LeBron James: ‘No one wants an invite’ to the U BUM White House anyway

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I would say something about how much I love it when LeBron James dunks on President U BUM, but after I watched the video… it’s not really joy I feel. I don’t think LeBron James feels any joy or happiness when he trashes U BUM. King James is like the rest of us – sad and tired with the pathetic, thin-skinned narcissist who sits in the Oval Office. As we discussed, U BUM disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House because A) most of them weren’t coming anyway and B) because of some dumb lies U BUM made up about patriotism and standing for the anthem or whatever. The last time a professional sports team was “uninvited” by U BUM, it was the Golden State Warriors last year, when Steph Curry said publicly that he had no interest in going and then U BUM threw a hissy and then LeBron called him U BUM.

So now we’re all caught up. Ahead of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, players from the Warriors and the Cavaliers both did the required press conferences/media availabilities. Which is why everybody, from LeBron to Steph, got questions about the Eagles being disinvited. Here’s part of what LeBron said:

LeBron on how neither team will go to the Trump White House: “I know no matter who wins this series, no one wants an invite anyway. It won’t be Cleveland or Golden State going.”

What he thought of U BUM disinviting the team: James described Trump’s rescinding of an invite to the Eagles as “typical of him… As long as he’s in office, then the communication and things like that are going to continue to happen. It’s a lot of things that we believe in as Americans that we don’t feel that he’s for. There are a lot of people that believe that he’s not for the people or doing things that’s right by the people. So, it’s not surprising hearing the news today with the Eagles.”

Kind words for the Eagles: “But I think more importantly, as Americans and especially people in Philadelphia, we shouldn’t let that news take away from what that unbelievable team did and accomplished, what all those players did to sacrifice throughout each and every Sunday, going out and playing the style of football that they played and winning a Super Bowl the way they won it. Let’s not let that accomplishment of things that you will have for the rest of your life, and people will always call you a champion for the rest of your life, let’s not let someone uninviting you to their house take away from that moment. Because I think the championship — winning a Super Bowl or winning a Stanley Cup or winning a World Series or winning an NBA Championship or National Championship — is way bigger than getting invited to the White House, especially with him in there, in my opinion.”

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All the other players backed up King James – Steph Curry said that if the Warriors won, he would have no interest in visiting the Trump White House, and Kevin Durant said the same, and pointed out that U BUM only wants the photo-op anyway. I have no idea what Steph and LeBron’s relationship is off the court – I suspect they’re respectful of each other but not particularly close – but I enjoy the way that Steph and other players, on all teams, defer to LeBron to speak about these things. In the rare moments that someone wants to start sh-t with LeBron, they all give him cover too. It just shows you that the NBA is much more accepting of their players as individuals too, rather than cogs in some billion-dollar machinery.

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  1. aquarius64 says:

    It was a 10 min ceremony filled with White House staff and some Eagles fan. U BUM Bigly messed up the words of The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America while it was sung. The NFL made a huge mistake caving to Trump with the kneeling policy. He plans to use the players as straw men for the mid term elections.

  2. KNy says:

    When the president is so bad that the two biggest basketball players who are currently rivals in the NBA finals are a united front against a fascist regime.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      Babyfists’ shambolic, hurriedly put together rallies always have fascist overtones. The Eagle’s fan “rally” was mostly young interns and apparently only one person interviewed knew the name of the Eagle’s quarterback. The playing of the God Bless America with 45 fumbling for words really defiled it.

      Thank God for these athletes who are speaking out on injustice. They are taking a huge risk even someone of LeBron’s huge stature. The Republican Congress is so cowardly and cruel in comparison, clutching at their drump allegiance and NRA bribes.

    • Kitten says:

      Yup. And this is why I can NEVER hate on Bron-Bron.

      The NBA is the anti-NFL. These guys have support from coaches and ownership, the NFL does not. They allowed Trump to put black men “in their place”. They caved to his racist, unpatriotic, unconstitutional agenda.

