was usually pretty low-key. They weren’t hiding, but they weren’t posing either. This Justin-Emma thing feels the same way – they’re just being seen at the same events, week after week, going on “group vacations” in the French Riviera and attending Met Gala parties together and working together and calling each other “BFFs.” Emma even tried out one line to WWD: “He’s like my brother. It’s really fun.” Sure.

Still, I guess Emma and Justin were worried that those beach-bungalow photos got out too soon, because E! News has a source who insists up and down that Emma and Justin are not happening.

More than three months since Justin Theroux and his ex Jennifer Aniston announced their separation, Theroux is getting into the swing of his new life as a single man. Theroux was recently spotted having some fun in the sun with famous pal Emma Stone. The two stars were photographed on Tuesday together as they hung out in the south of France at Hotel du Cap-Eden Rock with Sienna Miller, Laura Harrier and journalist Derek Blasberg.

According to a source, Stone and Theroux had a big lunch with their friends and hung out together in a cliffside cabana, where they admired the view, took photos and just sat and chatted. “They laughed all afternoon long,” the insider described. On Monday, the two separately attended the Louis Vuitton Cruise fashion show and lunch with Louis Vuitton ambassadors and other attendees, a second source told E! News. While the Maniac co-stars have been seen together several times in recent weeks, don’t get it twisted—they’re simply buds. As the second source noted, “Their friends and colleagues were with them during the day [on Monday] and they are just friends.”

But, maybe Stone can introduce Theroux to one of her single gal pals. As the first source told E! News, the actor is “casually dating” and is looking forward to where the summer takes him.

“Justin is hanging out and having the time of his life. He’s casually dating, but it’s nothing more,” the insider explained. “He’s in a great place and very happy. He’s enjoying being social and meeting people from all walks of life. He is excited about doing new things and traveling. He’s looking forward to a great summer of fun and just seeing where it leads. He is letting loose for the first time in several years. He doesn’t have anyone else to be responsible for or to report back to and he’s taking advantage of that and having fun. Justin seems single and very much moved on from his marriage. He seems to really be enjoying himself.

[From E! News]

After I read this, I sat here and thought too long about who spoke to E! News and why. Soon after Justin got with Jennifer Aniston, he switched over to her agency, CAA. From what I can see, he’s still with CAA, under their protection, so to speak. I wonder if that’s one of the reasons why we haven’t seen the “poor Jen, Mean Terrible Uncool Justin left her for a younger woman!” narrative this time around. And I wonder if CAA, Justin and Jennifer are being super-careful about how things get rolled out. Anyway… I still believe Emma and Justin are happening. And it’s gross and edgy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. minx says:

    That was the fastest divorce on record or they were never married.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Also think they were never married.

      • The Original G says:

        If they weren’t never married and represented that they were, sorry, both cancelled.

      • citney says:

        @Goats on the Roof

        If JA and JT were never married it means JA told a pack of lies for years. How can anything she says be trusted if she lied about being married? It can’t be.

        The ultimate comeuppance seems Theroux has fallen for a woman young enough to be Aniston’s daughter. BURN!!!!!!!!!!

    • tracking says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if they couldn’t come to terms on a prenup, so never filed the paperwork. Either that or they still haven’t reached a property settlement. When one partner has significant assets, the forensic accounting usually takes months rather than weeks. Plus the haggling. I’m now leaning toward the former, which meant he left with nothing. This could explain his clear desire to stick it to her, which is evident even in this article. Because that’s the one piece I haven’t been able to work out, what the heck his damage is. He wanted out, she agreed. So what’s his problem?

      • NoShame says:

        Yeah, he has clearly been working overtime to gaslight Aniston. I still think she’s the one who dumped him. He’s acting like a hurt little baby whose lashing out.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        maybe the problem is just what you’ve said (aptly).

        they never filed paperwork because of haggling over a pre-nup. no paperwork = no legal marriage…

        …and she pulled the plug before the paperwork was filed, hence he gets nothing because there was no legality to the marriage.

        yes, he wanted out…and she agreed. but too quickly for him, apparently.

    • Enny says:

      I also think they weren’t ever married, which is a shame, because I actually think Justin and sienna miller would be a pretty perfect couple (and sienna was along on this maybe-maybe not riviera f$ck fest) but, if history’s any indication, she’d only be interested if he had a ring…

    • Chinoiserie says:

      Or they have not filed yet becuse they wait for paperwork to be done on their assetsz

  2. Tw says:

    They doth protest too much.

    • Birdix says:

      It’s funny how they say 8 different ways in the last paragraph how happy he is to be single…

      • NoShame says:

        There’s some other article where a source close to Theroux literally says about his dating possibilities, he’s “weighing his options”.

        I just can’t with this post break-up Justin. At this point someone should just roll up his career and send him back to the “fame” he had before Jen. Even this LV contract is courtesy of the woman he’s trying to gaslight on a daily basis now.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        no doubt, caught that too.