      • Clare says:

        @kitten do you reckon this has to do with the difference in audience/target demographic for the NFL and the NBA?

        I don’t know the demo for either (and I may be totally wrong), but I am guessing the NBA’s bottom line is less threatened by Trumpy statements/related boycotts than the NFL?

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        I suspect the NBA realizes basketball has become an international sport and they wish to remain the premier league to attract players from around the world. They are taking a long view – Trump will be gone soon enough so there is no need to try to make him happy. American football does not have the same international reach as basketball. Their owners also skew older and seem more concerned with short term revenue than long-term gains. But who really knows?

      • Kitten says:

        @ Clare-I think it’s partially because of what both you and BearCat point out: league has a more diverse fanbase. Additionally, the NFL only has two owners who are people of color whereas NBA has slightly more diversity: Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé is Indian American, Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry is Moroccan-American and Michael Jordan, who owns the Charlotte Hornets, is African American.

        Also, smaller teams in the NBA (12 vs 53 in football) so easier to get people on the same page. They also have a really open-minded commissioner, the opposite of that shitbag Goodell. Recall that the NBA were the first ones to speak up for the murder of Trayvon Martin, wore “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts to honor Eric Garner and essentially co-signed ejecting a racist owner (Donald Sterling) out the paint.

        Just a really different culture overall.

  3. Lala says:

    I need LeBron to make some “U Bum” athletic wear…cause I WOULD SO BUY THAT!!!!!!!! The only thing I will say about this situation, which I co-sign on COMPLETELY…is that U Bum had NOTHING to say when LeBron clapped back at him…and THAT tells you EVERYTHING about U Bum…that you NEED to know!

  4. jferber says:

    So the NFL now has a kneeling policy? What is it? What happens to players who do kneel during the national anthem?

  5. jferber says:

    Also, I love LeBron and Steph. Each has more dignity and professionalism in his little finger than U Bum has in his whole body. LeBron also gave a very sweet performance in Amy Schumer’s hit film, Train Wreck. How about LeBron and Steph run for political office? I trust their integrity a hell of a lot more than U Bum’s.

  6. Rapunzel says:

    It is my great hope that once the error ( typo and it stays) of Bigly is all over, that the name Trump becomes synonymous with the word bum. So that in 50 years , when another Trump like figure attempts to destroy America, the NBA players of the day will slam him by calling him UTRUMP.

  7. lightpurple says:

    WNBA champions Minnesota Lynx haven’t been given the opportunity to decline to attend a White House event honoring their 2017 championship. Trump has never bothered to invite them.

  8. Eric says:

    The MAGAts are completely butt-hurt by the LeBron and Steph comments. I’m not an NBA fan by any stretch, but I know that if you’re not cognizant of the two best teams, then you’ve been living under a rock (a rock smarter than EZ).

    Maybe the Deplorables can root for the Washington Grand Wizards instead.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      Dude! That name just hit me, that’s messed up. What’s up with that?

    • Lightpurple says:

      Then they should avoid the Twitter feed of Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, 11 time NBA champion, 5 time NBA MVP, Olympic champion, 2 time NCAA champion, champion high jumper, 2 time high school champion, first African American coach in any of the four major professional team sports, civil rights icon, Celtic forever, GOAT Bill Russell at all costs. Or maybe they should check it out just so they have something to whine about

  9. Darla says:

    Trump is going to continue to vilify the football players because he thinks that inciting his base into racist rage helps him in the midterms, and also, just generally helps him. He certainly doesn’t care about the country so why not engender as much racist hate, division, and chaos as he can?