        “He is letting loose for the first time in several years. He doesn’t have anyone else to be responsible for or to report back to and he’s taking advantage of that and having fun.”

        more of the “edgy Justin was stifled by his marriage to the boring Aniston” narrative.

        WE GET IT JUSTEDGE, you’re so hip and freewheeling and Aniston is boring.

      • NoShame says:

        Lainey just summed it up pretty perfectly.


        As I’ve said repeatedly, Theroux is getting professional help with all of this from people that also work for Aniston. Aniston needs to fire some people for the blatant sexism.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        NoShame – ITA, Lainey summed up how ridiculous the Justin narrative sounds and looks. Damn. He has it all and sounds so spoiled and misogynistic.

      • Kosmos says:

        He deserves to lose his career and no one will remember him. I just see him as being in love with himself, his edgy self and his so-NY self. He wants to take the good from the woman he’s with then discard when he’s done. I think now that he’s single again, he’s in his real element. I think Heidi was probably very submissive with him and he could get away with a lot, so he stuck with her that long….until, of course, he found something better, and then that got used up and thrown under the bus, too. He’s not relationship material. Women, please stop falling for this guy and NEVER take him seriously.

  3. Denicah says:

    Is he and Brad repped by the same person? I’m sure I’ve read the exact wording from Brad sources. Both men are finally free you all.

    • Fa says:

      I was going to say the same, it’s exactly what Brad pr said about the professor, “they just friends but he is casually dating, he is very happy”. The same wording like a copycat.

    • The Original G says:

      Actually he and Aniston are repped by the same person.

  4. Melania says:

    Theroux is so gross

  5. NoShame says:

    Those quotes in the piece are clearly from a professional publicist. If he is under the protection of CAA, they certainly aren’t doing much to protect Aniston, their much bigger client who’s brought in how many millions for CAA?

    It might not be the Poor Jen narrative, but those quotes make it sound like he’s just gotten out of prison and is happy to be free. It’s like a weird form of sexist gaslighting that’s going on. Theroux is also repped by Aniston’s manager who posted photos a few weeks ago on Instagram with Theroux, Petra Collins and Selena Gomez.

    I’m sure Aniston is happy to be rid of Theroux’s faux edginess, but if I were her I wouldn’t be too happy about my team participating in all of this.

    • Felicia says:

      Maybe the strategy is to let him out himself as a douchebag player. Out of the two, she’s looking like the lucky one in shedding the little hipster faux-edgy poser. He just looks like a pathetic middle-aged cliché.

    • rose says:

      Not only are they both repped by CAA but they share the same manager which I can’t seem to understand. He can get a new one, the loyalty should lie with Aniston here in my opinion.

      • tracking says:

        She has the clout to get her manager to drop him, which she hasn’t done for whatever reason. This is all coming from his publicist, different person.

  6. Elena says:

    My doctor’s office called and they want their carpet back.

    The gun necklace in the current climate of school shootings is gross, not edgy. Just gross.

    • Nancy says:

      I always comment on that damn necklace. Yes, it is so inappropriate, particularly now as you say with the school massacres. What irritates me as well is how he dresses like some 25 year old starving artist from SoHo. He reached 30 and his mentality stayed there. What a strange little man who obviously hasn’t heard about overexposure.

  7. smee says:

    They’re prob casually humping……I doubt very much he wants to be exclusive with anyone now that he’s been released from marital prison.

  8. Julie says:

    What happened to his face ?!?

  9. Peg says:

    I like that Jennifer can’t run the BS stories on Justin, like she did on Brad.
    Justin used page 6, to send a message, that he is not Brad, and he would fight fire with fire.
    I can’t believe how Jennifer fans turned on Justin, all the excuses when he dumped Heidi, he was not married so it’s ok.
    Not sure they’re really married.
    Say what you like about Justin, he got fame and was out the door.

    • NoShame says:

      Why do people always feel the need to protect the men and throw the women under a bus? I think it’s pretty clear now that stories about Brad’s missing sensitivity chip weren’t BS. He lost custody of all six of his kids so obviously he’s not the amazing guy everyone tried to make him out to be. Jen obviously knew that long before anyone else did. Pitt has literally not been seen with his kids in TWO YEARS so clearly she was on to something.

      And cheering on a dude for trying to gaslight the woman who made him famous? Not feeling it.

    • Jegede says:

      Justin Theroux was NEVER on the same level of fame as Brad Pitt.

      No amount of history rewrite can change that. Any separation tales or gossip, would have been a 2 week story tops, there has been little to no handwringing about it.

      And it would have stayed that way – no one would really be bothered about about Theroux post-Jen – if he was not shilling hard as he is, while claiming up and down to be above HW and it’s perks. Him being all ‘counterculture’ and all.

    • Hema says:

      Glad too that Aniston is getting a taste of her own medicine. she and her friends harassed Brad and Angie for so long.

  10. Anon says:

    Every time I see him I think of the British phrase “mutton dressed as lamb.”

  11. Elena says:

    Real talk: what is his issue? “Sources” are working overdrive almost weekly to “leak” stories of how happy and single he is.

    Why not let the photos speak for themselves? No one is confused and thinking he is pining away for Jen, everyone can see he’s happy to be single and dog around (my apologies to dogs).

  12. jilly says:

    I know someone who hung out with Justin’s crew a few years before Jennifer. She said he cheated on Heidi constantly and they broke up frequently. He had a few actual girlfriends, but mostly short term hookups. He told girls who found out about Heidi that their relationship was over and she just had a hard time letting go. Many of his friends backed him up.

    She said when she first started hanging out with his group, they seemed cool, fun and intelligent. She later realized that they were judgemental pseudo intellectuals and left the group. But even she didn’t see Justin being this much of a poser.

    She said that he shared a lot of similarities with his parks and rec character. He cared about the exciting stories he could tell, not about the people involved. But, he was very good at looking like he cared until you looked beneath the surface. Sadly, she said that Amy Sedaris shared some of these traits, though not to his degree.

    • Darla says:

      Of course that’s what he did. I never hung out with him and I said this yesterday. Because I’ve been on planet earth for a while now and men are no great mystery.

    • tracking says:

      Your acquaintance’s observations seem pretty accurate right now. When he and Aniston got together, I was curious–knew him from most of his acting work (I think I had seen just about everything he was in: Parks&Rec, Six Feet Under, David Lynch films, Romy&Michelle etc. and knew Tropic Thunder of course) and thought he was talented but didn’t know anything about him personally so read the few interviews that were available. At least two characterized him as single during the time he was supposedly with Heidi, so I knew it was not a straight on 14 year relationship (one described an unnamed girlfriend kneeling to tie his motorcycle boots for him, gross!) One of my friends let her ex continue to live platonically with her in NYC for more than six months after they broke up, since it’s so hard to find a place, so Heidi living in one of his two apartments at the time he went public with Aniston also didn’t seem implausible to me, plus he seemed like a nice guy in interviews. Heidi never told her side, so it seemed fine to give him the benefit of the doubt. But all his gaslighting post-Aniston split is consistent with everything your friend is saying about him. He is quite intelligent, and I’m sure he can be very charming and persuasive, so he probably got away with a lot, first with Heidi, then with Aniston. Skilled gaslighters tend to be good at finding nice women who fall for their bs and end up being doormats for a period of time. It does make me a little sad to hear Amy S. is not unlike the rest of his crew, though I bet she’s nicer than his @hole guy friends who helped him gaslight both women. If I remember correctly, she wished Aniston a Happy Bday on her Insta even though she must have known they were done.

    • Anonymous1 says:

      JILLY – It’s documented that he wasn’t exclusively with Heidi the whole time and publicly claimed to be single in interviews during their timeline and if that’s his true character, it’s sad that it took a billion years for Heidi and Jennifer to discover it. They both wasted too much time on him. PEOPLE said that he and Jennifer tried to have a baby but weren’t able to make it work, what a blessing for her if he’s as callous as you say

      • Lady D says:

        If her and Justin really tried to have a baby, I will literally eat my shoe.

      • minx says:

        Yeah, I’m not buying the baby thing at all. I think they are both childless and like it that way.

      • JustineC says:

        That is false. It is not documented anywhere, indeed it has been debunked. Only his ‘friends’ said they were on and off, and Aniston fans. However facts prove they were together for 14 years.

  13. jferber says:

    Yes, Anon. He doesn’t deserve all this attention.

  14. AAA says:

    “Casually dating ”

    Is he boroughing Brad pitt’s Publicist for the weekend or something Lool small petty men the both of them

  15. Southernbelle824 says:

    I have never seen a complete personality change than the one Justin is having or going through or what ever he is doing. I think just as someone above said that he and Jennifer were never married. I think she didn’t file the paperwork and pulled the rug out from under him. He is trying too hard, too fast to show he is desirable. He appears catty in his comments, cutting with his remarks and I believe her ignoring him is making him act out even more for attention.

    • minx says:

      I think he always had the same personality. He just seemed better or nicer to some people when he and Aniston got together.

  16. Lucy says:

    I have lost lots of respect for Emma. Can’t she see a snake in the grass especially one as unappealing as Justdone.

  17. Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

    His PR is funny. All he ever seemed to do with Jen was travel, get coffee, lounge around in Mexico and party. Sometimes he got free publicity as Jen’s boyfriend.

    But now he’s FREE: to lounge around, get coffee, travel, be photographed with actresses who are more famous…

    Cut the BS Justin. You’re as edgy as a sphere.

  18. Pandy says:

    Ah …. Having the time of his life because his ex wife made him A List. Dick.

  19. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Okay, his “insider’s” statement is completely vomitous. He should be thanking JA for letting her fame rub off on him & assist him in getting better acting roles. I didn’t know much about him at all before his association with Jen.

    Also, he looks bizarre. Mid life crisis plastic surgery? His eye area looks too open & creaseless.