  10. RBC says:

    Seriously what is wrong with athletes kneeling during the national anthem? All those people complaining about how disrespectful it is, have they taken a good look around at the people in stands? Many are laughing, drinking, taking selfies anything but paying attention to the anthem. The ones not in the seats are at the concession stands buying food/beer. If not that they are lined up to use the washroom so as to not miss a moment of the game.
    The players are making a silent and powerful social statement. They are not disrespecting veterans or in anyway saying they hate their country.
    People need to grow up

    • Beth says:

      +100 every NFL game I’ve been to and worked at, the national anthem is when people would take a quick run to the bathroom or grab a beer or hot dog before kickoff. Do all of these people who are bitching about how unpatriotic the players are for kneeling all stand for the anthem when watching the game at home? No. People definitely need to grow up

    • Veronica S. says:

      Because they want black people to suffer oppression quietly, I guess. By kneeling, they’re interfering with their ability to pretend everything in America is copacetic.

    • magnoliarose says:

      BECAUSE THE ANTHEM WAS WRITTEN BY A SLAVE OWNER! FFS. I don’t get it either. That should be the beginning and end of the issue.
      I dare the fools to read the lyrics and then show them to a black person and demand they respect that crap. This idea makes me so mad I can’t even with it.
      So I put myself in the shoes of the athletes and think of my minority identifier. Yes magnoliarose do not balk if the anthem was written by a Nazi. Show respect 2nd class citizen because you are lucky we even “let” you have what you have.
      This country has condoned a humanitarian crisis as in police murdering black people without impunity for a very long time. The police forces used to be run by the KKK in the south as Bo Jeffrey the Bigot AG knows too well. Colin K was just trying to say enough is enough.
      Freddy Gray just ended up dead you know. Just broke his own back and died. That white woman cop in Texas feared for her life. I saw the damn footage and she is murdering liar. They allowed Trayvon Martin’s body to languish in a morgue because he was “just’ a black kid. A child. And some neighborhood racist was allowed to shoot him and get off. Sabrina, his mother had to endure agonizing days not where her baby was. Oh and the right-wing smear campaign…there are no words. Shall we make a list? Sandra Bland just ended up lynched in the cell? That is an old KKK trick from yesteryear.
      Don’t kneel and ask peacefully for justice. The truth is white people can’t take the optics or the confrontation. Because of some nonsense about the troops or whatever excuse bigots come up with to shame minorities.
      We should all kneel and demand an anthem that represents ALL of us with dignity and respect. And we wonder why this fool got elected in the first place? I don’t.
      I am not directing this at anyone in particular but geez this gets me riled up.

  11. Nicole says:

    This is why I haven’t watched football in 2 years and I love the NBA. They aren’t perfect but they give way more latitude and have actually woke coaches. Not just old white men that pretend to be woke for a sound bite.
    And while Steph and Lebron aren’t friends they do have mutual respect. I think that’s been apparent for years.

  12. ChillyWilly says:

    I live in LeBron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio and normally have a strong dislike for Curry and the Warriors. I gotta say, I am so proud of LeBron and Steph right now. If there is anything worthy of two rival teams to stand together against, it is U Bum.

  13. Lizzie says:

    warriors coach steve kerr is extremely outspoken on trump so i’m sure lebron knows they are on the same page. i’d bet they personally or their agents/publicists talked about it before the news conference and came up with an agreed upon stance. i really don’t care to watch basketball but i so respect all these players speaking out and the league for supporting them. steve kerr is fascinating and i love hearing him speak. he really is a phenomenal man and leader and lebron james is really following in his footsteps, even though he’s on a different team.

  14. jferber says:

    The NFL owners are cowards to bow to Trump that way. But then I guess we knew that. The Republican Congress collapsed before him too. Scary precedents all around.

  15. minx says:

    The wide variety of people who don’t want to be near Trump says a lot: The Bush family, NBA players, the McCain family, NFL players, Harry and Meghan, the British people, his own wife…oh hell, it would be easier to list who does want to be near him, I just can’t think of anyone.

  16. Muprhy says:

    Has Lebron or anyone in the NBA ever invited Colin Kapernick to come kneel at an NBA game? (that’s a sincere question, I don’t follow either leagues)

  17. Rori says:

    I absolutely love LeBron. He’s one of those public figures I would be devastated to hear did something shady or awful.